Giantess Stories: The Neighbours

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The Neighbours



I really don't know where to begin as no matter how I tell it, no one will

ever believe me unless they get to see me. Well anyway here goes nothing. I

suppose I should start by telling you that my name is Donald (no not Donald

Duck) but everyone call's me Don or short stuff, shrimp, midget I'm sure your

getting the picture. Well anyway I'm 24 year's old and live in a small village

near Kent in England. When I was 11 year's old I just seemed to stop growing

while all my friends continued to grow I stayed at the height I was then all of

4' 10" tall, hence all the nickname's I acquired. Anyway after finishing school

I got a job with a local insurance firm, not a great job but it paid the bills.

After a couple of years I got a transfer to there head office in Kent which

suited me, you know fresh start and all that. That's when I first met Aimee, I

still remember that first day, I was struggling to carry some stuff from my car

and couldn't really see where I was going (I was just moving some thing's into

my new house I'd just purchased) when I tripped and dropped it all. As I was

picking it all up a pair of women's Nike sneaker's stepped into my view, as I

looked up from the sneaker's following the long legs up to a pair of short's,

then exposed belly button (which was pieced I might add) then upwards to a nice

sized bust. Eventually looking into the eye's of the most beautiful looking

women I'd ever seen, I was totally stunned by her beauty and drowning in those

big blue eye's. Then she spoke to me.

"Hi, do you need a hand."

"What ER, well em, if you don't mind." I stuttered.

She bent down and began to pick up some of my stuff.

"Err sorry, my name's Donald, but please call me Don." I said.

"Hi Don, I'm Aimee, so your the guy that's moving in next door." She replied.

"O yea, so were neighbour's then." I said excitedly.

"We sure are."

It was then that we both stood up, only after I had finished standing up she

continued to grow and grow. She was like a bloody amazon compared to me. She

must have been at least 6' tall if not taller. I felt a little uncomfortable as

she followed me into the house. Once we were in I asked if she would like a

drink, this she gratefully accepted. After making a cup of tea we sat down at

the breakfast bar.

"If you don't mind me asking Aimee how tall are you." I enquired.

"That's funny I was just about to ask you the same thing, I'm 6'1 and a bit."

She replied.

"Wow that's tall, in fact I don't think I've ever met a women as tall as you,

but then having said that most women are taller than myself, seeing that I'm

only 4' 10." I said.

We talked for a while and see told me that all her family were tall not just

her, even her kid sister Mary was taller than I was and she's only 12.

After a couple of day's of moving in, Aimee came round and invited me round for

dinner as her mum and sister were looking forward to meeting there new neighbour.

Not wanting to offend her I accepted. So that night armed with a couple of

bottles of quality red and white wine I knocked at Aimee's front door. She

opened it and invited me in, leading me into the kitchen I soon met her mum who

I must say was equally attractive, I guessed her age to be no more than about

35. I remember thinking to myself that she must have been only about 16 when she

had Aimee.

"Hello, I'm Aimee's mum Samantha, but please call me Sam."

"Please to meet you Sam, I'm Don, as I'm sure you've figured out." I replied.

Sam was as tall as Aimee if not slightly taller. Then I heard from behind me.

"Core mum ain't he small."

"Mary, please don't be so rude, I'm sorry Don this is my youngest Mary." Snapped


I quickly turned to she this giant kid looking down at me.

"Err hi, nice to meet you." I said nervously.

"Hi, I'm sorry, but it's nice to meet you." Said Mary excitedly.

This kid must have stood at least 5' 5" tall and she was only 12.

As the month's went by I had become good friend's with me neighbours and had

found out that Sam's husband had run off with another woman 3 year's ago and

that they'd never heard from him again.

I'll always remember a most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me. Sam had

asked me to baby sit one night while she and Aimee were out and of course as I

wasn't doing anything that particular night so I agreed. I was sitting there

watching WWF wrestling with Mary (boy did she like it). When on came her

favourite wrestling star CHINA, and if you've seen her then you'll know just how

big she is. Anyway China was in a wrestling match against the Rock, as the fight

went on I began to laugh at the way Mary was getting right into it.

"What's so funny Don." Mary enquired.

"It's you, look it's all a put on, no women would be able to knock a man about

like that, no matter how big she were, I mean just look at the size of the rock,

but I must admit it's well staged." I laughingly said.

Mary just looked at me and then smiled.

"Well if you think that Don, why don't you and me have a wrestle after all I'm

only a kid." Mary said abruptly.

"No I don't think so Mary, just watch the Tele." I replied.

"Look's to me like the little man's scared."

"Don't be so silly, it just wouldn't be right that's all." I said nervously.

Mary then got up and went upstairs.

"Phew, that was close Don." You said to yourself.

Soon I heard Mary running back down the stairs. She entered the room and turned

off the TV.

"Hey what you doing, turn that back on." I said to her.

"No I won't." Mary replied.

"Mary come on, turn it back on please."

"Why don't you make me."

"Now Mary stop playing around, and turn it back on."

"Nope, you turn it on."

I said no more and got up to switch the TV back on, but as I reached it, Mary

pushed me back.

"Now Mary stop that." I said raising my voice.

"Nope, you'll have to make me."

Mary then dropped a stocking to the ground.

"And what's that for." I enquired.

"That's to tie you up with, just like China did to the Rock."

"Now come on Mary stop messing about or I'll have to tell your mum."

I was starting to worry as to where this was leading.

Before I could say anymore Mary leaped at me causing me to loose my balance and

fall to the floor. Quickly she trapped my head between her thighs and began to


"Ouch' Mary let go now." I screamed in pain.

"No way, I haven't had enough fun yet."

Try as I might I just couldn't part her legs so I did the only thing I could and

pinched the inside of her leg.

"Ouch, that's not fair." She cried out while releasing her grip.

Quickly I rolled over and got to my feet.

"Sorry Mary, but that's enough."

As I turned to walk back to the sofa, Mary grabbed me from behind my ankles and

pulled my legs out from under me, causing me to fall to the ground face first.

Quickly she was straddled on my back forcing both my arms up my back.

"Do you give in." She yelled.

"Ouch, Mary your hurting me now let go." I cried.

"No way not until you give in."

The pain shooting up my arm's told me to swallow my pride and give in.

"Ok, ok, I give in, please I give in." I screamed in pain.

She held both my arms in place with her hand and began to tie the stocking

around my wrists.

"Mary, what you doing, I said I give in."

"I know but this is what China did."

