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"What's so interesting in your room lately?"

"Mind your own beeswax, lady", Terri jokes to her Mother.

"Seriously, what's the secret?" Her Mother pushes the door open. Terri holds her

back, starts to laugh.

"Girl stuff, just leave it alone. My room is off limits".

"I'm a girl too, y'know" her Mother stammers.

"C'mon Mom. Just go down stairs. I'll be down in five minutes, I promise".

Her Mother turns. "That's the longest I'm waiting, after that you'll have a cold

plate of eggs waiting for you".

Terri waits until her Mother has disappeared, then closes her door firmly. Her

room is a mess with clothes and books scattered everywhere. She looks about the

room for a moment then bends down and lifts up a basket of laundry, holding it

in the air for a prolonged moment and staring downwards while her brown eyes

scan the floor. After a moment, she sets down the laundry basket. Her eyes affix

across the room towards her bed.

Terri, barefoot, strides across the room towards a tank top that lies, covering

her bed stand. She stares closely at the tank top, then lowers her face, trying

to peer underneath of it. Taking a pencil from her desk, she inserts it under

the tank top and raises it carefully off of the bed stand.


Terri stands with her hands on her hips. She exhales slowly. Plopping herself on

the edge of the bed, she reaches for her socks. She puts on the right one first,

then the - wait.

Across the room, next to the heat register - a sound. Terri edges herself off

the mattress as softly as she can. Her eyes have lit up -- a small grin of

excitement appears on her face. With only one sock on, she quietly inches

herself towards the corner of the room.

After taking one step, she freezes.

A small figure, not more than an inch high, walks across an area of her room.

The speed at which it walks suggests that it's unaware that it has been spotted.

Terri turns her head, watching the figure out of the corner of her eye. Her grin

grows in size. Her breath becomes short with anticipation.

The figure soon disappears behind a row of Terri's shoes. Terri, sees this and

decides to advance, knowing that there is no way out from where the person is

hiding. With a large, almost comical grin on her face, Terri takes a single step

towards the shoes, then another. Her one bare foot extends mere inches from the

shoe. She leans forwards, trying to see a sign of movement. Gaining confidence,

she takes a further step, positioning herself directly overtop of the shoe rack,

glaring menacingly downward.

There is silence for a moment as Terri scans the area from one end to the other.

The figure, a woman by the looks of it, suddenly makes a run for it. She isn't

travelling very quickly, due to the soft nature of the carpeted room. Terri,

without moving, cranes her head over her shoulder, watching as the diminutive

woman runs past her left foot and directly behind her towards the bed.

Knowing that she has a few seconds before the doll-woman has time to reach the

safety of the hiding places under her bed, Terri takes a moment to inspect the

shoe rack for others. Finding nothing, she turns to see the woman's progress

only three feet from where she began. Terri turns and takes a very deliberate

step towards the woman. Another step and her socked foot lands directly in front

of her, forcing her to stop. The doll-woman collapses against Terri's foot,

unable to recognize it at first, due to the enormity of its size. Terri takes

another step, her barefoot settling opposite the other. She stands directly over

the doll-woman, who cranes her neck upward, trying desperately to see if she's

been noticed. Her eyes make out the calves, the thighs and the waist, but due to

her positioning between Terri's feet, cannot see higher than that. That is,

until Terri slowly bends forward, her enormous head emerging overtop of her

pelvic mid section, staring downward and grinning ear to ear.

"Hi down there".

The doll-woman takes a step backwards, then falls onto the rug. Terri squats

closer to the woman, her legs and crotch descending quickly, engulfing the

doll-woman in shadow.

Terri's Mother's voice is heard from downstairs.

"It's been five minutes. Let's go!"

The doll-woman stares in fright as Terri stands to her full, monstrous height.

"I told you, I'm coming!"

Terri looks to the woman who hasn't budged a inch.

"I'll catch up with you guys later, how's that sound?"

Terri lifts up an empty trash basket from beside her desk and lowers it on top

of the woman. After a moment Terri exits the room and closes the door behind



It was late afternoon when Terri arrived home.

"How'd the day go?" her Mother asked.

"Not bad. Boring mostly". Terri starts up the stairs.

"Oh, what? Now I suppose you're going to your room until dinner?"

Terri stops on the stairs. "Is that a major problem?"

"No, I guess not. Take off your shoes please". Terri does, then bounds up the

rest of the stairs.

"I'll be down in an hour or so".

Terri opens her door, firmly closes it then throws her books down onto the bed.

She walks past the overturned trash basket then sits on the bed and proceeds to

peel off her socks, throwing them one by one over her shoulder where they bounce

off the wall and fall to the ground like so much other dirty laundry. She

watches the basket as she continues changing her clothes - struggling to pull

off her jeans then walking past the overturned basket, eventually sliding her

legs into some short sweat pants. After a moment, she puts her barefoot on top

of the basket, edging it one direction, then the other. She imagined that

leaning forwards and putting her weight onto her right foot, that the wicker

basket would easily give way underneath her body, her foot pushing downward, not

stopping until it met the floor. Terri continues to rock the basket one

direction then the other, then extends her leg, knocking the basket over

completely, revealing the doll-woman once more.

Terri stares downward at the woman. Her heart is thudding louder than before in

her chest, though she couldn't pinpoint why exactly. In the past, just thinking

about finding some of these people was enough to interest her. Seeing them in

her bedroom was another matter all together. Terri swallows, realizing that her

mouth is quite dry. The doll-woman is lying face down in a fetal position.

"Don't tell me you're dead after all that".

The doll-woman doesn't move. Terri heads to the door, where, behind the woman,

she opens it, waits a moment then closes it again, remaining in the room, while

not taking her eyes off the miniature body.

Thinking her gone, the doll-woman gets up, slowly and cautiously. She looks

around then sets her sight underneath the bed, staggering slowly towards it.

Terri watches not moving a muscle as from beneath her bed, two other miniature

people emerge. She bites her lip to keep from laughing out loud but betrays her

presence with a slight giggle, which causes the threesome to look up in her


In an instant, they bolt in different directions. Considering their size and

clutter of Terri's room, capturing all three would be tough. Terri had to move

quickly. Her bare feet take a step, then another, each one moving her towards

the center of the room, where at her feet, the three people scurry in opposite

directions. The woman from the wastebasket was slowest and it was Terri's third

step that landed in front of her, blocking her path and eclipsing her line of

view. Terri, grinning like this was a game (it was after all), bent down, leaned

forward, and with her hand, knocked one of the others forward off his feet. The

doll-person, a man this time, ceased moving and lays on his stomach. This was

too easy, she thought. Her heart was racing now, so many variables. Part of what

went through her mind was a confusion of sorts. She was unsure what it was she

was feeling, but knew that stalking, hunting and best of all, capturing these

doll-people sent a quiver of excitement through her entire body.

