Giantess Stories: The Little Fight Club By jd      Part 1

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The Little Fight Club

By jd

Part 1

Lisa was upset with Stacey. Stacey wasn't talking, she simply wouldn't tell

her where she found it. She said, "I promised not to talk about where it came

from." All she would reveal was that it was hers "legally" and that only she

knew how to use it.

Stacey was a relatively small woman, 5' 6" and somewhat mousy looking. She

had very long brown hair that ran straight down to the middle of her back, and a

somewhat long face with a sharp nose. She generally wore blue jeans and

sleeveless blouses as well as oversized rimless spectacles. There was really

nothing that made her stand out, that is until she smiled. When she smiled it

was a whole body smile and she would go from almost unnoticeable to downright

pretty. The other feature people were attracted to was her laugh, something she

had done little of in the last four years.

Lisa, by contrast, was a stunning blond on a 5' 10" frame, with short-cropped

hair, and a bustline that could hardly be contained by off the shelf bras. She

was well known for her acidic tongue and her ability to apply her wit to any

situation. But right now she wanted something, she wanted to know where Stacey

found it, it was amazing.

It was shaped oddly, like a TV Remote that would be uncomfortable in your

hand, and it had some of the strangest writing she had ever seen on it. When

Stacey passed her fingers over portions of it the writing seemed to rise up as

if made of liquid that was being attracted to a magnet. But it was what it did

to things was the amazing part.

"Now watch, I'm going to set it for half size and point at the sofa," Stacey

told her, then suddenly, without any warning, the sofa was exactly 1/2 its

original size and weight. "Can you imagine what this will be like when we move

out and everything will fit in one box?"

"Yeah, no mover fees," Lisa added. The two had been roommates for over two

years and their lease was up before the end of the month. They had found a house

to rent on the outskirts of town and were currently in the process of moving.

That job just got simpler.

Two weeks later they were in their new location having moved their entire

ensemble with just one box. And now that they were in a house, not a dinky

apartment, a house with a full basement, storage space and room in the house was

no problem. But of course now the extra room wasn't as vital as it was before.

Seeing little or no use, outside of novelty, for their "item" life went back to

normal and the "item" was forgotten for several months until the dog attacked


She was working in the garden in the front yard when the dog attacked her.

Stacey was in the den when she heard a commotion outside. She ran out the front

door and saw Lisa on her back trying to fend off the teeth and claws; she was

fighting a losing battle. Without hesitation she ran back into the den and got

her device. She set it for 1/8th and aimed it at the dog. The result shocked

them both.

There lay Lisa on the grass with a living, breathing, barking miniature

rottweiler on her chest. Lisa quickly scooped the dog up and threw it against

the garage. It hit with a splat and fell to the ground dead. Stacey ran over to

her roommate and knelt by her. "Are you okay?" she asked her friend.

"Yeah, a little banged up, but I don't think he did anything permanent." She


Stacey hugged her friend then said, "Did you see that, Lisa?" she asked. "The

dog was still alive."

"Yeah, well not for long. I gave that dirty son of a bitch what it deserved."

Lisa answered. "Did you see the way it went splat on the garage wall?" She

started shaking and laughing.

"Lisa, don't you realize what just happened?" Stacey asked. "If we can shrink

something living, and it stays alive, do you have any idea of the things that we

can do?"

"Sell discount tickets to Hawaii in our carry-on luggage?" Lisa said as she

headed into the house for the medicine cabinet.

"No!" Stacey answered. "Find Bill Allen and his lawyer, that's what!" Lisa

stopped in her tracks. She turned to look at Stacey. She finally broke into a

smile and went over and hugged her friend again.

"Oh Stacey, I thought there was no fight left in you. I'm so happy to hear

you say that." Lisa told her.

Two years before Lisa moved in with her, Stacey had gone through the lowest

period of her life. She had met Bill Allen at a friend's party. They had gotten

on during the evening, and then he offered to take her home. She never made it

home. Bill had taken her to his home, and proceeded to rape her that night, and

what dignity he didn't take from her his lawyer and the courts finished up on.

And now, for the first time in her life, she saw a risk free way to get even.

She understood the system now, and she knew any move she made against him would

be immediately penalized. But with this, he would just suddenly disappear

without a trace, and there would be no evidence linking her with the



Crystal's was the upscale nightclub in town and Bill Allen never missed an

opportunity to be seen there. He was the golden boy of the financial district, a

mutual fund manager, and he enjoyed the perks of his position. There was that

one incident with that twit he met at a party one time, but everything there had

turned out all right. His attorney, Max Caulfield knew his way around city hall

and had made all the right arrangements. So Bill never even had a hiccup in his

career path.

What did the stupid bimbo expect anyway? Did she think he was looking for

stimulating conversation with a woman? Anyway that was in the past, and Bill was

looking forward because a large out of town firm had just noticed him. Bill was

moving up and out and this small franchise second rate city he was in was going

to be in the past too. Of all the people he knew the only one he wished he could

take with him was Max. Max had taught him that everything was really window

dressing. Real work was done with oil and grease. Green oil and grease. And the

more you applied the more you made.

Bill Allen stood 6' even, he was well toned because he worked out every day.

He had a dark complexion that revealed the Italian side of his background and he

kept his black hair short and blow dried to perfection. Bill was the right guy

in the right place at the right time. He had the right look; double-breasted

Armanni suits. He had the right education, an MBA from Princeton. He had the

right car, a red Corvette with a license plate reading FUNOMNL. And he was

moving on the right career path. Everything was going right for Bill; it's just

that he was starting to become fed up with the same-old same-old at Crystal's.

