Giantess Stories: The Honeymoon That Wasn

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The Honeymoon That Wasn't

by D.X. Machina

Chapter One: The Ruler of the Waves

Cruise ships have among the best food and the worst

conversation on Earth.

--Robert Heinlein, Job: A Comedy of Justice

Chris Archer settled into his seat at dinner, trying to decide whether he had

made the right decision after all.

Yes, he had the plane ticket, and yes, had he stayed in Chicago, all he

would've done is mope around, but he wasn't sure coming on his honeymoon alone

was going to make it better.

She was supposed to be here, damn it, but she'd left him three days before

the wedding. She thought she could "do better." She wasn't "in love with him."

She had "been sleeping with the best man." So she called it off.

It wasn't easy for Chris, especially since the one friend he'd ordinarily

turn to in this situation was currently sleeping with his ex-fiancee. So he took

the Delta flight to Miami, and took the cruise that was supposed to follow what

was supposed to be the happiest day of his life.

Yeah, it was probably a mistake.

"So who are you?"

The question broke his reverie. He probably shouldn't have come to formal

dining, either, he thought. After all, he was alone, and he was going to have to

talk to people. Besides, there were 98 honeymooning couples on board--well, 97

now--and he was bound to run into them.

He already had.

"I'm Scott, and this is my wife, Sarah," the man said, waving. Then, he

grinned. "Feels weird to say that."

His wife, Sarah, smiled warmly. She was a pretty girl, about 21, with long,

brown hair and a serious air. She reminded Chris of Julie. Unfortunately.

"I'm Chris," he said. "I'm here on my honeymoon--can't you tell?" Instantly,

he regretted the sarcasm in his voice. It wasn't this nice couple's fault that

Julie was a "slut."

The couple was silent for a brief moment, and they exchanged a quick glance,

which didn't appear to be anything, but which held a deep meaning. "I take it

things didn't work out?"

Chris smiled wanly at Sarah. "No. Unfortunately, she liked my friends better

than me."

Sarah shook her head. "I'm so sorry, Chris. Are you here by yourself?"


"Then join us after dinner," said Scott. "We're going to the Casino for a

little bit, and then in for the show."

"Oh--I couldn't," said Chris. "I mean, it's your honeymoon...."

"We're not lacking for the opportunity to copulate," smiled Sarah. Chris was

taken aback by this quiet girl's directness. "But you look like a guy who needs

a distraction. Come on, it'll be fun."

Chris sighed. Well, at least he was meeting people. "Okay, sounds good."

"Great!" said Scott. "Now, let's see what they've got to eat here. My friend

Jake says cruise ships have the best food there is. Hopefully, he's right."

* * *

Cruise ships may not have the best food there is, but they have the most

food there is. Scott, Sarah, and Chris waddled up to Deck 6, and grabbed a drink

in the Casino bar.

"I just...I think it was a mistake for me to come here," said Chris.

"Don't like us, huh?"

"Actually, you two are really nice. But it's not helping to see two people so

obviously in love. No offense."

Sarah showed mock outrage. "I'm wounded sir! Saying I love my husband. I just

married him for the money."

"I don't have any money."

"Okay, I married him for the sex. Anyhow...we understand, Chris. You need

something different. Something to take your mind off of Julie. I think...I think

Scott and I have something to offer you."

Chris struggled to figure out what Sarah was driving at. She couldn't be


"No, not that. Nor drugs, though this will give you a trip like you've never

had. Scott, do you have the bracelet?"

"Right here." With that, Scott pulled from his pocket a silver bracelet,

thin, but big enough to fit comfortably on a man's wrist.

"What--what is this?" asked Chris, as Scott handed him the jewelry.

"Magic," said Scott. "Believe three days, you won't remember Julie."

"Chris, put the bracelet on."

Chris did, though he still wasn't sure what kind of game these two were


"This is a charmed amulet. As long as you're wearing it, you'll have--well,

some special abilities that will make you pretty much invulnerable. So don't

take it off over the next four days."

"Why would I need to be invulnerable?"

"Because if you weren't, you'd be risking death. Now, what you should do is

look for a woman you think is attractive. When you get near her, think the

words, 'Okay. Start. Now.' Once you do, you'll be on the ride of your life."

"I'm confused...."

"It's a surprise," said Scott, getting up. "Enjoy it. We'll come find you

before disembarkation. But...if you decide before that that you're not enjoying

yourself, just think the words 'Okay. Stop. Finito.' Somehow, I don't think you

will. Enjoy, Chris!"

Chris sat in the bar, fingering the bracelet, for some time. What the Hell

was all this about? Find a woman, think three words, and what? She'll want him?

It sounded ridiculous. But...well, it wouldn't hurt anything. And the two kids

seemed pretty nice, and really, pretty sane.

He stood up, and started walking. Find an attractive woman. That shouldn't be

hard on a cruise ship. He decided to head to Deck 10. There was a dance club

there--bound to be a few hotties.

He saw the girls almost immediately. They were in their early twenties, one

with brown hair in a short, butch haircut, the other with longer blonde hair

with pink streaking. They were sitting at a table near the floor, making google

eyes at each other. They were very much in love, obviously.

Two hot lesbians, thought Chris. Now that would be fun--if there

was anything to this whole thing. Guess I'll find out. Okay. Start. Now.

He felt a hum in his brain that picked up volume until it reached a screaming

pitch. He wanted to tear at his ears, but he knew somehow that the sound was

originating in his brain. It grew louder, and louder, and just as it reached its

apex, it stopped.

And so did everything else.

Chris tried to move, but found himself rooted in place. He was staring at the

two girls, who were frozen in mid-touch. "CHOOSE YOUR FORM," said a voice from


"What?" said Chris, if his lips would move. "What do you mean?"


"My form?" he said.


There was a pause, and then a person appeared in front of Chris. Actually,

not a person, but a hologram. It was a woman in her late twenties, wearing a

smart, bohemian blouse and black slacks. She smiled, and said, "Welcome to the

Help Program for this prototype Bracelet of Alteration. We at GTS Enterprises

hope you enjoy this item. You have been selected as a test user. Please, when

you have completed your test run, tell your GTS Representative what you liked

about the product.

