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a short story by:

Sprint Sprite

WARNING: This contains adult material and strangeness. It should not be read by

minors. Use only under adult supervision. Light fuse and get away. So chock full

of cuteness, it'll make you scream!

(Yes, it's a small dream of mine, but we all need dreams, don't we?)

(This was inspired by a conversation with Grildrig. Enjoy.)


David Jourgensen watched through almost unseeing eyes as they lowered his

great-grandfather's casket into the ground. It was so sudden, his grand-father's

death. David sighed and wiped the tears and rain from his face for the millionth

time that day. His Grand-father was many things to him. He was David's adopted

father, after David's real parent's were killed in the Los Angeles Quake of '29.

Grandpa was an eccentric, about as crazy as they came David imagined, but his

stories were so wonderful to sit and listen to. David walked slowly to the open

hole and stood there, the grave-digger's stepped away and huddled in a corner of

the pavilion, staving off the cold with cups of coffee and giving David space to

say his final goodbye. David dropped the red rose downwards into the open grave.

'Goodbye you old fart, ' he whispered affectionately to the dark oblong of

lacquered wood, 'I'll miss you. Give grandma a kiss for me.' David trudged over

to the black limousine and his bodyguard opened his door.

Several months later, after the will's reading, David sat in the mansion his

grandfather had willed to him. David's best friend, Scott, sat beside him on the

couch, they had just finished a game of Indigo, the newest of the combat

simulations for the VRogue, David's new Virtual Reality machine. Scott noticed

David lost in thought, staring at all his departed grandfather's antiques which

filled the darkened room. 'I miss him too, David.' 'Yeah. he was a pretty cool

old guy.' David and Scott exchanged a relieving laugh. 'I never did understand

how he always managed to beat me in Death Match on Indigo,' grinned Scott. 'He

cheated.' 'He what?' Scott sat up, shocked. 'Yeah, he would sit up all night

editing his reflexes, making auto-commands, you should have seen him, like a

little kid.' Scott laughed, imagining David's crazy white haired grandfather

sitting right where he was seated, helmet donned, in a darkened room, muttering

and laughing to himself. 'Damn him! Damn it!' Scott cried incredulously. David

laughed and looked up at his friend. 'He made me promise not to tell you, it was

so hard not to, you were such a sore loser!' They both laughed for a long

moment. Scott sighed and finally got up the nerve to do something he never

thought he could again. 'Come on, let's go down to his play-room, I need to go

through his stuff, besides, there are things down there I know he would want you

to have.'

The room was just as his great-grandfather had left it. Suits of armor and

electronics spilled everywhere. In the center of the room was the mini-computer

that his grandfather had purchased, standing on a pedestal like another museum

piece. David and Scott spent half the night sorting through the old man's prized

belongings, Scott acquiring a rather large pile of possessions to take home, no

matter how much he protested to David. David reminded Scott of his grandfather

in that regard, always giving something unexpected and valuable away without a

thought at all. They finally both stood admiring the slick black plastic casing

of the mini-computer. 'You still have no idea what he used it for?' 'No, not

really, well, you were there the only time I managed to get a peek. Some kind of

Virtual Construct. He worked on it whenever he couldn't sleep.' 'And that was

all the time.' Both the young men laughed. Scott and David sat quietly for a

long time, finally Scott couldn't stand it anymore. 'Well?' 'Well, what?'

'Aren't you curious about it?' David sighed and flipped the power switch on the

computer, it hummed to life. Scott retrieved two V.R. helmets from a nearby

table cluttered with parts. They suited up in two of the tactile suits and

stepped into the empty room adjacent to the cluttered play-room. David and his

grandfather used this room whenever they played any games that required actual

physical movement of more than a few feet. David and Scott keyed up the suit's

transmitters and fitted on their helmets.

A new world exlpoded in front of Scott's eyes. A standard horizon line extended

around them and violet clouds boiled rapidly by. Scott looked his virtual body

over, a slender orange human form, Scott looked over at David and saw the same

form, complete with his name blazoned across his chest. David was struggling

with the cloud of icons that hovered in front of him. 'This is very odd.'

exclaimed David. 'According to this, we are hooked right into the global net.'

'Looks like your grandpa still liked to shoot the tubes.' 'Yeah.' David popped

open a crimson polyhedron labelled 'Monument' and stepped back as a shape leaped

out of the icon and unfolded in front of them into a large white marble archway.