That's when the blond sat down next to him.

What caught his attention about her was that he had never seen her before,

anywhere. She was average height, but with an athletic build, and shoulder

length blond hair. She had piercing green eyes and she must have been at least a

38-D. She paid him no mind and ordered a Sunrise. When he spoke to her she

looked him over with a do-I-know-you look on her face. When she came to the

conclusion she didn't, she returned her attention to the bartender.

"I said you're new here," Bill repeated, "aren't you?"

She looked back at him and said, "No, I'm old here. I just haven't been in

this place before."

"Clever girl," he answered. "I'm Bill Allen, perhaps you've heard of me." He


"No, I'm afraid I haven't." She looked back at him with a sarcastic smile.

"Should I have?"

"Well, if you're up on the financial news around here you should have. You

see I'm one of the top mutual fund managers in the country right now." He told

her. "I mean your talking to one of the movers and shakers right now. Like a

major player."

"Really," she exclaimed, "I guess there would be room for all that in your

head, I mean it is big enough." She then added "But it does surprise me that

there is any room left with all that ego in there"

"If that's everything I'll be going now." She said then walked over to a

table and sat down.

Lisa had a formula for finding the kind of men she liked to be with. If you

pushed them off and they respected your wishes, but didn't make snide comments

to their friends, she would seek them out two or three nights later making an

excuse about headache, or bad day at work, or something. These men usually were

the type that would bend over backwards to provide her a good time, and pay

attention to what she enjoyed. If on the other hand they were like Bill Allen,

the fastest way to put them on the hunt was to push them out to arm's length.

She knew that he couldn't resist the bait she had just laid, it was just a

matter of time.

Bill Allen was fuming. He wouldn't take that from anyone he was doing

business with, and he damn well wasn't taking that from some bimbo. He walked

over to the table where she was sitting and sat down to join her.

"I can see that you're not easily impressed." He said "I like that in a girl.

It tells me that you are an independent thinker, not one to run with the pack.

In business I look for people like that all the time. And when I find one, I

don't let go."

"So you're telling me that you won't be leaving me alone tonight. Is that

it?" she asked.

"Are you kidding?" He said. "When you find gold, you don't just drop it and

go look for something else. You grab it and hold on with everything you've got,

and make sure that nobody else gets it from you." He continued. "You're unique,

and I want to keep my eye on you." He knew it wouldn't take much more of that

kind of BS to get her to open to him. Just the right mixture of flattery without

sounding too patronizing and she'd go anywhere he asked her to tonight.

Lisa was trying her best not to throw her drink into his face. It was clear

that he was pulling out all the stops to flatter her with this independent,

unique, made of gold nonsense. She hoped they could get out into the parking lot

before too long so she wouldn't have to endure this stream of rubbish too much

more. She called for a playful smile and said, "Are you saying I'm a

golden-girl, Bill?"

"Yes I am. Most of the girls here are just carbon copies of each other. On

the inside, only the packaging is different. You on the other hand are genuinely

different. I make my living by finding the truly different and profiting by that

discovery. And I can tell that there is a lot to profit from by being with you."

He told her.

Bill was pleased with himself. He managed to turn this one around in less

than 20 minutes. This may be a record for him. Needles to say that thanks to his

expertise at dealing with the difficult girls, she was ready to head out with

him in under an hour. She'd learn a thing or two tonight. They were in the

parking lot headed for where she said her van was parked when Bill saw a woman

he thought he recognized. At that same time the ditz he was walking with dove to

the side and rolled on the ground. Suddenly everything went black, just as

quickly the view changed and as far as he could tell he was somewhere else


Out of the corner of his eye he saw a vehicle headed for him, before he could

get out of the way he felt it hit him. He was nearly stunned from the impact, he

must have been, instead of falling to the ground he felt himself being lifted

while inside what felt like a rolled up mattress. The next thing he knew he was

looking into the face of a woman of tremendous size. She must have been 50 to

100 feet tall. It was at this point that he decided he must be unconscious. This

had to be a delirium, it couldn't possibly be real. He was sure he felt himself

being placed into a box and then being transported someplace. He didn't care

anymore; this was all just some kind of a dream. As long as he was dreaming he

knew he would be waking sometime soon in a hospital. He was certain that the

twit was the type to call an ambulance right away.

"So, what are you going to do with him now that you have him?" Lisa asked as

she got into the car.

"I'll figure something out." Stacey answered. "Right now having him is


When they arrived at the house, they both went down into the basement and

moved bill into the birdcage they had purchased earlier just for this occasion.

Bill, once he was placed in the cage, simply went over to one corner and sat


"Don't you want to know where you are?" Stacey asked him.

"I already know where I am." He answered. "I'm lying in a hospital bed, in

some sort of coma, I was hit by a car."

Stacey began to laugh. "Sorry to break this to you little man, but this is no

hospital bed, and you aren't going to wake up anywhere else. You are awake, and

this is quite real. This is as real as it gets. And I guess I'll just have to

let you stay here a while and get used to the idea. But you don't have to

believe me, just believe your stomach when it gets empty you'll realize soon

enough this is for real."

Bill ignored her and tried to make himself comfortable in the cage. There was

no way he wasn't suffering some sort of delirium, or bad dream. He would just

settle down until he woke up in the hospital. He shook his head as the two giant

women turned out the light and headed up the stairs.

Stacey sat on the sofa and Lisa sat across from her in the loveseat. For a

few minutes all they could do is to stare at one another. Lisa finally spoke,

"Well, we did it, we captured Bill Allen. How does it feel to be the proud owner

of a man?"