The third man had gotten away, but no matter she thought to her self. The

doll-woman had given up it seemed. She had collapsed and was staring as best she

could upward at Terri. The man, two feet away, was already up from the blow and

again running towards the shoe rack. Judging by her slowness, Terri knew the

doll-woman would be too petrified to run anywhere so she takes a giant step

towards the fleeing man, catching up to him in two strides. She continued past

him, sitting down on the rug directly in his path, crossing her legs. The

doll-man seeing that he is now running towards the enormous female instead of

away from her, stops, turns and begins in the other direction.

"Wait a second. Who said you could go?"

Terri uncrosses her legs, extending both of them. The doll-man continues to run

as on both his left and right side, a long, lightly tanned leg slowly descended.

The man slows. Terri grins, looking at him.

"Come closer".

She moves her feet together until they touched, encircling the man, trapping him

within the boundary of her legs. The man spins around, looking in all directions

for an exit. There was no way out that he could see. He began to yell. A similar

yell is heard from the woman, who, a few feet away has climbed to her feet and

is slowly backing away towards Terri's bed. Terri looks up from the

panic-stricken man imprisoned between her legs and focuses on the woman in the


"You're the slowest. If you run, I'll catch you".

A loud, sudden knock raps on Terri's door. "Honey, come down and tell me about

your day".

Terri looks to the door, instinctively pulling her knees to her chest. "I can't

right now, I'm busy!"

"You're not playing with those things are you?"

The doll-man sees his opening beneath Terri's legs that have been pulled up to

her chest. He runs as fast as he can.

Terri wrinkles her face. "I'm undressing, alright? Privacy? You may have heard

of it?"

"Don't bother with those things. They're dirty. You shouldn't touch them".

Terri looks from the door to the doll-woman who has backed up underneath Terri's

bed and is signaling in another direction. Terri looks down between her legs --

the man has disappeared.

"I-I'll be down right away, I promise". Her Mother's feet shuffle away in the


Terri, on her hands and knees, scans the carpet. These doll-people, when you

could find them at all, were very hard to keep track of. Her beige colored

carpet didn't make it any easier. Terri starts to breathe harder, feeling her

forehead getting warm with excitement. Seeing this much of them in one day was

unheard of. She drops to her knees and thrusts her hand behind her bed, her

fingers eagerly searching for anything that moves. The anticipation was more

than she expected and she soon found herself laughing unexpectedly. Capturing

one of these people was now imperative number one.

She would stop at nothing.


It was nighttime and Terri lay on her bed, face up and asleep. Her right leg is

draped over the edge of the bed, her bare toes just lightly touching the carpet.

Terri was dressed in boxer shorts and a t-shirt that covered only part of her

belly. Her stomach and chest rose and fell with her every breath. An open book

lies open just in reach of her left hand, illuminated by her desk lamp that has

been left on inadvertently. She breathed heavily and deeply.

Below Terri on the carpet beneath and adjacent to her bed, four figures stirred.

They walked about confidently, knowing that the giant female was asleep and that

they, at least for now, were free to come and go as they pleased. Two of them

walked past her bare foot that dangled menacingly before them, each dwarfed by

its considerable mass. Occasionally her foot twitches and her toes wiggle while

far above she lies, wrapped up in a deep slumber.

The four doll-people, all of them men, had gathered at this ungodly hour (4:00

am) around a metal object that as far as they could tell, was new to the room.

It was quite big and tall enough to prohibit them from climbing. Nor was it

movable due to its weight. Normally this sort of thing would go unnoticed in

such a location. New books, clothes, and compact discs always seemed to be

littering the room, lost and wedged among the food wrappers and the mixture of

clean and dirty laundry that Terri had carelessly allowed to accumulate. This

object however, had caught their attention due to the large amounts of food that

had been found at its "door". The men had moved the food, (a number of cheerios)

throughout the room, seeming to distribute it to various areas. What continued

to intrigue them however, was what remained inside this metal room. A minute

ago, two of them had ventured into its doorway, spying what they thought was

more food - large green grapes by the looks of it. But being cautious by nature,

the men hadn't yet gone inside, but had instead gathered around the foot of bed,

staring inside the metal object, seemingly unsure as how to proceed.

Terri's bare foot flexed behind them then pulled upwards into the bed. The men

froze, each ready to dart into the dark corners of the room. Terri turned over

in her bed, and after a moment of fidgeting, was still once more.

Back on the floor, it was decided that one of them should proceed inside. The

tallest of the doll-people volunteered, stepping forward towards the door of the

container, looking back to the threesome behind him, then further still, until

around the entire room, various other doll-people, men, women and children,

stood in the darkness watching with curiosity and fear.

Terri continued to slumber -- occasionally her breath rasping into a light

snore. She had tried to remain awake by fooling the doll-people into thinking

she was asleep. This lasted until midnight and by then she was fast asleep.

Terri's eyes open suddenly when she hears a LOUD snap. After lying still for a

brief second, she rolls onto her stomach, gently kicking her covers off with her

bare legs. Her head ventures closer to the edge of the bed as she stifles a yawn

and peers down to the floor.

Various men scramble around the metal container, some banging on the door,

others trying to scale its sides. Several of them notice Terri staring down at

them from atop her bed, grinning like a kid on Christmas morning. Most begin to

flee, but several remain at the doorway to the container, refusing to leave.

Terri's bare foot lands solidly and for a brief second, the floor seems to

shake. More of the doll-people scatter. Her second foot lands with an equally

hard impact, next to several screaming, running people. Terri looks down at the

container, knowing that someone has been caught inside and isn't getting out

without her assistance. She stands for a moment, fascinated by the sight of at

least half a dozen doll-people running past her feet, obviously terrified by her

monstrous size. She knew that they wouldn't be visible for long, but couldn't

help but relish the feeling that standing over these scurrying "bugs" seemed to

give her. Terri bends forward slightly toward the metal container.

