Giantess Stories: The job had been going well

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The job had been going well, I thought. I had free reign to do what I wanted

on my computer a lot of the time, so I spent at least an hour a day looking at

gts websites in my office. Then one day I heard there was a serious problem. A

virus had wiped out half of our financial records, costing us thousands of

dollars. I shuddered when I realized something I had downloaded probably caused

the virus. I quickly went and deleted everything on my computer.

A few days passed and I thought I had covered my tracks perfectly and no one

would find out. Then there was a knock at my door. It was one of the firm's

security officers. “Ms. Harkin would like to see you in her office”. I

shuddered. Lian Harkin was the company's president and daughter of its founder

Mr. Donald Harkin. An incredibly beautiful but intimidating woman, she did not

tolerate mistakes and had a reputation for severely dealing with employees who

disappointed her.

As I stepped into her office my first thought was “damn, she looks amazing!” she

was wearing a very sexy dress, pantyhose (she had great legs), high heels and

just the perfect touch of makeup and lipstick to accentuate her perfect,

elegantly beautiful facial features. She frowned, put a hand on her hip and

motioned for me to sit down while the security man closed the door as he left.

“Mr. Thompson, you've seriously disappointed me. I know you were the one

responsible for the computer virus. Do you realize that we lost thousands of

dollars worth of records? It will take hundreds of man hours to repair the

damage!” “I swear it wasn't me!” I whined, like a schoolboy trying to lie to his

teacher. “But worst of all” she continued, ignoring my denial “is the fact that

you tried to cover it up. Fortunately, we were able to recover the files from

your computer. If you had just admitted your mistake, I could have let it go,

but not now”

My heart sank. I realized I was really screwed! And she wasn't done “We found

some interesting web sites on your computer” she smirked, as I turned bright red

with embarrassment “which gave me an idea..” She walked over to her desk, opened

a drawer and pulled out what looked like a TV remote control.

“This is a shrink ray, it was a gift from a microtechnology firm who's account

we handle.” I felt helpless as she slowly leveled it at me and pressed a button.

The beam struck me and I felt a tingling sensation, then noticed her getting

taller (from my point of view). She walked closer to me, crossed her arms and

smiled mockingly. “This isn't fair!” I protested. “Oh, I think it's perfectly

fair. Did I mention that the effects are permanent?”. I rapidly shrunk. In a few

seconds I couldn't even see her face anymore, the highest objects I could see

looking up were her large breasts. In a few more seconds all I could see was the

top of her skirt.

I finally stopped shrinking at what I guessed was a height of two or three

inches. Lian pushed me down with one of her high-heeled feet, which was much

bigger than me now. She stopped just short of squashing me. I was petrified with

fear. “I should crush you like a bug. I'd enjoy that. But I have other plans for


And today I live in a cage, complete with hamster wheel, in plain view on Lian's

desk. On top of it is a sign for all the employees who enter her office to read.



Giantess Stories: The job had been going well

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