She then tied the knot good and tight and stood up, pushed me over with her foot

so that I was lying on my back. Then she placed a foot on my chest and posed

while singing.

"Champion, I am the champion."

"Mary, please let me go now, please."

I was feeling totally humiliated by now.

"Not yet, I think you should stay like that for a while, don't you, as it's good


I started to shout at her, not a good idea considering the position I was in.

All I could think of what if Aimee or Sam came home now how would I feel then.

"Shut up or I won't let you go."

"Ok, ok, but please untie me."

"O' ok then, but only if you promise you'll play with me some other time."

"Yea, course, just please let me go."

Mary then rolled me over and untied me; I quickly got my feet and went to the

kitchen to get myself a stiff drink. Upon returning to the lounge Mary was lying

down in front of the TV.

"Come on Mary, its time you went to bed."

"Do I have to."

"Yes, now come on."

"Ok then night Don, but remember your promise."

Mary then went up stairs to bed; I sat on the sofa and rested my still aching

arms. After a while the front door opened and in walked Sam and Aimee.

"Hi Don, everything ok." Enquired Sam.

"Yea sure, no problems." I replied.

"Good, then Mary was no trouble."

"O' you know nothing I couldn't handle."

Welcome back, now where was I, o yea I remember. About 2 month's ago I was

next door chatting with Sam when Mary walked in.

"Hi Mum, Don, how are you today."

"O' just fine, full of all the joy's of spring you know." I replied.

"Well what you got Aimee for her birthday." Enquired Mary.

"Mary, don't be so nosy." Said Sam.

"That's ok, but that's for me to know and for you to find out." I fired back.

"O' won't you tell us please, I bet it's something special as it's her 21st."

"Well your just have to wait and see, now won't you."

"Guess so."

Mary then left the room and myself and Sam continued to talk.

After I left I thought to myself.

"Shit, I'd forgotten about Aimee's birthday."

So with that thought I headed into town, I didn't have a clue as to what to get

her. And so after going in shop after shop I came across an old curiosity shop

down one of the back street's. I walked in to find that the shop appeared empty.

So I just started browsing around most of the stuff looked like old rubbish but

there was one thing that caught my eye. Upon closer inspection it looked to be a

rather large bracelet with a small gold cage hanging from it with 3 small

diamond's encased on the top. As I picked it up for closer examination and old

woman, even shorter than I appeared right next to me.

"Wow, you gave me a shock." I said jumping back.

"Sorry young man, how can I help you." She replied.

"Well it's my friend's 21st birthday and I wanted to get her something special,

but I don't know what. But I must say this look's really nice, but I think it

might be too large for her wrist." I said.

"Well young man, that is an ancient Egyptian wishing charm, it will give to whom

ever wares it 3 wishes. And it's not a bracelet for a wrist it is supposed to be

worn around the ankle."

"3 wishes hay. What like Aladdin's magic lamp, are you supposed to rub it." I

said jokingly.

"Make fun if you will, but what I tell you is the truth. You've no limit with

the wishes you make except that you can't wish for personal gain. You know money

and wealth that sort of thing. And no wish may be undone by another. So be

careful what you wish for." Explained the old lady.

"Well wishes or not, I'm sure she'd love it, but how much is it." I enquired.

"You see that it's very old and it's the only one in existence as far as I


"Yea ok, how much."

"Well why don't you tell me how much you can afford and we'll start from there."

"Sorry Lady, just tell me how much, you think it's worth."

"Well ok then have it your way. I couldn't except any less than say 500


"500 quid, I can't afford that, sorry lady but no deal."

"Well then how much would you be willing to pay."

"150 quid and not a penny more."

"200 pound and it's yours."

"Look lady I can't afford that how about we meet half way, say 175."

"Ok then sir, 175 pounds it is. Please just let me wrap it for you."

"Lovely, just please hurry."

The old woman returned and gave me the anklet and I gave her the money and left.

Once I'd returned home, I took the anklet out to have another good look. Upon

closer inspection I could see some sort of ancient Egyptian writing on it. No it

can't be, although it looked authentic enough, not for one minute did I believe

the old shit she'd been feeding me. I placed it back in the box and wrapped it


A week had passed, it was now the day of Aimee's birthday and I couldn't wait

to give her, her present. After having breakfast I went straight round next

door. Mary answered the door.

"Morning Don, please come in, sorry but you'll have to excuse us as we've only

just go up." She said.

"That's ok, I just thought that being Aimee's birthday you'd be up early. But of

course being Saturday I forgot you all sleep in."

"Mum, Aimee, it's our favourite little man." Mary called out.

I could feel myself starting to blush after Mary had called out those words. You

see she's 17 now and love's looking down at me. She also make's a point of

wearing the highest heel's she got and standing next to me with her arm resting

on my head. I don't really mind, as she's a really lovely young woman. After all

said and done I look up to most women anyway. But I must admit I often wonder if

Mary's in to that giantess stuff, you know like stuff you can find out about on

the web. Come to think about it "maybe Sam and Aimee are into it as well." You

know the more I think about it now I should have realised sooner, as they all

seem to enjoy being so much taller and stronger than I. Anyway Mary led me into

the kitchen and told me to help myself to a drink while they got dressed. So I

made a pot of tea as I thought they'd enjoy a cup when they come down.

In came Sam first, and I must admit looking really hot wearing 3" heels black

nylon's, knee length checked skirt and matching blouse.

"Morning Don."

"Hi Sam, shall I pour you a cuppa."

"O' please, it's just like having a little house maid." Sam Jokingly remarked.

Anyway after about 5 minute's of idle chat in walked Aimee and Mary. Now I won't

bore you with there dress details, but to say they both looked great is enough.

But then again I should mention there shoe's, you see Mary stand's 6' 2" in her

stocking feet, well she's wearing 4" heels making her 6' 6" tall, nearly 2'

taller than my puny self and Aimee's also wearing 4" heels, and boy do they look

hot and huge.

"Morning birthday girl, 21 today, 21 today." I said.

After some small talk (no pun intended), I gave my present to Aimee. It was

wonderful to see her face as she wrestled with the wrapping. After struggling

with the paper she opened the box and to my great delight, her eyes opened wide

and she smiled the biggest smile I've ever seen.

"O' Don, It's just great. Where'd you get it I've never seen anything like it

before, look Mum, Mary? Isn't it just great." Aimee said excitedly.

She went to place the anklet on her wrist before I intervened.