'What's this?' said Scott. 'I have no idea, according to the organizer, it takes

up almost all of the memory.' 'Huh? Almost all?' Scott whistled out loud, he

knew roughly how many terabytes these computers were generally sold with. A

small brass plaque winked into existence beside the archway, it read: 'Construct

On-Line.' 'What the hell?' exclaimed David. 'Whatever it is, it's publicly

accessable.' 'Let's go inside, I want to see exactly what grandpa was hiding

from me, and sharing with the rest of the known world.' David and Scott stepped

through the archway.

David and Scott stood in a gigantic room, the walls seemed a few miles away, the

ceiling was too far above them to be seen. Gigantic pieces of furniture sat here

and there around this immense space. Each chair was about fifty foot in height.

A few car sized playing cards littered the floor. In one corner sat an antique

two dimensional television. Before they could do much except look around once

they heard a distant crash far above them in the air. The sound of glass

breaking. Movement caught Scott's eye from above them, he looked up to see a

silver, glittery form freefall into the cushion of a huge couch near them. The

form bounced off the cushion and landed about twenty feet distant. It was a very

large dull metallic looking creature, a wild white mane of hair topped it off,

and David could see two silvery pointed ears peeking from the unkempt mass. It

was dressed as a pirate and held a rapier in one hand and a rose clenched in

it's sharp looking teeth. It looked at them in wide eyed terror and tried to

mutter something around the rose. It spit the rose out of it's mouth and cleared

it's throat. 'David! Scott! What are you doing here?' It cried in a panicked

tone. David stared at the wild eyed grinning thing and took a step back away

from it. 'You know our names? You know who we are?' The tall metal creature

rolled it's unnerving red eyes. 'Duh!' David and Scott looked at one another and

burst out laughing at the almost fifty year old exclamation. It narrowed it's

eyes and looked suspiciously at David. 'Where is your grandfather?' it asked

slowly, as if David had problems with his hearing. 'He has passed away.' said

David. 'He what?' 'He passed away,' offered Scott. The thing stood there for a

moment, it's comical face contorted in what looked almost like pain. Wisps of

smoke drifted up from it's temples. David figured out what was supposed to be

happening and tried to stifle a laugh. 'He passed a what?' it finally said.

David could see his grandfather in it, in it's facial structure. The faces it

made were undeniably his grandfather's, the silly looks used to make David laugh

when he was a little boy. 'Who are you?' David asked it as it calmly was tearing

the swashbuckler clothing off of itself. 'Me?' it looked around for a moment as

if anyone were within earshot, and then it adopted a comical gallant look on

it's odd face. It leaned close to David and whispered to him, 'Me? I'm the Elf!'

It winked and nodded to him. The elf stood to it's full height and folded it's

arms smugly over it's chest, as if it was waiting for applause from nowhere, or

for them to suddenly fall to their knees. Scott opened a private audio transfer

to David. 'What the hell is it?' he asked. David paused a moment before

answering as the brunt of the realization hit him. 'It's my grandfather.' 'It's


It took quite a while to explain to his grandfather's alter-ego what had

happened to it's creator. When the realization of the matter finally did sink in

to the metallic creature it sighed and looked very sad for a moment. The elf

gathered David up into a strong hug and then walked off, staring up into the

sky, it's back to them and it's hands on it's hips. David and Scott were amazed

at how well David's grandpa had crafted the thing's personality, it almost

seemed sentient. It was a good caricature of his deceased grandfather's

mannerisms and spunk, blown all out of proportion. David and Scott walked

through the huge antiquated room and looked in awe at all they found. In one

corner they found a closet, full of women's shoes on racks, the shoes themselves

were each the size of a car. A short time later they decided to approach the elf

and ask it a few questions about this program. The elf was crouched behind a

chairleg and seemed to be stalking something with a great deal of concentration.

