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The Modern Chronicles of Jack McCoy

Big Problems

By: Freak Boy & Somedude

Jack Mc Coy, a foreign exchange student from America, sits in the

science lab with Rei. She was assigned to be his partner but half the

stuff Jack was saying went way over her head. Jack had green eyes and

long blonde hair. If his ears were pointy, his friends from America

would joke, he would look like Link. (Message to morons: Link is the

main character in Legend of Zelda) Jack continued to mix chemicals

while Rei sat back and watched.

"Rei, if this serum works do you know the possibilities it

has?" Jack asked as he tossed her a pair of goggles.

"I know that it'll get us an A in science." she said

sarcastically as she caught the goggles. "What are these


"Mild chance of either explosion or intensely bright light.

Better safe than sorry. After all, I wouldn't want to have to pay any

nasty bills for laser eye surgery and I'm sure you wouldn't

either." Jack never was one for schmoozing or blathering on and

on. He was always straight to the point and spoke what was on his

mind, whether it was a good idea or not.

Rei put on the goggles as Jack lowered the test tube with the strange

serum in it towards an apple. The serum actually kind of looked like

Hershey's Syrup. The only difference was it was liquidier than the

syrup. Just as Jack was about to pour the serum in Serena and Amy

burst into the lab. Actually, Serena tripped and fell through the

door then Amy ran in to help her. This distraction gave both Jack,

and Rei a heart attack. A drop of the serum hit the apple Jack was

about to pour it onto. Nothing happened.

"Serena, are you ok?" asked Amy helping Serena stand up.

"Watch where you're going meatball head! You could've hit

me!" retorted Rei. Serena stood up and then Rei and Serena began

arguing. Amy sighed. Jack continued to seem oblivious to all that was

going on in the room.

"That's strange... why didn't it work?" finally the noise

seemed to attract Jack's attention. He looked to see Serena and Rei

arguing and shouting at each other. Finally he had had enough and

marched over to them.

"OK," he said. "Stop fighting in here. This is a lab;

if you want some place to fight you could either go to the gym

peacefully and then fight. Or, you could answer to me." Jack was

a good 6'2" and never had a problem intimidating people. Serena

and Rei both shut up. Rei looked to Jack.

"So what is the serum supposed to do again?"

"It's supposed to increase the mass and size of any

object." replied Jack still looking at the apple, which was

still unchanged in any way.

That's impossible! You can't make things grow." said Rei. Amy

then walked up to Jack.

"You increase the amount of empty space in an object

right?" asked Amy even though she already knew that was the


"Precisely Amy. I've said it before and I'll say it again,

you're definitely the smart one." said Jack with a smile.

Serena and Rei were as confused as two people could be. Finally Amy

tried to explain but she just made things worse and confused them

even more. So then Jack said:

"Ok, physics for dummies. Basically, your body is made up of

thousands and thousands of molecules and atoms. With me so far?"

this was basic junior high stuff so of course they were following.

They nodded.

"Good. Now an atom is made up of three basic parts. The nucleus,

which is pretty much the brain, the electron and the neuron. Now

between these 3 is empty space. Still following?" Amy couldn't

help but giggle a bit as Jack insulted their intelligence yet still

stuck to the point. He was quite good at doing that. Serena and Rei

knew all this already and couldn't help but get a little angry at

Jack's insulting. They nodded anyway.

"Very good! Ok, the amount of empty space in an atom is greater

then we initially thought it would be. Thanks to new high powered

electron microscopes we can see the atom very close up. If you

enlarged the Nucleus of an Atom to say... the size of an apple. Then

the closest electron or neuron would be.... an estimated... 5 miles

away." Rei and Serena nodded still following.

"Now in theory you can increase the size of an object by

increasing the amount of empty space in its atoms. There, physics for

dummies." Rei and Serena finally got it.

"Ok why didn't you just say so?" said Rei.

"Yeah Amy? Why'd you have to go into all the other stuff? Why

didn't you just say that?" commented Serena.

"I did." Amy said somewhat angrily. Jack simply laughed at

these two simpletons. Serena saw the vile of chocolate like


"Is that... CHOCOLATE!" she said excitedly. She rushed to

the vile.

Jack quickly grabbed the vile of liquid as Serena just crashed were

it just was. "I'm hungry!! Let me have some of that stuff!"

Serena was complaining.

Jack gave a snare, "Serena this is the stuff we were talking

about to make things grow!" Serena just gave a "humph"

and walked back to where Amy was.

“I haven't had lunch yet...grrr" Mumbled Serena.

"Well let's put this away and I'll take all of you girls to

dinner?" Jack suggested, All 3 girls heavenly agree with Jack

because they were all starving.

All of them started to leave and Serena was the last one out. Jack

asked, "Hey Serena mind locking up and closing the lights?

Thanks" He threw the keys to Serena and left with the other

girls. (WHAT WAS HE THINKING?) Serena came up to the door but stopped

as she thought about something.

'I know we are about to go eat but I can't stop about the growy

drink. I'll just have a sip he wouldn't mind plus I like the idea of

growing...' Serena walked back where the vile was and picked it up;

Serena lit up her face and took a sip of the vile.

"Funny I don't feel any different, it tasted okay…" But

then Serena became sweaty and started to feeling some pain in her

chest, she put her hands over her chest hoping it would ease the

pain. Serena's clothing seemed getting tighter and tighter, "Ack

what's happening? So much pain… I feel like my bra is about to snap.

ACK! I can see the outline of my bra on my shirt!" shouted

Serena. RIIIPPPPPPPP, was the noise of her shirt made as it came off

Serena, with Serena's eyes closed she doesn't see what's happening,

she's growing taller.

Then the pain ended, Serena was sweating with her knees on the ground

and her hands on some shreds of her shirt and bra, her shorts were so

tight you can see the outline of her panties and could shred off if

she kept on growing. "It stopped? No more pain. How funny first

I had clothes now I'm half naked! Uhh what happened? OOF!!!"

That was the sound of Serena's head bumping on the ceiling.

"GOD, this room is 10ft. tall, how in the world did I-THE GROWTH

THINGY!!! IT WORKS!!!!!I think I might be like 9'11 or

something" Serena started laughing and dancing and then noticed

she still had the vile of her hand. She put the vile away in her

cleavage when she looked down and saw the door opening. Jack burst

into the room. He had heard the noise of Serena bumping her head on

the ceiling.




IDIOT!!!" Jack was furious but at Serena's size he wouldn't be

much of a problem. Amy and Rei rushed in and saw the giant Serena.

Amy gasped, Rei joined in to the insulting Serena. Serena glared at

Jack and Rei.