"I don't know." Stacey answered. "I'm still trying to catch up with the idea

right now. That creep put me through hell, and now that I have him, I want his

lawyer too." The look in her eyes and the determination in her voice let Lisa

know that there was nothing that would stand between her and fulfilling that

goal. For her part Lisa would willingly help.

"What are we going to do with them once we have them, keep them in the cage

as pets?"

"Maybe, I just don't know yet. You know it's funny, revenge was so easy when

it wasn't possible, now that it's real everything is so different." Stacey

leaned back. She produced a pack of Salems pulled one out and lit it. Lisa

excused herself from the room and went into her bedroom to lay down. As Stacey

smoked she pulled the berets from her hair and let it tumble down past her

shoulders. She then leaned back in the chair and tried to relax as she finished

her cigarette. A half-hour and three cigarettes later she finally stopped



Taking the lawyer was much easier. His routine had him going to a certain

office once a week to do pro-bono work in one of the rougher sections of town.

He did this not out of any charitable urgings on his part, but because it was

good for his image, and his friends at city hall had explained that he would

need this in his background for any chance at a political future. As he left the

office and went into the parking garage, Stacey and Lisa moved in and made their

catch. One hour later he was in the cage with Bill Allen arguing over the

reality of the situation. The two girls went upstairs and left them to their


Max was in bad shape. They didn't use a box for him; they simply dropped him

into Stacey's purse and headed home. By the time they pulled him out he looked

like he had been on the loosing end of a rumble.

After the women left he looked over at his companion. He immediately

recognized him as his client Bill Allen. "Bill, what's going on here. You've

been missing for some time, have you been here the whole time?"

Bill looked at his lawyer and said, "I'm sorry, I'm trying to wake up right

now, and participating in a delirium is no way to escape it. This isn't real, I

know it's a dream or something."

He looked at Bill somewhat incredulously and said, "Look Bill, I'm sorry to

break it to you this way, but I think that this is real."

"No it isn't, I was hit by a car or something, and I'm lying in a hospital

bed just waiting to wake up. You're part of my dream. It has to be a dream."

"You're not in a hospital Bill. You disappeared two days ago. The police came

to see me and ask about you. Right now you are a missing person, and I suppose I

am too now." Max looked him in the eye. "Bill, this is real, and we're in real


"No way, this can not possibly be real." Bill replied.

"Bill, that doesn't matter," Max replied, "whether it's real or not, we're

going to have to operate on the assumption that this is real if we're going to

get out of this. Now buck up and pay attention. Max leveled a stern look at

Bill, "Did you recognize that one girl?"

"Yeah, the bitch that claimed I raped her." Bill answered.

"No Bill, the bitch that you did rape. I'm your attorney, don't lie to your

attorney. We both know that you did in fact rape her. And she knows it too. So

we can assume that this has something to do with that. Can we start there Bill?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Good, so we can also assume that bribes aren't going to work here"

"Then what do they want?"

"I'd say revenge, Bill. But that's just a guess. I don't think it's a

coincidence that we're both in here. It's just a question of how much does she

know that will determine how much time we have. If she only knows you and me I'd

say we're gonna get it pretty soon. Otherwise were going to have some company

before they start anything." They never really relaxed that evening, but sleep

managed to overcome them just the same.


The next morning Stacey and Lisa came down to visit their new pets. Stacey

ordered them both to strip naked. She then had them hand their clothes out to

her. She handed each a pair of Speedo's briefs and instructed them to put them

on. She then removed Max from the cage and took him upstairs. Ten minutes and a

couple of thumps later, she had a list of everyone involved in accepting the

bribes in her case.

"There was the judge, Edward Stevenson; the prosecutor, David Lenske; and the

investigating officer, Robert Philips." He told her between gasps for air. "They

each accepted $5,000.00 to tank your case." Seeing the look on her face Max for

the first time became genuinely terrified.

She could barely contain herself, but she managed to take Max back to the

cage in the basement. When she returned upstairs, she sat in the loveseat and

lit a cigarette. Lisa could see how visibly shaken she was. "I trusted those

bastards." She said. "I didn't even want to prosecute, they convinced me to go

ahead with it. I'll never forget their speeches about all the other women out

there depending on me, how I'd be letting them down if I dropped the case, how

he'd be laughing at me if I were to crawl into a corner and hide." She took a

drag and blew the smoke at the ceiling.

"Now I find the DA sold me out. I wonder if that was the plan all along. If I

don't prosecute, they don't get their fuckin' money. And he was laughing all the

harder, and they were all laughing with him at the foolish girl and her case

that was lost before it started." She looked at Lisa. "Come on, we're going


They spent the next two days determining where and when they could take out

each of their targets. Stacey was angry, but she was not going to allow her

anger to make her do something stupid. That would stop her from getting what she

was after. She waited four years; she could wait another day or two. She told

Lisa, "We have to be careful, the police will start to put two and two together.

So I want to pick up a couple of extra men just for a smokescreen. We can keep

them in a separate location until we're done, then drug them and resize them on

a beach somewhere and make it look like a party that got out of hand."

"I don't know," Lisa began. "Maybe we should just keep the extras as pets or

something. They'll be able to identify us you know."

"But if the beach is in New Jersey nobody's going to believe them." Stacey


"Who should we grab then?" Lisa asked her.

"Anybody, we should concentrate on the lowlifes downtown though. But if we

can't make that work we'll just snatch them at random when no one can see,

hopefully, with a spate of disappearances nobody will note that five of them

were involved in my rape case four years ago." She said.

