Giantess Stories: The Journals of Talia by Hand of Gozer      An Extract from the Journals of Talia

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The Journals of Talia

by Hand of Gozer

An Extract from the Journals of Talia, Ghostbuster Extraordinaire 'There is no great genius without a mixture of madness.'

- Aristotle

'My mind is completely blank!'

-Winston Zeddmore

One often has to wonder how I wind up in these messes. Take this one for


First allow me to introduce myself. My name is Talia - and I am a Ghostbuster.

Yes, like those fellows on TV. My franchise, Ghostbusters International of

Chicago, has been in operation for the last decade, from one of the first

franchises set up after the Gozer incident (and don't believe that propaganda

about the parent company being forced out of business - all lies to support a

weak movie with no plot). Of the five members of the team, I'm the brains of the

operation - the mad scientist of the group, if you will.

Now before you get the wrong idea - the idea that I'm a horn rimmed glasses,

pocket protected geek - far from it. I'm a twenty two year old, blond hair,

green-eyed female (yes - they do have female Ghostbusters, you know). I'm in

reasonably good shape - but then you try staying out of shape while carrying an

unlicensed nuclear accelerator up 20 flights of stairs while being chased by a

class three full torso non-corporeal vapor.

And I'm only 1/8th of an inch tall.

Now of course mind you, this is estimation on my part. But really, when one is

talking about scale below half an inch, the whole matter becomes academic.

Anyway you slice it, I'm really, really, really small.

Allow me to start at the beginning. I was working early one morning in the lab.

Some new equipment arrived from Ghostbusters International Headquarters in New

York, several crates of highly sensitive apparatus labeled as a Unified

Micro-dimensional Hyper-synthetic Psychomagnatheric Interface unit. Personally I

think that Doctor Spengler comes up with the most baffling names on purpose -

just so the marketing department of GBI can sell something important sounding to

the franchises. Anyway, the new interface unit was designed to attach to the

containment unit, to increase the storage space of the grid. In laymen terms, it

acted much like a zip utility on an computer files, compressing the ectoplasmic

field before storage of the unauthorized trans-dimensional entity.

Oh, the theory is quite sound, and very intelligent - provided that I had read

the instructions first. No, no - I though that I could just pull the whole unit

out of the box and start messing about with it. Oh, the hubris. Oh the humanity.

Anyway, to make a long story short (too late, I know) the packaging, the

instructions, the interface unit and me were reduced to the present size. The

packing peanuts however remained untouched by the unexpected energy field. Go


Reversing the process would normally be no problem at all - if my power source

for the interface weren't the relative size of Madison Square Garden. A spare

proton pack and ghost trap was on the fringe of the field and was also reduced -

an incompatible energy source for my needs right now, but I'd have to remember

those for later.

The lab was a large open room - kind of a combo work/recreation area, with my

workbenches and equipment to one side and the television, couches and whatnot to

the other. A couple of older classic video games - Defender, Asteroids and the

like, stood along the southern wall set apart by the windows in-between them,

and a mid sized kitchen table sat in one corner. The table was covered with

Chinese take out boxes left from last night, when dinner was interrupted by a


I patted down the pockets of my black jumpsuit, and realized abruptly that my

cellular phone was sitting on the corner of the table, where I had left it from

last night. The irony of the Ghostbuster's jingle line - "Who you gonna call"

was not lost on me - so much for getting help. Other items found in my inventory

consisted of a pack of tic-tacs (at least I wouldn't go hungry), a Swiss army

knife (always useful - just ask Macgyver), a el marko permanent marker, a field

flashlight, some string and a magnifying glass (just what I needed - to see

small things EVEN larger than they already are!). Unfortunately nothing I

possessed would immediately turn my 'good fortune' around.

I quickly glanced around, taking in my surroundings. I was on the large field of

blue and white tile that covered half of the kitchen portion of the room. Not

too far from me was the border to the wood slat portion of the floor that

consisted of the lab sections. The low field of brown fuzz that made up the

lounge was a good two or three miles away. Super-sized packing peanuts dominated

all three landscapes.

Realizing that I was in the middle of a high traffic area - the center of the

room, I decided to relocate. Hustling over to where the Proton Pack lay, I

quickly gathered up the device. Unfortunately the Ectoplasmic Interface unit was

just too large to effectively move all by myself - I could drag it, but that

would only slow me down on what was already going to be a long, long walk.

Better to have something to defend myself with than a heavy mainly useless

paperweight. I slipped the positronic accelerator onto my back and began hiking

away to the nearest wall.

The next hour was a surreal journey, made even longer by having to stop and

detour around huge cracks in the floor that I would have normally never even

noticed. Dust bunnies the size of VW bugs and titanic electronic scraps

scattered the countryside. It didn't hit home, however, until I reached the

first landmark, a Chinese takeout container that had fallen off the table and

landed on its side.

I stepped up onto the lid of the carton, the paper not even moving slightly

under my weight. Walking slowly forward and un-slinging my nutrona thrower from

the proton pack, I gazed around in wonder. The whole container was roughly the

size of a high school basketball stadium. Stopping before a grain of fried rice

that was easily two or three times my size, I slowly reached out and touched it.

It was a hard, rough feel beneath my fingertips, not at all what I was

expecting. Pulling back my hand, I could easily see the oils from the seasoning

coating the rice glistening on my fingers. I rubbed the tips of my fingers,

watching the shimmer with fascination.

With a start, I realizing that I hadn't had anything to eat this morning - and

with my present condition I was unlikely to be able to in the near future. Logic

dictated that I should take advantage of the opportunity being handed to me -

even if that opportunity was a breakfast of rice larger than I was. I pulled out

my Swiss Army Knife, flicked open the blade and dug a chunk out of the grain's

side. Spicy, kind of lumpy in an odd sort of way - not exactly what I was

expecting at all. After a couple more handfuls, I dug one final piece out,

slipping it into a pocket on my jumpsuit for later.

And if rice was plural - as in 'having some rice', then what was having a

portion of just one grain? If mouse was mice, would rice be rouse? It was

something to ponder later.

My remuneration was suddenly and abruptly interrupted. From the not to distant

distance, there was a deep rumbling vibration, throwing me to the ground like I

was being tossed from a bucking bronco. Someone else in the building was finally

up and heading this way - and I concluded that I was in an all too real danger

of being cleaned up and tossed out in the trash. Time to haul some ass.

