Giantess Stories: The Office Pest by Lurker

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The Office Pest

by Lurker_B

Smiling in triumph she studied him from her chair. It was surprising how quickly

the potion had taken affect - one second he'd been standing beside her talking

his usual rubbish, then after a couple a chews on the laced gum she'd given him

*POW* he'd got a whole new perspective on the world. She hadn't given him much

time to adjust, he looked around at first trying to work out where he was - when

he finally looked up a shocked expression was just visible on his tiny face.

He'd always had a thing about her legs; it annoyed her so much she'd taken to

wearing trouser suits and flat shoes. The skirt and heels worn today broke the

embargo but ensured that he'd stuck close to her, unaware of her intentions.

Those same legs now loomed above him, the silk of her stockings stretched tight

against the curves of her ankles, thighs and calves, the definition shifting as

she tilted her foot to and fro casting an oval shadow across the ground and

enveloping his diminished body.

She let him gawp for a minute or so, just enough time to comprehend her stature

and presence. Then (when she suspected him of trying to shout with his miniscule

voice) she slowly uncrossed her legs and stamped her foot down, the shiny

stiletto clacking hard on the polished wood floor - denting the surface.

His physique couldn't take it, a wave of perfume-scented air felled him as the

world buckled and shook in an instant. The blast threw him a hard six yards. He

yelled as he struggled to his feet, his trembling arms poised to fend off

danger. Disorientated, eyes stinging and ears ringing he saw his faint

reflection in the object that had fallen only inches away. Her shoe was

enormous, the leather creaked slightly as a terrible weight settled supported by

a heel that stretched high into the air. A pit had been gouged through the

steel-hard varnish of the floor at the stiletto's tip, while at the other end

huge toes emerged from an arch of stitched leather, crimson nails glistening

like armoured plates behind a wall of misty silk.

His dilemma amused her, she'd only dropped from a short height but it had been

enough. His situation was apparent as he staggered around in the shadow cast by

her ankle. Keeping her foot in place she raised herself from her seat to tower

over him. She was wearing four inch heels, but he only just reached the

lacquered nail of her big toe. She'd reduced him to just under one inch in

height. Fearing for his life he made a break for the shadows under the desk, but

her foot clopped down again cutting him off and sending him skidding to the

floor once more.

"So I'm desperate for it am I?" She mocked "Well look up now, get an eyeful you

little shit"

She widened her stance, shaking the floor as her shoes settled on either side of

him. As the floorboards groaned he looked up past her impossible legs - instep,

ankle, calf, knee. Cast high in her shadow he could see stocking straps pulled

taught over massive yet distant thighs, crowned by the curve of taught buttocks.

The fancy lace of her white panties loomed above, 200 hundred feet in the air.

"Fancy a closer look" She sneered, "I promise I'll be gentle! In fact we'll

start with that massage you promised me, and work it from there."

A foot slipped from its shoe. As her stocking clad sole descended, the smell of

leather and perfume filled the air once more. The ball of her heel had levelled

slightly under pressure. Giant female toes descended towards him, bunched in the

musty fabric of high-class hosiery. He raised his hands and tried to push away

the warm instep, but his elbows buckled under the tremendous weight and power -

her movement didn't falter. Shadow engulfed him as she continued to lower her

foot, pressing him down onto his knees, lower, heavier, stronger until he was

pinned beneath the taught fabric and firm flesh. He pushed and strained with all

his muscle but it was no use, she was overwhelming. He'd been shouting but now

his mouth was smothered against acres of silk swathed flesh. He tried to bite,

but his teeth couldn't penetrate as she increased the pressure and he struggled

to breathe.

Looking down at her pretty arched foot it was intriguing to see how it had

covered him so completely. She admired the way her stockings held a slight sheen

and her manicured nails stretched the toe of the fabric as she flexed. At this

size he hadn't posed a problem, she gradually put more weight down and was

amused to feel his puny struggles underfoot.

As she stepped down further, his protests dwindled as limbs were pinned against

her flesh. From the other side of the room, a woman called her name from an

adjoining office, "Phone call!"

With a tut she shouted back.

"Right, I'll be there in a minute I'm just finishing off!"

She raised her foot off the floor and slid it back into her shoe, following up

with a terrible stamp to get a snug fit.

Looking down she could see him, a pathetic insect cowering before her. It

crossed her mind that she could leave him to his fate and just walk away,

forcing him to fend for himself in a land of giants. How long would he last?

Maybe a week before starvation took hold and he wasted away, or perhaps he'd be

squashed by one of the office girls oblivious to his presence (or attempts to

attract attention) as they followed their daily routine.

She idly rocked her foot back on its heel, grabbed a handbag from the desk and

pondered the scenario.

It was too risky. He may manage to contact someone like Janine or Gabby. Women

who may keep their cool and not crush him to paste as they recoiled in horror

(or mistook him for a bug like Janette in repro was likely to do).

She had to end it now.

"Little men should stay with little women," She gloated "or they get out of

their league!"

Her foot moved over him, looking up he could see a flat expanse of cream

leather, worn in places to black. The shoe size was etched in huge gold letters

high in the curve and a splodge of blue-tak had been flattened to a disk at the

base. Her heel pivoted slowly as a rounded triangular shadow descended. He

couldn't move, exhausted from his struggles and frozen in terror he raised his

hands once more and pushed.

She came down.


She thought she could just hear a tiny scream come from below, but it was

cruelly cut short. Twisting her foot on the polished floor, she focused the

pressure forwards and down. Swinging her hips, she rotated both knee and ankle

to grind the sole mercilessly against the varnished mahogany. There was a slight

resistance underfoot followed by a crunch as her weight settled. Her shoe

slipped easily on the gory lubrication beneath. With a final hard twist she

pulped what was left. Stepping back she reached into her bag and grabbed a

tissue. A lumpy smear glistened on the floor. She smoothed her skirt and knelt

down, mopping the residue with a quick flick of her wrist before wiping her shoe

clean. "Right." She yelled to Janine, "I'm coming!"

Giantess Stories: The Office Pest by Lurker

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