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Dr Bogue. Boh-guh. His words rang in her ears to this day, talking to her like

she was a two-year-old child. Rhymes with Vogue. Yeah right. It sounded more

like some French guy trying to say bug in pigeon English. It was late. Too late.

Every sane person was home already, sitting in front of the TV, out on the town,

all having a better time for sure. But nooooo. Dr Bogue had to finish his work.

Couldn't wait until tomorrow. Kim scowled and scribbled down the notes Dr Bogue

had dictated to her. She glared up at him with such disdain. She wanted to be

anywhere's but here. But Dr Bogue continued pouring liquids into bottles and

shouting out dictation. She really hated the way he took her for granted. And

the way he treated her, no respect at all.

'Now where did I put that…' said Dr Bogue, not bothering to complete his

sentence as he scoured the lab table for his missing ingredient. 'My office,' he

said as if reaching a great revelation. 'Hold this,' he said as he handed Kim

his beaker and scurried away. Just like the rat he is, she thought to herself.

Her gum bubble popped, the only excitement she had all night. She glanced up at

the clock. Eleven already! This was getting too much for her. She rolled her

eyes and dropped her jaw open, acting as moronic as she felt this whole

situation had been. It caused her gum to fall out of her mouth. Down past her

breasts and into the beaker she held for Dr Bogue. Kim looked at it in shock.

This couldn't be good she thought as the gum steamed and dissolved in the


Dr Bogue came back in with his missing ingredient. He took the beaker from Kim

and didn't notice her nervousness over being discovered. Usually she hated when

he did that, for it meant that he held no significance towards her. He had

always thought of her as an airhead. Only good for typing up dictation and

making copies. But now she didn't mind, for it would cover up her blunder. He

poured the ingredient into the vial, swigged it around and gave it a sniff. He

then looked around the lab, but couldn't find what he was looking for.

'Where are the lab rats?' he asked Kim, but directed the question to no one in


'They died this morning,' she said, a little relieved about the change in

subject, but knew it would not be a change for the better. 'You only had two


'And you didn't get any more!' he shouted at the 'outrage'.

'I've been busy doing your stupid office work!' she stood up for herself. He was

really starting to push her buttons now, close to all the pent up rage from past


'Stupid twit,' muttered Dr Bogue under his breath, but loud enough for Kim to

hear. Not that she needed to hear the words. She could tell his opinion of her

from his manner. He practically radiated his disrespect for her. He turned his

back to her and thought for a moment. Reaching no other conclusion he raised the

beaker to his own lips.

'Are you going to drink that yourself,' said Kim in reactionary concern.

'Well I'm going to have too, now,' snapped Dr Bogue in contempt. 'Seeing as how

I don't have any more lab rats. Someone has to test it.' Kim didn't even bother

with a response; she just shot him a dirty look, a deadly look, and watched as

he sipped the contents of his work.

At first, nothing. Then Dr Bogue coughed. Then gagged. Then convulsed. It caused

him to drop the beaker, falling to floor and exploding in a black cloud. Kim

tried to brush away the smoke as it went straight to her lungs and made her

cough. But luckily for her it dispersed after a few seconds. She opened her

teary eyes, but found no sign of Dr Bogue.

'Oh my God, Dr Bogue!' she exclaimed as she leapt down off her stool to the

floor below. When she hit the floor she stopped and stood still. Something was

not right with her landing. Instead of the sole sound of her leather pumps

striking the floor, something had been added. A fat, wet squishy sound that came

from the floor as she landed. She had felt something soft go flat underneath

her. Oh oh, she thought. She looked down at her right shoe and saw something

soft and pinkish oozing out from beneath the sole. She slowly leaned it back on

its slender heel, afraid to look at what was under it. There he was, Dr Bogue

reduced to only a few inches in height, and squashed flat by Kim's own foot.

'Oh God,' she said, horrorized at what she had done. 'I squished him.' She heard

a little moan from the floor below. But she thought she was only hearing things.

She looked down at the flattened body. Her eyes grew wide as she witnessed what

happened next. The body grew thicker, like an air mattress being filled with

air. Slowly, Dr Bogue's body was reforming itself. The groaning grew louder and

she realized she hadn't been hearing things, that Dr Bogue was still alive and

doing the moaning. After a few seconds Dr Bogue was fully three-dimensional.

Still only a few inches tall, but otherwise alive and well, except for the

stunned expression on his face.

'What happened,' he said groggily as if just woken from a deep sleep. His body

ached all over. He looked around the room, trying to get his bearings. It looked

strange, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Then his gaze fell upon the

toe of Kim's shoe, as big as he was. He startledly jumped back. He never took

his eyes off it. They looked up the shoe, following the arched foot, the shapely

legs, up and up until he was looking far above at the glaring face of his

secretary who now towered above him.

'I've shrunk!' he shrieked as it dawned on him. 'This wasn't supposed to


'Dr Bogue, I'm sorry,' said Kim remorsefully, her words booming down on his tiny

frame. 'I accidentally dropped my gum in your formula.'

'You what?' he shouted, both in anger and for volume so that she could hear him

from way down there. 'You stupid, lame brained cow! Haven't you even the

intelligence of a rutabaga? Are you so dim-witted…'

'Well maybe if someone hadn't kept me here so late…' she bellowed back at him,

drowning out his barbs. The shouting continued on both ends, but Dr Bogue was

too small for his words to be heard, and Kim too angry too pay attention to what

she was saying. Finally all the long hours, all the disrespect, all the insults

caught up to Kim. Her foot came slamming down on Dr Bogue's fragile little body,

crushing his head past his knees, mashing him into the cheap linoleum floor.

She suddenly realized what she had done and lifted her foot off Dr Bogue. He was

squashed into a pile of goo, but slowly the goo started re-forming itself into a

human body once again. More groans indicated that he was still alive.

'What did it do to you?' she asked in amazement. 'You're all soft and mushy,

like rubber.'

'Mallable,' groaned Dr Bogue. 'Mallable's the word you're looking for. It must

have been the gum. It screwed everything up.'

'So when I step on you, you squish, but you're not killed?' She set her heel

onto his head and pressed down, watching it squash and his eyes bug out.

Watching like a child discovering a magical new toy.

'I can still feel it!' hollered Dr Bogue in a mix of fear and pain.

'I can stomp all over you…' she repeatedly stomped on him, trying out her new

toy. '…and you're still around? Wow!' She stopped and stood back, watching the

tiny man get reformed.

