Giantess Stories: The Incredible Shrinking Sacrastic Man

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The Incredible Shrinking Sacrastic Man


D the B

This story will have 7 chapters

Chapter 1: Visiting my Mother-In-Law

A 43 year old man named Robert Billings has a happy life. He has a wife who is

40 named Maria. He has 3 children, the oldest one being Catherine who is 12. The

next one was a boy named Richard, he is 8 years old. The youngest one was the

baby Gerald who was 2 years old. Robert mysteriously shrinks after a visit to

his mother-in-law.

(Robert narrates)

This story starts with the Billings' planning their vacation. My wife Maria

said, "We are having a hard time deciding where to go for our vacation. Where

would you like to go kids??" Catherine said, "I'd love to go to beachy Florida."

Richard said, "I think that we should go to Maine." Kate said, "FLORIDA!!" Rick

said, "MAINE!!" My 2 kids started to fight. I said, "OK, so we can't decide on

where we are going. This is great. So it looks like we are probably not going to

go on a family vacation this year." All of a sudden, my baby Gerald murmured,



I just said, "Great, vacation paradise. I'm so excited. Hey, do you guys want to

see the bird-lady." Kate said, "Yea, Grandma always has good stuff." Rick said,

"Grandma really needs us, she's all alone in that small log cabin." I said,

"Don't worry, I'm sure Grandma loves her log cabin that I bought with my money!!

Because Uncle Samuel claimed he didn't have the money to buy his mother's house.

So I had to do all the work!!!" Maria said, "I got an even better idea!! Why

don't we take a family road trip, you know take the car down to Arkansas!!" I

said, "Wouldn't it be better if we took a plane. It would be faster. Oh, I get

it!! A family road trip, a nice trip from Springfield, Illinois to Little Rock,

Arkansas. This would be a nice trip. I would have a fun time with my favorite


So my family and I went off to Arkansas. I checked on the internet that the trip

was around 500 miles. And to make things all better for my trip to my

mother-in-law's house. I got to be the person driving the car. We left at 10:00

A.M, I wanted to drive at 30 miles per hour. But my wife insisted that we go

faster, so we can get to our destination as soon as possible.

It was 6:00 P.M, so we finally made it Mother-In-Law's house. What I didn't know

was that something very terrible was going to happen. (I had a feeling terrible

things would happen already.)

I said, "I will take all your bags in, wow it's so much fun taking bags in!!"

The real reason I was doing this was so I could keep my freedom for a few extra

minutes. My son and I had small bags, just with our necessities. But my wife and

daughter, I think they took a little more than what they needed. My daughter's

bag was so heavy, but I just said to myself, "It's better carrying these bags,

then having to spend time with that mean witch lady."

I finally made it in. She squawked (literally squawked, if you watch Jimmy

Neutron, just think of the teacher Ms. Fowl for comparsion), "I know what your'e

thinking I'm going to say, but this is the best house ever. This log cabin is

very nice for a widow!!"

I said nothing. Her name by the way is Ellie. Ellie said, "I made everyone's

favorite food, oysters!!" Maria loves oysters, so she was eager. Rick likes

oysters. Kate didn't like oysters. I hated oysters!!! My family had a bad

experience with oysters, when my dog got food poisoning from oysters when I was

a little kid. The dog was survived, but after that my parents never got oysters

ever again, and mention a lot on how bad tasting oysters were. I said, "Wow

oysters. I think these oysters aren't just oysters. They are a gift from God!!"

Ellie said, "You are just way too sarcastic, you understand that. Some day, your

sarcasm will not work in this world."

I said, "Wow, and you think you know everything." Ellie mentioned, "I'm a

psychic. I see your future tearing into tiny little pieces. One day your family

will stop noticing you. I'm sorry but your life expectancy is quite low!!"

I just said, "Wow, hey look everyone. Grandma Ellie is a psychic!! She can

predict the future." Ellie just snickered and said, "Eat your oysters."

I said, "I don't have to eat my oysters. I'm a grown man!! If I starve here,

that's fine." Ellie said, "Drink your apple juice then."

I said, "Fine, this apple juice looks a little odd."

Ellie said, "You are a picky eater."

I said, "Strangely enough, I'm only picky when here!! How come everyone else's

apple juice looks normal. While mine looks odd, I don't think I should listen to



I said, "Okay, okay!! I'll drink the apple juice." I drank it. I have just made

a terrible mistake.

We spent a week over at my mother-in-law's. Then we drove back.

Maria said, "That was the best trip to my mother's ever."

Kate said, "Why do we have to leave now?? This was a much better idea for Spring

Break than Florida."

I noticed something strange though. When we got home, I realized that I was now

5'8 instead of 6'0. I was now the same height as my wife. I knew that apple

juice looked too weird. My mother-in-law I think shrunk me.

Chapter 2: I'm not adjusting!!

It has been a whole week ever since I was shrunk. I was now 4'10. I was now

smaller than my daughter Kate!! I couldn't believe this was happening, oh so


I said, "That's it. I'm going to the doctor to find about what exactly is

happening to me!!" So I went to my doctor, Dr. Perry. Being I was suspicious

about the apple juice my mother-in-law gave me. I decided to go see how she

contanimated the drink!!