I emerged from the carton of Chinese take out and looked around. My initial gaze

was set far, far too low, and my eyes met a set of knees. Much higher than I was

expecting was the barely awake face of Cassandra Stanford - the GBI, Chicago's

resident mechanic. I was more the theory and design person of the operation, but

she actually was the hands-on person that kept the Ecto-1 running, and toner in

the copy machines - all that mechanic side stuff.

Last night's call was a class 6 repeating phantasm - a real tough nut that took

all night to bust, resulting in a late night for all of us. Although Cassie had

more stamina than the rest of the team, apparently she had just gotten up. Her

blue eyes were barely open as she walked. She was currently wearing a loosely

fitting navy blue robe tied at the waist, her long red hair pulled back in a

ponytail. Her immense bare feet thumped along the ground as she walked.

She walked into the room and stopped short at the field of packing peanuts

covering the floor. "Talia? You up?" she asked, glancing around. She crossed to

my workstation, apparently in hopes of finding a note or some other indicator of

my whereabouts. "Gee - thanks for leaving a mess." She mumbled, spying the

packing peanuts.

"Sorry." I said to her, knowing full and well she could never hear me. "Next

time, I'll try and coordinate my laboratory accidents to a more convenient

time." I hopped off the carton lid and moved away. It was a complication just

waiting to happen, one I didn't need at the moment. I awaited her next move.

Her next move? I hadn't even considered my next move, and how to extract myself

from this unusual predicament. Some how I had to communicate with one of the

team and arrange for them to get some help. Since she was here, Cassie was now

the most likely candidate. The easiest way I could come up with was somehow

reaching her ear and make my presence known. That or I could shoot her with a

quick blast from the proton pack. That option, however, was quickly dismissed -

hitting a live being at even a partially reduced nutrona stream would have bad

effects on the target. Add in the unknown factor of size differential and you

had a recipe for disaster. No, it was apparent that a long climb was the only

option available.

I watched her putter about the kitchen, preparing a bowl of coca pebbles. Now

that I was expecting it, the tremors set off by her mammoth feet stomping around

the kitchen were much more manageable. Think of it as the Godzilla effect from

the abominable US movie a few years ago - when the monster first shows up, each

step sends cars into the sky - but after that scene, he grew much more

lightfooted and the cars stayed put. But I digress.

Eventually she settled down in front of the large screen TV to consume cereal

and watch morning cartoons. For some reason, unknown to the rest of the team,

Cassandra had a thing for Sailor Moon - why she couldn't watch something more

entertaining - something like Speed Racer, I'll never know. However, being

Saturday, she was preparing to watch all the episodes she had taped over the

last week. That meant that I had a launch window of a little over two hours, not

counting her bathroom breaks and other interruptions to reach Cassie. From there

- well, who knows. I'm making this up as I go.

The long walk was largely uneventful, and I eventually grew complacent. That's

why I was unaware of the strange clicking and scurrying sounds behind me. I

spun, coming face to face with a giant monster - or a moderate sized ant. Skinny

legs supported a huge, segmented body, a hard shell of a head completing the

beast. Giant pinchers waved . . . menacingly at me.

I dove to the left rolling, avoiding the black claws of death as they swooped

over my head. As I came to my feet, I brought the proton thrower up, flicking

off the safety as I went. A brilliant burst of neon orange and blue light sprang

from the tip of the gun, striking the ant. Within moments a leg was neatly

removed from the body, spinning the ant towards me in rage. I depressed the

trigger, going to a full stream setting. The ant's head melted under the proton

streams setting, knocking the body backwards from the force. My legs gave out

from under me as the monster collapsed to the floor with a thud.

After some time - how long I don't quite know, I glanced at the TV. The current

episode of Sailor Moon unfolded - this was her third, meaning I only had an hour

left to go, baring interruptions. I set out walking. The rest of the journey was

uneventful - well at least the journey to my friend. The rest of the trip up her

body promised to be plenty eventful.

I approached her right foot from the front, coming to stop about 30 feet away

from her little toe. Little, of course is a matter of perspective - it was big

as a mansion to me. Slowly, I circled the front of her foot never taking my eyes

off the wall of digits beside me. After a few moments, I approached the big toe

- a much more appropriate name.

Taking a chance, I crept forward slowly, coming to a stop just a foot or two

away from the - um, foot. Everything along this trek was strange enough - but

this was the defining moment, to be sure. I slowly reached my hand out to

finally touch my friend. Delicately laying the palm of my hand flat against her

flesh, I quickly jerked it away, afraid that she'd notice me. As expected, there

was no such reaction from Cassie, no indication from her that I was anywhere in

the room. I reached out again, more aggressively this time. Her skin was

strangely firm yet springy, giving ever so slightly under my touch.

As I ran the tips of my fingers lightly along the toeprint ridges in her skin, I

was amazed on how thick and defined they were. The ridges were spaced about a

half a foot apart from each other, reaching back for several inches. I flicked

my index finger, hitting her. They were strangely firm, yet pliable - much like

the rest of her skin. That was fortunate - that would make this portion of the

climb that much easier at least.

The scientific portion of my mind kicked in, just for a moment. Moving closer to

her, my nose mere inches away from the skin, I focused my eyes as close as I

could. Very faintly, almost imperceptibly, I could see the individual cells of

her skin. I pulled out my magnifying glass and confirmed - those were her skin

cells, and damn was I small. Later, a proper controlled expedition could be made

- but this was not the time for observation.

Taking a gamble, I put both hands flat against Cassie and pushed on her toe.

Leaning into her with my shoulder did nothing. I started kicking her as hard as

I could. I started jumping up and down, pounding on Cassie's toe while shouting

at the top of my lungs. I did everything I could think up to try and get her

attention. No such luck. I decided to try one last test.

I pulled out my pocketknife again, opening one of the smaller blades. Very

gently, I lightly poked her skin with the blade. Not only did Cassie not even

notice, the tiny blade not penetrate the epidermis. Feeling braver, I poked much

harder - and that she DID notice. More accurately she didn't notice, but her

reflexes did. Her toes instinctively curled up and knocked away the source of

their irritation - me, before her foot lifted high into the air.

I rolled to a stop several feet away, flipping over just in time to see a wall

of flesh rapidly descending on my location. I scrambled as fast as I could, the

mass of foot looming ever closer. I dashed out of the way just as the foot

completed it's decent. I uncurled from the ball I was in to look around. I was

just within the area between the ball of her foot, the arch of her toes and the

backside of said digits. The ball of her foot had come within six inches (my

scale) of crushing me.

