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The Hangman's Daughter

By Dave

She wasn't really his daughter. None of them ever really had been. All they were

were helpless beautiful young girls lured into his evil lair. The dark castle

that sat on the steep craggy hillside in what is now Naples. Infrequently was he

seen, the hangman of Balsteri, a small villa which he held in a grip of terror.

Only during time of execution, one of his favorite pastimes would he be seen.

The hanging of the accused was his job and his alone.

His name was Rolf of Balsteri and the only other time was he to be seen in

public was when he was escorting young girls to his castle and practicing

ungodly experiments on them. Most of them were never seen from again.

One was, however. She was found at the bottom the hill clutching her abdomen,

which had bloated to an unnatural size and rumbled with ominous and unholy

noises. She died shortly after from an internal rupture. In the year of 1457

anatomy was not fully understood, and the belly in particular was a subject of

curiosity and great interest to scientists of the time. This included sorcerers

such as Rolf the Hangman of Balsteri. What exactly went on deep in his castle

was a mystery to the good folk of Balsteri, but whatever it was, whenever a

young woman was seen traveling in his chariot up the hill, prayers were said for


So when a young girl dressed in rags came to town one day, claiming to have a

snake in her stomach, it was predicted that Rolf would not be far behind her.

The girl's name was Catherina and she had been inviting local men to come feel

the snake's movements inside of her stomach, which she claimed had crawlen down

her throat while she slept one night in a cornfield. When she showed up on his

doorstep, she was famished, for as a wandering vagrant, Catherina had no money

for food.

Rolf was summoned by his servant who answered the door and eyed the girl

curiously. She stood barely five foot five and couldn't have weighed more than

122 pounds. She had deep green eyes and dark black hair, shockingly beautiful.

"So it goes around the boneyard that ye got a snake squirmin around in that

belly of yours. I heard it and I don't believe it for a second. Yeís a fraud."

The girl said not a word in reply, only taking Rolf's hand and placing it inside

her blouse against her trim stomach.

To his surprise, he could feel powerful undulations and motions somewhere inside

of Catherina's belly. He bent at the waist and pressed his ear up against it,

but heard nothing but the normal gurgling and churning of the girl's stomach.

"Follow me," Rolf commanded her, leading her inside to a dark hallway and down a

winding staircase to an underground laboratory.

Odd instruments filled with bubbling liquids of various colors filled the room.

In the middle, a table and a chair sat. It was the room in which many a young

innocent girl had disappeared into, never to return. "Sit down. I can rid ye of

the snake inside if ye follow my own instructions. Does ye agree?"

Her eyes seemed to grow wider and Catherina nodded her head in agreement. "Then

drink this,", the hangman said, handing her a small vial filled with a pink

viscous fluid.

As she complied, he looked into her eyes and said seriously, "Tis going to be

difficult but this potion should give you the power to eat enough for your

stomach to go into hyper metabolic mode, digestin the varmint." As evil as he

was, Rolf's interest in science had paid off as he was far ahead of his time in

scientific discoveries pertaining to the stomach.

He rang a bell and another servant entered the room pushing an huge cart of

food. Meats of all variation, fruits and jugs of wine were among the many

steaming succulent dishes. A long, loud hollow rumble came from Catherina's


"Arrr, I can hear ye belly growlin. Why dontcha eat?" She began to dig in,

eating fast, faster than any Rolf had ever seen before, He grinned knowing she

wouldn't possibly able to hold up. Her trim stomach began to swell to great

sizes due to the elasticizing effect of the potion made by the evil hang man,

who knelt beside Catherina and placed his ear against her expanding tummy.

Her stomach was beginning to make strange noises, loud moans and groans that

sounded like a tuba. One could also hear it stretching. In only fifteen minutes, recambios repuestos y accesorios camas articuladas

she had finished the entire cart of food. Rolf was amazed. He had never seen one

accomplish that feat before, but now she clutched her stomach in agony.