Dr. Perry was never a tall man. He was always kind of short at 5'1. Now he is

taller than me. He seemed surprised when he saw me small. He knew that it was me

(this guy is a joking kind of guy), but he said, "Hello there. Where is your

mother???" I just said, "Very funny. You obviously recgonize me as your patient

Robert J. Billings." Dr. Perry said, "Yes I do. But how did you become so

small." I said, "My sweet mother-in-law I think made a boo-boo with her apple


Dr. Perry said, "I recgonize that sarcasm. I can test this apple juice to see if

any hormones were used. I'm also a scientist who studied chemistry, I think I

can help you with your little problem. This is personal!! You may not know this,

but I'm related to Scott Carey."

I said, "You mean, Scott Carey, the one that mysteriously shrunk. That's just a

movie. Quit with the jokes, doc!!"

Dr. Perry said, "He was my mother's brother. It was a shame. He died at such a

young age too. But all for we know, he could still be alive today. Smaller than

an atom, smaller than an electron, smaller than a..."

I just had to scream. Dr. Perry tested the apple juice. He said, "This apple

juice did shrink you indeed. But your mother-in-law may have been slightly

generous. She didn't put that much radiation in it, meaning you are going to

shrink until you reach one inch. At least you are not going to be like Uncle

Scott. Sigh."

I said, "Wow!! I'm going to be one inch. This is great doc!! Where there are

many perils in the world, I will be food to my baby, an action figure to my son,

a servant to my daughter, and well my wife has more sense to still treat me as

her husband. I still probably will die."

Dr. Perry said, "Don't worry. I'm sure your wife will take good care of you, and

your kids will take excellent care of you!!!"

I still felt like I wasn't adjusting. An inch was terrible, but it wasn't as bad

as shrinking forever I guess. Well I woke up the next day, I saw my wife cooking

meatloaf. I was now 4'8.

She said, "The lucky thing is that I'm not shrinking too!!"

I said, "Wow, first of all, meatloaf wow!!! Also, that's a really inspring

sentence to say about my problems. "Gee, the lucky thing is that I'm not

shrinking too!!" Maria, I thought you understood my problems!!"

Maria said, "I'm sorry for saying that. It's just how I feel!!" For the next

week everything was fine. A week later, I noticed I was 3 1/2 feet. For 15 days,

I have been shrinking. I realized that very soon, I was going to be so small

that I could fit in Gerald's hand. I shivered at the thought. Maria, Kate, and

Rick were much taller than me, and as we speak I'm shrinking to the height of


Chapter 3: Same Size as a Baby!!

"Oh great!!!" Another week passed and it was torture!! I first realized I was

shrinking on April 4, now it was April 26 and now I was 2'4. I realized I was in

trouble. So what happened between this week, I called my mother and she said

something that I'd never guess she would have said (sarcasm can fool anyone).

She mentioned that she always disliked my wife, and mentioned that I should have

never married her. She also mentioned that my father had an even larger dislike

and he would probably put up an even larger fuss, if he was still here that was.

My wife Maria said, "Hunny, you know Kate's birthday is coming up in a week and

she told me she wants a cell phone." I immediately thought about the high

expenses. I wanted to say no, but then Kate walked in. She talked about on how

badly she wanted the cell phone, my sweet humane daughter (she also mentioned

she would step on me, if I didn't). So I said, "All right Kate, I'm going to get

you your cell phone." Kate said, "Thank you Daddy, I love you. There is another

thing I want you to do for me." I said, "What is it, my little honey bun!!" Kate

said, "I want you to come to school with me today."

Kate's friends are pretty wild, so I got terrified. Just pretending my voice was

a little squeak, she took me to her school. She held me like a baby.

I knew that I would be much smaller than I was now, so every moment of my life I

got the chills. I guess my parents were right. I made a wrong decision. Every

second, I felt like I could of found someone better. Seeing my parents both

thinking about the bad side and both with their sarcastic ways, they were made

for each other. I saw Kate's friend, Taia. Kate then said, "Hey Taia, this is my

father, he is really small."

Taia said, "He's so cute. Can I bring him home??" Me go home with Taia?? I

jumped out of Kate's arm, and ran out.

All of a sudden, the principal stopped me. He was a man named Mr. Cauliflower.

Mr. Cauliflower said, "Who's baby is this??" Kate said, "Oh this is my little

brother, I brought him in for show and tell!!" I knew I had to scream. Kate

wasn't treating me like her father anymore. Rick actually has been treating me

like a regular person still. Gerald, well Gerald will think of me as food. I was

lucky I didn't have any pets, but the way Kate is acting towards me. I think we

will get one soon.

I saw Rick, my son. He was just walking with his friends talking. I wondered if

I should go and trust Rick, despite the fact Rick is good-hearted. His friend

Joey, well isn't.

I decide to head towards Rick.

I just said, "HEY RICK OVER HERE!!!"


Giantess Stories: The Incredible Shrinking Sacrastic Man

Chapter 1: Visiting my Mother-In-Law This story will have 7 chapters This story will have 7 chapters D the B D the B by by The Incredible Shrinking Sacrastic M



Giantess Stories: The Incredible Shrinking Sacrastic Man

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Giantess Stories: The Incredible Shrinking Sacrastic Man

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