Giantess Stories: The Hunter  By Bond    Prologue   My name is Jake Mitchell and I

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The Hunter

By Bond


My name is Jake Mitchell and I'm a bounty hunter. Actually, I'm known as a

B.R.A.T (Bounty Retrieval and Assault Tech). Some underground scientists to take

care of our current 'situation' created me. I'll tell you what I mean.

This is the year 2010. 10 years ago, a young woman in New York City discovered

some in-born ability to make herself grow larger in every proportion. Well, to

no surprise, she got power-mad and decided to take over the world. Let me was June when it happened. It only took her one-month to destroy what

military forces the world had against her. Now, she is using the world's

scientists to create some kind of Amazon soldiers out of normal-sized women to

stop any resistance.

That's where I come in. I was a FBI agent trying to discover the origins of the

woman when I was nearly crushed by a crumbling building in Washington D.C. Some

scientists saw that I was an athlete and an expert marksman, so they kidnapped

me from the hospital I was staying in. They took me to their secret installation

in Phoenix, where they transformed me into what I am today.

I still look like a regular guy, but with bones that are coated with titanium

steel. They gave me an assortment of weapons, including a pair of .45 Magnums,

my favorites. They even gave me a Harley as my choice vehicle. I decided to take

the job.

Well, that's the story, for now. I wondered if I ever find the woman as I rode

into a small town in New Mexico, hoping that they have a bar nearby where I

could rest for a while.

Chapter 1: A New Roswell

I parked my Harley in front of a small bar in a town 4 miles south of Roswell.

It was one of the few places in the world left untouched by Her. I knew that I

needed a drink or two before I could go back in action to hunt Her down.

My long, black hair flowed in the breeze as I entered the bar. The townsfolk

looked at me as if I were a dusty version of the Crow, except for the face

make-up. I walked to the bar and saw a Mexican man mixing the drinks for the

night. He turned to me and saw me with his brown eyes.

"Hola," he said to me. "What can I get for you?"

"Whiskey. Leave the bottle."

He brought me a small glass and a tall whiskey bottle. I knew that I was in for

a restful night at the inn. "Are you a stranger here?" the Mexican said,

breaking my concentration from the bottle.


"I'm Jose. What's your name?"

"None of your business, man."

I took the bottle and pour the whiskey in the glass until it reached the rim of

the glass. That's how I like my drinks. To the top. I proceeded to drink my

whiskey as the Mexican turned around after hearing someone scream. I dropped the

glass on the table to see a man running downstairs and out the bar, holding his

clothes in his hands. "I guess you don't have attractive women in this town," I

said to Jose.

"No, my friend. Some weird things happen in Rm. 121. A woman named Erica stays

there. She always brings men to her room, and some of them never come out."

So much for my R&R. If something's weird at this day and age, it has to be one

of the giantess persuasions. I turned to Jose and said, "If you're right, you

will be rewarded."

I stood up and walked up the stairs to the hallway of the inn. I walked down it

until I reached a wooden door that read Rm. 121. I pulled out my .45 Magnums

from my black trenchcoat and prepared myself for a showdown. With all of my

force, I kicked the door down and aimed my guns at the opening. What was in

front of me was a beautiful, busty blonde who was wearing a leather top and

skirt and spiked high-heels. She stared at me and smiled. "So, ready to play

with me?" she said.

"I don't think so," I said as I entered the room, my guns still pointed at her.

"I'm going to take you down."

"If you can."

At that, Erica closed her eyes and stood silent. My fingers were aching to pull

the triggers of my guns. A sudden ripping sound was the signal I needed as she

began to grow. Her top was stretching to its limits as she rose towards the

ceiling. Now was the time. I fired my guns at Erica, hitting her with deadly

accuracy. She stumbled backwards as the bullets hit her over and over again, but

she still grew. The heels of her shoes broke and were destroyed by her expanding

feet while her skirt ripped and floated to the floor. Finally, just as her head

neared the ceiling, a bullet pierced through her forehead, killing her

instantly. Erica fell back and broke through the window, sending her down to her

death. I looked down at her fallen body, knowing now that my staying here in

this town would be a while.

I checked Erica's dresser and found some papers about a secret Amazon

installation being near here. This was where Her armies are being created. I had

to destroy it. At that moment, I walked downstairs to the bar, only seeing Jose

as the only person there. The rest of them must have run away when they heard

the gun blasts.

Jose ran to me and said, "Are you okay, senor?"

"I'm fine," I said as I reached inside my trenchcoat. I pulled out a manila

folder containing $300. I gave it to Jose, saying, "Here's your reward. Thanks

for your help."

Jose stood there in shock and surprise as I left the bar and hopped on my

Harley, turning on the ignition and riding towards the secret installation.

Chapter 2: Dropping In

It took me a couple of hours, but I made it to the secret installation. It

looked like a warehouse with the width of a theme park and the height of half a

skyscraper. I knew that this would be difficult to destroy as I parked the

Harley near the emergency exit. I got off it and looked up. "This is going to be

tougher than I thought," I said to myself.

I clenched both fists and four metal claws came out of each set of knuckles. One

of the many benefits of having a metallic skeleton. I struck the wall with the

claws and began to climb upward. Within ten minutes, I made it to the roof of

the installation. I saw that there was a skyroof nearby. I walked to it and

looked down at the glass. I saw several amazons escorting regular-sized women to

a room that read: TRANSFORMATIONS. Obviously, this is where it begins. I opened

the skyroof and lowered a rope that I brought with me downward. I tied the end

to the window and lowered myself down. Luckily, the room was near dark and my

all-black attire made the perfect camouflage. My boots touch the floor of the

top scaffold. I let go of the rope and slowly followed the path of the scaffold.

I opened a door and continued to follow the path. I heard a strange noise and

looked down from the scaffold. I saw three amazons working the controls of some

machine. On a table was a regular-sized woman, crying, as she was strapped

tightly to the table. She was wearing nothing but a white T-shirt and pink, silk

panties. I looked to the sides of the table and there were two robotic arms.

Each arm had a syringe filled with a different colored serum. One blue, one red.

Suddenly, another door opened to reveal a naked giantess. I guessed her height

to be between 25 and 30 feet. I stared in awe as her curly, brown hair flowed as

she walked towards the table, the scaffold shaking me with each step. "Is

everything ready?" she said to the other amazons.

"Everything is ready," said one of the amazons.

"Then, proceed."

