Giantess Stories: THE LITTLE ROOM IN THE BASEMENT BY RAM     Brandon was seventeen

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Brandon was seventeen. He had two step-sisters, Lisa who was eighteen and Ami

who was fifteen. He always did think that his step-mother was a little eccentric

but he had no idea to what extent. He had always found his mother and sisters

attractive but they acted like he didn't exsist.

Brandon had always wondered why there where miniature clothes lying around the

house and why his step-mother had always told him to stay out of that little

room in the basement. It had such a big padlock on its door that he couldn't

help but be eatin up with curiosity.

Brandon never did like his stepmother much, she was so demanding. She treated

him different then his step-sisters; they were her daughters but he wasn't her

son and he could sure see the difference in the way she acted towards them. He

just wished his father was around more, but since he was an airline pilot he was

gone most of the time and it was at those times that his step-mother Ann was her


He never imangined that when he found the miniature pair of pants on the floor

in the bathroom that he would soon know exactly where they came from. He didn't

even say anything, he just carried the pants out of the bathroom studying them

carefully. But when his step-mother saw him with them she completely lost it.

"You just can't contain your curiosity can you? Well fine, lets you and I go see

what I keep in the little room in the basement!" And with that she grabbed

Brandon by the ear and roughly hauled him downstairs.

Before he knew it she had the big padlock off the door and he and she were

standing smack dab in the middle of the only room that was off limits in the

whole house. Only Brandon couldn't believe what met his eyes when he looked


Laying all around the room on tabletops in little glass boxes with holes in the

top where what looked like little two-inch male dolls. Only these dolls where

moving and shouting for help with what sounded more like squeaks than voices. He

was horrified by it all.

"Now you see what I do in this room," his mother yelled, "and now that you've

seen it I have only one thing I can do with you now."

That said she grabbed Brandon forcefully and pushed him screaming and kicking

into what could only be compared to a phone booth on the far side of the room.

And once she had him inside and the door locked she moved to a large lever

sticking out of the wall and - WHAM - Brandon saw a bright flash, heard a loud

bang and passed out.

When he awoke he didn't want to believe what he saw. Nevertheless, he found

himself in one of the very glass prisons that he had seen the 'dolls' not long

before. And soon his step-mother was there with an evil grin on her face to get

him out.

"You know I've noticed you staring at me lustfully in the past," she said, "and

I know about your foot fetish. Well now you're going to get more foot than you

ever bargained for."

She grabbed him then along with one of the other 'prisoners' and carried them

both upstairs. Never would he have thought it possible to be small enough to be

carried in a hand, yet it was happening and it was un- deniably real.

When they got upstairs, Ann carried them into the livingroom where she sat down

on the couch. She then put Brandon on the floor and the other unfortunate being

on the coffee table. She didn't worry about him much, after all, the coffee

table was far too tall for him to escape from. So she turned her attention to


Once he hit the floor the only thought he had was of escape and he began running

for all he was worth. But because of the thick carpet and his small size he

wasn't making much progress Nevertheless, when Ann saw him running she quickly

removed her black nylon-clad foot from her expensive black sling-back and placed

it arched over nis tiny body.

All he could see then was the emmense underside of his step-mother's beautlful

foot. He couldn't help but notice the excuisite detail of her sole and was still

for a moment just enjoying what he saw. But he was quickly jarred from his

reverie when his mother lowered her foot onto his small, naked body.

Suddenly his whole world was his step-mothers incredlble foot. Often he had

thought about all the things he would liked to have done to this foot that

completely covered him now. He really shoudn't have been surprised then when he

found himself aroused by what was happening.

Slowly, she rolled him under her foot, back and forth. the whole while talking

softly to him. He could feel the semi-rough texture of the nylons against his

bare skin and was enjoying it quite emmensly. "There now, isn't that nice?" He

didn't answer but. couldn't help but think yes, yes, yes.

But just as guickly as this wonderful experience had started it turned into

something that wasn't quite as fun. His step-mother began rolling him faster and

harder under her foot and the carpet began digging into his skin. Slowly she

applied more and more pressure and this was quickly becoming something that

Brandon wanted no part of.

But suddenly it was over. His mother stopped and with more toe dexterity that

Brandon though she could possibly have, she moved her foot and scooped him up

between her big and second toe.

It was like being in a hydraulic vice and it got even worse as she began to flex

and unflex her toes. The nylons she was wearing began chaffing his skin horribly

arnd when he looked up at her he could see that she wasn't even looking at him.

She had her head laid back on the back of the couch, eyes closed and she was

fingering herself while she moaned.

The pressure continued to increase and he found that soon he couldn't breath and

felt as though his insides would surely come out soon. But just as he was

certain it was over for him, his mother climaxed and then looked down at him.

And with an approving look in her eye she spoke. "Yes, I think you'll make a

nice addition to my collection. But I must show you what happens to those who

fail to please me.

Wlth that she grabbed him in her hand and then grabbed the man on the top of the

coffee table with her other hand. She lowered the little man kicking and

screaming the entire way down to her foot. Once there, she arched her foot so

that there was a space between the bottom of her foot and the sole of her shoe.