"I'll fetch ye some more of the potion. Twill ease the pain and allow your belly

to stretch more." Catherina nodded, holding her aching tummy . As soon as the

liquid disappeared down her throat, Catherina's belly let out a long loud

rumbling groan and then a series of gurgling growls, so loud it echoed in the

small laboratory.

"I'll be, I'm hungry again!", she said as she wrapped her arms around her huge

stomach, this time not out of pain, but in an attempt to muffle the deep rumbles

coming from it, she was sure everyone in the castle could hear her digestion;

for the noises coming from her belly sounded like a dozen bullfrogs croaking in


Another cart of food was brought out and as she dug in, Rolf unbuttoned her

blouse, exposing her now very distended abdomen and her deep round belly button,

which quivered from time to time from the loud digestion noises gurgling inside

of her, making her belly tremble.

As he again placed his ear against her navel so he could listen to her belly's

progress through it. Catherina began to chant in a strange language.

"GaustausÖdamballlaÖmutisaciasÖ.". Rolf paid no attention. He couldn't hear her

over the deafening rumbles and tummy sounds gurgling through Catherinaís

overloaded belly. He did however, notice when he began to feel quite strange and

looked up at her.

Wait! Why was he looking up? That's when he realized he was shrinking. In a

matter of seconds, her spell had shrunk him to a centimeter in height. She

snatched him up, but he was able to squirm free, falling onto her breasts and

then bouncing off and rolling down her huge abdomen and landing facedown in the

puckered skin at the bottom of Catherina's belly button, which compared to him

was near the size of a Volkswagon and moved with a life of it's own as Catherina

breathed and her belly continued to gurgle and moan.

"Arrrr!!! What have ye done to me and for what good reason???!!" Rolf was

incredulous but also scared out of his wicked mind.

"Shut up. Just shut up you vile pig. I'll tell you why I have come. You can

think back. You can remember a girl who came to you for help. A girl with eyes

like mine. Her name was Esmeralda. You killed her. Growing up without a mother

does things to a child. Like inspiring an interest in witchcraft. You arenít the

only sorcerer in this room."

GLOOORRRRGGGGGG!!! Rolf was shaken off his feet as Catherina's belly button

shook violently from a deafening gurgle deep inside her stomach. "I know you are

able to hear the rumbling of my belly,", she said to him ominously. "It's

beckoning you. You sent so many girls to their deaths by overloading and

experimenting with their stomachs. It serves you right that you will perish in


As if to punctuate her sentence, Catherina's belly let loose an impossibly loud

groan that to Rolf sounded like an ogre gargling with quicksand.


Catherina's churning belly like an earthquake and threw Rolf onto his face once

again. He could feel the insides of her navel, warm and pulsing as her stomach

and intestines sloshed around like huge water main pipes somewhere beneath him.

"GET IN MY BELLY!" Catherina cried. In one swift motion she scooped him out of

her belly button and swallowed Rolf like a tic tac. He was pushed down a warm,

slimy tube until at last he came to rest in Catherina's belly. The gargling and

churning inside of her stomach was intolerably loud, but he could still make out

her voice from the outside.

"Welcome to my stomach, hangman of Balsteri. Esmeralda was my mother!" Catherina

placed her hands on her abdomen so she could feel it tremble as it went to work

digesting Rolf.

The last thing the hangman thought as her stomach juices dissolved him was "ARRRR!!!

Me wonders if there really be a snake in here after all?" Catherina smiled as

she lay back, her stomach alive with churns and sloshing noises. As a long loud

explosion of gurgling bubbling sounds gargled out of her gigantic belly, she

knew that the hangman would never terrorize the villa of Balsteri again.


Giantess Stories: The Hangman

She wasn't really his daughter. None of them ever really had been. All they were By Dave By Dave The Hangman's Daughter The Hangman's Daughter



Giantess Stories: The Hangman

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Giantess Stories: The Hangman

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