The Amazon pressed a small button and both syringes entered the arms of the

woman, both serums being entered into her body while the woman let out a

horrific scream. In a matter of seconds, the woman's body became more muscular

as she began to grow. Her T-shirt and panties stretched in all directions as her

physique continued to change. My eyes were seeing this happen, and I still

couldn't believe it. Her clothes finally had it as they ripped and shredded by

her continued growth. She wrestled with the straps that were holding her to the

table. With one yank, she ripped the straps from the table and she was freed

from her restraints. She stood up to the 30ft. giantess as her growth ended at

around 15ft. She knelt down to the taller woman and said, "My name is Karen, and

I only live to serve the Empress."

"The Empress, huh?" I thought to myself. "At least she finally has a name."

"Hold it right there."

The voice I heard was a bit heavy as I turned around to see an Amazon blocking

my way to the door. Her muscles looked huge where I was. I slowly reached behind

me and grabbed one of my guns from within my trenchcoat. At last, it's showtime.

Chapter 3: Blowout


Those are the sounds of me wasting an Amazon.

Everyone below looked up to see me kill one of their own in cold blood. They all

looked pissed, especially the curly-haired giantess. "Get him," she yelled and

the amazons, including the new one, ran to a ladder that was next to the

scaffold. There was no door on the other side, so I had to go the way I came

from while placing my Magnum back within my trenchcoat. I jumped over the dead

corpse and ran through the exit. I headed towards the rope, but I saw that it

wasn't hanging in the same spot. "The Amazon must have took it," I thought.

The four amazons were approaching me fast, and I was running out of options.

Either I jump from the scaffold or fight them head on. I made my decision. I

reached into my trenchcoat and pulled out two different weapons: a 12-gauge

sawed-off shotgun and a grenade launcher. I jumped to the top part of the

scaffold just as the amazons reached the exit. "Well, time to fly," I told them

and leapt from the scaffold.

It was a 40 ft. drop, but my trenchcoat made for a perfect parachute. I slowly

floated down to the ground, but I landed on something too quickly. I landed on a

soft, pink wall. I turned around just as several fingers clenched my body.

Unfortunately, I realized where I was when I heard a deafening voice say, "Well,

well. Look what we have here."

The 30 ft. giantess was holding me. I stared at her face as she squeezed me very

tightly. Metal or no metal, my muscles and bones were killing me. She looked at

me while I squirmed in pain. "You killed one of my soldiers," she said. "That

was the wrong thing to do. Your punishment is death."

She lowered me slowly downward. I was in awe as I looked at her body. Her

breasts were massive globes of breasts, her stomach was in perfect shape, and

her hips were slim and trim. She was the perfect girl for me. Too bad I was

about to die by her hand. She slowly spread her legs and opened her vagina lips.

"Oh my God!" I said to myself.

I felt myself slowly being inserted into her moist womanhood. The walls were

sticky and wet as I heard slow moans from the outside. I attempted to stand up

when I realized that I still had my guns in my hands. I must have forgotten

about them during the confrontation with the giantess. There's my ace in the

hole. With my grenade launcher already loaded, I aimed it at a small hole.

Suddenly, the walls of her vagina started to close in on me and started to

expand as well. "She must be growing again," I said to myself. "I don't have

much time."

I aimed the launcher at the hole and fired two shots at it. I turned around and

covered my head as the hole exploded twice. I waited for a while and saw blood

coming from the hole. That's my chance. I left from the lips and ran out of her

body. I turned to see the giantess lying on the ground, dead. The amazons looked

at this in disbelief. I saw a door and ran towards it. The amazons saw me

running and ran to a ladder that led down to my level.

I opened the door and entered the room. Jackpot! I saw all of these barrels

containing the serums for the transformation process. Must have been hundreds of

them. I reached into my back jeans pocket and grabbed a mini-C4 charge. It was

in the shape of a cigarette case. I put in on top of one of the barrels and set

it for 5 minutes.

I turned to leave when all four amazons blocked my exit. I pulled out my shotgun

and fired it. Nothing happen. I looked inside it to find some of the giantess's

sexual juices inside it. I tossed it aside as the amazons walked towards me.

Well, time for my 'other' weapon. I'll explain.

While I was being created, the scientists gave me the ability to change into a

cybernetic werewolf, of cybolf for short. When my eyes glow white, my teeth get

sharper, my ears get pointier, and those metal claws are my weapons. My strength

also increased by 5 percent.

Those glowing white eyes appeared after one of the amazons punched in the gut,

knocking the wind out of me. I fell to my knees in pain. I felt the

transformation in me as another Amazon grabbed me and gave me a bear hug. I

struggled to free myself. By then, the process was complete and I became the

cybolf. I gave her a head butt and she released her hold on me, dropping me to

the floor. As I dropped to the ground, my claws became unsheathed and I swung

them at the Amazon. With a growl, I slashed her throat, killing her as she

stumbled backwards. The three amazons ganged up on me, but my claws did all the

talking. A stab in the heart. A slice in the throat. Cutting a head off. They

all fell to their deaths. I looked at my claws that were coated with red blood.

I turned around and saw the charge. I had 1:30 left until it exploded. I

returned to my normal self as I ran out of the room. I looked around and saw an

emergency exit. Pray that it was the one where my Harley was. I ran to the door

and bum rushed it open. The alarm kicked in as I turned to my right and there

was my bike. I hopped on it and turned it on. I rode out of there as the heard

the explosion coming from the room inside. Within a minute, the installation

exploded and burst into flames. I looked behind me and saw the destruction that

I did, satisfied at a job well done. I reached into a pouch that was near my

seat and grabbed a cassette. I put it in a slot near the speedometer and turned

it on. The intro to Kid Rock's "BAWITDABA" kicked in as I rode back to the bar.

Chapter 4: Retribution

I returned to the bar and decided to take a couple days off to rest, recover,

and reload. Those amazons can really punch, and I have the bruises to prove it.

Plus, I nearly depleted my ammo during the battles. At least the installation

was destroyed, but I knew that the war isn't over. That feeling came when Jose

came into my room with a worried expression and said, "Come with me. You would

want to see this."

I followed him to the bar and saw the TV was hanging from the ceiling. The news

was on and I saw a reporter said that the Empress was about to make a speech.

They switched to a camera that was on a helicopter and they showed the Empress

live from what was once New York City. My face turned to pure white when I saw

her standing, naked body. "My God!" I said.

