Giantess Stories: The Kernel by Atkins    For Ryan

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The Kernel

by Atkins

For Ryan, life was good. Great job, talk of a promotion, and all the free

popcorn he could eat.

Ryan squinted in the bright sunlight as he got out of his car. He'd lost his

sunglasses and needed desperately to replace them. These Texas afternoons were

getting hotter, brighter, and more humid by the minute. The teenager strolled

over to the movie theater where he'd been employed for nearly a year now. He

tugged on the glass doors to find that they were locked. Ryan peered inside to

be greeted by the sight of the lobby, sans lights. "Aw, shit" he muttered under

his breath as he took one last look inside before pounding the glass in

desperation. It was a little after eleven and the first show started at noon.

The manager was late, again.

As Ryan sat down outside the ticket taker's booth and lit up a cigarette, he

tried to imagine what excuse his boss would come up with. About fifteen minutes

later, a car came speeding into the lot. Ryan watched the form of Leslie, one of

the assistant managers scramble out of her car. "Sorry, Ryan. What time is it?"

she shouted. Before any reply was allowed, she started lugging a cardboard box

from her back seat, "Here, gimmie some help with this." The box was a lot

heavier than it looked. Ryan almost dropped it.

"What's in the box?" Ryan grunted as he struggled not to lose it's contents over

the ground.

"Popcorn salt, that's why I'm late," she said as she scurried around the lobby

unlocking doors and turning on lights. "The damn store didn't have any, so I had

to go hunting for some. I finally found this in a hole in the wall herb shop.

Cost me an arm and a leg too. I better get reimbursed..." she trailed off as she

ran upstairs to warm up the projectors.

Ryan casually started to set up the concession stand. He went through the same

procedure that he had done countless times before. He could have done it in his

sleep. After the occasional all nighter, he sometimes did. Leslie came running

back down the stairs, almost in a panic. As she circled the lobby making sure

everything was ready, she reminded Ryan to do the chores he already had ten

minutes ago. Leslie was only a year older than Ryan, but she acted like she was

having a mid life crisis. Accepting the Assistant Manager position instantly

aged her ten years and convinced her that the weight of the entire world rested

solely on her shoulders. She was a very nice person, and would have been

breathtakingly beautiful if it weren't for the sever layers of stress and

responsibility she wore.

"And Ryan," she continued, "once every one else starts getting here, get to

popping some more popcorn." She promptly ran into the box office slamming the

door behind her. Seeing the door shut, Ryan sighed and continued stirring the

artificial butter. It was going to be a long day, he thought. He had no idea.

The morning went by uneventful. They eventually opened and soon other employees

started coming in. Once everything was settled, Ryan retreated to the room

behind the concession stand where the popcorn was made and stored. The room also

served as a changing area for the employees. The popper was an ugly thing that

took up a good section of the room. The uncooked kernels were scooped up in

little metal tins, seasoned with salt, and then poured into big bins where the

oil was added, heated, stirred and popped. The cooked corn fell into a big metal

bin where it cooled, and then stored in giant bags. The bags were shelved, and

then re-heated up front in the concession area. Some bags were weeks old. Sure,

the customers thought it was fresh, but what they didn't know, wouldn't hurt


And so it was Ryan's job today to pop the corn that would get them through the

week. He cut open the box of salt he had dragged in. It sure looked like regular

popcorn salt. He dabbed a little onto his finger and tasted it. There was a

subtle difference. No one else would have probably noticed. This stuff was a

little tangier. Ryan wondered how it would taste after he got done "fixing it."

The reason he was always asked to make popcorn is because his tasted the best.

He combined the regular popcorn salt with a special blend of spices he concocted

at home. The end result was magnificent. Ryan didn't want to take any chances

mixing this new stuff. For all he new the new salt might taste horrible with his

spices. He reached into his locker and poured a small amount of his concoction

on his hand. It was a reddish brown. He safely stored his spiced back in his

locker. He then started mix in the new salt with his finger. The whole thing

started to turn a pale yellowish. Ryan stuck his finger into his mouth for a

final verdict. His caution was well rewarded. The end product tasted absolutely

horrible. The two spices just didn't mix.

The remainder of the spice swirled down the sink as Ryan washed it off his

hands. He went to work making the popcorn. No sooner than he had scooped up the

first scoop of the uncooked kernels, he started to feel dizzy. His stomach

started to cramp and he felt all tingly. Ryan figured it was a bad side effect

of the new salt. As the room started to spin, he lurched forward looking for

balance. He fell toward the poppers and grabbed onto the nine inch high metal

box that the uncooked kernels sat in before the were salted and cooked. He put

all his weight on that hand for balance. Then he blacked out.

