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The Match of the Century



A sleek black limo pulls up to the Oakland Coliseum. The driver quickly runs

around to get the door. He swings the door open and you see Trish Stratus and

Torrie Wilson step out of the limo. They both head into the coliseum through the

back door.

Jim Ross -Tonight we have a major match for you. We have Trish Stratus Vs.

Torrie Wilson to see who becomes the undisputed Women's Heavyweight Champion of

the World!

Jerry "The King" Lawler - I can't wait to see their puppies. What could be

better then the two hottest Diva's in the world going breast-to-breast, tonight

live on Raw and it is UP NEXT!!!

Torrie and Trish immediately head towards the ring. On their way they both

grab a glass from the table. They take a quick drink and both of them have a

rotten look on there face.

"What is that? It tastes horrible"

"It tasted like rust"

A 20 year old man wearing jeans and a stone cold Steve Austin T-shirt runs up

to both Torrie and Trish. He looks at the glasses in there hands and then up at


"You didn't drink that stuff in the glass did you? It was a mixture of a

bunch of cleaning junk we used to wash some blood spots of out of the ring."

Both girls look at each other then at the stagehand and just walk towards the

entryway. Trish Status's music starts to play. She walks to the ring wearing a

long black coat covering up much of her body. She enters the ring and takes her

coat off revealing a bright pink thong and matching top. She struts around the

ring and the WWF crowd chants her name and jumps up and down trying to get there

sign on television.

Torrie Wilson's music starts to play and all the fans turn there heads

towards the entry way. They all stare at her tight black leather pants and her

matching leather bikini top. A few of the fans whistle much the chagrin of the

women. Torrie Wilson enters the ring and is immediately assaulted by Trish

Stratus with an elbow drop. Trish climbs on the chest of Torrie and punches away

at her. Trish whispers Torrie that she is feeling sick so she wants to get the

match over with quickly. Torrie nods her head and mentions she also doesn't feel

so great anymore. Torrie Wilson quickly reverses out of the melee punches by

Trish Stratus and jumps up to her feet and kicks her in chest. Torrie Wilson

then waits for Trish to get up who stands up and wobbles from side to side.

Torrie bounces off the ropes and clotheslines Trish and then Torrie falls to one

knee. Trish rolls over on her side and vomits in the middle of the ring. Trish

tries to stand up but then quickly falls back down on the mat just missing

falling the pool of her own vomit.

"Jim Ross - What is going on? Both women are done in the ring and look very

ill. We need the medical staff out here immediately"

All the fans are on there feet looking on at the two women who are lying in

the ring with pain screaming through their mind. Trish rolls over a few times

and then crawls towards the ropes she pulls her body up and balances her up

against the ropes. She looks down at the ground starts to get a sick feeling.

She looks at the ropes and sees that her kneecaps are the same height as the top

rope. Confused and feeling Dizzy Trish takes a few steps and falls back down.

This time making ring bounce up from the floor and then smack the ground hard.

Torrie Wilson now crawls over towards the turnbuckle-trying pick her up but

she snaps the steel turnbuckle in half and falls outside of the ring. Paralysis

overcomes her as her eyes scan down her now much lager body.

The medical staff splits up and heads for Torrie and Trish. They try lift

both girls onto stretchers but quickly realize that the girls now weigh too much

for them to collectively lift. They watch in awe as Trish's legs now extend over

the side of one side of the ring and her head is limply slumped over the other

side. The medical staff stares helplessly in fear of the gorgeous giants.

The fans are staring blankly at the two behemoths that lie before them. Their

eyes are locked on them trying to look away, trying to run but there bodies

aren't responding. All they can do is look on helplessly a slave to there own


Torrie Wilson now starts to stir. She stands up at her new height of 20 feet

and slowly growing. Sweat pours off her glistening body. She knocks over a few of the

medical personnel who were trying to help her as she stands up. She looks around

in a daze trying to figure out what is happening. The once massive Oakland

Coliseum now seems like a much smaller place. She stares at the fans who are

sitting in the upper tear of the stadium and she notes how she can look at them

face to face without having to stare up wards. Noting how when she first arrived

here she was in gleeful awe-inspiring gaze at the massiveness of the place and

noise the crowd was making when she walked out. How they were all yelling her

name. How it seemed like she was queen and they were here benevolent ever-loving

subjects watching her go to war with Trish.

What could have caused this weird phenomenon of Trish and I to grow, well

continue to grow to such massive proportions? We both felt fine coming here and

the only thing we had time to do was drink that weird water. That has to be it.

Trish starts to wake up. Forgetting about her new found size she swings her

arm over and presses against the ground. The floor of the coliseum starts to

break under her girth as she rises to her new height. The moment Trish stands up

she realizes something is wrong. She turns her head from left to right expecting

to see the Oakland Coliseum but instead just sees the city of Oakland. Trish

then slowly looks down and see the Arena far blow her. She looks around and

realizes that she must be a good 80 feet tall. She quickly spins around sees

Torrie Wilson at about the same height. Both girls step out of the arena and

into the parking lot. As they step out the toe of Trish's blacks shoe catches

part of the arena and pieces go flying.

