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The Gourmand Discovery

Banfield: The introduction...

Take heed the squeamish, faint-hearted and those who only want "happy-clappy"

fairy-tale endings!

It had been 4 years now since the "Discovery of the Century" and it had made

Athena de Fortesque incredibly wealthy and deeply respected by her peers. The

State Research scientist, Athena, enjoys her position to the full, and at the

age of 39, her experiments on the male gender is a satisfying profession, and of

great benefit to the State.

Athena had been conducting genetic experiments with cell reduction of male

embryos for some years. She discovered how to grow males in artificial

laboratory 'wombs' into which the doctored and fertilised eggs were placed.

Perfectly normal but...miniaturised men were created in a range of sizes - from

about 4 inches high to around 12 inches.

Their growth was comparitively very quick, taking about six months to fully

mature and reach adulthood, appearing roughly as miniature 20-year olds.

However, their natural life-span is only about 2 to 3 years.

Due to their short longevity and their diminutive sizes, the State Council

classifies these new creations in the 'rodent' category since rats and mice grow

at similar rates.

Initially, they had been a little doubtful as to what function these creatures

could be used for and, indeed, what kind of employment for the community. To

begin with, they were used for such tasks as drain cleaning and for searching

and destroying rats' nests and the like. A large number of manikins, sadly, were

killed themselves by the rats, and other accidents. They were quickly replaced

by the laboratories which had, by then, streamlined the production-line. Soon it

was realised, a dramatic increase in the number of replacements was needed by

the State.

Investigating into the matter further, Athena de Fortesque made an alarming

discovery... Many of these manikins were being taken by the females for all

manner of personal uses... generally for entertainment and sexual pleasure.

It had become quite fashionable for wealthy ladies to own 'fighting pets'. They

would arrange parties and have their 'pets' duel with one another in small

handcrafted arenas. The losers of such bouts, if not already killed in the

process, would be 'put down', mainly because they had caused the owner to lose

vast sums of money that had been wagered. Also, injuries sustained might prevent

the creatures from any further use.

The methods of putting down the vanquished combatant varied in the most bizarre

manner. Depending on the size of the little fellow, he would be stuffed

headfirst into the irate lady private parts until he expired, torn to pieces in

frustrated wrath, or even have his head bitten off.

Others had disappeared to satisfy the eager curiosity of females who likes to

perform their own experiments on those intriguing marvels of science. As a

consequence, many die horribly in the hands of young girls who would be so

fascinated by the new 'toys' which could be found in a variety of places - their

older sisters' or mothers' bedrooms, or the bathrooms, or even out in the

streets and gardens where the desperate creatures had attempted to escape the

cruel clutches of their owners.

The girls, usually in their early teens, would amuse themselves for hours at the

expense of their unfortunate little victims, and torment them in many divers

ways, and in their young, inquisitive minds, find out how they work and perform

- especially in the privacy of their bedrooms. The 'games' were often quite

hilarious, the girls delighting in their 'toy's' squeals of anguish as the

perpetrators tests their victims' endurance, seeing how he could survive after

having their arms and legs ripped off, or just his genitals - just as children

do to flies and spiders.

Sometimes, a girl would find two specimens together. This find would provide her

with extra of which is a swimming competition. With this

'water-sport' the girl would provide the water and use either a deep, oblong

cooking-dish, a handbasin or her personal chamber-pot as the impromptu

swimming-pool. Just as her older sisters, the excited girl would remove the

winner for further games and watch intently as the loser drowns in the water

which she, from herself, had provided. Perhaps, if so inclined or piqued at the

poor performance by both competitors, she would squat over the receptacle and

drown them both in her warm, acidic urine.

The rate at which these manikins disappeared became so alarming that the Council

requested Athena to produce enough for general demand. As she was the only

person who knew how to create them she demanded in turn, and received, a

generous grant whereby she could produce and market them worldwide - for the

lion's share of profits.

She thereby and henceforth became terribly rich and famous, supplying Heads of

States, the Royalty and powerful rulers throughout the globe.

And so it came to be. Mini-men in droves were produced in varying sizes to suit

and cater for women of different tastes - and they were not cheap. Rich,

beautiful women of all walks in life from mothers, business women, film-stars,

models and medical professions would take their precocious daughters, nieces and

younger sisters to the top shops where, instead of buying simple toys of

yesteryear, would splash out on various mini-men. The prices differed on the

sizes, colours and condition of the living-dolls. To prevent the lower classes

from stealing the working manikins from the State, they were branded with

special markings on their backs and fronts. It was an offence to possess a

manikin without a receipt or authorisation. However, this did not prevent

callous women who came across those 'workers' and finding it amusing to step on

them and cruch tjem underfoot as if they were mere beetles. Also, if they were

unseen, they would pick them up and take them to the nearest public

conveniences, drop them into the lavatory-bowl, relieve themselves on the

wretched, struggling creature and then heart- lessly flush them away with their


On the whole, however, the branding was effective and most females, because of

the increased productivity, were able to purchase at least one at a time to do

with as they pleased.

Part Two

The Duchess Lauren, immensely affluent, exceedingly beautiful, arrogant,

indolent and yet highly intelligent, gazed at the single mini-man enclosed in a

gold cage standing on her Regency dressing-table. She smiled with innovative

thoughts then murmured in a soft but menacing tone: 'You small, exquisite

creature. You do amuse me.... so fascinating yet so easily expendable. Isn't it

simply delightful that Athena can provide me with as many as I sport

with and discard as I wish.' She paused gazing at the trembling manikin with a

dreamy _expression... 'and that is not all...' She slowly ran the moist tip of

her tongue over her full, red lips and smiled broadly to reveal her well-cared

for lovely white teeth. She gave out a deep sigh and opened the door of the


'Out!' she snapped. The little man, almost 12 inches high and naked but for the

close- fitting pouch encompassing his genitals, emerged. He trembled again as he

stared up at the beautiful, elegant giantess. She selected an expensive

cigarette from an onyx box, fitted it into a short, ivory holder and lit it with

a bejewelled lighter, all the while gazing at the shivering doll-like man. She

noticed his eyes widen momentarily as she drew on the cigarette, and the tip

glowed fiery-red.

