Giantess Stories: THE PEN By Steph      I should probably start out by telling you about myself

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By Steph

I should probably start out by telling you about myself. My name is Stephanie

and I recently turned 16. I think that I am rather pretty, having blond hair and

blue eyes, and I am about 5'9' tall with a thin build. Today I am wearing a blue

t-shirt and jeans. I also am wearing my favorite black pumps with a low heel.

Since I was in a hurry today, I decided not to wear socks with these flats.

School went by pretty slowly, and by the time I got home, I knew I wasn't ready

to face my family. So I decided to go for a walk along a nearby trail. As I

walked along a rarely used section, I saw a shiny object lying on the ground.

Bending down to pick it up, I noticed that it looked like an exotic type of pen.

Pressing the button caused a huge surprise as a beam of light shot out and hit a

bench that was 20 feet away. I watched in amazement as the bench began to

shrink. The beam of light disappeared, and the bench finished shrinking to about

2 inches in length. I immediately walked over to it.

I looked down at the small bench and had the feeling I was Godzilla. I lifted my

foot over it and stepped down, hearing a small crunch. A small peep also rang

out. Looking down, I noticed that on the left side of my shoe, there was a small

object wiggling. It was banging on the black leather side of my pump. I stepped

back and bent down to see a miniature man that must have shrunk too. He was a

little less than two inches tall, and I thought I had accidentally crushed his

leg when I stepped down.

I picked him up and took a good look at him. It turned out that he was fine, but

just a little shaken up. He was saying something, so I put him up to my ear to

see if I could hear.

'Please don't hurt me. I'll do anything.' He said.

I told him that I had no intention of hurting him, and I would return him to

normal as soon as possible. I set him back down on the ground and looked at him.

A tingle began inside me that was very hard to control. For some reason, I

wanted to feel what it was like to step on this man. He stood there looking

straight ahead at my shoe, waiting for me to return him to normal. I told him to

lie down so that he wouldn't fall when the transformation took place.

As soon as I saw him lying there, I lifted my black flat and placed it on top of

him. I wasn't really going to press down, since I just wanted to feel what it

was like to have this power. He began wiggling and squirming beneath my shoe

which began to turn me on. I could only barely feel it, and I knew I wanted to

feel more of it.

I picked my foot off of him, and he took off running. He didn't get far, as I

slowly removed my black pump and pushed him with my big toe. As soon as he fell

on his back, I placed my barefoot over him. He really began wiggling now. I

couldn't believe the amount of pleasure I was getting from simply feeling a man

struggling for his life beneath my sensitive sole.

It was at this point I realized that the air he was getting was probably not

that fresh. My barefoot had been encased in my pump all day, and was very sweaty

since it was a hot day. For some reason, this only enhanced my pleasure. The

thought that I could make him suffer in so many ways was intoxicating.

'Lick my foot.' I told him. Immediately, the tiny man began licking the

underside of my toes. I could only imagine what the smell and taste was like for

him, but at last I could take it no longer. The thought that my smelly foot was

the last thing he would feel, see, taste, and smell was too much. With a smile

on my face, I slowly switched my weight to my barefoot with the tiny man beneath

it. I felt him lick a little faster as he tried to please me, then he let out a

little peep. The last thing that happened was a small crunch as I crushed him

beneath my barefoot.

(***** Doug Wessel, 32 - Jogger *****)

I had been resting on a bench after jogging when suddenly everything got bright.

I felt very strange, and fell off the bench. The ground shook as my eyesight

returned, and there before me was a forest of giant grass. Looking back, I saw

the largest young woman ever created. She was dressed in a blue t-shirt and

jeans, but the thing I noticed most was her shoes. They were black leather

flats, and they were coming my way. I dove under the bench and hid. When the

ground stopped shaking, I peaked out. All I saw was the bottom of her giant shoe

coming down. I dove out just in time, as the bench crunched beneath her foot.