I lay on my back, looking at the flesh sky above me. "That," I proclaimed as

loud as I could, "was STUPID". Sometimes the universe just waits for me to get


Enough testing, examining and hypothesizing. The only way to get back to normal

- or what passes for normal around GBI headquarters, was to start climbing.

Walking out from between her toes, running my hand along her toe as I went.

Coming around to the front of her right foot, I pulled the knife out from where

it had remained stuck in the tip of her toe. Adjusted the shoulder straps on my

Proton Pack, I looked up for the very first time, seeing just how far the curved

wall of flesh stretched into the sky - easily over a hundred feet, perhaps much


I reached out, firmly grabbing a ridge of her toeprint in my grasp, and stepped

up. Tentatively testing my weight on the folds of Cassie's skin, I grew

satisfied that this plan would work.

Then she moved.

Slowly, carefully I began climbing. It was much like climbing a ladder - a

ladder made of pink squishy rungs that were unevenly spaced. But all this

against it, the task was not that difficult and soon I neared the top of the big


The flesh ladder slowly curved over and leveled out to a plateau, the area of

the toe where the flesh separated from the nail as it grew, forming a small

ledge for me to rest. I shucked off the proton pack and placed it to one side as

I flopped onto my back. As I lay there, looking up, I hit upon another problem.

Although Cassie seemed to keep her nails short, I still had a thick barrier of

toenail between me and the rest of my journey. The nail stretched out into the

distance four or five feet beyond what I could safely reach. I rolled over on my

stomach and started idly poking Cassie's tissue as I pondered a solution.

In a moment of shameless, unforgivable emotion, an evil thought crossed my mind.

I pulled out my permanent marker. Pulling off the cap, I proceeded to write, "Talia

was here" as small as I could on my friend's skin. Admittedly, nobody would EVER

be in a position to see the planet's smallest graffiti, and it would wear off

soon enough - it was simply fun in a mindless way.

Suddenly the whole toe started to gyrate, shake, quiver and move. I was an the

middle of an 8.10 earthquake in a snowglobe set on a paint shaking machine you

find at every hardware store. In mid panic, I grabbed a strap on the Proton pack

and roughly jammed my hands into the area where skin separates from nail and

hung on for dear life. The sensation felt vaguely mushy as I clung desperately

to my friend's toe - I'm certain that she never even noticed. Turning my head I

looked around at what was happening. We were standing up and heading out of the


* * * *

Cassardra grumbled as the opening credits to the last Sailor Moon episode rolled

to completion. Cartoon Network seemed to be conspiring to show the exact same

episode over and over again whenever the Ghostbusters weren't busy and she had

some free time. There were over 200 episodes - not all of them translated in

English, of course - but Cassie seemed to have the strange power to record the

same 10 or so shows over and over again.

It was enough to make her give up and watch Star Blazers.

Catching the time, Cassie set aside the half completed bowl of coco pebbles, and

stood up. The rest of the team would be getting up soon, and it wouldn't do for

them to see her like this (either in the half dressed state OR watching a kids

show). Turning off the TV, she turned and walked out of the room, scattering

packing peanuts in her wake.

She was also completely unaware that her best friend was currently clinging to a

toe on that same foot that was used to scatter peanuts everywhere.

Heading out into the hall, she passed the only other awake occupant of the

building - Spot the Cat, a small gray tabby. Spot had occupied the building long

before GBI, Chicago had moved in. Since she graciously allowed the Ghostbusters

to stay and put up with their antics, the team more than happily paid her rent -

in the form of a can of cat food every day. She was satisfied with the


Slipping into her room and shutting the door, Cassie slipped out of her robe and

tossed it on the chair next to the desk. Crossing to the dresser, she started

opening drawers and pulling out clothes - girlie (tee hee) things, shorts and a

loose fitting red shirt that flowed about her - totally bypassing the gray

jumpsuit uniform unceremoniously dumped on the foot of the bed. "Only if we get

a call" she thought to herself. She grabbed a pair of socks from off the floor,

and poised to put them on - but it promised to be a nice august day. She could

get by with just sandals if she needed to. She threw the socks on a pile of

dirty laundry by the dresser and quickly headed out the door.

As she exited her room, she bumped into Gustav Sandor Rex the III - GBI,

Chicago's spin-doctor, answer man and otherwise public relations officer. He

also made a mean lasagna. "You seen Talia anywhere?" Cassie asked.

"No, why?" he murmured sleepily - obviously also having just gotten up.

"She disappeared after leaving a godawful mess in the lounge . . . AGAIN!" she

said, storming back to the lounge door, gesturing inside.

Gustav put a hand on her shoulder, trying to defuse Cassie's mood. "You know how

she gets sometimes - stuck on a project somewhere and unable to tell us what's

going on. I'm sure she'll pop up soon enough."

Hopefully that would be truer than either of them would know.

* * * *

Hanging on to my friend was easy enough to do - it was all in getting in the

rhythm of her walking. I managed to get the hang of it just as we entered the

field of packing peanuts - just in time for Cassie to kick peanuts everywhere

and almost dislodging me. I managed to regain my grip as the foot the size of a

battleship crushed the Unified Micro-dimensional Hyper-synthetic

Psychomagnatheric Interface unit without any effort at all. Fortunately the

sensitive device did not explode or otherwise malfunction, as Ghostbuster

equipment often tends to do when destroyed. Unfortunately the destruction of the

unit just cost the franchise its entire profit margin for August and probably

most of September. I winced.

The shaking and rattling stopped for a moment, as Cassie stopped to pet Spot.

Not every Ghostbuster franchise has a ghost, goblin, spud or slimer for a pet.

Some didn't even have pets - but we settled for a mundane one. Now, several mile

high Ghostbusters I could cope with, but thousand foot cats - now this was just

weird. I watched as Spot's nose came in close to me and my toe, clearly sniffing

something out of the ordinary (a micro-Ghostbuster, perhaps?). I could almost

touch Spot's nose, certainly feel the effects around me as she breathed in - but

I wisely decided to stay put.

Then, I suddenly had a bad feeling about this. I pulled myself up just in time

as Cassie knelt down to pet Spot. She was leaning forward on the balls of her

feet, compressing the area where I was currently hanging on. Suddenly I found

myself forced into a small pocket between nail and skin. Although the nail was

hard and unforgiving, the flesh was soft and yielding. Soft as a waterbed, firm

as a futon - an odd sensation. Within seconds, however, it was over. We were on

the move again.

