Giantess Stories: The Office Visit by Sue Walters    I decided to suprise Lisa and meet her at her new office

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The Office Visit

by Sue Walters

I decided to suprise Lisa and meet her at her new office. I still really did not

know what she did, but she recently decided to start working on her own, and I

wanted to suprise her before our shopping trip. I arrived at 1215 Briar Street

and found it to be an office in a strip mall. The door was unlocked, so I

entered the office. It looked like an average doctor's office, with many

comfortable chairs, a couch, end tables covered in magazines, and a

receptionist's window. Only two things made it seem out of the ordinary: it had

no door to any back room (or even the receptionist's desk), and no one was


I plop down in one of the leather seats and begin searching my large purse for

the address. "Hmmm, I wrote down 1215; but, I think the address was really

1251," I think to myself. I knew Lisa was some kind of engineer; she did not

work in medicine. This could not be her office. As I reach for my purse, I see

something near my left heel, and feel something touch my ankle. first I think it

is a bug, but then I see it is pink. I look intently at the object as it stays

at my ankle. It rubs against my leg. Suddenly I realize the top of the object

had hair, and it is touching me with arms and hands. I lean over and realized

this object is a person!

"Oh my god, a tiny man!" I say under my breath.

"Hi, I'm Jeff," the man says to me. I'm speechless for several seconds.

"Um, what ARE you?"

"I'm a man. I'm three inches tall, as far as I can guess."

"Have you always been three inches tall?" I ask.

"No, I haven't. Something in here shrank us, and I was just so happy to see

anyone who wasn't shrunken, well, I got a little carried away." Even at his tiny

size, I could see him blushing.

"Are you in danger? Am I in danger? I don't want to shrink! No offense."

"None taken," Jeff answered. "So far, everyone else who has shrunken is male,

and we all shrank very quickly after entering this room. A beam from the mirror

hit us and we shrank." Jeff pointed at a large mirror on the back wall.

"Apparently whoever is doing this can only shrink men, which is good for us."

"I guess this shrink ray is not like in that movie with Rick Moranis where he

shrinks his kids. Otherwise, I'd be sharing small talk with you," I pun.

"Hey, that was not very nice, or very funny. Short men can be sensitive, you

know," Jeff jokes.

"You keep saying 'we' and 'us'. Are there others?" I ask.

"Yes there are. Come out guys, I told you she wasn't the one," Jeff shouts at

the furniture. He turns back to me. "We figure that whoever set up this trap

will come and pick up the prey, so to speak. The others were afraid you were the

hunter." As Jeff speaks, several three inch tall men come out from under the


However, one quiet voice comes from the far end of the room. "Oh no, you're not

tricking me!" he states.

"Look," I reason, "what if another woman comes in her and wants to hurt you? You

better come to me." Another shrunken man appears on the floor.

I gently pick up Jeff, the nearest man. "Ok, Jeff, I have jean pockets and shirt

pockets and a big bag purse. Where would you like to ride?"

Jeff hesitates. "Look, I'm in a hurry here!" I think he must be overwhelmed by

this new experience. I think it would overwhelm me to be naked in someone's

hand! He's so soft and warm.

Jeff finally finds his voice. "I-in your sh-sh-shirt pocket." I drop Jeff

unceremoniously in my right shirt pocket. As I do so, I see that the last man to

reveal himself looks very nervous and slows his progress considerably. He covers

himself out of modesty.

"I'm Frank, and I want to know if your jeans are as tight as they look," asks

one man.

"Excuse me?" I marvel at this man's forward demeanor.

"That is, I'd like to ride in one of your jeans pockets, if I won't get crushed.

That is, if it's OK with you."

"Well, I think you would be fine." I pick up the man, and give him a slight

squeeze. "But, you better be more careful about your attitude, Frank." I slip

Frank into a back pocket.

A third small man approaches my pumps. "I'm Greg. I - I can't believe I'm

telling you this, but I also can't believe I'm three inches tall. I've always

liked these kind of shoes. Is there a way I could ride in here?" Greg taps on

the point of my right shoe.

"Actually, my left foot is a little smaller, so there's more room in the other

shoe." I kick off the shoe, leaving it standing. Greg cannot get enough grip to

climb inside. "Watch out, little man!" I push the pump over with my toes. Greg

crawls into the shoe, and I push it back upright. "Ready?"

"Ready!" Greg announces. I slip my foot in, and can barely feel him at the tip

of my toes.

The final man finally arrives in front of me. "And, who are you?"

"I'm Tom. Are you sure you didn't do this to us?"