"Aimee sorry, but it's supposed to go on your ankle or so the woman in the shop

told me."

"O' ok then." Aimee replied.

She bent down and placed it around her ankle, and I must say it couldn't have

looked any better on any other woman, boy are those leg's long.

As she rose, she wrapped her arm's around me and lifted me of off the ground,

standing to her own great height she planted a huge kiss on my cheek and hugged

me until I almost past out when Sam intervened.

"Aimee put the poor lad down your crushing him."

"Opp's sorry Don, I get carried away sometimes." Apologised Aimee.

With a very flushed face and feeling a little dizzy I said.

"No problem, I'm just glad you liked it."

"Like it, I think it's wonderful, never have I seen anything like it. Just where

did you get it." Aimee enquired.

"Now that would be telling. But what I can tell you is that it's very old and

supposedly give's the wearer of it 3 wishes, well that's what the old woman said


We all went out for the day and had a great time. You know it's funny the look's

we get from other people you know me being so short compared to them. But I have

to say that I couldn't wish for better friends.

On the following Saturday I went round as normal only to find Mary alone in

the house.

"Hi Mary, where is everyone."

"O' they've gone into town and I didn't fancy going as I've had rather a busy

week this week and I just wanted to long out and laze about for the day."

"Ok then, don't let me disturb you, but if you want some company I'll be in all

day ok." I said.

"No Don, I mean don't go, please come in and we can have a chat or play a game

on the Playstation or anything." She replied.

"Great I'd love that."

And so she set the Playstation up on the TV and asked me what game I wanted to


"God, I don't know anything I guess, just so long as I win I don't care."

"I've got just the game, let's see if you can get your own back." Mary said


At first I didn't know what she meant until the game booted up, she'd put in the

WWF game. I could feel myself start to blush as I'd thought Mary had forgotten

about that long ago.

"Don, look at you, you've gone all red, sorry I didn't mean to embarrass you."

"A hum, that's ok it's just hot in here that's all."

"Yea, course it is. Look Don there's no need to be embarrassed, it was a long

time ago and besides I was nearly 13 at the time." She said smiling at me.

Now boy did I ever feel small, yes I know that I am but I just felt tiny and I

just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me where I sat.

"Don would you like a rematch, and see how you'd fair now. I mean it was easy

before but now you wouldn't have to take it so easy on me now would you." Mary

said mockingly.

"Err no, if it's all the same with you I'll pass on that if you don't mind."

"What's the matter, is the iddy biddy little man frightened, wouldn't you like

to have my great long leg's wrapped around your tiny little head. You know I

could probably crush a tiny man like you with these."

She then stood up to her towering height and slapped her thighs. Shit, did I not

like where this conversation was heading?

"Ok, Mary you'd beat me, you probably wouldn't even break sweat ok, is that what

you wanted to hear."

"O' sorry Don, I was only kidding around, look why don't you get some practice

in on the Playstation and I'll get us a cuppa ok." Mary said apologetically.

"Yea, ok that would be nice."

Mary then walked out into the kitchen. Boy was I glad to have defused that

situation. Not that I was scared of course it was that I didn't want Mary to

feel bad later, if you get my drift.

Mary returned shortly and we began to play the game, after about an hour, I

excused myself and went upstairs to use the bathroom. As I finished and exited,

Mary was standing in the hallway by her bedroom door.

"Don come in here there's something I want to show you."

"Err no Mary, I don't think me going into your bedroom would be very appropriate

do you, after all what if your mum found out."

"Don don't be so silly, besides I won't tell if you don't. Look I only want to

show you something that's all."

"Ok, but we'd better be quick."

I followed Mary into her room and she closed the door behind us. She then locked

it and put the key on the dresser.

"Mary what you doing."

"It's ok Don it'll only take a minute I promise. Now put your hand's over your

eye's and no peeking."

"No Mary this is stupid, now unlock this door and let me out."

"Look Don the sooner you do as I ask, the sooner I'll open the door. Now please

cover your eye's."

"Ok, but this is stupid."

I then nervously placed both my hands over my eyes and waited.

"No peeking remember." Mary said.

"Yea I know, no peeking."

Then I heard Mary mumble something under her breath, and I suddenly felt myself

getting all dizzy but no sooner had it started than it stopped.

Well hello again, I'm glad you've enjoyed my tale so far and have decided to

return for another instalment. But first please let me know if you've enjoyed

the first 2 parts or whether or not I'm wasting my time. You see time is

precious to someone as small as me when you think of all the danger's that I

face from day to day even little thing's like common house spider's. Yuck, even

the mention of that word sends shiver's down my spine, now I could tell you a

story about me and my battle with one of our eight legged friend's, it all began

----- no wait that's for another day. I'm sure you're fed up with my blabbering

on for now so I'll continue where I last left off, now let me see where was I,

Ahh yes I remember now. O' and please remember every word I write is the truth

the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you must remember these event's

actually happened to me. Right that said now I'll continue.

I remember feeling dizzy but only for a split second and then everything

seemed normal.

"Right ok, enough of this nonsense Mary, I'm going to remove my hand's now and I

want you to open the door." I ordered.

I waited but Mary said nothing, which is kinda weird as Mary always has

something to say (just like most women). So I slowly removed my hands from my

eyes. Nervously I opened my eyes and then quickly shut them again as I couldn't

believe I'd just seen what I thought I'd seen, did I see what I thought I did,

no impossible I must be dreaming. So again I opened my eye's only to see exactly

what I'd seen before; again I closed them and gave them a good rub.

"Right, now get a grip man, your day dreaming, you couldn't have possibly seen

that now could you." I said to myself.