She purposely blew the smoke at him and sneeringly asked: 'What's the matter

with don't mind if I smoke, do you?' She leaned a little closer and

took another draw from her cigarette, the glowing end only some few inches from

him. He flinched, transfixed with terror, knowing what was to come. As she blew

more smoke over him through her sensuous lips she held the cigarette in its

holder above him and tapped the hot ash off. The manikin flinched as the ash

fell on him, shocked by the heat. The duchess reached out and picked him up from

the small table-top squeezing him in her elegant hand. 'I could crush you to

death so easily,' she taunted, 'but I won't, not yet.' She grinned maliciously,

revealing again her startling sharp teeth, and took another intake from the

cigarette through its ornate holder. She brought the man close and blew the

exhaled smoke directly into his grimacing features, fascinated by the look of

terror on his face; then she moved the red-hot tip close to his naked body. She

grinned cruelly and thrilled to feel the creature struggle to escape the burning

end. Her evil interest and excitement grew as the tip moved nearer to him. She

had to grip him much tighter as his frantic struggles increased. The man began

to scream as the intense heat started to seer his skin. She revelled in the

sensations tingling in her groin.

Taking another draw on the holder, she tapped it with her finely manicured

fingernail and watched the burning ash cascade upon his head creating tiny

spirals of smoke and very faint sizzling of the hair. Her hedonistic, sadistic

pleasure soared when she deliberately touched him several times with the fiery

brand thus causing him to squeal and thrash in her powerful grip. She began

uttering grunts of sensuousness as her silk- covered quim emitted droplets of

pre-coital fluid which became absorbed in the cotton- reinforced gusset of her

silk knickers.

Suddenly, she released her grip and dropped the squirming manikin to the surface

of the table. With a sweep of her hand she sent him tumbling off the edge and

down onto the thick-piled carpet. She arose from her cushioned chair and stood

astride him.

With hardly a care she wondered whether he had survived the long fall. She

continued smoking her cigarette and prodded the body with the toe of her

high-heeled shoe. He groaned and moved at her touch. 'Good,' she muttered,

'You're still alive. I have not finished with you yet.'

She looked down at him and deftly turned him onto his back with her foot. 'Look

up at me,' she ordered.

As he gazed upwards she put her free hand to the crotch of her skimpy knickers.

He still watched out of fear as she caressed the swollen pouch between her

thighs, and then saw one finger insert itself under the narrow gusset. He

watched spellbound as the digit moved about under the silky material, then he

gave a gulp as the moving impression suddenly sank. He knew where the digit had


As she plied her finger into the slimy depths of her vulva she positioned the

sole of her shoe over the supine figure leaving his head exposed. Little by

little she exerted more pressure, trapping him like a large insect. Her lovely

but cruel ice-blue eyes widened as she bore her foot down. He stared up her

shapely but deadly leg, his eyes beginning to bulge. His gasps and groans turned

to stifled screams. With an intense sense of power she continued crushing him

beneath her foot. The crunching bones elicited exquisite sensations in her loins

and nipples. Her clitoris reared from its hood and pressed against the fabric of

her knickers like a male's erection. Her cigarette lay unattended, smoking

itself out on the ornate ashtray. She tensed her leg muscles for the final

crushing but then decided some other whim. She bent down and picked up the inert

manikin. He was still breathing but she saw signs of blood caused by her foot

crushing his chest. She quickly went to her massive, four-poster bed. With an

exaggerated sigh she fell onto the soft quilt and whipped off her dampened

knickers. Spreading her legs out wide, she guided his head to the feminine core

and plunged it into the fleshy, slimy entrance of her vagina. The hungry labia

closed around his neck. She held him with both hands giving the impression that

she possessed a gigantic male penis. Bit by bit, she urged him deeper, and as

she manipulated him, jerking him in quick motions, killing him, she dreamed of

further exploits with the dozen or so remaining 'pets' in her possession...all

awaiting their bizarre, frightful fate.

Part 3

The mini-man ran for his life across the cold stone floor as the whip cracked

loudly above his head. The young woman's large breasts heaving with excitement

and heavy breathing, almost burst from the confines of her half-open blouse. She

stepped forward swiftly and cracked her whip again at the terrified victim. It

missed but was much closer. As the wretched little fellow avoided the streaking

leather tip the sensuous and cruel friend lounging indolently in a chair

commented critically: 'I thought that you would have caught him by now.' The

female holding the whip turned to her friend, a stunning blonde Swede. 'Don't

worry, I'm just teasing him. I can hit him whenever I like!'

The very attractive blonde, dressed similarly as her friend and with a

shockingly short skirt that only just covered her buttocks, replied tauntingly:

'Prove it, then.' The former, a brunette, gave her a dazzling smile. 'Okay,

watch this.' She brought her arm back and sent the snaking lash hurtling towards

its defenseless target. The thing plaited leather entwined itself around the

six-inch manikin with vicious force and threw him across the floor. It whipped

back and returned in a split second later to tear into his naked body. Three

more strokes ripped into him with deadly accuracy before the brunette recoiled

the bloodied lash.

'Oh, well done!' enthused the blonde, her blue eyes alight with impressed

fervour. The brunette gave a tinkling laugh. 'Yes, it's so easy to catch them

like this, in a confined space, but it's more difficult out of doors. Much more

fun, though, jolly thrilling,' and she placed her free hand to the apex of her

thighs suggestively. 'It's going to be really jolly sport this afternoon.'

It certainly is...for the women. Mini-men hunting is now one of the most

favourite pastimes. Usually, about a hundred of the tallest manikins are herded

into a twelve-acre field bare of shrubs and with short grass giving the prey no

place to hide or escape. The method is quite simple. Once released into the

field the mini-men are given a few moments to plan their moves, and then, the

women and girls, all attired in hunting-gear - some in white, skin-tight

jodphers or breeches, and black leather riding-boots equipped with spurs, would

mount their steeds and ride out to hunt down the desperate creatures and fell

them with their long whips. It gives the prey a sporting chance. Many, however,

meet their death beneath the trampling hoofs; but that cannot be's

all part of the sport, and huge fun for the huntswomen.

The brunette stepped over to where the litle man lay on the floor, her

high-heels clicked ominously on the stone floor. She towered over the stricken

creature like a Colossus. She regarded him unemotionally as he lay on his face,

his torso shewing the angry weals in red. She placed her right heel-tip into the

small of his back and pressed down until she felt the giving and cracking of his

spine. The man howled with the pain.