New stop, Cassie's room. I used this period while she was stationary to secure

myself again, just in time to see her grab a pair of socks from the floor and

sit on the bed.

This, in a word, was going to suck.

She came within moments of covering me in white fabric and making my job that

much more difficult before she decided to abort the whole sock process. As I was

counting my blessings, we were heading out the door again.

"You seen Talia anywhere?"

"Why? You miss me?" I responded as I carefully slid along under her nail to the

near right side of the toe.

"She disappeared after leaving a god awful mess in the lounge . . . AGAIN!"

"Geze - sorry for becoming distracted while I'm shrunk! I'll get right on this

cleaning up!" I shouted as I reaching the point on the outside of her toe where

the skin and nail meet. Fine - Gustav and Louis can make all the mess they want

on poker night, but I have ONE small lab accident, and Cassie starts coming down

all over me. I'm going to have a talk with her when I get back to normal.

My grumbling was cut short, as we started moving again. Fortunately the journey

was brief, as Cassie headed back into the lounge. After a few moments of her

puttering around, picked up one of the company's Playstation controllers and she

settled in playing Giant Robo Fighter II. The sounds of video games filled the

room far above me.

As she sat back in the couch, Cassandra crossed her legs - the foot I was on

remaining on the ground. I looked up, high in the sky, gazing at the left leg

bouncing and shaking far above me. "Thank god I'm not on that one - I'd be

seasick in half an hour!"

I pulled myself up, over onto the top of her big toe nail. As I lay there,

proton pack to my side, I realized that I had a few moments to myself. Curious

about my surroundings (a scientist to the core, dontchyaknow), I reached out and

ran my palm across the surface. The texture of her nail was surprisingly smooth

beneath my touch, and yet exceedingly lumpy. Every distortion and warp of the

nail's growth was quite evident in all the ridges and valleys I could feel. The

material was quite porous, giving the odd feel another dimension to it all

together. I looked over to the cuticle, as thick as my finger, and picked at it.

It felt like a leathery paper beneath my touch.

I rapped my knuckles on the hard surface and looked up at the giantess beyond.

No indication that she had even noticed.

Enough rambling - it was time to make progress. I got up and started walking

along her toe to the rest of the foot and beyond. . .

Now that the ground was relatively flat (and not moving), my travels were much

easier going. After a few moments, I arrive at the ledge of flesh that made up

where the edge of her nail met the skin. A short distance after that I reached

the first indicator that I was making progress - the knuckle of the Cassie's big

toe. Sprouting up from the skin were several fine hairs, vaguely blond colored.

Normally you'd have to really look to notice these hairs, but at the scale I was

at, they were as big around as a moderate sized tree.

This was the first time that my size had truly sunk in to my head. Sure,

encounters with giant ants, a feast made from a grain of rice and a half an hour

climb up a toe several times larger than a house were all good indicators - but

this, this was terribly surreal. I stretched out my arms and reached around the

closest hair to me. On the other side, I could just barely touch fingertips.

Very surreal.

Letting go, I backed up, getting a closer look, staring at the intricate makeup

of the hair, how her mighty follicle beneath my feet composed the layout in a

complex design. It was very beautiful - and awe inspiring. This was just one

hair, and I was standing in a patch of several. Very intimidating.

As I was staring deeply into the hair, the skin beneath my feet started moving

again. As I was thrown to the ground (uh, skin), I clung to the hair for dear

life. Fortunately, the tremors ended just as soon as they begun. I looked around

and saw that we were not moving; only that Cassie was flexing her toes and

simply shifting a fraction of an inch. That much power and potential for

catastrophe, contained in one tiny, thoughtless movement? I had better get


I had managed to walk as far as the back slope of Cassie's foot without

interruption - only minor earthquakes, uh - footquakes slowed my progress. I

looked up at her right leg looming over my head, the crinkles in her skin

stretching off into the distance. It had taken me at least an hour to make it

this far, and the 150 pounds of unlicensed nuclear accelerator on my back -

well, I'll put it frankly - it's turning into a pain the ass.

I briefly considered pitching the proton pack over the side, but that's

irresponsible Ghostbusting - we'd never be able to find it again when I got back

to normal, and it might get stepped on in the meantime. Microscopic or not, it

still would make an impressive explosion.

The wrinkles were not as easy going as the flesh ladder I had on Cassies big

toe. Much more pliable, much smaller and spaced further apart. I never knew I

had it so good on her toe. Wonderful.

It took me a brief period before I reached her first leg hair. The hairs on her

leg were about half again as thick as her toe hair - more than thick enough to

support my weight (such as it is) without bending or breaking off. Fortunately

we had been busy with calls over the last few days, and she hadn't had time for

extravagant hygiene like this. During crunch time, unless you were covered with

ectoplasm, coated with caked on mood slime, or otherwise dripping with some

otherworldly substance - you cut corners here and there. Well, except for

showers - you bust the undead, not smell like them.

Oh dear. If today was slow, and Cassie had plenty of free time, she might very

well catch up on these little details. If I was unlucky, I could easily be

shaved away with an errant hair, or caught up in a mountain of shaving cream.

This could be . . . bad.

I started climbing like a madman, working my way from hair to hair as fast as I

could. It was easy going for the most part - all the way up until we started

moving again. I grabbed on to the hair I was on as best I could and hung on for

dear life.

Oh crap - we were heading for the bathroom.

* * * *

Cassie was sitting on the far end of the couch in the lounge, Playstation

controller in her hand. At the other end of the couch was Carmen Spencer - the

weapons/demolition/combat/military expert of the team. Carmen was a tall

muscular red-head who had started her career as a marine, who had spent time

running guns in Ethiopia, then worked as a mercenary for the gulf war (on the

other side) and had more black belts in more martial arts than Jet Li, Chuck

Norris, Jackie Chan, Billy Quan, and Bruce Lee all rolled into one.

You could understand Carmen's frustration as Cassie body slammed her Giant Robo

character for the eighth time in a row.

"You know - I can kill you fourteen different ways with this gamepad. Seven of

them would be undetectable in most autopsies." Carmen said, hefting the

playstation controller in her left hand.

"Yeah, but then you'd never get that ten bucks I owe you." Cassie retorted.