However, I was pinned under part of the shoe, and let out a scream. I began

pounding on the side of her leather shoe, when finally she noticed me. I was

stunned by the smoothness of her shoe, but also at the rate it moved away.

Her giant hand came down and picked me up, and I immediately started yelling for

her to put me down and put me back to normal. When she brought me up to her

face, I couldn't help but notice her pretty eyes and lips. The lips that could

easily swallow me whole. Suddenly, she brought me over to her ear, and I once

again yelled for her to please not hurt me, and to change me back.

'No problem.' She said, and placed me back down on the ground, right in front of

her right shoe.

All I could do was stare at the worn black leather of her shoe as I waited for

her to change me back.

'You should probably lie down, in case you get dizzy.' I heard her say. So I

laid down and looked up at this colossal girl. Without warning, she lifted her

foot up and brought it down on top of me. The weight was intense, and I

immediately began pounding on the underside of her shoe. I couldn't help but

notice the dirt and pebbles that had accumulated in the hard rubber of her pump.

Finally, she lifted her shoe and I wasted no time in running away from her.

Without looking back, I ran for all I was worth. Suddenly, however, I was pushed

hard from behind and tumbled to the ground. Landing on my back, I saw her bare

foot coming down for me. Everything slowed down as I noticed each wrinkle of her

sole, her long giant toes that were coming right for me, and most of all, the

smell that preceded the contact. As the ball of her foot made contact, I could

feel the smooth moist rubbery surface cover me. I could see up between her big

toe and second toe as she was smiling. For a moment, I thought that this might

only be a sick joke. The strong foot odor was horrible, and the sweat from her

toes soaked through my shirt in seconds.

'Lick my foot' I heard her call down. Without hesitation, I lifted my head and

began licking the sweat from the underside of her toes. I almost couldn't take

it, as the salty, smelly liquid was going down my throat. I couldn't believe

this teenager was humiliating me like this. Suddenly, the pressure began to

increase, and I thought that maybe I wasn't doing a good enough job. I began

licking her giant toes even faster, until the pressure became too much. I took

in my last breath, which was filled with the smell of this girl's foot, then

screamed as loud as I could. I couldn't believe that I was going to be crushed

like a bug beneath the soft smelly bare foot of a teen girl.

The pain is incredible, as the last thing I see is the underside of this girl's

toes. Everything goes red, then black, then nothing . . . Crunch.

(***** End Doug Wessel *****)

I must have stood there for five minutes as I savored that moment of power.

Looking down, I could see a little blood leaking out between my toes. I lifted

up my foot and saw that he was stuck to the bottom of it. I looked closer and

saw that his head was still intact and that he had a look of horror on his face.

Even his tongue was still sticking out a little. I wiped my foot on the grass

until it was clean, than put my shoe back on. I had to try this again.

Chapter 2

I went back home and called my friend Sara. She is a beautiful brunette, shorter

than I am, being only 5'2'. She is also rather preppy, having rich parents. I

told her to come over quick, since I had something very special to show her.

While I waited for her, I took off my right shoe and turned over my foot. I

looked closely at the sole, wondering what it must have been like to be slowly

crushed by it. It was so soft to touch, yet, I'm sure that the tiny man had a

different opinion.

I waited ten minutes for Sara to get there. She was dressed in tan pants and a

t-shirt. She was also wearing black leather ankle-boots. I told Sara all about

what happened, including the squishing of a tiny little man. However, I told her

it was an accident. She was amazed that I could do such a thing, but wondered

what it was like to feel a little man under her. I told her to wait here, and I

would be right back.

I went outside and walked towards school. It didn't take long to find an

unsuspecting person. His name was Rob, and he was a freshmen (as opposed to a

sophomore like myself and Sara). He was a classic nerd, spending most of his

time on a computer or playing in the chess club. I also knew that he had a crush

on Sara, but Sara always refused to do anything about it. She thought it was

kind of cute, but I thought it was disgusting.

