Giantess Stories: THE INTRUDERS by BeverlyC

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Shawna was just returning home after a long day at the

hospital. How nice it would be just to take a hot bath she

thought. Hanging up her white fisherman knit sweater by

the front door , she stepped out of the doorway,

completely unaware of the three intruders in her small


George, Tim and Eddie had used a shrinking device their

science minded boss had developed to sneak into this

apartment a few hours earlier. They were approximately two

inches tall each and had hoped that the effects of the

device would wear off as they had been told it would. It

did not, and now they were trapped in an apartment with

some expensive jewelry, and electronic devices that

weighed tons in comparison to them. Worse yet, the owner

of the apartment had just come home, and they were


Shawna stood about 5'10 inches tall and weighed about

140lbs. Her hair was incredibly blonde and she had a small

mole on her upper lip giving her a look about her not

unlike Marilyn Munroe. She wore black spandex leggings

that showed off her curvaceous frame and tight rear, and

atight T-shirt that stopped just above her waist. Her cute

little toenails were painted a deep red and she dug the

plush carpet with her toes as she walked. BOOM! One of

Shawna's feet stepped down only inches from the group of

three little men knocking them off their feet. She strode

past them and began looking for the remote controll over

near the TV set across the room.

George told his two comrades that he was going to make a

run for the big easy chair situated by the telephone table

near the television, so that he may have a chance to call

the boss and inform him of the mishap. Without another

word he began his long journey to the base of the chair.

Tim and Eddie decided to play it safe and head for the

kitchen, to hide behind the fridge or dishwasher , away

from the gorgeous woman's deadly feet. As they set out

though, their worst fear was realized. Shawna began

walking to the kitchen as well! They pushed and shoved one

another, but to no avail. Shawna's massive sole rose above

them and blotted out the ceiling lights like a dark cloud.

Eddie dove to one side and just escaped death. Tim lost

his footing and found himself staring up at her bare

wrinkled sole. Time seemed to slow down for Tim. He raised

his arms to block the oncoming foot, but to no avail.

Slowly it fell upon him, and the smell of her sweat from a

long days work hit him like a ton of bricks. Shawna

transfered her weight to the foot on top of Tim and he

screamed, and began to crush flat. he felt her sole press

against him and then an unyielding crush that forced his

insides through his mouth in an agonizing few seconds. His

skelleton strained, then crackled and crunched under

Shawnas immense weight. She dug her toes into the plush

carpet as she always did, completely unaware of the little

man she had just flattenned, and continued on to the

kitchen. Eddie stared awestruck at the stain that used to

be his best friend.

George reached up over the front edge of the easy chair

and climbed onto the seat cushion to catch his breath. He

was quite out of shape an the trip had nearly killed him.

He panted and wheezed, but the phone now only feet away

gave him new drive to go on. Imagine his terror when

Shawna approached the chair with a bag of chips and the

remote control she found in the kitchen!

George tried to run, but he was too spent. there he was in

the centre of a seat cushion, and about a hundred tons of

giantess ass about to plant itself right on top of him.

Shawna slowly sat on the chair and snapped on the TV,

totally unaware of the little man she was about to sit on.

George looked up, and saw two of the best looking butt

cheeks he had ever seen lowering down on top of him. He

let out a scream, and was then muffled by Shawna's butt

pressing down on him from above. The weight was soft and

warm at first, then heavy as a hundred elephants. georges

bones snapped left right and centre, and he was still

weezing for breath from the climb. The cushion beneath

him softened the crushing weight somewhat, and for a

couple seconds he thought he was safe. Then he heard a

rumbling from deep inside Shawna's abdomen. He cried

and sobbed because he knew what was coming. With that,

a ripping sound burst georges eardrums instantly. his

lungs were filled with the most foul stench he had ever

known. Shawna let out an "Ahhh" and cracked off another

fart. This one lasted nearly 30 seconds. She crinkled her

nose at the stench and said " geez..I feel sorry for this

chair. I'm surprised it's not melting or something.gross"

George's oxygen supply was cut off for good, and with one

final straining grunt, Shawna farted one last time, the forced

methane bursting georges lungs, and killing him. Eddie

was already on his way to the window sill to take his

chances with the neighborhood animals, when Shawna

rose from her seat..........

Eddie ran as fast as he could through the thick forrest of

plush carpet before him. He moved for all he was worth to

avoid a horrible crushing death beneath the feet of this

massive woman rapidly approaching . Just as he thought

the end had come for him, Shawna stepped over him,

missing him by a fair distance. She walked to the fridge

and began looking for something.