“Amy, go ahead and meet us at the restaurant… I'll try and fix things

up here. Rei, you stay here, I'm gonna need help getting meatball

head to cooperate.” Amy went off sighing not understanding how Serena

could be so irresponsible. Meanwhile, back with Jack, Rei and Serena,

Serena wasn't taking too kindly to being given orders.

"I don't think either of you are in a position to be giving ME


"Well the least you could do is put some clothes on Meatball

Head." said Rei when she noticed Jack was sort of... shall we

say... brought under a spell as he looked at the almost nude Serena.

Serena glared at Rei.

"Don't call me that shorty."

"Serena shut up! Just shut up... this is serious. If anyone

finds out about this then..."

She had enough. She pulled out the vile and drank some more. She

started growing again this time Serena grew to be 50 feet tall! As

she grew, the building collapsed around her, giving way to her

growing form. Jack just barely managed to shove Rei out of the way of

falling debris; he however, got clonked on the head by a brick.

Amazingly, he stood up only rubbing away a slight head ache. The two

figures of Rei and Jack looked up, and up, and up, and way up at the

massive Titaness that was now Serena. She was huge! The world was her

toy box... literally! She looked down and saw Jack smacking himself

in the fore head repeatedly. Amy was wide eyed and open mouthed and

Rei was speechless. She was just so damn big.

"Still giving orders now Jack?" she asked threateningly.

Jack didn't say anything. He couldn't... he was dumbstruck as to how

he was gonna get himself out of this one.

Serena realized something... now that she was this big... she could

literally have control over anyone she wanted. Jack had never been

particularly nice to her. If she wanted she could make him pay.

Serena was thinking of how to get payback at Jack, 'Hmm' she thought.

‘I'm so big and I have so many options. I guess either I'll punish

him someway or make him make more of the stuff I love this growy

drink stuff.' Serena just gave Jack an evil grin.

"O, Jack, guess what you get to do now?" Jack gulped and

was way to nervous to say anything, Serena just looked at him and was

still giving him a glare. "You get to make more of that growth

stuff while I watch you. IF YOU DON'T I'll CRUSH YOU OR EAT YOU!!!GOT

IT????" Serena demanded

“Crap…” was all Jack managed to utter. Serena then slammed her fist

right next to Jack. “HOLY SHIT!!” he said. So, Jack fearing for his

life ran to the lab.

"Wow Serena you really scared him," said Rei.

"Rei go over and make sure he is doing what I told him

please." ordered Serena. Rei went inside.


Jack rushed into the lab, cursing and shouting the whole way.

Suddenly, as soon as he got into the room, there was a pound at the

door. The door went open, and Jack saw Rei. He reached for a folding

chair nearby so he could defend himself, when Rei ran over and put

her hand over his mouth.

"Calm down Jack! I don't want to hurt you. Serena's lost


"Obviously. I think the growth serum is affecting her mind. I

have to make an antidote. Where's Amy?"

"She went to the restaurant, remember? You told her to go on

ahead when Serena swallowed that growth goop."

"Then I have an idea." Going to the exit, he was suddenly

stopped by a slightly annoyed Rei.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?" she asked as she

turned him around to face her.

"To find Amy, and make an antidote," replied Jack


"Oh, no you don't!" responded an angry Rei. "You're

not leaving me with the 50 foot bimbo."

"Look at it this way, Rei," pleaded Jack. "If I go

back there, Serena's gonna have me make more growth formula. And then

she'll get even bigger, and probably crazier at the same time. If you

go back there, you can stall for time, and we won't have to worry

about an even bigger meatball head. After all, I have the notes. So

come on, stall her. Not just for me, but for the whole city!"

"I dunno," responded Rei.

"Listen," replied the slightly annoyed Jack. "You

stall for time, Amy and I make the antidote, no one finds out that

there's a 50 foot tall girl in the school. Or… she captures me, makes

the growth serum, grows really big, and trashes Tokyo. Which sounds

better to you?” Sighing, Rei reluctantly accepted Jack's reasoning.

As he walked out the door, Jack turned back to Rei.

"Hey, I'll be back as quick as possible. It's not like I'm just

going to go have ravioli with Amy."

That only made Rei feel a little better.

Jack rushed out the doors and towards the restaurant. He began

running figures and advanced calculus along with reverse engineering

in his head. He couldn't help but feel a little bit upset with

himself for leaving Rei alone with the giant meatball head. He really

should feel sorry for her.

"A small moment of silence for Rei... she deserves my

respect." Jack said to himself. "But, hey, better her than

me." he kept running until he reached the restaurant. He burst

in through the front doors and ran to where Amy was sitting.

"Jack?! What's wrong? You look pale. You look like you've seen a

monster." said Amy in a concerned tone that made her sound like

a motherly figure. Jack had no time to explain. He grabbed Amy by the


"No time to explain! The whole city is in trouble! Follow


"What are you talking about Jack?"

He groaned in frustration and began the entire lengthy explanation of

what's been going on in the last few hours. When he finally finished

Amy was too shocked to speak.

"Uh, Amy?" Jack asked, pulling at the girl who had suddenly

frozen. Jack then realized that there was definitely a problem.

"Come on! There's no time to waste!"

Amy simply stood still in disbelief. "Serena's a monster?"

"I don't think it's her fault. She doesn't usually act like

that. I think the chemical may have affected her mind somehow. But

long story short, I need your help," replied Jack as bluntly as


"Shouldn't we tell someone Jack?" asked Amy nervously. Jack

grabbed her by the shoulders and stared at her straight in the eyes.

"Oh yeah Amy, lets tell a bunch of people that the biggest air

headed ditz in Tokyo has become a giant monster. They'll understand

completely. In fact, they'll be so supportive they'll all run around

in circles and then call the military in to try, and most likely

fail, to blow her to smithereens. Then when she gets angry and goes

Godzilla on Tokyo everything will fall nicely together." Jack

said sarcastically and annoyed. "Geez... and I thought you were

the smart one. Now are you gonna help or not?"

Amy simply looked at Jack with a dour face. She looked like she was

about to cry. "I was just, worried. You don't have to be all

mean about it."

"Look Amy, I need you right now. We have to try and stop Serena

before something really bad happens. If all goes well, we can have

her back to normal without an incident."

Amy still looked at Jack with that sad face of hers. While this was,

granted, an extreme situation, Jack still didn't like seeing his

friend this way.

"Hey, I'm sorry, okay? Tell you what, when this is all over,

I'll buy you that dinner I owe you. Okay?" Jack said, trying to

comfort Amy.

"Alright." said Amy as she stood up. They both raced out of

the restaurant and about half way to the school Jack stopped in his

tracks and grabbed Amy to a halt too.

