Giantess Stories: The Never Ending Adventures of Put Me Down Man

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The Never Ending Adventures of Put Me Down Man!!






           It was like any other day as I lay in my bed

with my eyes closed. That's the only time I can still see my wife. I can see her

plush full lips. Oh how I loved her warm smile that would light up the room. I

couldn't help but smile when I would see her smile. I hate so much for this part

of the day to end. It was the only time that I was happy. Five years has been

way too long.


           Dust and dirt began to fall from the wood

ceiling.  The ceiling creaked and rattled. I watched the ceiling bent inwards

then snap back into place. The creaking and rattling quickened to almost and

constant rate. The dust populated the air like stars in the sky. I rolled off of

my bed which wasn't really a bed at all but an old sponge.  I pulled the piece

of material I had ripped from a t-shirt over the sponge.


           I walked over to the glass shard that I used for

a mirror. I ran my fingers through my hair trying to straighten it but I no

longer cared. As the creaking and rattling continued on and on I looked up at

the ceiling. Peering and staring at it like a zit on the perfect girls face, a

stain on a tux, like a girl with one breast wearing a halter top. I turned

towards the glass shard punching it, shattering it almost instantly. I watched

the pieces fall to the floor wondering if anyone could hear it break. If they

could hear the glass shatter and fall to the ground and if they knew that the

glass may have broke today but something else shattered long ago.


           I marched to the wall grabbing one of the glass

shards. I shoved it into the wood as my hands filled with blood I pulled the

glass shard along the wood adding another line. That makes 25. Happy birthday to

me, I turn 25 years old today. For the first time in awhile in as long as I can

still remember I headed towards the hole.


           I could finally see the exit as the light shone

in. The closer I got the more nervous I became. I have forgotten so much. As I

peered my head out the mouse hole it all came back to me. My senses told me it

was okay so I took a step out. The room was different then I last remembered it.

I wondered if the same girls lived in the room. In the distance I saw an open

bag. I dashed towards it. It felt good to run. I inhaled deeply. The room

smelled completely girly.  Perfume, scented lotions, and scented shampoos filled

the air.


           As I stepped into the bag everything crinkled

with every step which made pause. Something told me to leave but the chips

looked delicious. I ran towards them ignoring my instincts. As I bit into the

salty ridged chips my taste buds exploded with pleasure. I had forgotten how

could human food is.  As I heard the door open I knew then my instincts were

right. I could hear the door swing open and I already knew it was too late.


           Fear ran amuck in my head. I knew I had to get

out of this bag. I began to run across the bag towards the opening.


“What's that noise?”


           A young face came into view taking up my entire

realm of vision. I panicked as I saw her well manicured nails running towards

me. I looked around the bag hoping for a hole, or even a tear but seeing none as

the warm, strong, young and vibrant hand wraps around my body like a blanket.




           I could feel my bare feet lose contact with the

bag as I was lifted up into the air and the girl fall backwards onto her bed. I

squeezed and wiggled trying to fight my way free but her grip is like a vice

around my body. She twirls me about in her hand as she plops a potato chip into

her mouth.


“So like why are you so small?”


“I am tall for my age thank you very much”


“You look short to me. You can't be more then like 3 or 4

inches tall.  I have never seen a midgman up close before”


“I have a name”


“Yeah I think it will be Zachary I like that name”


“My name is Doug now put me down.”



I was flipped upside down and stared straight into this girls face. Her long

dark brown hair with blonde highlights fell around her pillow. I dangled mere

meters from her mouth as she stuck her tongue out letting her saliva cover my



“Don't eat me”


“You're so cute!”


           I was dropped with a thud on her stomach and

then grabbed and dropped on her light brown shirt forced to hold onto one of her

top button. I barely had time to react when I heard her bellow down for me to

start undoing the buttons. I knew I had no choice form previous experiences. Oh

how I miss Jamie, but I quickly snapped out of my distant memory as I see my

capturess staring at me with an angered look.


“My shirt is still on!!”


“Well take it off”


“Excuse me? I don't need your lip midget. You're my little



           With a sigh I began to pull and push at the

button which only made her laugh as she just sat there on the corner of bed

waiting for me to finish. We both turn our head as the door begins to open up. 

I nervously dangle from her button as I see a blonde haired vixen walk in.




“Yeah there was this tiny guy named Ritchie. He was so



“I don't care!”