I saw him coming down the sidewalk, and hid in an alley between two buildings.

As he was passing by, I called to him to come over, because I had an emergency

which only he could help with. As expected, he pulled his bike right into the

alley. With no one watching, I aimed the 'pen' at him and zapped him down to

about an inch and a half. Looking down at him, I really wanted to step on him

then and there, but I knew that it would be better for Sara to do it.

So I simply bent down and picked him up in my hand. At least I got some

satisfaction as I put my foot over his bike and crushed it into oblivion. I

quickly ran back to my house to have some fun with Rob and Sara. As soon as I

got back to my room, I had Sara sit down on my bed. I told Sara to close her

eyes and take off one of her boots. She hesitated slightly, but then closed her

eyes and took off her right boot. She was wearing knee-high nylons, which I knew

would really make someone suffer. I gently took Rob and placed him in her boot.

'You can put your boot back on, but do it carefully.' I said. I watched as she

slowly slid her nylon covered foot back into her boot. As soon as she got it on,

her eyes opened and she giggled a little.

'I can feel him wiggling around,' she said, 'I feel bad for him, though, since I

wore these nylons all day.'

I let her be fascinated for a while, but wanted her to taste what it was like to

kill a man. Especially since it was some nerd who had a crush on her. I told her

to place her foot on the ground and gently move it up and down. This would give

her a feeling of stepping on a man, without really killing him. To my

excitement, she did just that. She stood up and placed her booted foot on the

ground and began moving her sole up and down.

After a few minutes, I figured that the boy in her boot was running out of air

anyway, so I took matters into my own hand (or rather foot). I placed my foot

over Sara's to see what she would do.

'What are you doing?' she asked.

'Just accelerating the process,' I responded. At that point I began to press

down a little at a time. Sara looked a little surprised at first, but than she

relaxed. I pushed my foot all the way down on hers, than she got a strange look

on her face.

'I think he just squished,' she said.

(***** Rob Jenkins, 15 - Freshman *****)

I was coming home from school, when I saw Stephanie in an alley. She seemed

rather alarmed, and called me over. I thought that she was a rather bitchy

blond, but I knew she was also friends with Sara, so I went over. As soon as I

got near her, she pointed a silver object at me and a bright flash went off and

I fell over. When my eyes cleared, I as on my back looking up at the largest

thing I had ever seen. Stephanie must have been 250 feet tall and looked like

she could squash me without thinking. I watched as she bent down and picked me

up in her hand. It was very soft, but rather hot. I felt her running, as her

hand swung back and forth. Finally, she stopped, and I could only guess where I


I struggled in Stephanie's hand as she opened it to reveal a giant Sara sitting

there with her eyes closed. I had always had a crush on Sara, and I knew she

could help me out of this. Before I could yell, however, Stephanie put her

finger over my mouth. I watched in horror as Sara removed her black leather boot

that I saw her wearing earlier at school, and held it out. Stephanie than

lowered me into the darkness of the boot.

The air was warm and humid, but as I touched the insole of the boot, I found the

smell horrendous. The insole was very soft, but wet from Sara's foot, and I

couldn't really get a grip as I slid all the way down to the toe section. This

was such a surreal experience, since earlier in the day, Sara had walked by me

in these boots, and now I was sitting in the depression created by her toe. A

toe which was as big as I was. Suddenly, the boot began to move.

I watched the light slowly dim as the last thing I saw was Sara's nylon covered

toes move towards me. The boot tilted up slightly, and I found myself sliding

under Sara's toes. I almost threw up from the smell, but I still hoped that Sara

would never hurt me intentionally. I continued to push up and struggle against

the silky net, as I was now beneath the ball of her foot, hoping that she

wouldn't step down.

I then felt Sara lower her foot the floor, and her soft sole completely engulfed

me. I felt myself sink into the soft leather insole behind me and the moist

silky sole that belonged to Sara. There seemed to be no air, and I was beginning

to get very weak. Sara began applying pressure, then pulling it off. Again and

again, she would move her foot up and down, making it feel as soft as a pillow,

but then as suffocating as a heavy blanket.