'It still hurts like hell!' shouted Dr Bogue when he had gathered enough

strength to get angered and shout.

'Oh really?' asked Kim in a mischievous, playful chime. She bent down to look

him right in the eye. 'Remember all those times you yelled at me, degraded me,

kept me working way too late? Well now it's payback time.' She clutched his

frightened little naked body in her hand, and stood up. 'I'm going to chew you

up, spit you out and step on you.' There was a real meanness to her voice, which

struck fear deep into the doctor's soul.

'No Kim, don't do it,' he begged as he was drawn closer to her gigantic lips.

'Please! I'm sorry, I'm sorry.' But she refused to acknowledge his pleas. Her

luscious red lips parted. He was drawn nearer and was put head first into her

mouth. The lips closed in around him and sucked him in. He sputtered and gasped

from the wetness that engulfed him as he slid inside. With a smile she clamped

her jaws down, crushing his tiny frame. He struggled instinctively, but it was

hopeless. His arm slipped between her back teeth and was crushed flat between

them. She continued chewing, making sure that he was ground to a pulp. Treating

him like a piece of gum.

The chewing stopped and her lips puckered up. Dr Bogue was spat out and sent

flying across the room until stopped by a wall. He hit it with a splat and

slowly slid down until he lay on the floor, stunned and hurting like hell. He

couldn't think of anything, his mind a big daze of confusion and pain. Then more

pain as Kim's shoe stepped upon him and squished him into the floor. Once her

shoe was on top of him she pressed down slowly, making the moment last. She

pressed down hard, making sure the pain would last. She twisted her foot from

side to side, making sure he was sufficiently flattened into the floor.

'Oh dear,' she feigned innocently. 'I seem to have stepped in something. Better

scrape it off my shoe.' She said it for Dr Bogue's benefit, to torture him

psychologically over what she was about to do. But Dr Bogue was so out of it, he

barely heard a word she said. He just felt the pressure increase as she pushed

down harder. Then she slid her foot back and his body rolled out from the bottom

of her shoe and was all twisted up in a mangled mess. Slowly he started

regaining consciousness, he body popping back into it's original state.

'Kim, ' he weakly said. 'You're fired.'

'Fired?' laughed Kim as she picked up his twisted body off the floor. She acted

as if it was the funniest thing she had heard and threw Dr Bogue to the floor in

a fit of laughter. 'Fired?' She kept on laughing and now slapped her knee and

stomped her foot, which of course landed on Dr Bogue. She twisted her foot

around as the laughter died off, grinding him into the floor before scraping him

off her shoe once more. She picked him up off the floor and held him up to her

face. 'You're going to fire me? Ha!' She slapped her hands together, pressing

him between her palms. She kneaded him like cookie dough, flattening out his

body. She rolled him around in her palm, rolling him into a little fleshy ball,

and then bounced him off the wall. Dr Bogue fell to the floor and rolled around

a little bit before coming to a rest. Kim just sat there looking at him as his

body slowly reformed itself.

When his body was back to normal (as in not flattened), Dr Bogue just lay there,

too tired from all this crushing too move. He just wanted it to end, no more

pain, no more agony. He noticed the floor was shaking and heard loud banging

sounds. He turned his head to see Kim walking towards him, her footfalls

thundering at his minute figure. He feared she would step on him once again,

bringing more pain. But he was too worn out to run away. But she didn't step on

him. She stopped just in front of him and looked down at his prone body.

'You always liked looking at my tits, didn't you?' she asked in a soft voice

that still boomed down on him. Yes, he had considered her sexually desirable,

but not much else. He was regretting keeping her around for this long. She

unbuttoned her blouse and told him to get a real good look. They were enormous,

even if he was full, size. But now they were monstrous. But he was too tired to

care, and too worried over what was to come next. 'Well why don't you get a real

good look then.' She picked up Dr Bogue and placed him between her breasts,

pressing them together and squeezing him in between. She rubbed them together

over and over, enveloping him with her flesh. 'Oh, Dr Bogue,' she moaned,

mocking eroticism. Still holding him between her breasts she walked over to a

chair. Standing over the seat she opened up her breasts and let Dr Bogue fall

down onto it.

'You always wanted a piece of my ass too, didn't you?' she taunted. 'Well here,

have it all.' She turned around and slowly lowered herself into the chair. Dr

Bogue started crying out and scrambled to get to his feet. But he only managed

to get turned over on his stomach before Kim sat down squarely on his tiny back.

Dr Bogue was crushed into the fabric of her dress. His head had escaped falling

under but now bulged out, like his facial expression from beneath her ass. He

felt his body going flatter and flatter as she bounced and wiggled in her seat,

just to torture him more. She did up her blouse while still sitting on him and

waited to be fully dressed before getting up. She looked down at the chair but

so no sign of Dr Bogue. She was puzzled and wondered where he'd gone. Surely she

hadn't crushed him into oblivion? Then it dawned on her. She twisted around and

looked down at her rear. Sure enough there was Dr Bogue mashed flat and stuck to

her dress. She giggled at the sight and peeled him off. 'Am I going to have fun

with you,' she told him as she tossed him back on the chair.

She walked towards his office and then stopped, realizing a mistake. She spun on

her heel and walked back toward the chair. 'Oops,' she said as she picked up Dr

Bogue. 'Can't have you running off now, can I? Now where's a safe place to put

you?' She thought for a minute, wanting to come up with a place that would cause

him the most discomfort. 'I know,' she finally said. She bent down and took off

her shoe and dropped Dr Bogue inside, his head laying near her heel. She slipped

the shoe back on and felt his soft body under foot. It was cramped, but she knew

that would be remedied soon. She put her foot down on the floor and took a step

forward, stopping to feel the body of Dr Bogue flatten beneath her heel. She

wondered about him suffocating in there. It would sure ruin her fun if he died.

But as she felt him smush under her foot, she felt like taking the chance. So


She noticed his wallet on the floor and looked around to see that his clothes

were flung all over the place. It didn't make any sense to her until she

remembered the loud bang that hit when the formula had taken effect. She opened

the wallet and looked through its contents. Lots of credit cards, a couple

hundred dollars in cash. Kim started getting ideas, but thought better to shelve

them now until she had time to think them out more thoroughly.