'Finish him off,' the blonde Swede suggested, having stepped up close to her


The dark-haired girl took her heel off his back and, using her toe, turned the

body over. The manikin stared up at them, his eyes drinking in the awesome sight

of the two huge beauties, their long shapely legs soaring up to their

magnificent thighs, and further, be- neath their skirts, the view of their

silk-covered crotches, each mound distinctly seen from his far down view-point.

The heavenly sight was short-lived. The brunette placed her foot onto his torso,

the stiletto point of the heel centred on his abdomen. She pressed down tensing

her muscles and grinning sadistically. He gave a shriek as his body was pierced.

Blood bubbled at the point of insertion.

'Ah, what a mess!' exclaimed the blonde with a fiendish smile playing at her

generous lips. The brunette lifted her foot, the slender heel stained red.

'Would you like it?' she asked. The Swedish beauty looked down at the lifeless

corpse: 'Okay, I'll have it tonight for my supper...but I much prefer them oysters, you know, only much more feel them

struggling like mad, to hear their pleas, begging for mercy. I like licking

their tears as well as their tiny piks and balls. Then their pitiful cries as I

pop them into my mouth and start chewing them...Mmmmm.'

The brunette smiled and picked up the corpse between her finger and thumb. 'Have

you ever seen them as they emerge from your bottom, darling, I mean the ones

that are swallowed whole?'

'Oh, yes!' replied the Swede, 'Just perfect skeletons, no flesh at all. All

bones. I like to keep them. I have many, and they are all strung on a piece of

silk ribbon over my dressing-table. Of course I wash them thoroughly...they are know...dirty.'

Both girls laughed gaily as they left the room. The conversation continued as

they went: 'I get a super sensation as it oozes out of my bottom,' announced the

brunette, 'The hard, knobbly bones can actually be felt even up in my rectum as

it comes down, and then it's terrific as it squeezes out of my arsehole. I try

and make it last as long as I can, and I sometimes actually get a climax. Do


'Mmmm...yes, many times. It excites me like that, sometimes two or three, one

after the other!' replied the statuesque blonde, 'And then I think how those

creatures have travelled all through my body, from my stomach to the bowel...all

mixed up in my ****. Ah, if only they could live through all that!' They both

giggled at the notion.

'Isn't it just heavenly to know that those wretched little men...I mean, their all distributed to every single part of our bodies?' murmured the

brunette dreamily.

'Yes,' agreed the Swede, 'It is heavenly, but darling, they're so small, really.

There is not so much meat on them. Now if we had a much bigger man...not

full-size but, you know, three foot perhaps...?'

The dark-haired girl looked hard at the Swedish girl and saw that she was quite

serious. She pondered for a while as they strolled; then she spoke: 'I think one

can order a man of any size, actually. In fact, I think we've still got one.

He's about a metre tall, a sort of reject. I was going to sell him off. He's

young, very healthy and muscular. Quite big down there...' She paused and then

added: 'How would you like him, roasted or...?'

The shrunken man, used as a slave, was brought into the presence of his mistress

and her closest friend. As a precautionary measure his hands were manacled with

strong leather fetters. Like the much smaller mini-men he was naked but for the

soft leather pouch containing his genitals, a thin strip of leather ran up

behind leaving his buttocks exposed. He looked at the two ladies as they

sprawled upon a luxurious sofa, each at either end. One with her legs crossed,

the other with her right leg outstretched and the other leg tucked beneather the

former. They were taking sips from ornate glass goblets filled with red wine.

'Do you know why you have been summoned before us?' asked the mistress while the

stunning blonde Swede eyed him speculatively. He shook his head.

'You've been my body-slave for a year,' explained the brunette. 'I think it's

time for your slavery to end.' The man's eyes lightened up. Although his duties

had been light they were both exacting and utterly debasing...servicing his

mistress in the most intimate manner and at her most intimate places - from her

armpits down to her dainty orifice overlooked or attended to...and

only by his slavish tongue.

The lady smiled. 'My friend, Ulrika, suggested a befitting finale and I must say

I fully agree. It appeals to me.' The slave remained still but unable to avert

his eyes from the magnificent figures - especially the blonde whom, as yet, he

had not seen; but he felt a sense of fear. Something diabolical was sure to be

disclosed to him. Slaves, mini-men, were so expendable nowadays. Why, even the

youngsters are allowed to dispose of them when and how they worn-out

toys. In those few seconds he reflected on his long year of service, his

obligation to undergo the most demanding and distasteful duties ranging from the

emaculate body-worship to the degrading act of being a human receptacle; and not

only for his mistress. Her daughters and nieces, while visiting, also had access

to his servility.

The suggestion of being freed from such adverse circumstances gladdened his

heart, but that joy was abruptly cut short.

'As you see and obviously noted,' went on his mistress, 'we do possess rather

attract- ive figures which we retain by plenty of sporting activities, both

indoors and out; but these...' she said, standing up and loosening her blouse,

'....must be kept in good shape with the correct diet.'

The slave gazed at the exposed breasts appreciatively. He was familiar with

them, of course, but was still enamoured and awed by their projection, the

marvellous upsweep of each orb giving them an appearance of sheer arrogance.

However, what she had said about the "correct diet" gave him some misgivings.

Then that blonde lady spoke:

'And these also!' He turned to her and saw her lift her skirt as she stretched

out her long legs. He was caught by the sight like a rabbit transfixed by

glaring headlamps. She had drawn her skirt right up to her hips. He trembled

slightly and his manhood stirred within the confining pouch. He was still unsure

exactly what those lovely ladies were intimating.

The blonde arose from the sofa and turned her back to him. She lifted her skirt

high above her bottom. His gaze immediately became focussed to her captivating

derriere, seeing how the fine material of her knickers sank deep into the

bewitching crevice of her rounded cheeks. He was aware that these callous

ladies, like all females today, were teasing him unmercifully, flaunting their

bodies, sending out tempting promises and then, doubtless, turn and laugh

cruelly at his distress.

'Do you understand, Englishman?' asked Ulrika, her lovely blue eyes dancing with

evil merriment. He lowered his eyes signifying that he was mystified although he

did have disconcerting thoughts but was afraid to speak.

'Then I shall explain,' said his mistress moving close to him and fixing his

gaze with her dark, penetrating eyes. 'You know, of course, those manikins are,

from time to time, used as table delicacies. They're full of nourishment and

very nutricious; but...' and she gave a shrug of despair, '...there just isn't

enough meat on them. I've eaten bowl-fulls but still feel empty.'