Suddenly, the pressure began to increase even more as I heard Sara say

something, but couldn't make it out. I felt my ribs crack under her sweaty foot,

and I screamed. That was the last breath of bad air that I took, as the weight

steadily increased. There was nothing more I could do as I contemplated the fact

that I was being crushed inside the boot of a beautiful girl by her sweaty,

smelly nylon-covered foot. This was definitely a side to her I never would have

guessed. The pain is too intense . . . there is nothing more to do . . . Crunch.

(***** End Rob Jenkins *****)

Sara removed her boot and looked at the bottom of her foot. There was blood all

over her nylon, along with half of Rob. She seemed unconcerned as she used a

kleenex to wipe up her foot and the inside of her boot.

'Who was that anyway?' she inquired. I almost burst out laughing.

'Remember the freshman that had a crush on you?' I asked. 'Well, I think you

finally had a crush on him.'

'You mean Rob? How could you!' Sara exclaimed. She then turned her foot over and

looked at her nylon covered sole. I thought she was going to get really angry

for a moment, but then she smiled a little.

'At least he got to provide me with some pleasure before he left. It's too bad

that he had to die this way, though. I can't imagine what it was like confined

in my boot under my foot after an entire day at school,' she reflected. 'Oh,

well, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, I loved the feeling of

power. We must do this again.'

Chapter 3

We waited two weeks for school to let out before attempting anything again. It

was a Saturday when we went to the Mall. It was torture time again, and we

decided to dress for success. After that first day of fun, went out and bought a

pair of black soft soled moccasin boots, while Sara got some white low-heeled

leather pumps. Both of us had worn our shoes without socks for the past two

weeks, so we could really give our victims a little more fun.

As we went into the Mall, we began looking for some victims. It felt like we

were on a safari hunt. It didn't take us long to find our prey. It was a family

near the restrooms. There was more than enough, including some extra for fun. I

recognized the family as coming from the poorer section of town. There was the

mom and daughter, and dad and two sons. I knew one of the sons as a Junior at

our school named Jim Siever. The other one was a lot younger as a sixth grader

and I think was named Paul.

As expected, the guys came out of the restroom first, and after looking around,

I quickly walked up to them.

'Hi Stephanie, how are you?' I heard Jim say. With a quick wave, I reduced them

all to around an inch and a half. Even though Paul was only an inch. Standing

over their small forms gave me a huge rush, and Sara was already approaching and

looking like a cat that caught a mouse.

Using the toe of my boot, I pushed the two boys towards Sara and bent down to

pick up the Mr. Siever. I noticed that Sara bent down to pick up the two boys.

It was at this time that the mom and daughter came out. I saw that Sara wasted

no time and quickly dropped the boys into her shoes, since her bare heels had

come out of her pumps when she bent down. She then carefully stood up with the

boys pressed gently into the underside of her heels. All I could do was close my

hand around Mr. Siever and stand up.

'Hello Stephanie, have you seen my husband or sons?' Mrs. Siever asked. I told

her that I hadn't, and we all began a waiting game. I could feel my hand

sweating, and could only guess what it was like in Sara's shoes.

After ten minutes, Mrs. Siever asked, 'Could you watch Jennifer, while I go try

to find my husband?' I immediately answered yes.

As Mrs. Siever left, I told Jennifer that she had really nice sandals on. I bent

down to look at them, and she lifted her foot out of it so show me. I looked at

it briefly, then began putting it back on her foot. However, before it was all

the way on, I pushed Mr. Siever inside. I kept my hand on her sandal, and gently

applied pressure to her little foot. I could just see Mr. Siever's little head

turned the side as it was slowly being squished by his daughter's heel, as he

began to struggle intensely. I gave him a smile and a wink as I continued to

push the sandal onto Jennifer's foot. I watched as his head turned purple, then

disappeared beneath her heel. I second later, Jennifer gave a little giggle, and

I saw blood spurt out.