Their first lowlife victims were easy to attract. Ricardo Siera a.k.a.

Switchblade Ricky and Carl 'The Skinhead' Swartz. The pair had been watching the

women as they walked through their district. A couple of dames dis'ing their

territory. Long green or pussy, they were gonna' pay the toll. Carl would step

out in front of them and distract them while Switchblade would close in from

behind and they would own the two bitches. It went like clockwork until the dark

haired bitch did something and the whole world fell apart. The next thing they

knew the bitches were 50 ft tall and putting them in a box.

That evening they were in the high rent district.

...Judge Stevenson didn't appreciate the page. He was having dinner with his

wife this evening and he didn't want to be interrupted. He recognized the number

as Max Caulfield's however and excused himself to go and call him back. He

explained to his wife that Max was one of the first of the Men in town to go

missing, and this might be important. He never returned.

...A group from the East Side failed to show up for a buy with an undercover

officer the next day. When he determined that all four had disappeared without a

trace he began to wonder if there was a turf war brewing.

...Assistant District Attorney David Lenske had a fondness for the ponies. In

fact some people wanted to call it an obsession. His ex-wife called it an

addiction. When she tired of cleaning up his messes and keeping him out of

trouble, she finally left him. She would call that the best move of her life.

She wasn't surprised when the police talked with her about his disappearance, it

seems his car was found in the parking lot at the track. It had been there for

several days.

...The official report read that detective Robert Phillips disappeared while

investigating the death of a small time pimp who was found in a dumpster behind

a pawnshop. Detective Michael Harrison of IAD believed that he was taking

advantage of all these resent vanishings to make his escape. He had to know they

were on to him, and that attorney Caulfield too. Who knew, these two may even be

behind all the disappearances. It looked like 24 to 30 in all.

Stacey and Lisa were ecstatic. They were watching the news about all of the

mysterious disappearances, at the same time they were a little nervous. When the

reporter mentioned, however, a leak that two of the people involved were under

investigation for racketeering, and that some of the others who had disappeared

may also be involved they became excited. This was an unbelievable break. They

could take their time now and determine just what they would do with their

little menagerie.

Part 2

Lisa was watching the television in her room after dinner when she saw the

report. It instantly caught her imagination. Even as she watched the idea grew

within her mind. When the report finished she bounded into the living room to

tell Stacey her idea.

"Have you ever seen a cock-fight?" She asked Stacey.

"I think I've seen something about it, happens in Mexico or something like

that, really crowded and a lot of people bet money. What about it?"

"What if we were to set up a little cock-fight ring in the basement and let

our little guys fight it out for our entertainment?" Lisa was almost giggling

with excitement. "We could invite some friends to come over, give each of them

some of the little men, and have a big competition. Let the little bastards

fight it out while we bet on the outcome."

"I'm not sure. I was planning on letting the others go. And who could we

invite anyway?" She shook her head. "If we did this there would be no way out."

"I don't think there is any way out now." Lisa shrugged. "At least this way

we can have some fun in the process." She continued, "And you know we have

several friends who would love nothing more than to watch those little creeps

downstairs kill each other. Hell, I'd like to do a couple in myself just for the

fun of it. How do you think Anna and Dianne, and maybe even Kerri would feel

about it."

"Where would we get the stuff to make a ring and all that?"

"Fool, we don't have to make a ring. There is a gym downtown where boxers

train, we'll take their ring. And we'll take their training equipment as well."

Lisa answered.

"But that's stealing, what if we get caught?"

"Then they'll add that charge to kidnapping." Lisa answered.

"When should we do all this?"

"We'll hold the fight Saturday night, we'll start collecting the stuff for it

tonight." Lisa answered.

For a first time burglary it went quite well. The went up to the back door of

the gym, reduced the door to 1/10th its size then went in and reduced the

interior to 1/100th size. Placed the entire interior of the gym on a 3X5-index

card, then into a jewelry box. Before leaving they returned the door to full

size and there was no evidence that they were ever there. The newspapers had a

field day with the story the next day.

In the basement they expanded the gym interior to 1/12th size, to match their

captives, and then went over to talk with their charges. Stacey looked at the

group in the birdcage and said, "Hello gentlemen, how are you enjoying your


They all began complaining and exclaiming at her at once. She laughed and

smiled then said, "Too bad, because I really don't care. I guess you're

wondering why you've been brought here. As you can see we've spared no expense

in setting up a facility for you, we have weight training, and we have punching

bags, and we even have a ring."

Judge Stevenson spoke up to her saying, "Young lady, you have no right to do

this to human beings. How you shrank us I'll never know, but the way you are

treating us, no clothing, feeding us dog food, and imprisoning us in this cage.

These are serious crimes you are committing, I demand that you to stop this

nonsense at once and release us."

"I have just as much right to do this as you had to take Mr. Lawyer Boy's

money and tank my trial, which is none." She said to him, "But what I do have is

the ability to do this, as you did, and there isn't a damn thing in this world

you can do to stop me. Now unless you want to discover what it feels like to hit Oferta de misiones de planeta

that wall over there after I throw you, you'd better shut up and listen to what

I have to say."

"Now then, are there any other grievances before we continue?" She asked.

"Good. What we have here is a little game that Lisa and I have devised, we

call it Justice Delayed. You five get to be involved in the administration of

justice that is four years overdue. Now tonight some of our friends are coming

over, and were going to split you up into teams. You will then go into the ring

one-on-one and fistfight. We'll track the winners and the losers. Needless to

say, the winners are going to like what happens after the fights better than the

losers do. So you other fellows down there in the box may want to start

preparing for tonight. You five in the cage can stay there."