"Jack, what's wrong with you?! We have to hurry!"

"Houston, we have a problem." was Jack's response. Amy

simply looked at him and quirked a brow. "Look, we aren't gonna

be able to get inside the school. Serena will see us entering. She

doesn't know I left and if she sees us then one, she'll kill Rei, you

and me. Or two, she'll just kill me. Either way I die so I don't

really wanna do this."

Amy considered this and didn't think Serena would do that but... she

didn't think that Serena would make herself 50 feet tall either. Jack

was right, if they were discovered then someone was likely to get

hurt or killed.

Jack had thought the situation over for no more than 10 seconds

before making a decision. "We should be able to sneak in."

"You sound like you've done this before," responded Amy.

"Tell you what, if we survive this, I'll tell you the whole


Unbeknownst to his classmates, including Amy and Rei, (wherever she

is), Jack's past was far from a happy one. And while it's true Jack

has snuck into buildings before, we can't divulge why just yet. It

didn't really matter to Amy, because it meant that she didn't have to

reveal her secret.

They had managed to make it inside the science lab without being

spotted, as Jack began clearing the shelves and drawers of the

equipment and materials he would need.

"Jack, what are you doing?" asked a concerned Amy.

"We can't stay here! Grab some stuff, and we can do the work

someplace safe."

"I don't know..." said Amy as she looked at Jack.

"What's not to be sure of?!" asked Jack as he grabbed more

equipment and documentations of his research. "Rei can handle

Serena till we make an antidote!"

"You sure about that?" came an angry voice from behind

Jack. Rei grabbed Jack, who was more than a bit surprised, and spun

him around. She attempted to hit him but like lightning Jack's hand

flew up and blocked Rei's blow with a little more force than

necessary, sending Rei to the ground.

"Sorry, reflex." Said Jack apologetically as he reached

down to help Rei up.

"Where'd you learn that?" asked Amy curiously.

"Well... when you grow up in the Victoria Courts, one must learn

to... uhm... defend himself." Jack said taking long pauses. He

seemed not to want to reveal too much to them just yet. His past was

a painful one and he was counting on ending up dead so he wouldn't

end up telling anyone his past. Unfortunately, that won't be the

case, as our hero will find out for himself.

"Jack, you can't leave me here. Serena's starting to get

suspicious and ask questions. She'll want to see you soon and if

you're not here-"

"There goes the neighborhood." Jack finished the sentence

for Rei. This was complicated. “Well, I say we all get drunk, ‘cause

I'm all out of ideas.”

"Well! I'm not just going to stay here and play decoy all

day!" Rei was obviously annoyed, but if you had to put your neck

on the line distracting an insane 50 foot bimbo, well, you'd be

cranky too.

"Okay, fine," responded Jack. "You can come with us.

This just means we need to work a hell of a lot faster."

The three ran quickly towards an empty building where they wouldn't

be interrupted, with materials and chemicals in tow. While feeling

sorry for Rei, Jack had realized he had taken a huge risk in letting

her come with them. If Serena decided to go into the city, he could

only hope the military or the Sailor Scouts would be able to stop

them. (Of course, Jack doesn't know the gigantic Serena is the leader

of the scouts!)

Finally, the three went into the building, and quickly got to work.

After 3 hours of working Jack and Amy managed to create an antidote

that would in theory work. In theory though. It was risky but they

didn't have anything to test it on. Or did they?

"No! No way, nah ah. I ain't being a guinea pig for my own

experiment!" Jack said angrily as he began backing away from Amy

and Rei waving his arms to signal NO!

Amy and Rei inched closer each holding the serum.

"Come on Jack, we need to test it on something living and, since

you got us into this mess-" Rei began as she inched even closer.

"ME!! I got us into this mess?!! No, Serena got herself and

everyone else into this mess, I had nothing to do with it!! Einstein

built the Atomic Bomb, does that make Hiroshima his fault?!! No, in

fact he specifically told the president not to use the Atom Bomb on

the Japanese but he did it anyway! Just like our mishap here, I'm as

innocent as Einstein."

"Jack, please test it out?" asked Amy as she put on her

cutest prettiest face.

"Yeah, please?" asked Rei as she too put on a cute loving

seductive face.

Rei's eyes were too much for Jack to take. How could he say no to not

one, but two pretty girls? And considering he was counting on ending

up dead anyway, it was worth a shot.

"Alright, alright! Just stop with the faces! I give, I give!

Look, I'll test it, but I'll need to take a little bit of the growth

serum first. The formula doesn't shrink things, it directly

neutralizes the growth formula."

"Why did you do that?" asked Amy.

"Safety reasons… lord knows what might have happened if Serena

got ahold of a shrinking serum. This will directly counteract the

growth serum, restoring Serena to her normal size, and making her

sane again."

"In theory," added Rei.

"Now just give me a drop," he ordered, "and see if the

antidote works without causing cardiac arrest or anything nasty like


Quickly obliging, Amy took a small amount of the growth liquid they

analyzed and injected it into him. Not a lot, just enough to make him

6'6, tall enough to play in the NBA.

"Okay, now deliver the antidote."

Amy presented an equal part of the antidote, hoping it would shrink

Jack back to normal instead of well, making him explode.

It worked. And now that it worked there was an even bigger problem at

hand; How to get Serena to drink the Serum.

"We'll have to get her to drink it. I don't see how we'll be

able to do that though because no doubt she's pissed that both Rei

and I went missing. Here's the plan I have formulated-" Jack


"Wait a minute," interrupted Rei. "You thought up a

plan in less than a minute?"

"Yeah. I did something like this before. I just needed to change

my previous actions a bit."

Rei and Amy were both beginning to wonder about Jack's rather

mysterious past. They decided not to ask questions but listen in


"Alright, here's the plan. Rei, you're going to lure Serena into

the Shima Field's Baseball Diamond. Amy, there you'll be waiting

under the bleachers. When Serena gets in the field you hop out from

behind the bleachers, but KEEP your cover. Don't let her spot you.

Climb up into the announcer's booth and aim the super soaker I'll

provide you with at Serena's mouth. When she opens it fire away. I'll

be in the other booth doing the same thing. Rei, you'll have to act

as a sort of decoy and lure Serena into our line of fire. If you can

get her to laugh then we'll have a clear shot at her mouth and she'll

shrink back to normal size." Amy was impressed with Jack's quick

thinking. Rei was a bit angry that she'd have to play the decoy


Rei sighed, reluctantly agreeing to play decoy. It worked before, so

she didn't see why it wouldn't work again. As long as Jack didn't

find out she was Sailor Mars, it was an acceptable risk.

The three of them headed off to their positions, as Rei got in front

of the gigantic Serena. Judging by the look on her face, she was not


"Serena," asked Rei, "what's wrong?"