Eddie breathed a sigh of temporary relief, and began to

climb the side of the kitchen counter by way of a floor

lamp that seemed to be the only way to access the kitchen

window which was part way open. "So far so good" he

thought to himself as he landed on the counter top. He

moved as rapidly as he could across it toward the window.

Suddenly, Shawna closed the door of the fridge and

approached the counter! Eddie had to act fast or he would

be seen for sure. Out of despiration, eddie dove into the

sink in attempts to avoid the gaze of the closing

giantess. To his shock, he landed in a tall glass amongst

many other dishes. "great!!" he thought to himself. Now

how the hell am I going to get out of this thing without

making noise?

Shawna looked in the clean glasses. "Crap!"

she said to herself and went to the sink to fish a semi

clean one out. Due to the relative darkness in the kitchen

, and Eddie's small size, Shawna didn't even notice him in

the glass she grabbed as she began to pour milk into it.

Eddie felt like he'd been thrown into the North Atlantic

in the middle of winter. The milk, fresh from the fridge

was close to zero degrees, and now he was sitting in

gallons of it (compared to him at least). He began to

shiver uncontrollably while he sputtered up some of the

milk that flooded his lungs seconds earlier. Shawna rose

the glass to her lips, and for Eddie, time began to slow

down. He knew what was coming, and began to say his


At first, Shawna's form was distorted by the concave

surface of the glass, but then, as she tilted the glass

toward her , he could see her crimson lips parting

slightly to accept the currents of milk now flowing

towards them. Eddie tried his best to fight the flow of

the freezing liquid, but its numbing cold was taking its

toll. Slowly but surely he drifted past the rim of the

glass, and into Shawna's waiting mouth. For a second,

Eddie sat suspended in liquid in her mouth, but then, with

one quick gulp, he was sent past the back of her throat

and began the swift journey down to her stomach. He

screamed as if he was shooting down a roller coaster as

the muscles around him contracted and released, dragging

him down into the pit below. Then, where there had been

freezing moments before, there was a sour smell, and a

welcome feeling of warmth. Eddie had come to a halt in a

pool of Shawna's digestive juices. Like lightning, the

warmth dissappeared and an unimaginable burning pain

enveloped his body. Eddie shook and convulsed as he was

literally being disolved alive by shawna's stomach acid.

He screamed, but soon his voice cracked and faded into a

ghasping wheeze as his vocal chords dissolved . His skin

hung off him like sagging gelatin and he resembled a

skelletal creature now more than a man. His struggling

soon faded as he sliped completely beneath the surface of

the acid pool, and died a death more welcome to him than

all the wealth in the world.

Shawna let out a little burp as she finished off the last

of her milk and a satisfied smile formed on her face. She

patted her tummy and sat in front of the T.V. once again.

A news story about many recent mysterious break ins was

the headline on the local station. "Gee, I'm glad I

haven't had any trouble like that" she said, and with

that, she snapped off the television and strode off to get

ready for bed.

Two pairs of tiny eyes peered around the corner of the

bathroom door. It seems the boss and company were growing

impatient, and had come to check on the boys.....

to be continued again..(if you want)

tell me what you think again. I'll post some more shortly,

and if anyone is interested in a custom story, let me

know. I love writing the things. I've had this fantasy of

being a giantess for just about as long as I remember, and

getting it down on paper is a great way to kinda bring the

dream a tad closer to the surface.


Intruders Part 3 (a short one)By BeverlyC

The boss or 'big al' as they called him when he was his

normal size looked out from the floor of the bathroom to

the vast expanses of livingroom before him. "@!#$!" he

said under his breath. Everything looked untouched, at

least from a burglar's perspective. "those bastards'll pay

for desertin me" he thought to himself. Al knew that

Shawna posessed the bulk of her mother's jewelry, which

was worth more than fourty thousand alone. He also know

that he or his goons would never get past the apartment's

security measures without the shrink ray. Trouble with the

cops was all he needed.

Al and his comparably massive body guard who measure 8'

tall in real life pondered how they would achieve their

goal of reaching Shawna's jewelry box unnoticed. They

hadn't even considered the dangerous pair of feet

approaching from the hallway. Shawna stepped through the

bathroom door narrowly missing stepping right on top of

Al's bodyguard. Looking up, they saw a curvaceous young

woman opening up her medicine cabinet and removing her

toothbrush. "jesus!" muttered Al. We gotta hide..if that Jinn

bitch sees us, we're dead meat!