           I was pressed into tons of tit flesh. I screamed

for either of the two girls to hear me but they only separated momentarily and

quickly there bodies met again. As they separated this time I found myself

clinging to a t-shirt that reads camp hanes.


“What the fuck”


“I got an idea but I am a real itchy and sweaty Haley.”


“I think you need a bath”


“Me Too”




Everything was in slow motion as

she walked across her room and into the connecting bathroom. I was dropped into

the tub as she turned the water on. I ran to the far end of the tub but it was

no use it continued to fill higher and higher. I was soon treading water and

looking around for anyway out I could think of but none came to mind until I saw

this girl standing before me in all her glory. My mind raced with possibilities

as she then turned her head.


“Come on Kaley! The waters warm”


“Are you sure about this Haley?”


“You're such a tease it was your idea!”


           A blonde vixen who looked more like a goddess

stepped in along with her friend. Both girls sat down easily in monstrous tub. I

swam towards Haley hoping for some help but I was grabbed splashed onto Kaley's

small pert breasts. I clung to her nipple as the two girls splashed each other

with the water until Kaley finally grabbed me and plunged me beneath the warm





           I was then released and bobbed up to the surface

only to see Kaley's eyes light up and press me back beneath the surface. I

bobbed up once again but was immediately grabbed by Kaley who shoved me into a

strawberry scented bar of soap. I was mashed across the soap faster and faster

until a massive lather was all around me. I tried to spit out the soap but I was

no use. I was pressed against Kaley's warm skin. I feel her hands press me up

and down the length of her body finally stopping in between her breasts.


“I love the wash cloth rest”


“Me too”


           Her breasts grab onto me like a child onto

candy. The blonde vixen throws a t-shirt over me and her pert breasts.


“Later Haley!! I will bring him back later”








           Everything moved quickly around me. Her heart

beating and her breasts jiggling cozily lulled me into a sleep. I awoke sometime

later on a bed with Kaley looking down at me.



“You aren't going to hurt me are you?”


“Hurt you? No, I want you for my own. I want one thing I

can call my own. Haley is so spoiled sometimes I want something that I can be

pampered with and that's where you my pet come in.”


“No, no, no!  I am not your pet.”


“Don't worry I have school tomorrow. First day and all and

there is just no time for you tonight”


           I was plucked off of her bed and dropped into a

doll house. I looked for a way out but seeing none I laid down on the bed and

decided to enjoy my stay as the dollhouse was nicely decorated.




Chapter 2 – After School Shenanigans



“Hey girls, I gotta do the dishes. Just hang out in my room

for a bit.”


           I woke up to the door opening up. I ran to the

window and froze when I saw 4 legs standing mere inches from my dollhouse. I

went back to the bed and laid there with the blankets over my head. I kept

hoping that they would be gone.


“A dollhouse? I Wonder why Kaley has this?”


“Duh to play with dolls Kim.”


“No, Monica I have been Kaley's friend for like ever and

she never owned dolls when she was a kid. She was such a tom boy. Still is I



“Oh well lets check this dollhouse out. It looks really

nicely built”


“Yeah it looks like it costed thousands. I wonder how Kaley

afforded it?”


“Yeah her moms a nurse and her dad just the general manager

of walmart”


           I felt everything shake from side to side and I

was sent hurdling into wall after wall. All sorts of things fell on me. My

bruised and beaten body screamed in pain.




“OH Sorry Monica. I didn't mean to step on your foot”


“You didn't.”


“That wasn't you who said ouch?”


“Are you okay? We are the only ones here.”


           I heard the creaking and the walls beginning to

pull apart. I picked myself up off the floor and scanned for a place to hide but

the room was a disaster and there was no place to go. I cowered in the corner as

the house was pulled apart. I could hear the hands pulling apart the room

looking at all the intricate objects of the dollhouse. That is when I felt one

of there hands grasp onto me.

”OOO what's this? It's warm”


“Just put me down!! Please put me down! Kaley will be mad

if you don't put me down”


“Oh my god he spoke. He looks hurt?”


“He looks cute”


“So fragile”





“You have the right to play with Kim and Monica right now.

Anything you say can and most likely will be ignored.”


“Hey Girls, I guess you found my little man”






“Oh I know, We can play hide and seek. Wont that be fun



“Umm no!!”


“Great let's bring him outside”


Okay you hide and we find you! Stay in the yard or you will

be in big trouble little man.”


“HEHE yeah, she might give you to me and you










Giantess Stories: The Never Ending Adventures of Put Me Down Man

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