This time I opened first my left eye and then my right, but it was no good I

still looked straight at the same thing I had before. I must be mistaken but I

could swear that I was looking straight at a woman's foot. Now this may not

sound strange but when I say straight at her foot I mean straight at her foot,

it took my whole field vision. Slowly I reached out and touched her big toe that

came up just past my knee; I stepped closer and put both hands on top of the

nail. It was true I was looking at a giant toe, as I looked down into the red

nail polish I could even see my own reflection, staring back at me. Now I know

you think I must be off my rocker but what I'm telling you is the truth, please

you have to believe me. Anyway I slowly started to edge my line of sight up to

the ankle. Then slowly up her shin to her knee as I looked up further I could

see no more except for the front of her knickers hundred's of feet away under

her skirt which came to a halt midway up her thigh. I stood there craning my

neck for a good minute before I lowered my head again. Again I looked at my

reflection in her toe, and then that same toe twitched, giving me the fright of

my life I can tell yea. Anyway I stepped back a few pace's and again followed

her leg's up and up, then I stopped what was that I thought. Quickly I looked

over to her other ankle; I was shocked by what I saw. It was the ankle bracelet

that I'd bought for Aimee. Now thing's were starting to come together, and I

relaxed as I now know that I'm in bed and dreaming (or so I thought) as I'd had

this dream a few time's. You know the scenario, Aimee wishes me shrunk and hay

presto here I am. My heart was now beating quite normally as I new I was

dreaming, after all this couldn't really happen, or could it? I returned my gaze

to the huge knee's towering high up there and continued to slowly look further

and further up. You know it's funny the way thing's distort the further away

they get as her chest looked narrower than her knee's all because it was so far

away from me. Then I caught sight of her face smiling down at me from that huge

height. It was Mary's face; wow this was the first time I'd dreamt of Mary

normally it Was Aimee or occasionally Sam but never Mary. O well maybe that

conversation we had about the wrestling caused this, or was that part of this

dream as well, I'll be dammed if I can remember. Ok as this dream's happening I

may as well enjoy it, you know why waste a good dream.

"Well Don, it look's as though that anklet works just fine, what do you say."

Mary spoke down to me. And boy was it loud.

"Yea sure doe's, now what you going to do with me." I screamed back.

"Sorry Don, but you'll have to do better than that, as I couldn't hear a word

you were saying."

"Wow, please don't shout so bloody loud, you've no idea how that hurt, and

besides I don't want to wake up just yet, at least not until we've had some

fun." I screamed back as loud as I could.

Placing her hand's on her hips and moving her feet apart, again Mary spoke down

to me.

"Firstly Don, I didn't shout down to you it must have something to do with you

being so tiny. Secondly this is no dream and your not asleep this is really

happening, trust me I know."

"Yea sure, whatever. You still haven't said what it is that your going to do

with me."

"Well I thought we could play the angry giantess game, you know where you're the

little bug that has to escape my crushing feet. And you'll have to do well as

your life depends on it."

That's funny I've never dreamt this one before.

"Well ok if that's what you want to play I'm game for a laugh."

"Right ok, I'll give you time to hide while I return Aimee's anklet only she'd

go mad if she knew I'd borrowed it.

Mary then stepped over me, unlocked the door opened it and left for Aimee's

room, but not before looking down at me and saying.

"Remember you don't have long little man so hide well, cos. I'll be back in a


She then closed the door behind her. I stood there for a moment looking around

and wondering to myself if Mary's room really doe's look like this. O' well I

suppose I should at least find a hiding place. After a quick look around I found

what I thought was the best place around, her shoe. As I approached it I

estimated my height to be around 3", as I was as tall as the heel on her shoe.

After having a look around the shoe I climbed in.

"Wow this is great, I can even smell her foot sent in the shoe. This is turning

out to be the most realistic dream I've ever had." I said to myself.

So then I stood there watching the door from within the shoe just waiting for

her to return. I didn't have to wait long before I heard her feet approaching

the door. Then it opened.

"Ready or not here I come." She roared.

I watched from my position within the shoe as she got on her hand's and knee's

and looked under the bed and any article of clothing that lay thrown on the

floor. After about 10 minute's of watching this I thought to myself.

"Stupid bitch, I'm over here in your bloody shoe."

If I hadn't known any better I'd have thought she heard me because right at that

moment she looked straight over at the shoe. Quickly I ducked and scrambled as

far as I could into the toe end. Suddenly the shoe was lifted upside down and

shaken vigorously. Fortunately I'd braced myself really solid against the

innersole and the roof of the toe. After a couple of shake's she returned the

shoe to the floor.

"Well Don you've done a good job, cause I'll be dammed if I can find you. Well

on the count of three I want you to come out and I promise I'll not hurt you


"Sod that, the game was that you had to find me so keep trying." You said to


"One, Two, Three. Well sorry Don, but you've had your chance. Now you'd better

pray that I don't find you. Ha, ha."

As I lay there in the shoe it started to get dark, what the. Then her toe's

appeared and stared to come closer toward me filling my entire field of vision

until nearly all the light was gone and the toes were now touching me. She

didn't stop there but continued pressing into the toe of the shoe, as hard as I

beat on them it didn't matter and they kept on coming. I could feel my ribs

start to bend under the immense pressure, then just as I was about to black out

from the pain the foot left the shoe and then the shoe was quickly picked up and

I was dumped out on the floor.

"Well, well look's like I win, time to meet your maker little man."

"No wait, what fun is that, why kill me when you think of all the thing's you

could do with me." I said not wanting to wake up just yet.

"Yea well, what sort of thing's."

"Well I don't know, maybe you could wear me as jewellery or something. And what

about the great the thing's that I could do for you like paint your toe nails

and many other things."

"You know that could be quite good fun, maybe I will keep you around for a while

longer." She said while holding her chin in her hand.

Just then there was a knock at the bedroom door and it began to open.

Well, well I see your back for more, but I'm sorry, you see I'm having

trouble remembering where it was that I left off last time. Only believe me I

don't get the time to read what I've written, and besides it's hard reading when

the letters are as tall as you are. Sorry to keep you waiting only Aimee will be

back shortly and she'll tell me where I need to begin. "Mary had a little lamb,

who's fleece were white as snow, and everywhere that Mary went." About time

Aim's the reader's are waiting, please excuse me for a minute. Please feel free

to have a toilet break or put the kettle on or whatever it is you do at the


Sorry about that now let us began.

From my position on the floor looking up at the giant Mary, she had a startled

look on her face as the door was knocked and then began to open. Before I could

even think of moving Mary's huge foot sped over and rested on top of me, pinning

me helpless to the ground. Could I move? No. Could I breathe? Only just but it

was bloody hard I can tell you. I tell you what it's really frightening to have

something so large pinning you down, making you feel so helpless. It didn't

matter how hard I tried I just couldn't move her foot. I suddenly thought of

these poor coal miners and what it must be like for them when they have a cave

in and have hundreds of ton's of earth just waiting for that final shift before

it crush's you. Anyway the door opened and although I couldn't see anything I

could here who it was.

"Hi Mary, can I come in." Asked Sam.

"ERR, hi Mum, yea of course." Stuttered Mary.

Mary then dragged her foot back along the floor taking me along for the ride.