"The Bracelet of Alteration allows you, the user, to alter your size and

shape at will. You can also merge with existing objects, and even merge

passively with animate objects. When you want to move to a new form, simply

think 'Now. Form Change.' The form change prompt will allow you to change.

Remember: at present, there is a two hour delay on changes in your form. So once

you've made a change, you're locked in for at least two hours.

"This concludes the Help for the Bracelet of Alteration. From all of us at

GTS Enterprises, thank you for your continued support."


Chris stared. He could be anything?!? He wondered what he could be that would

allow him to be with these two young women. What he wouldn't give to just watch

them tonight, to be ant-sized, unnoticed....


In his reverie, he barely heard the location prompt. Instead, he mulled about

hanging out by the pussy of the blonde as her partner went down on her....


Suddenly, the world started up again, and Chris was sliding through an

outcropping of bizarre grasses, straight down into oblivion. He screamed, and

grabbed at the vines around him, finally coming to rest in a tangle of branches

as thick as his body.

"What the Hell--" he said, as the world shifted again. There was a strange,

familiar odor in the air. His manhood instantly sprung to life in recognition of

the scent, and he struggled to right himself.

"Oh my God," he said, half-amazed. He was right where he asked to

be--ant-sized, by the pussy of the blonde. Thank god he hadn't thought "fly on

the wall." All things considered, he didn't want to be an insect.

The world continually shifted, as the blonde subconsciously moved her

womanhood in anticipation of events to come. Chris did his best to secure

himself, when suddenly there was a movement that dwarfed all others--the woman

was rising.

As they came out of the bar, light began to flood in. It was hard for Chris

to figure out where it came from, until he saw the world below was brighter. The

woman was wearing see-through panties, and he could see straight through what

looked like a soccer net, down her long lovely legs to the floor below. At his

size, it seemed like almost half a mile--he had to be less than a tenth of an

inch tall. He swallowed hard, and hoped Sarah had been telling the truth about

the invulnerability part.

The three stopped, and there was the sound of an opening door. After a few

moments, the air grew sweeter, and thicker, and suddenly, the skirt which

blocked his view was gone, and quickly the face of the butch girl appeared.


was apparently Kymberlie's wife. Chris was too busy studying the beautiful,

boyish face of the woman to worry about the women's wedding vows. And quickly,

the panties themselves were gone, and the woman was easing her bride down onto

the bed.

She pulled herself up her lover, and for a few moments, Chris' sky was

dominated by the totally shaved vagina of the Bride of Kymberlie. A few drops of

the woman's ardor fell like rain onto Kym's veldt. The sky slowly slid by...the

navel of the woman was now above him, puncutating a well-toned,

slowly, small, pert breasts dangled just a few yards above him...and now a

chin...and now...a tongue....

It came up from below him and engulfed his world. He couldn't fight it.

Instead, he was pushed along, and pulled back, smack into a soft, velvety lip.

He stuck to the lip for a moment, and then was back off, on the tip of the

tongue as it slid back out, toward an enormous, throbbing bulb....

His clothes were ripped off him by the tongue, as it pushed gently against

the clit of her partner. He was pushed indelicatley but urgently into the soft,

wet, moist button, and then, the lips pushed down around him, and the suction


He was pulled into the mouth, an enormous wind tunnel, and then bounced back

down the tongue toward the button. Then back up, in another suction, then back

down...back and forth, never quite being sucked in, never quite being dropped

out, as the sultry, thick air swirled around him. Suddenly, the whole world

moved in response to the first spasms of orgasm. He was pressed hard by the

tongue into the button of Kymberlie, as her knees buckled and her eyes went

back. He found himself coming at the same moment, amazed at the strange

threesome he was a part of.


He stuck to Angie's tongue as she licked her way upward, depositing him

somewhere between the ample bosoms of Kymberlie. The two cuddled, with breasts

interlocking and overlapping. Chris was caught somewhere between Kym's left

breast and Angie's right. He didn't mind at all.

* * *

It was a lot of fun being a part of the action, and it was just as fun

watching. But it was a little disappointing, a couple hours later, when the

girls started to get dressed and get ready to go out and catch the late show.

Then, suddenly, as Angie searched for a bra, inspiration struck.

Now. Form Change.


The world had stopped again. "A bra, same size and style as another one in

that drawer, but one that is in Angie's hand."


Suddenly, the world was in motion again. Chris tried to move, but found

himself unable to. He could see all around him, though, and he could feel

Angie's fingers lifting him upward. She pulled him around her, and her breats

nestled gently against him. This was the life. He didn't even mind as she pulled

a t-shirt on over him, blocking the view. This would do nicely for the next

couple hours. He'd see where things went from here.

Chapter Two: Mr. and Mrs.


The life of a bra has its good points and its bad points.

On the one hand, much of a bra's life is spent laying in a drawer, or a

hamper, or a washing machine. And even when a bra is being worn, it's hidden

under a shirt, blouse, or sweater, cut off from the larger world. It's pretty


Then again, when being worn, a bra has constant, tight contact with breasts,

so it pretty much evens out.

For Chris, things were more than even, as he had no intention of ending up in

a washing machine. He'd just sit here and enjoy Angie's small-yet-firm breasts

(and to tell the truth, when you're bra-sized, even small breasts are plenty

big.) Eventually, she and Kymberlie would go back to their cabin, and he'd go

from there.

He could hear the show through Angie's t-shirt--a little comedy, a

song-and-dance troupe, pretty much standard fare for a lounge act. He wasn't

saddened at all when things came to an end, and he was back supporting two

bouncing mammaries as Angie walked through the halls of the Ruler of the


After a few moments, they entered the discotheque again, and this time,

instead of sitting at a table, the newlyweds decided to dance. And they could

dance. Chris had never had an appreciation for how necessary a bra could be

before, but after feeling Angie's breasts straining against him--not a bad

thing, mind you--he knew that he'd never look at a bra the same way again.