"You know what's wrong!" she screamed. "That little

bug Jack ran off, and without him, I can't make more growth


"Well, I know where he is!"

Serena jumped in the air, causing a small quake that nearly knocked

Rei off of her feet. "Well, come on, show me where he is! I

can't wait to grow more..."

Serena's ramblings were ignored by Rei as she lured the giantess to

Shima field, trying to keep her as far away from houses and people as

possible. Finally Rei and Serena arrived at the baseball diamond.

"Okay Rei, where is he?" asked Serena.

"He should be here. I'll go get him."

Angry with all the waiting, Serena picked Rei up and held her in

front of her huge face. "You had better hurry. If I don't see

him soon, you're going to be my dinner."

As Serena put Rei down, she began to lure the giant meatball head by

where Amy was hiding. She had to put her faith in her friend right


Amy managed to sneak up to the announcer's booth on the left, Jack

was already taking aim in the booth on the right. Jack was a crack

shot with a gun, a super soaker is no exception to that. Like Jack

said, growing up in the Victoria Courts you need to learn to defend

yourself. Amy however... I doubt she's ever used a gun.

Jack continued keeping his eye locked on target, the super soaker

loaded with his serum. Amy kept her aim steady as well.

"That's it Rei! He's not here! You tricked me, now I'm gonna do

to you what I'll do to Jack when I find him!!" Serena reached

down and grabbed Rei. Rei began screaming in fear. As Serena opened

her mouth to devour Rei, Jack took his opening.



the trigger and 5 pounds of pressurized reduction serum shot out of

Jack's super soaker and hit Serena dead on target. He felt like he

was back in the force again. Amy's shot missed but not by much. It

took a slight adjustment of her arm but the antidote made it into

Serena's mouth.

Serena dropped Rei and Rei scrambled up to Jack, who left the

announcer's booth and was now at the top of the bleachers. But

something wasn't right.

"Jack? What's wrong, we did it!" Rei said as she rushed up

to Jack.

"We didn't... I didn't count on this. Apparently for a job this

big the antidote may take a while. I give it a day minimum to kick

in, and with a giant angry meatball head on the loose, one day is all

it'll take for Tokyo to be leveled." said Jack grimly as he

pointed to the still giant Serena.

Serena looked to her 3 friends and, unfortunately for them was still

angry and still giant.

Serena looked at Jack enraged. She was still big, and still very much

insane! "What did you do to me?!"

Jack smiled smugly at the monstrous figure in front of him.

"That was an antidote to the growth serum. It will return you to


Rei and Amy looked at Jack with a sense of astonishment. Did he have

a death wish?

"That's right, you big bitch!" continued Jack. "You're


The enraged Serena began to move towards Jack, but stopped when he

put his finger up in the air.

"Temper, temper, psycho-bitch. If you get too riled up, there's

no telling what the antidote will do. Odds are it could kill you. Now

just sit down like a nice girl until you're back to normal. It should

only take a day. You don't want to overwork that heart of


From the sides, Amy wondered what Jack's plan was. There were no side

effects when they tested the formula. It was obviously a bluff by

Jack to get Serena out of the way until the formula shrunk her and

restored her sanity. But the question was, ‘would Meatball head fall

for it?'

Unfortunately for Jack, Serena didn't care about anything that he had

to say. "Even if I do die, I'm still gonna squash you like an


The headstrong Texan stood still as Serena lowered her hand over

Jack. But before she could pulverize him, Rei screamed out, holding a

bottle in her hand. A bottle with a brown, liquidy substance.

"Hey! Meatball head!" she screamed. "You want some

more of the serum? Here it is!" Much to Jack's relief, Serena

completely forgot about him in favor of the bottle Rei was holding in

her hand.

"Give it to me!" she boomed.

"You want it, go and get it!” she said, running from Serena.

"What is she doing?" asked Amy. With no time to really

think about it, her and Jack followed Rei and Serena until the

reached the wreckage of the school. Wasting no time at all when she

got there, Rei threw the bottle in the rubble, then ran up to Amy and

Jack while Serena bolted for the bottle.

"Do you have any idea what you've just done?!" asked an

infuriated Jack.

"Yeah," responded Rei. "Lure out Meatball head with a

mix of chocolate syrup and water in a bottle. By the time she's done

with the fake, Serena should be at least 5 feet smaller.

"But how did you do that?"

"Someone left some syrup in the Home Ec. room, and I figured

it'd be a good distraction back when I was stalling Serena for


Jack simply looked at Rei dumbfounded.

"And by the way," continued Rei, "you should be a

little more grateful. Amy and I put our necks on the line for you a

lot today."

"I guess you're right," responded Jack, feeling a little


"Save the apologies for later," interrupted Amy. "We

need to go, now!"

"We can't," responded Jack. "If we leave, Serena's

gonna come after us, meaning she goes into the city, meaning lots of

panic and other stuff right out of a Godzilla movie. Rei? What's your


"Jack's right, we can't leave or Serena'll go Godzilla on Tokyo.

We have to stand and fight." Rei said forcefully.

"Couldn't agree with you more Rei." Said Jack with a smile

as he pulled out what looked like a can of Mace and a lighter. Rei

and Amy looked at each other. If they fought like this, then they'd

die. The only way to fight would be to transform into Sailor Scouts

and get the other girls to help. But then Jack would know their


Suddenly the roof was pulled off and the giantess Serena looked down

angrily at them. No time for thinking of the positives and negatives,

they needed to decide QUICKLY!!

Realization dawned on Amy and Rei. The first thing was that Jack

proved trustworthy, by trying to save Serena rather than kill her,

and helping the two of them out. The second was that they didn't

really have much of a choice. So the two did what they did best. They

raised their wands up and transformed

"Mercury Star Power!"

"Mars Star Power!"

Jack and Serena were both bewildered by the bright light surrounding

the two. Contrary to what's shown on TV, the transformations are

brief, so it only took about 10 seconds for Amy and Rei to change

into their uniforms. Jack, of course, couldn't believe it.

"Holy crap! You two are Sailor Scouts?!"

"Yeah," responded Amy. "Is something wrong with


"No, that's great!"

"I thought you'd say that," responded Rei, "but you

can't tell anyone, got it?"

"Believe me," replied Jack, "I can keep a secret. And

you look great in a miniskirt." The last comment was accompanied

by a wink from Jack that neither Rei or Amy expected from him.

Amy smiled and Rei felt a sense of relief and slight embarrassment

over Jack's comments.

"Speaking of secrets though," Rei added, "you're not

exactly at face value either."