She was huge. I noticed by her right ankle was one of the World Trade Center

buildings was still intact. The height of the tower only reached her ankle. And

I have to take her out. She looked angry as she spoke out.

"Greetings, slaves. Recently, I received word that one of my Amazon

installations was destroyed in New Mexico a couple of days ago. Whoever did this

act of terrorism will pay for this. I am sending one of my top giantesses to New

Mexico to rid my world of these terrorists. By the way, if she fails, I won't. I

promise you that."

She closed her eyes and started to grow bigger as the telecast went off the air.

Jose turned the TV off and looked at my face. He saw the look of fear in my

eyes. "Are you okay?" he asked me.

"No, I'm not. There's no humanly possible way to defeat the Empress. I might as

well give up right now."

"You can't, senor. You have to continue the fight for humanity. Just think about

us when you fight her."

I thought about it for a minute. "Okay. I'm in. Thanks for the pep..."

My sentence was halted by a shaking sensation in the ground. Jose and I held on

to the bar as we both knew what was happening. I ran upstairs and went to my

room. I grabbed my weapons and ran back downstairs. Jose looked at me and said,

"Good luck, senor." as I ran out of the bar to my bike. I hopped on and turned

it on, hearing that familiar engine hum. I looked up and saw a mass of blonde

hair rising upward as the giantess headed towards me. I decided to meet her

halfway as I sped the Harley towards my next target.

Chapter 5: A Big Battle

I continued my way to a hill on the northwest side of town. I got off of my

Harley and took out a pair of binoculars. I looked through them and saw my

opponent. She was a blonde giantess who was at 300 ft. tall, I guessed. She was

currently destroying a small town on her way to Roswell. She walked all over the

town, demolishing buildings and killing innocent citizens with her mighty feet.

Her hair looked wet, so I took it that she came from the gulf. "Time to go to

work," I said to myself.

I went back to my Harley and flipped a switch near the accelerator. With a hum,

the wheels split in half to reveal a jet engine in each half. The engines roared

as I hopped back on and flew towards the scene. The blonde giantess looked at

the destruction she was causing and smiled. She raised her foot and crushed

several buildings under it. She continued to walk towards her goal when she

heard a faint roaring sound. Suddenly, she flinched a little as she felt

something hit her shoulder. It burned for a second as she saw a little bruise on

her shoulder. Then, her gaze was upon me as I flew past her breasts. "So, you're

the one who I have to kill?" she said to me. "You'll be so easy."

She swung my hands at me, but I flew between her fingers to dodge her blows. I

raised my grenade launcher at her again and fired it at her. It hit her on her

nipple, causing her to moan a little bit. I didn't know if it was for pain or

for pleasure. I flew in between her legs as I grabbed two grappling guns from my

trenchcoat. I prepared myself for my plan when I felt a sudden shake from my

bike. The blonde giantess managed to hit me with her fingernail. I started to

spin out of control, trying to regain control of the situation as I headed

towards the ground. The damaged part of the bike spewed black smoke as I

continued to go down. I thought that this would be my end. Finally, with one

yank from the handles, I regained control and soared upwards. I breathed a sigh

of relief as I flew back towards the giantess.

I put the bike on autopilot and put a grappling gun in each hand. I fired them

and each gun sent a heavily metallic cable with a hook at the end of it towards

her. The hooks wrapped themselves around the hairs of her gigantic womanhood. I

took the bike off autopilot and flipped another switch on the Harley. That

kicked in my nitro boosters as I wrapped the cables around her massive thighs

and legs. She continued to try to take me out, but I was too quick for her

hands. I continued to spiral downwards towards her toes as I saw her showing

signs of her losing her balance. I unsheathed my claws and cut the cables from

the guns as she began to fall down to the ground. With a mighty crash, she fell,

crushing the remaining parts of the small town. I landed my Harley near the

bottom of the hill. I grabbed my grenade launcher and turned a dial on it as I

walked towards the fallen beauty. She looked at me with very hate-filled eyes as

she struggled to break free from the cables. "As soon as I break out of this,"

she said to me, "I will break you in a million pieces."

"Sorry, gal. You lose."

I heard a cable snapped as I fired two grenades at her. One at her face, the

other at her back. The one that hit her face burst open to reveal a batch of

liquid nitrogen. Her face, neck, and shoulders began to freeze and turn to ice.

The other one hit her back and her lower half froze as well. I started to walk

away as the giantess froze to death, but I stopped in my tracks. "Wait a

minute," I said to myself. "Something's not right."

I reached into my trenchcoat and pulled out my shotgun. I aimed it at the iced

giantess and fired. The powerful impact of the bullets caused her entire body to

break off, shatter, and scatter in many pieces. Icy flesh flew everywhere as I

walked back to the Harley, which had changed back to normal. I hopped back on

and rode back to town, saying to myself, "Now, it's right."

Chapter 6: Road Trip

I parked my Harley back at the bar and looked through the window. There was Jose

holding on to a table in case the giantess would come through here. Won't he be

relieved to see me.

I entered the bar and Jose nearly fainted when he saw me. "Senor! You're alive!"

he exclaimed.

"Call me Jake, and yes, I'm still alive."

"How did you take her down, man? She had to be huge."

"She was. But I used what I had in my arsenal to take her down."

"Then, you better do more of the same, Jake."

As Jose said that, he handed me a telegram. It was from an unknown location and

it read the following:

'We have reason to believe that this establishment was instrumental in the

destruction of the Amazon installation. Therefore, our soldiers are coming here

to destroy this place and everyone in it'.

As I read this, I went upstairs and started to pack my things. Jose stared at me

with a bewildered look on his face. "Why are you packing, Jake?" he asked.

"I'm going to New York. I'm going to take the Empress down. If you were smart,

you would leave here too."

"But this is my home and my business."

"It won't be for long when those amazons come here."

Jose left my presence as I finished packing my stuff. I began to head down the

hall when I hear crashing noises coming from downstairs. I went to the top step

and leaned over the railing to see what was happening. Down in the bar were ten

amazons ransacking the place and drinking the liquor. Five more came in and

began to head upstairs. I turned and ran back to my room as I pulled my Magnums

from behind me. I closed the door and locked it. If I were getting out of here,

it would be the hard man's approach of doing it. I aimed my guns at the door,

preparing for one of the amazons to bust through it.


I heard a loud sound from the hall. I unlocked the door and opened it to see a

sight I would never see. There on the floor was a bleeding Amazon with no head

and standing over it was Jose with a .44 Winchester rifle in his hand, the

barrel still smoking from the blast. His other hand was holding a large machete

knife. "I'm coming with you," he said to me in a stern tone.