Finally, after several hours, the two women wandered back to their cabin.

Chris was happy to get light and fresh air again as Angie removed her t-shirt.

He was eye-level with Kymberlie's mammoth tits, a nice view that became even

nicer as the two embraced and locked lips. "ARE YOU TOO TIRED FOR A LITTLE FUN?"

asked Kym. "UM...YEAH, I AM," replied Angie, much to Chris' disappointment. "ME

TOO," said Kym. With that, Angie removed her bra, and tossed it onto the desk.

Chris watched enviously as the two women climbed, naked, into the small cruise

ship bed, and snuggled together, in exhausted amourousness. As the girls drifted

off to sleep, Chris decided to do the same. Locked in as a bra, he found he was

perfectly comfortable despite being tied up and twisted. With dreams of titanic

lust, he slid into unconsciousness.

* * * Chris heard a ringing, and tried to rise to answer it, only to find he

couldn't move. He panicked for a minute, until a beautiful, naked woman rose

over him, picked up a phone, and hung it back up.

"TIME TO WAKE UP, SWEETIE," she said, gently rocking her wife's shoulder. "WE






Chris' heart leapt. A little more lesbian action was fine with him. Now, to

decide where to go. He searched his memory. He could "passively merge with an

aninmate object." He wondered....

"Form Change. Now."


"I'd like to passively merge with...." he paused. He was going to say "Kymberlie,"

but at the last second, inspiration struck. "Uh, with Angie's clitoris."


Chris was suddenly in darkness, with just a tiny bit of light sneaking in

above him. He tried to move, but as before, he was stuck in place. There was

something different going on, though. He could feel blood pumping through him,

nerve cells firing. He was alive, whatever he was.

The world began to move as the thing he was stuck to got up. The world rose,

and dipped, and suddenly gallons of hot liquid streamed forth a few feet below

him. The stink of urine reached him. Maybe he should have waited a moment, he

mused, as the sky parted long enough to see a sheet of white fabric moving

around to blot the liquid. Then, the world was moving upward again. He could

feel blood flowing through him even more, and a new, strange, unfamiliar feeling

started to fill him. He knew that if he had a cock, it would be rock hard, but

somehow, this was different. It was so...feminine.

He was conscious now of something outside his cuccoon. Something rubbing

against the skin canyon above him--a leg, perhaps. Strangely, he could start to

sense what was going on in the outside world--the nerves of Angie telling his

nerves that she was kissing her wife hard, trying with each motion of her lips

to suck love from her partner's soul. Now, hands were searching, and Kymberlie

was moving into position to quickly satisfy her lover.

It felt like sweat pouring off his body, but Chris knew that the liquid that

surrounded him was more holy than mere sweat. Without warning, curtains were

parted, and the enormous, beautiful visage of Kymberlie was beaming down at him.

She stuck out her tongue, and touched it to him.

Lightning coursed through his veins. It was like a full body blow job, but

altogether different. Kym sucked at him, licked him, let her teeth graze him. He

wanted to scream out in pleasure, but Angie was doing it for him. With each

flick of her tongue, Kym brought joy to her wife and the unseen, unknown

consciousness in her vagina. Finally, when Chris felt he could bear it no more,

he felt the release of a new and altogether different type of orgasm. And then

he felt it again. At long last, the world settled down, as Kym finished with a

soft kiss to her lover's lower lips.

Chris lay back, or would've, had he been able to move, and mentally sighed.

Now that was better than anything he'd ever experienced. Slowly, the

walls closed, and after a while, he felt a small sense of arousal, as Angie

returned the favor to Kym. Finally, the loving ended, as Angie got up and took a


* * *

After a while, Chris began to get bored with resting in Angie's vagina.

Oh, it was fine and all, but they were just walking around, and being a clit

is just not exciting when your owner is getting dressed, or heading down to


"How long until I can transform into someting new?"


"Okay." He mulled over what to do next. Perhaps he'd merge consciousnesses

with Kym like he was origninally planning to. Even if they were just

sightseeing, he'd get to see the sights, rather than hear about them through a

few layers of fabric. He wasn't sure.

Then, inspiration struck. He wanted to see things, but he wasn't sure he

wanted to get inside one of the women's heads--at least, not yet. But if he

transformed into Kym's shirt, he'd be able to see everything while still feeling

Kym within him. Not a bad idea--at least for a while. "Time left until I can



Chris counted to seventy-Mississippi, then said (or would have, if clits had

lips) "Form Change. Now."


"I want to merge with Kym's shirt."


He could feel himself stretched around two ample breasts, then sliding down

along a soft, sweet tummy. He looked up at Kym's face, and smiled inwardly. He

was glad she liked her t-shirts tight. It makes a t-shirt happy.

Then, just as he was starting to enjoy himself, disaster struck. Just as she

was about to take a bite of huevos rancheros, Kym lost control of her

fork, sending salsa, egg, and refried beans plummeting toward Chris.

He saw them fall as if in slow motion. They struck right on her starboard

breast, and fell to the table.




"Fuck me," thought Chris. Two minutes as a shirt, and already he was going to

be discarded to the hamper. This was no fun at all.

* * *

It was hard enough being dropped unceremoniously on the floor of the room, as

Kym and Angie hurried to leave the ship, but things were getting tremendously

boring. All Chris could do was sit and sulk, and occasionally check back to see

how long it would be until he could change form again.

At least he knew what he was going to do. He would change into a quarter-inch

tall version of himself--so small that he would never be noticed. Then, he would

go hide himself until the girls got back. And then he would enter one of them,

and see what it was like to be a lesbian in love. (From what he'd seen so far,

he thought it probably was pretty fun.) Finally, he was able to make his change.

He found himself standing atop the shirt he had until recently been a part

of--standing amid the stain. He wasn't sorry, though; his stomach propelled him

into the heart of it, where he was able to find enough bits of bean and egg to

quiet the rumble in his newly reconstituted stomach. He jumped off the shirt

into the middle of the towel, when suddenly, an enormous noise rang out. The

door was opening! The girls were back!