She had slid back far enough to enable her to sit on the edge of her bed. I

tried to scream as I was being dragged back by her toe's as I could feel the

friction between my back and the carpet building up giving me friction burn's.

You'll know what I "mean if you've ever played soccer on an artificial pitch and

been stupid enough to make a sliding tackle". Although I was fully clothed my

polo shirt had been dragged up my back as I was dragged along.

"Well Mary, what have you been doing all day." Enquired Sam as she sat next to

Mary on the bed.

"O' you know this and that, nothing much just lazing about." Replied Mary.

"Have you seen Don today, only we knocked at his door and there was no answer."

"No, ERR, not seen anyone all day."

"That's funny."

"What's funny."

"Well there were 2 cup's downstairs, and there were 2 controller's set up on the


"O' yea sorry I forgot, Don did come over earlier, and we had a game, but he

said he had to go into town for awhile. That was a couple of hour's ago."

"I do hope you weren't wrestling him again."

"Mum really, that was years ago, I wish I'd never told you now."

"Well you know how much I envy you doing that, I only hope that one day I'll get

the chance."

"Mum your rotten, he's only small and wouldn't stand a chance against you."

"I know, but that's half the fun. You know having a little man under your

complete control."

Mary then laughed a little and started to move her toe's up and down as if to

emphasise the point to me.

"What's so funny."

"Well I do know exactly what you mean. But wouldn't you like him even smaller."

"What do you mean, or should I say how small?"

"Well I don't know, 3" maybe."

"Now the thought of Don that size make's me go all funny in the stomach."

"Mum your terrible."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing and quite frankly I'd had enough of this

dream and was hoping I'd wake up soon. But at least having been dragged back I

could now look up and breathe easily from my position, now that my head lay

between Mary's toes. Anyway the 2 women conversed for a while longer before Sam

got up and left.

Mary then removed her foot from on top of me.

"About time, that was most uncomfortable I can tell you. And Mary your feet


"God, Don I thought she'd never go. Sorry about that only I couldn't let Mum see

you, she'd have gone mad."

"Mary, look it doesn't matter, after all this is my dream and everything that

happens is totally under my control."

Mary then reached down to pick me up. I stumbled back as her huge fingers

completely entrapped me, she then raised me to her face, opening her hand and

allowing me to sit in her palm.

"Don, do you really think this is a dream, come on think about it, you really

don't dream of stuff like this. Do you?"

Blushing slightly, I replied.

"Well yea sometimes, I mean I live in a world of giant's anyway, only in my

dream's there all giant women and I'm even smaller. Good job it's only a dream

as I'd never tell you this for real."

A big smile then appeared on Mary's face.

"O' come on Don, you really think your in control." Said Mary rather


"Well yea."

Then I suddenly felt pain on my back as I shifted in her hand.

"Ouch, that hurt's." I cried out.

"What hurt's."

"O' nothing it's just that when you dragged me along the carpet it burnt my


"I'm sorry, here let me see."

I turned my back to her and lifted up my shirt.

"Shit Don, that look's painful."

"Yea, I must admit it feel's kinda sore."

Mary then stood up and carried me into the bathroom. After placing on the soap

dish next to the sink she said.

"Ok Don take off your shirt and I'll clean up your back."

"ERR ok."

I removed my shirt, then Mary picked me up by my leg's and dangled my under the

cold water tap. She giggled as she turned on the cold water. Suddenly the pain

was gone only to be replaced with the greatest shock I've ever experienced. It

was absolutely freezing and I found it hard to catch my breath, but I must admit

the burning had stopped. After about 5 minute's of this torture, Mary removed me

from under the flow and turned off the faucet.

"Feeling better, hee, hee." She enquired laughingly.

"B-b-better, t-t-hat w-w-was b-b-bloody f-f-freezing." I stuttered out.

"Now then Don, don't you think had this been a dream you'd have woken up by


"Dream, it's turning into a nightmare."

Mary then burst out laughing. Quickly I bought my hands to my ears as the noise

was deafening. When suddenly,


"Hey what's going on in their, hurry up I need to pee."

"Shit Don, it's Aimee, I can't let her see you."

In a flash Mary pulled up her shirt and stuffed me into her cleavage.

"Sorry Aim's, won't be a minute."

God I thought I'd died and gone to heaven, I couldn't believe that I was wedged

between Mary's breasts. If I was cold before it didn't take me long to warm up

as I'm sure you can appreciate. Mary then straightened herself and told me to be

quiet, she then opened the door.

"Hi Aim's, sorry I took so long."

"That's ok, but who was you talking too?"

"Talking too, Ah no, I wasn't talking I was just singing under my breath."

Although I was quite comfortable in here I thought that it was about time I

spent a little time with Aimee so I started to yell.

"Oi Aimee in here."

But before I could let out another yell, Mary squeezed her tits together,

completely engulfing me in her ample bosom.

"What was that?" Aimee enquired.

"Opp's sorry, just a bit of wind, you know my stomachs been making all kind's of

funny sound's all day." Replied Mary.

Meanwhile I was starting to panic as I couldn't breathe and was beginning to

wonder if this wasn't a dream after all. As Mary began to walk back to her room

she stopped pressing on her tits. Great just in time I can breathe again. As

Mary walked I was on the greatest ride I'd ever been on, with each step her

bosom bobbed up and down and swung left to right, it was really great fun. As

Mary closed her bedroom door behind her she lifted up her top and retrieved me

from between her bosom. Then to my surprise roughly dropped me onto her huge


"Hey, be careful, you could've hurt me." I said angrily.

"Yea ok, what are you worried about after all its only a dream, isn't it?"

"Well I'm not so sure anymore."

"Give that man a peanut, at long last the penny's dropped. And when I tell you

to be quiet, I mean it ok."

First I didn't know what to say as I was in total shock, as I couldn't believe

this had really happened. Maybe the old woman spoke the truth after all.

"Mary please get me back to normal, I've had enough fun and game's. Please I

don't want to stay like this any longer."

"Yea ok Don, but I'll have to wait until Aimee goes out before I can get the

anklet again."

"Ok, ok, but how long will that be."

"I don't know. I think she's going out later with Abby, but I'm not sure."

Just then Sam called Mary for dinner.

"Sorry Don, but I have to down for dinner, I promise I won't be long and I'll

bring you some scrap's back, that is if you're hungry."

"I'm famished, and please hurry back."

"I will. Now I need to find some place safe to put you for now."