"Oh, no. Don't tell me one of you guys got caught in there" Terri smiled. "I was

afraid that might happen".

Squatting in her boxer shorts, Terri leans forwards, her undershirt rising to

partially expose her lightly tanned stomach. For the first time she plucks one

of the running doll-people from the carpet. Her first reaction was one of touch

- it was different than holding a bug -- which usually didn't feel like anything

at all. She could actually feel the doll-mans weight, albeit miniscule, in her


"Hello specimen one" she said dryly, still suppressing a laugh.

The man screams as he is lifted into the air and towards Terri's beaming face.

She breaks into an even larger grin when looking behind her, she realizes that

others are still within reach. Terri stood to her full height, continuing to

hold the doll-man with her right hand, between her finger and thumb. She scanned

the room quickly, then dropped him into a dirty bowl, still crusty with the dry

remnants of week-old Kraft dinner. The man slides to the bottom. The edges are

too deep for him to crawl out.

Careful for the moment where she steps, Terri extends her right foot, then her

left, striding towards the fleeing doll-people.

"Fee-Fii-Foo-Fum", she laughed as she quickly descended, squatting beside a pair

of running men.

Terri picked them up as well - one in each hand. Her devilish grin fixated on

the two of them as she walked to the other side of the room, this time not

watching where she stepped. Unbeknownst to her, the large toes of her left foot

descended upon a woman, completely covering her as she strode over her, crushing

her flat as she excitedly bound across the room to her dresser.

"Make sure you don't fight over those crusty noodles, kay?" With that, Terri

dropped the two men alongside the first one, into the dirty, unwashed bowl. She

stared at the frightened men for a second. Was three enough?

No sooner had this thought crossed her mind, then Terri had dropped to her hands

and knees, moving forward quickly and breathing excitedly. She threw aside dirty

shirts, knocked away tennis shoes and sifted through papers and books.

Three doll-people was not enough. Not even close.


The door to her basement flung open and Terri emerged followed by a young man,

Mark. Each carried a corner of a thirty-gallon terrarium.

"Where's your room?" he asked.

"Top of the stairs. I really appreciate this. My Mom's back isn't too strong,

she couldn't help me carry this thing".

"No prob".

It has been a hot day outdoors and both Terri and Mark are dressed in shorts.

Mark is continually looking at Terri's long legs. They turn the corner with the

heavy terrarium.

"So why didn't you ever return my calls?"

Terri goes up the stairs first, but ignores his question.

"Just a few more steps. Really, this is so helpful".

They set the tank down onto the floor. Terri's bedroom door is closed.

"Is it going in there?"

"Yeah, but I'll move it in later".

"Well, I'm here now - let me give you a hand". He motions to her door but Terri

holds out her hand.

"No, it's okay".

Mark looks confused. "Alright. So, let's do something".

Terri is confused. "What do you mean?"

"Tonight, let's go out or something".

"Sorry, can't. Stuff to do". She heads for the stairs, moving past Mark.

"Look, I helped you with your terrarium, now let's go out for a coffee or-"

Terri stops, looks at him. "You should go, I really am very busy".


Inside Terri's room, the terrarium is pushed against her far wall and has been

set onto some large text-books.

Terri has pushed her laundry and garbage further into the center to accommodate

this new addition. In a short time, the terrarium looks at home. Terri stands

looking at it then scans the floor of her room.

"Okay - to start off, I'll need ten of you"

Her bedroom door opens.

"Ten of whom?" Her Mother enters, holding a plate of cut up melon. Terri spins


"Mom, please knock, okay?"

"Sorry honey. Where did that Mark fellow rush off to?"

"I couldn't meet with him. I just needed his help lifting this thing".

"What are you going to do with it?"

"Not sure yet, plants maybe? Plants help circulate more oxygen into the air.

I'll probably do that".

"Fresh air wouldn't hurt this room one bit. When are you doing laundry?"


Her Mother starts to close the door, looks to the plate of melon.

"I'm glad you're eating better".

Terri smiles.



"It is plants you're putting in there, right? It's not people?"

Terri stares at her Mother, feigning confusion.

"W-What are you talking about?"

"I think you know what I'm talking about. I saw one once, when we first moved

in. There could be more, you know".

"Mom, that so doesn't interest me".

Her Mom sighs. "Well, if you're lucky enough to see one of them, remember, they

won't hurt anything. Be nice to it, okay?"

Terri gently pushes the door closed, starting to laugh.

"You're getting wrinkles - don't worry".

The door closes. Terri waits until she hears her Mother in the kitchen then sets

the plate of melon onto the floor.

Terri walks through the room, picking up various items from the floor.

"Will anyone come out again? I've got food".

She lifts the plate into the air. Nothing.

"First couple of people that show themselves get this entire plate of melon"

Terri looks around, still nothing. She puts the plate back down on the floor

then sits on her bed, discouraged.

Then, from the corner of the room, she sees movement. She squints and makes out

a group of three making their way towards the plate. Her smile reappears.

"Here come our lucky winners everybody". Terri stays on the bed, watching for

more of the doll-people, her bare legs swaying back and forth in the air. One

more approaches and is racing towards the plate. He meets the group and begins

to wrestle over some of the large green fruit.

Terri climbs down from her bed and approaches the plate, grabbing it carefully

and lifting it into the air with all four men balancing next to the sliding

pieces of melon. Terri stares down at them.

"The Roxbury offers a unique selection of affordable living scenarios".

She steps towards the terrarium, watching the melon slide across the plate, like

a puck on ice. The men try to maintain balance.

"Each guest can bask under the glow of the overhead lights while taking in a

gorgeous view of Terri's bedroom".

She slowly lowers the plate inside the glass-enclosed walls.

"Adequate toilet facilities, a chance at fresh water and food all at a very

reasonable cost"

She tips the plate, sending the three pieces of melon and the four men sliding

onto the glass bottom.

Terri looks down at her guests, smiling. There was absolutely no way out unless

she decided so. The chance to decide, the choice whether they would eat or drink

was now completely up to her.

Terri turns and sees another small group of doll-people having emerged from

under her bed, attacking the remaining melon on her floor. Again she is

surprised at their resourcefulness. She had checked underneath the bed only five

minutes ago and there had been nothing. She steps towards the plate and empties

them into the terrarium.

In fifteen short minutes, Terri had captured twelve doll-people. They had

finished most of the melon and were now searching for a way to get out of the

large enclosure.