He was wrong, though. It was the cabin stewardess, here to put the room to

rights. She was a young Latina, with dark eyes and even darker hair. From Chris'

vantage point, she was nothing short of a Goddess.

He scurried backward as her eyes landed on the towel and shirt. She clucked,

and muttered something in Spanish that had to refer to how messy Americans were.

Thinking nothing of the unnoticed man, she reached down, slung the towel over

her arm, and moved the shirt into the corner of the room.

Chris was thrown onto the woman's shoulder. It was all he could do to cling

for his life as she made up the bed into a couch, and left some new ice. He kept

looking for an escape route, but there was none. As they left the room, he

memorized the cabin number--he would have to find his way back here.

They journeyed on to the next room, where Chris finally lost his grip. He

tumbled as the stewardess bent over the desk, and fell into the slightly-open

desk drawer. As he impacted a pile of fabric, he gasped for breath. Finally, he

righted himself, just as the woman left for her next room.

Chris thought about escape, but to where? He was better off staying right

where he was, and waiting until he could transform into something. Then, he

could merge with the door to cabin 7822, and wait until the girls came back.

Seemed like a good idea.

A few minutes later, he started hearing some noise, and suddenly, an enormous

hand reached in to a suddenly open drawer, grabbing the fabric around him and

lifting it into the air. He saw the mirror-polished wedding ring on the left

hand of the woman who held him, and saw just enough of her to tell she was

incredibly hot--and currently, incredibly naked--when the fabric dropped to the

floor and came up fast on her pussy.

Chris was pressed firmly between the rubbery pink fabric of bikini bottoms

and the clean, well-trimmed bush of a hot young bride.

A deep, distinctly male voice said, "JESSIE, YOU LOOK GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT."





Chris wanted to retch--a young couple in love. Just what he didn't need. He

could feel his cock hardening as Jessie thought about what was going to happen

"just before dinner."

Then, suddenly, they were moving. Chris slid down the fabric to a spot

directly between Jessie's legs. They were probably headed to the pool. Chris

prayed they were just going to sunbathe--he wouldn't survive underwater if he

was here.

Thankfully, it wasn't too long until Jessie was laying prone, and Chris could

smell the scent of coconut--tanning oil, he was sure. As Jessie stretched out,

Chris formulated a plan, just in case she decided to go swimming after all.

Carefully, so as not to wake her, he pushed his way into the great doors of

her vagina. The going was not easy, but he was able to push inside into a

chamber where there was some air. He figured he would hide up along the cervix.

If she did swim, he would have a pocket of enough air to sustain him. Besides,

it was kind of fun, hanging out in the pussy of an attractive woman.

The sultry scents and heavy air had an effect on Chris. He laid down, and

fell asleep.

When he awoke, it was because there was an earthquake, combined with a flood.

"Fuck!" he shouted, as he struggled to keep his head up. "It must be just

before dinner.

No sooner did he say that when he saw the head of an enormous penis entering

his hidey-hole. "Oh, fuck me. How long until I can change form?"


As the penis began to move in time, Chris tried quickly to think of a plan.

Then, suddenly, it hit him. "Time?"


"One...Zero...Form Change. Now."


"Merge my consciousness with the owner of that cock!"


Suddenly, he was making love to a gorgeous woman. He was quite aware that he

had no control over the body he was in; but he could feel everything the man

could, and when he came, Chris came as well. Much better than being swept up in

come, he thought."

A.J. was something of a putz. Jamie deserved much better.

So thought Chris after walking a mile in his shoes. Jamie was amazingly

attractive. She looked good. She felt good. She even smelled good.

Let's just say A.J. was a little out of his league.

Chris was counting down the moments until he could crawl out of A.J.'s skin.

There was no way he wanted to stay in the body of some random guy. So as they

moved out into the hallway to head to dinner, Chris was looking for somewhere

else for his consciousness to alight.

He finally saw it with a woman in the casino. She was wearing a jade pendant

that dove deliciously into her ample cleavage. Without a second thought, he

spoke the words that made him a part of the pendant. There was a lot of ground

to cover on this ship. He looked forward to what would come next.

Chapter Three: Shore Excursion

Chris was getting bored again, but at least the view was


He was a jade pendant around the next of a beautiful, well-endowed woman, and

he was nestled in just above her cleavage. With every step she took, he saw the

floor beneath him quiver and move in a delightful fashion. It wasn't half-bad.

But it wasn't as much fun as hanging out with two lusty lesbians, nor was it

as much fun as playing around in the pussy of a young bride. No, Chris was

definitely going to have to find something more constructive to do with his


As two hours ended, Chris mused to himself about what to do. He wanted to go

back to Kym and Angie, but he stopped himself. Oh, he'd go back, but not

tonight. No, he had a lot of exploring to do, and he wanted to see more sights

before he went back to them.

The woman was walking into the restaurant on the lido deck. He scanned the

distant horizon, trying to figure out what to do. What he really wanted to do,

he thought, was find a single woman, one who wasn't with a husband or boyfriend,

and just hang out with her for a while. He wasn't asking too much, he thought.

Then, inspiration struck.

"Can you make me ant-sized, in the purse of the nearest girl not traveling

with a boyfriend or husband?"


A moment later Chris was sitting in the twilight shadow of an enormous

billfold. He was surprised at the color and fabric--it was sort of a neon

orange, with some sort of cartoon on it. The purse wasn't moving at the

moment--undoubtedly, the owner was eating--so he crawled inside the billfold to

see just who he was tagging along with.

He was surprised to see no driver's license or credit cards. Just a library

card and, above that, a social security card. He turned, and his jaw dropped as

he saw the third form of ID in the wallet.

It was a photo ID, but not the one he'd been expecting. It was a

school ID.

For Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Peach, Georgia.

* * *

Chris sat down heavily as he reached the bottom of the purse. A little girl?

She couldn't be more than what--seven? eight? What the Hell happened?


The helpful explanation from the bracelet was not what Chris cared to hear.