"Wait a minute. Are you sure that you know what you're getting into?"

"Yes, I do. I want to help you."

"Okay. You're in."

I shook his hand just as the other amazons reached the top stairs. Jose and I

pointed our guns at them and let loose a large volley of bullet fire. Two of

them laid dead while the others were slowly heading towards us. The two of us

saw a chandelier hanging and I fired at it. A bullet hit the cable and the

chandelier came crashing down to the floor. That was our distraction. I motioned

Jose to run with me and, with each of our stuff, both of us climbed on the

Harley and sped off eastward towards our destiny.

Chapter 7: Electric Times

"Be on the lookout for two men riding a nitro-charged Harley. They were last

seen near Iowa. They are extremely dangerous and they must be destroyed. Do this

for the honor and glory of the Empress."

That was the poster I read as Jose and me ate at a small cafe in downtown

Chicago, what's left of it anyway. This cafe is next to the remains of the Sears

Tower after the Empress destroyed it. I had a ham sandwich while Jose refilled

the Harley's tank. We were still on our way to New York to stop the Empress.

Jose came to me while I was eating my

sandwich. "The tank is filled, Jake," he said to me. "Should we take off?"

"Sure thing. Just let me pay the waitress and..."

A crashing noise interrupted my sentence as several cooks and waiters run from

the kitchen. I can hear falling plates, pots, and pants from inside, as well as

the sound of tearing fabric. Something was going on in that kitchen, and I bet

that something was growing. I turned to Jose and said, "Let's get out of here."

Most of the people took the hint as they ran out of the cafe with us to see what

was going on. A beautiful lady was rising from the roof of the cafe in all her

naked splendor. Jose went to the Harley and grabbed his rifle as I reached

inside my trenchcoat and grabbed my Magnums. "It's showtime, again," I said to


The black-haired beauty looked at the two of us with hate-filled eyes. "On

behalf of the Empress, you must die!" she said to us.

She stepped out of the ruined cafe as everyone else around us ran away from each

other. She stopped growing at around 90 feet, so she should be easy to take care

off. I thought wrong as the giantess raised her left hand at us and electric

bolts shot out of her hand. Jose and I dodged the electric blast and fired our

guns at her. The bullets had no effect on her as they hit some sort of electric

field that was surrounding her. The giantess shot another blast at us when she

spoke, "I was specially created by the Empress herself to have special abilities

that no other amazons or giantess has. Five more of us were created like me and

if I don't kill you, they will."

Another lightning blast came from the palm of her hand, this time hitting a car

that was near Jose. He ducked just in time, but the force of the explosion sent

Jose into unconsciousness. "Jose!" I yelled as I ran to my friend, but another

blast separated us. I knew that I had to take her out once and for all. Reaching

into my trenchcoat, I grabbed my grenade launcher as I was running from the

electro-giantess. I turned the dial to 'Hydro' and aimed the launcher at her

firing hand. I fired my gun, sending a grenade towards her. It came into contact

with her electric field and it exploded, sending the contents of water onto the

field. The effect electrocuted the giantess, pleasing me to the core. I wasn't

prepared for what was about to happen next. As her own field was frying the

giantess, the field expanded and exploded. The explosion sent forceful shock

waves everywhere, one of them hitting me hard and sending me into


Chapter 8: The Encounter

"Wake up. Wake up, Jake. Come on, man."

I was hearing those words as I came from my unconscious sleep. I groaned a

little bit while I opened my eyes to see Jose standing over me. He gave me a hug

as I said with a giggle, "Jose. You're okay."

"Yeah, man. I'm okay. How are you feeling?"

"Okay, I guess," I said as I saw our surroundings. I was sitting on a cot in an

office-looking prison. Other men were sitting on cots as well.

"Where are we?" I asked my partner.

"Would you believe, New York City?"

"New York City? Are you kidding me?"

"No, sir."

"Well, how long have I been out?"

"A few hours, I think."

I checked my watch to see if he was right. It was 4:30, three hours after our

encounter with the electrical giantess. "What is this place?" I asked.

"The Empire State Building. The amazons turned it into a prison for slaves and

men who are a part of some resistance groups. I overhear some of their

conversations and stories."

"Well, it's time to bust out of here."

I reached into my trenchcoat to pull out my guns, but I find that they are

missing. In fact, all of my guns are gone. "My guns. They're gone," I said as I

keep looking for my guns.

"I know," Jose said to me. "They took everything from us. Even the Harley is

impounded somewhere."

"They didn't take everything."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see."

Suddenly, the cell door and an amazon appeared. She looked at us and pointed her

finger at our direction. "You two," she said. "Come with me. It's time to meet

your fate."

We were blindfolded, handcuffed, and taken to a secret location somewhere. It

didn't take us long to get there. When we arrived, I sensed that something was

going to happen to my friend and me. Our blindfolds were taken off as the Amazon

said, "Bow down to the Empress."

Jose and I looked up and our mouths instantly dropped. Jose said something in

his native tongue, but I think it went along the lines of what I said, "Oh my


In front of us was the Empress in all her glory. She was freaking' gigantic.

From where we stood, we were 5 feet under her big toe. Her blonde hair went down

to her shoulders as it flowed with the breeze. Her breasts were massive, but

were very firm. Her legs were slender and trim and her thighs were built to

perfection. She looked down at us with her powder blue eyes. "So," she said.

"These are the men that caused so much trouble."

"Yes, my Empress," the Amazon said. "The one in black was the one who destroyed

the Amazon installation in New Mexico. He also killed a lot of amazons and

giantesses, including his last battle in Chicago."

I was relieved to hear that I was successful in killing the electro-giantess. My

relief turned to fear quickly when the Empress reached for me. She picked me up

with her fingernails and rose me up to her face. The rise upwards made me feel

like I was on a roller coaster. And I hate roller coasters. She got me to her

eye level and stared at me and my attire with those massive pupils of hers. She

said to me, "Such a puny man to have caused all of that. Maybe you need to be

taught a lesson that you will never forget."

At that, she tilted her head back and opened her mouth. It looked like a

gigantic, bottomless pit. I knew that I didn't have much time. It's time for my

'other' weapon.

My eyes turned white as I transformed into the cybolf. My teeth got sharper and

the metal claws were released from my knuckles as the process went full circle.

