Giantess Stories: The Honeymoon Surprise By Oglithorpe    Little Donnie could not sleep

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The Honeymoon Surprise

By Oglithorpe

Little Donnie could not sleep. Instead he lay in his cage, his thoughts rushing

in several directions at once. He sat up and looked with longing at Miranda, who

had almost finished dressing. After she had finished her play with him the night

before, she had carefully measured him. She did that every night, of course, and

reported to him and to her diary his exact height. Yesterday she had smiled at

him and whispered that he was exactly two and three eighth inches. She had said

nothing more, but something about the look she had given him said it all. The

honeymoon was almost over!

The terror that gripped him had been growing for 33 days. He had awakened that

first morning in her bed. It was the day after their marriage, and his first

thoughts had been of the wedding night. He had spent the evening worshiping all

of her body, except her face. She would not allow him to touch her lips, even

for the most innocent kiss. No, she said that he could not come to her lips till

the honeymoon was at its end. She celebrated the marriage night by riding his

face until she came. Then she tucked his face between her legs and went

peacefully to sleep. He awoke in that position, and felt surprisingly happy. He

was too smitten with his sultry, beautiful wife to care how they made love. That

feeling lasted until they stood together in the shower. They had been the same

height before the judge. Now she suddenly towered over him by more than half a

foot. Before he could even absorb this information, she had seized him for some

more fun. He had a very busy tongue that day, so he got no explanation until

late that night. By then he was even a few inches shorter. Finally he knelt

before her. His wife was tired, but quite eager to explain it all.

"Donnie I know you're scared. I want you to remember how happy you've made me. I

am your wife, and I am a happy woman. But, I'm also a demon. I want your sweet

smile, and your wonderful attention. I also need the substance of your body. It

is my nourishment. You are about eight or nine inches shorter than you were

yesterday. You, my dear husband, are shrinking. Every day your body will be

smaller by a tenth. Every day the energy from that tenth goes into me. No, my

dear, it will take much longer than ten days. Right now you are about fifteen

percent smaller. In twenty four hours, you will shrink by ten percent again.

But, its only ten percent of your size right now, not ten percent of your height

yesterday. It will take more than a month before you reach the final size. Then

our union will be completely consummated. Then you will come to my mouth. No,

silly. Of course you won't kiss me. You will be far too small. I will consummate

our marriage when I eat you. Oh my sweet Donnie, I will swallow you alive and

you will die inside me."

" It excites me when you look that scared. I want you to be frightened, but I

want you to have pleasure too. Don't struggle... I am already much stronger than

you. I am going to tie you up now... There is some chance of you escaping for

several more days. I know you need to cry for a while. That's OK. I will take

you to my home tonight. We will be together there, until our union is

complete... Dearie, if I had told you all this before the marriage, you would

have gotten cold feet. There is no chance of that now. The process is started. I

could not stop it even if I wanted to. I love you Donnie, with every ounce of my

itty bitty demon's heart. I want to keep you and love you. And I need to eat

you. I won't have the ultimate pleasure until I can feel you struggling inside


Donnie had replayed that speech in his mind a thousand times in the last month.

He knew the time was close at hand. Miranda was coming toward him now. She

looked no less beautiful to him. He stared at her friendly open face, her full

lips, her impish eyes, and the auburn tresses that ran down almost to her waist.

Her smile seemed broader than usual, as she opened his cage and snapped him up

into to her hand. She gently stroked him as she spoke.

"Guess what, honey, this is the day! I bet you were thinking that already. We've

had a wonderful time. Don't shake honey; it won't be long now. I haven't talked

much about this, but I want to tell you exactly what to expect. First of all, I

will use this thread to bind you. I tie your little ankles together, and then I

fasten your arms to your sides. I know it hurts a little, but it won't be for

long... See. All done. You can't move your arms at all now."

"OK, lets talk about what's going to happen. I will keep you in my mouth for a

while. That way I can play with you. You'll know the end is near, but the exact

moment will be a surprise. I'll probably half swallow you a few times, and then

pull you back. I'm already aroused just thinking about it, but it gets better

and better for me the longer it lasts. Anyway, you will go down face first.