As the two young men approached, they saw what was the source of the thing's

attention. A firefly the size of David's forearm was perched on the top of a

huge white pump. 'David?' 'Yeah.' 'Have you noticed that there are no masculine

objects here?' What do you mean?' 'The shoes, the bottles of nail polish on the

table, the magazines.' 'Not all those magazines are for women.' 'What? Title's

like Woman's World and Vogue?' 'Yeah, we don't know they are all women's

magazines.' They were almost to the strange creature when they felt something

through the soles of their feet. 'What was that?' asked David. 'You feel it

too?' 'Yeah,' said David. He looked around them, trying to discern the cause of

the shaking. When he looked back he saw that his grandpa's alter-ego had noticed

it too. The elf had stood up and it's attention was now focused on the doorway

across the room. A huge grin spread across it's face, and it started to trot

towards the couch. 'Come on, Scott! I want to find out what's going on!'

'Freaking you out too, huh?' David looked at his best friend and grinned, he

wondered if you could get guns in this strange place.

They finally caught up to the elf in the darkness under the couch. It crouched

and watched the distant doorway, a vast smile lighting up it's eyes. 'Elf, whats

going on?' asked David. 'Nothing much. Kind of a boring day so far. But thats

about to change.' 'Huh?' 'Day. Boring. Don't they have boredom where you come

from?' 'Okay. Yes, we still have plenty of that. Ummm. What's causing all the

shaking?' The creature regarded him with mirth filled eyes for a moment before

replying. 'Someone approaches. I wonder if it's one I know already or a real

one?' Scott looked at David, 'A proximity alarm?' 'I guess so, thats kind of a

strange way to tell occupants that somebody is about to pop in, but this is an

odd place.' The elf laughed and grinned at them both. 'Oh, a very odd place. My

creator was an odd man. He had a rare and wonderful fascination with women.'

David looked the computer-ghost of his grandfather square in the eyes. 'What

kind of fascination?' The elfs' answer was almost drown out from the creaking of

the huge doorway being opened across the room. 'Oh, him? He adored gigantic


Tiffany was tired of seeing the same sights all the time, tired of 'shooting the

tubes' to the same droll places, the same inane teenage kids, and terrible

corporate site designs. Soon her slumber party would start, she needed to change

for it first, so she was on her way home, taking the 'tubes' to browse for

anything new along the way. Suddenly the 'tube' she was flying through on her

way home developed another branch. She grabbed the icon as she slid past and

opened it up. It read in large red glowing letters the following;

'#!!Giantess, A Monument. This is a V-World dedicated to a 'channel' in a long

dead place we knew as Dal.Net. All tall women and giantess admirers welcomed,

tremble in awe at our on-line fantasy giantess constructs. Read the epitaphs of

some true net pioneers. Complete variety of free Holo-Videos and 2D pictures

available upon request. A gathering place, all are welcome. No virtual weapons


Tiffany thought about it for a moment. She was fairly tall, coming in at 6' 2'

in height. It would be nice to talk to other tall women. Tiffany doubled back

and shot down the new tube towards a waiting archway.

'What!!?' David and Scott both cried as the door flew open. There on the

threshold was a one hundred foot tall blonde girl. She was dressed in a

shimmering azure skin tight suit and knee high boots. She looked around

curiously and stepped inside. Suddenly the room was alive with activity. David

and Scott jumped from the shock of the room suddenly being populated in the

blink of an eye. Scott felt a light tap on his shoulder and turned to face a

short, bearded gentleman wearing a body clinging suit of bright red, a yellow

cape fluttered in a breeze that Scott did not feel, and a large blue 'G' was

emblazoned on his chest. The elf turned and it's face lit up. It immediately

tried to pounce on the caped man. 'Grildrig!' the Elf cried. The man was toppled

over by a tall muscular man wearing his brown hair shoulder length, he was

dressed in a chartreuse tuxedo. The large fellow sat on top of Grildrig for a

moment and snickered evilly. 'Riph-Raph, don't you dare get anything on my nice

super-dolt outfit!' said the tackled man with a playful worried look. Scott and

David watched the three odd constructs danced away from them, rapidly changing

into ridiculous forms and trying to outdo one another with puns and bizarre


There was more activity in the room. The couch above them creaked ominously as

the huge woman seated upon it shifted position. Scott and David backed away from

the huge feet that hung down, encased in a pair of sandles. 'Le's get out of

here.' said Scott. 'No, hang on, I never knew anything about this at all, no

wonder my grandfather was so eccentric! Come on, it will be fun!' David and

Scott crept out from under the couch, making sure to avoid the huge sandled feet

of the giantess which sat upon it. Scott looked up at the huge pretty woman on

the couch as he crept away from her. A tingle ran down his spine as her eyes

locked onto him. ChantiliLace (which she wore in pink letters across a bracelet)