She walked towards his office, feeling the man in her shoe squish with each

step. Inside the office she found the petty cash box with $1,000 in cash, and

the checkbooks. She was going to write out a check to herself, but then thought

against it. What if they come looking for them? She wouldn't want to give the

police a reason to go poking around in her business. Better to leave that

account alone for now. She had to think this out carefully. Planned right she

would be set for life, thanks to all Dr Bogue's money. (He was paid very

handsomely for his research work.) She gathered up the books and walked out of

the office, stopping only to get her jacket, purse and a roll of string before

leaving the lab entirely.

Her heels echoed through out the parking lot, but thundered in Dr Bogue's

squished ears. Kim reached her car and got in. Before shutting the door she sat

on the car seat and took off her shoe to free her tiny captive. She held him in

her palm , watching for a sign that he was still alive and that her fun was just

beginning. His body reformed and she noticed his tiny little lungs raising up

and down. She smiled. Her fun would continue.

Dr Bogue was placed with his back on the accelerator pedal and tied down with

the string. As he came back to his senses he realized where he was and what was

about to happen. The door slammed shut. He looked up to see her face looking

down at him with a devilish grin. The next thing he saw was the black leather

sole of her shoe coming right at him. He tried to get away, but his binds held

him tight. Squish, Kim's shoe pressed down on the accelerator and mashed him


The car drove for what seemed like hours to Dr Bogue, hours that he had to

endure being pressed under Kim's shoe. The only relief he got was at red lights

when she would hit the brakes. But that was only momentary. When the light

changed, her foot would come down again and squash him flat.

When the car stopped and she lifted her foot off of him, he barely noticed, he

was too stunned to realize the reprieve he had received from his torture. Kim

untied him from the pedal and dropped him in her purse. He felt himself be

jostled around as she walked up the stairs to her apartment. She had decided

that that was all for tonight. Give Dr Bogue his rest. He's going to need it for

the days to come.



The door creaked open. The sound of her high heels hitting the wooden floor

could be heard. The door was slammed shut. All he could do was listen in the

darkness. Then light poured down on him and a giant hand wrapped its fingers

around his tiny body. Kim lifted Dr Bogue out of her purse and held him up to

her face.

'And what are we going to do with you tonight while I sleep?' she asked,

weariness in her eyes. 'I know,' she said and dropped Dr Bogue on the floor.

With his tiny size the fall was like a hundred stories long. His light frame hit

the floor and he would have thanked his lucky stars he hadn't been splattered,

that is if he hadn't been stunned from the impact. Dazed, he could barely hear

Kim open up her closet, retrieve something from it and come back to him. A large

heavy heel fell upon his chest and knocked the wind out of him just as he was

about to regain his wits. Kim had taken one of her tall brown cowboy boots and

dropped it on Dr Bogue, trapping him like a bug.

'I suppose you could wriggle out from under there, though,' she said looking

down at him. 'Ooo, I wonder what you would look like mashed under those heels,'

she said giddily. She took her shoes off and slid her foot into the cowboy boot.

Dr Bogue was mashed flatter and flatter as more weight came down on the heel.

His head was still sticking out and the more his guts were squashed the more his

eyes and tongue bugged out of his face. Kim ground her heel to get him even

flatter and then lifted it up slightly to take a look at his body. It was flat

as a pancake and slightly rounded as his flesh had oozed out from beneath her

pressure. She giggled at the sight of Dr Bogue and put her heel back on top of

him, this time making sure his head fell under her heel too. She ground him

under again and slid her boot back. She delightedly laughed at the twisted mess

that remained of Dr Bogue.

Even though she had seen it a few times already, she was still amazed at the

sight of Dr Bogue's body reforming itself, of course accompanied by the moans of

pain from her crushing. Just as his body finished reforming itself, she stamped

her heel down on him and delighted at the flesh that squirted out from beneath

her heel. She stepped off of him and decided that that would be enough for

tonight. She was like a kid with a new toy and couldn't wait to try all

different kinds of shoes to squish him with, or come up with new ways of

torturing her former boss.

'I could just put you in my boot,' she said as she sat down and pulled off her

boot. 'But you'd probably find a way to knock it over and get free.' She thought

for a minute. On the floor Dr Bogue slowly regained his wits. Even though this

crushing didn't kill him, it was still a very painful and very exhausting event.

He looked up at Kim as she thought about his fate. He knew she was out of

control, that he would be her toy in her sadistic little games. Unless he

escaped. He looked around the apartment and saw the heating vent in the floor.

He looked at her and saw that she wasn't paying attention to him. If he could

just get to the vent he could probably squeeze in and crawl around the system.

He slowly crawled towards the vent, not wanting to make her suspicious. As if

her feeble mind could comprehend such a concept. Slowly, slowly… until he felt a

great pain on his right leg. He gasped in pain and looked behind him to see Kim

stepping on the leg and crushing it beneath her bare foot.

'Uh uh uh,' Kim scolded him from above. 'You're not getting away from me.' She

grabbed him in her hand and walked towards the closet. She started to look

around for something on the top shelf, but found she needed both hands, and one

held Dr Bogue.

'Do you stick?' she playfully asked as she smashed him into the wall. She

watched as his flattened body slid slowly down the wall. Guess not, she thought,

but realized it would still be a couple of minutes before his body reformed. She

continued rummaging through the junk on the shelf until she found the box she

was looking for. She glanced down at the floor and saw that his body was nearly

finished. She drug him over with her foot and then placed both feet on him. She

stepped up on her toes and squished the good doctor once more. She stood on him

as she rummaged through the box and pulled out a thin set of black laces. She

put the box back and settled back on her heels, stepping off Dr Bogue. She

pushed her coats aside a cleared a small space on the coat rack. Bending down

she scrapped Dr Bogue off the floor and held him in the palm of her hand,

watching as he reformed.

When his body was back to 'normal' she tied his wrists together with the lace,

pulling so tightly that his little wrists were painfully mashed together. She

looped the laces around the coat rack and tied his ankles in the same manner.

There he hung, like a wild game she had captured. She then took another boot, a

knee high black leather riding boot, and placed it just below Dr Bogue, so that

even if he did somehow manage to get free of the laces, he would fall inside.

'Sleep well,' she smiled as she blew him a kiss. He begged her not to leave him

like this, but she had no intention of obey his wishes any longer. It was she

who had the power now. She smiled at that thought as she shut the closet door on

her tiny captive.

Dr Bogue awoke the next morning as light poured into the closet when Kim opened

the door. His arms and legs were numb and the laces bit into his flesh sharply.