The slave now fully realised the horror of her words, and in a moment of terror

he stepped back. 'No!'

'Oh, but yes!' emphasised the Swedish beauty as she stepped forward towards him.

She placed her cool, soft hand on his shoulder, standing high above his three to

four foot figure. She ran her hand over his chest and gently pinched his breast.

'You are a meaty creature.'

'Young and tender,' added the brunette moving behind him to stop him backing

away. She felt his muscular back and looked over his head at her friend with a

conspiratory grin.

'He'll make several dishes,' enthused the blonde, her covered breasts almost

looming over him, 'Why, these will make a meal in themselves...' and she reached

down to grasp his well-filled pouch. He gave a groan and stiffened, casting his

eyes heavenward and seeing the Swede's thrusting breasts ominously in his sight.

With the knowledge that countless mini-men had been eaten and swallowed by those

two sirens, like prawns and oysters, he knew that, sooner or later, he himself

will be augmenting those proud mamm- ae.

'You know,' said the blonde, gazing down at him, 'he makes me feel so hungry. I

feel like eating him now, just as he is.' The little man stared up to her face

to catch her licking her lips. She went on: 'I am sure he will taste as sweet as

the mini-men.' She smiled down at him to reveal her startling fearsome teeth. He

gave a sob as she crouched until her face reached his chest. Inside, his heart

thumped madly. She put her lips to one of his breasts. The slave cringed in

fear. He knew she could do what she wished - without remorse and with impunity.

She glanced up mockingly and parted her lips baring her teeth. She made a play

with her tongue before catching his flesh with the male nipple dead centre

between her sharp teeth. The brunette behind him held him steady as her friend

began to bite. He began to groan at first, his whole frame shivering. The blonde

bit deeper. He tried to pull away but his mistress held him fast. He was much

too small to fight against the towering lady. The blonde's teeth sank into the

resilient flesh but not enough to break the skin. She then released her savage

grip and lifted herself up to her full height. She laughed mockingly. 'No,

slave, not yet, not like that. I am not a wild animal. I prefer my meat to be

well cooked.'

The slave, trembling, watched them as they left the room. Ulrika stopped at the

door and looked at him: 'You must have the pleasure of gazing at my body before

you die on the spit.' She gave him a wicked smile and disappeared.

A short while later two maids came into the room where the slave was waiting.

'Come on, you,' said one roughly taking him by an arm. 'Where to?' he asked

plaintively. 'To the kitchen, of course!' came the curt reply. Although the

maids were young, they still towered above him, and with his hands bound, he was

no match for them.

As the doomed slave entered the large kitchen he wondered how such graceful

females could be so horribly wicked and cruel. He recalled once, as a child,

reading old books that women were revealed as kind, considerate, affectionate

and generally timid to- wards the male species. Suddenly there came a noise from

the intercom. One of the pretty maids went to answer it. She listened and said

'Yes, marm, yes, marm, right away, marm.' She replaced the receiver and uttered

a curse: 'Damn...damn...damn!'

'What is it?' asked the other, holding him firmly. 'They've changed their

minds!' the former muttered through clenched teeth. 'That Lady Rebecca and her

blonde bitch, that Swede, want to have him up there!' She looked at the

dimunitive slave with open hostility

'But we'll have him after, and put him on the spit?' the other maid assured her.

'No!' growled the other, 'They're going to eat him alive!'

'Bring him over here,' requested the mistress indicating a spot between her

outstretched legs, 'And wait outside.'

As soon as the frustrated maids had withdrawn the dark-haired lady looked into

the small slave's eyes and addressed him: 'As you know, you were to be roasted

on a spit and served up to my dear friend and me...' She gave the Swedish girl a

loving glance, '...but I have changed my mind. Ulrika here has persuaded me

otherwise. She really wants to taste your flesh and blood in its raw state, and

I must say, I feel rather partial myself, and I'm sure you'll be more filling

than handfuls of minute mini-men.'

The small man looked back at the brunette in abject horror. He knew that it was

general practice for the tiny males to be devoured by women, mostly as hors

d'oeuvres or late suppers before retiring, and even manikins which are bigger.

That was not so bad. Once they were popped into a female's ravenous mouth,

either her sharp teeth would crush them to a quick death within seconds, or a

few minutes at most, or if the female swallowed the miniature male whole, then

it would be little time once he reaches her gastric juices for him to perish in

her belly. The agony of being digested cannot be imagined; but what one would

have to suffer by being slowly eaten alive was too horrendous to contemplate -

to feel every bite, and watch himself being deliciously masticated and sent down

those slender necks...down those dark gullets....

'Come,' Rebecca gestured, 'I want you to kneel between my legs. There is a

little ritual you must perform first.'

The slave, soon to be the ladies' meal, dutifully knelt, unable to take his eyes

from her beautiful countenance. She began loosening her skirt.

She wore no brassiere, had no need to, but she did have a pair of miniscule,

bikini-style knickers. 'Now, slave, it's quite simple. I want you to worship my

tummy...just kiss it all over and use your tongue...don't forget my

belly-button. Pay your most humble respects to it for, in a while, you'll be in

residence.' She smiled sweetly as she spoke, her eyes sparkling. 'Then I want

you to do the same with my friend's.' She pushed the elasticated waistband down

to the very base of her abdomen and slumped back in the sofa in a somewhat

unladylike posture, then closed her eyes languidly and gave a low sigh.

The dwarfish slave began his obeisance over the gently convexed, firm belly of

his mistress. First with his lips and then his tongue which he furled and

directed the tip to her navel. He covered every square inch, his senses reeling

at the prospect that faced him. All was silent but for his short intakes of

breath and the lady's soft sighs. Eventually, she pushed his head away. 'Now go

to my Nordic lover,' she muttered, and gently stroked her wet abdomen.

The slave, still on his knees, moved to the blonde goddess who had already bared

herself and spread her long legs apart. She regarded him carefully with her

ice-blue eyes. The doomed slave noticed she was wearing a skimpy pair of

knickers of the purest black silk, the gusset of which revealed her blonde pubic

hair along each edge and at the top. Her belly was slightly flatter than

Rebecca's, but what was plainly discernible was her navel which was a prominant


Again, while he slaved with his oral ministrations he was fully conscious of his

gastronomic fate, the knowledge that, by piecemeal he will be eaten and be

inside each of these ladies' stomachs; and what consolation there was, that

he'll be helping to retain and enhance those fabulous female figures - if what

Rebecca had stated is fact.

