Giantess Stories: The mysterious Guest  by  Undersole2002  It was one of those miserable rainy days

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The mysterious Guest



It was one of those miserable rainy days. The wind was gale force and no more

than two minutes out in that rain would leave you soaked through. There seemed

to be some sort of weather march crossing Great Britain, its last stop being

right here in London. Thats why Tom decided to take some days off work and it

was arranged with his boss that he could have his holiday now. He was a

door-to-door sales person and the thought of walking around in that dreadfull

weather all day did not appeal to him.

Tom had just turned 18 and lived with his mother, Dawn. His parents had been

divorced for a couple of years now. Being an only child meant that he was very

well looked after by his mother though he was never spoilt. He was a polite

young man who always seemed to stay clear of trouble and go out of his way to

make others happy. The house they lived in was big, maybe too big for just him

and his mother. It had four bedrooms, two of them being guest rooms.

It was mid-afternoon and Tom was watching tv in the living room. Tom was quite a

hard working young man and this was the first real break he'd had in ages. When

his mother said she was going out shopping, he decided to just relax on his own.

After ten minutes or so, he heard a knock on the front door and got up to answer

it. Through the small frosted pane of glass on the door, he could just about

make out a tall figure. When Tom opened the door he was stunned when he saw a

tall very attractive, dark tanned women with long dark straight hair. He just

stared, completley awestruck by this striking women. 'Hello?!!' she said,

snapping Tom out of his daydream. 'Oh um,,. hi can I help?' he responded, a

little embarassed. The women smiled 'Is your mother home?' she asked 'No

sorry... shes just gone out... can I help?' he asked politly.

'Well, its just that I saw your address in a vacancy list and I beleive you have

a room up for rental.' He was dumbstruck. Tom couldnt believe what she had just

said. People have rented rooms here in the past every so often but never had a

beautiful women like this ever come knocking on there door. 'I am right arent

I... There is a room to rent?'

Tom was once again snapped out of a trance. 'Ah...oh yea sure there is... please

come in.' The women noticed his obvious embarassment and smiled to herself as

she walked through the door.

Tom lead her through to the living room hearing the click-clack of her stilleto

heels on the polished hardwood floor. When he turned to offer her a seat he was

completely speechless by what he saw. When the women was at the door, she was

standing on a step lower then Tom, but now when he saw her standing there

infront of him on the same even ground, he found hmself looking up at towering

goddess. She must of been well over 6 ft tall, a beautiful bronze, gleaming


The stunning utopian women just smiled at Tom who just stood there lost for

words, and sat herself down on the plush sofa. Tom was desperatly trying to

think of something to say to this truly magnificent looking female but could

only stand there in awe. It was probably the most embarrassing situation he'd

ever been in.


Giantess Stories: The mysterious Guest  by  Undersole2002  It was one of those miserable rainy days

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