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The Peeping Tom Thumb (The Atom)

By Dreamtales

Ray Palmer (the Atom) came home from work to his empty apartment. As he changed

into his superhero uniform, he lamented his lack of success with women over the

past year. Why did he have to be a 6 inch superhero? he wondered for the n'th

time. Why couldn't he be like Superman, Batman, or even Green Lantern? They

seemed to get all the babes. What girl wanted a dildo-sized man?

As he turned the knob on his utility bet and began to shrink, he bemoaned his

luck with women. As the room grew around the now miniature superhero, he took a

few deep breaths, quieting the brief feelings of inferiority and helplessness

that usually accompanied his transformation. Finally, shrunk to his "normal" of

6 inches, he leapt to the windowsill and jumped out into he evening stillness.

Outside, he floated through the air, nearly weightless and skimming the top of

the trees. He was on the way to a meeting of the Justice League of America.

Normally he would shrink down to atomic size and travel through the phone line

at the speed of light, but this evening he had some extra time to kill. He loved

to float through the air, weightless at his "normal" height of 6 inches tall.

Except for the occasional hazard of aggressive birds, coasting on the breeze and

enjoying the view was his favorite way to relax.

He came to the edge of the forest, and saw up ahead the beginning of a suburban

development, the house lights glowing in the twilight. As he flew by the houses

he was fascinated to look in the windows of the upper floors. As he floated by,

he viewed the different vignettes in the window frames - a couple watching

television, a child playing with toys, an incredibly sexy naked woman gyrating

before a mirror...

What? Woa, wait a minute! thought Ray. What the heck was that?

He quickly turned up his weight changing knob on his utility belt and dropped to

the ground. Then he turned it down to weightless again so that he could hop back

up the window for a better look.

And what a view!

My God! thought Ray. At 6 inches tall, he peeked over the edge of the window

pane into the room. Inside, a young strawberry blonde with an incredibly

curvaceous figure stood grinding her hips before a mirror. Ray stared open

mouthed as the sultry vixen fluffed her hair and struck pose after cheescake

pose. His eyes hungrily drank in her magnificent full breasts, her slim waist

and flat stomach, the lovely curve of her hips and beautiful ass. She was the

sexiest creature he had ever seen, and here she was, stark naked and playing it

up for all she was worth in front of a full length mirror!

Ray couldn't believe his luck - good thing he had an extra hour to spare!

As he stared, he couldn't get over his strong visceral reaction to her lush

body. When he had first started shrinking, several years ago, he had similar

reactions to seeing giant women, but he thought he had gotten over it

(especially after a year of sitting on Wonder Woman's shoulder!). But here he

was almost physically incapacitated as he viewed the giant woman in her erotic


The window was open just a crack, and Ray shrank down to about 1/2" tall and

scampered through the opening. As he entered the room, he took care to stay

extra tiny so that he wouldn't be discovered.

But inside, his ultra tiny size distorted his perspective, so the woman just

seemed like a vast shapeless giant figure. He took a chance and decided to

return to his 6" size to get a better view. He watched, spellbound, for a few

more minutes until the woman at last stopped her show, threw on a robe, and sat

at her dressing table.


Lauren stood before the full length mirror, eyeing herself critically. Perfect!

she smiled. She was thrilled at her figure - 36" breasts, with a slim 24" waist

and pert 35" behind. What other 17 year old girl in the neighborhood - in the

state! had this great a figure? She loved to wriggle and pose for herself,

pretending to be a Playboy centerfold.

And with her knockout figure and pretty face, she could definitely make a great

Playmate! She had been toying with the idea of sending in her picture, but knew

that her Mom would kill her if she ever found out.

Lauren loved her sexuality and even more enjoyed the effect it had on the

opposite sex. Even when she first went into puberty she was able to see the

effect on the boys in her class. After several years and ever increasing

hormones, she had learned to wield her body expertly. Now her favorite pastime

was causing reactions from grownups. She loved the attention lavished on her by

older men who had just a few years before been august figures of authority in

her life - school teachers, principals, policemen, even her parents' friends.

She chuckled as she thought of prim Mrs. Jones, the school guidance counselor,

who had given her a "little talk" at the beginning of the school year. Telling

Lauren she was "more developed than the other girls," she had given her a

special dress code - no unbuttoned blouses, no tight tank tops, and suggesting

she wear loose clothes and that her hair be pulled back in a neat pony tail! But

even these measures were not enough to reign in her budding sexuality or stifle

her effect on every male in the school.