"A small price to pay for a HUGE amount of satisfaction." She said, tossing the

controller to the floor and folding her arms across her chest. Cassie met her

stare unwaveringly


Carmen stood up and walked over to the game shelf. "Want to play Command and

Conquer for a while?"

"As if - I actually want to play something I can win against you at." Cassie

leaned forward and absently scratched her left leg. A dim awareness went off in

her head - 'damn, I haven't shaved in a while'. "Anyway, isn't that too much

like your off time?"

"Fine be like that."

"Ok, fine - I will." Cassie uncrossed her legs and slid forward on the couch.

"So did the big bad marine use up all the hot water in the shower?"

"You expect me to use hot water? Hot? Get real. Anyway - I only take 45 second


"And I'm sure the world is a better place for it." Cassie stood up. "You don't

know how much that thrills me. You really don't." Throwing her hair over her

shoulder, she strode out of the lounge. "See you later, solder."

It only took a few seconds to reach the bathroom. Cassie headed out into the

hall, and down the corridor to the fire pole. Without missing a beat, she

stepped out into air and grabbed the brass shaft, sliding to the next level

down. She crossed the little landing, heading directly into the bathroom. A few

seconds later, Spot was unceremoniously shooed out of the room as the door was


Sitting on the edge of the tub, she ran her hands up and down her legs. "Ooooh,

itchy!" she said, scratching her stomach. She reached for a big ol' can of

Barbasol shaving cream, squirted a goodly amount into her hand, and set to work

on her right leg - totally unaware of her friend's existence mid way up her

thigh . . .

* * * *

I realized a plan as soon as the dark shadow of Cassie's hand loomed over me. If

successful, not only would it save me hours and hours of climbing, more

importantly it would rescue me from this imminent disaster that was about to


Watching as her left hand started at the top of her right leg, and started

descending with amazing swiftness, I moved into position. As Cassie's hand moved

closer, I jumped. Fate, the Force - whatever you chose to call it was with me. I

managed to grab hold of the tip of her middle finger, right on the edge of her

fingernail. I hung on desperately as the world wooshed past at hundreds and

hundreds of miles an hour. The distance that it had just taken me several hours

to cover took a fraction of a second down and back again.

I realized that although a temporary measure, I was just as bad off where I was

now as where I had been. I looked up, and saw Cassie's wall of stomach coming

right at me. Inspiration struck, and as the hand made a close pass to her navel,

I leaped again. Within seconds my wild ride was over as I thudded to a stop

against the firm stomach flesh.

Shaking my head, I slowly stood up. That's right - I was so small, so

insignificant, that not only could I easily stand up in Cassie's belly button,

Even stretching, I don't think I could have touched the top. Every stop along my

friend's body just seemed to hammer home how tiny I was.

Suddenly Cassie's abdominal muscles folded, closing off the opening, blocking

all light. She must be working on her legs, I thought as I reached for my lamp.

Fortunately I was far enough back inside her to avoid accidentally being

squished by countless megatons of stomach flesh.

I reached out with one slender finger, gently poking Cassie. Her flesh gave

slightly under my touch - I wonder if she could feel me here better. I shucked

off my proton pack, laying it gently to one side and tried again. I poked harder

and harder each time, doing my best to tickle my friend - but with no success.

Even her reflexes didn't notice me in the slightest.

By this time the light returned, and I felt motion under my feet. My unwitting

host was returning to her room, it appeared. I carefully walked to the opening

of her navel and looked around. Her mid-drift stretched into the distance

forever, framed by the distant mountains of her breasts. This was going to be

the most difficult part of the journey - nothing really to use as a handhold

along the way.

I glanced at my watch - it was getting on to about two in the afternoon. Then, a

thought - what if I waited for the rest of the day to pass, and for her to go to

bed. The vertical climb would turn into a horizontal walk - much easier to


Screw it. I was safe, I was tired -it was reasonably soft where I was at. I was

- I had the beginning of a plan. I was staying put.

I curled up as far back inside Cassie as possible, where the belly button

eventually closed off, even on my scale. Setting the pack down, I pulled off my

jumpsuit and wadded it up underneath my head. Within seconds I was asleep.

Part Two 'True heroes are those who die for causes they cannot quite take seriously/'

- Murry Kempton

'This is going to cost you. Our fees are ridiculously high.'

- Doctor Peter Venkman

Morning - or evening in this case, came on schedule. I rolled over and

stretched, yawning. Cassie's belly had provided a firm, warm surface perfect for

my nap. I was the best rested I've been in months. I put my head right against

her skin - quite clearly I could hear the low steady thrum of her heartbeat,

only a few hundred feet away. So that was what I had to get used to during my

sleep. Strangely, peculiarly comforting - perhaps it was the phenomena that

young dogs experience when they are removed from their mothers. Place a ticking

clock in the bed with them and they quite right down.

I reached out and patted my friend. "Thanks, Cassie."

I climbed out of her navel and started the long, long walk to her ear. . .

Exiting her belly button was easy, considering that Cassie was sleeping on her

back. A brief climb and a large cream-colored horizon was spread before me. A

look around the room indicated that she had fallen asleep with her reading light

on - so for a while I had illumination to work with. I gazed at the field of

flesh before me. I had never noticed before, but Cassandra kept herself in great

shape - even for a Ghostbuster. The vast acreage of skin beneath my feet was

taught and firm, with slight ripples appearing where her abdominal muscles were

more defined. I jumped up and down lightly on my toes, with not even an ounce of

give beneath me.

Hmmm, I wonder if she's ticklish.

As I casually strolled towards Cassie's head, I could feel the slow rise and

fall of her chest as her lungs filled with air, I could feel the regular

undulation of her mammoth heart beneath my feet, pumping thousands of times my

current volume with each mighty pulsation. It was like walking on a giant living


I approached her neck carefully. Standing on her shoulder, just as the slope of

the breast tapered off, I looked for my avenue of approach. I could either brave

crossing her face and sliding down to the ear, or I could slide down her

shoulder, and approach from the bottom. Either way presented all kinds of

hazards - crossing her face, I might get noticed as an wayward itch and brushed

off, or I could fall if she moved, or any number of things. Climbing off her,

however - well if she moved and rolled away, I could get left behind - putting

me back to square one. Even worse - if she rolled over onto me - crunch. Bye-bye


I slid down to her neck. If Cassie moved and I got left behind - well, I've been

lucky in the trip so far, but I wouldn't want to push it any further than I had

to. The only way to increase the odds of surviving was staying with my unwitting


Walking along her neck, I noticed her pulse directly under my feet. It was much

stronger now, the source being much closer to the surface. Combined with the

occasional swallow from Cassie, standing on her neck felt more like being in one

of those carnival moon jump rides than a waterbed.

