Giantess Stories: The Intern

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The Intern





Chapter One


           I stared at the desk of my new intern. This was

the part of my job I loved most. These new interns would come in for the summer,

they would wear there shirt mini skirts which would allow us to peek at what was

under the hood, this new intern Carmen was certainly not letting me down. She

had long blonde hair which she had pulled back using a white cotton hair

scrunchy, The hair scrunchy was a blessing as it kept her blonde hair away from

her face showing us her beautiful blue eyes, her full plush lips, her chin which

lead us down to her white V cut tank top which wasn't company code but I sure

wasn't going to tell her to go home and change. Through the V cut I could see

her smallish perky breasts. I always loved the smaller breasts, hers I would

surmise to be about a handful which was just how I liked them. I thought her

breasts were near perfect but that was before I saw her stand up revealing her

toned stomach which showcased her beautiful pierced, along with a short khaki

mini skirt topped off with a dazzling pair of platform sandals.


           “Mr. Richfield” her soft voice filled the room.

I was in a trance for a moment before I heard her say my name again.


           “Sorry, I was day dreaming. It can get pretty

dull around here.” Perfect, I thought to myself. I had gotten use to thinking on

the fly over the years and this time was no different.


           “Here are the files you requested.” her minty

breath wafts over me tickling my nose and drawing me into whatever spell she had

over me. I had never felt like this before. I just wanted to reach out and grab



           “Thanks, can you type these up for me.” I

sputter out a bit dazed.


           “Sure thing” she says as she snaps her bubblegum

and turns around heading back to her desk leaving me in admiration.


           The morning came and went and I hadn't gotten

much done. I had pretended to putts around on my computer all morning crunching

numbers for various projects.


           “Hey Steve-o I brought back Chinese, here ya



           “Thanks Jim, you are a life saver, it's been

crazy up here all day.”


           “I bet” Jim laughs as he makes his rounds

delivering the other orders. I hungrily eat away at my meal until only the

fortune cookie is left. Never been much of a fortune cookie but still a bit

hungry I decide to give-er ago today. I break open the cookie plopping the

cookie into my mouth munching it in one bite while unrolling the paper in my



           “Untold fantasies and desires will be yours

today; you will learn that some dreams should just remain as what they are.” Odd

I thought to myself as I watched Carmen slightly spread her legs showing off

baby blue cotton panties. I cant help but think yum as I head into the washroom.


           As soon as I push the door open I double falling

to a knee. I look around not seeing anyone else here. I fall over to the ground

struggling like a fish out of water. I reach my hands out for anything I can

reach but I soon succumb to the pain and black out.


Chapter Two


           I awoke surrounded by darkness. I try to move

but nothing happens, the smell of lilacs seems to be all around me. I try to

scream for help but I cannot hear my voice. I begin to panic. I try to flail my

limbs but nothing is happening as I continue to scream my in audible screams.


           I begin to slowly calm myself, as I try to

figure out what is going on. I can feel something soft all around me. It feels

like I am on a thousand pillows with a bunch of blankets on top of me. I keep

trying to push them off of me or sit up but nothing continues to happen. I lie

here for sometime before a grinding noise echoes throughout wherever I am. I can

feel everything shake from side to side slightly as everything becomes lighter

in hue yet remaining black all around me.


           “Tonight is gonna be off the hook, everyone is

gonna be at pappy's reliving all that stress before the big crunch.” I fight

through face after face of people I know trying to place the voice but no one

comes to mind as I continue to fight with my surroundings.


           “What do you think of this?” That voice, I know

that voice, it's so familiar. Where do I know it from? I know that I should know



           “You are gonna knock them dead girl.”


           “Good then let me change so we can go.”

Something strong yet soft and warm all at the same time latches onto me. I can

feel myself pressing against myself as I am pulled up out from underneath



           As light hits my body I look down to see a stack

of various types of panties below and above me. I was trapped between layers of

panties, that explains it. I think at first not really thinking about the

statement I had just said in my head. I look out at the room around me; it looks

to be a dorm room, as I don't see any hallways, stairs or doors leading to other

doors. I spot a full length mirror. My jaw drops as I see my intern Carmen

standing there holding some light blue cotton panties in her hands. I look

around trying to find myself but as I look around at my surroundings I can see

and feel her hand holding me as I look back at the mirror. This can't be real,

am I really the light blue panties in the mirror.


           Instantly I feel her warm grip on me release as

I tumble into a crumpled mess at her feet. I try to move but nothing happens. I

just stare up at her seemingly endless nude body. This has to be a dream I

inaudibly scream out as I watch Carmen put on a black halter top and then stare

down at me.


           “Well party panties, this is the last ride.

Let's do it to it” I couldn't believe she was staring right at me as she spoke.

