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The hot days are the worst. When the sun beats down on my home it can

be unbearable. Against the cold it holds up pretty well, but in the heat of

summer, I miss the air-conditioning of the spacecraft, and I have to get out

into the world, no matter what the danger.

I shove my slingshot into my belt and put a few rounds in my sack;

glass fragments for killshots, 'stickers' for the stings, 'feather dusters'

for quick escapes. I'm very good with a slingshot; it's what keeps me alive.

I call myself The Hunter; I call myself that because there is nobody

else around to call me anything else. My name is (was) Barry, but I hate it,

so I don't use it. Barry is a stupid name; Barry never grows up. If you're a

kid, and they call you Jimmy or Bobby or Johnny, there comes a day when you

can ask them, 'Call me Jim or James or Bob or Robert or Jack or John', but

Barry isn't short for anything, so you stay a kid all your life. Staying a

kid stinks.

I have a dog named Chipper. He's a good dog; he's saved my life more

times than I can remember. Sometimes I think I should give him a new name,

seeing as I gave myself one, but Chipper fits him. He's a little dog, in

this world a very little dog, but he's smart and he's good company. When I

sit by a fire and Chipper is there with me and I'm petting him and we're

sharing a meal we've caught, I almost feel like a human being.

Many years ago - maybe ten or so - our spaceship went through a warp

or something and we crash-landed on this planet, a planet where everything is

bigger than it should be; here, we were smaller than Barbie dolls, more like

toy soldier size, which fits, because the adults ran my life like I was at

military school, except that they never taught me anything. There were seven

of us on board, and I was just a kid, so I was at the bottom of the heap. The

captain ordered everyone around, then came the co-captain, then the engineer

(who sometimes didn't obey, and did what he wanted, because he was a passenger

like me), then the two women and the Fat Guy (who didn't obey because he was

weird; don't get me started on the Fat Guy.) Everybody was in this like

constant bad mood, and all the bossing didn't help; I think that behind all

the orders, the real problem was that the people in charge were completely

incompetent. They didn't know how to get us back to Earth, and they knew that

was the only solution to our problem. I was the good little kid, little "yes,

captain, yes, sir, yes, ma'am, yes, Mr. Fitzhugh" helpful Barry, but finally I

got sick of it. What a useless load of crap it was, an incredible waste of


I'll tell you another reason that everyone was always pissed; nobody

was having sex. I was just a kid when we landed, but soon enough I started

thinking about it, and I realized that none of the guys had like asked the

women if they would be, you know, like go steady or something. Well, the Fat

Guy asked, but both the girls said no to him; he told me they were lez-bows,

which means girls who like girls. Personally, I think he was just bitter.

Don't get me started on the Fat Guy.

There was a time when the co-pilot seemed to be sweet on Betty, the

stewardess, but the engineer got all upset, because like the co-pilot is a

Negro and Betty is white; I mean, if they like each other, what difference

does it make, but the engineer made a stink, and the captain backed him up.

Lots of stupid rules living with those people; I couldn't take it, and I had

to split.

You know, I'm not a kid anymore. I was as useful a member of the team

as any of the others, more useful when you get right down to it. We didn't

have any weapons on board, so we had to improvise. My slingshot was the only

long-range weapon we had, and nobody else could hit the broadside of a barn,

even though I tried to teach them. And besides, I was starting to get funny

feelings, and I couldn't stop thinking about girls. There were no girls my

age - except for giants, and let me tell you that is right out - and Betty

and Valerie were real pretty, but I was like always "little Barry", and they

could never get past that. The Fat Guy said that I would reach my sexual peak

at eighteen, and women reached theirs at thirty-five, so they would be perfect

for me; the Fat Guy told me a lot of weird crap, but like he was the only one

who would even talk to me about sex. I mean, the engineer had a girlie

magazine which he tried to hide - good luck hiding anything on that ship for

long - and I remember when I found it. It had pictures of naked girls in

swimming pools smiling, and curled up on bearskin rugs; I mean, where do they

take those pictures?