He became aware that the blonde was talking to him: 'I did say I was not an

animal. That I could not eat you alive; but although you are small, just a

dwarf, you are handsome and have a fine physique. I feel so very hungry and

sexy...' Every now and again she stopped to let out a sigh as he covered her

belly with kisses and licked at the unusual nub of her navel. She continued her

dialogue in a sensuous tone: 'I know I shall enjoy tearing your flesh apart with

my teeth and eating it raw. It wil be so juicy with your rich, warm blood.

Rebecca, your mistress, tells me that human flesh is so much better...especially

from larger men like you. Tiny men are nice, but... well, they're so small, gone

in a flash. You, English slave, will be more plentiful...' Another long drawn

out sigh. She began caressing her firm breasts and tweaking each nipple to

stimulate the hardness.

The slave pressed his lips to the firm texture of her stomach. He shuddered upon

hearing a faint rumble as the wine she had drunk travelled its way to her

bladder. Visions of being ingested and then also creating that digestive sound

prior to being circulated throughout her body - as well as to the bowel and


The Swedish blonde gave a grunt and grasped his childlike head. In a quick

motion he found his face crushed against her silk-covered pudenda. She jerked

her hips in quick successive jerks rubbing the spongy mound over his features.

As she jerked her gasps came faster and louder filling the room with her excited

grunts. Then the signs of her attaining that dizzying climax became apparent.

The gusset became wet from the inside, her whole frame stiffened and she threw

her head back with a long, deep sigh.

For a few moments the blonde reposed in a hedonist daze. She then lifted her

foot encased in a brocaded slipper and gave the small man a violent,

cold-hearted shove knocking him backwards to the floor. 'My head is in a whirl,'

she murmured, I have drunk too much wine; and now I need a piss.'

Rebecca smiled. 'Go ahead then, my darling, but don't bother going to the

bathroom.' Ulrika got up from the sofa and stepped to the man still lying where

he had fallen: 'You, there,' she said imperiously, 'take my knickers down...with

your teeth.'

The exhausted slave struggled to his knees as the blonde lifted her skirt. She

really did look magnificent, her statuesque figure resembling the fabulous

Freyja (the Scandi- navian equivalent of Venus). His head came level to her

loins, the perfect height for the service he was to perform. With the utmost

care he took the waistband of the Swede's knickers and very gently, trying hard

not to scrape his teeth against her soft, velvety skin, drew the garment down

over her right hip, then shuffled around to draw the left side down. As the

flimsy, delicate material moved downwards he was suddenly confronted by a

generous mat of pubic hair that sprang out from its silky confines. Amidst the

blonde swath he saw the reddish-brown, puffed lips of her vulva and felt the

warmth exuding from its depths. Down and down went the intimate underwear until

it reached her slipp-

ered feet. She lifted each foot to allow him to remove the knickers.

'Head back,' she demanded from high above, and positioned herself astride him.

'Now!' came the warning. Obediently and with much experience, the slave opened

his mouth to accept and gulp down the fierce deluge. But still the blonde was

not finished when the final drops fell from her labia. To his dismay she turned

about to present her awesome behind to his servile gaze. A grunt was all that

was required for him to pay obeisance to each of those glorious cheeks - perhaps

such powerful gluteousness could far outstrip and eclipse the senses than a

female's breasts?

The blonde only required him to revere her buttocks a short while. There was

something in her devious mind that cried for the attention of a slave's

tongue... She spread her legs out wider and leaned forward at the waist. Using

both hands she pried apart her chubby cheeks to expose the crinkled hiatus. He

needed no urging to perform the intimate service. He pressed his face into the

fleshy crevice, extended his tongue and proceeded to falate the Swedish girl's

anus. Soft grunts and moans came from her as he lapped and inserted his tongue

into the tight, rubbery aperture. She relaxed the sphincter to allow deeper

access, and as he probed she sighed with ecstasy.

'Rebecca, Rebecca, how many tiny creatures can you spare?' the blonde gasped.

'As many as you like,' replied the brunette, lounging on the sofa and idly

sipping wine, 'How many would you like?'

'Aaaah...three, four, no, six. Aaaah...I love my arsehole being titillated. I

feel this slave's''s...Aaaah! But not long enough. I want it

to go much deeper!'

Rebecca gave a tinkling laugh. 'Yes, my darling, I know how you feel. Yes, you

may have some teeny-weenie men...but you must let me stick them up your lovely


'Oh, naturligvis!' the blonde exclaimed, 'But not until tonight, after we have

eaten this slave!'

Rebecca happily agreed. 'Yes, that will be delightful, and I think I shall have

the same pleasure myself. Now, my love, aren't you feeling just a little


The blonde straightened up with a final sigh. 'I am you say...peckish.

I could eat this slave whole!' She rubbed her belly to emphasise her hunger.

Rebecca clapped her hands to summon the maids. 'Bring the rubber sheet and

spread it here,' she told the young girls. 'We have it already,' said one of


As the pretty maids spread the sheet upon the floor, the wretched slave watched

in despair. When the rubber sheet was position as required, the maids then

assisted the two inveterate lesbians to strip naked - an expediency necessary

for the ghoulish repast.

'Now go,' ordered the mistress. I shall call you when I need you.' The maids

curtsied and left, both of them seething inside at being denied the sexual

delight of preparing a large-sized male for roasting.

'Now, you,' Rebecca addressed the very small slave, 'I want you to make your

penis big. My dear friend, Ulrika, loves eating men's pricks, but only when

thick and solid.'

Ulrika laughed. 'Darling, how did you know?'

'I've watched you, darling, while eating those tiny creatures, licking them

there, and not biting until they've become nice and stiff! But I know they've

been so awfully tiny. This one will be much nicer.' She ordered the slave to lie

down on the sheet. As soon as he was ready she knelt beside him. 'Now, my fine

slave, make it big.' She took his penis in her hand and began squeezing and

rubbing it. He gazed with tearful eyes at the two beautiful females, focussing

his attention on the blonde's belly and then up at her proud breasts to her

sensuous mouth. Obedient to the last, he allowed his mistress the growth she

demanded knowing resignedly that it would be his very last erection. Would she,

he wondered with some forlorn hope, allow him to ejaculate? It would be at least

some final pleasure, if only as a considerate thanks for his year's service.

