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swim team


A short story

by: Dandamainman


Chapter 1: 

The Swim Team



The swim team at Lone Star high school was a small one. A normal usually

consists of about 12 girls, but this team only had 6. Not enough for

competitions, but enough for fun filled practices. As any boy would enjoy doing,

Dill Dunnerson was the swim team's manager. They called him double D for short.



What a privilege it was for him to be a manager to these 6 lovely ladies. What

the team lacked in quantity, they made up for in quality, let me tell you, these

girls were hot. Not only did Dill get to stare at hot girls for 2 hours after

school everyday… he got to stare at hot girls in swim suits for 2 hours

everyday. Yes, you could say Dill was a very lucky young man. If lucks what you

would call it.



Dill had many jobs to do for the team. A manager had to do something other than

drool all day. He had to put up the lane lines, clean up the locker (yes, the

girls locker room) and many other odd jobs of that nature, in fact it was on one

of these odd jobs that Dill's fate took a sharp turn down the unusual path.



“Hey Double Dee, would you mind handing me my bag.” Was the call from probably

the most beautiful girl on the team. Andrea Perkins, the mere sound of the name

was sure to imply a good looking body, and oh, did it ever. She was a blonde

senior, silky hair, smooth, shiny skin, perfect curves, when a girl like this

asks you for a favor… you don't say no. “Sure thing Andrea”

Poor fool.



He went to the side of the bleachers and retrieved her bag, which, he thought to

himself, wouldn't have been hard for her to get. He brought the bag over to her

and to his surprise, he got a hug out of the deal. All he had done was get her a

bag… sweetness. As he slowly let go of her he felt a fine, soft, almost

unnoticeable pen prick, he was too caught up in the moment, however, to pay it

any mind at all. He just got a hug from the hottest girl on the swim team.



Of course, he didn't notice, and couldn't have noticed the smirk that was

falling on Andrea's face.  As Dill walked away, “You think he noticed anything?”

“Of course not, he was like putty in my hands.” “Well, he will soon be putty in

your hands” The smirk on Andrea's face grew even wider as she walked to the

locker room.


Chapter 2:

Fateful day



Dill felt funny the whole rest of the night, and even a bit worse in the

morning, but some little cold, or whatever it was, wasn't going to stop him

managing those swimmers. So, he sucked it up, and went to school.



His classes seemed tougher, he couldn't concentrate, he had never smoked pot

before, but if he ever had, he imagined it would have been something like this.

Light headiness, dizzy spells, over all he was way too happy. Although, every

once in a while, that looming pain in his stomach would return to put a stop to

the party.



He somehow made it threw the day without getting a detention, or even being

noticed by any of his teachers. Yes luck was with him… the same luck that aloud

him to manage the swim, and the same luck that aloud him a hug from Andrea

Perkins? Yes, the same luck.



By the time he had made it to swim practice he couldn't see straight, he could

barely hobble over to the swimmers. Andrea took sight of his predicament, and

hastily hiding her smile, she gave him the keys to car, and told him to rest in

there. This seemed a bit odd, sure, but to a half coherent, love struck boy, it

was like the gates of heaven had opened.



He gladly took her up on that offer, and made his way to the car, which was a

very nice light green beetle by the way. It took him a while to unlock the car

door, as he couldn't see straight, and his eyes were fairly blurry. He finely

managed, and was asleep in the back seat even before he shut the door.


Chapter 3:

Putty in their hands



He awoke with a start. He felt great! Nothing was wrong… except, he was tied up…

with, shoelace? “I never knew they made shoelace this big” He looked up to see

Andrea's beautiful face looming over him… however, she had to be hundreds of

feet tall. As he took in his surroundings, he soon realized that it wasn't her

that was hundred feet tall, it was him that was only a few inches tall.



grin wasn't what Dill needed to see at that time, but that's what he got. Andrea

batted her long mascara coated eye lashes and asked, “Are you feeling any better

honey?” “You? You did this to me, what the hell!!” “Hehehe” her grin widened,

“Oh, we're going to have some fun.” With that, she hopped into the drivers seat

cautious not to crush Dill and sped off to her house.