But the evening was her special time, when in the privacy of her bedroom she

could let her hair down and give full vent to her extroverted sexual nature. As

she finished her primping and posing before the mirror, she threw on a robe and

sat at her dressing table to ready herself for bed.

Picking up the hand mirror to check her flawless face, she was startled to see

the reflection of a man behind her! Shrieking and dropping the mirror, she

turned to see a little 6 inch tall man standing on the window sill!

She instantly hopped to her feet, instinctively covering herself with her hands,

although her robe was not that revealing. "W-who are you? What are y-you doing

in my bedroom?" she demanded.

Ray Palmer froze. Shit! I've really blown it this time, he thought. For a second

he hesitated as he considered his options. If he turned and ran, she could

report the case and definitely incriminate him - after all, how many six inch

tall costumed men are there? He could deny her story, but it would be her word

against his, and he definitely didn't need the adverse publicity. On the other

hand, if he stayed he might be able to convince her to forget the whole thing.

As he stood thinking, Lauren quickly strode across the room and slammed the

window shut, cutting off his escape. Now over her initial shock and clearly

angry, she lowered her huge lovely face to his level and boomed "I said who are

you and what the fuck are you doing in my room?"

Ray was startled by the strong reaction, and equally shocked to see how

obviously young the colossal beauty was "I-I'm sorry, Miss. I didn't mean to..."

"Wait a minute." She said, looking at him closely, "I know you. You're that Atom

guy! The one that sits on Wonder Woman's shoulder in the Justice League of


"Er, yeah, that's me. Look, I ..." he tried to explain.

"Why you fucking little perv! How dare you sneak into a young girl's bedroom!"

She hesitated for a moment, then, opening her mouth in shock with a sudden

realization, "Hey! How long have you been standing there?"

"Look, Miss, I'm really sorry. It's just a mistake, OK?" he pleaded.

"You bet its a mistake, small fry!" she shouted. Then, reaching down to grab the

miniature superhero by the waist, she raised him to eye level and demanded,

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't turn your tiny butt in!"

Staring up at the huge beautiful angry face, Ray was really worried. It wasn't

so much that his tiny body was held in the grasp of her giant fingers - he had

been in worse situations before and survived easily. After all, he did have

super powers - enough strength to easily break her grasp, or the ability to

shrink right out of her grip. What really worried him was what she could do to

his reputation. He could just see it in the papers - The Peeping Tom Thumb! He'd

be bounced out of the Legion for sure!

"Look, please, just calm down and let me explain." he begged.

She set him down on her dresser and stood over him with her hands on her hips.

"OK, little guy. I'd like to hear your explanation. Let me guess - you mistook

me for Wonder Woman, right?"

Looking up at the girl with the woman's body and teenager's face glowering down

at him he was still amazed at how seductive she was, and the effect she had on

his little body even now, wearing her full robe. He found it hard to take his

mind away from her body, although he desperately needed to concentrate on the

situation. God, she was a fox! he thought wildly.

He decided to throw himself on her mercy. "H-hey, you're right. There's really

no excuse. I was attracted to you and couldn't help myself. I'm really sorry."

He paused, "I'd do anything to make it up to you."

Her curiosity was piqued, "Anything?" she repeated, raising her eyebrows and

crossing her arms in front of her ample breasts. "Hmmm...", thought Laura. She'd

always loved being in control of guys, and had especially fantasized about

shrinking men down to tiny size. This could be a golden opportunity if it was

handled well...

Ray noticed the sudden change coming over the giantesses' attitude. After a

thoughtful pause, she leaned over him with renewed interest. "Alright. It's a

deal." she smiled, "Now start by showing me how your little shrinker device


"W-what?" Ray exclaimed, shocked.

"You heard me. I want you to show me the works - how you shrink, change weights,

grow, keep your normal strength, everything." she paused to tap his tiny chest

with her huge Finger, "unless you want me to let everyone know how the Atom

spies on defenseless young girls!"

Shit and shit again! thought Ray. Checkmate! He admired her savvy - not only was

she beautiful and sexy, but the teenage siren had brains too!

Part 2

Outmaneuvered, the Atom showed Lauren everything about how his utility belt

worked. She sat down in her dresser chair and leaned forward over him, listening

intently as he showed her the size and weight control knobs, and how to use them

to control people's size and weight. To try to get her sympathy, he even told

her how he was really Ray Palmer, a 27 year old lab technician who moonlighted

as the Atom, how he used the remarkable belt to create his amazing powers.