The little men began working out on the equipment, most of them out of

boredom. They were all tired of being captive in the shoebox they had been put

in. Stacey noted that one of the fellows simply sat in a corner of the box. He

looked no older than 18 years old. She remembered him now, he had bumped into

them on the sidewalk and spoke sharply at Lisa. She zapped him immediately and

placed him in her jacket pocket. He appeared to have sat in the corner of the

box feeling sorry for himself since being placed in there.

Switchblade Ricky and Carlos were as angry as ever. They were telling the

others what they were going to do to those bitches when they got theiron them.

"I ain't figitin' for no bitch tonight. They goin' to find out what it mean to

cross the Switchblade." He said. "No bitch tells the Switchblade what to do."

"Are you crazy?" Arno Kempke looked at him. He knew the Switchblade from the

street. "Just look at them. They could step on you and flatten you like a

steamroller. They could throw you at a wall and splatter you like a ripe melon.

Man, pick your fights right. Takin' them on is a no win situation. Just do what

they say and make sure they don't get pissed."

"No way man. I ain't takin' no shit offa no bitch." The Switchblade answered.

"Look, use your head." Arno spat back at him. "She's pissed at the five up

there in the cage. Not us. Don't make her pissed at us. Maybe we can get out of

this if you'll think with your head and not with your dick."

"Get the fuck outa' my face or I'll cut you man. Switchblade picks his own

way. Nobody tells the Switchblade what to do."

Carl finally stepped in and moved Ricky away from Arno. "Man, he ain't the

enemy. Those bitches are. We may need him later if we're gonna' get those

bitches. You can cut him all you want when we're outta' this. Okay man?"

Ricky nodded and went with Carl over to a Nautilus Machine. For the rest of

the afternoon Arno and Ricky worked out, but neither turned his back on the


Part 3

Stacey and Lisa invited their friends to be over at eight. At seven thirty

Anna drove up. She was driving her 1992 Porsche 928, Silver with black trim and

interior. On the rear window was a sticker written in Gothic English reading

'Your College Sucks'. Anna was smartly dressed in a dress blouse and jacket

looking ready for business. She was a CPA and had been friends with Stacey since

high school. She stood 5' 9, had short black hair, and her features betrayed her

Native American heritage, she was one half Sioux. "I wanted to get here early,

It's been so long since you've come up for air." She hugged Stacey, "I'm so glad

to see you."

They went into the living room to sit down. "What's the surprise you were

talking about?" She asked.

"Not until everybody's here." She answered. "Lisa, you know Anna don't you."

"No, we've never met. I haven't met Dianne or Jordan either. The only one

I've met is Kerri." Lisa called back. She presented herself in the living room

to be introduced to Anna and took an instant liking to her. They were chatting

and laughing when they heard the motorcycle pull up.

It was a 1981 Harley Super Glide. It was Black and Chrome, not a scratch on

it. On the gas tank there was a sticker that read 'Is there life after death?

Touch this bike and find out!' The rider was dressed in Black leather from head

to foot, with a black helmet and smoke facemask. When the helmet came off bright

red hair tumbled down past her shoulders.

The rider's athletic frame measured 5' 11" as she walked into the house.

There was no mistaking the Irish heritage when you looked into her face. And

there was no mistaking her Texan heritage when she spoke. "Stacey, thank you for

inviting me. I was beginning to think I went too far the last time we talked."

Stacey hugged her friend Kerri with tears in her eyes, "No Kerri, you

didn't." She leaned back and with her hands on Kerri's shoulders she said, "We

need to talk. But you need to get out of that armor first."

Under the leathers she was wearing a white top with a low cut V-neck line,

with black slacks and black cross trainers. She was also sporting a black fanny

pack instead of a purse. They entered the living room and sat down. Kerri pulled

out a pack of Marlboro's and a polished chrome Zippo lighter. She drew a

cigarette out of the pack and snapped the lighter open and had it flaming in one

motion. After lighting her cigarette, she offered the flame to Stacey who had

produced her own cigarette. Another flick of her wrist and the lighter closed

with a metallic ping. They sat back relaxing while they smoked.

"I haven't been a very good friend Kerri, I'm sorry. I should have called you


"No, Stacey, it was my fault. I went too far. I shouldn't have pushed you

like that. I know what those bastards put you through, they put me through

almost the same, and it just doesn't sit well with me that they got away with

it." Kerri answered. "If you don't want me to do anything to them I shouldn't

get angry with you for that. But you know how I can be when I get my Irish up."

"It's not that Kerri, I just want you to know that for me, the offer was

enough. Just to know that you were there for me, that's all I really needed from

you." She looked her in the eye. "They buy and sell people like us all the time,

I couldn't live with the thought of what they might have done to you if you'd

been caught."

"I know that Stace, we've been friends for a long time, ever since high

school when you were a Sosch and I was a Rumbler. And you never looked down your

nose at me. And you never forgot me while you were away at college either. How

could I ever desert you?"

Dianne and Jordan entering the house interrupted them. Lisa and Anna handled

the greetings as Kerri and Stacey stood up. Lisa pointed to the living room and

said, "The smoking section is over there, and the non-smokers are over here in

the den."

Stacey put out her cigarette and said, "Since everybody's here, we can go


"But before we go downstairs, I must warn you, what you are about to see is

real." She paused for effect. "I'm serious, this is the real thing. Don't ask me

how I did it, just accept that I did. And ladies, tonight marks a change in the

course of events in each of our lives. I want to welcome you to what we call The

New Cock Fights." Then she led them down the stairs.