For his dimunitive frame, his penis shewed an appreciative size...not as a

fully-grown male but enough to delight the blonde who looked wide-eyed at the

aroused column clenched in her lover's fist.

'Now!' grunted the blonde with the fervour of an eager predator. Rebecca moved

aside to let the blonde at the object of her eagerness.

The slave, groaning quietly, felt the Swede's mouth close over his stem. He

shuddered at the touch of her teeth at the base, thrilled with a mixture of

terror and ecstasy as the female sucked, then uttered a screech when the sharp

incisors did their deadly work.

Almost immediately the blonde's place was taken by Rebecca, and he felt the

subse- quent anguish as his testicles were gathered into her mouth. A little

sucking came first before the bitter, sharp pain of her teeth bit through the

silky scrotum. Then he saw the brunette head jerk upwards leaving him bereft of

his manhood.

Shortly after, having eaten and swallowed his genitals, the two maneaters began

the main course. The room was filled with the shrieks of the victim and the

sensual moans of the females exclaming their epicurean pleasure.

The feast went on until late that evening, the rubber sheet awash with blood and

unwanted flesh. The ladies' naked bodies bespattered with blood, their stomachs

already shewing their gluttonous orgy.

That night, highly sexed-up, the contented ladies lazily lavished loving kisses

upon each other's lips, their tongues darting from mouth to mouth, their naked

bodies intertwined. Rebecca reached out to the bedside table and dipped her hand

into the bowl containing the writhing little creatures therein. One by one they

were lifted out and introduced to the eagerly-awaiting bottom of the blonde

Swede. The insertion was done as gently as possible so as not to cause harm or

death. Four minute males found them- selves tightly cacooned in the blonde's

rectum. As many again found their way in the rectum of the brunettes.

'Ah, my God, darling, can you feel them?' exclaimed one.

'It's exquisite! They're writhing and squirming! Poor little things, trying so

hard to stay alive! Try squeezing yourself, feel how their struggles increase.

Isn't it just wonderful?'

The two lovely ladies cavorted as only those of the Lesbos favour, their bodies

wet with the sheen of sweat, their quims steadily leaking sexual emissions which

mixed with joyous acclaim, flowing down to the adjacent entrance to join the

seeping fluid oozing from the captive barrier entrapping the luckless mini-men


The epilogue:

The Lady Athena Fortesque's invention soon became known. The Japanese first

exploited it, followed swiftly by the Chinese and then India. Because of the

vast populations, thousands and thousands of males were available, as plentiful

as prawns and suchlike delicacies. At any restaurants, cafes and school

cafetarias, can be found bowls of squirming half-inch to two-inch males equipped

with chopsticks and spoons for the more fastidious female diners to munch while

they chatter and drink coffee or tea.

Enough, I am exhausted. Another yarn to follow. Author

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Second Story - Women of the 3rd Millennium By Banfield

Author: Banfield (

Date: 02-15-03 13:59

Women of the 3rd Millennium By Banfield

The introduction:

A remarkable change had occurred during the past millennium. Perhaps more

sinister than remarkable.

Soon after the turn of the 21st Century, a worldwide nuclear conflict broke out

involving all the major powers. The force of the nuclear explosions had

destroyed countless humans and animals alike. They also caused some inexplicable

peculiarity to the human metabolism and chromosomes. These defects created much

smaller and feeble males, and yet did not affect the female. They were born

perfectly normal and developed into startling creatures with no defects

whatsoever - even the common disabili- ties prevalent in the previous

millenniums. So there are two outstanding results caused by the nuclear

fall-outs; and thirdly, all those countries responsible were, quite simply,

raised by their own petard. It

did, however, cease all hostilities. No longer could the braying menfolk rattle

sabres or flex their

muscles, nor indeed, be any further threat to worldwide peace. After all, who

could possibly take

notice of heads of state ranting and raging at only six to twelve inches high?

Yet another phenomenon was that women who were able to become pregnant, actually

gave birth to single females, whereas, in the case of males, the births were

multiple - all tiny creatures and as many as fifteen in some instances. The male

babies, being so numerous and minute, were always taken to special centres where

they were put into individual glass containers and bred therein until they

reached their normal age of puberty. Once at that stage, their semen was

extracted and the fluid placed in refrigeration, later used for continual

research and artificial insemination purposes.

In those early days, the unfortunate donors, having then become redundant, were

sold to the superior females as pets and playthings. Of course, as a result of

the multiple births, there came a glut of these novelties, so the staff of the

centres, all female, had to dispose the large surplus. Many were thrown alive

into the incinerators or cast down the lavatory pans and casually flushed away.

That practice was stopped when it was discovered that those stunted males of

between six to twelve inches were exceed- ingly nutricious and an excellent

substitute for the various kinds of meat that had become so terribly scarce and

even non-existent.

The number of those small males gradually became so numerous and plentiful and

the females so casual by that plenteous supply, the devouring of them was

accepted as normal, everyday food that was once eaten back in the previous

centuries. It was not uncommon in countries like China to see a group of pretty

girls sitting at a table in a crowded cafe with a bowl or two piled with tiny

naked males squirming about like live prawns. The girls, laughing and chatting,

chopsticks in hand, selecting a nice plump minikin and raising it to her open

lips on the ends of their chopsticks and quite imperturbably nibble bits off or,

as may be the case, depending on its size, pop the whole wriggling specimen into

the mouth and cheerfully chew it up alive.

Many hundreds of those malformed males were, out of sympathy, cast out into the

streets and fields of that locality to fend for themselves. Perhaps with the

hope that they could join up and form a community. When this occurred there was

usually a crowd of girls waiting, just as sea-gulls gathered about a

fishing-boat of yesteryear, or vultures above a stricken beast in some desert.

Not only schoolgirls hunted those unfortunate midgets. Older females were very

partial. Like their younger counterparts, such women took great sport with their


A woman found a tiny male, age unknown. She hurriedly took him to where she

lived. She kept him in a small cage, one of many women have in their houses or

flats. She had to wait in this instance for her menstration to finish. She

didn't mind how big he was, six or twelve inches, it made no difference for what

she had in mind. One thing was certain, though, the small, doll-like creature

knew he was in for an unpleasant ordeal.