Looking closely at his tiny belt, she pointed a huge Finger at a small switch.

"What's this thing, Ray?" she asked.

"Hey, Lauren, don't touch that!" he shouted, alarmed. "That's what allows me to

keep my super strength when I'm small."

"You mean without that you'd just be a weak little six inch tall guy?" she

asked, smiling slightly, and reaching her finger towards the switch on his belt.

"No! I'm not kidding! Don't touch it!" he shouted, backing away. He was willing

to show her almost anything, but he couldn't let her take away his proportionate

strength - he'd be completely helpless before her! Normally the switch was

carefully hidden to avoid being activate accidentally, but he had the cover off

to show Lauren how the rest of the belt worked. He backed further away from the

young giantess, eager to keep her Finger from accidentally flicking the switch.

Lauren smiled down at little Ray, who was holding his little arms over his belt,

desperately trying to shield the small switch from her advancing hand. She knew

she needed to create some distraction to get him to drop his guard. With a

sudden burst of inspiration, she tore open the front of her robe, suddenly

revealing her huge naked pendulous breasts to the shocked mini man.

Simultaneously, she leaned forward to kiss his little face, her luscious lips

rounded in a huge O shape. "Ohhh, Ray!" She moaned, "I want you right now!"

The effect on little Ray was electric. The huge lips and giant breasts just

inches from his face seemed to completely fill his view! He gasped for breath

and stared helplessly at Lauren's sudden overwhelming seduction and her huge

perfect bosoms, frozen stiff by a combination of lust and awe.

Lauren quickly moved her hand across the table and flicked the little switch.

Before Ray could move to stop her, she pinned his tiny arms behind him with the

fingers of her other hand. Ray twisted and squirmed, but was now helpless to

escape her huge grasp!

"Well now, Ray" Lauren smiled down at the defenseless little figure before her, This is the only Dragon Ball character that can beat Beerus and it’s not Goku

as she closed the front of her robe, "things are really starting to get

interesting! Now, then..." She fingered his tiny belt, "Let's start by taking

off your little utility belt."

Ray vainly shouted in protest, but the huge giantess' fingers easily pulled the

belt free from his tiny struggling frame. Lauren dangled the miniature belt

before her eyes and broke into a huge grin. "Yes sir! I think I'll have a lot of

fun with this!" she said as she slid the belt over her middle finger, where it

resembled a small ring. She held her hand up before her face, admiring her new

jewelry with a giggle, "What do you think, Ray? Is it me?" She asked gaily.

As Lauren released Ray's arms from her grip he staggered forward. "No, please

give it back!" He pleaded. "That's enough! Please just let me go!"

Turning towards the small figure, Lauren smiled, "Enough? We've just started,

little Ray!" She giggled coyly as she leaned forward and lowered her huge face

until her chin was flat on the tabletop, sitting on her crossed hands. "Now it's

my turn to have a free show!" she grinned as her huge blue eyes looked at Ray


"W-what?" stammered Ray, "What kind of show are you talking about?"

"Silly" she teased, flicking his tiny crotch with a huge Finger, "You know. You

got to watch me naked. Now it's my turn!"

"N-no! You can't make me do that!" Ray pleaded. "That's not fair."

Again the sultry giantess laughed at the small comical figure before her. She

reached out towards him with a huge Hand "If you won't undress yourself, I guess

I'll just have to do it for you!"

"OK, OK!" He shouted. "You win! I'll undress - just give me a chance!" He

quickly climbed out of his tiny uniform, and stood before her in his miniature


"Keep going!" Lauren taunted, tapping his little rear with her finger. "I don't

think we're finished yet!" She paused, smiling at his small state of undress and

reaching her finger and thumb out for his shorts, threatening to pinch his tiny

manhood with her huge red painted fingernails. "Unless you want me to take these

off myself!"

Ray jumped at the sight of her huge red fingernails and drew back. "No! Here!

Look! I'm taking them off right now!" Lauren giggled as the little figure hopped

around frantically from one foot to the other as he took off the last of his


Finally, the miniature man was stark naked on the dresser, looking up at the

teenage giant. Lauren smiled lazily, her chin still sitting on the table, her

huge eyes contemplating the small form before her. "Hmmm.. You've got a cute

little bod. A bit on the small side, though." she giggled. "Now turn around..."