I quickly put down her foot and said it looked like she stepped on a ketchup

packet. I wasted no time in wiping it up with a tissue I had in my purse.

(***** Mr. Henry Siever, 37 - Businessman *****)

I had just come out of the bathroom when a girl approached. My son greeted her,

but then everything flashed with a bright light. The ground moved as my sight

began to return. In front of me was a huge black wall. I watched as it moved

quickly and pushed my sons away from me towards two giant white pumps. The whole

thing was incredibly overwhelming. I looked up in time to see a very pretty

girl's hand close around me. I thought I heard my wife's voice, but I could make

out what was being said. I waited and it began to get incredibly hot in this

girl's hand. I felt her moving around, and finally, her hand opened up and I was

set onto a rubber surface. All I could see looking up was the wrinkled sole of a

giant bare foot coming toward me.

I pushed my way back, but found myself quickly pinned under the heel. I flinched

as the soft flesh touched me, and began molding itself around me. My head was

forced to the side, and I saw that girl who shrunk me smile and wink. It didn't

take me long to realize that I was on my daughter's sandal, and that I was being

pressed into her bare foot. While Jennifer's heel was very soft, it was also

very dirty. I didn't think she washed her feet for a while, since it didn't

smell that good either. However, I didn't have much time to think about that . .

. The pressure continues to increase as I am pressed deeper into the rubber

soled sandal and also deeper into the soft dirty heel of my daughter. . . I

can't take it any more . . . Squish

(***** End Mr. Henry Siever *****)

I told Jennifer to go in and wash the ketchup off her foot. Once she was gone, I

looked at Sara and she chuckled. She reached down and removed Jim from her shoe.

He was covered in sweat, and almost completely suffocated. Wow, Sara was really

getting good at this. I immediately set Jim on the floor and watched him lie

there between my boots.

Sara also lifted her left foot out of her shoe and I watched as little Paul

slowly slid down the sweat covered insole to the toe of the shoe. I could see

him move a little bit and he was crying and wimpering.

'Don't worry, it will all be over soon,' I heard Sara say to Paul. She then

lifted her glistening foot and put it back into her shoe.

'Feel free to try to escape. If you make it out, I'll let you go free,' Sara

offered to Paul. She immediately began smiling, since I guess that Paul begin

struggling beneath her foot.

At this time, Mrs. Siever came back and joined Jennifer, who just came out of

the bathroom. I immediately covered Jim with my leather boot, and could feel him

squirming beneath it, since there was only a thin piece of leather between him

and my bare foot.

'I can't find my husband, have either of you girls seen my two boys, Jim and

Paul?' she asked. I looked at Sara and she was ready to burst out laughing, like

myself. If Mrs. Siever only knew that Jim was wiggling beneath my foot, and

little Paul was drowning in Sara's foot sweat.

'Nope, haven't seen them,' Sara and I replied. At this, Mrs. Siever took

Jennifer and left.

'Good bye Mrs. Siever. Bye Jennifer,' Sara called out. Then she looked down at

her white leather pump.

'Bye Paul, thanks for squirming, now all you need to do is squish nicely.' And

with that, she slowly transferred her weight onto Paul. I could see her

concentrating so that she could enjoy every little sensation. I could just hear

Paul screaming and crying from inside her shoe, when suddenly it stopped.

'That takes care of that little guy,' Sara said with a smile.

(***** Paul Siever, 12 - Sixth/Seventh Grader *****)

I didn't understand why suddenly I was small when that girl came over by us.

Suddenly, a huge wall of black leather pushed me, and I slid a long way to

another giant girl. I was terrified as her giant hands picked me and my brother

up. I didn't realize that I wouldn't see him or my mom or dad or sister again.