"I don't know what happened to you, but I'll protect you. I'll make sure you are

not hurt. Now, would like to ride in my shirt pocket?" I pick Tom up and begin

to put him in my right shirt pocket. As I pick him up, I notice his crotch is

very warm; I think he is getting off on this situation, but I have to take care

of him.

"Uh, yes I would."

I announce to the men, "We are ready to go. I would take you right home, but I'm

late to go shopping at Victoria Secret." I hear shouts from all the men. "I'm

sorry; I didn't plan to find shrunken men today, so you'll have to bear with me.

I'm just trying to help!"


I quickly walk to the nearby mall to meet Lisa. As I walk, Greg is playing with

my toes. But, he starts stroking my toes more softly, and eventually I cannot

feel him any more. Frank and Tom keep bouncing into my breasts; I cannot tell if

they are being pummeled, or if they are intentially swinging into me. However, I

can feel my flesh begin to warm from the rubbing, and it is exciting me. I can't

let Lisa see that I'm excited, though.

Lisa announces, "Seventeen mintues late. You're getting worse every time!"

"I'm sorry -- I am trying to get better about that."

"Here, try these on." Lisa tosses two bras and some panties at me; I dive to

catch them. I carefully remove my shirt. However, as I do so, I feel Jeff tug at

my nipple as the fabric leaves my breast. I can't believe these men are so

aggressive! They are lucky I found them, and not someone else. After I finally

detach Jeff from my breast and hang the shirt and two men on the hook. I take

off my bra.

I try on the first bra; it's black satin. "I can't tell if the cup is small

enough" I think to myself. I get an idea on how to check it. I take Frank from

my back pocket and ask him, "Will you check the fit of this bra for me?"

"S-s-sure; how can I do that?"

I unclasp the bra and place Frank in one cup. "I think you'll be able to tell

this way." I pull the bra over my breasts and reclasp it. "Now try to wiggle."

Frank moves quite freely. "Yes, there's plenty of room for me in here, so this

must be too big." He begins kicking his feet into my breast; this just gets me

more excited.

Lisa reenters the booth, and I'm afraid she may see Frank. "Lisa, could you get

me another one of these? It says it's C, but I think it's D."

"Hey, what's that bump under your breast?"

"Yeah, that's another reason I want another. This one just does not seem right."

"Well," Lisa says, "you seem to be enjoying it quite a lot!" She stares at my

hardened nipples.

"It's just cold in here, that's all. I think they do it on purpose, to make the

bras look more provocative." I hope she'll buy it.

"Uh, yeah, whatever." Lisa stomps out of the booth, obviously thinking that I'm

lying to her.

"Frank, you STOP THAT NOW!" I hiss. I pull Frank out of the bra by his arm.

"You're going to hurt me! Be careful!"

"You be careful too," I warn. "I'm trying to protect you, but with you guys

feeling me up, Lisa's getting suspicious. Just lay low, OK?" I put Frank back in

my back pocket.

Lisa returns with two bras. "I thought the other looked so good on you, and you

enjoyed it so much, I'd try it too. There are no other booths open right now, so

can we share?" I nod and begin putting the bra on. "I can't tell without a

blouse," Lisa says as she grabs for my blouse.

Tom realizes the severity of the situation, and remains perfectly still. Lisa

says, "I need to check how this would look in a tight blouse, not a loose one

like yours." Frank begins to massage and rub Lisa's breast. She pulls the extra

fabric around to her back, which causes her breasts to push on the pockets. She

starts checking to see if it shows through the blouse. "What do you have in your

pockets, Sue?"

"Oh, some old army men." Luckily, I do have some army men in my front jeans


"Why do you have old army men?"

"Well, I saw Toy Story with my nieces and nephews, and thought I'd get them some

toys from the movie."

"And, why are they MOVING!" Lisa pulls the shirt from her body in terror. I palm

an army man, grab the blouse, and pretend to pull the army man from a blouse

pocket. "See, they're just army men. They must just be jiggling around."

"Oh, OK, but I swear I felt ..." Lisa stammers.

I hear Frank yelling, "Lisa, take us away! We're shrunken men! We want to meet

you!" I squeeze Frank between my cheek and the wall, effectively silencing him.

"Look," I say, " the bra fits me well, and it looks great on you." Lisa has a

distant look in her eyes.

Lisa says, "Huh?"

I say, "Did you have some panties you wanted to try?"

Lisa looks very distracted.


"Oh, yeah. Yeah. No," Lisa says, "I don't have time right now."

For some reason, I can smell Lisa's scent. I realize that she is really horny

right now. I figure that the nasty men must have aroused her. "OK," I say, as I

continue to try to knock the wind out of Frank, "I gotta go too."

