Giantess Stories: The Janitor A long time ago

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The Janitor

A long time ago, I was once a janitor and handyman for a private

all-girl school, before my accident. My name is Bill, but not that it

matters anymore. You see, I'm only 5 inches tall. You must be wondering

how I got that small; well, this is the story.

"Bill," my radio came to life, "There is a clean-up in science

lab #5." Mary, the Assistant Principal said.

"Fine, I'll get to it as soon as I finish up with this bathroom."

I said over my radio. The campus of this school was so big, that I need-

ed a radio to get my assignments from my boss. Stupid girls. Clogging

up the pipes. I finally got the water flowing. I gathered my tools up

and went to the lab.

Let me tell you a little about this school. The school covers

grades 10-12. I was one of two handymen, and one of the only two men in

this school. The other man and handyman is Steve, and he is just as dumb

as a stump. He takes care of the grounds (mowing, gardening, etc.). The

head of the school, Ms. Molly Night, is very strict. The girls can't

have any girl magazines, like Teen, YM, etc., plus they can't leave the

grounds. Steve and I were the only ones who were able to leave. Since I

could leave, I made a deal with a group of girls: when I left to go to

the town, I would stop and grab them books, magazines, makeup, etc., just

as long as they didn't get caught. I got paid a fair wage, plus the

school gave me a room for nothing. So that means the money I'd spend on

rent, I used on my truck. It was a good deal for me. I'm 24, I had no

chance of getting into college, but I got this job.

The school campus has a 10' brick wall with iron spikes on it, to

keep people in and out of the grounds. There is only one gate, with a

guard there all the time. It is a rite of passage to try to sneak out

for a night on the town, even though most of the time they get caught.

So, I'm just filling you in on myself and the school.

I walked into the lab, and talked to the teacher, Ms. Black.

What happened was, one girl dropped a beaker into the sink, and several

pieces went down the drain and clogged it up. I put my tool box down by

the sink and went to shut the water off. DrainO wouldn't work here. I

opened my tool box, pulled out a wrench and took part of the pipe off.

Not to bore you, but I reached into the pipe and felt the glass. But I

must have cut myself on the glass because when I pulled my finger out, it

was leaking blood. I put the pipe back after cleaning it up, turned the

water on and watched it go down the drain. I closed my tool box and went

to my office. While there, I had some coffee, and did some paperwork.

"Bill," The radio said, "they need a mop job in hallway B, near

room 107." I went to the supply closet and got a mop and bucket out. I

mopped the stuff up. Then I got dizzy. I leaned against the wall and

felt sick to my stomach. Great. I only got three sick days, and I'd

used two already. I looked around and something didn't look right.

Then it hit me. The mop bucket was as big as me!! I thought, "This

can't be happening!!" Then it was over my head. I dove under the bucket

and I could stand up straight!!! The bottom of the bucket was about one

foot over my head, from my perspective. And to make matters worse, the

damned bell rang to end that class!! It felt like an earthquake, all of

the feet hitting the ground. Then a small group of girls stopped by the

mop bucket. I picked a shoe and just jumped on it. I slid myself under

the shoelaces to secure myself and I prayed. The girl started to walk

away from her friends. It felt like a rollercoaster to me. Finally, she

got into her next class and sat down. She put her bookbag on the floor.

I slid off the shoe and ran to her book bag. Lucky for me, she left it

opened. I got in and then decided this was not the best place to be.

Those damned books could kill me like a bug!!! I ran back to her shoes

and got back on one of them. At the end of class the bell rang and she

got up. She walked down the hall, and turned into the locker room. She

walked in and sat down on the bench to change. I jumped off the shoe and

hid under a bookbag. When I heard the girls leave, I decided to explore

for a bit. I crawled out from the bag. The lockers looked like the

Empire State Building!!! One of the girls left her locker opened and an

article of clothing lying out. I used that as a ladder and climbed in.

I climbed over her clothes, then I realized my mistake. I rushed into

things without thinking it through. I heard the girls start to file in.