So one day, we were attacked by rats and it was bad; something has

happened to the cats - the giants blame us, like we could do something like

this - and rats are everywhere. The captain was badly hurt, nearly cut in

half, and the Fat Guy lost a leg. It was obvious that the others were going

to do everything they could to save the captain, while they were leaving the

Fat Guy to die. It's not like I blame them exactly; the Fat Guy was a real

pain in the ass. But it just so cold, I couldn't stand it. I packed up

everything I wanted - I took as much leather as I could, and a couple of

lighters, I took the engineer's girlie magazine, to heck with him - and

Chipper and I ran away. I mean it's not like these people were my parents or

anything. I left a note; it said, "Don't look for me. I hate you people."

So I found an old abandoned pet travel case on the far end of the park

and I made a home out of it. I put up some wire mesh screening to keep out

bugs - I hate bugs - and there's enough ventilation that I can use a fire to

cook what I catch. For a few months, I was mainly eating out of the garbage

the giants throw away, then I got a "job" killing rats in the alley outside a

restaurant. The dishwasher - his name was Orisio - saw me and said he would

give me food if I could kill the rats; his bosses knew about me, but looked

the other way - there's a bounty on "little people" - since I'm good at

killing rats. Orisio was about the nicest giant I ever met; he talked to me

like I was a person just like him. He used to give me food, and packets of

salt and pepper and other spices, useful stuff. (I use salt to help preserve

meat when I kill something big. Pepper is good for the 'feather dusters',

the rounds I shoot at giants when they get too nosy and try to catch me. I

put pepper and pollen and down feathers in little plastic bags, and shoot

them right in the face of the giants when they lean down to catch me; makes

'em sneeze every time. The spices make the stuff I cook taste good.) Anyway,

Orisio and I would talk when he took his breaks. He used to ask me about

Earth, and he told me about where he came from, a place that sounded great but

there wasn't much work so he came here. Well, after a few weeks, I came to

the restaurant, and there wasn't any food for me left out; I killed a few rats

just to stay in practice, but then the dishwasher came out and it wasn't

Orisio. He shouted "little people", and everybody in the kitchen came

running out, including the cook with a cleaver. Well, I used a lot of rounds

to get out of that, and not all of them were 'feather dusters'. Turns out

Orisio had snuck into the country, and the giants have a bounty on people like

him just like the bounty they have on people like me. I guess that's why he

was so nice to me.

Now I hunt, mainly small birds and mice, enough food for a couple of

days; I don't like killing animals that are more than a few days food, because

the corpse will always attract scavengers, who can be a real pain in the butt.

Sometimes I'll kill a garter snake, which is a very tough shot, but it's

really delicious and the skin makes a great leather. I also cook up some

seeds and leaves, which are very tasty. I draw the line at bugs. Sometimes

Chipper will kill a big beetle and eat it, but I can't even think about it.

A couple of times when I was with the others, they killed some grasshoppers

and ate the legs. The captain said it tasted kind of like lobster, and the

others agreed. I just couldn't; it's just too disgusting.

So, Chipper and I are out on this hot day, and we're exploring the

neighborhood, digging under fences and checking out the giant backyards. You

have to be careful that the giants don't have dogs, so you lie very still and

look around to see if there are any big dog turds around, or if you can smell

them. Dogs aren't as much trouble as cats; they bark first and try to scare

you. A 'feather duster' will slow them down or a sticker - which is made up

of bird bones and wax and hurts like anything, I can tell you - will stop them

for sure. Cats are quiet hunters, and they can be on top of you in no time

flat. At least, they used to be; some disease or something has wiped out the

cats. All in all, I guess I miss them. Cats are big and tough - as big as

elephants on Earth - but I'd rather deal with a single cat instead of a pack

of rats. Rats are relentless.

Well, this backyard has a little stretch of lawn, only about the size

of a football field, and a patio surrounding a huge swimming pool. The water

is so blue and cool and inviting, and it is so hot out I almost want to dive

in and swim, but if somebody saw me I would be a complete sitting duck. Heck,

I don't even know if I could climb out, the edge of the pool in so high.