"Lisa was really getting very horny in there" I think to myself. "She kinda got

me going, too, along with these men. But, Bill's out of town. I guess I'll have

to satisfy myself today."

I go to the restroom in the mall to rearrange my men. I pull the men out of my

blouse pockets and place them on the toilet paper holder. I pull Frank from my

back pocket and put him on the holder also. "You were very bad, Frank!" Frank

snickers at me.

I remove my left shoe, but Greg does not come out. I lift the shoe to eye level,

but I don't see Greg inside. I check the other shoe, but I just cannot find

Greg. I resign myself to being more careful with these fragile, tiny men.

I whisper to the men, "Eric, you keep Frank in line. Tom, since you've been so

good, you get a pocket to yourself."

"Where's Greg?" Tom asks.

"I - I don't know, really. He's not in my shoe any more. I don't think he could

have fallen out, so I just don't know. But, I'm going to keep all you where I

can keep better account of you."

"You better be careful!" Tom hollers as I drop all three men into blouse

pockets, so that I can drive home.


I arrive home, unlock the door, drop the mail on the table, and walk back to my

bedroom. I take my blouse off and fish the men out. I put them on my dresser.

"I'll have to get arrangements for you later. I'm not sure how long you'll be

with me. Do you know?" I ask.

The three men stare at me blankly.

"Do you know who's office you were in when I found you?" The men shake their

heads. "Should I get you back to your families sometime? Or do none of you have


"Actually," Jeff states, "we can't remember anything before entering that

office. Nothing about our lives, not why we were there, nothing."

"Nothing?" I ask. "The radiation must have affected your memories. I guess that

makes the answer to my question pretty simple. Although, I hate to think about

people out there looking for you. Do any of you have to use the 'little boys

room'?" I giggle.

Jeff shakes his head no.

"I'm fine," says Tom.

"Well, my bladder is about to burst!" announces Frank.

I pick up Frank. "Thanks for sharing with us all, Frank." I put him onto the

toilet seat. "Please be careful; I don't want to have to fish you out. I'll give

you a few minutes."

While Frank takes care of his business, I pull a bra from a drawer and place it

next to the men. "Here, this should be comfortable for sitting." I go to the

linen closet and grab a towel.

I go back to the bathroom. As I enter, Frank is zipping up his pants. "All

done?" I pick up Frank and take him back to the dresser. "Now, I'm going to take

a shower. You guys try to stay out of trouble, OK?"

The men nod. I go into the bathroom and close the door. I strip off my clothes,

crack the door, and throw them onto my bed. As I get the water running, I hear

the front door open. I put on my bathrobe and open the bathroom door, to see

Lisa leaving the bedroom with my blouse!

"Lisa?!? What ARE you doing?"

"Sue, I'm sorry, but I've got to have what's in your blouse. Whatever it is, it

got me so aroused in the store, I just can't stop thinking about it!"

"Well, since one of them really wanted to meet you, I'll introduce you."

"Introduce?" Lisa asks.

"Meet Eric, Tom, and ... where's Frank!?!"

Lisa exclaims, "Oh my god! Tiny men! What are they?" Just as she finishes

talking, Lisa begins swaying, and then she collapses.

"Great, Lisa's fainted, and Frank, I guess, has shrunken to nothing! Did either

of you see him shrink?"

"I didn't see him. He was just walking around the dresser before Lisa came in."

Tom says.

As I walk toward the dresser, I notice Tom looks a little smaller than Jeff. "I

hate to say this, but Tom, I think you're shrinking again."

Tom looks at Jeff and realizes he's smaller. "Oh no! I don't want to disappear!"

As Tom speaks, I also notice that he has an erection. "What's that for?" I ask.

"I couldn't help but admire your breasts and figure. Your robe has fallen open."

"You've been so good, Tom, I want to reward you before you disappear." I pick up

Tom and look at Jeff. "It wouldn't be fair to leave you out, Jeff." I pick up

Jeff in the other hand. I lay back on my bed and pull my robe open, so that it

drapes over the bed. I place Eric on my left breast. "Jeff, have fun!"

"OK, I will! Count on it!" Jeff caresses my breast at the nipple.

I carefully cradle Tom in my right hand. I rub him and his member against my

right nipple. As I press him down, Tom begins to buck against my breast. Eric

sees this, and he begins to buck and hump too. Tom has obviously been excited

for a while, since he comes after just a minute or two. As Tom climaxes, he

grows from 4" to 6", his height when I found him. Tom then collapses on my right


"Well, there's one problem solved. If you come, you grow back!" I glance over at

Lisa, and I see Frank running toward her. I realize he must have climbed down

the lamp cord behind the dresser when he saw Lisa come in. He must REALLY want

to meet her. I lose sight of him as he wiggles under her waistband.