"Save it!" interrupted Amy as Serena dove at them. Amy

immediately recognized that in her condition, Serena didn't realize

she could transform into Sailor Moon, or even think about it. But

Jack didn't need to know that...

"So," asked Amy, "what's the plan?"

“Hmm… how about try not to get killed?” Jack replied as he dodged

Serena's fist, which tried to ground him into a bloody pulp in the


“Seriously, Jack! I know you're cookin' something up in that head of

yours, so how about saying something useful?!?!” Rei shouted as she

dodged a kick from the giant meatball head.

“Ok! Ok! Sheesh… well, if we attack full force we'll end up severely

injuring her," Jack began as he dove to the side dodging Serena,

accompanied by Amy and Rei. "I suggest we try and stun her. I

have a tazer, I could probably rig it so that it'd output 50 times

it's normal shock value. That should be enough to knock her out for a

while. Or, we could go simple and I could grab my tranquilizer rifle

and shoot her with an elephant tranquilizer."

Amy and Rei looked at Jack like he was a crazy person.

"Who has Elephant tranquilizers?!" shouted Rei.

"Or a tranquilizer rifle for that matter?" asked Amy a

little more civilized.

"Someone who's into self defense and against home invasion

robberies." said Jack defensively as he and the girls dodged yet

another attack from the giantess. "So what'll it be? The

Tranquilizers or the Tazer?"

"Do you have the tazer on you?" asked Amy.

"Yeah. Just distract Serena for a few seconds, okay? I mean, you

guys are superheroes, right?"

"Something like that," replied Amy. Waving her hands into

the air, Mercury summoned a group of bubbles to create a fog around

the area (her Shabon Spray for all of you picky otaku in the

audience). In practically no time at all, Jack had set his tazer with

enough force to knock out an elephant.

Serena, meanwhile, was blind as a bat in the fog, and gradually

shrinking due to the effects of Jack's antidote. Unfortunately, she

was still 40 feet tall, more than large enough to grind Jack, Amy,

and Rei into neat smears on the ground. In her attempts to find the

three, she began randomly stomping and swinging in front of her.

"I see her!” screamed Jack. Lunging towards an exposed hand,

Jack plunged the tazer into it, releasing 50,000 volts of electricity

into her. The reaction from Serena was lunging back and, screaming in


"Jack!" screamed Rei. "You did it!"

"Shut up! You'll jinx it! I'm not so sure she's down for the

count, Rei..."

"She's out cold." Amy said as she rushed up.

"We did it!" shouted Rei and Jack in unison. They both

hugged with their eyes closed. Then they slowly opened their eyes and

realized what they just did. Rei looked at Jack all fast and

surprised and Jack did the same thing, then they seemed to just

appear standing next to each other with no movement of getting out of

the hug position. Amy couldn't help but laugh.

A thought came to Rei and Amy's mind, Jack still hadn't shared any

light onto his past.

“Okay, Jack. It's time to come clean." Rei spoke with a force

both stern and respectful. After all, if she was willing to reveal

that her and Amy were Sailor Scouts, that Jack should at least be

willing to reveal his past. It didn't matter to her that Serena was

unconscious in back of them. The antidote would return her to normal

in due time.

Jack simply looked at Rei, and sighed.

“Well, let me see. Where to begin…. I was the result of a drunken

night in the back of a pick up truck. My father is unknown; my mom

was too drunk and high to remember who he was. My mom never wanted me

but, thanks to a defective condom, I was born. She hated me. She

would always hit me and yell at me and blame me for her problems. I

still loved her though; she was my mom after all.

When I was 7 she gave birth to my two younger brothers, Todd and

Louis. She would have hit them like she did me, but I wouldn't let

her. I took all the beatings. My mother wasn't a good person. She was

an alcoholic and she put at least three illegal drugs into her system

a day.

I grew up in the Victoria courts. It was the worst neighborhood in

all of San Antonio. While there I learned from an old guy who lived

in the dumpster behind the alley we lived in. He taught me how to

fight. He taught me how to move swift as the wind, strike like a

raging fire yet at the same time attack with all the force of a great

typhoon, to be accurate as a lightning bolt with my attacks.

My brothers weren't fighters; I wanted them to live the best life

they could though so I became sort of their personal body guard. I

wanted to make sure that they didn't have to go through the hell of a

childhood I went through.

I spent most of my free time playing paintball with the other kids. I

learned to shoot while playing paintball. Crack Shot McCoy, that's

what they called me. I never lost a game, never.

Then I got a job as a cop, I lied about my age so that I could get

the job. That was the first time I held a real gun. It became my best

friend and outlaws worst enemies. My life was getting better, but my

mom was becoming an even nastier piece of work by the day.

She hated me and my brothers. But she only ever hit me. I wouldn't

let her hit my brothers. She started getting more violent with me

though. She gave me a lot of scars. Most of them are still there...

forever on my back they'll remain as a reminder.

One day mom got more drunk than I'd ever seen her. She tried to

strangle Todd... I punched her. I actually punched her!! I was

shocked that I hit her and she was too. What really scared me was

that, when I hit her, it felt good. She grabbed me by the throat and

slammed my face into the pavement. She threw me through the window to

a Texas Land and Cattle Steak House. I landed on my back on top of

the grill. The burns I received were life threatening... if the

manager hadn't called the hospital, I'd be dead.

3 months later I got out of the critical condition ward. I went to

the police station and grabbed my Springfield 03' rifle. The police

force had tracked down my mom's supplier, we were to go there and set

up positions. Kill him if he tried to run.

I was going to kill the son of a bitch that kept supplying my mom

with those god damned pills. I knew that my mom was gonna be in the

Menger Hotel meeting with Enrique. I set up position in the Crocket

Hotel. I looked through the scope and saw my mom buying her pills

from Enrique.

I've seen a lot of dirt bags before, but somehow, this was different.

I knew Enrique was supplying my mom since before I was born, but I

never said a word because my mom needed her pills. This was

different, THIS was personal. I didn't just want to arrest this scum

ball so he could walk free on the streets the very same day; I wanted

to send this bastard to hell where he belonged.

2 officers were set up on the other side so that we formed a

triangle. Enrique was at the point of the triangle, I was at the

bottom left point and Officer Zapata and Nixon were on the bottom


Our sergeant moved in to get Enrique, he ran for it and my mom did

too. He gave the orders, shoot to kill, I repeat shoot to kill. I

found that bastard in my scope and I fired away!! I shot every ounce

of hate I had for that man out in 12 rounds of 8 hot lead bullets. I

got him... I got him. But it cost me... and it cost my mom even more.

I hit her in the back of the head with 3 of the shots.

Everyone praised me and said great shooting... but I killed my own

mother! What had I done... god what had I done?!! With her gone my

brothers and I went to an orphanage.