'And how are we this morning?' chimed Kim. Dr Bogue didn't bother replying. He

just let his head flop wearily back. His neck hurt from holding it that way all

night, not that he had much choice. Kim undid the laces on his wrists. Dr Bogue

flipped upside down and now hung by his ankles. The feeling was coming back into

his wrists, as was the shape, but now the blood was rushing to his head. Below

him he peered into the long dark shaft of Kim's boot, laying down there like a

mouth waiting to swallow him up. Dr Bogue suddenly found himself falling,

hurtling into the boot shaft as the laces on his ankles were loosened. Kim

watched with amusement as he fell in her boot and landed with a dull thud.

'Guess I positioned that just right,' she chuckled. She walked away from the

closet and headed for the kitchen.

Dr Bogue sat at the bottom of the boot, dazed from his fall, but still alive.

The thought occurred to him that he was now invulnerable in a way, and couldn't

even find an escape in death. He couldn't die. He was doomed to live in this

horror until he died of old age. Provided he could still die of old age. There

were so many tests that had to be done on him, so much they still did not know

about his new condition. Were there any other side effects? Was this permanent,

or only temporary? He hoped for the later. He looked around at his surroundings

and considered trying to knock the boot over. The shaft was way too high to

climb out of. He pushed against the side but it would not budge. He cursed

himself for not working out more. He went over to the far side of the boot, as

far as he could go, and took a running leap at the inside shaft wall. The boot

wiggled slightly as he struck it, but he was still too light to knock it down.

He sat down in despair.

He was broken out of his train of thought as the boot was lifted up and turned

upside down. Dr Bogue found himself sliding down and into Kim's palm.

'Ready for breakfast?' Kim asked the tiny man so non-chalantley. She took him

over to the small dining room table and placed him atop of it. Across the table

he could see her plate of bacon and eggs, and a glass of juice. 'You do still

get hungry, don't you?' she asked him. He looked at her and her plate

suspiciously, then finally answered yes. 'Well here are some bits of bacon,' she

said as she dropped a few crumbs before him. Of course at his size they were as

big as his hand. He gobbled them up hungrily. She watched with amusement as he

nibbled on the crumbs like one of the lab rats. He watched her nervously as she

ate her breakfast. She caught his look and laughed at his terror.

'Boo!' she shot as she jolted in his direction, just to give him a scare. He

jumped back and nearly out of his skin. Kim laughed and took a drink of her

orange juice. 'What are you afraid of?' she asked. That I'm going to do

something like… this!' She slammed her glass down on top of him and began

grinding it around with glee. Dr Bogue was mashed flat once again and this time

the glass made his flattened body all smooth and shaped him into a kind of

circle. Kim lifted her glass and laughed at the sport. She got an idea and ran

for the kitchen.

Dr Bogue lay there slowly recovering and reshaping. He rolled around slowly in

pain and wearily rolled over on his back. Would this torture never end?

He howled in pain as something heavy smashed down on his feet and crushed them.

He looked up to see Kim standing over him with a rolling pin on his feet. With

an evil grin she slowly rolled the pin forward and put her weight into it. The

result was a Dr Bogue that was slowly being crushed, inch by inch. The pin

rolled up his legs, his knees, his crotch, crushing, crushing, crushing.

Squeezing his stomach, his ribs, his chest. The pain was tremendous, mostly

because it was going on for so long. The pin crushed his neck, his jaw, his

nose, his eyes until it finally rolled off of him. Kim looked down and laughed

at Dr Bogue, entirely crushed flat. She left him to recover as she cleared the


Dr Bogue slowly regained his three-dimensional status and just lay there,

recovering. His mouth felt dry now. He lifted his head and lay back on his

elbows, looking around the table for something to dry his parched throat. Kim

came over and towered above him.

'How was your breakfast?' she asked him.

'I'm thirsty, Kim,' he croaked. 'Get me something to drink.'

Kim was slightly amazed at how, despite all that happened, he still thought of

her as his employee. 'You want something to drink?' she asked. 'Here.' A gob of

spit formed between her lips and shot down atop Dr Bogue. He was covered in it,

and disgusted by it. Kim just glared at him and smiled evilly. 'That do it for

you?' Dr Bogue was in too much shock to reply. 'Come on, I'll wash you off.'

She grabbed Dr Bogue gingerly by the foot and carried him into the kitchen. She

turned on the tap and held him under the running water. He gasped and sputtered

as the water flowed all over him and tried not to drown. But when she turned the

water off he was still alive…and wet. She shook him around a bit to shake the

water off. Then he was engulfed by a towel and smothered dry. He stood on the

counter top and glared angrily at Kim. She looked down on him with… what was

that in her eyes? Pity? He couldn't believe it.

'I'm sorry Dr Bogue,' she said. 'I guess I got a little out of hand. I shouldn't

treat you like that.'

'Okay,' he said. You had your fun, now let's get serious and figure out how to

fix this.'

'Oh let me have one last bit of fun,' she said. 'I'll make you a deal. I have to

go out and do some errands. Let me lock you in the closet and I'll let you free

if…' He waited for it. 'You lick all my shoes and boots clean.' His jaw dropped.

She wanted what?

'But… but…' he tried to argue. But she wouldn't let him.

'Look, mister,' she said as she towered over him, glaring down at him to remind

him that she was the one in control. 'You're not in a position to argue.' Before

he had a chance to say anything she grabbed him and whisked him away to the

closet. She plopped him down in the middle of the shoe rack and glared down at

him. 'Well?' she scowled. 'Start licking.' Dr Bogue turned around and looked at

her quizzically.

'You're not serious,' he begged.

'Oh yes I am,' she replied with a sinister little smirk. 'Better get busy if you

want your freedom. He turned around and looked at the giant shoes surrounding

him. It looked like she had hundreds. And him with his tiny little tongue. He

turned back to her and looked at her as if to say: are you serious? She leaned

against the closet doorframe on her elbow. 'Come on. Get licking. You want your

freedom, don't you?'

He turned around and looked dejectedly at the task before him. He looked at the

shoe closet him, a simple black patent leather pump. The slender heel rose high

in the air, and was as tall as he. Cautiously his tongue crept out and he laid

it against the heel. The leather felt cool and smooth against his tongue. As he

slid it along its height, he thought this wouldn't be so bad. He slid his tongue

to the bottom and hit a muddy patch. The mud tasted horrible to his pallet. He

turned back towards Kim with a disgusted look on his face. She just watched with

malicious glee at his reaction.

'That's a good boy,' she mocked. 'Now do a good job and you'll get your freedom.

' He watched as she shut the door on him, leaving him alone with all her

footwear. Reluctantly his tongue went back to her shoe.