Mary then picked me up from bed and carried me over to her dressing table,

opened up her Jewellery box and deposited me inside.

"There you go nice and safe."

"Wait a minute, Nooooo." I screamed.

But my scream fell on deaf ears as the lid came down, leaving me in total

darkness. I heard the key turn and lock the box shut. What could I do, nothing,

that's right nothing. So I decided to make the best of a bad situation, I made

myself as comfortable as possible and relaxed as best I could.

Hello people I'm back your friendly little mate Don. Now I see that you've

taken the time to read my story but please leave some ratings so that I'll know

if you want me to continue or not, cause I'm sure you can appreciate the time

involved in writing this. Enough said let's get back to the story. Now if I

remember correctly Mary had just locked me in her jewellery box.

As I sat there in total darkness I remember thinking to myself "could this

really be happening or have I had an accident and I'm in a coma or something of

that nature." It didn't take long for me to drop off to sleep.

I was awakened by my whole world being shaken about.

"What the hell's going on." I cried out.

Then from outside of my prison I could here Aimee cursing to herself.

"I bet there in there, that's why she's locked it. I'll kill her she's always

borrowing my jewellery and never returning it. Now where's she hid the key."

"Aimee it's me Don, please hear me." I called out.

But it was no good; Aimee would never hear my little voice from inside here.

Again the jewellery box was shaken about and then tilted backwards, causing

myself along with the rest of the contents to smash into the back wall. I found

myself trapped under various items of jewellery.

"What the hell are you doing. Put down my jewellery box." Yelled Mary.

"Where's the key, I want my earring's back." Replied Aimee.

"What earring's, I haven't got your bloody earring's. Now put that down."

"You must have, your always taking my stuff without asking."

Aimee then put the jewellery box down with a bump. Leaving me still trapped. I

was in a lot of pain and hoped I wasn't injured too badly.

"Aimee what earring's, I promise you I haven't touched your stuff."

"You know the ones with the small dolphin figure hanging from them."

"You might try asking Mum, as I think she borrowed them."

"Opp's sorry, now you mention it I seem to remember Mum borrowing them."

"That's ok, but next time you might try asking first."

"Yea ok, point taken. See you later."

Aimee then left the room. Mary quickly rushed over to the jewellery box and

unlocked it. Slowly she lifted the lid to find me buried under her necklaces and

other trinkets.

"Don are you ok." She enquired.

"Yea, I'll live, I think."

"Ha, ha, you look really funny buried under there."

"Good I'm glad you find it amusing. Now do you mind I could do with a hand


"Opp's sorry, of course."

Mary then lifted all the trinkets off of me and then picked me up and placed me

on the dresser next to the box. I then stood up and brushed myself down.

Although I was a bit bruised there didn't seem to be any serious damage.

"Here you go Don, some dinner for you."

Mary then handed me a small piece of chicken along with some cheese and a piece

of tomato. It was far more than I could ever eat but I ate as much as I could.

The cheese and tomato didn't pose to many problems but the chicken was rather

hard to chew. All the while Mary just sat there watching me with that big smile

of hers.

"Enjoying the show are we."

"Sorry Don, I didn't mean to stare, only you look so cute."

"What you mean I wasn't cute before."

"Now come on, you know that's not what I meant. After all you must have known

I've had a crush on you since you first moved next door."

Blushing, and feeling quite proud (after all to have someone as good looking as

Mary fancy me is a good feeling) I replied.

"Yea, I did wonder in fact it makes my feel good inside just thinking about it."

"Ah you're so sweet."

Mary then picked me up and planted a huge kiss on my face and I do mean my

entire face.

"You know what Don, I could just eat you up."

"Well I hope you don't mean that literally."

"No of course not silly."

"Look not wanting to change the subject but I would like to grow back again

sooner rather than later."

"Gosh, I'm sorry, let me just see if Aimee's gone out yet."

Mary then walked to the bedroom door and opened it; she then poked her head out

for a minute, and looked left and rights down the hallway.

"Good the coast is clear, I think she's gone. Just wait there I'll be back in a


As if I'm going anywhere, really sometimes. I stood and watched as Mary left the

room and quietly closed the door behind her. As I waited for her return I

decided to have a look around. "You wouldn't believe just how big everything

is." The first thing I walked up to was Mary's hairbrush, although she kept it

fairly clean there were still some of her hair's in it, I reached out and

touched one. Now to me this hair could have been the strongest nylon rope known

to man, I mean it was just so thick and strong. I managed to pull one of the

hairs free and attempted to break it, but there was just no way I'd ever be able

too. I know we can all imagine what it must be like to be 3" tall, I mean I

tried myself but until your actually this height you just don't realise how many

dangers there are in a world of giants. Believe me if you were in my position

you'd know exactly what I mean. And if any off you normal sized folk want to

swap with me then I'll only be too pleased. God if only that were possible, I'd

even sell my soul to the devil just to be normal for one day. Well enough of

that I'm sure you're not interested in my moans. As I walked further along the

dresser I came upon an open lipstick tube laying on it's side, to me it looked

so huge so I decided to try and lift it back up onto it's end just to see how I

measured up against it. Big mistake, I nearly done my back in trying to lift it

so I quickly gave up on that idea. Just then the bedroom door opened, it was


"Right then I'm ready when ever you are." I said excitedly.

"Um, I'm sorry Don, please don't be mad only I think Aimee's worn it out

tonight. I'm sorry."

"O' shit. Now what are we going to do, I can't stay like this any longer.

Honestly Mary I wish you'd thought this through before making your wish, you

really are a stupid dumb arse."

"No you're the dumb arse, just remember pal I'm the only one that can return you

to normal, now if I were you I'd remember that."

Did I feel a Pratt or what? Of course she was absolutely right what was I

thinking off. With a bit of smooth talking maybe I can repair the damage.

"Sorry Mary, I didn't mean that, it's just that I feel so vulnerable right now,

I'm sure you can understand that. Please forgive me I know it was just a bit of

fun and after all you didn't know it would work (Smooth or what ere)."

Mary's face changed from a look of anger to a look of concern.

"No Don, you're right I was stupid, but I promise you I'll put this right as

soon as possible."

"Well ok, I don't think there's any point getting upset as there's not a lot we

can do about it at the moment."

"You're right. But what am I going to do with you, I've arranged to meet Beth

tonight and I don't want to leave you on your own."

"That's all right, I'll be ok, just don't lock me in the jewellery box."

"Look I've a better idea, why don't I take you with me."