So, I'm looking at the pool and trying to decide and enjoying standing

in the grass, which is cooler than the pavement, when a giant comes out of the

house, and she's a girl, I mean a woman or a teenager or whatever, and she is

gorgeous! She has bright blonde hair, and she wears it in bangs in the front

and it comes down to her shoulders then kind of flips. Her eyes are big and

blue and round and her face is kind of pouty, but in a nice way, in a pretty

way. Then she takes off her robe and she is huge! I don't mean she's a giant

- which she is, no, duh - but she has tits bigger than I've ever seen, even

bigger than the girls in the magazine. She's wearing a little yellow bikini,

and her tits are just bursting out.

Well, I'm like laying down in the grass, hiding but I'm like watching

her, I can't take my eyes off of her. She's got to be a good fifty yards away

and she takes out a bottle of suntan lotion and I swear to God, I can smell it

when she begins to rub it into her long legs and her tits press against her

knees when she bends down to rub her feet, and I tell you I can't stand it!

She is so gorgeous and so big, I just can't stop looking at her, and rubs the

oil into her legs and on her arms and her tummy and her neck and her face, and

then - I'm not kidding - she takes off her bra and starts rubbing her big

tits, smearing them with the lotion and I think I'm going to explode and I say

"Jesus!" under my breath, which I never say. My God, I think; this is one of

those places where they photograph girls! There's going to be a photographer

here any second!

Well, Chipper is pulling at my pant leg, and I try to kick him away,

'cause I just can't take my eyes off this girl and her big beautiful tits all

covered with sweet smelling oil, when an ant crawls over me and I scream

'cause I hate bugs - that's why Chipper was trying to get my attention - and

all of the sudden she sees me. Her mouth drops open and she's staring right

at me, I can feel myself trying to crawl backwards, which is stupid because

what I need to do is get up and run like H-E-double hockey sticks, but she

stands up and walks toward me, towering up so high, and I freeze like an idiot

- Chipper runs back to the fence, because he has more sense than I do - but I

just curl up in a ball, I don't even hit her with a 'feather duster' and her

big fingers curl around me and I can smell and taste and feel the hot lotion

all around me, and even though I am already too hot, it feels great and she

picks me up and smiles at me, a mischievous smile, and her big face and her

big tits are right in front of me, and I think I am screwed, glued and

tattooed, I am so stupid, and she begins petting me with the big index finger

of her other hand and giggling at me.

"Ooh, you must be a tough guy!" she laughs and I don't understand and

then she yells, "Jean! Come look what I found!" and I think I'm going deaf,

the sound of her voice is so loud; I cover my ears and turn away. Then

another giantess comes out of the house. This one - Jean - is also big and

blonde and wearing a bikini, really pretty but she like doesn't smile, she

just stares at me with her huge almond shaped eyes, and I feel like I'm some

kind of bug. I'm scared of her, but what can I do? The first girl is

laughing and showing me to her and she just stares.

"Where's his little motorcycle?" she says, and the big titted giantess

laughs again, and her beautiful tits shake up and down. Now I get what

they're saying, they're talking about my leather outfit, they think I'm a

motorcyle rider or a tough guy, and they think it's funny. "Where did you

find him, Merrie?"

"He was spying on me. He was hiding in the grass and then he made a

noise and I caught him. You're mine now, little man." she said and laughed,

and I felt like I was going to explode. My heart was racing and it was all I

could do to stay conscious, my dick hurt so much, but it was great. "You must

be hot in those clothes." she said, and she began to rip my clothes off me,

and even the other giantess, the one with the almond eyes and her hair in a

top knot begins to laugh at me as my jacket is stripped off me, then my pants

and there I am naked. My dick feels a little better, because my pants were

getting really tight, but I want the pressure so I grab my cock and begin

to pant hard, but Merrie takes her finger and forces my arm away from my body.

"Mustn't do that in public, little man; there are ladies here." They both

laugh at me and now I can't help it, and I start exploding, semen and sperm

and jizm starts spurting out of my cock as I sprawl out naked in her hand.