drew back and fired a rubberband at him. The huge rubberband smacked down a few

feet distant from Scott. Scott stumbled and fell onto his back as it hit,

suddenly forgetting for a moment that this was not at all real. ChantiliLace

smiled above him and brought a huge foot up over Scott as he lay there. The

shadow of her sandle engulfed him. David turned to see what was keeping his best

friend and let out a laugh. A man clad in black ran up to ChantiliLace's huge

raised foot, he had the name 'Nihilist' in a dark grey across his shirt front.

Nihilist lay down next to Scott and smiled at him, 'G.T.S. -ain't it wonderul?'

he exclaimed. Nihilist turned away and beamed up at 'Lace's raised sandle

bottom. Scott rolled out from the descending sandle and the wind from it's

impact buffeted against his face. As he scrambled up, he watched in horror as

Nihilist was crushed to a bloody pulp which shot out from the giantesses huge

foot. He yelled in half fear, half thrill as he spun and ran away from

ChantiliLace's questing foot. Three figures shot past David sprinting towards

ChantiliLace's feet, the Elf (drooling), Riph-Raph (who was clapping up at the

giantess) and an ecstatic Grildrig, who was screaming, 'Me next! Me! Me! Me!'

As David and Scott looked for a good hiding place, Scott glanced up at a

giantess who sat off to one side, she was talking on a phone. She was a very

pretty blonde woman, dressed in a white nurse's uniform. She looked down at them

and smiled, winking coyly. Scott stopped in his tracks. Only when David yelled

'Come on!' in his ear did he realize that he was standing there like a fool,

gawking. Off they went across the floor of the huge, noisy room. The doorway

opened again and two more gigantic women walked in and looked about, unsure of

this odd new site. David and Scott walked under another couch, this time

thankfully unoccupied. Back behind it there was a mousehole, and a bright light

shone from within. David dragged Scott away, who was staring up at another

beautiful blonde giantess who seemed busy with scraping the remains of a tiny

victim from her shoe. Floating above one of her feet were ice-blue letters that

read 'Lorilei'.

David and Scott entered the mousehole, and it opened up into a small room. A

large printing press squatted in one corner. David looked over the shoulder of a

man with the name 'Ken' which floated spectrally above his head, he was working

on a picture of a giantess toppling a bridge. A man next to Ken was leaning over

and also looking into his screen, this man had on slacks and a comfortable

shirt. A judge's gavel sat in a glass display case upon his desk. They both

looked up at Scott and Dave expectantly as they took a peek at the work in

progress. 'Hello,' said the man with the gavel on his desk, 'Welcome to the

Giantess Channel Monument. Your new here, aren't you?' 'Yes,' said David. 'I am

CJA, if you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to ask.' CJA

paused and looked rather irritably in the direction of the doorway as several

people yelling strange insults at each other ran by. 'You do pictures?' 'Not

just pictures, collages. It is a difficult and time consuming art.' Ken looked

up at the two young men in the monitor's reflection, 'Yes, it is, I can't seem

to get this to blend the way it should,' he said. Something huge thundered by

outside. 'Wow. I didn't realize that you guys had places like this back when the

Net was born,' said Scott. 'More or less, this was the way it was, although you

must realize that the designer of this construct has taken liberties. It's

difficult to accurately portray something that was a text based program from

then and breathe life into it.' said CJA quietly. An explosion rocked the room

from outside, it was followed by gales of gigantic feminine laughter. CJA rolled

his eyes at the cacophony and sighed. Scott spoke up, 'Were some of the people

that came here really as...umm..chaotic as they appear?' CJA peered over his

glasses tiredly at Scott. 'No...sometimes worse.' David whistled. CJA managed a

grin and turned around in his seat to help Ken with suggestions again. A

thoughtful man came out of a darkroom off in the back of the studio, trailing

unwound film in his hands, he peered up through it, into the light. The racily

dressed man muttered something about 'wrong angle' and walked outside, oblivious

to everything around him except the checkered acetate in his hands. CJA and Ken

exchanged smiles. A young man walked in wearing a flight suit and the two

artists turned to greet him. Venomm grinned and sat down at his computer.