I managed to get the blueprints of the place from an old friend from

thee force. My brothers and I formed an escape plan from the

orphanage. Louis, Todd, 3 of their friends who wanted to leave the

orphanage and myself snuck out of the orphanage via the heating ducts

and ventilation system. We used the plumbing system for a little bit

since the toilets didn't flush at all, they were just for show. We

managed to escape the orphanage.

I went back to my old job at the police academy. I saved up some

money and managed to rent a ratty crap ass apartment for us to live

in. The police station got bombed in a terrorist attack though. With

our source of income gone, I had to find another way to get the


I saw an add in the Sunday paper about a foreign exchange student

program. Each week you participate in the program you receive 500

smackers in cash. I took the opportunity so I could support my

brothers. When I get the checks I send them to my brothers in the


That's why I'm here...." After Jack tells his story there is

nothing left but a loooong silence.

The tension on the field by the school could be cut with a knife.

After Jack finished his story, the room remained quiet for several

minutes. Finally, Rei began to speak.

"That's, horrible."

"I can't believe your own mother would do that," added Amy.

"That's why I worked on the growth formula. I figured something

like that could revolutionize the world… and give my family the money

we needed to live and then some. I never expected any human to drink

it, and I definitely didn't expect it to drive people insane."

The last sentence was accompanied with a sense of regret and sadness.

"Aw, cheer up Jack," added Rei. "You can still work on

it. We made an antidote together, didn't we?"

Jack was surprised by the unrelenting optimism of the girls in front

of him. "You'd be willing to help me? Even if I know who you two

really are?

"Sure!" answered a cheery Amy. "After all you've gone

through, and helped us out, it wouldn't be a problem at all!"

With a life as tragic as Jack's, he was used to rejection and the

like, so the fact that these two girls were willing to reveal their

deepest secret, and then help him still, was something of a small

miracle to him. Tears came to his eyes.

"Jack," asked Rei, "are you crying?"

"I didn't expect the two of you to be so nice, that's all."

"Hey, don't worry about it. We're friends. We're supposed to

help each other out." Amy nodded in agreement.

Jack looked at the unconscious Serena. Even though she tried to kill

him, and she wasn't the first, Jack felt sorry for her.

"Well... it'd be mean to leave meatball head here." said

Jack as he walked over to the now 20 foot giantess. "Especially

since she's still half naked. Rei, Amy, you grab her legs. I'll get

her shoulders."

"Where are we taking her?" asked Amy as they began hauling

her off like a beached whale.

"To my place.... no wait... how bout one of your places?"

asked Jack.

"Our parents would kill us." they both said in unison. Jack


"To my place it is then."

Jack led the girls to an old run down neighborhood. Serena had

regressed back to her normal size now but she still remained

unconscious. Jack unlocked the door to a trailer and stepped inside.

"Welcome to my house." he said nonchalantly. Amy and Rei

looked around.

"Is that.... a chalk outline on the floor?" asked Rei as

she pointed to the chalk outline on the floor.

"Yeah... he isn't the only one who died in here though. I hope

Serena won't mind that she'll wake up in the bed my buddy from the

police academy died in." said Jack as he began walking towards

the door to a bedroom.

"When did he die?" asked Rei. Jack opened the door

revealing a dead person lying on the bed.

"Sometime between the Today Show and the Tonight Show."

said Jack with a sigh. "He was a good man..." Amy and Rei

look at each other somewhat sickened by the sight.

“Uh, Rei?"

"What is it Amy?"

"I don't think letting Serena wake up here is such a good


"It'll teach her a lesson for, well, trying to kill us,"

responded Rei with a slightly evil grin on her face.

After a short while, Serena finally began to come to. She was still 7

feet tall, though quickly shrinking back to her normal size.

"Uh, what happened? I had this weird dream that I grew real big

and tried to kill Rei and Jack."

"Well, Serena," began Jack, "it's a long story."

It was clear now that the antidote had reverted Serena's mind back to

normal, and would very soon do the same to her body. Even between the

time she woke up, she had already lost half a foot in height. But the

relief quickly faded when Serena looked at the dead body next to her.

The scream could be heard three blocks away. Eventually, Rei had to

cover her mouth, which now conveniently had completely returned to

normal, along with Serena.

"Be quiet, meatball head! Don't you know how loud you are?"

"Where, where am I?" Serena asked, still panicked at the

sight of the corpse.

"You're in my trailer." said Jack angrily at Serena.

"Is there a problem with that?" he asked as he cracked his


"NO! No, not at all!" said Serena quickly. After a lengthy

explanation of what had happened, and an even lengthier period of

trying to get Serena to stop crying and blubbering like a whale, they

got her dressed in one of Jack's old shirts and then went off to the

school where Amy and Rei, mostly Amy, promised to help Jack fix his



"Well, we have a theoretical improvement here... but we need a

Test Subject to make sure it'll work on living things like Turkey,

and Chicken and Cows so we can have more meat at a cheaper

price." Jack began as he held up the new serum. Serena

volunteered but everyone quickly shouted at her and she sat back


"Since I helped to design it," began Amy, "it would

seem that I should be the one to test it."

"Sounds fair to me," responded Jack. "Rei, do you have

a problem with that?"

"Nope. Not at all. Just keep it away from Meatball head."

"Hey!" shouted an angry Serena. "How was I supposed to

know the old formula drove people insane?"

Once again, Amy had found herself breaking up an argument between

Serena and Rei while Jack looked on.

"Calm down you two!" Turning to Jack, she took a small

amount of the new serum and began to drink it.

"Now remember, only drink a little. I need to test this stuff in


Nodding in agreement, Amy swallowed about an ounce of the serum, and

waited for the formula to take effect.

"Booring!" Serena said as she fake yawned.

"Not now Serena! This is important!" Rei yelled.

"Will you pipe down!" screamed Jack to Rei and Serena.

"This is the good part."

Sure enough, Amy began to feel incredibly warm throughout her entire

body, and soon enough, she began to grow.

Amy stopped growing at around 10 feet, since she and Rei still hadn't

untransformed the uniform grew with her. Amy looked herself over not

seeming to believe how small everything seemed. Then, Jack let out

the classic pretty girl whistle.

"Very nice." he said as he looked up. Since Amy had gotten

a so tall, Jack could see right up her mini skirt. Rei raised a hand

to smack him upside the head, but remembering last time, she decided

not too.

Amy blushed as she did her best to push her skirt down enough to try

and cover herself. Serena had little beady eyes as she got nervous.

"Was I that intimidating when I was giant?" asked Serena as

she backed up a little nervously.