Slowly, and with alot of enjoyment, she forced her unfortunate prisoner into the

little space that she had just made between her foot and her shoe and trapped

him there by lowering her foot slightly. Then she lowered Brandon to the level

where he could have a perfect view of what was coming next.

His step-mother then began increasing the pressure she had on her little

prisoner and he could tell by the contorted looks he had on his face that it was

truly painful. But Brandon couldn't help but wonder and almost hope that he

would find out what it was like one day. The crush of the nylon on one side and

the slick feel of the sweaty shoe sole on the other and the smell of sweat,

leather, and nylon everywhere. It couldn't be all that bad.

The pressure continued to increase and increase until finally the little man

just kind nf blew up. Guts and blood flew out all sides of her shoe and the

instant it happened he looked at his mother and saw her lick her lips while she

let out a low moan. What a mess she had made, but now he understood why she had

insisted on deep red carpet in the livingroom and would accept nothing else.

Once she was done she brought Brandon very close to her face and spoke again.

"See, my feet are very sensitive and even light touches on them really turns me

on. But nothing turns me on more than the feel of two little hands pushing on

the bottom of my foot as though they could really move it. Or when they pound on

the top of my foot while I've got them squeezed between my toes. But their

pounding loses alot of its strength when I squeeze harder. I absolutely love the

power of controlling so many men. My little man collection. Welcome to my

collection 'son'.

Now you get to go through initiation. You're going to spend an entire week in a

pair of nylons that I wore for two. And if you get thirsty you can drink the

sweat from them and if you get hungry you can pick the little pieces of food

that got embedded in them while I was walking around bare-- footed in them."

She then stood up after putting Brandon on the top of the coffee table, and

cerimoniously took one of her stockings off. She made sure lots of leg showed

while doing so and once again Brandon had to fight the urge to be aroused. Then

she picked him up and dropped him into it. Slowly she raised it and little by

little he tumbled down until eventually he was at its toe, and the smell there

was overpowering.

She then picked up the hose and walked upstairs to the master bedroom's

bathroom, swinging the nylon back and forth as she walked. Once there she tied

the nylon to the shower curtain rod and spoke.

"Well my little man, mommy must go now. She has things to do and people to see.

I'll be gone for a week but you should be safe here. Until then enjoy." She left

then blowing him a kiss that left his little nylon cage swaying.

He stayed there trapped in his little prison for two days wondering what his

future held. But on the third day life took another interesting turn. He was

half asleep when he was awoken abruptly. The bathroom door opened with a loud

bang and he younger sister Ami stepped in. She was looking back out the door and

Brandon could hear her yell, "Fine, stay in the bathroom all day if you want

Lisa, I'll just use Mom and Dad's bathroom.

When she turned around and saw Brandon suspended from the shower curtain rod,

she shook her head not believing what she had just seen. But when she opened her

eyes and saw that he was still there she got a look on her face that scared him.

"Well, I see that you were brought down to the size that you were always meant

to be. A size very convenient to handle." She began untying the nylon as she

spoke and once done she emptied him out onto the sink and knelt to look at him

eye to eye.

"Well, well, well big brother, what can I do with you?" Suddenly a light bulb

seemed to go on above her head and she said, "I know you always did want to be

on the swim team at school, well now's your chance." With that she scooped him

up in her hand and the next thing he knew dropped him into the toilet and then

sat down on it.

What happened next was easily the most disgusting thing that had ever hap- pened

to him. As he paddled around the toilet he was assailed by his sister's warm

piss as it came cascading down upon him. He tried to breath and only ended up

choking on it. It was very acidic tasting and it stung his eyes and Brandon

began to wonder if it would ever stop. Finally it did and once again he could

see his sister's face over the rim of the toilet seat.

"Having a good time brother? Well try this on for size." Brandon nearly passed

out from fright at what happened next. Ami reached up and made as though she

were going to flush the toilet. But when she saw how frightened her brother had

become she spoke again.

"Don't worry big -er- should I say very litle brother, I was just kidding." She

then retrieved him from the toilet with a fishnet and rinsed him off in the


Soon there was a knock on the bathroom door and Brandon could hear his sister

Lisa outside. "Come on Ami lets go. What's taking you so long?" "Come on in here

and see what I found. You're never gonna believe it." replied Ami.

Lisa had about the same reaction to Brandon as Ami had had but got into the

swing of things quick enough.

"Wow! I can't believe it. Is he real?" With that she reached out and poked him

with her finger. Her nail left a large red mark on his belly.

"Well brother, I seem to recall that you were being rude and crude just the

other day. Why are you at a lose for words now? Lets see, I believe it was my

breasts that you were commenting on was it not? Well try this on for size."

She then grabbed him and placed him in her bra with his face trapped right

against her nipple. She then let her bra snap back into place and pinned him

there snugly.

"Since you like my breasts so much Brandon you should really have a good time

where you're at." Then to Arni, "Come on sis, lets go. Shopping awaits."