Terri laughed.

"Guys, what part didn't you understand? This is where you're living now. This is

your new home"

Terri saw the expression on their faces and knew that they could understand what

she said.


It was late the same evening when Terri entered her room wearing her housecoat

and chewing on a piece of toast.

She undoes the housecoat and throws it onto her bed. Wearing a white bra and

underpants, Terri makes a beeline for the tank and stares down into it. Crumbs

from her toast fall from her mouth into the tank. She laughs.

"Pardon me, what a slob"

She takes another bite and lets a piece fall from her mouth onto the glass

floor. The doll-people look at it, then move towards it. Terri laughs again,

this time harder.

She lowers a piece of toast into the tank, holding it between her fingers. The

men back away at first.

"Who's gonna be brave, huh? C'mon, whoever takes the toast -- will be set free".

Terri looks at the men, watching their reaction to what she has said.

After a moment a man approaches the toast and grabs it, trying his best to

wrench it from Terri's fingertips.

"So you know I mean what I say, Hercules here is getting out. I'm letting him


Terri grabs the man, wrapping her thick, pipe sized fingers around his body. He

struggles for a second, causing Terri's eyes to light up.

"Do you want out or don't you?"

She stood up and looked again into the tank.

"Say good bye to you little friends". The man wrapped in her fingers stared

worriedly downward, unsure what to expect. Terri walked away from the tank and

out into the hallway.

Her Mother's door was closed. Terri quietly made it down the stairs and into the

living room. She watched the man as he looked about with growing concern on his


Terri sat on the couch and turned on the television to drown out her voice.

She bent down and opened her fist. The doll-man stepped onto the hardwood floor

next to her feet. He was clearly very frightened.

"I said I was going to let you go, so go".

The man stood still, unsure what to do. Terri stared at this bug of a man,

frightened for his life, while standing next to her big, bare feet. She became


"You've got ten seconds 'til my big bare feet start to track you down. Maybe

I'll step on you" she laughed, her stomach fluttered.

The man began to back away, craning his neck as high as he could to the grinning

giant, Terri.

He began to run, slowly at first.

Terri breathed in and felt a shudder from the back of her legs make its way up

her spine.

"10, 9, 8, 7."

She took a step towards him.

The man began running faster. Terri took another step.

"6, 5, 4 - okay I cheated, what are you going to do?"

The man looked over his shoulder, now running at his full speed and was closing

in on the coffee table and beyond that, the couch, where who knows where he'd

disappear? She watched him for a second longer, then turned and marched in his

direction, easily catching up and planting both her bare feet directly in his


"I'm faster than you are".

The man bolts in the other direction. Terri takes one step toward him, her foot

landing in his path.

"Will you squish if I step on you?"

The man starts off again before tripping and falling onto his back.

Terri raised her right foot and gently lowered it on top of the man.

"You won't mention this to anybody, right?"

He felt warm on her cold sole. He began to push at her toes, managing to stretch

one of them upward a bit. Terri smiled downwards, giggling at this odd


"Okay, seriously, I have school, gotta run".

She leaned forward and squished the man.

This would take some cleaning up.


Terri is jogging home from school still wearing her gym clothes. The weather is

hot and the sun glares downward with intensity.

She enters her house then bursts into her room in a huff. She is sweating from

having run most of the way home and sits down on her bed for a moment trying to

catch her breath. Her forehead gleams with sweat. Across her bedroom sits the

terrarium. Terri stares at it, dozens of ideas swimming through her head. Slowly

the outer rim of her mouth grows into a huge, beaming smile. She hops off the


"One down - eleven to go"

Terri approaches the tank and stands over it.

"Who wants to be set free next?"

Several of them step forward, while others seemed resigned to their fate and

stay against the back, staring downward.

One of the doll-people, a man, shoves a woman out of his way to get to Terri's

pointed index finger. The woman lands on the glass floor of the tank.

"I think we've found a winner, everybody"

Terri lowers her finger deeper into the tank. The man grabs hold, dangling from

her hand. Terri stands up from her kneeling position and sets the doll-man onto

her dresser.

"I'll be just one second. Don't think about going anywhere, you'll like where

I'm taking you a lot more"


Terri walked into the bathroom, carrying the small man upright in her hand. He

seemed hopeful, not like the previous man. He truly seemed to believe that he

was going to be let go somewhere special. "Well, she thought, I'm not completely

lying to the guy".

The man looked about hopefully as Terri set him on the floor of the bathroom.

Terri stood away from him, liking the fact that the doll-man was still watching

her, waiting for something spectacular to happen.

Then it did.

Terri pulled her shirt over her head and let it fall to the floor. No sooner had

she done that, than she inched down her gym shorts as well. She left them around

her feet then turned to sit on the closed toilet seat.

Terri looked down at the man alone on the tiled floor. He had begun to look


"Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you"

Terri raised her enormous feet a few inches off the floor.

"Would you come and pull my shorts off my feet if I asked?"

The man stood, not moving, confused.

"Well, guess what, I'm asking"

The man still didn't know what to do, so he backed a step towards the closed

bathroom door.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you" Terri again gestured to her shorts which

remained hung over her ankles, dangling off the floor.

"I asked you a question", she laughed, "might think about answering me"

The man seemed to understand and slowly approached her gigantic, menacing feet.

She watched him patiently as he arrived and reached upward, trying to grab a

side of her gym shorts. Immediately he noticed the heavy, thick smell of sweat

and perspiration and recoiled slightly.

"Oh, come on", she giggled. "I've only had these on since this morning, how bad

can they be?"

Terri held her legs just high enough to make it difficult for him to reach.

Eventually she lowered them a bit so that he could grab a hold of a corner.

"Now pull. They've got to come all the way off"

The man did. Gently at first, then, looking up to the giant girl, who amused

herself with his torment, pulled as hard as he could. Best to please her, the

doll-man thought. Her shorts moved slightly, now dangling off the upper regions

of her feet.

"You're almost there, squirt. Keep pulling"

The man continued. Terri flexed her sock-enclosed toes, helping his job near its

end. Eventually the shorts fell off her feet, landing and covering the doll-man.

Terri burst out in laughter, not having expected it. She leaned forward, her

elbows on her knees, her face growing red from laughter.

"Let's see, when was the last time a full grown man couldn't find his way out of

my gym shorts - oh, that's right - never!"