'Someone blew a hole in the floor again.' Venomm laughed and batted at a mobile

of airplanes which hung over his monitor. CJA let out a chuckle and spoke to

Ken. 'Ten dollars it was Riph-Raph.' 'No, the elf.' 'Your on.' Venomm laughed

again, 'Both wrong, it was Lorilei, somebody threw a rock at her.' The three men

chuckled. David and Scott spent some time going through the artwork that was

matted and framed. The two men finally crept back out of the studio as several

refugees from a giantess game of Twister ran inside seeking solace.

David and Scott were getting a bit tired. 'Let's get back now. I'm kind of

hungry' said Scott. David agreed. David tried to summon the exit icon, to no

avail. He opened the control icon. 'Grandpa had it set on physical triggering,

we will have to leave the same way we came. We have to walk.' Scott groaned, 'I

hate it when designers do that, it bogs everything down.' 'Yeah, but I think

that's the way grandpa prefered it. He probably liked to 'run the gauntlet' to

get to the exit.' Scott and David laughed. They began their slow journey back to

the doorway, trying to avoid all the crushing feet of beautiful giantesses and

their terrible attentions. 'You know what?' said Scott. 'What?' 'I hate to say

this, but this place has a strange kind of attraction. In a weird way, I kind of

like it here.' David looked up at him and smiled a bit ashamed. 'I kind of do

too. Letting go, letting them for once be completely in charge.' He gestured up

at a seated giantess. The woman saw the movement out of the corner of her eye

and glanced down. Scott and David watched as Tiffany smiled down at them evilly.

'Well, what have we here?' she said out loud in a confident voice. A huge

manicured hand swung down and grabbed up the two struggling men. Scott and David

were engulfed by her warm hand and squeezed unmercifully, they grew light headed

as they were swept upwards to her vast grey eyes. 'Hmmmmm, let's see, this one

is Scott, and this is David.' she examined them and rolled them around on her

opened palm. 'Get us out of here!' hissed Scott to David. David summoned the

preference icon and exploded it, he searched for a scaling control, hoping to

end their plight by adding size to themselves, or shrinking the V-World around

them. His grandfather had wrote those controls out of the program. Tiffany

laughed and plucked the tiny control polyhedron away from David, she pressed her

fingertips together and ground it into prismatic dust. David twisted in Scott's

direction, 'Scott, summon yours!' Scott did the proper hand motion to summon his

control polyhedron, only to have it plucked away from him as it appeared in

front of his face by a huge thumb and forefinger. Tiffany's vast beautiful face

laughed above them. 'No no no, I can't have you trying to tamper with OUR world,

now can I?' Several of the other giantesses were now smiling down at them as

they lay there in the girl's palm. David caught a silvery shape streak across

the floor at some distance. He sent a private audio to the elf, he could get

them out of this jam. 'Elf, give me control override!' 'Control override? No

such thing!' 'What?' 'My creator explicitly forbid that kind of access to any

male while within the confines of this V-World.' 'Crap! Hey! Elf, change our

identities to female!' 'The gender is determined by neural differences received

from the suit interface, that request is an impossibility. Have a day.' David

turned to the giantess. 'Put us down! Now!' Tiffany laughed above them, her hot

breath sweeping over them in humid gales. 'Now?' she thundered with mocking

sweetness. Tiffany closed her hand around the two squirming bodies. She pulled

up her communication icon and sent out messages to all of her female friends and

classmates on-line to meet her here. She keyed into her own house's computer and

left a message at the automated door to greet the girls coming over for the

slumber party with;

'Hi! This is Tiffany! I found a really awesome new V-World today! You won't

believe what this one's about! Come on downstairs and grab a suit. Wait until

you see what we can do in this place!'

'Scott, can't we just shut down manually?' 'Yeah, we would risk a backlash, but

we could, why? You really want to go that badly?' 'Ummmm, no. Let's ride this

one out for a while, alright?' Both the young men grinned at each other within

the darkness of Tiffany's closed fist.

Tiffany stood up and walked to a door which read 'PRIVATE' above it. She walked

in and picked one of the spacious empty chambers, leaving a trail of tiny

clothes behind her like glittering breadcrumbs.


I hope you enjoyed this short story. :P


Giantess Stories: THE MONUMENT  a short story by

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