The Empress saw my transformation and her eyes lit up in surprise. "Very

impressive," she said. "But it still won't save you."

"Wanna bet?"

I swung both of my arms and my claws broke the fingernails that were holding me.

I fell down and landed on her large amount of cleavage. I rolled down it like

rolling down a hill of grass. Finally, I fell from her breasts and began my long

descent downward. I spread my arms and my trenchcoat became my personal

parachute again as I floated towards the ground. Aiming nicely, I pointed my

legs at the Amazon that was holding Jose. I drop a kick at her and landed next

to my friend, cutting his handcuffs as well to free him. "My goodness," Jose

said to me. "What happened to you?"

"It's my backup plan."

I jumped on top of the fallen Amazon and stabbed her in the heart. I turned and

looked at the Empress with my beast-formed eyes. She looked at me with anger and

yelled, "Die, you bastard!"

She raised her mighty foot in the air over us. That was our cue to run out of

here. We saw a door and we ran to it as a giant shadow slowly descended upon us.

Jose panted rapidly as we continued our race to our goal. We got to the door and

opened it just as the Empress's foot came crashing down to the ground, sending

quaking shockwaves everywhere. We just made it through. We locked the door and

panted as we leaned on the door. "I can't...believe...that we...made it," Jose

said as he tried to catch his breath.

"Me either," I said.

"Well, what do...we"

"Get our stuff back."

Chapter 9: Operation: Jailbreak

In the immortal words of a famous Soundgarden song, "Hard-headed, fuck you all."

That's what Jose and I did to the amazons: fucked them all, so to speak. I was

still in my cybolf form and Jose had a spare machete knife strapped to his leg.

Through our escape from the Empress's lair, we killed at least 15 amazons on our

way into a large storage room. We entered through the double doors to find lots

of boxes stacked up on each other. "Maybe our weapons are in one of those

boxes," Jose said as he cleaned his blade with a dirty piece of cloth.

"Maybe," I said. "Let's check them out."

We searched through several boxes and crates, each of them containing weapons

that resistance groups used against the Amazon armies. I grabbed a mailbag and

put some of the weapons in the bag. Jose did the same thing. Finally, I came to

a box that was marked with four X's. I didn't know why it was labeled like that,

but I didn't care either. Using my claws, I opened the box and it revealed two

shiny .45 Magnums. My guns.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I changed back to my normal self. "I found them,"

I yelled at Jose.

He ran over to me just as I pulled out his rifle. I handed it to him and he

kissed the barrel of the rifle. All of our weapons and equipment were reloaded

and back on our persons just in the nick of time. The double doors busted open

to reveal several amazons looking pissed off at us. As they ran towards us, we

aimed our guns at them and released our firepower. Each of them resisted the

first few shots as they headed towards us, but finally succumbed to the bullets'

power. As we were firing our guns, Jose noticed something from the corner of his

right eyes. He saw something chained to the floor that looked familiar to him.

He finally turned around and there was the Harley. He aimed his rifle at the

chains and blasted them off of the Harley. I saw what he did and patted him on

the back as we ran to the bike. We got the mailbags and put them on the back of

the Harley. Jose reached into my trenchcoat and pulled out my grenade launcher

as I flipped the ignition switch, giving the Harley life again. We rode around

the storage room and found a garage door in front of us. Jose pulled the trigger

and launched a grenade at the door as I kicked the nitros into high gear. The

grenade destroyed the door just as we went through the hole it created, leaving

behind a cloudy patch of smoke where the hole is. "Where to now?" Jose asked me

as we saw daylight.

"Back to the Empire State Building. We're going to perform a jailbreak."

We left from what looked like an underground bunker in the harbor area in New

York City. The Harley rode through the empty streets of the city as we saw the

Empire State Building in view. Minutes later, we arrived at the towering

building and parked near the front entrance. Jose loaded his rifle as we entered

the skyscraper. I turned to my partner and said, "Our objective is to find the

power generator and destroy it in order to free the others. Got it?"

"Sure thing, Jake. I know that one of the men said that the generator was in the

sixth floor near some sort of transformation device."

"Did you just say 'transformation device'?

"Yes. Why?"

"We're in trouble if we don't destroy that thing."

I explained to him what that transformation device did by telling him what

happened at the installation back in New Mexico. His face turned as white as a

ghost afterwards.

We walked the stairs up to the sixth floor door. I looked through the door's

small window and saw several amazons guarding a door that was to the right of

us. "This is going to be tougher than I thought," I said softly to Jose.

"What do we do?"

I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a mini-C4 charge. "You distract

them while I put this in the room and set..."

Just then, we felt a small tremor. We have been feeling these tremors since our

escape from the Empress. She must be pissed off now. I nodded my head to Jose

and he entered the sixth floor hallway. He fired his rifle everywhere, hitting

and killing two amazons. The amazons ran to him and Jose fled the scene, going

upwards on the stairs. The rest of the amazons followed him, making my attempt

free and clear. I entered the hallway and opened the now-unguarded door. There

was a cylinder-looking generator and the transformation device. I placed the

charge on the generator and set it for 30 seconds. After setting it, I ran out

of the room and out of the hallway. I was heading downstairs when I saw a

screaming Jose running down the stairs. "They're after me! They're after me!" he


We both ran down the stairs just as the charge exploded, destroying the

generator and the transformation device. What I didn't know was that as the

sixth floor was being destroyed, those amazons that were chasing Jose were

caught in the fiery blaze. In the distance, I can hear the cell doors opening

and the prisoners screamed with jubilation, as they were free from their prison.

Jose and I made it to the front entrance where the Harley was. We grabbed the

mailbags and undid them, giving the prisoners guns and weapons galore as they

left the building. One man grabbed a M-60 blaster cannon and approached me,

saying, "My name is Kevin Condows, leader of the resistance against the


"Glad to meet you," I said as I shook his hand. "I'm Jake Mitchell, bounty

hunter. This is my partner, Jose."

As Kevin and Jose were shaking hands, another tremor was unleashed, this one

more powerful than the last one. Suddenly, a gigantic bulge was forming in the

streets a mile from where we were standing. It stretched one city block and it

continued to grow. Finally, the bulge busted open, destroying several buildings

in the process. The hole revealed a gigantic blonde head rising from the streets

of New York City. It was the Empress. "She must have been growing out of her

lair," I thought.