"No Mary, I don't think that's such a good idea, besides where would you keep


A mischievous smirk appeared on Mary's face.

"Well I'm sure I could find a nice warm place for you. But you'll have to wait,

as I need to get ready. I'm sorry but I can't have you watch me change so in you


Mary then picked me up between her thumb and finger and deposited me into the

jewellery box.

"Wait Mary, please I don't like it in here." I screamed out loud.

"Shshshshush, stop that squeaking."

She then closed the lid on me. Again I was plunged into total darkness. I was

surprised that I didn't hear the key lock so I attempted to lift the lid. But I

was just to small and weak I couldn't even lift it far enough to see light, so I

just sank down onto my butt and waited for Mary to let me out.

I had been sitting in here for a good 20-minute's now and was starting to get

pretty anxious at the thought of Mary taking me out with her. I know she means

well and would probably look after me, but what if something went wrong and she

lost me, how long would I last in a world of giants. That's it my mind was made

up I'll just insist that she leaves me here, even if it means staying in this

bloody prison. I was suddenly broken from my thoughts as Mary called to me.

"Don I'm ready, now close your eye's and don't look until I tell you to ok."

O' well I suppose I should play her silly games, so I closed my eyes and waited.

I could see the light enter my prison through my eyelids, then I felt myself

being pinched between Mary's enormous thumb and finger. Slowly she lifted me out

and placed me on a soft surface.

"Keep them closed, wait until I tell you."

I stood there feeling totally stupid but I did as she asked. As I waited I could

feel the ground tremor with each thud of her feet.

"Ok you can open them now."

I opened my eyes. Mary had placed me on the floor below the dresser and she was

standing just in front of the door to her room. My mouth fell open never before

had I seen anyone look so stunningly beautiful.

"Well what do you think." Mary asked.

"ERR, em, I, well." I blabbered.

Never before had I been so lost for words.

"Come on, what do you think, do I look ok."

"Mary words can't describe just how good you look, in fact I've never seen

anyone look so fantastic."

"Really, you mean it." Mary said excitedly.

I suppose I'd better tell you just how good she looked. Working from her top

down. Her hair was just brushing her shoulders; her makeup was just enough to

complement her natural beauty. She wore a red short sleeved low cut top that

clung to her body like a second skin showing off her perfect figure. A short

black skirt with black nylon's and a pair of black 4" chunky heeled shoes. I'm

sorry but my description doesn't really do her justice but at least you get the


Mary then walked over to me, bent down and picked me up.

"Right then my little friend lets find a good place to keep you nice and safe."

"No wait Mary, if you don't mind I'd rather you didn't take me, after all I'd

only be a burden to you."

"Don't be silly, I wouldn't dream of going out without you. And really you

wouldn't be a problem."

"Look Mary, to be totally honest I wouldn't feel safe, I mean what if you lost

me or something."

"Don your coming with me and that's final, and you needn't worry I'll take good

care of you." Mary said sharply.

"Ok then if you insist. But where do you plan on putting me."

Mary then walked over to her wardrobe and retrieved a small red handbag.

"There you go you'll be safe in here."

Before I could protest, Mary dropped me in along with her purse and lipstick

waved her fingers at me and then closed the bag shut. This was a totally new

experience for me I could feel the bag banging against her hip with every

thundering step she took. It wasn't long before I began to feel sick. It was

strange how I could hear everything going on around me and not being able to be

part of it. I could tell from the noise that we had entered a pub or wine bar.

Then I heard Mary greet her friend.

"Hi Beth, sorry I'm late."

"That's ok, just got here myself. What would you like to drink."

"White wine would be fine please."

I soon got bored listening to the chatter of these 2 young girls and felt as

though Mary had forgotten about me. For the next couple of hour's all I saw of

Mary was her gigantic hand enter the bag every once in a while to retrieve her

purse and on one occasion she dropped the purse right onto me almost knocking me


By now I was feeling quite depressed and wished she'd left me at home, at

least there I could have relaxed and slept a little as it was this place was

just so noisy that it was just impossible to sleep. Suddenly I could feel Mary

walking again. "Great, maybe she's going home." I thought to myself. I felt the

bag move and then light came streaming in blinding me momentarily. As my eyes

adjusted I could see Mary's huge beautiful face peering in at me.

"Hi little one, hope your enjoying yourself."

"Hi Mary, are we home yet?"

"No I'm in one of the toilet stalls, I just thought I'd check on you."

"Please Mary, can we go home only I'm bored."

Mary's smile disappeared and was replaced by an evil look.

"Bored are we, well I guess I'll just have to find you something to do, you

ungrateful little shit." Mary roared.

Just then Beth called in.

"Mary you ok, who you talking too."

"ERR, yea I'm ok Beth, just clearing my throat." Replied Mary.

"Ok then, I'll meet you back at the table, don't be long."

"Sure won't."

"Right then you where was I."

Mary then roughly plucked me out from within her purse.

"Mary please, I'm sorry just don't hurt me." I pleaded.

"O' your gonna be sorry alright."

Mary then reached down and lifted up her skirt and pulled out the elasticised

waist of her red silk panties.

"Any last request's, ha, ha."

"No Mary you can't be serious, please don't. I'll do anything just please, not

in there." I begged.

But my pleading was ignored and I was dumped into her bushy nether regions. I

struggled to hold onto her pubic hairs as her huge finger followed after me

pushing down until I was resting face down with the back of me firmly pressed

between her soft moist lip's. The finger retreated and the panty elastic snapped

back in to place holding me tight. The smell of her womanhood completely

surrounded me, infact it was quite intoxicating. I felt her stand up and shuffle

about and pat her skirt back down her legs. She then began to walk, with each

step she took I could feel the sucking of the cavern behind me just wanting to

consume me. I spread my arms and leg's out as best I could to stop myself from

being swallowed. Soon she had sat down again. I found out that it was useless to

try and escape after all even if I could, where would I go, I'd probably get

stepped on and mashed into the ground without anyone ever knowing.

I had been this way for a good hour now and I think she was beginning to get

quite exited as I could feel her juice's starting to flow and she was fidgeting

about rather a lot. Now I know all men (except for our gay friends) would jump

at the chance of getting into this amazon's panties and believe me I was one of

them but being in the position I'm in now you can forget it, this was no fun at

all. Her juices were completely soaking both her panties and I. In fact I'd

swallowed quite a lot and was afraid that I might choke to death. The heat was

close to the point of unbearable and it wasn't long before I passed out.