"You were about 5 times her height, and 20 times scarier. That

zit on your nose was huge." said Jack without taking his eyes

away from Amy.

"THERE'S A ZIT ON MY NOZE?!!" Serena panicked. Rei grabbed

Serena and assured her that Jack was just being Jack and joking


"Now," Jack began as he pulled out a tape measure. "To

make sure everything's proportionate. I'll need to take some

measurements." Said Jack with a smile.

Rei and Serena looked at him, both thinking: 'Typical guy...'

Amy thought about hitting Jack for being a pervert, but quickly

realized at her size she could seriously harm him. So instead, she

picked him up with a stern look on her face.

"You need to learn some manners, Jack!"

"Sorry," responded an embarrassed Jack.

Putting Jack down carefully, she began to walk around, testing her

ability to move. Although she was annoyed with Jack looking up her

skirt, she was also a bit embarrassed as well, not being used to so

much attention.

"So," asked Jack, "how do you feel?"

"Just fine, actually. And I'm sure I look fine too," she

added with a slight giggle. Jack blushed at the remark.

"So," asked Rei, "you don't feel like causing mass

destruction or crushing anyone?"

"Of course not! I don't want to hurt you guys!"

Jack was relieved by this. "Well, she's sane. And one ounce of

the serum caused a growth from the original height to 10 feet! Very


"Thanks, I guess."

"Hey, if it wasn't for you, I'd still be working on the

compounds." Blushing, Amy turned around and looked at Rei and

Serena, who gave her a thumbs-up sign.

"For the next test, I guess we could give you some more of the

serum Amy, or we could test it on Rei."

Rei was confused. "Why on me?"

"I can't be sure if it works the same on everyone until two

people try it."

"Why can't I try it?" asked Serena. The resulting glares

from everyone, including the 10 foot tall Amy, made her sit down and

keep quiet.

They decided, well Jack decided, that they would test it out on Rei.

Although Rei and Amy his actual reasons for giving some to Rei were

not pure, they couldn't argue that it was a good idea to check it out

on more than one person. Rei drank an ounce of the serum while Serena

decided to get behind a desk BEFORE Rei became 10 feet tall.

"I don't feel anything." said Rei.

"Just wait, it'll happen." said Jack as he looked at his

watch. "And.... 5... 4... 3... 2... and" Rei suddenly felt

very warm. "Now."

Rei began slowly growing and growing and boy was she tall. She became

10 feet tall just like Amy. Jack looked at Rei then back to Amy then

back to Rei. So many thoughts ran through his head.

"Right on queue." said Jack. This time he tried to make it

a little less obvious that he was looking up their skirts. Obviously

annoyed that Jack refused to test the growth serum on her, Serena

thought it would be funny if Jack got beat up by Rei, who wasn't

nearly as good at controlling herself as Amy was. So, she took this

opportunity to do just that.

"Hey Rei! Jack's looking up your skirt!"

"What?!" Turning to Jack, Rei looked furious.

"She's lying!" responded Jack. "She's just annoyed

that I didn't give her the growth serum!"

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are! I just don't look up people's skirts all the time!

You're just jealous!"

Rei wasn't sure who to believe. Serena did seem to be a bit jealous

over not being given the growth serum, but Jack, well, Jack's a guy.

And he did try to look up Amy's skirt. She wasn't sure whether to

believe Jack or the meatball head.

Since Serena was Rei's friend and fellow sailor scout, she believed

Serena rather than Jack who had been constantly... shall we say...

being a bit inappropriate.

"You're a dead man Jack!!" said Rei as she leapt for him.

"Oh fuck!" shouted Jack as he ducked under a desk and

rolled. He stood up and pulled out what looked like a gun, it was

just a paintball gun but it looked a lot like a hand gun. "I'll

shoot, don't move! It's loaded and you know I'm a good shot."

Jack bluffed. Rei faltered but only slightly. Serena got wide eyed

and ducked down behind a desk.

When Jack looked in Serena's direction Rei and Amy both jumped

forward, thinking he actually was armed and dangerous, and tackled

him. Amy grabbed the gun while Rei hit Jack HARD in the chest. You

could hear the *SNAP* of a few of his ribs breaking. He'd had worse

injuries but, holding in his screams of pain was still really

freakin' hard.

"Rei..." said Amy sounding very morbid.

"What?!" asked Rei angrily as she kept Jack pinned down

with one hand over his broken rib cage. He winced and held in his

screams of pain. "He had a gun! He could've killed all of


"He was bluffing... it's a paintball gun." said Amy as an

anime sweat bead dropped down the side of her head. The sense of

anger had turned to absolute dread when it hit on Rei exactly what

she had done.

"Crap! This is what I get for making you an Amazon!" Jack


Rei was quick to apologize. "Oh, Jack! I didn't know!"

"Hell, it's happened before. Cops need to make this judgment

call a lot." Although he managed a smile, Jack was still in a

lot of pain.

"Try not to move," responded Amy. Looking over the area

where Jack was bandaged up, Amy quickly reached for some unused

sheets to wrap up the areas.

"Hey, you guys are superheroes, right? Can't you just heal


"We may be heroes," answered Rei, "but we're not gods.

You need to get to the hospital."

"I think now would be a good time to test the antidote. No way

the hospital is going to let two 10 foot sailor scouts check in a

guy. And I don't trust her," Jack said pointing at Serena, who

promptly stuck her tongue out at him.

"Serena!" angrily shouted Rei. "This is serious!"

"I've had worse," responded Jack. "I'm not a baby. If

you're going to take me to the hospital, take the antidote, and drop

me off. I'm a quick healer though. I'll be back on my feet in a


"Look Jack," answered Rei. "This is serious. You need

to go to the hospital."

"No, really, I'll be fine. Look, it's your call. My fault

anyway. Shouldn't have pulled a paintball gun."

"Why don't you want to go to the hospital Jack?" asked Amy

concerned as she began to walk closer.

"One, I don't need no doctor to tell me what to do. I can handle

myself..." Jack realized how that sounded. "Let me rephrase

that, I can take care of myself. Two, I can't afford a doctor, a room

in a hospital, or ANY of the medications or procedures they'll do on

me to heal me. And 3, they'll want to know how I broke my ribs and

why they're broken in the shape of a fist." said Jack counting

off the reasons on his fingers. Amy and Rei looked at each other and

had to agree that, he was right.

"Ok, we won't take him to a hospital. Amy, you patch him up

you're the one who knows what to do. Jack, take off your shirt so Amy

can see if anything's serious." said Rei.

"Uhm... I don't really think that's necessary. I know the wounds

and... It's uh.. It's... it's nothing. Nothing... it's... nothing,

nothing at all." Jack stammered.