I approached the underside of her jaw. I reached out, laying my hand flat

against her. Her skin was warm and soft to the touch, like silk. I quickly

pulled off my boots and socks - it's rude to walk on someone's face with your

shoes on, my mother always told me.

The next hundred feet or so were easy going. Cassandra's soft tissue under her

jaw provided plenty of opportunity for handholds and other gripping surfaces. I

have to admit also, that by this point I was becoming an expert at climbing a

moving mountain. I wouldn't want to do it full time, but as a sport it could be

fun - at the very least challenging.

I pulled myself over the jaw line rather quickly. I rolled for few feet before I

came to a stop. Pulling myself upright, I gasped. Before me, the size of a

larger battleship, was a lower lip. Presumably on the other side, was another

lip - this one the upper one. The human body was wonderfully symmetrical that

way. It (they) was dark pinkish/redish color, slightly parted. At my scale, I

could easily see the wrinkles and folds in the lips before me.

Feeling brave, I ran my fingers along the length of the nearby lower lip,

feeling the tiny imperfections in between the wrinkles. It looked like a Martian

landscape, with interlacing valleys and canyons covering the surface. Some as

thin as my finger, some almost as big as I am - and much larger.

I looked to the side, the long way I would have to walk. Even though it would

add an half hour to my journey, I had no intention of climbing and crossing

those same lips. I would be so much not a meal for this gargantuan lady it's not

even funny. I don't think she would even notice me as I slid into the darkness

screaming. Yeah, right - not going to happen. The long way it is, then.

After what seemed forever, I reached the halfway point, just coming around the

end of her lip and starting towards her nose. One close call with a near brush

of her hand later (did she actually notice this tickle on her cheek?), I

approached her nose.

It was a mighty cavern, several hundred times bigger than I was. I advanced from

the side, holding onto her as I drew near - it wouldn't do for me to get sucked

in like some errant dust particle at this point. I crept around the corner,

looking directly up her nose at the darkness beyond. A steady wind was blowing

in and out, very hot and vaguely moist. I was blinded as the regular blast of

air finally sent my normally behaved hair everywhere.

Feeling mischievous, I dug through my pockets, coming up with a rumpled napkin.

Sticking my hand out on the next breath in, I let it go. For the briefest of

moments, I could see the dot of white sail into the distance before fading from

view. Time to go before I accidentally followed it.

I crossed to her right eye, the next vast expanse of flesh on the list that I

had to traverse. I worked my way through her eyelashes, carefully making sure

not to - I suddenly stopped. "Be careful not to WHAT? There's not a damn thing I

can do to you, missie!" I shouted, kicking the eye as hard as I could.

Nope - not a flicker. Didn't think so.

I brazenly walked the gentle slope of the eye, to the middle and began jumping

up and down as hard as I could. I tried kicking, stomping, shouting - all with

the same predictable result. Worn out, I flopped down hard.

Sitting in the middle of her eyelid, I could feel the rapid shifting of her eye

below me. I put my hand flat against her eye, feeling the ripples move beneath

my palm. It was - well, as much as I hate to use vernacular like this, 'freaky'

- actual Physical evidence that Cassandra was dreaming. Enough of this - time to

arrive at her ear.

Reaching the rapidly descending slope of the side of her face, I looked down at

the side of her head. The left ear was still several hundred feet away. I

selected a strand of hair, one of many draped across her face near to where I

was, and pulled hard. After several seconds of tugging, I was satisfied that the

hair was still firmly attached and more than suitable for my needs.

Pulling on the hair, I set into the final long climb ahead of me. I was at it

for nearly half an hour. My arms were burning with effort, my bare feet

constantly slipped on Cassandra's smooth skin - but I had almost reached my

goal. The tips of my toes had finally brushed the edge of her ear - when

disaster struck. The headquarters alarm suddenly went off.

The ringing piercing the air harshly, shattering the silence that enveloped the

building. Abruptly Cassie shot up in bed, swinging her legs over the edge. As

she rose and her head turned, me and the hair I was on swung out in a wide arc,

eventually smacking square into her lips. The tremendous force of the blow

loosened my already tenuous grip on the mammoth follicle, and I dropped into


I tumbled to a stop, bouncing along a hard, flat firm surface. It was hot, humid

- dark. I suddenly had a bad feeling about this. I looked around to catch my

bearings, trying to figure out where I wound up. Of course, thanks to my luck -

well, there I was, face down on my stomach, in the very middle of Cassie's

tongue. Then the world went dark.

I am so screwed.

I fumbled around for my work light, finding it on my belt. Flicking it on, I was

surprised by the amount of light that it gave off - enough to see the inside of

Cassie's mouth in all it's cavernous glory. Her teeth seemed to stretch well

over what seemed to be three stories tall each, while the entire mouth could

easily hold a football stadium with room to spare. Her throat - well, that was

well over six or seven stories tall.

Saliva secreted from her tongue, as I scrambled to my feet and began to sprint.

If I can just make it to the edge of her tongue and get underneath it - well,

I'd have a definitely have a very slim chance of survival, at least for a few

seconds more. Cassie was unknowingly fighting me every step of the way - and

winning. The shaking, rolling and undulating of the tongue made forward progress

difficult if not impossible.

It was a few moments of this, when suddenly I was surrounded by noise - a dull

rumbling coming up from the depths of my accidental captor's throat. Within

seconds the rumble turned into a deafening "uhgn", promptly followed by a

swallow. The mighty muscle beneath my feet rose briefly, undulated twice before

a powerful suction overcame me. Thanks to all the liquid surrounding me, I had

absolutely no viscosity - I slid the length of the tongue.

Digging my heels into the fleshy surface to slow my travel did no good. Flailing

wildly, I tried to grab Cassie's uvula as I sailed past. There were a couple of

tactical problems - the appendage I was attempting to hang on was as big around

as a redwood tree, twitching like an electric eel, and slippery as a uh, as a -

something really slippery. (It's kind of tough to think in adjectives when

you're being swallowed alive).

I looked down - bad idea. Cassie's throat stretched off into the distance below

me. I quickly glanced around for somewhere else to cling. Of course there wasn't

anything even closely resembling safety. All around me was hot, pink slippery

wet flesh.