As soon as she was ready, about a week after her period, she carefully inserted

him into her vagina and told to masturbate and impregnate her. Promises were

given, as always, that he would be spared if he obeyed her wishes, but seldom

kept. This captured specimen satisfied his captress but instead of being

released, was used vigorously as a dildo and then left in her vagina to slowly

perish - either by choking, drowning, suffocation or very slowly dissolving in

her fluids. To prevent him from escaping from his fleshy prison she donned a

pair of tight-fitting knickers.

Many women desired to be impregnated in this manner. They seldom visited the

National Sperm Clinics because of its sanitised surroundings and lack of sexual

stimulation. Some women resort to using several males between their periods to

ensure their pregnancies; and there are countless females of all ages and walks

in life who put these creatures inside themselves only to provide sexual

satisfact- ion. Orgies for that purpose are arranged for couples and any amount

of females, and in many cases, it isn't only the vagina that receives those

luckless little men on those occasions. It is recorded that count- less females

from schoolgirls to those of much older years, obtain the most exquisite orgasms

by simply thrusting a male inside and lying relaxed, feeling the desperate

struggles like moths caught in a spider's web, and to hear the victim's frantic

screams as the vaginal muscles squeeze and the fluids begin the dissolution.

It's quite common knowledge that younger women use their tampons to ram the

individual much deeper inside, oft times right into the uterus. Always so

stimulating and immensely satisfying. The females learned, over the years, the

certain controls they possessed... certain muscles that had never been

recognised that could suction the body in, hold it or squeeze it at will. The

same methods were discovered in the rectal orifice as well, and consequently

used in unison with the other.

So these wretched, miniscule males had one or the other fate to endure by the

female. Most certainly the case of turning the tide.

The story:

Two girls, both about 16, were out huntingon their own. Before, it was usually

with a gang. Because of the insurmountable dominance that now prevailed, the

mode of dress was at their liking. No longer were females restricted by manmade

morals or afraid of being targeted by would-be rapists. There were now no longer

men capable of such heinous crimes - apart from insolently peering up under

skirts and refusing to obey the most intimate services.

The skirts and dresses are made up from as-yet unknown material and quite

immodestly short by today's standards. The tops are similarly revealing - female

breasts blatantly exposed depending on their self-support. It also became

fashionable to wear loin-cloths after the ancient redskin mode, and without

underwear...knickers and such unless, of course, the wearer is having her


The two girls were very attractive and possessed marvellous breasts. Not

overlarge but proudly firm. Again, no bras which would be superfluous.

The two beauties, for this they were, with splendid legs, their feet shod in

ultra-modern running shoes, loved hunting the miniature males - especially white

males. Anything else are ignored or stamped to death. It was such fun whenever

such girls came across the foreign types, to slowly grind then under foot or

heel, often starting at the feet and then on up until only the heads are left

uncrushed. Girls find it hilarious to crunch the head and hear the crack as one

would with a cob nut. The sound, the feel and the spurting of grey matter is

such a thrill and amusement.

They crouched by some bushes near a Sperm Clinic. As soon as a number of

exhausted specimens were thrown out they dashed forward to gather as many as

they could, each carrying containers like cat baskets. It was really quite easy

to catch those malformed little men, but some were able to escape by finding

hiding places. Better an unknown fate than the certainty of fearful torture in

the hands of those predators.

It was Leola who spotted the first prey. She crept up to him stealthily and gave

him a vicious kick sending him flying through the air. He hit a wall, but before

she could pick him up a feral cat sprang from nowhere, snatched him in her jaws

and carried him away into some undergrowth. The girls and the other fugitives

heard the wretched fellow's screams as the cat began to eat him.

'Better luck next time,' Vicky said with a grin. Leola gave a grunt and swore at

the cat. They continued the hunt for the rest. It did not take long before

another was spotted. He was kicked by Vicky who then ran to catch him. He was

found to have broken his leg and was stunned. Vicky put him into her bag. The

next manikin was kicked by Leola, but unfortunately she caught his head which

was ripped from his body. Little spurts of blood flew into the air both from his

torso and the little head itself.

'O damn, damn!' Vicky squealed and stamped furiously on the decapitated body

sending more spurts of blood from under her shoe. The girls, not really adept at

hunting small men, found that all had scattered, but, by luck, on their part,

they found two young manikins. The unfortunates did not stand a chance to

escape. They were fenced in by a brick wall, far too high to scale. They stared

in terror as the two giantesses closed in, their long legs soaring up like

colossal pillars, each pair fringed by their short skirts like pelmets. They ran

in opposite directions but were easily picked up and thrust into an empty bag

carried by Leola. The search went on, both girls in a feverish state like

starving vultures. Three more were caught up making the total catch six, but

some of them were badly injured due to the clumsy capture.

It was Leola's house they were taken to and, once inside, were put into a

custom-made glass case that stood on the bedside table. The girls then went to

the bathroom and took a shower together, their voices carrying to the captives'

ears, as well as the girlish giggles. When they reappeared they were stark

naked, their bodies all aglow with the pinkness of the hot shower, their faces

alight with aroused excite- ment.

Heedless of the frightened eyes watching from the glass prison, they flopped

onto the huge bed and began passionate love-making as decreed by the dictates of

Sappho - their libidos aroused by the evening's success and the anticipation of

the little prisoners' fate.

Lovingly they kissed, their tongues darting into each other's mouths, their

hands caressing and fondling one another's breasts, thighs and haunches. Their

young naked bodies twisted and turned, their firm legs intertwined. Leola then

laid herself flat on her back with her knees bent and spread wide apart. Vicky

recognised the significance of her girlfriend's pose and delightfully sprang

upon her belly throwing one leg over Leola's head. For a while she gazed down at

the juncture of Leola's thighs before lowering herself and dipping her head to

the core of her lover's sex.

Girlish grunts, soft moans and gasps of pleasure arose as both girls lavished

sensuous kisses on each other's throbbing vulvas and impassioned clits. All the

six could do was watch and wait as the two pretty girls indulged themselves in

the throes of lesbianism, seeing one girl's firm buttocks quite close and then

the other as they changed about. The air was filled with their bodily aromas as

they squirmed and jerked with heady delight and rapturous cries.

At long last the girls fell apart blissfully satiated, their bodies covered with

a sheen of perspiration, their pubic hairs glistening with droplets of saliva

and milky-white emissions. They dozed for a while as they descended from their

euphoric ecstasy.

