Giantess Stories: The Party

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The Party




Jared and his girlfriend Dana walked into the Runsfold

house. They looked around in a bit of awe at the lavishly decorated home. Jared

gave his girlfriend a kiss as they were led into the main room where they saw

Mr. and Mrs. Blake.

           Mark had known Mr. and Mrs. Blake for years, his

parents work for the same company but a few years ago his dad got a promotion

and his family moved to Atlanta while he stayed here in Los Angeles and went to


“I was a bit surprised that you called me Mr. Blake”

”Yes well, I couldn't think of a person more responsible then you”


“Why thank you, I appreciate that you think so highly of me



           Truth be told Jared who was now 26 and his

girlfriend Dana 25 were exactly everything that Mr. and Mrs. Runsfold thought

they were. They were both over achieving students who excelled in there studies

but at they also didn't have a whole lot of fun. So when Mr. and Mrs. Runsfold

asked them to watch the house and keep and eye on there two daughters Nicole who

was 16 and Dana who was 15 they couldn't say no. Especially after seeing how

much they were getting paid.


           That was almost a week ago and here Jared and

Dana were standing in the doorway as Mr and Mrs. Runsfold were getting ready to



“Daddy, we don't need babysitters. I am 16 and Dana is 15”


“Well, if you girls would have shown us a bit more

responsibility maybe we wouldn't have needed to go to this extreme but if you

act like babies we will treat you like babies”


Both girls rolled there eyes as there parents left leaving

us with both of them. They scowled at us and flipped there hair at us and ran

upstairs. We both smiled as we walked up to the guest room where we put our

things down. As we began to unpack we both started to feel hotter and hotter.

Just walking back and forth from the suitcase to the closet seems to be a lot

more strenuous, then Jared and Dana passed out on the floor sweating profusely.


           I awoke and I felt perfectly fine. I spun around

looking for Dana. I thought she would be hovering over me like she always does

if I am sick. I looked to my right then my left and I saw her passed out. I ran

over to her not yet realizing what was going on around me. I picked up her head

as she started to stir.


“baby, come on baby wake up”


“Jared?” Dana replies groggily.

“Yeah baby its me, I'm here are you alright?”


“Yeah, I saw you pass out and I was so scared. I was going

to go over to you but then I feinted.” Breathlessly replies Dana.


“I'm okay, but where are we?”


           I helped Dana up and we both look around

dumbfounded as the door swings open. We both gulp as two feet the size of large

houses slam down what looks to be a bit less then a mile away. We stare in awe

looking up into the air unable to comprehend what is going on.


“NICOLE IT WORKED” Dana's voice engulfed the world around

both Dana and Jared. The voice sounded like a garbled unintelligent mess as they

continued to stare in awe of what and who was before them.


“It's the girls Jared, It's the girls. They are huge. We

have to get there help.” Anxiously shouts Dana


“Just what the hell happened to us? How small are we Beck?

I can't even understand what they are saying.” Nervously says Jared.


           I grabbed Dana's arm and we began running

towards the nightstand. She was shouting something about trying to run towards

the girls but I was having none of that. I knew there was no guarantee that they

would see us if we ran towards them. I don't know how I knew but I knew.


As we scurried under the

nightstand we dropped to the floor gasping for breathe. Both of our heads turned

towards the giant girl before us. We looked out as she approached our clothes.

She began to grab Dana's clothes when the second giant walked in. She was even

taller then the first. My eyes were glued to her body as she lifted  her leg

into the air. It would glide up into the air with the gracefulness of a bird, Green Day - 21 guns

then plummet to the floor. As the foot crashed into the carpet it flattened

anything and everything under it. I watched her foot conform to the ground that

was under it. Her toes flexed upwards into the sky and then smushed into the

ground. Her muscles bulged as her weight settled and shifted then the opposite

foot would lift up gracefully and soar through the air. The process was flawless

it was like watching the ballet with each dancer doing there part, moving

gracefully and freely yet so precise and timed. As she lifted her foot up both

Dana and I watched, the carpet was completely flattened where she had just

stepped. The carpet slowly began to pull itself back together.


“How are we going to get there attention by hiding under

here, we should be going towards them.” Angrily shouts Dana.


“Look at us, we aren't even taller then the carpet and

these girls are look to be hundreds of feet tall. Do you really think they would

see us?”


“Well we can't just keep hiding from them? I don't exactly

plan on living the rest of my life like this Jared. Where would we live? What

would we eat?” passionately replies Dana.


“I don't know, I don't have the answers but I do know if we

just run towards them the only thing that will happen is that we will get

smashed to death. We need to get there attention but when we can safely do so.”


“You're right, you're right, Lets just wait till they leave

then and we can head to where?”


“I don't know, lets just work on getting out of here



           The girls began to pick up our clothes and toss

them back into our suitcases. I couldn't believe how heavy our clothes even

looked and they just tossed them in one fluid motion into the suitcase.










“I wish I could understand what they are saying. There

voices are just too damn loud.”




           Dana and I watched the two girls walk out of the

room. I was a bit frightened by there size and how carelessly they walked about

the room. I tried to hide my fears on how easily they could kills us but I think

Dana knew herself how fragile our lives have become.


           As soon as they were out the door Dana was

already standing and motioning for me to hurry up. I slowly picked myself up off

the ground looked towards the door. At our current size it had to be a good ten

to twenty mile trek I would estimate. As we began to walk I found it quite

awkward being shorter then the carpet. The carpet strands towered above us like

trees. This simple guest room was becoming more and more like a jungle.


           We spent the better part of an hour walking in

silence with Dana leading the way. It wasn't until we heard some rustling that

we both stopped and looked at each other. It was then we saw it. It was the

largest ant that I had ever seen. It looked more like a horse then an ant, as it

plodded its way towards us. Dana ran towards me grabbing me in fear. I looked

around nervously looking for a weapon of some sort but there was nothing that I

could make out. The ant grew closer and closer and began to look more and more

menacing. In its mouth was carrying a piece of bread. Our mouths salivated as

the ant looked at us, however it didn't seem threatened. It merely continued

about its way.


“Are you alright?” I said as I brushed the hair out of her

eyes and gave her a long passionate kiss.


“Yeah, of course it's not like I was scared or something.

It just caught me off guard is all, its not everyday you see a giant ant you

know.” Cockily says Dana.


“Yeah of course, why would you be scared.” I say

skeptically as Dana pushes me away and starts walking again.

Giantess Stories: The Party

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