"It looks like your little doll has wet himself. Little men have no

stamina at all." Jean says, kind of disgusted, but Merrie laughs and coos at

me, and lowers her hand with me in it to her tit, and presses me against

her and begins to make sounds like she likes it. God, it's fantastic! The

first time I ever get to see a tit, get to touch one, it's as big as I am,

and so soft and warm and covered in lotion, and when I grab it and begin to

shove my cock against her, she makes these noises and her whole body rumbles

and I come again and again against her body, and she laughs and her friend

smirks and I come this close to fainting.

"You're rich now, Merrie." says Jean. "The Bureau pays a big bounty

now for little people; You hold him here and I'll make the call."

"No, he's cute. I want to keep him. It'll be fun." and Merrie holds

me up to her giant mouth and her tongue licks all the jizz off me and she

laughs again, and it feels like an earthquake. "He even tastes good." she


Then all the sudden, Jean grabs me out of Merrie's hand. "You know,

the Bureau pays almost as much for them dead as alive. All I have to do is

squeeze, and it's 'lights out, little man'." She closes her hand around me

and I can't breathe, but the oil on my body makes it hard for her to grip me

and I slide out of her hand, but that's not good either, because it's a forty

foot drop to the ground at least, but Merrie catches me before I go splat and

she hugs me to her big tits again, and the smell and the warmth is great.

"Get your own! This one's mine." say Merrie, and Jean kind of shrugs.

"Even little men can't get enough of your big tits." Jean says, and I

can tell she's jealous.

"There's a big difference; this man has to do whatever I say, not like

those jerk friends of yours we hang around with." and she holds me up to her

face and smiles at me. "What's your name, little man?"

"I'm The Hunter." I say, and both of them laugh.

"I thought they had real names." Jean says, sneering at me.

"My name's Barry." I say, and I start blushing. I guess I can't get

away from it.

"Hi, Barry; my name's Merrie and this is Jean. You're going to be

staying with me now, and you're going to do whatever I say. Do you


"Yes, ma'am."

She squeezed me hard like she was angry. "Don't call me ma'am. I'm

not your mommy, I'm your master, and you're my pet."

"Yes, master."

"Let's play a game we can all play... I know, let's play catch." And

without another word, Merrie wades into the pool up to her waist, and Jean

wades in, too, standing about a hundred feet away, and Merrie throws me at

her, but she throws short and I land in the water, which feels great it's so

cool and clean, but no sooner than I get used to it, Jean's huge hand grabs me

out of the water and throws me back at Merrie. These two giant girls are

throwing me around like I'm a rubber ball or something, and at least Merrie

throws underhand, but Jean, who I think still wants to kill me and sell me to

the government, throws me overhand and sometimes I sail over Merrie's head

into the deep end - it's all deep to me, no duh - and Merrie comes swimming

out to pluck me up and throw me again. It's scariest when they try to catch

me, especially because Jean has long fingernails, and I'm afraid she'll run me

through, you know kind of accidently on purpose. Once Jean throws me hard

straight at Merrie, and Merrie kind of screams, and it sounds like a siren,

and she misses catching me but I bounce right into her tits, and it's scary

and great all at the same time. She throws me back and Jean catches me and

looks at me, you know, like I'm a bug or something.

"I know another game we can play. Something nice you can do for your

master." says Jean, and Merrie walks in close and she's laughing now. Jean

lowers me down to below Merrie's belly button and Merrie pulls her panties

down and I say,

"Jesus!" which I never say, because Merrie has hair down there! The

girls in the magazine didn't have any hair, and Jean says,

"It's time to make yourself useful, little Barry!" and I say,

"What do you mean?" and they both laugh.

"What do you know? I think he's a virgin." Merrie laughs, but I

thought only girls were virgins. But then she grabs me and begins shoving me

up inside her, and it smells weird, but I guess it's not so bad, and she

sticks me in feet first all the way up to my chest, and it's cool and damp and

the pressure feels great, but I'm afraid she's going to crush me, so I start

wriggling out and she starts moaning and pushes me back inside. Jean ducks

down to my level, and every time I wriggle out a little Jean laughs and pushes

me back in with a giant finger, and even when she pushes me in over my head, I

can hear Merrie start to scream and pant and it starts getting really hot and

really wet, and I don't know what girls do when they have an orgasm, but I

figure I'm about to find out. I hear her make these weird noises, and she

starts squeezing me hard, but I can still breathe and squirm and before I know

it she lets me wriggle out and fall into the pool, where it feels great and

she lowers her giant body down, and I swear to God, steam pours out of her

from down there when it hits the water.