With that, Al began to move quietly along the base of the

bathroom cupboards to attempt finding refuge behind the

toilet. His body guard stared dumbfounded up at the

towering mass of female dwarfing him from above. Al payed

no attention to his so called bodyguard...if he wanted to

get killed that was his problem. He made his way over to a

basket of magazines wedged between the toilet and the

cupboards. He began scaling the handle of the basket, and

soon found himself staring at the toilet seat. With all of

the strength he could muster, he lept across the chasm

onto the seat which was thankfully closed. He looked up at

the window sill, only feet away now above the back of the

toilet and thought to himself "I'll get this bitch later."

Shawna finished brushing her teeth, and removed her

clothes. She grabbed her nail file, and to al's horror,

began moving toward the toilet! @!#$!! he exclaimed, and

tried to dodge the oncoming woman. Al looked up as

Shawna turned away from him, placing her smooth

round ass cheeks towards the closed toilet. He screamed

in an inaudible voice as she began to sit down. He fell to

his knees and flipped over on his back in time to see one

massive cheek mash into his body. It felt Warm and

smooth at first, but then felt like her was being

crushed in a car compactor. Shawna settled her weight

completely on top of poor Al. She crossed one of her legs

over the other to begin the task of filing her little painted

toenails. She set to work while the little man underneath her

completely unnoticed was in living hell.

Al's rib cage collapsed like a bunch of dried twiggs

stacked on top of one another. Their sickening crunch

brought a wave of pain over him that he had not imagined

possible.He tried to scream, but could get no air. His jaw

dislocated and his skull began to creak and groan under

the strain of what must have seemed like tons of female

bottom. Al's bodyguard , who only moments before saw his

boss dissappear under Shawna's ass shuddered at what

must be happening to him under there. Blood gurgled up

through the remains of Al's mouth and nose, and later

through his ear canals as his head became like a grape

in a wine press.

Shawna sat contented and in actual fact felt rather

comfortable as could be told by the passive smile she wore

on her face. She filed her nails, one after the other,

occasionaly smoothing the tips with her finger.

Finally, growing flatter with each passing second, Al's

remaining skelletal structure gave way, and collapsed on

itself. His body became like paste from Shawna's continued

presence atop it, and soon al was nothing more than a red


The bodyguard ran for his life toward the bedroom, out

into the hall. Perhaps he could find another way out of


to be continued one more time how should I end this..Should he get away? Should

she find him? should she step on him unknowingly? let me

know, and as always, tell me what you think.


The post new message thing isn't working, so I had to

reply to a message. here it is..


By BeverlyC

this is a short one again, on to new stuff. It is finished

with the most popular requests I recieved by email. Tell

me what you think.

The tiny bodyguard had barely left the bathroom when he

noticed Shawna approaching behind him at an alarming

rate. He would be seen for sure! With a deafening shrill

scream, Shawna blurted" IIIEEEEE!! a MOUSE!!!" and

took off into the living room to grab the telephone and stand

on top of the easy chair. The little man was confused at

first, but then relieved that she was so scared of him.

Perhaps he could yet escape alive.

Shawna put a hasty call to her close friend Beverly who

just lived a block away. She knew that Bev wouldn't be

afraid of the disgusting little thing and she may actually

be able to sleep tonight.

The bodyguard ran in to Shawna's bedroom through a gap

left by the slightly ajar door. Littered about he found

underwear, CD's out of their cases , and some empty

snack bags. All of a sudden he felt a strange tingling in his

body. He was actually growing! First one inch, then

another, and another, until he stood almost 2 feet tall.

Surely he could explain himself to her now, and get out of

this mess without getting killed. If he was any taller,

he'd just knock her out and leave anyway.

As he began to head for the main room, Beverly came

through the door of the apartment dressed in a pair of

jogging pants and a t-shirt. Her shoulder length blonde

hair was drawn back in a pony tail. "Jeez Shawna..put

something on why dontcha?" she said in a giggly tone.

The 2 foot tall bodyguard emerged from the bedroom, and

pulled another shrill scream from Shawna's lips. "Is this

your mouse?" asked Bev, almost laughing. "I knew you

liked short guys, but whoa."

"I don't know who that is! I've never seen him before! He

looks like some kind of Circus freak!" Shawna covered up

with a throw laying on the back of the chair and had a

defensive leer on her face.

"So buster..trying to catch a glimpse of my friend here

while your out of the side show?" Asked Beverly in a tone

he found altogether menacing. "I think we ought to teach

this little prick not to exploit helpless women!" With

that, Beverly delivered a kick to the little guy that

doubled him over coughing and gagging. Shawna scurried

into the bedroom and began to put on some clothing. She

emerged wearing cotton leggings and a new white tee shirt.