Dr Bogue's tongue was dry and sore from all the licking. He sat down to rest. Funko Pop! James Hetfield (Metallica)

Then he heard the front door open. Kim was back and he had barely started. He

leapt up to the closet shoe, a blue low heeled dress shoe, and franticly licked

the massive toe top. The closet door flew open and Dr Bogue froze like a deer

caught in the headlights. Kim stood in the doorway and glared down at him.

'Not finished,' she scolded in mockery, knowing full well that he wouldn't have

enough time. 'Well I guess that means I get to keep you. Oh the fun I will


'But I didn't have enough time,' argued Dr Bogue.

'Now now, you know our deal,' said Kim as she picked up Dr Bogue by the head and

lifted him high in the air. 'You didn't finish in time so that means I get to

squash you some more.' She squeezed her fingers together, delighting at the

sight of Dr Bogue's head squishing between them, the way his eyes popped out of

their sockets and his tongue darted out of his mouth. She set him down on the

nightstand to let his crushed head reform.

'It's time for my afternoon jog now.' She sat down on the bed and undressed. As

Dr Bogue's eyes came back into focus he could make out Kim's figure, and then

all her naked details. As tired of this all that he was, he couldn't help but

glare at her nubile form, her long slender legs, her large voluptuous breasts,


'Dr. Bogue!' shouted Kim in fake shock, breaking his concentration. 'You naughty

boy,' she said and playfully slapped him. Of course because of the difference in

size, her slap immediately mashed him flat into the wood of the nightstand. Dr

Bogue just lay there reforming, too weary to even moan loudly. The next thing he

knew he was being whisked in the air.

'Okay, ready to go,' said Kim and dropped him into her running shoe. Dr Bogue

lay there trying to figure out what just happened. He looked up and saw Kim's

foot come right down on top of him. He was instantly crushed flat as she pushed

her foot down a couple of times to get a good fit. The squishy doctor felt good

under her foot, kind of tickled. Plus there was the fact that she was torturing

Dr Bogue with every step she took. She walked around the room a little, smiling

whenever she felt the doctor squish under each of her steps.

She headed out the door, down the stairs and into the street beyond. It was a

beautiful sunny day and Kim basked in the sun. Maybe she'd take an extra long

run today, she thought. She started running down the street. Each footfall

crushed Dr Bogue deeper into the bottom of her shoe. Flatter and flatter he

became, each time her full weight crashed down on him as her foot hit the

pavement. He worried about being worn out, trampled into nothingness, but then

he'd be free of her torture, wouldn't he? He didn't think he could be that


Finally he felt her slow down; the crushing became less intense. Until they hit

the stairs. Then the crushing intensified each time her foot slammed down on the

stairs. They reached her door and entered the apartment. Kim took off her shoe

and examined Dr Bogue. He was paper thin from all the trampling. She had to peel

him off the bottom of her shoe, even using her fingernail to scrape him off. She

worried a little that she might have gone too far this time and done him in. But

then after a few seconds, his body began reforming itself and she noticed him

moaning. Relieved her fun had not ended, she went to the kitchen to get a drink

of water.

When she came back, bottle in hand, she looked down at the recovering Dr Bogue.

She stared at him curiously and then got inspired. She slipped back into her

sneakers and placed her right foot on top of him. She walked forward and watched

as Dr Bogue's body squished out the grooves in her sneaker's treads. She raised

her foot off him slightly and then stepped on him again, grinding her foot. She

carried through with her walk and stepped off of him. She looked down at his

mangled body and giddily laughed at the tread marks imprinted all over his

flesh. She threw off her sneakers and ran to the closet as he recomposed


The next thing Dr Bogue saw (and it scared the hell out of him) was the tread of

Kim's boot smashing down on him. His body squished in-between the grooves. Kim

just stood there on his body, pressing down every now and then to squish him

farther into her boot sole. She made sure he was good and squished before

stepping off of him and marveling at the tread marks she made in his flesh.

'Oh look at the time,' she said as she glanced up at the clock. 'We have to get

going.' She took off her boots and put on a different pair, white low-heeled

boots that fit more loosely around her legs. She lifted the recovered Dr Bogue

in her fist and made sure to grab the roll of wire along with her purse. 'Ready

for another drive?' she taunted


Squish! Dr Bogue was smushed into the sole of Kim's boot. She didn't let up,

just kept the boot on his tiny little frame, mashed as it was. The light turned

red and Dr Bogue felt the pressure ease up as she took her foot off the gas

pedal and set it on the break. As she waited for the light she glanced down at

the distressed doctor tied to the pedal. He flattened body was reforming itself.

She could see the expression of anguish, distress, form on his face, or rather

his face form into the expression. But into it was also a mixture of relief. The

light turned green and Dr Bogue started to cry out as Kim's boot came down upon

him. Squish! Again flattened to the underside of her boot.

Finally the car stopped and Kim took her foot off the gas for the last time. Dr

Bogue just lay there, recovering and thankful that his ordeal was over, for now.

He wished that she would torture him no longer, but he knew the ridiculousness

of such a wish. Kim opened the door and flung her legs out side. She bent down

and untied the poor doctor, readying him for the next torture. Dr Bogue regained

his senses enough to find himself falling into the empty shaft of her boot. He

hit the bottom and could see only darkness. Light crept in from above, out the

opening in the shaft, but that was soon taken away as Kim's foot came down to

join the doctor. He tried to scramble away, to escape another crushing, but

there was nowhere to go. Her foot came down and crushed him underneath. The

mangled mess felt uncomfortable to her. She stamped her foot down on the asphalt

a couple times, trying to smooth out the bulge. Finally she had squished Dr

Bogue flat enough and walked on her way.

Dr Bogue sat inside the boot too confused to think. He tried to figure out what

was happening, where she had taken him, but he could only stare into the

darkness with what was left of his squished eyes. He tried to listen but could

hear nothing, his ears crushed beneath her foot. He could only feel her walking

around as each step mashed him over and over. He felt her stop and focus her

full weight on him as she stood still. With each passing second she stood on

him, the pressure seemed to increase, and so did the pain. He couldn't take it

any longer, not that he could before. She tapped her foot impatiently it seemed,

but Dr Bogue knew she did it just to torture him. Her toe tapping the floor

echoed in his ears like a cannon. And with each boom came the additional pain of

her body crushing down on him. She stopped, walked forward a few steps and then

stopped again. The whole thing repeated itself a few times before she stopped

again and stood still. She kept shifting her weight from foot to foot, giving Dr

Bogue a breather, but only for a second before her full weight came crashing

down on his tiny body again. She kicked something solid and Dr Bogue felt the

impact all through his body, even though she only kicked the wall playfully.

