Giantess Stories: The Group  The naked  Girls sat on the wooden floor

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The Group

The naked  Girls sat on the wooden floor, 7 of them, surrounding two

bowls full of squirming tiny girls, and a series of different things:

butter, straws, etc.. In one bowl, the girls tiny naked bodies were

about an inch tall, hundreds of them. In the other bowl, hundreds of

centimeter tall girls, all of them crying, wondering their fates. The

tiny girls had been collected by ‘The Group' during spring break. The

Group were 7 girls who, each year, collected hundreds of girls during

spring break, shrunk them, and did with them what they pleased.

     The Girls took turns with the tiny women.

     Laura was first to go. Laura, who had brown, curly

hair, was

chubby (not fat, really) with chubby legs, picked out about four

centimeter tall girls and one inch tall girl. She lifted the inch

tall girl, who was crying, had red hair, and a sweet face, to her


     “please, don't!”

     “sorry.” Laura replied.

     Laura popped the girl into her mouth and swallowed her


The girl slid down her throat wriggling all the way, until eventually

plopping into her stomach. The 4, centimeter tall girls she had

selected stood before Laura, who sat back and lifted one of her fat

feet about a centimeter above the girls.

     “Rub! Now!”

     Without hesitation, the tiny girls began rubbing the

bottom her

sole, crying all the way. Laura bent her head back, smiling with

delight, before letting her foot fall, crushing the four girls into

tiny red splotches.

     Sarah was next. Sarah was mixed, with black curly hair,

and fat,

very fat. She reached her hand in and grabbed one tiny 1” girl and

lifted her to eye level for examination.

Sarah looked shocked, and realized that the squirming girl was her

friend (who was not in the group), Hannah. Hannah pleaded, “Sarah!


     “Ohh, this is gonna be good!”

     Sarah, taking a more intimate approach than Laura,

slowly placed

Hannah's feet in her mouth and slowly sucked her in like pasta, then,

she lovingly rolled her tongue around her squirming body before

letting her slip down the back of her throat, and into her stomach.

         It was Dawn's turn.

 Dawn was fat, with beautiful feet, a shaved clit, with

blond, curly hair. She, like Sarah, grabbed a single 1” girl. She

looked at the wriggling redhead, and then down. She placed the girl

near her clitoris, gripping her with two fingers, and opening her

vagina with the other hand. She then slipped the girl inside and

closed the folds, trapping the girl inside her clit.

     “She's cooking.”

     Anna Nicole was fat, blond, and had a bigger butt than


had ever seen. She grabbed about 2 centimeter tall girls and handed

them to Dawn. She then layed on her stomach and told Laura to spread

her cheeks. Laura did as told, and Anna Nicole relaxed and her

asshole opened up, revealing a black pit. Dawn held one of the tiny

girls above the hole, and dropped her in. She fell into the pit,

which, a half-second later, closed up tightly as Anna twitched and



Dawn smiled and held the next girl above the re-opened hole and held

her an inch above the pit. “Bye!” She dropped the screaming girl into

the pit, which closed tightly, trapping the two victims inside.

Inside the hole, the two girls wriggled, until Anna sat up, and it

felt almost orgasmic as the tow girls struggled in her anus as she

watched the other girls take their turns.

Heather was next. Heather was a chubby girl, with many chins and fat

legs and feet. She had freckles, and a cute face. She selected a few

inch tall girls and immediately swalloed them greedily, she then

picked up and entire handful of centimeter tall girls (probably

twenty) and popped them into her mouth, swallowing the lot and

smiling, falling into her stomach, soon to be digested. She then

grabbed another handful of centimeter girls and put them on the

floor, she then squashed them under her cute, fat soles. She finally

picked up a single centimeter tall girl and lifted her fat butt above

the floor, placing the crying girl underneath it. She then smashed

the girl under her flabby, squishy butt.

     A smile spread across her face as she grabbed another

inch girl

from the bowl and placed her now bloody feet up in the air, putting

her ankles up by the side of her head. She now reached down and

slipped the screaming girl into the folds of her pussy. Heather let

her legs fall to the ground, her flabby legs, jiggling with fat. She

closed her eyes and leaned her head back with a look of sheer

pleasure as her pussy pulsated with the wriggling girl inside, until

it started to leak with juice. She then reached down and took out the

girl, who's long black hair dangled in front of her face as she

gasped for air, dripping wet with Heather's come. Heather smiled, and

slowly slipped the girl into her mouth. Immediately the girl started

to struggle, but Heather slowly tilted her head back and sent the

girl into her throat; she wriggled all the way down until she plopped

into her stomach.

     Heather rubbed her fat tummy.

     Stef, a chubby Spanish girl, was next in line. She

didn't do

much, just grabbed and handful of centi-women, placed them on the

ground, lifted her beautiful tanned foot, and slammed down on the

group, blood splattering around on the floor.

     Dawn, who slipped the redhead into her pussy earlier,

took her

out of the folds of her fat labia and held her up for examination.

She was dripping wet and gasping. Dawn smiled, and popped the girl

into her mouth, swallowing gleefully.

     The rest of the shrunken girls looked up in horror as,


handfuls, they were scooped up by the different girls in the Group.

Each girl took her share of SW and put them in brown paper bags. They

each then went back to their own homes, to have fun on their own


---More stories about each Girl's experiences to come


Giantess Stories: The Group  The naked  Girls sat on the wooden floor

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