She continued to grow bigger as she climbed out of the hole she created. She was

more god-like than ever. All of the former prisoners raised their new weapons at

her, including Jose, Kevin, and me. The Empire State Building came up to her

calves as she stopped growing. "Well, well, well," she said to us in a booming

voice that would wake the dead. "You are free now, but so am I now. And I know

who will remain alive in this battle."

"Yeah, us!" I yelled as I fired my Magnums at the goddess. Everyone followed

suit and fired their weapons as well.

The war has begun.

Chapter 10: First Strike

Missiles and grenades flew in the air towards their projected target as they

were launched from their launchers with sudden quickness. Their target was the

god-like giantess known as the Empress. The projectiles impacted on her thighs

and hips, but there were no signs of damage on her. Not even a single bruise.

Back on the ground, Jose, Kevin, the newly formed resistance, and me army took

on the Amazon army on their turf as they had arrived a short time after the

Empress entered the city. Bullets and grenades were flown towards the hulking

women with little results. They didn't care any weapons; their brute strength

was their weapon and their defense. One Amazon punched a man in the chest,

sending him flying through the entrance of the Empire State Building. The Amazon

army outnumbered us 3 to 1, but we continued the fight.

Kevin fired his blaster cannon at an Amazon and killed her and two others behind

her, their blood and body parts scattered everywhere. He turned to me while I

was firing my Magnums at the army, hoping to turn the tide of this war in our

favor. "We need to retreat and regroup," he told me. "We won't survive like


"You're right," I said as I reloaded my guns. "But where would we hide?"

Jose heard this and said, "How about Central Park? The trees would make good

hiding places."

"Great idea. Let's go."

Kevin yelled at our forces to pull back from the front. The Empress saw our

retreat and her face crept a wicked smile. She raised her gigantic foot in the

air and aimed it at our retreating army. Jose and I got on the Harley and sped

our way down to Central Park. Kevin was getting in a blue Ford F-150 along with

a few other soldiers. He hotwired the truck and got it to run. Other soldiers

got in vans and cars that were abandoned by the citizens of New York City. A

total of twenty-two vehicles made it so far. Others were getting into more

vehicles when they suddenly felt a crashing blow come to them. The Empress

stomped her foot on the ground, sending some of our men to their deaths and the

Empire State Building was rocked off its foundations and came down as the ground

quaked under the Empress's weight. She started to caress her body as she felt

the men dying under her foot and she closed her eyes, concentrating on growing


We set up our position in Central Park. Kevin had a map of the park and let me

and Jose see it to know where we stand. "This is a very large park," he said to

us. "We can hide behind the trees and bushes for cover and some snipers can

climb up the trees for their shots."

"That's good for the Amazon army," I said. "But what about the Empress? As you

saw, nothing can take her out."

"On the outside, yes. If we can find something chemical to take her out from the

inside, it would kill her."

A light bulb flashed in my head. I remembered how I took out the giantess in New

Mexico. I used the grenades that contained liquid nitrogen. "Kevin, I have your


Nightfall. One of our scouts overheard the amazon army that they were planning a

night strike against us when we were sleeping. Anticipating this, we hid within

the trees and bushes, preparing for our ambush. Slowly, the amazons walked this

way. They saw our vehicles and started to approach them. I guess they figured

that we would be sleeping in them. The lead Amazon, a 15 foot brunette, ripped

over a van's sliding door and looked inside. On the seat was a note that said in

black ink, "SURPRISE, SUCKERS!"

"Now!" I yelled and all of us opened fire at the distracted women. They didn't

know what hit them. Our entire arsenal was used against them. Each Amazon lost

her life after a dozen or more bullets. The amazons quickly rebounded and headed

towards us. The snipers saw this and took aim. They fired their high-powered

rifles at the heads of the amazons, killing them instantly. After 30 minutes of

fighting, over 30 amazons died, and there were 45 of them. The rest fled and

headed back to the city. "We did it!" Kevin yelled as our troops celebrated our

rare victory.

"Great job, guys," I said to all of our men.

"Well, now what?"

"In the morning, you take the troops back into the city and fight off the rest

of the Amazon army."

"What about you?"

"Me and Jose will be doing a new operation. Operation: Frostbite."

Chapter 11: Taking the Plunge

Later that night, I was adjusting the Harley's flight system and Jose reloaded

the grenade launcher with the grenades that contained liquid nitrogen. This new

mission would either win the war for the resistance or prove once and for all

that the Empress was invincible. I shuddered at the second option. Jose turned

to me after the last grenade was loaded. "Hey, Jake. Do you think that this will


"If it doesn't, then we're doomed."

"I hope it works, my friend. This world has suffered enough because of the


"Amen to that."

I made the final adjustment to the flight system and shut the hood. I patted

Jose on the shoulder and said, "Let's get some sleep. We have a big day ahead of


Morning. Kevin got the troops prepared and ready for Operation: Frostbite. They

were to return to the city and finished off what's left of the Amazon army.

While they did that, Jose and I would take out the Empress with the 'chillers'

as we called them. Kevin was finishing giving the men a pep talk when Jose and I

rode up next to him. "Are the troops ready for action?" I asked him.

"Yeah. They're ready, are you?

"YES, SIR!" said the troops in unison.

"Glad to hear it," I said to them. "Let's hope that we all come back in one


The Harley rode out of the area as Kevin said, "Okay, men. Let's do this for


The troops cheered and ran to their vehicles.

We returned to the remnants of New York City. The troops left their vehicles and

prepared their weapons for battle. They split up into different squadrons and

walked around town, looking for their female targets. Finally, Kevin and his

"freedom" squad found the remains of the Amazon army at what was once Yankee

Stadium. He pointed his M-60 blaster cannon at them and fired it at them. The

blast caught the amazons off guard as it nearly hit them, sending three of them

flying in the air. The rest of the resistance troops opened fire as Operation:

Frostbite was under way.

Meanwhile, Jose and me flew past the ensuing battle as the Harley took flight

for its mission. Jose readied the grenade launcher as I flew towards our target.

Then, 3 minutes into our flight, we saw the Empress in view. She was 2 miles in

height as she stood where the Statue of Liberty once stood in the water. She saw

us heading towards her, knowing that we came to take her out. I turned to Jose

and said to him, "Pray that this works. If not, may God help us all."