Crush! The pain was enormous as his body was flattened paper-thin. She walked

away, each step crushing him further and further. He worried about being crushed

out of existence, his body just worn down to nothingness by her constant

pressure. But he knew fate was not going to let him get away that easy. She kept

on walking; kept on painfully crushing him until he could take no more and he

passed out.

A burst of water smashing against his face woke him up. He opened his eyes to

see Kim holding him in one hand and wiping the remnants of her spit from her

mouth. He was instantly grossed out when he realized what the water on his face


'Oh good, you're still with us,' smiled Kim, happy she was still able to play

with her new toy.

'Us?' worried Dr Bogue.

'It was just a figure of speech,' she chided. 'You're going to be my little

secret. Although, Karen might get a big kick out of you…' she pondered. 'We'll

think about that later. For now I want to welcome you to my new home.' She threw

her arms wide like a game show hostess, showing off her new dwelling. Dr Bogue

looked around and immediately recognized it. It was his house!

'What do you mean your house?' he shouted with his tiny voice.

'It's mine now,' beamed Kim. 'I won it on a bet. I have the title right here

that you signed over to me.' She shoved the piece of paper into his face.

'I did no such thing!' snapped the angered doctor.

'Well of course it's a forgery, but it's not like you're in any position to

contend it.'

'And what will people say when I don't show up for work? They'll know I'm


'Yes, except when they find the money in the safe gone, and find out that one Dr

Emmett Bogue bought a one way ticket to Cyprus. And this was after he got his

lovely assistant to empty out his savings account and the bank account of the

lab before he left. That gives you quite a little nest egg to play with there.'

Dr Bogue felt defeated. She had taken every thing away from him, and he could

see no way out of it. Kim on the other hand was ecstatic. She now had a big

beautiful house all paid for and all the money from the bank accounts. She was

so excited she decided to jump for joy. She leapt up into the air and aimed her

landing right on top of Dr Bogue. The last thing he saw was the soles of her

boots right before they splattered him into the floor. She hit with such force

that parts of his body shot out from under her and flew across the floor. Kim

laughed at the sight, marveling at how she had splattered him out.

She was amazed when Dr Bogue's body reformed itself completely. She had been

(mildly) worried that she may have lost a leg of his or something, but his body

recreated all it's parts. She looked over at the goo his other parts had left

and saw it eventually dissolve. With evil thoughts running through her head she

stood Dr Bogue up. She held him with her fingers, making sure he stayed upright

and placed her heel on top of him. The stacked tapered heel was only about an

inch or two wide, but it was enough to cover Dr Bogue. She pressed down with the

three-inch heel and Dr Bogue felt himself getting pressed. His body wanted to

bend beneath the pressure, to fall to the floor in resistance, but her fingers

held him straight. He had only one direction to go and that was down. The heel

crushed him shorter and shorter. He screamed out as his legs were driven into

his chest. Still the heel pressed down. Kim moved her fingers away when he had

been reduced to a short squat blob. And still her heel pressed down until it

touched the floor. Kim stood up to add more pressure to the flattened doctor.

She even twisted and ground her heel on him to flatten him out, oozing out from

beneath her heel. When she lifted it off of him there was nothing left but a

circular like pulp on the floor.

Looking down at the mashed doctor, Kim felt a wave of sinister ideas run through

her head. But she also felt the money burning a hole in her pocket. Why not

combine both. She decided a trip to the shoe store was in order. But what to do

with Dr Bogue? She glanced around the living room and spied a lamp sitting on an

end table. She retrieved the roll of string from her purse and scooped up the

doctor. She wrapped his arms around the base of the lamp and tied him securely

to it.

'Well, I'm off to do some shopping now,' she playfully told him as she turned on

the lamp. 'But don't worry, we'll have lots of time to play when I get back.

Would you like to watch some TV while I'm gone?' she asked rhetorically as she

turned the TV on to a show she knew he hated. She blew him a kiss and walked out

the door.

Dr Bogue sat there for hours, his only entertainment: watching the mindless

drivel on the TV. It all seemed so hopeless to him, how was he ever going to

escape from this. Lights outside the window caught his attention. He peered out

into the night and saw that they belonged to a police cruiser. His spirits rose,

finally help had arrived, no doubt looking for him. He gave a shout out the

cracked open window, but his tiny voice couldn't be heard outside. Then he saw

Kim pull up and approach the police. He smiled, sure that the gig was up now.

Through the open window Dr Bogue could hear the police question her about his

disappearance. She told them that he had always hit on her and a few nights ago

he made a bet with her, a stupid thing really, where he put his house on the

line and she agreed to sleep with him if she lost. She knew she would win and

she did. It was all too much for the good doctor apparently. The next morning

she had noticed a change in him, very dour and sullen. He had her empty out the

lab's accounts and purchase a ticket for him to Cyprus. She was told it just a

vacation, and he was in such a foul mood that she didn't want to press the


Dr Bogue's spirit's sank as he heard the police buy her story and leave. He

could imagine the smile on Kim's face over her victory. He heard her open the

front door and knew he was in for another round of torture.

'Hello, Dr Bogue,' she called to him as she entered the living room with an

armful of shopping bags. She threw them on the couch and proceeded to untie Dr

Bogue. His wrists felt numb from being tied so long. Before he knew it she had

swatted him down to the floor. After striking his head on the floor, he shook it

to regain his senses. He saw Kim stand before him putting on a new pair of ankle

boots with high spikey heels and smooth black soles.

'Love my new boots?' she asked with a smile. Dr Bogue jumped to his feet and

ran. Kim ran after Dr Bogue and her big stride enabled her to catch up with him

in just a couple of steps. Her last step landed on Dr Bogue and stomped him into

the floor.

'Uh-uh-uh,' she scolded as she stood and Dr Bogue, grinding him beneath her

boot. 'Not allowed to run unless I tell you. How do these soles feel?' she

asked. 'So nice and smooth.' She lifted up her foot to reveal the smooth flat

splotch that was Dr Bogue and watched it reshape. When he was back she flipped

him over on his back. She placed one thin towering heel on his chest and the

other on his groin. This of course produced a huge scream of pain from Dr Bogue

which Kim readily ignored, instead twisting her heels deeper into his flesh. She

stepped off and admired the heel prints in his flesh. Her heels had bored their

way through his body to the hard wood floor below. He moaned in pain while his

body reshaped itself. When his tiny pecker was back she drove her heel in again,

producing yet another agonized scream from the good doctor. She twisted her heel

around until her sole hovered over the rest of his tortured body. Then she

snapped her foot down and crushed him. She continued tapping her foot, mashing

him deeper and deeper into the floor.