"Oh shit I am so sorry. I didn't mean too do that. I can't believe I just

killed some innocent people."

Torrie Wilson looks over at Trish and smile as she looks down at the mess

that just a brush of Trish's shoe caused.

"Why are you sorry? Its not like you did something wrong. The way I see it is

look at us and then look them. Those people down their cant be more then a few

inches tall. I have seen Barbie dolls that look bigger then them. They wanted to

be with you, they wanted to fuck you, they dreamed about sleeping with you and

treating you like a god. Now you are just giving them the chance to do what they

always dreamed of. Before you were Trish Stratus Fitness model, Trish Stratus WWF Diva, Trish Stratus the model. Now look at you Trish Stratus the GOD! You

were just saying on the car ride here everything happens for a reason. Well this

must have happened for a reason. Now lets have a little fun with this. Who knows

how long this will last. We may never get another chance like this again."

"Your right Torrie. Get Vince McMahon out here now. On the double."

Vince McMahon rushes out towards the circle that has formed around these two

massive girls. Vince McMahon with microphone in hand steps towards Trish

Stratus. He looks straight ahead seeing nothing but her sparkling black boot. He

gulps as he realizes that he isn't even taller then the toe of her boot. He

cranes his neck upwards looking at large powerful legs. Droplets of sweat pour

off of her body that is bigger then his head. Vince McMahon struggles to see

past her waist. He takes a few steps back hoping to see anything past her legs

but there is no such luck. Vince turns on the microphone.

"You wanted to see me Trish. There is no need to worry I am sure there is an

explanation of what has happened and we can get you back to normal. Just don't

do anything hasty I mean in the meantime this would be a great photo oppur….."

Vince watches as he raises her boot into the air. He see chunks of dirt that

is bigger then him. Pieces of dirt, cement, roadway, metal from cars, blood, and

guts drip down from the bottom of her shoe Vince covers his head hoping none of

it falls on him. He hears her bellow down to stand up and then slams her foot

into the ground.

The weight of her foot hitting the ground sends all the cars in the parking

lot tumbling end over end and it causes all the people gathering around both her

and Torrie to fall and tumble over.

"That was just a light stomp Vince. You don't want me to put any weight into

it. I have watched for years as you stare at my chest. Look at my legs, look at

my pussy. Every chance you got you tried to sneak quick peeks when you thought I 🥇 ¿Qué hacer si mi pedido de Shein no llega completo? | 2022

wasn't looking. When you thought I wasn't aware of what was happening. You acted

like I was some dumb blonde who didn't understand what you were doing. You had

power over me, over Torrie over everyone. You're the only game in town Vince.

You don't think we all saw that. We all knew that if we messed with you that was

it. We were gone from the business forever. Well Vince NEWSFLASH, I was looking

when you thought I wasn't. I was watching when you stared endlessly at my chest.

I remember when you asked me to get a breast job. You said Trish your such a

beautiful woman why don't you just get a little breast enlargement and you can

be that much prettier. Well I refused and it almost costed me my job. Now who

has the power Vince? Who is at whose mercy Vince? Do you think I need a breast

job now Vince? Huh do you think I need one. Are these big enough for you."

Vince watches as Trish's hand darts around him before he can even react. He

is risen up past her legs, past her chest and held up to her face. Vince looks

into Trish's eyes and shakes in fear as her colossal fingers are wrapped around

him. He tries to push them away but it's hopeless.

"Oh and yes Vince I do have a face. Doesn't it look nice I don't think you

have ever looked this high before? But since you seem to be so infatuated with

my breasts I have decided you can spend the rest of your life with them. How

long you live is up to me. You are my property now Vince. You will do exactly

what I say, when I say, how I say or else I will crush you. I will do it slowly.

So very, very slowly. I will watch as I apply just enough pressure to stop your

blood circulation. I will watch intently as your body turns purple. Your brain

begs for the blood, for the air it so badly needs. I will watch how your eyes

plead with me for mercy but I will show you none. Slowly as the various parts of

your body loose their circulation since there won't be any blood there they will

crumble, crack and then crush. You will start out by hearing just a small little

crack. Like when you step on a floorboard. Then it will sound like when you

crush an ice cube. It will be all at once. Your bone shards will shoot out every

which way inside your body. And you will scream, and you will cry because you

know that, that was just your legs. You will want me to finish you off but I

wont. I will stick you back between what you so dearly love. My breasts, I will

just jog along the country side smiling as my breasts jiggle from left to right

you will be slowly crushed. First your arms will give way. Then your chest will

just explode outwards like a bomb with shards flying everywhere and then your

head will just kind of roll along my breast and tumble, tumble 80 or 90 feet to

the ground and just splatter. Then I will smile, then I will be happy knowing

you got just what you soley deserve. Now do you understand Mr. McMahon, I mean

wait, from now on that's Queen Stratus Vince. So I hope this leaves you


Torrie Wilson starts to visibly shake a little with hearing Trish's words.