Chapter 12: Double Trouble

'Terror' and 'Sub' squadrons heard the gunshots from Yankee Stadium and ran to

help them out. 'Freedom' squad forced the Amazon army back inside the confines

of the stadium. Kevin led the squad inside as the other two squads followed

behind as backup. The amazons ran faster than the rebels did, making them out of

sight for a minute. Kevin looked around the stadium as the troops kept a close

eye on their surroundings. One of the soldiers saw the thermostat rising as the

temperature. Kevin started to break a sweat as he said, "Is it getting hotter in


As the men nodded their heads in agreement, a wall of intense flames suddenly

appeared in front of them. The wall reached to the top of the ceiling. From the

wall came a giantess. She was a 40 ft. redhead with a red teddy on. She looked

down at the rebels. "I'm Inferno, goddess of fire. And you all will burn!"

Jose and I reached the water as the Harley approached the Empress. She just

stood there, looking at us as we come towards her. She continued to smile a

wicked grin as I poured on the gas. Suddenly, a large bubble of water appeared

under us and exploded, sending me, my partner, and the Harley into the water. We

swam up to the surface just as a giantess rose from the water. She was a

blonde-haired giantess whose supermodel body was stunning. She turned to us and

smiled. "I'm Aqua, goddess of water. You will not kill my Empress, but you will


With that, she closed her eyes and used the water's current to sink us to the

deep. Jose and me struggled to keep afloat, but the currents were too strong. I

look at Jose and noticed that he still had the grenade launcher in his hand. I

motioned to him to fire at Aqua from below while I retrieve the Harley. I

grabbed the handlebars of the Harley and got on it a Jose fired a 'chiller' at

the water goddess. The projectile hit her in the upper thigh, sending the liquid

nitrogen through her body and into the water. Jose grabbed my hand and I help

him onto the Harley. The flying bike soared upward as it blasts out of the

water. We saw Aqua frozen still in the water, which had its own little patch of

ice. I pulled out my shotgun and aimed it at her. I pulled the trigger and two

shells were launched from the barrel. The shells hit her head, blowing it up to

a million pieces. Kicking in the nitros, it's time to face the Empress.

A rebel soldier flew into the window of a concession booth as he burned in

flames, sending shards of glass everywhere. Kevin and the rest of the rebels

opened fire on Inferno, but nothing happened to her. She absorbed the exploding

fire of the arsenal, making her stronger each time. She aimed her hand and fired

a fireball at some troops, exploding upon them and sending them to a fiery

grave. Kevin looked up and saw a rusty sprinkler as he fired his cannon at

Inferno. She took the blast with a soft moan. Kevin aimed his cannon at the

ceiling and fired a blast at the ceiling. The blast created a large hole above

Inferno as several pipes and wires were severely damaged. Suddenly, a gush of

water fell on top of Inferno, destroying her powers and the wall of flames. The

troops saw this and unleashed everything they got on her. The bullets pierced

her entire body as she fell to the floor, dead. 'Freedom' squad celebrated their

win, but they heard louder jubilation and cheer coming from the baseball field.

"What the hell?" Kevin said as he ran towards the diamond.

In the middle of the field was the Amazon army being surrounded by 'Terror'

squad. One of their soldiers ran to Kevin as said, "They surrendered! We won!"

'Freedom' squad went into high excitement, but Kevin was still calm. "We haven't

won yet," he said to his troops. "It's up to Jake and Jose now."

Chapter 13: Chilled to the Bone

The Harley flew closer to the Empress as she squatted down and spread her legs,

revealing her mammoth pussy to us to see. The sight nearly drove Jose and me

insane, but one body part on each of us rose to the occasion. Jose reloaded the

grenade launcher after taking out Aqua, the water goddess. Suddenly, a roaring

yellow stream started out of her and aimed it at us. Swaying her hips, she

squirted her piss at us. I dodged each blast, but the smell of it was

unbearable. Jose and I held our breath until we can get clear of her womanhood.

With one hard yank on the handlebars, I pulled upwards and went straight up

towards her gigantic face. We were away from her pussy, but something much worse

came at us. The Empress clapped her hands right in front of us, sending a

booming thunderclap at us. The thunderclap hit us hard, sending the Harley down

and making Jose and me nearly deaf. I fought to regain control of the Harley,

but something already had my attention. The Empress had reached into the

harbor's waters and grabbed a statue from the deep. It was the Statue of

Liberty, and the Empress was about to put her someplace bad. She put the torch

of the statue inside her and began to make love to it. Jose stared in fear as I

straightened out the Harley. Her lovemaking was making her bigger, her height

increasing tenfold as she neared orgasm, screaming frantically while her face

flew everywhere. I looked at her growth and said to Jose, "Get that launcher

ready. We're going in!"

She finished her session as the water created waves that were never thought

possible because of that huge orgasm. The Empress stood up at her full height at

5 miles. The harbor could hardly cover her feet anymore. She dropped the Statue

of Liberty into the water and looked straight at New York City. "Rebels! Prepare

to be destroyed!" she said as she stepped out of the harbor and headed towards

Yankee Stadium.

I kicked the nitros in overdrive and flew towards her. Jose aimed the grenade

launcher at her, waiting for my signal. With one step, she decimated the area

that was the Bronx, Brooklyn, and half of Times Square. I flew upwards, passing

her massive body and those breasts. They were, literally, the size of mountains.

Finally, I passed her neck and make it towards her mouth. I heard another

bone-crunching step being made by the Empress as she continued her trek. I knew

that Kevin and the resistance army had to be seeing this and, hopefully, running

for their lives. Her pouty lips opened slightly as I flew above them. "NOW!" I


Jose fired 4 chillers at the opening. They all made it through. I decided that

it was time to make tracks. We flew away from the towering woman just as she

raised her foot over Yankee Stadium. Suddenly, she put her hand on her stomach.

Her insides were becoming frozen thanks to the liquid nitrogen. She didn't look

so good as her raised foot went backwards, landing one block away from the

ballpark. She put her other hand on her stomach as she fell to her knees. Her

face showed signs of pain. Just then, her eyes closed and began to fall

backwards. The Empress collapsed to the ground with a mighty THUD! and laid

still. She was finally dead.

Kevin and the rebels celebrate with joyous glee. Hugging, shaking hands, and

jumping around were the main points of the event. I landed the Harley near the

parking lot of Yankee Stadium and was greeted by an excitable Kevin. "You did

it! I can't believe you did it!" he said to me as we embraced in a hug.

"I didn't do it alone. Jose pulled the trigger."

"That's true. Great shooting there, Jose. I thought that we were done for."

"Thanks, Kevin," Jose said as he shook Kevin's hand. "I thought that too."