But now it was time to move onto something else and Kim took off her boots and

put on her new wedge heeled sandals. Dr Bogue was too tired to do anything but

lay there and watch as the sole of her shoe descended upon him. He tried to

scream but was muffled as Kim rested her foot on him. Slowly she pressed down on

him, drawing it out as much as she could. Slowly, agonizingly crushing him into

the floor. She started walking forward, putting more and more weight on the tiny

man under foot. She stopped when she was standing on him with all her weight

rested on one foot. She continued her walk forward and marveled at the way Dr

Bogue's body peeled itself off the bottom of her shoe.

As he recovered she changed into another pair of boots, tall soft black leather

with high heels and rubber soles. Her right crushed his legs first, and the left

stepped on the rest of him. She began to march in place, mashing Dr Bogue into

the soles of her boots with every step. Although those soles were softer, they

didn't hurt him any less. Kim stopped walking and stood on Dr Bogue's tiny body.

She leaned forward on her toes and began clicking her heels together; grinding

her soles and twisting Dr Bogue's already mangled body.

'Please stop,' he wearily said when she got off of him and he had recovered

enough to make a sound.

'Stop?' she exclaimed, now wearing a pair of 5' patent leather pumps. 'But I'm

having so much fun.' She stepped on Dr Bogue with them and began chiming, 'One,

two, squish you under my shoe…' She twisted her foot around, grinding his tiny

body to mush. 'Three, four, squish you some more.' She giggled at the mess she

was making of her former employer. She having him under her heel, after all the

abuse she had suffered working for him. She jumped up and down on him and

grinding him under both soles, delighting at the mess she was making of his tiny

little body. She drew back her shoes, one at a time, wiping the mess, smearing

his body across the floor. Oh yes she was going to have so much fun…



Kim's fingers grasped Dr Bogue's arms firmly, unaware that she was squeezing

them painfully flat. Not that she cared mind you. Dr Bogue's comfort was the

farthest thing from her mind. Besides, she knew his condition very well and knew

what he could take. She folded his arms behind his back, in a position that no

human could ever accomplish, without ripping his shoulders out of their joints

that is. And judging by Dr Bogue's screams, that must have been exactly what was

happening. His arms were bent forwards again, then backwards. She was playing a

malicious game. Then she started twirling him around, spinning him by his arms.

Karen could only watch with amazement.

'Watch this,' said Kim as she twirled Dr Bogue around faster and then slammed

him onto the table top, crushing him flat under her palm. Karen was startled,

not expecting the forceful blow by Kim. She saw parts of Dr Bogue's body squish

out between her fingers and wondered if that was the end of him. Kim smiled at

her, knowing what she was thinking. Being dramatic she slowly lifted her her

hand off the counter and revealed the flattened remnants of the good doctor.

'You've killed him!' exclaimed Karen.

Kim just chuckled. 'Keep watching,' she told her. Karen watched, her eyes

growing wider as the effect took place, Dr Bogue's body reforming itself.

'I don't believe it!' she said in amazement. She was even more astounded as she

realised that he was still alive. 'Where did you get him?'

'He's my ex-boss,' explained Kim. He was doing an experiment on growth hormones

or something and his experiment went kinda screwy. He ended up like this and I

ended up with a new toy.' She pressed her finger down on Dr Bogue and ran her

nail down his back, leaving a long deep gash.

'Do you still have the experiment?' asked Karen. ' I bet there are a ton of

vengeful girlfriends out there who would love to shrink some men down to the

size of bugs.'

Kim laughed. 'That's a great idea, but I don't think there's any left. Besides,

if we shrank all the men who would open our pickle jars for us?' Kim picked up

Dr Bogue by the arm and dangled him in the air. Both women looked at the tiny

little man, wondering what kind of fun they could have with him.

'Grab his other arm!' Kim said playfully. Karen replied and the two had Dr Bogue

stretched out. 'Pull,' said Kim as both women gleefuly pulled on the tiny man's

arms. He was stretched out further and further, his tiny little screams buzzing

through the air until finaly he was ripped apart. Both women struggled to regain

their footing as his arms snapped off and Dr Bogue's dismembered body fell to

the floor. When the women regained their balance they could only laugh at Dr


'Is he going to be okay without any arms?' asked Karen, although without any

real concern.

'Oh yeah, watch,' instructed Kim as she took both of Dr Bogue's arms and threw

them on the floor ontop of his body. She then stamped her foot down on the pile

and ground it into a big gooey mess. She stepped off of it and joined Karen in

watching the goo reshape itself into a perfectly normal Dr Bogue. (As normal as

he could be)

'That is so cool!' said Karen as she picked up Dr Bogue and looked him over. She

began kneading him, rolling him around in her hand, squeezing him in her fist

and watching him ooze through her fingers. 'Does he bounce?'

'Oh yeah,' Kim smiled maliciously, daring Karen to try it. Karen rolled the

doctor between her hands until he formed a ball. She hurled him against the wall

and laughed with glee as he ricocheted off it and hit the TV. He bounced off of

that and hit Kim's hand as she swatted him back towards Karen. Soon a game of

handball was on. Kim bounced him off the floor towards Karen where a mighty

backhand sent him flying through the air. He struck a window and went crashing

through it.

'Ohmygod!' excalimed an embarrased Karen. 'I'm so sorry.'

'It's okay, let's just get out there and find him before someone else does.'

Said Kim as she ran for the door.

Dr Bogue lay on the cold ashphalt, recovering from his ordeal. Seems he's been

doing a lot of that lately. His eyes tried to focus in the moon light, but they

hadn't quite reformed yet. He heard Kim and Karen's voices distantly in the

background. He felt tteh cool night air on him and realised he was finaly free.

But not if the women had found him. He crawled away to find shelter.

Kim and Karen looked all over the yard, trying to find Dr Bogue. Kim turned

around to the sould of high heels clicking on the sidewalk. She turned around to

see her new neighbor, Ms. Knub walk to her car.

'Looking for something?' asked Ms Knub, giving Kim the disproving look she had

always given her. The older Ms Knub didn't think to highly of Kim, and didn't

try to hide it.