"Jack," began Amy as she sat in front of Jack. "I need

to examine the injury to determine how serious it is. Please, take

off your shirt." She said both forcefully and gently. Jack was

surrounded by all three girls. The two Amazons to his front left and

right, and the meatball head behind him.

"I really don't think this is necessary girls." said Jack

trying to avoid taking his shirt off in front of them.

"Jack," said Rei getting fed up with his whining. "If

YOU don't want to take your shirt off I'll do it for you. So what's

it gonna be?"

Jack sighed and took off his shirt. On his back, the burn you'd

expect to see after the life threatening ordeal from his childhood.

It was shaped like a bar. It wasn't deformed or anything, the skin

was normal but it was darker than the rest of his skin. On the rest

of his body, including his back, were several other scars. Some

looked like they were from bullets, others from knives, and some from

bite marks.

Amy acted very professional, despite the several questions she had

for Jack about how he received some of the more grotesque slash and

bullet scars, and only paid attention to his ribs. Remarkably, only 3

ribs were broken. There were 4 fractures in all but only 3 of his

ribs sustained injury, his chest was bruised in the shape of Rei's

fist, the fractures where her knuckles impacted. Rei and Serena were

not as considerate as Amy was.

All sorts of questions flooded Jack. Rei wanted to know how much of

his life he had "forgot" to tell them. Serena wanted to

know if it hurt when she poked his various burns and scars. Jack's

humiliation was unbearable. Amy saw this and quickly gestured for Rei

and Serena to shut up.

Now that his wounds were patched up, and his dignity partially

restored, Jack was ready to begin further testing of the serum.

Deciding that since Amy had been the nicest of the three girls, she

would be the one to test the next batch of serum. This didn't sit too

well with Serena.

"Oh come on! Why can't I get some of the serum?"

"Because, I've seen enough of a giant you to last a


With that out of the way, Jack began to instruct Amy on the next part

of the test. "Now, Amy, for this part of the test, we'll need to

go outside. And please, be careful, all three of you.

Nodding in agreement, the three girls went outside as Jack took notes

on the behavior and appearance of Rei and Amy. So far, they didn't

look or act any differently than they used to, they were just

proportionally larger. This was a good thing. The last thing Jack

needed were two deformed, insane sailor amazons attacking the city.

"Now Amy," began Jack, "we're going to test a

significantly larger dose of the serum on you. If this goes according

to plan, your growth should be proportional with the amount of serum

you drink. Understand?"

Nodding, Amy took a cup of the growth serum and began to drink it

while everyone looked on. Since Amy drank a cup of the serum she grew

and expanded until she reached the 50 foot mark. She looked down at

the very tiny Jack and Serena and then the doll sized Rei.

"Ok, now you can't call me a perv if I can see up her

skirt." said Jack in his usual tone. When Jack joked, it was the

never changing and him sounding serious that made it funnier.

Still... Amy didn't really encourage the idea of Jack seeing her

panties so she sat down as carefully as she could. "Now can I

take some measurements? We need to be sure that you're proportionate

to your original size after all." Rei shoved Jack knocking him

to the ground. Amy, who controls her temper very well, helped Jack up

with a single hand.

"Thanks Amy, well this proves that sanity remains even at the

fifty foot mark. Everything looks proportionate but without exact

measurements we can't be sure." said Jack poutily. Even Amy had

to give Jack a VERY gentle fwap on the head with her index finger.

Rei walked up to Jack.

"Ok Jack, now give me some." said Rei as she looked down at


"You broke my ribs and knocked me flat on my ass, if we're

testing anything on you, it's the antidote." said Jack sternly.

"Oh, come on Jack! Please?" she said as she gave him big

puppy dog eyes. When will Jack learn that it's pointless to argue

with a pretty girl?

Unable to resist Rei's charms, Jack gave her the serum and watched as

she expanded into a 50 foot tall giantess. This made Jack more than a

little reprehensive. After all, Rei did break his ribs. From his

viewpoint, Rei looked completely normal like Amy, just a lot bigger.

"So," began Jack, "how's the weather up there?"

"Just fine," responded Rei. "Wanna see?"

Before Jack could respond to this, Rei lifted Jack up into the air

and placed him on her shoulder. From there, Jack could see the entire

neighborhood, although it wasn't exactly much to look at.

"So, uh, Rei..."

"Yes, Jack?"

"How do you feel?"

"Just fine, actually. I feel pretty much the same that I felt

when I was 5 feet tall."

"Very good! How about you, Amy?"

"Just fine," responded the blue-haired giantess. This was

great news for Jack. Unlike the first test of the serum, the second

one was going off without a hitch.

Of course, Serena didn't want to be left out of the fun. So it came

as no surprise to Jack when she went over to the feet of Amy and Rei

and began begging Jack for the serum.

"Please, I'll be good! I really will!"

"I already said NO!"

"Oh come on! You made Rei and Amy huge! And Rei broke your

ribs." That reminder made Rei shudder a little.

"Yeah," responded Jack, "but you tried to kill me! And

Rei, and Amy!"

"But I'll be good this time! PLEASE?!?" shouted Serena.

Finally Jack had had enough.

"ALRIIIIGHT!!!" he angrily shouted at the top of his lungs.

"JESUS!! If it will shut you up then here!!" Rei put Jack

down and Jack began walking up to Serena when a thought hit him.

"Serena... if I give you the serum then you'll grow and rip my

Led Zeppelin shirt to shreds." Jack said. Serena smiled. Rei and

Amy didn't want Serena to transform but they couldn't stop her. She

tossed Jack his shirt. It landed on his head shielding his eyes.

"Moon Crystal Power!" shouted Serena as she transformed

into Sailor Moon. Jack took his Led Zeppelin shirt off his head and

saw Serena in Sailor Moon's outfit. He smacked himself in the head

then gave her the vile. Serena drank it and like the others became

fifty feet tall.

So, like before, Serena was a towering 50 foot tall blonde. Unlike

before, she was in control of herself and with her two equally

gigantic friends. "But what's the use of being big," she

thought, "if you can't have some fun with it?" With this in

mind she reached for the tiny Jack and picked him up.

"Hey! Serena!" screamed Jack, who was back on the way into

his house to put away his Led Zeppelin shirt. Her sudden action

caused Jack to drop the shirt on the ground. "What are you going

to do to me?"

"Oh, just have a little fun with our little man. Right

girls?" Rei and Amy nodded in agreement, giggling at the little

man. Jack just shook his head, wondering if he should have given

Serena the growth serum.

"What have I done?" he wondered aloud. This only caused the

girls to giggle more.

"Oh don't act that way Jack," cooed Rei. "I mean,

you're so cute when you're

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