Nobody said a word for almost two minutes; they stared in disbelief at what

they saw. A miniature gym with miniature men working out was in the center of

the basement, next to it a boxing ring with four men sparing, and a weight

training area with several men working out as well. All to perfect scale, and

all were operating as if real. Slowly it began to seep in to each of the women's

minds that it was real.

Kerri was the first to speak, "Stacey, those five in the cage, are they

really who I think they are?"

"Yes they are, Kerri meet Bill Allen, his lawyer, and the three fellows his

lawyer bribed to make sure Bill would never be convicted of raping me."

As Kerri looked in she recognized Bill, and she also recognized Deputy

District Attorney David Lenske. The self-righteous son-of-a-bitch she thought to

her self. "You know Stacey, I think I'm gonna like this." She smiled at her

friend of many years. "I think I'm gonna really like this. Can I have that one;

the Prosecutor, I want him. There is a lot I'd like to talk to him about."

Stacey reached into the cage and pulled David Lenske out, then handed him

over to Kerri. "You'll get a couple of others as well," she handed Kerri a box

to put him in, "but somehow I just know that you're going to treat him special,

aren't you dear."

Kerri smiled as she took possession of David Lenske. She brought the former

prosecutor up to her face and said, "Don't even think of making a deal, your ass

belongs to me now, and you're going to do exactly what I tell you to do." She

was remembering a time when he had used those very words with her. A time when

her only crime was knowing somebody that Mr. Lenske wanted to make an example

of. That and the naiveté of not understanding the way things worked downtown. A

time when she thought that the laws meant something. A seething anger was

beginning to burn within her now as she learned that he, too, accepted a bribe

to take a dive in her friend's case.

David Lenske knew genuine fear at that moment. He knew that line. It was his

favorite. He'd used that line on so many women whenever he had the leverage to

get their cooperation. And he knew there was no question that at some point in

time he'd leaned on this woman too, and now she was ready to get her own back.

Lisa walked over with three others and put them in Kerri's box. "The young

one is Daniel, the other two are Ricardo and Jim." She told her. "Ricardo and

Jim like to use knives and take money from ladies walking down the street,

Daniel is just plain rude. Although lately Daniel just feels sorry for himself.

I thought they might benefit from being with you."

"Thank you" she said as she walked over to the area with her name attached to

it. Stacey and Lisa had set up little training areas for each team and placed

nametags for each of their friends to get set for the night's activities. Kerri

began by setting her four men in the area and asking them to show her what they

had. Ricardo and Jim immediately sat down. Daniel went right to work on the

weight equipment but couldn't take his eyes off of Kerri. Even at his size she

could tell what was on his mind through the speedos. Mr. Lenske stood still not

really knowing what to do.

Switchblade Ricky looked at his companion, Jim. "I ain't' doin' nothin' for 'dis

bitch." He said. "We rolled bitches like 'dis for quarters in LA man, no way I'm

doin' what she say." He pulled a blade that he managed to hide from Lisa out of

his speedos and snapped it. He looked at the redhead and began to shout.

"Hey, you, bitch." He yelled. "Yeah you. My name ain't' Ricardo, it's

Switchblade Ricky, see. And if you want to find out why, just you try to pick me

up again." He spat in her direction. "I ain't' doin' nothin' you say bitch. I

don' belong to no bitches, bitches belong to me."

As Kerri reached for him he lunged and stuck her finger with his blade. Kerri

jerked her hand back feeling a pinprick at the end of her finger. She saw the

blade in the hand of her defiant little man. She looked at her group and said,

"I want you all to pay close attention to little Ricky here, he has something

important to teach you." She reached down quickly and snatched him up in her

right hand. With her left she pinched his knife hand to a pulp and the knife

fell to the table.

"You little shit," She told him, "that hurt." Ricky was screaming from the

pain in his wrist when she spoke. When he looked at her he realized he had made

the last mistake of his life. Kerri brought Ricky up to eye level and began to

squeeze. The pain was immediate, he wanted to scream, but there was no air in

his lungs to power a scream. A sudden panic seized him and he began to beat at

her tremendous finger wrapped around his chest. He felt his ribs begin to snap,

almost as if one at a time. He could feel the blood welling up within his mouth,

and the pressure building within his belly.

Kerri for her part had simply begun a steady increase of pressure upon

Ricky's tiny body. She felt his flailing at her finger just before the ribs

began to break. She could feel the tiny snaps in her palm and fingers. Just as

he flailed his last, his belly popped open and spewed out blood and entrails

between two of her fingers. She saw the life flowing out of his mouth as well.

Blood and other gore dripped from her hand onto the table. She took Ricky's now

lifeless body over to the commode dropped him in and flushed. She washed her

hands, then brought a wet washcloth over and wiped up the table. After putting

the washcloth away she returned.

"Now then, is there anyone else who doesn't want to cooperate with me

tonight?" She asked her remaining men. They stared at her in abject terror.

The rest of the ladies were in shock. "You killed him." Dianne finally said.

"Damn right, I did. I don't care how big he is, someone comes at me with a

blade and I'm taking him out." She answered. "Now the rest of them know that

they'd better stay in line, or else."

"But, but, it's still murder, you can't do that." Dianne argued.

"Why not? Not much more penalty for murder than kidnapping." Kerri answered.

"And heaven knows what the penalty will be for shrinking a human being to one

tenth their size. Don't forget unlawful imprisonment and involuntary servitude."

She continued.