"Cassie! Hey - CASSIE! Hello? DONT EAT ME, DAMNIT!" I craned my neck around to

watch the front of her mouth. "Hello? Anyone out there? Yoo hoo!" No response.

"HEY!" She didn't, couldn't hear me.

I hung there in the darkness for who knows how long. I had a grip of steel, as I

clung desperately to the flesh before me. I felt motion - all kinds of motion,

in addition to the occasional swallow. Then light poured into the mouth, and I

went nearly deaf. She was talking to Louis Bond, the company's Ghostbuster on

loan from the England franchise.

"Louis!" I shouted, my fingers giving out by this point - but clearly neither of

them heard me. Also, neither of them heard my pathetic scream as the next wave

of suction plucked me from my perch and sent me tumbling into her darkness.

It was a short, swift ride down a long dark meaty tube - not too dissimilar to a

water slide. Although most water slides I've ever been on don't try to crush you

with a deceptively gentle rolling squeezing motion.

Within seconds, I landed with a plop in Cassie's stomach.

Quickly, I looked around the large organic chamber. It stretched into the

distance far above my head, and tapered out to a small hole just behind me.

Fortunately the stomach was largely empty - thank whatever being was jumping me

through these hoops for these small favors. From out of the corners of the

darkness, sensing that there was a meal to be had, even one as small as me, she

began secreting hydrochloric acid.

No time for sightseeing - I only had seconds to work. I ripped off the back of

the proton pack, revealing the guts of the accelerator (and voiding the

warrantee in the process). If I could expand the proton stream's containment

field setting, and charged the field's ionization rate with the positron

collider's, and reverse the polarity of the neutron flow - perhaps, just perhaps

I could create a negative caustic field. In essence, neutralize the acid before

it contacted my skin, equipment or other vital components. It was either that or

become nutrients in my friend's bloodstream.

I stripped the PKE meter of several circuit boards, quickly snapping them into

place on the pack. I yanked out the safety interlocks and tossed the now useless

components aside. I didn't even spare a glance while the wiring were quickly

dissolved into pasty silicon goo and promptly swept away into Cassie's lower

intestine. Holding two loose wires in place, I quickly snapped power back on.

A tingle of electricity shot through my fingers and up my arm as energy returned

to the vital systems - and the prickling in my legs stopped. I breathed a sigh

of relief - the immediate crisis was over. Now however, a much larger, more

insurmountable problem faced me - how to get out of my friend.

I should have stayed with her toes.

* * * *

Cassandra Stanford was in the midst of a lovely dream when she was jarred back

to reality with all the subtly of a drunken Frenchman living in her head.

Shooting up out of bed, she glanced at the clock radio by her bed - 4:23 in the

morning. With a moan, she swung her legs out from under her covers, her bare

feet hitting the cold wood floor.

"Ungh. . ." she paraphrased eloquently as she shuffled to the nearby closet. She

flicked through the assorted jumpsuits there, discarding several before reaching

a pristine, freshly washed regulation Ghostbusters International uniform.

Quickly slipping on the jumpsuit and grabbing her boots from near the door, she

exited the room and crossed to the fire pole.

"Hello Cassandra - you look ravishing this morning." Quipped the all too chipper

Louis. Very polite, very proper - how the hell he got a job with Ghostbusters

International in the first place was anybody's guess.

"Yeah, I'm sure." She mumbled, pulling on a proton pack from the equipment

locker. "What's the call?"

"The Adler Planetarium - it's a couple of class six full spectrum apparitions.

Some sort of giant penguins, or so the administrator claimed."

"Penguins at the planetarium? Sounds like we're in for some fun tonight.

Everyone set?" Cassie asked, as she climbed into the back of the company's

Ecto-1. Instead of a large hearse like most other franchises; GBI, Chicago had

an old army surplus canvas truck from WWII. Large, noisy, prone to break down -

but loaded with style.

"Everyone but Miss Winterborne. She still hasn't turned up from last night."

Louis responded, helping Cassie into the back of the truck.

"You know Talia - she probably had a experiment go horribly wrong and wound up

blasting herself into the fourth dimension or getting shrunk to microscopic

proportions again."

"I hope not, I do so hate having to rescue her."

"I'm sure she's fine wherever she's at."

* * * *

I looked up at the sagging, meaty sack of Cassandra's stomach. All around me,

the folds of Cassie's pink stomach lining reached up far above my head, arching

toward the pucker of its entrance.

"The big problem facing me now was where to go from here." I said to myself,

daintily reaching out a hand to touch the stomach lining before me. The wall

felt squishy beneath my touch, firm yet yielding - more pliable than I thought.

The wall itself was dark pink, secreting a film.

There was the obvious way out - my proton pack, her stomach. Aside, however from

being messy, it would likely be detrimental to my friend's health. Leaving a

pin-sized hole all the way through someone's abdomen couldn't be good for them.

On the other hand, I could wait and let her body take its natural course - I

could slip out with the waste. However, that would be even messier - at least on

a personal scale. That and I have no idea how long the jury-rigged proton pack

will hold out. (That and there was this little matter of air - I have no idea

how much I had access to).

Either way you slice it, I had to get out of here and fast. The proton pack

would only supply so much power - I was draining the reactor core at a fantastic

rate. Eventually the pack would not have enough power to operate the nuclear

containment grid - the resulting boom would be bad for me, and bad for my

inadvertent captor.

Boom, eventually everything ends in boom.

But that could be dealt with soon enough - I had a front row seat for the

something nobody else will ever see - at least from the inside. The stomach

muscles began to contract around me. I turned to watch the closer sphincter

relax slightly. Suddenly, without warning - there was a churning, and I was

abruptly swept through the opening - as if I was a morsel of partially digested


After the tumbling and rolling came to a stop, I staggered to my feet. The

pitiful work light strapped to my belt was sadly inadequate to illuminate the

long tunnel of sagging flesh. Upper intestine? Lower intestine? I could never

remember which came first. But - wherever I was, I was getting further and

further away from the way out. (I guess on the other hand I was getting also

closer to the way out all the time - but I really didn't want to use that exit.)

As I was standing there, I noticed a flicker of motion in the distance. Crap a

white blood cell - the body's natural defense system, designed to circulate and

destroy foreign invaders, of which I qualified for. Wait a sec - what the hell

were they doing in the digestive system? Am I thinking of something else?

Perhaps I'm mistaking these for well-dressed stomach enzymes. Whatever it was,

it was heading right for me. This was getting out of hand.