Though it did explain things. Now, he just had to try to survive the next two

hours until....

Before he could continue the thought, the world was in motion, as the little

girl had picked up her purse. Chris thought he would be sick as the girl skipped

back to her cabin. When she finally threw the purse on her bed, Chris was

relieved as he could be merely to spill out onto the flat, solid plane.

He looked up in awe at the "little" girl. She looked like her picture--brown

hair, tied back in a pony tail; a sun dress; a bit of a sunburn. Chris knew he

wanted to get clear of her--he was not into little kids, and while he was awed

by the girl, he wasn't turned on by her.


The voice rang out, and Chris turned to see an enormous girl walking towards

them both. She was taller, and...well, she was definitely the older sister, as

the swell of her chest and graceful curves attested.


"NO, YOU DON'T," said the new girl and Chris simultaneously. He was already

moving a safe distance from the purse.



Liz picked up her purse, leaving Chris to goggle at the older sister. She was

still a teenager--probably fourteen or so--but she was well-developed. Besides,

if Chris was going to be stuck with someone for the next two hours, he'd rather

be stuck with someone who had breasts. He reached the lee of the pilow just as

the girl started to change.

* * *

The next couple hours were delicious frustration for Chris.

The girl--Brittany--was beautiful. And her young, developing breasts showed

clearly through her tank top. It would be easy for Chris to explore them, to

visit her young pussy, to touch her firm, young rump.

But he stopped himself. She was too young. She was nice to look at--and

indeed, a whole bunch of thoughts were going through his head as he looked at

her--but it just wasn't right to do it. As she turned the lights off, he sighed,

and tried to figure out where to go from here.

He started to descend the bedsheet. He wanted to get away from this girl, and

indeed, out of the cabin. Once his cock stopped throbbing, he'd be able to think

more clearly.

Fate would conspire to keep him there a bit longer, though. As he descended,

Brittany rolled over, causing the mattress to flex, and causing Chris to lose

his balance.

He fell a long, long way, finally landing on something soft. It took him a

moment to realize he wasn't dead. Breathing hard, he decided to not even try to

figure out where he was. He'd just count his lucky stars he was alive. Besides,

it was soft in here. He'd sleep tonight. Tomorrow, he'd head out....

* * *

Chris awoke slowly, stiff and sore from last night's fall. But aside from

stiffness, he was basically fine. He stood up, trying to figure out where he was

in the cool light of day.

He was standing amidst a sea of orange grass. That couldn't possibly be

right. He turned around, and saw an enormous cave ahead, made of the same orange

vines. It looked like carpet, but the way this area was constructed, this had to

be a....

Suddenly, Chris was lifted into the air. He saw an enormous foot approaching.

He was still half-asleep--otherwise, he would've remembered that he had the

power to get the heck out of there. Instead, the foot caught him and drove him

into the toe of a massive slipper.

Why Liz felt the need to put on her slippers would forever be a mystery to

Chris. She literally walked to the bathroom, peed, and walked back out. She

pulled her slippers off, and put her feet into the sandals she would wear for

the day.

Chris was stuck to the little girl's foot, and stuck fast. He was, he

realized, nearly flat like a pancake. It was only the power of the

transformative spell that had allowed him to live....

The bracelet! He just had to go somewhere--anywhere--and he'd be away from

this unpleasant situation. "I'd like to merge with Angie's clit again," he said,

hoping that wouldn't tax the bracelet too much.

Nothing happened.

He glanced at his wrist--he couldn't really turn his head, but he could move

his eyes--and his heart sank.

The bracelet was unclasped. Yes, it was still with him--held fast between his

flattened wrist and Liz' sole--but it had come loose.

And there was no way for him to reconnect it.

This was going to be a long day.

* * *

Each step Liz took was torture.

Chris thought idly that he was glad he was at least trapped under the foot of

a little girl. Being caught under Brittany's feet would be much worse.

To make matters worse, the world was pitching and heaving. Chris had no way

of knowing it, but they had boarded a tender that would take them to a small

island in the Bahamas. Chris vomited more than once, and was just glad that, at

about 1/12th of an inch tall, Liz would never realize that she was stepping in


Finally, blessedly, the sandals were removed, and Liz stepped into the warm,

sandy beach of the island. To Chris, she was stepping into a field of boulders

the size of cars. It didn't take long for him to get scraped off, and fall into

a gap in the rocks.

He held tight to the narrow band of silver, and as his body unflattened, he

managed to fasten the clasp again. "Okay..." he gasped. "I'd like to merge with

Angie's clit now."




Chris sat down heavily. Whatever had happened to the bracelet was going to

take some time to repair. So he was stuck, ant-sized, on an enormous beach.

This sucked.

* * *

Chris struggled on toward the people, in great feat that at any moment, he

could be crushed under another foot.

At least he seemed pretty invulnerable. Oh, the ordeal under Liz foot hadn't

been fun, but it hadn't killed him, either. He was looking for a good place to

stow away, and make it back to the ship. He didn't want to be stuck on the

island overnight. He had almost made it to a sunbathing beauty when disaster


A couple of kids were running on the beach. He saw them moving fast as jet

fighters toward him, and he screamed in terror. Thankfully, they didn't step on

him--but they did kick sand, dust, and him up into the air.

He tumbled end over end, finally landing with a bang on a hard, clear

surface. he struggled to stand up, and then tried to figure out where he was.

At first blush, it looked like he was standing in the middle of Soldier

Field--an enormous stadium, with high walls all around him. Enormous yellow

walls rose in the distance, and a large plastic pipe lay nearly parallel to the

edge of the wall.

A shadow fell over him. He looked up the long, tan leg of a young woman in

her early twenties. She was looking down right at him. Her hand reached for him.

He screamed in terror.

Suddenly, her hand grasped all around him, and lifted. He saw the ground

below falling away, and then turned to see her tipping the world toward her. He

moved toward her eyes, and stopped as the world around him affixed itself to her


He skidded down the surface toward her cheek. He impacted right along the

tight seal of what was clearly a snorkeling mask. The world was a panorama as

the woman turned toward the sea.