"Bet you didn't think I knew all those fancy legal words, did you?" She

laughed. "Come on, were way in it anyway, why draw lines, I'm for going all the

way." She surveyed the rest of the ladies. "Come on, which one of us here hasn't

been screwed by men, or the system, or both. We have a chance to go around the

system and get even here. Stacey has given us all an opportunity to enjoy an

environment where the rules are on our side, because we get to make them up as

we go along. I for one am going to enjoy it. And I don't give a shit about the

laws outside of here, because they didn't."

She saw she was beginning to make headway. She continued, "Look, who are they

going to tell? And what are they going to tell. 'I was shrunk down to 6 inches

and I saw this lady squash another guy who was 6 inches tall'. They'll look like

the Monty Python crowd - 'well, I got better'. Don't you get it, this one's a

freebee. None of their laws apply. We can do whatever we want, and enjoy


The other ladies thought for a few moments, the deck had been stacked against

them by men like these for years. Each and every one of them had some hidden

resentment, some grievance, just looking for an opportunity to come out. And the

temptation presented each and every one of them to unleash the savage within,

with no consequences, was becoming too great as it dawned on them exactly what

Stacey had invited them to. They went back to their teams of little men and let

it be known who was in charge.

Bill and Max looked at each other. "We're finished!" was all that Max said.

Part 4

Stacey for her part had no team at all; she simply stayed by the cage with

Bill Allen and Max in it. She looked at them and said, "Maybe that's what I'll

do with you two. Squeeze the life out of you. Won't that be fun?' They didn't


Kerri's speech had a definite effect on the evening's activities. Each man

fought with desperation when in the ring. Stacey knew her friends well, she

picked the ones she knew would enjoy the show, and they did. There were spirited

catcalls back and forth as two ladies fighters were in the ring. And after a

suggestion by Lisa, bets were being placed on the outcomes of the fights.

Kerri selected the young one for her first bout. She placed him in the ring

with Carl the Skinhead. Daniel was clearly a nerdy type, around eighteen and

probably in prep school, and no match for a street tough like Carl. But he

tried. He moved in and began hay bailing with his fists. Carl simply kicked him

in the groin. Daniel went down. He got back up and went in again. Carl kicked

his feet out from under him and began pounding his head into the mat. Kerri

reached in and removed Daniel from his grip before he could hurt him any more.

She could see that he was visibly shaken from loosing.

Anna was getting carried away with the spirit of the cockfight. She placed a

young thug in the ring with Arno Kempke. It was really no match. Arno, who was a

fighter from way back, used every dirty move and beat him into submission

quickly. Anna became so angry at loosing $1,000.00 to Lisa that she picked up

the thug who lost his fight and began to cuss him out for loosing. When he

talked back at her about having done his best she lifted him to her mouth and

bit him off at the sternum. There was a stunned moment of silence. As she looked

around the room at her friends with a puzzled look on her face. When she

realized what she had done, she slowly began to chew. The look on her face

changed from chagrin to enjoyment. After swallowing, she put the rest in her

mouth and ate that too.

"Wow, if I'd known they tasted this good I would have skipped the fight and

ate him to begin with." She exclaimed. "Hey guys, you have to try one, they're

delicious." The rest of her men became very scared as she looked at them. "Next

one of you looses, and it's snack-time." She smiled and eyed each one of them.

Kerri looked at her and said, "Now that's what I call biting his head off. I

think I'll try one later tonight myself." She looked at her little men and saw

that three were standing in shock, but Daniel was curled up crying. She had

actually felt sorry for him, he had apologized to her over and over again for

loosing. But it was clear he was outmatched from the start, and he really did

want to please her, that much she could tell. She made a mental note that she

wanted to try something with him after the festivities.

The ladies had so much fun the rest of the night, they forgot to keep track

of who was winning and loosing overall. Anna for her part ate the rest of her

group. Lisa tried one and agreed with Anna that they were delicious. Stacey told

Lisa that she might start to fatten up Bill and Max. When the evening came to a

close they declared an overall tie. They agreed that they would do it again next

Friday night. They also agreed to get more men and bring more friends.

When all the other ladies had left Kerri asked Stacey if she could stay in

the guestroom, "I'd like to spend some quality time with one of my little men."

She said.

"You could stay in my room, you know." She answered.

Kerri looked at her puzzled.

"I'm serious, you can spend the night in my bed if you want. We can make a

menage e' trios. I think that would be most pleasant. I mean if you want you can

stay in the guest room, but my room is open if you'd like." She turned and

headed up the stairs.

Kerri went back to her area and gently lifted Daniel out of the box. When he

saw her hand coming he became so scared he wet himself. He began to beg her not

to kill him. She smiled down at him and said, "You belong to me, little man, and

I'll do with you as I please. And tonight I have a hunger, and you're going to

fill it. So stop the whining and come on."

She carried him up the stairs.

When Kerri entered Stacey's room with Daniel in her hand, Stacey stopped

putting her nightshirt on and simply lay herself on the bed. Kerri placed Daniel

on a pillow and got herself undressed as well. She entered the bed gently to

avoid harming Daniel and then placed him on her chest.

"Now, little man, you have a job to do. You are going to please us like

you've never pleased a woman before. Do you understand that? This isn't about

you, it's about us. I don't care what you have to do, you are going to satisfy

one hunger, or another. It's your choice" Kerri waited for his response.

All Daniel could do was to climb one of her breasts and began rubbing her

nipple. He didn't have a big enough mouth to lubricate it first but his hands

were so smooth that to Kerri it was the gentlest of caresses. She responded to

his touch immediately.