'Uhh, just looking for my cat,' said Kim, not wanting anyone, especialy this old

hag to know her little secret.

'Hmrph,' pouted Ms Knub and continued to her car.

Dr Bogue saw Ms Knub's heels come right for him and he ran out of the way. He

wasn't going to escape very far if she squashed him into the road. He watched as

she climbed into the car and away from him. He then turned his attention to the

other women, trying to figure out how to escape them. He watched as they watched

Ms Knub get in the car, waiting for her to leave so they could resume looking

for him. The motor started and Dr Bogue saw a look of recognition on Karen's

face. She had spotted him. He had to make a run for it. He turned around to run

and realized he'd forgotten where he was. The last thing he saw was the tire of

the car roll right over him and squish him into it's tread. Ms Knub drove off,

unaware of the tiny passenger crushed into her wheel.

But Karen was aware. At first she had been releived to have found Dr Bogue, but

that had changed to dread as she realsied he was being taken further away. She

told Kim what she had seen and both women began farnticly waving their arms and

calling out to Ms Knub to stop. Ms Knub just looked at them in the mirror and

dismissed them as being foolish. She ignored them and drove off. Kim raced for

her car with Karen close behind. They couldn't loose Dr Bogue.

The pain was hard to endure for Dr Bogue. Each spin of the wheel ground him

deeper and deeper into the tire tread. Add to that the constant spinning which

made him incredibly dizzy and Dr Bogue had no idea what was happening. The car

weaved through the suburban streets with Kim and Karen in pursuit in their car.

Ms Knub went through an intersection. Kim tried to follow her but the light

turned red before she could get through.

'Shit,' she said worriedly. 'We're going to loose her.'

'No, look,' pointed Karen as Ms Knub pulled into a parking garage. 'She's

heading for the mall.' Finaly the light changed green and the two went inside

the garage. They drove all around, peering into the dimly lit parkade to glimpse

Ms Knub's car.

'God, she could be anywheres,' Karen gloomily said.

'There it is!' shouted Kim excitedly once she spotted the blue Cadilac. Kim

stopped the car and karen got out tp peel Dr Bogue off the tire. But it had been

a few minutes before they had found the car, enough time for the doctor to

reform, get back his senses and wander off.

'He's not here,' Karen said disapointedly.

'Well he couldn't have gotten far,' replied Kim as she got out of the car to

take a look for him. Another car pulled up behind her and honked for her to get

out of the way. Annoyed she went back to the car to move it and that's when it

caught her eye, a small fleshy object walking around by the elevator doors.

'Karen!' she hissed pointing toward Dr Bogue, trying to draw Karen's attention

to him. Karen looked where she was pointing and quickly walked towards her prey.

But then Dr Bogue spotted her coming towards her and ran. Karen cursed him and

ran faster. A car nearly hit her, but she stopped in time. It was enough to let

Dr Bogue make his get away though. Just before the elevator doors closed he

leapt into the elevator. Unfortuneatley his now tiny legs didn't have the

strength they once did and his leap dropped him on the door frame. The elevators

doors slammed shut, flattening Dr Bogue between them. The elevator rose. Karen

just missed it and pressed the button in desperation.

The elevator reached the upperfloor and the doors slid open. A paper thin Dr

Bogue fell unnoticed down to the floor. A woman's spike heel landed on his flat

chest and impaled him. He let out a tiny scream but went unheard through all the

bustle of the mall. His body slid off the woman's heel and had barely touched

the ground when he was again stepped on by a teenaged girl wearing tall boots

with a stracked rubber sole with deep treads. Dr Bogue was squahed into her

treads and stuck to the bottom of her boot like a piece of used gum. She walked

through the mall with every step landed right on top of the doctor, crushing him

deep into her tread.

She stoped in the food court and waited in a line. She grew restless and started

shuffling her feet. Eventually she unknowingly ended up scraping Dr Bogue off

her sole and left him a gooey mess on the tile. Surprisingly, no one still saw

him. Or if they did, they couldn't be bothered to see what he was.

His body was just nearly reformed when he gasped in pain as a great weight

rolled onto his back and crushed it. He managed to crane his neck to see a

cleaning lady had parked her cart on him as she emptied out the trash. She then

wheeled away, continuing to roll over Dr Bogue. He just lay there in pain,

waiting to get back to 'normal' and cursed the cleaning woman's stupidity.

Although he wasn't one to talk.

He painfuly got to his feet and started to wander off. He was free now, and as

long as Kim didn't chatch up to him he could stay free. He just had to figure

out what to do from here.

He heard childish gibberish coming from behind him and turned around in time to

see the wheels of a baby stroller run him over. The infant girl in the stroller

saw him and felt the bump as her stroller rolled over him, and she giggled. The

mother, too absorbed in just getting home, had noticed nothing. When the front

wheels had finished with him, the back wheels had a turn. And then to make

matters worse, the mother's heel landed straight on his head and crushed it

painfully into the tile floor.

As mother and child went on their way Dr Bogue quietly cursed them as he

recovered. The child looked back, wanting to play with a new toy, but was drawn

farther away. Dr Bogue could her crying and the mother sternly telling her child

to calm down.

Dr Bogue had recomposed himself and cautiosly looked around before getting to

his feet. A shoe came periously close to him before he jumped out of the way and

ran. Another shoe came down and he dodged from that one, only to find himself

the target of someone else's step. Through a series of dodges and weaves he

found himself unsquished. That is until a shopping bag caught him in the head

and sent him down to the floor. There he was a prime target for the shoe of the

woman with the shopping bag who stepped square on his back and squished him into

the bottom step of the escalator. As if a 135 pound woman stepping onto his tiny

frame wasn't enough, he was now mashed into the ridges of the escalator. She

stepped aside which allowed him a chance to recover. Until the escalator reached

the top. He lifted his head to see the grating which swalloed up the steps,

including the one he was stuck to. He tried to get up but pain once again racked

his body. The woman had once again stepped to the side and crushed his legs into

the steps. She stepped off the escalator but it was too late for Dr Bogue. He

had no chance to get free. His body was ripped to pieces as it passed throughthe

grating. If his head hadn't been the first to go, he would have been howling in


The mangled remains of Dr Bogue stuck to the ridged step as it continued it's

ride into the dark hollow beneath the mall. Incredibly Dr Bogue was still alive.

After all that he had been through he considered his invunerability a curse, and

not a gift. He started reforming until it was time for the steps to go back

above ground. Another grate met him and once again ripped his body to


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