Then Merrie picks me up out of the water, and holds me close to her

gigantic face, and blows cool on my cock, and it gets hard as a rock. "That's

going to be your job, little man. Anytime I want it, you have to go down on

me." Jean crowds in close and smiles. "You have to do it anytime Jean wants

it, too." and for the first time, Jean smiles at me. I wish I could say it

made me feel good, but she still scares me, but all of the sudden, Merrie's

big plush lips close around my dick, and she begins to suck hard and I scream,

"Jesus Christ!", which I never say, but I guess it's okay because the

giants haven't heard of him, and I feel my body getting ready to shoot semen

and sperm and jism again, and I grab ahold of her hair and she just laughs,

kind of chuckling with her mouth still closed around my aching dick and BANG!

I'm shooting again and it feels great and her big tongue is lapping up the

drops and I fall back into her hand exhausted.

Merrie giggles and says, "Virgins are fun! You get to teach them

exactly the way you want." and Jean just nods and smiles and then the

doorbell rings and I think, oh Jeez, it's the cops, somebody saw us, I am so

stupid, but right then I don't care, it feels so great to have a giant girl

suck on my dick like it's a straw and push me into her big tits and trap me

down between my legs, and I think, well, Barry, it's been a great life, but

now you are screwed, glued and tattooed.

So Merrie hands me to Jean and pulls up her panties and puts on her

robe and goes to answer the door. Jean stares down at me - she still scares

me - and she puts me on the glass table on the patio and takes the hair band

off the top of her head, and her hair falls down around her shoulders. "Now,

don't get any bright ideas, little Barry. Merrie will be bored with you

before sundown, and then she'll call the Bureau, and make a lot of money. I

won't kill you; you're worth more alive than dead. I just want to make sure

you don't try to get away." Then she pulls the table umbrella out of its

stand - it's the size of a telephone pole but she can pick it up with one

hand, it's scary sometimes how strong the giants are - and puts me next to it,

holding me in the same hand, then wraps her hair band around me and the pole

a couple of times, then slides me up the pole a little and shoves it back in

its stand. I'm like naked, and I think like I'm going to be burned at the

stake, and I am like so trapped, hanging there about ten feet up, and she just

leans down and snickers at me, like I'm some little mouse she just put back in

its cage, and I can only hope she's wrong about Merrie selling me to the

Bureau, but like I got myself into this by being stupid, and right now I don't

see how I'm gonna get out.

"Jeannie, we have company." Merrie says as she comes back out of the

house, and Jean puts her big body between me and the new person, and I only

get a glimpse of this kind of geeky neighbor kid, redheaded with freckles and

and big glasses, and he's carrying a plate of something. "He brought us some


"Not for me, Merrie. I'm on a diet."

"Oh, come on, Jean; you look great."

"No, I mean it, I just look at cookies and I get big as a house."

I hear Merrie bite into something and go, "Mmmmm, chocolate chip. Say

what are the the orange bits?"

"Oh, that's something I whipped up." says the kid.

"I'm sorry, I've forgotten your name." says Merrie.

"My friends call me Genius."

Then I see Jean get a cookie. The kid is still hidden from my view,

but I hear him kind of giggling and I see Merrie walk away from him, and she

says, "It's kind of hot." And then her robe looks like it's shrinking or

something. It starts getting shorter on her legs and arms and then her tits

start bulging, and the robe rips, and Jesus! She's growing. Like she's

already a giant, but now she's getting even bigger, she's ripped out of her

clothes and now I can't even see her tits, the top of her body is hidden from

view by the umbrella, but she takes a step backwards and her foot lands in the

swimming pool and it feels like an earthquake and water is splashing


Just then, Jean turns around and she has this surprised look on her

face, and I can see she's starting to grow now, too. Her bikini can't hold

her and she explodes out it, and I get to see her tits now, too, but I'm so

scared now, it doesn't feel so great, and I'm trying to get my arms loose so I

can get the H-E-double hockey sticks out of there.