Right past my tonsils and into the esophagus. That's my swallowing tube, honey.

I will lie down right away. I want to slow it down as much as I can."

"The muscles around the esophagus will clamp on you and push you down. The

contractions come in waves. When you swallow something really small you don't

even notice the swallowing. But when something big goes down, ( yes dear, you're

still big when it comes to swallowing whole), then you don't just slide on in.

Nope, the contractions have to push you down an inch or two at a time. You're

just the right size. I will feel every contraction, and you'll fill the tube so

tight, that it will almost hurt me. It should take at least a minute for you to

get through the esophagus."

"You see why you have to be tied? Sometimes when I have swallowed men in the

past... Oh not wonderful lovers like you, but just guys I was supposed to

punish... Well they would stick out their arms and just get themselves stuck in

there. Then I have to drown them in water to get them into my stomach. You see,

by this time the panic will take over completely and you will fight with every

ounce of strength that you have. You wouldn't want to scratch me or make me

bleed. So, its best if you are tied up."

"Anyway, when you get almost to the stomach, you'll stop for a few seconds.

There's a big muscle there, a valve, which has to pop open to let you in my

stomach. There will be some fluid next to the valve, and it will start to burn."

"Then you fall into my stomach. I won't eat anything before you, Donnie, so my

stomach will be mostly empty. There will be lot's of acid though. I'll be more

and more excited up to the time I swallow you. The stomach makes more acid when

you're excited. This is where it will start to get tough. You go head-first into

the acid. The stomach will kind of churn you around like a washing machine. This

is where you have to start hopping around. If you don't move baby, then I won't

feel you. If you don't wiggle and hop, you will just drown in the acid. If you

work at it, then you can get your head out of the acid. It will be hot and

terribly humid, but you can keep breathing if you keep your head clear."

"The acid will burn like fire. I can't begin to describe the pain that you will

feel. In a few minutes your skin will burn completely away Then all the little

stuff that sticks out ... Your fingers, your toes, your cute little penis and

balls, and your nose too; will all disappear. But dear, then the good news. Most

of the pain nerves are in your skin, so when that's all gone... Then it won't

hurt nearly so much. But there will be enough of you left to keep moving. My big

orgasm starts about when you get to my stomach. You will feel it, 'cause my

whole body will start to shudder. It will keep on too, till I can't feel you any

more. If you try real real hard then I may be able to feel you when you leave my

stomach and enter the intestine. There's another one of those muscle valves

there, and when that opens, you go right into my duodenum. You can't breathe at

all in there, so you will only have to go on a couple minutes, then it will be


"Honey, please , please, try to make it as good for me as you can. If you can

hold out long enough, then it's the greatest most powerful feeling in the whole

world. I want you to die feeling my orgasm, and knowing how great the feeling is

for me. Please try. We only get to do this once!"

Miranda took her husband then to her bed. She stroked him, and licked him and

talked to him the rest of the morning. Finally she dangled him briefly, then

dropped Donnie into her mouth. She moved him about, and ran her rough tongue all

over his body. She took him by the feet and let him slip to the back of her

throat, where she made funny gargling noises. By this time Miranda was sweating,

and she could feel her heart pounding. She could wait no longer. She pulled her

terrified spouse out and gently kissed him.

"Good Bye Donnie, I love you so much!"

Back in he went, and after a few more minutes of attention from her tongue and

teeth, she sped him on his way down her throat. She quickly laid down and

remained still. In another minute she started to moan and tremor. She clutched

her mattress with both hands and arched her back in an endless shudder of

ecstasy. At last she collapsed onto the bed, and Miranda drifted off toward

sleep. She smiled in her contentment.

"Oh Donnie, you made it! Oh thank you baby. Thank you. Thank you. You're the

best husband I ever had!"


Giantess Stories: The Honeymoon Surprise By Oglithorpe    Little Donnie could not sleep

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