Giantess Stories: the It

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the It

by Filo

It was dark out. The clouds loomed over head, as he ran.

Darting in

and out of ally ways and jumping over dumpsters. He had to get away

from it. It was hunting him. He ran into a dead end ally and saw a

door. He tried to open it, but it was locked. He then tried to force

it open by throwing his weight against it and on the fourth try; it

caved in to his persistence. He ran in and slammed it as closed as

its busted up hinges would allow. He ran and hid in the basement. He

felt safer now.

He heard something. A clattering. He nearly screamed when a cat

darted up the stairs a few feet from him. Silly, Billy, it is only a

cat he thought. He remembered the stories his parents used to tell

him about it. That it was a hideous creature from a failed military

experiment back in the year 2025 and that it thrived on devouring

people whole. He always thought it was a load of crap until...

There was a loud kabang. Billy jumped up and held his breath. He

heard a creaking. It was coming for him. The creaking continued,

slowly descending the step. Billy was frozen in fear when he saw its

shadow and shut his eyes as the creaking ended and it moved towards

him. He fell to his knees, to scared to stand when it touched him. He


"Aaaiiiiiiieeee!” Chevy screamed. Billy opened his eyes. His

heart was pounding and he nearly fainted when he saw Chevy, an old

friend from the old days. She continued to scream.

"Chevy? Is that you?” Billy asked.

"Of course it's me you idiot! Are you trying to give me a heart

attack?” Chevy yelled back.

"I'm sorry I thought you were--" Billy stopped in mid


"Did you hear that? Quick hide!” Billy whispered.

"Why?” Chevy asked aloud. Billy Shooshed her and motioned for

her to hurry up and hide. She rolled her eyes and hid behind a box. A

few minutes went by. Chevy sighed.

"It isn't here if that's what you're thinking.” She said.

"What?” Billy said.

"I said, it isn't here. I saw it.” She said. Billy moved over to

where Chevy was crouched.

"What do you mean you saw it?” Billy said.

"I mean I saw it a block down the road. It was dead.” Chevy said.

"How can it be dead? Are you sure? Impossible.” Billy retorted.

"Not impossible and yes I'm sure. Besides I want to get out of

here, it smells funny.” Chevy said and headed for the stairs.

Billy said nothing and followed her.

They climbed the stairs and headed out of the door. They walked down

the ally and down the street for a few miles when Billy spoke up.

"I want to see it.” He said. Chevy stopped dead in her tracks

and turned towards him.

"Why?” She asked.

"Because, I want to know." he said.

"What do you want to know?” Chevy inquired.

"It's none of your business; I just don't want to talk about it.

Not now anyway.” Billy said.

"Fine, it's back this way.” Chevy said.

They walked on until day break when they reached what was called the

common fair grounds by his parents. The wind blew a news paper by

them. Chevy grabbed it and read it.

"New York Times. April 17th 2024 the head line of the day, a

massive explosion in Texas today of the antimatter fusion plant in

husten today triggered a dominion effect across the world. Several

countries have declared war on the pretense that this plant was

developing a new weapon, which could have been used against them.

Several large scale attacks have already taken place on the main land

and a nuke was dropped in Weston late in the night. As a result, the

United States Government has announced a secret program that it says

is nearing completion. A breeding and genetic manipulation program to

design the perfect solder... That's all there is.” She said.

"What is the United States?” Billy asked.

"I don't know, some archaic civilization seeing that it was from

2024. It's around 3672 now so you figure they probably fell long

ago.” Chevy said. Billy sighed. Chevy looked around and found an open


"Let's go in here and rest. We don't want to burn in the sun.”

She said.

They entered the building and traveled down the stairs into the

basement. It had no windows so they were safe. Billy went and

collected things to make a make shift bed as did Chevy. When they

were finished, they both went to sleep.

A few hours went by and Chevy woke up. She looked at Billy for a

while. He was the only other human she knew before it came into

being. She sighed. She got up and went upstairs. The sun had set and

for the next five hours, they would be able to move on. She headed

off to a room that head stacks of boxes and moved her behind one. She

sighed, pulled her skirt up and her panties off, and squatted. She

began to pee. The yellow liquid streamed forth from her body creating

a small puddle that pooled beneath her. Soon she was finished and the

she grunted. Her anus began to open and out from it emerged her poop.

She grunted more and it came out quickly. Once finished she pulled up

her panties and stood letting her skirt fall to her knees. She walked

forward, turned to look at it, and smiled before heading back down to

Billy. It was a foot long and two inches thick with a scrap of red

cloth stuck in the middle.

She neared Billy's ear and screamed.

"It's here! It is here! Run!” She screamed Billy shot up like a

bolt of lighting and was about to run and hide when Chevy began to


"That was not funny at all!” Billy yelled at her. She simply


"You should of seen yourself all jittery and all! Didn't I tell

you it was dead?” Chevy said.

"Yes, but that doesn't make any differ ace!” Billy yelled.

"Oyo boy A bit touchy are we?” Chevy said as the two of them

headed out into the streets and contused down the road.

"Yeah I am. It ambushed Wendy and me once. A few weeks ago.”

Billy said.

"Really? I am sorry. Is that why Wendy isn't with you?” Chevy


"Yes. We were running from it when we were separated. I ran down

one ally way and she kept going. I did not realize it until... Until

I heard her scream. I ran back but...All I found was a scrap of her

red dress.” Billy said.

"I just want to see what that thing is and to see it dead.” He


"Oh.” Chevy said and continued. An hour later, they walked into

an ally and Chevy stopped dead in her tracks.

"What is it?” Billy asked and Chevy pointed forward.

Billy edged forward and saw it, or at least he thought it was it

until he got closer. He looked closer at the pile in front of him.

It was brown and seemed soft and had flecks of cloth in it. Billy

neared it now not afraid when he realized that it was poop. He looks

closer and saw something. A ring. He picked it out of the dung and

looked at it. It was Wendy's. Before he got a chance to turn and ask

Chevy about it, he instantly fell to the ground. Chevy hit him over

the head with a tire iron.

She rolled him over and got behind his head. She squatted down and

whispered in his ear "I'm sorry, but I am hungry."

Chevy then took his head and began to work her lips over his head.

Billy's head easily popped inside her mouth. She pulled his body

towards her mouth and swallowed. His head eased down her throat. She

swallowed again and his shoulders and chest followed. Billy twitched.

He was regaining awareness. She quickened her pace and swallowed

several more times until only his toes were visible. She swallowed on

last time and felt Billy curl up inside her stomach.

Billy awoke. He was wet and it was dark. He felt warm and his head

hurt immensely. He felt around when he heard Chevy's voice from far

away and he screamed. She had told him who it really was.

She laughed as he twitched inside her. He made a good meal as did

Wendy and in a few weeks she would deposit his remains with hers and

move on to new hunting grounds in far away lands, but for now, she


Chevy awoke. The sun had set. She stood and felt a heavy pressure on

her groin. She walked next to Wendy's remains and squatted. Her

panties were torn off so she just pulled up her skirt. She would have

to get some more in another abandoned sore she thought. She grunted

and quickly ten pounds of dung exited from her anus. She gave a few

more pushes, stooped and looked. All that was left of Billy was a

large brown pile and the diamond ring that he had given Wendy. Chevy

smiled and headed out to the next town.


Giantess Stories: the It

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