Leola was first to recover, her left hand placed over her pudenda with one

finger gently massaging her swollen labia and tiny clitoris. She turned her head

and reached out to the glass prison. She lifted the lid and selected one of the

naked occupants. He was about six inches and one of the injured. He shouted as

she lifted him up and carried him to her lips. She gazed at him dreamily and

playfully pursed her lips. Holding him between finger and thumb about his upper

torso she opened her mouth to reveal the sinister cavern with the double curved

row of glistening teeth. She extended her tongue to just give him a touch then

she laid her curly-haired head back on the pillow and slowly, agonizingly for

him, lowered him down, gazing at him with those twinkling, mischievous eyes of

hers. Lower and lower he went until two to three inches of him was inside her

mouth, his bare feet began beating on her tongue. She giggled and closed her

lips around his hips. He felt her tongue push aside his wriggling legs and reach

for his genitals. Even with terror filling his heart his penis reacted to her

tongue-tip as it played with it.

Skilfully and adroitly, Leola wriggled her tongue until the midget's penis

became fully erect. She curled her tongue around it and around his thighs adding

to the excitement by flicking her tongue up and over his tiny bottom. It did the

trick. He gave out a sensuous gasp. As soon as the girl felt the first spurt she

snapped her teeth. The look of ecstasy on his face suddenly turned to horror. A

tiny scream penetrated the silence as he felt the girl's sharp teeth cutting

into his waist and snapping through his lower spine. Down below, Leola's free

hand worked busily as she commenced chewing on his legs, her fingers delved deep

into her young vagina. Beside her, Vicky was blissfully masturbating. She heard

the squeal and opened her eyes and watched idly the gruesome spectacle. She gave

a low moan as her best friend snapped her teeth again to take the rest of his

lower body.

Leola then lifted the remainder of the mini-man, blood spewing from his body as

she happily masticated the lower half. She quickly swallowed and sent the upper

half into her mouth up to his neck. A quick snap severed the head from from his

body and her jaws began their deadly work.

By then, Vicky was jerking with the result of her orgasm. Leola gave moans of

epicurean pleasure as she mashed up the upper half, the sounds of his bones

being crunched distinctly audible.

The remaing five midgets watched aghast as their fellow prisoner disappeared

from sight when Leola popped the head into her mouth and began sucking it like a

boiled sweet, then there came an ominous crack as her teeth split the cranium.

'Mmm...darling, was that nice?' murmured Vicky.

'Mmm...delicious...there was a bit of a taste of bitterness, but only a little.

Want one now?'

Vicky gave an assenting grunt: 'Wouldn't mind.'

Leola reached out creating a panic among the five disraught mini-men, all trying

desperately to avoid being selected. Leola's fingers moved among them. She

caught one who quickly slipped out of her grasp. The noise of their terror made

her laugh. It was amusing, feeling their bodies rush from side to side in the

glass prison. She then seized one, her finger and thumb gripping him fast. This

one won't get away, she thought maliciously. He struggled furiously as he was

lifted. His compatriots fell back with relief, it would be silly to try and save

him lest they themselves get caught. However, they watched their fellow victim

being hoisted up to his terrible fate. One or two of them screamed obscenities

at the girls, adding curses, but it was all in vain and only amused the two

ogresses the more.

Vicky waited expectantly, licking her lips in anticipation.

'Just a minute,' murmured Leola. She took the wriggling man downwards, he

watched as he passed over her breasts, her belly and then found himself staring

at the sprinkling of pubic hair at the base of her abdomen. Leola spread her

legs and placed his head aganst her plump labia. She gripped him firmly and

began rubbing his head up and down, then, with a thrust, pushed his head into

her vulva.

She held him there for a number of minutes allowing him to breathe and soak in

her emissions. She then removed him and proffered the head to Vicky. The girl

made a noise, then exclaimed: 'It's all wet and sticky!' Leola smiled

mischievously. 'It's from me, silly. Go on, taste it.' She pushed the head

closer to Vicky's lips. The girl opened her mouth and closed her full lips over

it. She moistened her mouth with saliva and began sucking the viscid fluid with

relish, her eyes gazing at her girlfriend's. The wretched fellow suffered the

agony of her mouth, her tongue and slimy substance until her felt the sharp

edges of her incisors grip his neck. For those few moments left for him he

stared in the darkness visualising the horror of the girl's throat, recalling

the fate of his erstwhile companion. At once his body began jerking and his

limbs thrashing wildly, but it was only for a brief moment. At Leola's urging,

Vicky bit savagely. First his head and then portions of his body eventually

slipped down that awesome well and took the long journey to her stomach to be

broken up into minute particles and then be mixed with her gastric fluids and

thereafter become absorbed into her young body.

Leola then stretched out her hand and there was a scramble to avoid being

plucked out. Her delicate fingers felt the creatures darting about, those with

broken limbs and unable to manoeuvre being almost trampled underfoot. She caught

one and brought it out wriggling desperately and screaming for mercy.

She asked Vicky if she fancied another. Her friend said she would, so Vicky

passed her the one she had in her fingers and dipped her hand again to pick the

fourth victim. That one was simple. He was disabled and unable to move..

Together, the two young and pretty ogresses simultaneously held their frantic

victims above their open mouths. One girl extended her tongue and waggled it

teasingly. The mini-man stared down in terror as the glistening pink feeler

reached out towards him touching his feet. He saw with trepidation the great

gaping cavern, the curving tongue sweeping down like a red carpet leading to the

ominous dark tunnel of the pharynx and thence to the gullet. She moistened her

mouth and began lowering him down.

'Please!' he squealed, 'No, no, have some mercy! I don't want to die that way!

Kill me first!'

She halted his downward drop for a moment and grinned. 'Go on, beg for mercy. I

like hearing you cry. It makes me feel all funny. Would you like to go up my

cunt instead, or maybe my bum? It'll take much longer like that, you know, but

I'll still eat you. I don't care.' She then noticed his crooked leg: '

you've got a broken leg! That's sad. Not much good for you really. Here, I'll

help you...'

She took hold of the leg and quite callously ripped it away from his hip. With a

big grin she popped it into her mouth and chewed it up. 'Mmm...that's nice. Oh

dear, you've only got one leg now. That's not any use now, is it? Never mind...'

She took the remaining leg and cruelly ripped it from him, his screams were

shrill and he punched and pummelled her hand gripping him. A frown came over her

pretty face. 'Hmm...I 'spect you'd love to be big and beat me up, wouldn't you,

poor tiny creature. Well, yo

Giantess Stories: The Gourmand Discovery  Banfield

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