She left Brandon in her bra all day and the sweat and heat got pretty thick at

times. But he could tell his sister was turned on cause her nipple got hard and

stayed that way all day. And every so often she would massage the breast he was

stuck to and press him roughly into it.

When they finally returned home Lisa couldn't take her clothes off fast enough.

When Brandon finally emerged from the darkness he could see that she was laying

on the bed undulating her hips rhythmatically. Quickly she picked him up and

began fingering her breast without him on it. Instead she began using him as a

dildo - face first.

She was thrusting him in and out wildly, bucking and screaming and her feminine

discharges where nearly drowning him. The moist flesh of her vagina surrounded

him on all sides and he thought that he might die when she climaxed. But when

she pulled him out she dropped him onto her bare belly and fell asleep. It was

all he could do to control vomitting, he had the taste of his sister's womanhood

in his mouth and his hair was ratting as it dried with her cum in it.

Finally he layed down and could feel the warmth of her on the side of his face.

It was pleasant and so he fell asleep.

He was jarred awake later on by his other sister Ami "Wake up little man, I have

a iob for you." She then lifted him from Lisa's stomach and carried him into her


"I stayed out longer than Lisa and walked around the mall quite a bit longer and

my feet are awfully hot and sweaty. I'm sure they stink horribly. I want you to

eat the jam from between my toes and then I want you to lick the rest of both of

my feet and if you don't do a good job I just might have to shit on you."

That was all Brandon had to hear, so he went right to work when she put him down

by her feet. It wasn't that hard to talk him into licking Ami's feet. After all,

hers had always been his favorite feet. He had spent hours at a time just

admiring their perfectness. Although she was right about the smell, it was

awful. It took most of his strength to push her toes apart, but he was able to

do it and got started right away eating the stuff that was there. It had a

unique taste to it, a taste that he didn't find entirely offensive.

He didn't have the strength to hold her toes apart as he ate so he just wedged

his head in between to hold them apart as he licked and ate. Every now and then

she squeezed her toes together and once when he saw stars he thought for sure

his head would explode. But it didn't so he just kept at his unpleasant(?) job.

Eventually he was done with the stuff between her toes and his entire head was

covered with her foot sweat. It was an interesting smell having smells from both

of his sisters combined together on him. He then started right away licking her


He was tiring fast and running out of saliva, but when he reached her arch, the

most perfect arch he had ever seen in his life, he lingered there and got a

recharge of energy.

Finally he finished, having licked every surface, every crevice and every print

on her sole clean and he was happy. Ami had fallen asleep sometime during his

work and Brandon was tired as well.

He looked around the bed and spied Ami's socks. His heart jumped. He loved it

when she wore socks with her heels. Her feet no longer smelled, he had licked

them clean but he wanted that smell again so he moved towards the socks. Once

there he grabbed their edge and moved into them as though they were a big tent.

Just as he suspected the smell was very strong and so he wrapped himself up in

it completely and was soon fast alseep.

He awanke the next day to a rumbling feeling and saw his sisters toes and foot

descending on him, before he knew it he was trapped between her foot and her

sock. He was positioned between her toes perfectly so that when she stepped down

he didn't die, he just got a little pressure.

He soon found himself in his sisters tennis shoes while she did her daily

aerobics. The temperature in the shoe rose sharply and the smell was

overpowering, but Brandon liked it and didn't understand why. Once again he

licked her feet clean that night and every night from then on. His sisters did

many things to him. They stuck him in every hole of their bodies and made him

worship their feet more than anything. At night he slept in their footware.

Brandon was in heaven.

But soon his step-mother was home and, once discovering him gone from the nylon

prison, immediately began to search for him. She found him in the bottom of one

of Lisa's knee-high boots and waited for her girls to return.

"I see you found Brandon and let him out of his cage. That's fine, I was worried

about how you'd take his new size anyway. But now that you know and we all seem

to agree that its a good thing, lets all have a party together."

That night Ann, Ami and Lisa went out to dinner dressed to the tee and they took

turns keeping him in their panties. He could tell as he went around that

something was exciting his mother and sisters. He could smell it and feel it in

all of their panties.

Eventually they returned home and pulled him out of their panties. He could see

then that he was in the livingroom at home and he stood on the coffee table

admiring the beauty of the three in front of him. Ann was wearing black

rienforced heel and toe nylons, Ami was wearing white hose and Lisa was


While he watched his sisters pulled up two chairs to form a circle with their

mother and then they all took their shoes off. Then they put their feet on the

ground and farmed a ring which they placed Brandon in the center of.

It was an orgy of giant woman feet then, they rolled him between each other's

feet. He found his naked body against all of the soles as they played footsie

with each other. Six feet all fighting to touch him and he loved it. The smell,

the feel, the taste. It was all too much and Brandon came like never before in

his life. He knew then that he would like his new life that he had found and he

enioved everv minute of it.


Giantess Stories: THE LITTLE ROOM IN THE BASEMENT BY RAM     Brandon was seventeen

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