Reaching behind me, I pulled my Nutrona thrower, and powered up. As much as I

hated to start blasting, I could at least try and minimize the damage - I

twisted the power output to a much lower intensity. At the touch of the trigger,

surrounding tube was illuminated with the flickering orange and blue neon light.

As the squiggling, undulating tendril of energy touched the antibody, it

shriveled and collapsed.

It was only a few seconds before two more responded to the chemical burst that

the first one produced when it was attacked. And that was the flaw with the plan

- the more I blasted, the more arrived. I only had seconds before Cassandra's

intestine turned into a scene directly out of Aliens.

Then I hit on an idea. Sorry, Cassie - but it's you or me. Swinging the thrower

away from the advancing hordes, I started blasting the flesh surrounding me. The

tissue blackened and scorched as the energy beam played across the wall. It

worked, the organic mass diverted from me, and attached itself to the scar.

Playing it safe, I spun around, and left a 20 foot long scorch mark on the other


Enough playing around. Time to get out of here. . .


The trap lay in the center of the room, quietly beeping to itself. A trickle of

smoke emanating from the crack between the closed doors of the trap was

overshadowed by the smoke hanging thick in the room. Small fires were scattered

around the main lobby of the museum, set where extraneous proton streams had


Gustav lay on the floor, covered in mucus from the giant spectral penguin. He

rolled around on his back, trying desperately to get up. Out from under cover

came the other three Ghostbusters. Over in the corner of room, behind the

information booth (or what was left of it), crouched the administrator of the

facility - slack jawed and in shock over the millions of dollars in damage.

Louis walked to the center of the room and collected the trap, while Carmen

crossed to the stunned administrator. Reaching him, she casually pulled off the

top sheet from a receipt book and thrust it into his hands. "It's been lovely

doing business with you. Call us anytime."

Suddenly a moan cut through the room. Everyone turned just in time to see Cassie

double over and drop to all fours in pain. After a few seconds, she slowly

unfolded, not quite steady enough to rise to her feet. She slumped back on her


Louis was the first to her side. "What? What's wrong?"

She managed to unclench her jaw enough to respond. "It. . . it feels like I just

got kicked in the gut by -- something." She started to climb to her feet, only

to double over again. "Ungh - there it is again!"

Gustav, who had managed to get to his feet , pointed a beeping PKE meter at the

moaning girl. "It's probably some sort of class 7 possession." He took one arm,

helping her to her feet. "We'd better take you back to the lab for study."

Carmen stopped helping Cassie up, a confused look on her face. "Your kidding

right? Don't you think there be something physically wrong with her? Wouldn't a

hospital be better equipped for this?"

Gustav waved a hand in dismissal. "Nonsense - this is clearly some sort of

paranormal force at work!"

The other Ghostbuster simply rolled her eyes in defeat. "Sheesh - whatever."

* * * *

Later, back at headquarters . . .

Gustav swung the scanner apparatus back into place and snapped it home. "Well,

there's nothing on the spectral analysis scope. The full spectrum wave form

generator comes up negative, and the PKE meter came up dry."

Cassandra propped herself up on her elbows, and made for swinging her legs off

the table. "Well - pain stopped, you can't find anything. I guess it's back to


Gustav reached out and pushed her back down. "No, give me a chance. I'm not

quite done yet." He grabbed a meter off the table and adjusted the controls.

After a few seconds, he pointed it at her. "Hmm, there's higher than normal

radiation readings. Not bad - just unusual." He ran the device the length of her

body, starting at her toes and working his way to her head. "Hmph - it might

just be a leak from a proton pack. Or perhaps . . ."

Lost in thought, he adjusted the controls some more - a blip showed up on the

screen. A twist to the gain knob, a slide of the power level, and the blip

focused in intensity.

"Oh, my - that's a person."

"Huh?" Cassie sat up.

Gustav turned the meter in her direction. "Look! Lets see if I can refine it

more. Defiantly a person, with a proton pack heat signature."

Cassandra flopped back on the table, hand against her forehead. "Great - so what

the hell is Talia doing inside of me?"

The room was disrupted by the squeak of loudspeaker feedback as Louis brought a

portable loudspeaker/microphone set up over - basically a tricked out Mr

Microphone, Ghostbusters style. He put it right next to Cassandra's stomach.

"Um, Talia? Can you hear me?"

Gustav rolled his eyes. "Oh, yeah - how are we going to hear her response back?"

Louis thought for a moment. "Ah - sign language? Smoke signals?"

"Get real. Here, give me that!" Cassandra snatched the mike away from the two.

"Hello Talia - Ok, look, we've figure out where you are. Everything's going to

be fine."

"Ask her if she's ok?" Louis interjected.

"Are you - would you quit being stupid!" She shoved Louis back. "Ok, Talia, just

stay put. We're going to figure out how to get you out of there before too long!

Stand by." She flicked the power to the mike and sat up. "So, how do we get her

out of me?"


"There's always the possibility of an extraction through a Dimensional rift?"

"Send someone in after her!"

Cassandra held up a hand. "It's bad enough that I've got Curly inside of me, I

don't need Larry and Moe joining her. And that's final!"


"Oh yuck!" went most of the occupants of the room.

During this whole exchange, Carmin remained silent, leaning against the wall,

arms folded across her chest, head heavy as she looked at the floor. Finally, as

the stupidity level in the room began to rise significantly, she spoke. "Just

have her come out the same way she went in? Have her climb out."

Cassandra looked up. "That's so simple, it's crazy! It might just work." She

grabbed the mike again. "Ok, Talia - I'm going to lie down and hold still. Just

climb out if you can." Gustav grabbed the tri spectrum analyzer off the table

and pointed it at Cassie's mid section. "Tell her we'll be monitoring everything

from out here."

"You just did. I haven't turned the mike off yet."

"Ah. Oh. Well. Ah - ok, then. Lets get underway."


I sat up like a shot, at the booming voices from above. Finally - contact with

the outside world!

Climb out? Duh - why didn't I think of that? I held on as the world around me

shifted and rolled - Cassie lying down. The curve of the stomach made reaching

the opening much easier that I would have imagined.

Forcing my way through that tight ring of muscle was much harder than I figured.

The tissue was inflexible and unyielding, and much, much stronger than I was.

However, I was persistent - it was not. I worked my fingers through a fold,

eventually getting my whole right hand inside. The ring tightened up briefly,

reacting to my presence, but let go a second later.

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