The man's face soon emerged from the shorts and looked way up toward Terri's

grinning face. Although he was very nervous, he smiled at the girl, still hoping

for the best - hoping that she would set him free.

Terri bent her right leg up towards her hands and peeled off her soiled, white

sweat sock. She brought it to her face and smelled the sock from a distance.

"Oh my - now that's a BAD smell"

She waved it in the air, looking at the doll-man and beginning to laugh again.

He laughed too, hoping to appease the giant. Terri saw him trying to laugh and

took note of it.

"It is funny, isn't it. Still, I don't think you know how bad it really is"

She lowered the sock towards him.

"Wanna smell?"

The man stood his ground, not having enough time to turn and run. Terri flung

the sock so it draped over his head and shoulders, enclosing him in its

fragrant, poignant smell. After a moment he collapsed. Terri wondered if it was

because of the weight of her smelly sock or the smell itself. She reeled with

laughter and pulled off her other sock.

After a moment the man managed to push the sock off of himself and again stood

before the giant.

"You're a smart one, I think. Anyone else would of started running and tried to

get away"

She leaned forward on the closed toilet.

"You know I'd catch you and squish you, don't you"

The man nodded.

Terri clapped her hands, bouncing on the toilet seat.

"I knew you things could understand me"

The man tried to smile, but only managed to look more scared.

"Hmmm, what next?"

Terri stretched out one of her legs towards him.

"Wanna smell my foot?"

The man looked to her happy expression and could see that he was expected to say

yes. So he nodded.

"Good. Go ahead then. Do it"

Terri moved it toward him. Her soles and toes were covered with tiny, white bits

of loose cotton and fabric from the socks. The man approached her giant foot,

only standing half it's height. Terri flexed her huge, damp toes.

"Tell me when you've smelled them, her smile growing once again, 'cause then I

want you to do something else"

The man smelled her foot, standing next to her wrinkled sole for a good ten

seconds before backing up and indicating that he was finished.

"You're done?"

He nodded.

Her smile reappeared in a flash.

"Kiss it then".

The man stood unmoving, pretending not to understand.

"Kiss" Terri said again, making a smooching sound with her massive lips.

"Walk up to my foot, wrap your arms around it and push your face into the skin,

embrace it - kiss it"

The man looked at her foot and re-approached. He did as Terri said, holding out

his arms, and trying to reach around either side - not quite, he couldn't reach.

Terri leaned forward to see over her toes.

"It's okay, kiss it though. Lick it too"

The man did. His face sunk into her soft flesh, his small tongue licking the

bottom of her foot.

Terri watched eagerly as the man continued, lick after salty lick. She wriggled

her toes again, feeling powerful and aroused.

"Okay enough", she stood up, her bare feet on either side of the man.

"Wanna shower with me?"

The man didn't have time to answer.

'Never mind, of course you do"

She knelt down and picked up the man, placing him in the shower's soap dish.

Terri took off her bra, then peeled off her underwear, smiling at him.

For the first time, he was truly scared.


Terri dried herself off while still in the bathroom. Hanging over the rim of the

tub lay the doll-man from earlier. He had expired.

Terri paid him no attention, but continued drying herself, then un-fogging the

mirror to comb her short hair. She lifted the man up with her hand and carried

his limp body to the wastebasket, unceremoniously dropping him into the garbage.

She pulled some toilet paper from the wall dispenser, crumpled it up and

deposited it on top of the man, hiding his tiny body from sight. She bunched her

dirty laundry together and carried it under her arm back into her bedroom. From

the hallway, she heard her Mother putTerring about downstairs.

Terri closed her bedroom door behind her as always.

"Okay, there's nine of you left that starting tomorrow can earn their freedom"

Terri picked out her school clothes for the following day then approached the

tank, falling to her knees and lowering her massive face into the terrarium.

"Who's it going to be?" she grinned tiredly at them, yawning.

There is only a slightly enthusiastic response to her offer.

"Boy, wish you'd seen the other two, they're both lovin' life right about now,

believe me".

Terri turned off her light and went to bed.


Terri ran to school - late, unusual for her. A voice from behind her.


Terri turned. It was Mark. She continues walking. He catches up to her.

"Feel like some company?"

She picks up her speed. "Not really, no".

"Friday, what are you doing?"

"Friday, let me see, oh yeah, I'll be cooking naked in my house - all day, all


Mark chuckles. "What time should I be there".

Terri walks faster still, passing him.

"It's only fun if I'm alone. See-ya"


Terri's Mother is stocking the fridge with groceries when Terri arrives home

from school.

"Hi Honey".

"Hi Mom".

"Mark called again".

Terri wrinkles her face, "Why?"

Her Mother turns to her. "He's lonely, Terri. He hardly has anyone".

"Whadda ya mean, hardly has anyone?"

"His Dad. Don't you remember. His Dad died last summer."

"Oh. I didn't know".

"He probably just wants you as a friend".

"Yeah, maybe"


Terri has her face pressed up against the glass of the terrarium, squishing her

nose and cheeks alongside it and laughing. She is finishing off a sandwich.

"But seriously, who's the lucky guy or girl!"

The doll-people are reluctant and continue to stare at her.

Terri stands up, thinks for a second, then drops the crust of her sandwich into

the tank. It bounces off the head of a man. Instantly, it is devoured. Terri

realizes to herself that no one in the tank had been fed for over 36 hours. She

quickly formulates a plan.

"Okay details.whoever I chose --- gets to --- eat all the food they want for one


Terri smiled, as their enthusiasm gradually returns.

"I thought that'd get your attention" Terri bends down over the tank.

"Inni, mee-nee, miney, mo."

Her pointing finger moves through the tank, each doll-person hoping for it to

settle on themselves. Eventually it settles on a small man jumping up and down.

Terri reaches in and grabs him by the arm, lifting him up and out of the tank.

Terri puts the man inside an empty pencil case and zips it shut.

"Don't worry, this is just to get you out of here safely".


A dark, vinyl encased room breaks into light as Terri's fingers open the zipper.

Her huge face peers inside at the man.

"I'm going to have a sandwich, you?"

The man slowly climbs out of the pencil case, staring at the huge kitchen and

the tall table he is standing on.

Terri has her head inside the fridge and is pulling things out from it. She

turns back to the man and approaches the table. He backs up as she sets down a

jar of pickles, a package of ham, some cheese, mayonnaise and some bread onto

the table.

Terri is grinning like this is a game.