Helpless to resist, Ray did as he was told, and she eyed his smooth, hairless

back and rear. "Oh! A nice little tushy!" she poked his little rear, goosing him

and making Ray jump. "Just the way I like it!"

Lauren sat back in her chair and casually regarded her new ring. "Let's see. If

I point this at you and turn this little dial..."

Suddenly Ray shrank to half his height. Lauren raised an eyebrow at the now 3"

tall male nude. "Hey! It works!" she laughed.

Twisting the ring again, he shot up to 12" tall. "Hmmm... According to this

scale, that's your maximum height. Just about the right size for my Barbie

doll!" She peered over her hand at the now larger nude Ray, then at her Barbie

doll, sitting vacantly on the rear of her dresser. Then she beamed, "But I like

you best at your old size!" She twisted the ring again, and smiled as Ray once

again shot down to 6 inches tall. Lauren grinned down at the tiny man, now half

the size of her Barbie doll. Her body tingled, thrilled with the feeling of

power she got from toying with the little man.

"Stop it! pleaded Ray. "Please let me go! Y-you can't do this to me!"

"Oh can't I?" Grinned, Lauren, raising an eyebrow at the little figure. "It

looks like I can do almost anything I want with you!" she giggled. "Now let's

see..." She began to count to herself on her fingers. "I could shrink you to

microscopic size and no one would ever find you. Or shrink you to a half inch

tall and goosh you with my little finger. Or put you outside to fend for

yourself as a 6 inch tall naked man." she giggled at the thought, "Or, I could

take you to the police just like you are and tell them exactly what happened!"

She bent her huge face close to Ray and smiled, "You'd like that, wouldn't you!"

Ray was frantic, "N-no! You can't. You wouldn't!" He thought desperately for

something - anything! to save him from his predicament. Then it came to him,

"Yes! M-my belt has a tracer signal! If I don't check in with the Legion they'll

track me down! They'll find me here and rescue me!" He looked up at his huge

teenage captor, a small smile of hope on his face.

Lauren smiled down at the tiny man, "Poor little Ray. I thought you could do

better than that!" She paused, imagining the scene, "Now what should we tell

your super friends? That you were captured and rendered helpless by a big, bad

teenage girl?" Her eyebrows furrowed, "Hmmm... but how could you explain being

naked in my bedroom?" She shrugged and broke into a huge grin, "Well, we'll

figure something out!" she laughed. "Should I call them now?" she teased.

Ray stood looking up at her in shock. Damn! she was right! He'd be the

laughingstock of the Legion! He winced at the thought of the other superheroes

"rescuing" him from being rendered naked and helpless by a young girl!

Reluctantly, he showed her how to disconnect the tracer signal. His last hope of

salvation cut off, he resigned himself to be completely at the mercy of the

nubile young giantess!

He had fought many super villains before but never had he been so utterly

defeated. The teenager had outsmarted him each step of the way. Without his

super strength, she could overpower him with her little finger. Even his size

was under her control. And, worst of all, this teenage giant barely half his age

utterly dominated and intimidated him with her sexuality. She wielded it like a

loaded weapon. There should be a law against letting a girl that age have a body

like that, he thought.

The helplessness of his situation finally overwhelmed Ray. Completely overcome

by his feelings of frustration, he lost control and threw his tiny body against

the giant teenager, running to the edge of the dresser and pounding his tiny

fists against the huge expanse of her robe - the only part of her he could


Lauren beamed down at the tiny figure hitting her terrycloth robe and, smiling,

shook her head in amusement. She could hardly feel Ray's blows through the thick

robe, like a gentle tapping on her breasts. "Honestly, Ray! I expected more than

that!" she laughed. Lauren looked down at the tiny figure with a look of

amusement and pity on her face. "You poor little man! You still don't

understand, do you?" Idly, she lifted her hand and twisted the ring, reducing

the tiny frenzied nude figure to a minuscule 2 inches tall!

Then she leaned forward until her huge, upturned nose was almost touching the

tiny nude male figure. Her face lit up in a bright smile as her giant eyes

looked down on her tiny captive. "And now, for the best part!" she said


"W-what do you mean? What are you going to do with me?" Said Ray in a tiny

voice, as he looked up with a worried expression.

