Giantess Stories: The Goddess

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The Goddess's Toy



I was surrounded by darkness. The pain and the memory of the shipwreck came

flooding back into my mind. I felt numb all over, but slowly the feeling

returned to my arms and legs. My eyes fluttered open, and the first thing I saw

was a man and woman....both in their early twenties looking down at me and

asking if I were alright. I nodded and they assisted me to my feet. I still felt

weak but used the bars of the cage we were in, as support.

“W...Where are we?” I asked, clutching my head and looking around the massive

cage which seemed to be resting on some giant sized supper table.

“Please, don't ask questions! She'll hear you and come to inspect us!” the

young woman cried, grabbing my arm. I slapped her hand away and became angry. I

was still sore and didn't need her touching me.

“Now look here, when I ask questions I expect answers! Where the hell are


“You'll know soon enough.” the man answered sadly as the sudden sound of

gigantic drums filled our ears. I looked over as the drums seemed to grow louder

and louder and realized it was not the sound of a percussion instrument but

footsteps! A pleasant young woman, about the age of 24 or so walked towards

us.......only she was several hundred feet tall! A quick estimate figured her to

be over 300 feet! She crouched down and peered into our cage, a giant smile

creased upon her lips.

“Oh? The last of my new pets has finally awaken? This is wonderful! Hello

little ones!” she playfully sang, tapping on our cage...just hard enough to send

all of us to the floor. She giggled at our plight, and lifted our cage off the


“HOLY SHIT! WE'RE GONNA DIE!” I screamed, grabbing on to the couple, and

closing my eyes. The giantess scowled and pointed her finger at me.

“I hope you do not plan on using such language often in my presence, tiny. I

am your new goddess, and you WILL respect me, or I will punish you!” She

scolded. I put my hand over my mouth to cover my further screaming, and tears

began to flow down my eyes. She smiled again, and laughed. “Do not be afraid. I

will not harm you! I am new to this world, and I am unfamiliar with your

customs. Do not worry, you will soon learn I'm a very gentle and loving deity

and do not enjoy punishing my worshipers. However, you are the last one to be

inspected and I must have a look at you!” slowly the cage of the door

opened...all by itself with but a mere gesture from the giantess! Her huge hand

crept into the cage and gently brushed aside the couple with me. The fingers

surrounded me, and soon I was trapped within her firm grasp. She brought me up

close to her gargantuan face, and gazed at my little body...her fingers slowly

opening so that I was sitting in the palm of her hand. Her other hand rose up

and she used a single finger to begin undressing me. Soon I lay completely naked

and at her mercy.

“D...don't kill me!” I begged. She merely smiled and investigated my penis.

Her monstrous tongue slithered from her mouth, and she licked at it. Her eyes

were fixed completely on me, and there seemed to be admiration in them.

“Ahhh....” she whispered as if coming to a realization... “Now I understand,

you are a male, as is the other one...and the one without this tiny stick is a

female!” she giggled, flicking my manhood around with her tongue some more. “How

does this work? You two, undress and show me your mating process!” the giantess

ordered, pointing at the cage with the couple. Frightened, the couple

immediately dropped their pants and began to make love to each other, much to

their lovely captor's delight. After they had finished, the giant woman removed

her own pants, and examined herself. “OH! I am also female! Well, they have each

other, while you are single...come then my shall mate with me! With

that, she carried me off to her room, despite my protests!

I screamed as the wind rushed through my hair. Whenever I would open my eyes the

cold air would dry them and make them ache. I was being twirled about on

invisible strings of pure wind! I had asked one question too many and my new

mistress had grown weary of trying to convice me the conventual way. My lovely

capturess giggled sweetly as she pointed to various areas in the 'sky' of her

bedroom and sent me soaring to that place. Finally I slowly fell to earth,

landing softly in her enormous hand. She lifted me to her face and laughed.

'Now do you believe that I am truly a goddess? I have plenty of other feats I

could show you! Ha ha!' I shook my head, sobbing silently. Her huge finger,

twice as big around as my head, stroked my hair. 'Do not cry! I promise I won't

hurt you....after all, you're my chosen mate. Please me and all you've ever

wanted is yours!' she reassured, kissing me and engulfing my whole face in the

softness of her lips.' I nodded in agreement and merely sat in her hand,

awaiting her next move. She stood from her bed and walked me back to the main

hall where my fellow humans were still prisoners in thier cage. She looked into

the cage and smiled to the trembling couple. 'Have no fear! Your little friend

has done well! I shall reward you for his entertaining me!' With a mere gesture,

the goddess changed the entire cage into a beautiful dollhouse (to her) mansion.

She laughed once more and cocked an eyebrow. 'Remember this my tinys, the more

he pleases me the easier your lives will be! I suggest you make him understand

this.' With that she vanished into a cloud of smoke.


Giantess Stories: The Goddess

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