Ryan awoke instantly. Well it seemed instantly, for all he knew he had been out

for days. After he regained consciousness, there were three things that caught

Ryan's attention. One, he had the worst headache he ever had in his life. Two,

he had no idea where he was, and Three, he was completely naked.

From what he could gather, he was laying on a brown domed thing that was twice

as big as he was. There were several more of these things around him. Beyond

those were metal walls that ran up about eight feet in the air. The ceiling

above seemed ridiculously high up. Ryan finally gained enough courage to stand

up and survey his surroundings. He immediately wished he hadn't. What what he

was able to gather, he was tiny. Very, very tiny. Smaller than a popcorn kernel.

He knew because he was standing in giant scoop of them. Ryan then proceeded to

pass out again.

Ryan woke once more to a sound that shook his entire body. It was a knock.

Someone was knocking on the door to make sure no one was changing. Ryan was

saved. He would get their attention and they would see him and all would be

good. Ryan watched in anticipation was the doorknob turned. The door opened and

Ryan almost passed out again. Standing there in the doorway was Molly. Another

employee at the theater and if you asked Ryan, his idea of heaven. She had a

great figure and a full head of curly red hair. Even at regular height Molly

caught Ryan's stares, but now, now she was a goddess. She was huge, absolutely

huge. Ryan was frozen with fear and awe.

Molly walked in, took a look at the pile of clothes on the floor and groaned.

"Pigs" she muttered as the stuffed the entire pile into a random locker. She

made sure there was no one else in the room and then locked the door. Ryan,

finally mobile, started screaming. "Molly!" he shouted. "Down here! In the

Popcorn!" It was of course completely useless. Ryan's heart sank as he realized

he couldn't be heard. He started to jump up and down. Molly, meanwhile, took he

work clothes out of her locker and set them on the popcorn popper next to the

scoop Ryan was in. The gust of wind knocked him over. Molly pulled the tight

T-Shirt she was wearing off, giving Ryan the show of his life. Ryan was a

gentleman and normally would have looked away but he was in a trance. He was

hypnotized by Molly's breasts. They were huge simply huge. They were the size of

a house. Bigger that a house. Ryan was surged with a sense of helplessness as he

realized just how tiny he was. Molly undid her belt and slid off her jeans. She

was wearing a black bikini thong. She bent down to pick up her jeans giving Ryan

the most incredible view of his life. Her ass was right up in his face, only a

couple of feet (to him) away. Then she slipped. Ryan watched in horror as

Molly's ass loomed closer and hit the rectangular prison he was sitting in. Ryan

slipped of the kernel he was standing on. He fell between the kernels and kept

falling. He slid around until he hit bottom. He was stuck. He couldn't move.

Ryan screamed again but to no avail. He heard Molly close the door leaving him

alone in a pile of popcorn kernels that was about to be poured in boiling oil.

Time went by. Ryan heard the door open and close. He heard voices. Leslie was

bitching to the other employees about Ryan's disappearance. He heard he assign

Molly the duty of cooking the popcorn. Ryan vomited in fear. He knew this was

then end. He could hear the whir of the popper and it heated the oil. Tears ran

down Ryan's eyes as he tried to remember the some sort of prayer. Suddenly his

world was turned upside down. The kernels were being emptied into the popper.

Ryan's stomach lurched as he fell down. He hit the grease with a splash and

lashed onto the nearest thing he could find. He clutched desperately to a kernel

of corn. The grease wasn't hot yet since this was the first batch. Ryan knew it

was only a matter of time.

The oil got hotter. It became unbearable. He heard the kernels around his start

to pop and fly out of the oil. The skin on Ryan's arm started to turn red and

blister. Ryan was about to let go of the kernel he was holding when suddenly he

was propelled backwards very quickly. He felt his body contract under him. He

could feel his leg breaking. He was falling; falling quickly. The ground hit him

suddenly and knocked the wind out of him. It didn't take long to realize what

had happened. The popcorn kernel he was holding onto had popped. When a popcorn

seed pops, it turns itself inside out. The seed had popped around Ryan's body

and trapped him in it. Only his head stuck out of the kernel. Unfortunately his

head was the size as the head of a pin.

More popcorn rained around him as the metal bin started to fill up. He looked up

to see Molly's body leaning over him stirring the popcorn with a scoop. She hit

his kernel hard as he was flung forward. He could see her giant hand reaching

into the bin to pick up the occasional piece and pop it into her mouth. He tried

to scream but nothing came out. Ryan now realized that he wasn't going to be

boiled alive. He was going to be eaten. Maybe not by Molly, but by somebody.