Lauren did not respond, but calmly sat back in her chair and regarded the little

distraught figure standing on her dresser. She concentrated on his feelings of

utter impotence, his complete powerlessness. Closing her eyes, she took a deep

breath, feeling an intense sexual charge come from deep inside her. Toying with

an adult man like Ray, utterly dominating him, had always been a fantasy of

hers. And now that it had come true with a vengeance, she was getting turned on

like never before!

Slowly, Lauren pulled her robe from her shoulders, first one then the other, to

once again reveal her naked torso. She cupped her breasts in her hands and

slowly massaged them in a circular motion, again and again. As her nipples

sprang erect, she pushed her chair back and stood, allowing the rest of her robe

to fall to the floor. As she began to slowly grind her hips in a languid dance,

she transferred her right hand to her crotch, and began to rhythmically knead

her vagina.

Tiny Ray was overwhelmed by the sight of the huge giantess' erotic undulation.

As he watched her immense fingers massage her huge vagina right before his eyes,

he felt at once a profound desire and  helplessness. Looking up at the colossal

breasts swaying above him he wanted more than anything to be able to reach up to

her, but at his tiny size it would be like scaling a ten story building! For

what seemed like an eternity, he stood looking up in awe, his body immobilized

by her breathtaking sensuality.

"Ohhh, Mmnnnn!" groaned Lauren, as she slowed her rhythmic thrusting. With a

supreme effort, she brought herself back from the brink and took her hand off of

her now wet clit. After a few deep breaths, she seemed to return from a far away

place, finally opening her eyes and once again smiling down at little Ray.

She placed her colossal hand on the dresser, still wet and pungent from her

masturbation, and gently ordered Ray to climb on board. Ray's heart raced as she

raised his tiny body up and up, past her gigantic vagina, the huge expanse of

her flat stomach, her mountainous breasts and erect nipples, her immense full

lips, finally stopping at her eye level. He was immediately drawn to the look in

her enormous blue eyes, which seemed to gaze half into the room and half to some

distant horizon. Ray found himself unable to look away from the giant orbs,

completely transfixed by her gaze.

"Now, little Ray, it's time for you to listen to me very carefully." Lauren

spoke slowly and deliberately in a deep, breathy voice, "I'm going to make your

dreams come true!"

She smiled for a moment at her helpless audience, then resumed her far away

look, "Look deep into my eyes, Ray. From this moment on, you will be my very own

sex slave. Your whole life, your very existence will be devoted to me. You are

completely obsessed with me, my body, my sexuality. And you will obey my every

whim, devote your tiny body to fulfilling my slightest desire."

The look in her eyes intensified as she continued, "From now on, you are no

longer Ray Palmer, no longer the Atom. You are my little Toy, and you exist only

to please me. When you came here today you left the outside world behind

forever. My bedroom is now your world, your universe, and I am the center of

that universe. You will never leave it again."

Then Lauren blinked her eyes, and her eyes, seeming to return from a great

distance, softened into a bright smile as she regarded the small figure in the

palm of her hand, "Do you understand me, my little Toy?"

Ray's miniature body stood in a trance, his gaze completely mesmerized by the

giantess' powerful hypnosis, "Y-yes." he finally said in a small voice, then

stood looking up at her in open mouthed wonder, awaiting her first command.

Lauren placed the tiny figure back on her dresser and leaned forward to place a

huge kiss on her mesmerized miniature Toy man. Picking up her Barbie doll and

placing her in a sitting position on the dresser, she ordered the little man to

climb up on her lap. "Now, Barbie, you take good care of my new little Toy!" she

giggled. Then she changed into a short nightie.

Moments later, as Lauren was finishing up brushing her teeth, a voice came from

out in the hall, "Lauren? Lauren, honey? Are you still up?"

Lauren casually called back "All right, Mom. I'm just getting ready for bed.

I'll only be a sec!"

The door opened and a Face peeked in, "Honey, it's late and you have school

tomorrow! What have you been doing?"

Lauren stood with her back to the dresser, hiding the tiny figure of her new toy

from her Mother's view. "Er, just playing with my dolls, Mom!"

Her Mother entered the room and gave Lauren a hug, "Honestly, dear! I didn't

think you still liked your dollies!" Then, kissing Lauren on the cheek and

looking at her fondly, "I'm glad to hear it. Look at you - you're growing up so

fast! I'm so happy you're still my little girl!"

"You bet, Mom!" said Lauren as she turned out the light, "I guess I'll never

outgrow my Toys!"

by Dreamtales Copyright February, 1997

Giantess Stories: The Peeping Tom Thumb

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