"We'll share it, okay?"

The man looks up at the huge jars and loaf of bread. He nods unsure what to

expect. Meanwhile, Terri opens the loaf and pulls out two slices, immediately

spreading them with mayonnaise. The man watches hungrily as she finishes the

sandwich with ham, cheese and a pickle next to it.

"All done"

She slides the huge ceramic plate towards him. He backs away and looks up at


"First bite is yours, little guy"

The man raises his leg and climbs onto the plate, approaching the sandwich.

Terri watches him closely, still smiling. The man sinks his hands into the

bread, and after struggling briefly, manages to tear of a miniscule piece that

is immediately shoved into his mouth.

This continues for three mouthfuls. The man is hungry, but is failing to make a

dent in the sandwich. Terri pulls the plate with the man standing on it closer

to her, directly underneath her face. She looks down to the sandwich, then to


"I'm going to take a big bite, okay?"

The man nods, fearfully looking up at the young girl.

Terri takes an enormous bite from the sandwich, leaving her teeth impressions on

the bread and cheese. Crumbs fall to the plate and land at the man's feet. As

she chews, she sets the sandwich back onto the plate next to the man.

"Next ones yours"

The man is hesitant.

"Go ahead, that's all I wanted, really"

The man cautiously begins to eat again, approaching the pickle and attempting to

lift it up. Terri watches him.

"Oh, the pickle, I love those" She pulls it from him and puts the entire thing

in her mouth, chewing loudly.

"Mmmmm, she looks down at him, did you still want some of it?"

Terri opens her mouth revealing chewed up pieces of pickle to the diminutive

man, stuck in her teeth and coating her huge tongue. He backs away from her.

Terri closes her mouth, chews a few more times.

"I'm for real, come here and you can take a piece"

Terri lowers herself off of her chair onto her knees. She positions her mouth

directly at the top of the counter. The man is still backing away. Terri looks

at him, mischievously.

"Come here or I'll squish you"

The man moves towards her. Each step forward seems to cause Terri's face to

brighten into a larger and larger grin.

"I'm just trying to share, what's the big problem?"

The doll-man stands directly in front of her face. Terri is trying desperately

not to laugh, fearing that she'd spray the table with saliva and bits of pickle.

"Here's what you're going to do.I'm going to open my mouth and you're going to

lean inside and take some of the food that I've already chewed up. Otherwise you

get nothing. Got it?"

The man seemed to understand. Terri again bit her lip to keep from laughing as

the man approached closer. He now stood directly under her nose, feeling her

breath exhale onto him.

She opened her mouth and leaned her chin on the edge of the table. The man

stared inside at the black, sticky void, then turned to run the opposite

direction. Terri closed her mouth for a moment.

"You're going the wrong way, my mouth is over here, remember?" Terri grabs the

man and again sets him down before her face.

"If you don't do what I say, I'll squish you for real", she laughed, only half


She tilted her chin to look down at him. "C'mon, I'm waiting for one of you

little guys to show some spunk. I need someone to play with and that means

trusting me, alright?"

Terri opens her mouth a second time.

The man leans forward and rests his hands on her bottom lip, each of them

sinking into the soft, spongy resistance of her lips. At the feel of his touch,

Terri immediately laughed from her throat, which was hard to do of course,

without closing her mouth all together.

He took a piece of chewed pickle from her mouth then withdrew quickly, just as

Terri began to bellow with laughter.

"I can't believe you did that, you're a real trooper!"

The man stood, coated partially with Terri's saliva, glad that his ordeal was


"Where's that piece of pickle from my mouth?"

The man had dropped it aside. He knelt and picked it up.

"Eat it"

The man didn't want to, but knew that he had better. When he did, Terri laughed

then went to the cupboard only to return a moment later.

She set a jar of Nutella in front of him and unscrewed the lid. Once the lid was

off, she grabbed the man in her hand, lifting him to her face.

"This stuff is soooo gooood!"

Using a butter knife, she dipped into the nutella and spread a thick gob onto

the man.

"I'm going to taste you. Is that okay?"

The man looked more scared than ever.

"Answer me, is it okay if I put your entire little chocolate body into my huge


The man was unclear what she was asking, but started nodding his head.

"Oh, good"

He was thrust into her mouth where she sucked on him, ridding his body of its

Nutella coating. She repeated this several times, sucking loudly and

deliberately, until eventually he stopped moving all together. The man had

suffocated in her chocolate covered mouth.


The door opened and her Mother walked in. Terri quickly threw the man into the


Her Mother seeing the mess on the table, immediately starts putting it back into

the fridge.

"You can't keep eating like this, Terri. You're going to get fat one day, just

you watch"

"I know, it's terrible, isn't it?" She licks her lips. "G'night Mom"


Terri was up early in the morning, which was an accomplishment given that she

was prone to sleeping in whenever possible.

Terri climbed out of bed, swinging her legs onto the floor and approaching the

tank with renewed excitement in her eyes.

"Hello little people" Most of the doll-people were still asleep.

Terri bent forward "Hello little people" she repeated louder, this time many of

them stirred. "Get up, get up, special day today"

Terri turned and approached her night stand where a pair of cotton jogging

shorts lay beside a T-shirt.

"It's Friday which means I'm going running after school'

She returned to the tank. "That's not the best part, believe me. One of you gets

to come with me for the day".

Slowly one of them got up, followed by another. Most of them looked well rested.

Terri had given them water prior to falling asleep and thrown in a couple of

crackers for good measure.

"Who wants to go with me?"

Terri waits for an answer.

"Whoever comes with me gets let go at the end of the day"

More people stood up. Terri closed her eyes and thrust her giant hand into the


"Whoever I grab is the lucky one"

Her fingers knocked over several people before settling on a younger doll-man,

who looked down to the others as Terri's fingers curled around him and lifted

him away from the tank.

Terri held the man before her eyes then opened them. "You're going to see so

many new things", she looked down into the tank, aren't the rest of you


Terri strode across the room, putting the chosen doll-man onto her nightstand

next to her jogging uniform which she quickly put on.

"Bye people" she waved before exiting the room.


The bathroom door opened and Terri set the man on the sink. She began to run a

comb through her hair, leaning onto the counter. The man stood beneath Terri

next to her partially exposed belly.

"I know you things can understand me, so I want you to answer yes or no"

The man nodded.

"I'm going to take you with me, but you need to keep quiet, got it?"