            Como saber si me dieron agua de calzon

When she got home she wasted no time to scoop up Dill and went up to her room,

she couldn't hardly wait to play with this shrunken master piece that she had

made. As she put the tied up little man on her pillow she grabbed an old bird

cage she had and hung it up. “See double D, this is where you're going to be

sleeping tonight. It's got plenty of space, and it even has water… hehe”



“You know what Double D, let me get a little more comfortable.” She removed her

shirt, and bra, although Dill thought he was in heaven, he had to remember that

he was in a very dangerous situation. She removed her skirt, which revealed baby

blue panties, yes, it was official, she was a goddess.



“Now Double D, I'm going to untie you now, but don't run, whatever you do, that

will just make me angry.” She added, “And you don't want to see me angry.” She

untied her fairly tight web of shoelace that had been keep Dill immobile.


As she was untying him he bit her on the tip of the finger, and made her bleed.

“AHH you little worm, you need a timeout!” She forcefully taped up his mouth and

opened up the back of her panties wide. She picked him up, very ungracefully,

and dropped him down. Those panties were tighter than he had ever thought. He

couldn't move, he was plastered to her left cheek until she thought he had been

punished enough. She laid chest down, and continued to watch T.V. for an hour.



Finally when she thought he had been punished enough she got him back out. She

toyed with him, and teased him. As he would lay on his back, she would allow her

breast to fall on him. Just as he was close to passing out, she would retract.

All Dill wished now was to pass out.



Spent a fair amount of time in her shoe, she also enjoyed picking him up with

her biggest 2 toys, and admiring him. What Dill hated the most was being in her

mouth, the wet hot feeling that enclosed him was not appreciated, and he let her

know it. Of course, this just followed in him getting another timeout. Andrea

never ran out of creative places for him to spend it in either.



After an exhausting day she locked him away in his cage, and proceeded to tell

him how the other girls will want to have a look at him in the morning. She

aloud him one of her socks as a cover.



He awoke to see Andrea sprinting around trying to get everything perfect for

another day of school. She would have forgotten him, if he hadn't made a noise.

She swaggered over, “How was my little man's night?” “incredibly cold, and the

cage was far too hard to get a decent night's sleep. “Hmm, I think I can help

you on both accounts… hehe.”



Dill spent the next 7 hours of the school day in a place that was neither cold,

nor hard. He spent that time tightly wound inside Andrea's bra. She was wearing

a sweat shirt that day, so no one noticed.



When the day finally came to a close, Andrea made her way to the locker room for

another day of swim practice. When she got there all the girls were eager to her

about Little Double D. “Oh, I have him right here.” As she spoke those words she

quickly undid her bra and laid it down on the bench for all the girls to see.



Dill was wide awake and enjoying the view, 6 girls crowding around him, all

nude, or very close to it, admiring what a little treasure he was. “Ahh, he's so

cute! Too bad we have to…” “Yes, yes, I know.”



Everyone quickly got dressed and went out to swim practice but not before tying

Dill in a sock and laying him on the side of the pool. After the practice, they

untied him, and let him fall a good 25 feet (for him atleast) to the water




They surrounded him, like giant piranha ready to make the kill. They took turns,

pushing him underwater. Each time he got deeper and deeper. After about 8 of the

deathly games he sputtered, “Why are you doing this?!?!” “Oh, well you see

little guy, that shrinking juice that the girls and I made only works for maybe

2 or so days.” “yeah,” another girl butted in, “We can very well have you

growing back to your normal self and telling everyone about this.” She poked him

underwater even further. He floated up, hardly able to swim anymore. “Poor

fool,” Andrea said, “Why do you think the last 5 swim managers all were killed,

or went missing?” She poked him down. He swam up with a new strength. “You mean

you've done this to all the other managers?!?!?” “Oh yes, I'm afraid we did, but

the real problem is… who will be our next manager?” This time she poked him to

the bottom of the pool.



The last thing Dill heard before dying was the girls arguing over who got to toy

with the next manager.



Giantess Stories: The LARGE swim team

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