As Frank passes into Lisa's jeans, he realizes that she is not wearing any

panties; that's probably why her scent was so obvious earlier. He begins

tangling himself in Lisa's pubic hair. Soon, he finds himself soaked with her

juices; he finds sweats profusely because of Lisa's warmth.

Frank decides to have some fun. He works himself free, and finds Lisa's

clitoris. He straddles the giant fleshly member and uses his thighs to squeeze

and massage it. First his thighs, then his whole body gets a second coat of

Lisa's juices. As he works, Frank realizes that he must be careful; Lisa might

crush him by pressing her legs together. Lisa's juices begin to get thicker.

They become thick enough that Frank finds it harder and harder to move.

Frank has excited himself quite a bit now, so he decides to hump Lisa's

clitoris. He must pull himself very strongly with his arms to maintain his

rhythm. As he works, he rearranges himself several times.

Suddenly Frank realizes that he's holding onto Lisa's clitoris. He stops for a

moment. "That's impossible," he thinks, "her knob fits between my legs nicely."

As he ponders the situation, he feels the top of Lisa's clitoris slipping away

from him. However, his feet are also sliding up her flesh. "I'm still

shrinking!" he realizes. He tries to pull away from Lisa; but, Lisa's juices are

very thick now, and he cannot get leverage to free himself from her mucous. Lisa

is half-conscious, and is now fingering herself, just barely missing Frank at

first, and missing him more and more as time goes on. Frank gets hornier by the

second, but cannot do anything to fulfill his needs. Just as Frank passes one

sixteenth of an inch tall, he decides to scream for help. Unfortunately, Lisa

climaxes at the same time. She begins to awake as Frank becomes too small for

her to see or feel him.


As I look back at Eric, I can see him shrinking on my breast. It's very slow,

but I see his size change. Eric's eyes show some fear as I appear to grow under


Eric appears to be about two inches tall. "Eric, I think if you climax you'll

grow back. Hurry!" I realize that this is probably not the best approach. "Oops,

not to give you any pressure or anything; but, Eric, you MUST COME! Can you?"

Eric asks,"Can you help me Sue? I don't have enough lubrication, and I may

disappear soon!"

I wipe my fingers over and into my pussy. Then, I smear my wetness next to and

over Eric's tiny body. Very soon after, Eric explodes onto my breast. Eric

expands like a rubber band back to his previous 6" size. His semen combined with

my excitement over seeing him bounce back cause me to have a mini-orgasm.

As my orgasm ends, I see Tom's and Eric's sperm have gone through a strange

change. The sperm has returned to the size it would have been if Eric and Tom

were not shrunken to six inches tall. I sample each for taste. "Hey guys, check

this out," I say, as I drop each into his puddle. As the men work to free

themselves from the puddles, they look like the Greek wrestlers, who would oil

themselves, or like bodybuilders. I have always liked like that look. "Hey,

cover yourselves with that stuff, and I'll let you play somewhere a little

wetter and warmer next time." Eric and Tom look at each other, and realize that

they do not want to miss out next time. They begin rubbing themselves with their

own seed.

Lisa finally wakes up completely. She awakes to find me on the bed, undressed.

She remembers about the shrunken men when she sees Tom and Eric doing a Hans and

Frans imitation, complete with hardons. Lisa says, "I can't believe it worked!"

"What worked?" I ask.

"I was working on a machine to do this, but my company said all work was

cancelled. I guess they just did not want anyone to know that it was finished!

Where did you find them, Sue?"

I reply, "Over at the strip mall near the big mall. There were more, but..."

"But what?"

"I think they shrank away."

"That was one of the problems that we never could solve." Lisa looks nervously

at Tom and Eric. "I'm sorry, but it looks like you two will disappear in 12

hours, probably less."

"But, they have already shrunk smaller and gotten back to six inches tall. I

found the solution! If they come, they return to 6" size!"

Tom points out that men can come basically on command. "In fact, I'll prove it

now!" Tom strokes himself for several minutes. He's rock-hard, and right on the

edge, but cannot seem to put himself over the edge.

"Let me try," I say, as I reach a hand to Tom. As my finger brushes Tom's hardon,

he comes. Tom sighs in exstacy.

"So, "Lisa says, "it looks like female contact is now required for these

shrunken men to reach orgasm!"

"And," I add, "orgasm prevents them from shrinking further."

Lisa says with a wink, " I guess we will have to make sure they don't


Giantess Stories: The Office Visit by Sue Walters    I decided to suprise Lisa and meet her at her new office

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