* * *

It wasn't bad. Like being in a glass-bottomed boat, only much more


The woman had fastened her mask tightly, which was good, as even the

slightest of leaks could have meant doom for Chris. As it was, he was almost

enjoying himself. He had a great view of the sea, and of this woman's gorgeous

blue eyes. It was strange that she could be looking straight at him and not see

him, but he had decided early not to make a spectacle of himself. He would just

enjoy the ride.

For a good hour, the girl swam through the crystal blue sea, before finally

returning to shore. Absentmindedly, she pulled off her mask, and headed over

toward the lunch buffet. Swimming was hungry work.

Chris had been planning on staying with the girl's mask, but he was

unprepared for the forces involved in removing the mask. he found himself

falling right into her long, curly, wet red hair. It was all he could do to hold

on to the tree-trunk sized strands of her hair as she strode majestically across

the beach.

This was going to be a long day.

* * *

After a while, Chris found himself more able to relax.

The hair was drying in the warm West Indian sun, and he had managed to find a

place atop her head where her movements were merely earthquake-like, rather than

apocalyptic. Indeed, he had a good view at the moment down the girl's front, and

it was a very rewarding view. More to the point, he had figured out that she

wasn't a bad person to play with.

Her name was Sandra. He had caught it in a few conversations she had with a

couple of lecherous old men. She was a teacher in Minnesota.

This was supposed to be her honeymoon. But she was here alone.

Chris wondered how anyone could let this girl go--then reminded himself that

life doesn't always move as we want it to. He had checked a couple of times with

the bracelet--it was going to be a while before he could change into anything


He was going to have some time to explore.

Chapter Four: Plus le change....

The ride back to the ship was a difficult one, as the wind

whipped through Sandra's curly red hair, threatening at any moment to blow Chris

into the sea. It was all he could do to hang on, but somehow, he managed. Now,

they were heading through the corridors of the ship, heading (he surmised) to

her cabin. He hoped she'd do something that would let him get to a safer

position--in short, he wanted out of her hair.

As if reading his mind, Sandra obliged him. Reaching her cabin, she undid her

bikini top and wiggled out of her bottoms, and lay down heavily on the bed.

Chris spilled out amond dozens of red vines onto the pillow. He wanted to

stay with Sandra, get to know her. But most of all, he was trying to figure out

how to get her attention without scaring her off.

He'd have to get bigger, that much was certain. And it would be another three

hours before he could do that. But he'd have to play his cards just right....

Suddenly, Sandra rolled off the bed, tossing Chris off the pillow. She headed

into the bathroom, and closed the door. Standing up, Chris tried to figure out

what to do until he could enlarge himself.

His answer came about fifteen minutes later. Sandra emerged from the shower,

naked and glorious. Chris shook his head in wonder that anyone could've dumped

her. Rummaging through her drawer, she pulled out a pair of panties and a bra,

and lobbed them idly toward the bed, before beginning the search for her green

dress. Tonight was formal night, and she was going to dress to the nines.

Chris looked at the circus-tent-sized panties laying but a few feet from him.

He couldn't. No. Well, maybe. Okay, sure, why not? He'd visit, look around a

little. It'd help him pass the time until he could present himself better.

Carefully, he pulled himself into the lacy, silky garment. She must've packed

before the break-up, he mused, as he grasped some lace around the crotch area.

He didn't have to wait long until the panties were grasped and the world spun

about, moving upwards and downwards at light speed. Before he knew it, he was

lying face-up, moving rapidly towards a dense red bush--and then he was within


He could smell Sandra all about him. She had cleaned herself up, but she

still smelled deliciously like a woman. He snuggled into her fur, hoping not to

be detected but hoping to enjoy the moment for as long as he could.

The world moved around as he was accustomed to it moving as Sandra headed

down to the dining room.

* * *

The smell of food above made Chris aware of a different sort of hunger. He

hadn't had anything since the beans this morning, and he definitely could go for

some of the salmon he could smell above him. There was no chance of that,

though. Instead, he consoled himself by circumnavigating Sandra's bush, finally

reaching her giant labia.

He touched them gently, ever-aware that he had to be careful--he didn't want

her discovering him down here, not this way. Still, as he stroked her pussylips,

lightning coursed through his body. This was where he wanted to be, for as long

as he could.

They rose, and headed off to somewhere else. Chris kept wondering when he

could change. Finally, a voice said "SYSTEM REINITIALIZED."

"Yes!" he said. He thought about how best to make contact with the giantess.

Then, he smiled to himself. "I want to be six inches tall, under the bed of this



Abruptly, Chris was standing in a darkened room, hiding underneath the bed of

Sandra. He had wanted to find a non-threatening way to approach her. He just

hoped this would work.

About forty-five minutes later, the door swung open. Chris started to move

out from under the bed, only to freeze. It wasn't Sandra. It was instead a maid,

here to turn down the bed and fold towels into swans. Chris started to turn, but

it was too late. He had been spotted.

The woman gasped, and said something in another language. She crouched down

by him as he backed away. She was drop-dead gorgeous--Polynesian, with an

incredible body. Twenty-four hours ago, Chris wouldn't have thought twice about

whether this was a good thing or not.

Now, though....

She picked him up roughly--bringing him to her face and smiling. She spoke to

him again, but he didn't understand. Then, she lowered him into a pocket on her


This wasn't going to plan.

* * *

Chris had to remind himself that all was not lost. He would just wait out the

next hour and put himself right back into Sandra's room. With any luck, the maid

wouldn't even get around to checking on him before he changed.

As it was, he couldn't say this was totally horrible. He was basically

reclining in a pocket on her skirt, and it was a pretty relaxing ride. He had an

hour. He decided that he should rest. Laying back in the pocket, he let his eyes



Chris awoke with a start. It had been a really strange dream. He was

full-sized again, and chatting up Sandra. Things were starting to go well, when

suddenly, he was drowning in a sea of purple liquid--nail polish. He'd blended

and merged with it, and then a brush was dipped in, and he was pulled out and

slammed into a nail. Far off, he saw that the nail belonged to Brittany--the

young girl from the other night.