She watches, as Vince is carefully set between her mighty breasts. Torrie then

looks down at her hot feet. She steps out of her shoes and then removes her

socks let them fall atop her spectators. As her socks fall atop them she laughs

as they struggle helplessly to escape. Her smelly white socks. The now barefoot

Torrie starts to walk through the city exploring everything at her newfound

height. She looks on at the masses of people fleeing from her. She can faintly

hear gunshots being fired at her but the bullets don't even pierce her skin. She

then spots one of the men who are firing upon her. She yells for him to stop but

he keeps firing hoping something will happen. She grabs him and then turns

around stomps her foot down on another man who was firing at her. She raises

this guy to her face.

"Do you think I am pretty? Do you like my leather pants? Do you like my pink

painted toenails? Do you like my monstrous rack? How about my long blonde hair

do you think its smells nice?"

She whips her hair from side to side. Her hair slams into skyscrapers causing

the windows to shatter and bricks, steel girders to rain down upon the innocent

peasants below.

"Wow, that was quite unsuspecting. I didn't think my hair was that strong.

Well little man what do you think of me now. Too late, kiss your kids goodbye

because you wont ever see them again. Are they around? Does your little baby

girl want to watch daddy die? Huh? Maybe little bobby wants to see his dead

beaten up by a girl? Isn't that what all the boys will tease you about? Don't

get beaten up by a girl. Well your being dominated by a girl. How does that make

you feel huh? How does that saying go? Men rule because they are faster,

stronger, tougher, smarter, and wiser and know how to run things better then

women. Well I guess whoever said that hasn't gotten a load of me."

Torrie pulls her leather pants away from her waist. She shoves the weak

screaming man into her vagina. She plunges him in and out so fast that he can't

even see a thing. Soon she cums and then shoves the screaming man into her. She

hears his body crunch, and crushes and then tumbles out of her to the ground


Vince now watches from Trish's massive breasts. He tries to pull himself out

but quickly thinks better of it afraid to make her angry. Her huge round breasts

block most of his vision of anything but the tops of buildings and Torrie. Vince

watches as Trish speedily walks towards Torrie. He looks up at Trish but cannot

see anything accept the underside of her chin and her neck. Vince watches as

Trish walks up right behind Torrie and grabs her neck and smashes her face into

the ground below. Vince's ears start to ring out in pain as she shouts something

down towards Torrie. He then feels a backwards motion and crashes along with

Trish's breasts from side to side and as she crashes into and through a


Trish jumps up from the fall and charges at Torrie. Vince looks on as she

spears Torrie to the ground. She crashes into through several buildings. Trish

grabs Torrie's neck and squeezes as hard as she can. Trish watches Torrie squirm

trying to free herself. Torrie's hand wraps around a city bus and cracks it into

trashes skulls. The bus explodes upon impact with Trish's skull. The moment of

distraction on Trish's part allows Torrie to escape her grasps. Torrie starts to

run but Trish is quickly in pursuit. Being fitness champion she quickly runs

Torrie down. She grabs Torrie's hair and whips her by her hair into several

skyscrapers. Torrie punches at Trish meekly but Trish just shoves Torrie to the


Vince stares at the gigantic Torrie being pummeled by Trish. Vince still

trying to free himself but cannot seem to even budge her breasts slightly. Vince

watches as Torrie's breasts come into view. Trish's breasts along with Vince are

shoved up against Torrie's breasts. A huge explosion occurs around Vince. He can

hear flames erupt, and various crashing around him. He sighs in relief that both

women's breasts protect him.

Torrie screams as she sees Trish throw herself at Torrie and go crashing into

an Oil complex near the outskirts of town. Torrie's weight crashing against the

tons, upon tons of Oil causes a massive explosion. Smoke, bricks, metal,

everything flies up into the air. Remnants of Oakland come crashing down


Hours later the smoke is still thick in the air and the remaining survivors

and news people from around the world gather around the two fallen women. They

slowly approach the fallen bodies and see the frame of Torrie ripped to shreds

by the explosions. However as the smoke starts to clear they see ominous figure

standing over her. A huge exhales of air causes all the smoke to clear. They see

sweaty, unharmed 90 foot Trish Stratus standing tall into the air. Millions of

camera's and people in Oakland and around the world are in shock that either of

the two women survived. They can faintly hear Vince McMahon yelling for help.

The camera's Focus in on Trish as she begins to speak.

"People of the world. There is a New World Order. It goes a lot like this. I

run the show. No matter where you are in the world you are standing in my

kingdom. You will all work to serve me. Your beautiful queen. If you displease

me you die. Now bow before me! From now on its no longer in god we trust but its

IN TRISH WE SERVE!! I demand Stratusfaction from each and everyone of you."

Trish smiles down upon her subjects who cower in fear from her knowing that

nothing they can do can stop her.

The End



Giantess Stories: The Match of the Century By AsukaFan

A sleek black limo pulls up to the Oakland Coliseum. The driver quickly runs AsukaFan AsukaFan By By The Match of the Century The Match of the Century



Giantess Stories: The Match of the Century By AsukaFan

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