Now I can see the kid, who is giggling and gawking and he thinks this

is the funniest, funnest thing in the world, but I'm a little older than he

is, and if I could scream at him, I'd tell him to run, but the band holding me

to the pole is too tight, and he couldn't hear me anyway. It's funny, he's

like a giant, has to be sixty feet tall at least, but when Jean wraps her

humongous hand around him, he looks like a toy. I can see that she is holding

him very tight, she's down on one knee then she stands up, and I can only hear

her voice, it's like super loud and it echoes from everywhere. "YOU SHOULD




Then I see Genius' body crash back down to Earth, WHAM! and his glasses are

broken, and I guess he's dead, because he couldn't have survived the fall, and

suddenly I get myself free, 'cause it's like not a game anymore.










Well, I've been picked up by giants more times than I can count, and

you kind of get used to it, but when Merrie, who has got to be more than 500

feet tall, picks up the giant table I'm standing on like it's a piece of doll

furniture, and I climb up hundreds of feet in like a half a second, well, I

don't mind telling you I was scared.


ANT OR SOMETHING." says Merrie.



But Merrie is like completely fascinated with me, and I get the

feeling she won't hurt me, not intentionally anyway, but I'm still shaking

like a leaf as she stares at me with her enormous blue eyes and her giggles

sound like sonic booms. "I KNOW WHERE HE'LL FIT." she says, and she starts

to lower the table away from her face, which is as big as a building, and now

her giant tits are coming into view, the two of them together are as big as a

football field and she lowers the table down to her big brown nipple and it's

bigger than I am, and the part that sticks out is as tall as I am. She takes

the umbrella off the table like it's one of those things they put in drinks

and lets it fall to the ground so far below I can't even tell how far it is.

"@!#$ ME HARD. SHOW ME WHAT A MAN YOU ARE, BARRY." she says, and the sound

of her laughter, which shakes the glass in the table every time she speaks,

shatters the glass, and I grab onto her tit for dear life, and I am so scared,

and I can't believe it but my dick is hard, she is so big and so beautiful and

her hard nipple feels so rough and her big tit feels so soft, and when she

smiles and makes those kissy sounds at me I explode again and again, and she

just laughs at me, and God! Jesus! this is great. She drops the table and

pushes me into her titanic tit with her finger, and she's smothering me I wish

I could stay there forever, but I hear sirens far below, and she picks me off

her like I'm a piece of lint or something and she bends down and drops me into

the pool, she can't even tell she dropped me about forty feet, she's so big it

only seems like a few inches to her, and she giggles again and the ground

shakes, and she blows me a kiss and like half the water in the pool spills

out, I swear to God.

Over the fence, I hear the sirens and somebody is shooting at Merrie

and Jean, and I can tell Jean is like super pissed. "WANT TO PLAY COPS AND

ROBBERS, HUH?" she roars. "LET'S PLAY HOPSCOTCH INSTEAD." and she jumps up

and lands on one of the police cars, because the ground rumbles, and the crush

of metal sounds worse than when our spaceship crashed, and the giant screams

are deafening. "TAG, YOU'RE IT!" she laughs, and the body of a giant flies

over the fence and over the pool and into a yard past this one. Jean is

crushing everything in sight, kicking seventy foot giants like they're rubber

balls or something, and smashing their giant cars and houses like they were

made of tin foil and balsa wood, and I'm am like so grateful Merrie found me,

because I would be like so dead right now if Jean found me instead.

The two super giants walk away, and the cops follow them, which is

kind of stupid if you ask me, but I swim out of the pool, and I find my

clothes and Chipper is okay, he hid through the whole thing, and I tell him

he's a good dog and a smart dog, which is true. Then I look at the dead giant

kid, and I look at the cookies, a couple of which are still on the ground. It

must be those orange bits, I think; that must be what did it. And I just sit

there, and I look at the cookies and I try to think, and it's real tempting.

There's definitely enough for me and Chipper, and even enough for Valerie or

Betty, or maybe both and I wonder if the dead kid's clothes would fit me if I

was a giant.

Giantess Stories: The hot days are the worst

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