This was great. I was in the back of the locker and I couldn't make it

out and hide in time. I dove into the pile of clothing. I don't know

why I did that, but that was another dumb idea. She reached in and took

out a handful of clothing, and me too. She took her gym uniform off and

put her school uniform back on. Dumb me, I had to hide in her bra. Of

course, I didn't realize it until she put it on and I was stuck next to

her breast for the rest of the afternoon. I realized that I shouldn't

move much, or else she might kill me by accident.

Later that day, I got a much needed rest. The girl took her bra

off and threw it (and me) on the floor in a pile of dirty clothes. When I

finally crawled out of the bra, I saw her leaving her room, with a bath-

ing suit on. I guess she was going swimming. I was stuck in this room

until I could get a ride out of here. This was one of the double rooms,

with two girls. Apparently one girl was very neat and the other was a

slob, because the one side was clean and the other had clothes all over

the place, opened pizza boxes, soda cans, etc. Pizza boxes?? I ran over

to one and got in it. There was a half-eaten piece of pizza, which I

took a few bites of. I got out of the pizza box and thought of what I

could do next. I walked back to the pile of clothes, lay down in it and

fell asleep.

I heard a loud thud as one of the girls walked in. I dove under

some clothes. I could feel myself get lifted off the ground. Great, she

has to do her wash today. I felt her drop the cloths into a basket and

that was lifted into the air. There was no way for me to escape. I made my

way to the edge of the basket. I pealed the clothes away so I could see.

The girl entered the washroom with all of the washing machines. She set

the basket down. I jumped out and ran like a bat out of hell. There was

another girl folding wash and putting into a basket, I dove into that

basket. She picked the basket up and took it to her room. She put the

basket down on her bed. I slipped out of the basket and onto the bed. I

went under the blanket to hide, but I keep my head out to see what she was

doing. This was my first time to look at one of the girls. She looked to

be about 17. She had long, blond hair, green eyes, and averaged sized

breasts. She looked athletic. She was pretty. She finished putting her

wash away and changed into something to sleep in. She put night shirt on,

turned the lights out and got into bed.

I stayed still, for what felt like hours until I was sure she was asleep.

I was at her knee, so I walked up along her body. I walked up past her

pussy and her breasts, but I got blocked by her arm. I walked the length

of her arm and crossed it at her hand. I walked across her hand and

grabbed the blanket and slid down it. I ran to the door and crawled under

it. There was the hallway, which stretched on for miles either way. I had

to get help somehow. I heard a door open and two girls walked down the

hallway, fully dressed. I jumped on a shoe and got a ride to where ever

they are going. They walked out of the front door and walked to one of the

other dorm buildings. They went upstairs and went into another room. I

jumped off the shoe and went and took some cover.

"Shh, Listen, we're going out to town tomorrow." One girls said.

"How are we going to get past the guard?"

"Easy. We are going to borrow Bill's truck." She said. They were

going to take my TRUCK??? Like fun they were. I stormed over to them, then

all of a sudden, I remembered about my current size and crawled back to

the wall.

"Who's going to drive?" Another girl said.

"Christine will. She looks like him. If we can get one of his

over-alls and one of his hats, she'll look just like him. The rest of us

will be in the bed under a blanket." The leader of this group said, "Meet

here at 10:30 at night, tomorrow. Don't tell ANYONE!!! Go back to your

rooms." She said. Several girls left, and there was two left. I stayed.

I'm not going to let them get my truck! I'm going to have to keep tabs on

the leader. I don't know how, but I'm sure I could think of something. The

two girls climbed back into bed and went to sleep. I stayed awake,

thinking of how I could keep tabs on her, or at least inform someone that

they are trying to go to town. MY RADIO!!! I took it out of it's holdster

and pushed the talk button.

"This is Bill, can anyone here me?" I said. I was to far away from

the base unit. I had to get close to it. But how?? I guess I had to get a

ride and get near the office. This will be a fun day. I laid down and went

to sleep, hoping that I could get the word out 'bout the escape attempt.

To be contiunited in Janitor III

Giantess Stories: The Janitor A long time ago

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