Boy o boy we are keen aren't we, we're back again I see. I know how it is you

just want to see what sort of hero I really am don't yea. Well I can tell yea

right now I'm no bloody hero just some unlucky short arse git. O well back to

the story I suppose.

I awoke to complete darkness and silence. I realised that I was still trapped

inside Mary's silk panties and I guessed that we were home and that she had

crashed out in bed forgetting about me (probably too much wine). Anyway I

thought that this might be as good a time as any to try and make my escape and

hopefully make contact with either Aimee or Sam. But as I tried to move my arms

it soon became apparent that I was stuck fast to her panties. It must be that

her cum had dried and bonded me to them. I tried to wriggle free but it was no

use I just couldn't. I didn't have much choice did I so I just made the best of

a bad situation and went to sleep (or at least I tried)?

It was a long night and one of the most uncomfortable I'd ever had. Then I

heard an unfamiliar voice.

"Mary are you awake."

"What, um, o' yea, what time is it." Mary said groggily.

"It's 09.50, is it ok if I go and use the shower."

"Yea, course it is, you didn't need to ask."

"Ok great, I won't be long."

Mary then rolled over onto her front. It's a good job I was laying low otherwise

she'd have crushed me. I still can't believe she hasn't remembered I'm down

here. I tried to shout but found nothing came out except for a slight grunt. It

must have something to do with all of her cum I swallowed last night.

Pretty soon I heard the bedroom door open and footstep's approach the bed.

"Mary come on, get up."

It was that strange voice again, but I knew I'd heard it before but just

couldn't place it.

"Yea ok." Grunted Mary still not moving.

Suddenly my world became lighter. Whom ever the sweet voice belonged to had just

pulled back the sheets. Quickly Mary rolled onto her back and sat up.

"Bloody hell Beth, what's wrong." Mary yelled.

"Nothing's wrong, its just time to get up you lazy lump." Beth replied.

That's it Beth I knew I knew it. But then again what did I care who's bloody

voice it was.

"God, how much did we drink last night, my head feels really sore."

"I'm not sure, after all I wasn't counting."

"Yea ok very funny."

"Well come on then hurry up and get ready I'm starving."

"Go and help yourself, Mum and Aim's are probably out anyway."

"Ok then, I'll see you soon."

Beth then left the room. Mary slowly got to her feet and dragged herself into

the bathroom. As she locked the bathroom door she reached in and switched on the

power shower. Then I waited as she began to remove her panties. As she pulled

them down I could feel the pubic hairs releasing their grip on my back as they

broke free from the sticky hold. It wasn't long before I was lying on the ground

between her feet. From my point of view all I could see was the side of her

enormous left foot twist on it's toes as she stepped out of the panties and

stepped into the shower cubical. I was indeed shitting myself, as she still

hadn't noticed me stuck to her knickers. Again I tried to wriggle free, but my

efforts were futile. I was completely covered now and could only see under a

small gap were the fabric lay wrinkled. It wasn't long before I heard the shower

stop and then I saw Mary's huge foot crash next to me dripping wet. Her foot

slid under the silk, then she lifted it up by her toe before kicking it crashing

into the side of the washing basket. The g force I experienced must have been on

par with that of a jet fighter pilot in a steep dive. As I lay there stunned I

could hear Mary curse.


Mary continued to dry herself totally unaware of my presence. Again I felt my

world lift and this time drop suddenly as she deposited me in the basket. I

could do nothing but just lay there stretched out and stuck to these sexy silky

panties. I heard Mary leave the bathroom and it all went dark as she turned out

the light.

I had been here for a good couple of hours now and still couldn't believe she

hadn't remembered about me, when to my great delight the light came on. I heard

the wicker lid being removed and thought I was saved. But something was wrong I

was just gathered up with the rest of the dirty washing. O' no shit, it's

Sunday, Sam always does the washing on a Sunday. I could feel myself being

bunched up and carried along with all the other washing and I don't mind

admitting to you now, I actually pissed my pants I was that scared. It was a

long journey from the bathroom down to the cellar (which by the way is where the

washing machine is kept. These old houses used to have coal fires, but now most

of the houses have had there coal cellars converted into another room). Sam then

dropped the washing on the floor and opened the washing machine ready to put in

the first wash; lucky for me I was at the bottom of the pile so hopefully I'd be

part of the second wash. Soon I felt the weight on top of me grow lighter as Sam

filled the machine, then to my great relieve I heard the god dam thing start

it's cycle. Shit the noise was deafening but I had no choice but to just lay

there and listen to every spin and bump.

An hour had passed and the machine had grown quiet, then I heard the smacking

of footsteps as someone came down the cellar stairs. Please let it be Mary,

please I pray she's remembered me. Whoever it was had just stepped on the pile

of clothes that I was under causing my world to bump up slightly by the weight

of her foot next to me. I could hear her unload the washer then before long I

felt the weight on top of me grow lighter and lighter I knew then that I didn't

have long left and just resolved myself to dying. I know they say never give up

but I'm sorry that's bollocks, when your in a no win situation what can you do,

jack shit that's what. Anyway my panties were the last to get picked up, Sam's

hold almost crushed me there and then as she pushed me into the washer. The last

thing I heard was the latch on the door lock shut and I just waited for the

machine to start. But to my great relieve minutes passed and still no sound.

What's happened I remember thinking to myself, now don't get me wrong I wasn't

complaining? I lay there for another good hour just waiting for it all to end

when suddenly I heard the machine door open and felt something else being placed

in the washer next to me. Next the door shut and locked then I heard the program

being selected and the machine kick into action. I didn't want to die like this

but it looked as though my time was up as I heard the sound of water start to

fill the drum. Shortly after the drum started to slowly spin round and I was

getting bumped and twisted from all directions. I realised that the item placed

in a short while ago was the wash ball as the powder was starting to invade my

panties (not my panties but you know what I mean). Then as quickly as it had

began everything stopped and went really quiet. Then I'm sure I could hear the

water drain away it was as if someone had interrupted the cycle, god yes please

let that be true maybe all is not lost after all. I began to get renewed hope.

Then my prayers were answered and I heard the door unlock and suddenly felt

someone fishing around in the drum.

"Mum I'm sorry but I know i


Giantess Stories: The Neighbours

I really don't know where to begin as no matter how I tell it, no one will Slipstream Slipstream By By The Neighbours The Neighbours



Giantess Stories: The Neighbours

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Giantess Stories: The Neighbours


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