She looked down to the man.

"You can't move unless I tell you to"

The man nodded again. Terri looked to the pencil case.

"It's probably not very comfortable in there, but you'll survive"

Terri put down her comb.

"I can't think of where else I would put you"

Terri's fingers encircled the man and tightened around him. Her smile grew.

"I got an idea" She lifted him up to her face. "This'll be fun - I think"

The man, trapped within the lock of her vice like fingers, nodded, unsure what

he was agreeing to.

"How does a -- dark and -- intoxicating adventure sound?" She looked carefully

at him.

The man was nodding agreeably.


She set down her comb.

"Remember, don't make any noise"

Her left hand reached behind her back and pulled the elastic of her shorts and

underwear away from her skin, allowing a gap. She held the man above her rear

end so that he could see where he was headed. He began to kick his legs,

struggling to break free -- not a chance.

"This is where you're going. I hope it's comfortable for both of us --- mostly

me though"

She dropped him but he caught and held onto her elastic underwear band, clearly


Terri continued to hold a gap open between her shorts and her ass. She stomped

her sneaker clad foot down on the floor, trying to jostle him free. The man

continued to cling. Terri stomped again, this time harder, starting to laugh,

knowing it was just a matter of time now.

The man continued to hang on, now only with one hand. His legs kicked against

the skin of her lower back, sending shivers up her spine. Terri began to

anticipate the feeling her captive would give her as he slid down into her


Terri stomped once more and the man let go, quickly falling to the bottom of her

panties and coming to rest somewhere between her gigantic butt cheeks. Terri

gasped and braced herself against the counter.

"Oh, she said, her breath deepening, that - feels -- really nice".

The bathroom door flew open. Terri stood, startled. Her Mother glared in at her.

"Why are you banging on the floor like that?"

"O-Oh, sorry Mom. I'm done now"

Her Mother gives her a look then closed the door.

Terri made sure the door was closed, then turned to the mirror and looked at her

reflection, slowly turning around to look at her rear end.

Although she could feel him down there, he wasn't moving anymore. Terri's

expression turned to concern. She shook her leg slightly then turned as far over

her shoulder as she could, pulling open the elastic strap of her shorts and

looking down at the man.

"You okay?"

The man scrambled to climb upward, but without any luck. His movement again

caused her to shudder. Terri leaned on the towel rack and caught her breath.

"Keep doing that what ever you do. Don't stop squirming, squirm all day if you


Terri flexed her butt cheeks, tightening them. The man lost his grip and fell

deeper. Terri laughed and let her shorts snap back into place.

"Time for school"


"Why are you walking so funny?" her Mom asked as Terri walked through the



"Yeah. Did you hurt your leg?"

"Hurt my - what?"

"C'mere a second".

Terri began towards her Mother, the doll-man pinned loosely between her

underpants and the smooth skin of her gigantic, but perfectly proportioned rear

end. As Terri walked, the cheeks of her ass buffeted him one direction then the


Her Mom looked Terri up and down, inspecting her legs.

"Did you fall down the stairs or what?"

"Mom, what are you talking about?" Terri tried to say with a straight face.

"You used to always trip going up the stairs, remember? I saw that you're

limping, I just wondered -"

"I'm not limping", Terri stammered. The doll-man had fallen further downward and

was squirming, trying desperately to climb out from her crotch. She broke into a

huge grin and bit her lip.

"It must be a cramp or something" she stammered.

"A funny cramp?"


"Well, you're walking around the kitchen with this huge grin on your face. Is it

a funny cramp?"

The doll man moved again, trying to climb upwards, his hands digging and sinking

into the crack of her ass. Terri was about to scream. She began towards the

front door.

"I'm going to be late, Mom, s-see you tonight"

Terri opened the front door and immediately headed for the reiling. She did

everything short of collapsing against it, overcome by the movement in her


She moaned out loud and was about to scream when she saw her Mom staring at her

from the porch window, looking concerned.

Terri managed a feeble looking wave towards her and headed towards the sidewalk.

Each step she took continued to jostle the man around in her panties. She felt a

number of sensations, some sharper than others, as the man kicked and squirmed.

During his frantic, scrambling efforts to escape, the doll-man even began to

bite. His teeth snapping at the thick but impossibly soft skin of her buttocks.

These pin-pricks were barely felt by Terri and if anything, added to her


"This is going to take s-some getting used to"

Terri thought for a moment; was his kicking and scratching merely a tickle fit

or was it more of a sexual pleasure brought on by a living being trapped in her

underpants? She wasn't sure.

All she knew is that she didn't want it to stop.


Terri hadn't enjoyed walking through the hallways of school so much in years.

She would stop every few seconds to adjust her clothing, sometimes laughing out

loud, causing more than a few students to stare in her direction.

"Remember, don't make a sound today, or there'll be trouble" Terri said looking

down at her waist.

"If you sense that I'm going to sit down - well, all I can say is - try not to

get smushed" Terri laughed at this and continued on her way, eventually entering

a classroom.


It was lunchtime at the school. Students rushed this way and that carrying books

and lunches.

Gina was an olive skinned girl with dark hair and dark eyes, much like Terri's.

She was wearing loose fitting blue jeans, sandals and a semi-tight T-shirt. Gina

leaned against a row of lockers, staring carefully at Terri, who across the

hallway was enTerring the girl's room.


The door to the girl's room opened and Gina walked in and ran water from the


After a moment Terri emerged from one of the stalls, smiling briefly at Gina,

then heading towards the door.

"I know what you're doing" Gina said.

Terri stopped and turned around.


"You're carrying one of them with you right now"

Terri walked toward Gina.

"Sorry, one what?"

Gina smiled. "You know what"

Terri flushed red.

"I heard you in there talking to it - and before that, I saw you walking to

school this morning"

"Yeah, so"

"You live on Roxbury, right?"

Terri's face got serious. "Yeah"

"I used to live there too. I know about the -- little people. They're upstairs

in the room with the small window, right?"

"It's my bedroom"

Gina smiled, "I thought so. It was mine, too"

A long pause.

"Where is it?"


"Did you put it in your pants?"

Terri blushed again. "Y-yes"

"Hey, it's alright, I did that practically every day for an entire summer."

Terri loosened up. "Yeah?"

"It feels good, hey?"

Terri nodded.

Gina stepped forward towards Terri. "Can I see it?"