He tried to right himself, but he couldn't. He was completely formless. The

world was a uniform shade of purple, with gold balls all around him.

He wanted to cry out in frustration. The bracelet had interpereted his dream

as a request to change form. He was one with nail polish.

Chris tried to calm down. This wasn't the worst possible outcome. After all,

he just had to wait out two hours of liquidity before he could jump again.

Before too long, he could go back looking for Sandra. Besides, it wasn't very

likely that Brittany would choose right that instant to apply nail polish, was

it? Most likely it would just be a boring wait.

Just as he was reassuring himself, the world jolted. He was shook up by the

sudden movement. He wished he was against the glass wall of the container,

instead of the middle. He could see what was going on.

Suddenly, a tremendous noise filled his world, and sudden suction pulled him

upwards. Then, a force pushed down, and up, and down again. Suddenly, the

uniform purple and gold world was punctured by a series of enormous rods, each

twenty feet long. Chris was impaled on the rods, and then pulled out by them

into the world.

It was a dizzying ride, and he couldn't see anything for a moment, before he

saw an enormous flat, pink plain rapidly approaching. SLAM! The rods impacted on

the plain, forcibly ejecting him onto it. CRUSH! The rods pushed and pulled him,

flattening him out into the thinnest of layers, before withdrawing completely.

Chris looked up from the nail helplessly. He wondered which finger he was

attached to. It took him a moment to realize he wasn't affixed to a finger at

all, but instead to the littlest toe on Brittany's right foot.

This was too strange.

* * *

All he could think as he looked up was that he would never let his daughter

wear a dress like that.

He was getting a hell of a show. Brittany was wearing a wisp of a skirt, and

she certainly wasn't concerned about hiding her underwear from her toes. He had

already had some very good views, especially while Britt changed. She was going

out to the teen discotheqe, and she was dressing like a seventeen-year old.

Well, she could almost carry it off, especially since guys don't usually card

girls they want to hook up with. After throwing on a pair of open-toed sandals,

Brittany headed off for a night of dancing.

Chris bounced along as best he could--not that he had a choice. He was just

marking time until he could transform himself into something else.

The dance club was as you'd expect. Bad music, kids hurling themselves at

each other in an attempt to hook up. The usual. It didn't take long for Brittany

to latch on to an immense guy. Chris decided quickly that if he ever did have a

daughter, he wasn't going to let her date. Period.

After a time, Brittany and the guy left the club together. A short time

later, they were in a cabin--and lounging on a couch, getting to know each other

a little bit better than Brittany was probably ready for.

The bracelet was telling him that he could transform, but Chris held off. Not

that he didn't want to go--but he just had a bad feeling about this situation.

The bad feeling was justified a few minutes later when he heard Brittany say


The movement became less intimate and more violent. Chris struggled for what

to do, before thinking, "Mace. In her hand. And have her know what that's what

she's holding."

Abruptly, he was being held by an enormous hand, and the hand was pushing

down on his head. He felt a rush of liquid pass through him--it almost felt

sexual, he thought. He watched the boy--maybe 17--fall back, grabbing his eyes.

Brittany was up and running out of the room, before he could get up. She ran all

the way back to her room before collapsing on her bed, sobbing.

After a while, she looked up at Chris, quizzically. "How--?" she asked,

dazed. She picked him up and rolled him around in her fingers. He saw her

whisper the word "Magic?" before setting him down on her nightstand. With that,

she got up to use the restroom.

She went to sleep not much later, and Chris finally got to transform. But not

into a tiny man in Sandra's room. It was too late in the evening for that.

Instead, he merged himself with a pair of panties in Sandra's drawer, folded

neatly. It was late in the evening, and more than anything, he wanted to get

some sleep.

Chris awoke from a very deep sleep to an earthquake.

He would've blinked his eyes in surprise if he'd had eyes to blink, but he

was still wholly constructed of cotton, his spirit intertwined with one of the

more functional pairs of panties that Sandra had packed for her trip. She was

towering over the drawer, naked except for a Tanzanite pendant around her

breasts. She'd obviously just stepped out of the shower--she was still damp--and

she was drop-dead gorgeous.

She reached out and grabbed him, and unceremoniously dropped him almost to

the floor, before pulling him up along smooth, sculpted legs, and finally

securing him around her firm, toned behind and her most precious of body parts.

Not a bad way to wake up.

Chris couldn't get a good view upward, but he was more than satisfied with

his presence here. Every part of him could experience every sense, so he could

simultaneously gaze at her vagina and feel the delightful way her ass moved. His

view of the outside world was suddenly and unceremoniously obscured by a purple

sun dress. Then, Sandra sat down to put on her shoes and all he could see was

thighs. He felt her weight pressing down on him, softly and tenderly.

He was going to have to figure out how to meet her. But not yet, not yet.

* * *

It was hot in Key West.

Sandra was sweating in spite of herself. Not that she was alone. Probably

anyone out and about that day was. Chris was well aware of this, as his host

body was filling slowly with her perspiration.

It was about time to vamoose, no matter how much fun it had been.

But where to? He wanted to meet Sandra, but he had to admit, he wasn't sure

how. The more he thought about it, the more he was sure his plan from last night

was fatally flawed. What if Sandra saw him standing six inches tall and was

frightened? Or convinced he was a pervert? Or worse? Who could say how a person

would deal with something like that?

No, he needed a better plan. But he had no idea what that plan would be.

Still, as he drank in Sandra's ass sweat, he decided that it was time to go

somewhere, do something. He needed a change of scenery.

"Form Change," he thought. Hmmm...but where? Then, an odd thought. Yes...that

might be interesting.

* * *

He was stretched out, long and thin, plugged into a terminus at what felt

like his feet. It was twilight here, the sky obstructed by what appeared to be

wicker latticework and myriad vines.

He was one of Sandra's hairs.