Party Panties? No Carmen you don't understand I try to say as she grips me Receta Baghrir

pulling me apart, my whole body tingles with excitement as she slips her legs

into me. I glide up her legs causing my nerves and senses to explode in sensory


           “Wait” I try to scream as she gives me a final

pull as I snugly press against vagina and butt followed by a snap as it feels

almost like my arms wrap around her waist hugging her tightly as my legs wrap

around each of her thighs as my face is spread from the front, between her legs

to the back of her panties giving me a full view of her vagina and butt as the

same time. I attempt to struggle but it's futile as my struggles are in vein. A

moment later my vision is cut off by a red and black checkered plaid mini skirt.

My only view is straight down at the ground. I can only watch Carmen glide her

feet into a pair of black platform shoes.


           Ironic, I think to myself, I am staring right at

the object of my affection, I am plastered hugging her tightly and I still but a

witness looking in through a window. I am like but a man at museum I can look

but I cannot touch.


           “Lets Partay girls!!” Carmen shouts as I feel

her skirt swish from side to side, her legs stretching and pulling at my very

being, the essence of what I am. Uncontrollable pleasure erupts through my body

like an uncontrollable continuous orgasm.


           “Carmen, Carmen! Please help, it's me!! Mr.

Richfield.” As she stops I hear the door shut and the rustling of keys. My god

that was only six or seven steps out of her room, the clicking of the lock

signifies the end of my moment of rest as Carmen's powerful legs stretch me out,

rubbing me against myself. My cotton body slowly is slowly being tugged into her

butt, Carmen's powerful cheeks pressing me on either side. A heavy boom, boom,

boom of a mighty bass fills the air.


           The temperature changes dramatically being

coming 10 or 20 degree's hotter instantly as the music grows louder and louder.

I continue staring at the floor seeing pair after pair of shoes shuffle by as

Carmen erratically moves her body, I can feel something now firmly pressing

against me.


           “STEVEN!!” I hear Carmen's voice erupt as she

runs pulling me deeper into her anus as my arms continue hugging her waist as my

legs stay wrapped around her thighs, her body mashes against Steve's pressing my

face against her vagina as I hear them kiss.


           As they start dancing nothing but pain mixed

with uncontrollable pleasure fills my body. The sounds of the club start to

drift into silence as the cool outside air nips at me. I can hear the two

kissing once again then part.


           Light finally encircles my body as I tumble to

the floor below. I stare up at the gargantuan Carmen standing like a goddess

above me. She steps away from me towards her dresser as she pulls on some

flannel boxers as bitter coldness starts to fill my body. The body heat from

Carmen quickly passes out of me as her sweat begins to dry.


           I find myself only able to watch as she walks

about her room, unable to contact her in anyway. Here I am in the presence of

the very intern I have been fantasizing about and unable to do anything but

watch her. 


           Days go by as she leaves me on the setting on

the floor. Nothing but an article of clothing, there was a moment of excitement

when stepped down on top of me, her powerful foot sinking into my body as I felt

myself curl around her foot slightly. She looked straight down at me and without

a single thought kicked me to the corner of her room next to a pile of clothes.


           Time passes by ever so gently as boredom swells

through me. I sob at the thoughts of my family probably wondering where I am, or

worried, not being able to see me again. I sadly stare up at the ceiling praying

for this hell to end.


           Morning arrives with Carmen up early, She has on

a pair of shorts and a tank top. She looks down at me and starts reaching

towards me. Delight and anticipation tingles through me as she grabs me balling

me up in her hands. Carmen I try to say but I find myself looking down into a

duffle bag filled with clothes, her powerful grip on me releases as I freefall

into the dark recesses of the duffle bag. I can look up at her for but a moment

before a pile of dirty laundry is dropped on top of me. I can feel the weight

grow by the moment before the entire duffle bag is tossed into what sounds like

her car.


           “I am gonna miss you girls!! Stay in touch.” I

hear Carmen belt out as she closes her door and speeds off.




           Time seems to slowly pass by as I lie here in

her drawer. I have lost complete track of time, seeing only glimpse of Carmen as

she opens and closes the drawer. I having not been worn since that one night to

the dance club I begin to feel distant and alone. If I could I would cry. I am

nothing but a pair of cotton pants in drawer of this young woman.


           The drawer once again opens and much to my

surprise I feel her hand grip me. A new since of belonging engulfs me as I drop

to the floor and she pulls me up her legs. A few moments later khaki skirt is

pulled over me and I feel her on the move as I hug her body tightly. I press

myself against her vagina and anus almost like I am safeguarding it from the

outside world.


           Familiar sounds fill all around me as Carmen

sits down. I find myself looking out from underneath her skirt at her long,

legs, her powerful thighs on either side of me. As her thighs spread apart

slightly I see myself staring at myself, only I am at a desk, at my desk. I look

to be in daze like trance as I look at myself. Its me, this is Carmen's first

day but how can I be looking at myself? I remember back to the lunch I am going

to have later. My fortune, Untold fantasies and desires will be yours today; you

will learn that some dreams should just remain as what they are.


           I sadly stare out at the world resigned to my

fate of being just another pair of panties.

Giantess Stories: The Intern

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