Terri backed away. "Uh - probably not a good -"

Gina came closer and touched Terri's shoulder. "It's okay, there's no one else

in here"

Terri looked concerned.

Long pause.

"I just want to see it"

Terri turned around and pointed. "He's in the back of my shorts"

Gina smiled again. "Can I see?"

Terri nodded, slowly, unsure.

Gina bent down and gently pulled her shorts away from Terri's back, looking


"I don't see it"

Terri pulled them open wider. Gina continued to look then saw the man held

firmly in place beneath her left cheek.

"Oh - there he is - he's a cutie" she laughed, looking up to Terri.

Gina could tell that Terri was still embarrassed about the situation.

"Look, it's no big deal - no one has to know"

"You're not mentioning it to anybody?"

"What are you kidding? And risk not being invited over to your house?" Gina

laughed, looking directly at Terri.

"W-what, you want to come over?"

"Could I? I haven't had any of these for almost a year"

Terri smiles mischievously. "What would we do?"

"Oh, Gina said, I can think of a whole lot of things"


"The Lost people in Terri'S bedroom" - Part nine

Terri's Mom opened the front door to see Gina standing on the doorstep, smiling.

"Hi. Is Terri home? She's expecting me"

"Sure, let me get her". Terri's Mom held the door open for Gina and called for

Terri. After a moment Terri appeared at the base of the stairs.

"Hi" she said.

Gina smiled again. "Hi".

"What are you two up to tonight?"

Terri turned to Gina, who answered for her. "Just studying and stuff"

"Well, call me if you need anything"


The door to Terri's bedroom opened and the two girls walked in. Terri folded her

arms and still appeared slightly nervous around Gina. Gina was quick to notice


"Listen, sorry if I was too forward by inviting myself over"

"No, it's okay, Terri answered, I don't mind".

Terri sat on her bed, not knowing what else to say. After a brief moment, Gina

broke the silence.

"Can I see them?"

Terri nodded and stood up, walking over to the terrarium and kneeling down.

Gina followed. The two girls stared down into the tank, both appearing giant

sized to the remaining inhabitants. The six people, two women and four men,

scurried about, anxious for food and water. Several of them stared up

expectantly at the towering females.

Gina smiled then laughed. After a moment Terri did too. Some of the tension was


"You've already trained them I see"

"What do you mean?" Terri asked.

"They're reliant on you and everyone of them knows it"

It had been several days since Terri had collected the doll-people, but still

she couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the size difference and the feeling that

stirred inside of her.

Terri lowered her face over the tank. "Yeah, I guess you're right".

Gina stood up.

"What happened to the one that you had in school today?"

Terri turned and gestured to the dresser. "He's on the dresser over there".

Gina's mouth opened into a great big smile. "He's not alive still, is he?"

Terri stood and followed her.

"Well, yeah"

Gina arrived at the dresser and spotted the man. He lay on his stomach, draped

over the corner of a dirty serviette. Gina wrinkled her face.

"I - don't - get it"


Gina brought her face closer to the man until she could see that he was still


"I never had one survive a full day like that"

Terri moved closer and regarded the doll-man alongside Gina.

"He's pretty banged up"

Gina turned and sat on Terri's bed. "How many classes did you have?"

"F-Four" Terri said, getting nervous.

Gina's smile broadened, "Well - did - you sit down or what?"

Terri began to blush. "Did I sit down? Well, y-yes"

Gina turned to Terri and started to laugh, "I can't believe you didn't squish

him. How did you do it?"

Terri struggled. "I just did it --- slowly - and he - just found room, I guess".

Gina laughed again, "In other words, he spent most of the day in your butt


Gina brought her face close to the man on her dresser, smiling at him.

"Ouch. That's rough"

The doll-man continued to lay still, his small chest rising and falling. Most of

his ribs had been broken. His left arm as well. He stared at Gina's huge face,

which hovered over him. Eventually her enormous mouth opened once again.

"Talk about having a bad day! Poor little guy. It'll be over soon, don't worry"

Terri moved closer. "What do you mean?"

Gina turned to her. "C'mon Terri. Look at him. He's dying. You'll be doing him a


Terri's smile faded. "No, I - don't think that's a very good idea"

"What? Oh please. Don't tell me you're getting soft all of a sudden. What's the


Gina approached her and put her arm on her shoulder. "Are you feeling guilty?"

Terri said nothing then slowly nodded.

"Well don't" Gina sat on the bed then continued. "You can't leave him like that.

He's suffering, look at him!"

Terri did. The man hadn't moved in over an hour.

"Well, what do you want to do then?"

Gina smiled and turned to the dresser. "I think that YOU should do it"

Terri looked worried. "Do what exactly?"

"Finish it. Finish him"


An hour had passed and both girls were drinking small glasses of wine from

Gina's backpack.

Both of them were laughing at anything and everything. The doll-man on Terri's

dresser still hadn't moved. He watched the giant girls from the top of the

dresser, not knowing what if anything was going to happen to him.

Terri reached her hands towards the backpack and sifted through it. "Is that the

end of the wine?"

Gina nodded. "Yup. I think you've had enough anyway, young lady. Don't exactly

want you barfing now, do we?"

Terri burst into laughter as if this was the funniest thing she'd ever heard.

"No, definitely not. Good thinking"

Gina's face got serious. "It's time anyway"

Terri tried to look serious but laughed again. "Time for little man to go


Gina laughed and rose to her feet, approaching the dresser.

"Now where did that little man go too? Oh yeah, that's right - right where we

left him!"

Both girls laughed again until Terri put her finger in front of her mouth.

"Not so loud, I don't want my Mom coming in"

Gina approached the dresser then turned her back to Terri. Her voice lowered.

"Okay Terri. Stand up for a second"

Terri Did.

Gina turned around, holding the doll-man in her cupped hands. She was being

careful with him. She approached Terri.

"Let's finish what you started"

Terri's reluctance had worn away with time. She nodded. "I'll do it. It has to

be fast though. I don't want him to suffer"

Gina nodded. "Turn around"

Terri did. "Why, what are you gonna --?"

Terri felt Gina's hand on her lower back. It felt around for her waistband and

pulled it open.

"Bye-bye little man"

Terri squirmed as the man fell down the back of her underwear and came to a rest

between her ass cheeks. Gina was laughing again. Terri turned around. Gina was

still on her knees.

"Come over here and sit down"

Terri eagerly followed, her inhibitions st


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