No sooner than he had thought it, than he saw the shadow of Molly's hand reach

over him. She grabbed on to a handful of kernels, one of which included Ryan. He

was jerked back and forth while she ate the handful one kernel at a time. He saw

Molly's mouth open, her lips part, inviting death, again and again. Ryan was

soon the only kernel left in her hand. He knew that this was it. The end. He

couldn't think of a better way to die. Before he was devoured, the hand stopped.

Molly's head jerked the other direction. The next thing Ryan knew he was being

thrown back into the bin with the other popcorn.

The General manager walked through the door. Molly hadn't wanted to be caught

eating the popcorn and threw the rest back. Ryan had never been so relieved in

his life. Between the heat and the stress Ryan soon realized just how exhausted

he was. He closed his eyes and went to sleep. He didn't even wake when he was

scooped into a bag with the rest of the corn.

Inside the bag, time had no meaning. After Ryan woke, he wasn't sure how long he

had been there. Maybe days, maybe hours. He couldn't see anything. Everything

was dark. He struggled to free himself of the kernel, but couldn't even feel his

lower body. He eventually gave up, admitted defeat, and silently wished for


Eventually, the bag was moved. Ryan felt it being shook up and down as it was

carried to what he assumed could only be the concession stand. Light poured in

as the bag was emptied into the heated bin. On one side, Ryan could see the

familiar uniform that he once wore. He couldn't tell who donned it, only that it

was scooping the popcorn around him into bags. On the other side, though the

butter stained glass, he saw an endless line of customers, one of whom would be

his unknowing executioner. He was tossed around constantly. Once he was bagged,

but the customer changed their mind at the last minute, and he was dumped back.

Eventually it happened. Ryan was scooped into a bag about a fourth of the way

down. He didn't even care at this point. He just wanted it all to end. He felt

himself being carried and soon set down. The movie started, and about twenty

minutes later, the ceiling came out. Ryan strained to look up and see who would

be eating him. It was a girl. A young girl, he guessed maybe sixteen or

seventeen. The kernels around him were lifted and devoured, and for the second

time, Ryan was brought to a pair of eager lips waiting to eat him without a

second though. Ryan closed his eyes as he was brought closer and closer. He

could smell the a hint of mint behind the popcorn on the girls breath. Suddenly,

like before, he was stopped seconds from death.

The girl's attention was completely on the movie. She had sucked in her breath

and held it. Ryan figured it was a suspenseful point in the movie. One of the

moments before something scary happens. As if on cue a scream emitted from the

girls lips that left Ryan's ears ringing. She jumped and dropped the kernel she

was holding. Ryan fell from the girl's fingers. He saw her breasts come rushing

up to meet his face. The girl was wearing a low cut blouse that showed plenty of

cleavage. He hit head on with her left breast and stuck, The weight of the

popcorn pressed Ryan's face into her flesh. He was beginning to suffocate. The

girl noticed the kernel and absently brushed it away.

Ryan fell into the girls cleavage and past her breasts. The popcorn bounced

around inside of her shirt and eventually out the bottom. He landed between the

girls legs where he finally rolling. The girl was wearing a pair of very short

shorts. Time stood still as Ryan was surrounded by the greatest set of legs he

had ever seen. The girl shifted in her weight on the chair and he started to

slide forward. The crotch of this girl slid closer and closer and soon Ryan was

pressed into the denim guarding her womanhood. He took in her scent breathing

long and hard. Then all hell broke loose. The girl crossed her legs.

Ryan was lurched upwards as the prison that held him was crushed between her

thighs. Ryan gasped as parts of his body that hadn't been touched for days was

suddenly engulfed by the young girls perfect legs. Bliss turned to agony as Ryan

struggled to breath. Then the pressure let up. Ryan's limp body fell and hit the

seat. He was once again between the girl's legs, inched away from her crotch. He

tried to crawl but his body was broken. Neither arm nor leg would move. To make

matters worse his legs were wrapped up the the fabric of the seat. After a

moment the girl stood up to go to the bathroom.

Ryan was flung forward as the seat went from horizontal to vertical. He was

stuck to the fabric and hung there in mid air, waiting. Soon the girl came back.

He hand pushed the seat back. As Ryan looked up he saw one of the worlds

greatest asses coming down on him. It struck him hard knocking the wind out of

him. He felt the cushion give was slightly as the girl planted a cheek on either

side of him. As the girl squirmed to get comfortable, Ryan felt himself being

pulled upwards, stuck in the middle of a wedgie. The denim closed in around him

on each side as she clenched her cheeks together sealing him in his tomb. Ryan

held on as long as he could, but eventually the air grew thin. Ryan's last

moments were painful, and as he asphyxiated underneath the teenage derriere, his

last thought was of how much he hated popcorn.

Giantess Stories: The Kernel by Atkins    For Ryan

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