Beverly picked up the tiny man, and placed him on his back

on the floor in front of the tv. "Come on Shawna, lets

watch some TV for a bit. I've got the perfect cushion for

us right here" With that statement Beverly glared down at

the little man who began to thrash wildly. That soon

stopped when Shawna took a seat atop his lower half, and

Beverly placed her shapely bottom squarely on top of his


The frightened little captive stared in horror as the two

girl's monsterous butts were placed atop him one by one.

Beverly's comparatively enormous weight was disipated

slightly as his face and head slipped between her butt

cheeks. She squeezed him with her rear periodically and

nearly caved in his skull. If someone had been observing

this scene, it would have looked like two girls watching

tv, sitting together, and nothing more, for not a single

bit of the little man beneath them was visible.

After an hour of this crushing weight, they rose off him

and he looked like he was close to being flat. His face

and skin bore the marks and lines of their clothing

material being pressed onto him. He was only halfway

conscious from the several times Bev had passed gas right

into his waiting nose. He was a wreck, but was in for more


"You fuckin bitches!! You're DEAD!!" he screamed with all

the voice he could muster. "Since you feel that way my

friend, we're going to have to make sure that you aren't

able to hurt anyone aren't we?"Beverly replied. With that

she kicked him square in the jaw and he fell head over

heals right into the wall.

Dazed, and nearly unconcious, he looked in horror as

Shawna approched him with a burning hatred visible in her

eyes. "You wanted to see my ass buddy? well take a closer

look!!" With that, she turned away from him and grabbed

his chin from between her legs. She placed his head back

in the corner of the room and kept his back straight

against the wall. She then sat down hard on his face , her

enormous weight being supported by his tiny back and


There she sat balancing nearly all her weight on him,

folding her arms in front of her and grinning down at him

with a satisfied look in her eye. He screamed in absolute

agony as his vertibrae strained against one another, and

his back snapped and popped. Shawna began to bounce

up and down at four second intervals, each time bringing a

loud "pop!" or "crackle" from his hopelessly damaged

back, and a weak scream of pain muffled by her ass.

Soon she stopped, and just sat there listening to the

muffled sound of his crying into her rear. She arose from

his face, and he fell to the floor.

Beverly rolled him over onto his front and stared down at

him. She removed her shoes and socks, and stood atop his

chest cracking audibly two ribs instantly. He again

screamed in pain. "I've had these things on all day...why

don't you tell me if my feet smell?" With that, Beverly

stepped onto his face full weight, with her feet crushing

onto his skull menacing to break it. The smell of sweat on

her feet was overwhelming as he coughed and sputtered

trying to get the foul smelling things off his face.

Finally he managed to open his mouth and bite her for all

he was worth. She screamed and jumped off him.

Beverly sat clutching her heel in pain, while shawna

grabbed his chin again and put him back in the corner.

"C'mon Bev, better sit down awhile to let that heal!" He

screamed and tried to escape, but to no avail. Beverly

walked slowly over to him, and turned to place her butt

just above his face. Slowly she sat down, being sure to

keep his back straight and his face up. "Ahhhhhhh" she

sighed as she settled on top of him. Once again his back

crackled and popped. He wept openly into her butt, and she

replied with a long, moist fart that caused him to choke

and sputter.

After ten more minutes of this agony, Shawna sat on Bev's

lap, adding her weight to the crushing force on thier tiny

captive. He screamed blue murder at this new pain, but the

girls just sat there un-moving. All of a sudden, an

ominous crunch was heard. The girls began to sink down a

couple of inches. Puzzled, they looked down at the

seizuring man underneath them, who's back was now at an

unnatural angle."CRACK!" once again they sank down,

as his vertebrae gave way and displaced one by one. They

simply sat there until the man was nearly flat. They had

crushed his head into his chest cavity, and flattened his

chest cavity horizontally. "That guy won't be bothering

anyone again" said Bev, in a somewhat uncertain tone.

She was amazed and shocked by what they had done, but

still, the feeling of power they both felt at this point in

time was unlike anything they had ever before experienced.

They rose from his body, and discussed how they would

dispose of the "peeping tom's" remains.........





Giantess Stories: THE INTRUDERS by BeverlyC

hospital. How nice it would be just to take a hot bath she Shawna was just returning home after a long day at the Shawna was just returning home after a long



Giantess Stories: THE INTRUDERS by BeverlyC

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Giantess Stories: THE INTRUDERS by BeverlyC

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