Daniel was at best inexperienced at the art of pleasing a woman, as a nerdy

student in high school the girls usually ignored him. He had however read almost

every article in Playboy and Penthouse during the last three years. He was

trying desperately to remember what those women in the stories wanted men to do

to them now. He was trying to please this woman like his life depended on it, as

far as he was concerned it did.

Watching Daniel and Kerri was exciting Stacey. She bent over and began to

trace her tongue around Kerri's other nipple. She felt it get hard against her

tongue, and began to lick around it and caress it with her lips. Kerri was

beginning to moan in ecstasy, as Stacey and Daniel manipulated her nipples.

Stacey placed her hand between Kerri's legs and began to massage. Daniel almost

fell off when Kerri arched her back with one moan. Seeing what was happening he

ran down toward Kerri's vagina.

When he arrived Stacey moved her hand out of the way and placed it on Kerri's

other breast. She lifted her mouth from Kerri's breast and moved up to kiss

Kerri full on the mouth. As they kissed Daniel reached in and found Kerri's

clitoris. Kerri responded instantly. She kissed Stacey harder, and arched her

back. When they finished kissing Stacey returned her mouth to her breast. Daniel

was paying attention to how Kerri reacted and trying to keep his manipulations

where she was responding the most. When she climaxed, her legs came together and

squeezed him tightly. If his head had been a fraction lower, he would have

suffocated. He had to fight with all of his might to keep stimulating her as she

squeezed him. When she finished climaxing she relaxed her legs and gently

reached down lifting Daniel away.

She smiled at him and said, "That was superb. Now it's Stacey's turn." She

placed him on Stacey's chest.

Daniel felt tired, in fact he was exhausted. He wanted to please Kerri, but

he wasn't as enthusiastic about this other lady. So he simply concentrated on

the fact that pleasing this woman would please the red hared wonder next to her

and began to caress Stacey's nipple. This woman was going to be more difficult

he could tell. She responded much more slowly than the red head. He worked for

some time on her nipple before he felt it get hard in his hands. When Kerri

began on the other nipple it helped, but it was as if she didn't want to enjoy

his touch. Another story he'd read came to mind and he decided to change tactics

and went up and began caressing her face. As he did so he began to tell her how

lovely she was.

"Mistress, you are so gentle, and so beautiful to look at." He told her. As

he was speaking to Stacey he was looking at Kerri. She inspired him to say more.

"Your softness is without end, your eyes light the way for a lost soul." He told

her. The words seemed to have an effect on her. He worked his way back down to

her breast. As he caressed the nipple he saw Kerri kiss her as she had kissed

Kerri. She began to get stimulated. When she finally began to moan with the

ministrations he quickly moved down to her vaginal area. This time, however, he

inserted himself into her moistness feet first, to avoid another crush. He was

able to rub her clitoris much easier from here, which was good, as his arms felt

ready to fall off. As she responded he began to feel himself respond. Watching

Kerri and being inside Stacey he climaxed himself, but he didn't stop massaging

Stacey. Shortly after his own climax, Stacey exploded with a scream and had her

first orgasm in four years. As she achieved climax her back arched and her legs

spread wide. He found himself sliding out of her with her juices, which were

flowing heavily.

Landing on the bed he had to scramble to avoid being flattened by her cheeks

as they were falling fast as her leg and back muscles relaxed. He barely got out

of the way. He climbed onto Stacey's belly and watched as the two kissed again.

As they started to relax in the afterglow he worked his way back onto Kerri,

where he wanted to be. She was lighting a cigarette as he climbed onto her and

then held the lighter for the other woman. When she put the lighter down she sat

back with her legs crossed at the ankles. Daniel lay down in the seam between

her legs placing his head on her knees, and he watched her.

He was enjoying the view. He enjoyed watching her smoke. He liked the way her

lips wrapped around the butt of the cigarette. How her fingers released it as

her chin moved down and the cigarette moved up. He liked how her mouth popped

open as she pulled the cigarette away, and the shape of her lips as she blew the

smoke out. He wanted to move up to her head and kiss that enormous mouth. He was

totally exhausted, lying with his head on Kerri's knee and his feet at her

crotch. Yet, he had never been more comfortable in his life. He didn't want this

night to end. He could have laid there and watched this beautiful red head all

night long

When she finished her cigarette, Kerri moved Daniel up to the pillow for

safety sake, and settled down to sleep with Stacey.

The next morning Daniel woke in a soft bed of red hair. He looked at the

beautiful woman to whom that hair belonged and he knew that he would do anything

to have another night like last night. "I love you," he said to her.

He almost panicked when her eyes opened. She smiled at him and asked, "Did

you enjoy last night Daniel?"

"Yes I did, very much." He told her. "And if you please, I would like to do

it again."

"We'll see." She answered.

"Kerri, can I call you that, Kerri. I want to make a request of you." He


"Yes you may, but be careful, you're in no position to be making requests you

know." She said.

"I just wanted to ask you. If you ever decide to get rid of me, you know like

those others... I mean I can't win a fight. If you ever do me in, please, I'd

rather have you eat me." He said. "I just can't stand the thought of being

flushed down the toilet like that, like so much refuse, like I didn't matter. At

least if you eat me my death means something."

She looked at him, "Let's not worry about that. Besides, I'm not putting you

in there to fight anymore. You have other ways to entertain me. And rest

assured, if the time ever comes that I decide to get rid of you, I'll let you

request how it happens. Now come back over here and play with me."

Giantess Stories: The Little Fight Club By jd      Part 1

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