He tried to get a sense of where on her head he was. Somewhere near the top,

falling behind her left ear. He could see a sparkly tanzanite earring hanging

down not far from him. Below him, he saw her bare shoulder, and watched as her

skin dove deliciously down the front of her sun dress, her skin glistening with


There. This was a bit better, and he could think now without being drowned.

He had to think of a way to meet Sandra, to get her to like him instantly. He

had to figure out what the best way to do that was. Probably, he thought, it

would be full-sized. But even then--how? What could he say? How could he win

this beauty in the twenty hours left in the cruise--when they'd never met


Hey, is the wicker latticework of her hat moving upward?

Hey, why was he moving upward?

The hat was removed quickly, and Sandra ran her left hand quickly through her

hair. Of course, everyone has a few hairs that are about to go. Occasionally,

the mere act of brushing one's hair, or running a hand through it, will cause it

to dislodge. You don't notice it. Unless you're the hair.

Chris was ripped out of Sandra's scalp and went flying. The wind caught him

and whipped him the length of the tour bus, finally impacting on the vacant last


"FUCK!" Chris screamed silently. Well, it had been interesting, but this was

definitely not what he was interested in. He'd just have to rest, until....

Just as he was completing that thought, two girls on Spring Break entered the

bus, and without even a how-do-you-do, sat down right on top of Chris. He was

pinned beneath the right ass-cheek of a pretty young brunette. The end of him

snaked out between her thighs, and he had a good view of her nubile legs.

Not what he was planning on. But an okay respite while he thought.

* * *

Time drug.

Chris would have frowned to himself, if a strand of hair had a face. Oh, he

didn't mind his current position, but the more he tried to think of the perfect

way to approach Sandra, the more he was convinced no perfect way existed. He'd

watched her casually shut down the hucksters who had propositioned her on the

beach. He had never been good at opening lines--and he knew he had but one

chance to get this right.

He considered just being with her, a part of her life. He could be her

panties, or her bra, or one with her bush...but that seemed awfully

unfulfilling. No, he had to get this just right.

And then it hit him. The perfect way to do it.

It was time.

* * *

She was laying out by the pool on the ship, and he was one with her earring.

He would have to time this out well, and hope to God he didn't blow it. He

was risking death, but he thought this would be one sure way that she wouldn't

miss him, and one sure way she wouldn't blow him off.

Whether she'd actually want to be with him...well, that was up to her. There

isn't a perfect way to make the girl of your dreams love you. He just wanted a

good shot.

It wasn't too long before Sandra ordered a drink--Piña Colada, in a

pineapple. Perfect. Chris had long since rejoined her, and let the timer run. He

was ready to make his move.

"Form and position change. Three inch tall man floating in the Piña Colada

that is being brought to Sandra."

At once he was awash in a slushy pineapple-coconut sea. Well, more

accurately, a pool. At his new height, he was relatively safe, he thought,

though he'd have to execute this quickly, lest hypothermia kick in. He couldn't

see outside the glass; he'd have to shout for her attention.

The glass was handed off--it was a rough transition between the waiter and

Sandra. But he knew it was her--he had faith in the bracelet, and what's more,

he recognized her voice.

Okay, here goes.

"Help! Help! Somebody, help me!" he cried.

His cries were met with slurping, as Sandra started to sip her drink. Chris

felt the undertow immediately, and was shocked as he was pulled under by the

suction of his hoped-for rescuer.

He broke the surface, sputtering and gasping. He knew he was supposed to be

largely invulnerable, but it had sure seemed close there. "Hey! Whoever you are!

Help me!"

The suction started again, and again he was pulled under. This time, the

straw was moved, pinning him against the wall. He tried to dig his way free, but

he was stuck tight. The walls seemed to be closing in. This couldn't be right,

he couldn't fail like this. He tried to free himself, but the world was getting


* * *

Chris felt warmth, and softness. Like he was lying in a king-sized bed on the


It was a phenomenal feeling. He never knew just how good it felt to have the

sun beating down on you. He started to move a little. Everything seemed to be in

working order, and it all felt right.

He heard an extremely loud gasp.

Opening his eyes, he saw Sandra staring down at him. He looked around for a

minute, and realized she was cradling him in her right hand. "OH, THANK GOD,"

she half-whispered, half-prayed. "I THOUGHT YOU WERE A GONER FOR SURE."

Chris coughed for a second, and said, "I tried to call, but--"



Chris was starstruck. He was looking at a beautiful woman who had nothing but

concern for him. "Well, thank you so much. I mean, if not for you, I might have



"Why would you be looking for a tiny man floating in your drink?"


Chris turned, and saw another titaness sitting down next to Sandra. "I KIND





Chris looked admiringly at the young newlywed. She was wearing a bikini that

flattered her--and of course, she was enormous, which was something Chris had

taken a liking to.

"SO YOU MUST BE CHRIS," said Sandra, smiling wryly.

"I'm a little confused."





"You guys were monitoring me?"




"The Society?"


Sandra was smiling down, like a patient, kind billboard. I smiled back. "So

Sandra," Chris said. "What are those interests that Sarah mentioned?"

* * *

If Chris had one regret, it was that the cruise ended too soon.

Sandra and he most definitely did share interests. They were both fans of Dan

Savage, they both liked They Might Be Giants, they thought highly of Thai food.

And they were both macrophiles, though neither had known it at the start of

the trip.

The cost for the bracelet was pretty reasonable. $1--and continued reports on

successes and failures. GTS Enterprises was headquartered in Saint Paul, not far

from Sandra's house. They'd get updates.

Chris was already planning to move. He needed a break from Chicago, and what

better reason than the love of a woman? Especially one who was turned on when

she found out he'd secretly melded with her panties?

Actually, her exact words were, "You bastard!" Then, about six seconds later,

"Would you like to try that again?"

So it was that Chris was on a flight to Minneapolis, hiding beneath the jeans

of a woman he was smitten with. From time to time she'd flex her thighs to

remind him she knew he was there. Neither of them knew if time would be kind to

their newfound love. But they were both interested in where this was going to

take them. For Chris and Sandra, the honeymoon was just beginning.


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