"Well, come on, guys. Let's celebrate!"

That night, the Empress's body was set ablaze by the rebels as we partied hard

around our campsite in Central Park. Everyone had fun around the campfire,

except for me. I was pondering in my mind that I might have forgotten something

important. I traced through my brain through the events that happened to me so

far. Finally, it came to me. "I knew that I forgot something," I said to myself.

I stood up and walked towards the Harley. Jose saw me doing this and ran towards

me. "Hey, Jake," he said rapidly. "Where are you going?"

"There's something that I have to do, Jose. I have to do this one alone. I hope

you can understand."

I turned the Harley on and rode out of the park, heading southward.

Chapter 14: Secrets Revealed

Washington, D.C.

The place where I began my career as a FBI agent. The place where I was nearly

killed by the Empress. The place that I have returned to.

I parked my Harley near the crumbling building that used to be a hall of

records. This was the place where I was nearly killed. I was surprised that the

building was nearly still intact. I entered inside and went to the video room.

All but one TV was destroyed. I went to the file cabinets and searched through

the videotapes. "There has to be some recordings of the Empress," I said to

myself. "I just know it."

Finally, my search was over. I found a tape that was dated June 3, 2000. The

exact day that the Empress was born. It also had an inscription, saying:


I went to the lone TV and turned it on. Checking below me, I found a working VCR

and I put the tape inside. The TV flickered and a picture appeared on the set.

It showed a blonde woman in a long lab coat and black high heels. She was

adjusting the camera as I recognized her immediately. It was the Empress!

She began to speak:

"Hello. My name is Dr. Anna Loinds. I am taping this experiment, which is called

the Empress Project. I am sick of society being the way it is today. I have an

abusive husband and this job is driving me insane. That's why I'm going to

change it. Forever."

She touched a button on a large console and laid herself on a table. Metal

straps embraced her and held her tight as two syringes came towards her head,

each of them carrying the same serums as in the installation in New Mexico. They

punctured her in each temple, injecting the serums into her head and brain. The

process happened almost instantly. Her lab coat filled up as her body began to

grow. The metal scraps groaned as they tried to resist her transformation. After

a minute, she grew three feet taller. The metal scraps broke from her as she

stood up from the table. Her lab coat was hugging her arms tightly as the

sleeves were ripped away from her muscles. She turned to the camera and said,

"The world is mine."

She hit the camera and it fell to the floor, shutting itself off in the process.

I stared at the fuzzy picture, now knowing the entire truth. "My god! Her

ability wasn't in-born. It was chemically-induced."

I left the video room, still stunned by the news that I received. As I was

walking, I look down and saw something that I thought I would never see again.

It was my FBI badge. I stared at it and remember the days as a rookie just

learning the ropes of being a true agent. I took a step forward and felt my feet

fall from the floor. I fell through a trap door and into a dark room. I landed

on the cold ground and looked around. It was dimly lit with the light that fire

usually produces. I found myself to be in an underground area. Regaining my

balance, I saw that there was an area below me. I looked down and what I saw

shocked the hell out of me. There was a cryogenic capsule containing a

normal-sized clone of the Empress. It also had a timer that was going down. It

was on 24:35 and counting. Three amazons and a being I never saw before guarded

the capsule. She was 20 feet tall and her black hair was wildly scattered

everywhere. She also had a coat of black fur covering her and 1-foot metal claws

on each fingertip.

I knew that this would be the final battle for Humanity's survival. If that

capsule opens, a new Empress will walk among us. With that in mind, I grabbed my

Magnums, took a deep breath, and leaped to the ground below.

Chapter 15: Survival of the Fittest

My black boots touched the ground as I landed between two of the amazons. My

arms outstretched to point my guns at them. Without looking, I pulled the

triggers and fired several bullets at their necks. They were killed instantly.

The other Amazon ran towards me and I fired my guns at her, piercing her with

several bullets. She fell to the ground, twitched a little bit, and died. I was

running towards the cryogenic capsule when I was bum rushed by a sudden force,

knocking my Magnums from my hands as I fell to the ground. I tried to get up,

but someone was holding me down. It was the fur-coated giantess. She looked at

me with yellow, cat-shaped eyes. "I am Wildchild, and you are dead!"

She raised her hand at me, letting those long metal claws hang above me. I

managed to free my legs and pushed her off me. Getting up instantly, I looked at

her as my eyes began to glow that white color and said, "Then, let's make this

an animal affair."

I transformed into the cybolf and unleashed its fury at Wildchild. I jumped up

and slashed her on her cheek. She touched it as blood dripped from her

four-slotted wound. She roared a loud growl and swung her claws at me. I jumped

out of the way, but her long arms made the difference as her claws struck my

mid-section. I clinched my gut as I fell to my knees, trying to keep the blood

from leaving me. Before I knew it, Wildchild swung her massive arms at me again,

this time hitting me on the side of my face. I was knocked to the ground,

bellowing because of the pain. "Well," Wildchild said to me. "It looks like I

will get to feast tonight after all."

Something snapped in my head as I closed my eyes. It was a feeling that I never

felt before. It was like two minds being forged into one. A new rage, a new

sensation, and a new person within me was being made. I opened my eyes and found

myself in a new state of being. My eyes were back to normal, but I was still in

my cybolf form. I came to realize that the cybolf and my own self have combined

into one because of the trauma that was inflicted on me. A new Hunter is born.

I turned my head to see Wildchild about to grab me. I leaped up quickly and

tackled her in the gut. My attempt almost worked as she did fall to the ground,

but so did I. I got up and ran to the fallen beast. I got on top of her and the

grenade hit the wound head on. Her body exploded in a thousand places, dropping

me in the process. I fell to the ground with her claws still in me. I managed to

pull them out of me and laid myself on the ground. I was saving my strength when

I heard a small beep. The timer on the capsule went off and the door opened to

reveal the new Empress. The cold mist left the capsule as the woman opened her

eyes and slowly stepped out of the capsule. She looked at me lying on the ground

and smiled a wicked grin as cold mist left her now thawed body. At that, she

began to grow.

I didn't have much time. With the last of my strength, I stood up and reached

into my trenchcoat. I pulled out my shotgun and aimed it at the growing Empress.

I fired it and the shells hit her jugular. She still grew, but began to fall

backwards. She dropped to the ground and lay still as her growth stopped. She

was dead. I looked at her dead corpse as I fell to my knees and onto the floor,



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