Suddenly, the hand opened and I landed in a smelly place. It looked like a giant

foot was above me, and then it quickly came down. The giant girl's heel was

pressing me into the soft leather of her giant shoe. I couldn't move, as the wet

heel pressed me firmly against the wet insole. Every time I took a breath, it

smelled really bad. I began to get sleepy.

All of a sudden, the giant foot lifted off me and I could breath again. I was

crying as I began sliding down the slope of the shoe, and looked out to see the

pretty giant blond haired girl and a pretty giant brown haired girl. The brown

haired girl said it would be over soon, so I just tried to stay calm. Then I saw

the wet bottom of her foot rise up and begin coming towards me. I noticed every

wrinkle of her foot before her toes pushed me farther into her shoe. The last

thing I saw was her toes pass over me, then everything was dark.

It was even more smelly down here. The giant girl tilted her shoe back, and I

slid away from her toes, but was now right under where she was going to step. I

heard her tell me that if I escaped, I would be free. I tried real hard, but

there was no escaping the rubbery bottom of her smelly bare foot. I was having

trouble breathing again, and all I could do was cry.

Suddenly, the giant foot began pressing down more. I screamed and cried and

pushed, but it wouldn't move. What a mean girl this was. Some of the sweat from

the foot went down my throat, and I started choking.

Now the foot is pressing down even harder. My legs hurt, my chest hurts . . . I

can't breathe . . . head . . . hurts . . .squish.

(***** End Paul Siever *****)

I watched as Sara removed her shoe, and the little boy was stuck to the bottom

of her foot. We laughed so hard, and she went into the bathroom to clean up. I

gently pushed Jim through the exit door so that we could go outside. I figured

there would be less to clean up out here. He got up several time to try and run,

but I simply shoved him with my boot and watched him fly.

'Why are you doing this to me?' he yelled up. I simply smiled.

'Because as a poor person, you should provide richer people with entertainment.

Therefore, I want you to know that I will be getting great pleasure by hearing

you crunch beneath my boot,' I responded. Sara came out just in time to hear my

explanation, and she nodded in agreement. We both felt that it was time to

finish up here.

Since it was outside, I pushed him towards the grass with the toe of my boot. I

gently placed my leather encased foot over him and felt him squirm. It was a

nice sensation, since he wasn't directly beneath my bare foot. I concentrated to

feel his movements and gently flexed my toes. Sara laid down on the ground and

watched him struggle beneath my foot.

'It's like he's covered up by a blanket that he can't get out of ,' she laughed.

Suddenly, I heard the door behind me open. As I turned, I unfortunately put

pressure on the foot with Jim beneath it. There was only a soft crunch to be

heard as he was squished into the soft leather sole of my boot. I must admit

that it was slightly disappointing.

(***** Jim Siever, 17, Junior/Senior *****)

I saw Stephanie come over to us and yelled out a friendly 'Hi!' She was part of

the preppy-rich crowd, and I rarely even spoke to her. However, she was very

pretty and I figured I could at least try to improve my standing with her.

Behind her I could also see Sara, who was also looking hot. The sudden flash of

light was disorienting, and by the time my eyesight returned, I couldn't believe

what I was seeing.

Stephanie and Sara had become monstrously huge, and I saw Stephanie sweep her

leather booted foot towards my brother and me. The impact of the black leather

wall was substantial as we slid a long way to where Sara was waiting. I looked

at her giant white leather pumps briefly, than she picked me up. I wasn't long

in her hand before it opened and I began falling. To my horror, I recognized

that I was falling into the same giant white leather pump that I had seen


As soon as I landed, Sara put her heel back into her shoe. This pinned me

against her soft heel and the soft leather insole of her pump. I couldn't

believe that I was inside a girl's shoe, especially one that was only a little

over 5 feet tall. I also couldn't believe the smell in here. I wondered if she

ever washed her feet!

The breathing was constantly getting harder as all I was getting was hot, moist,

smelly air, and not much of it. I was pressed so far into Sara's heel that there

was no way for the air to really get to me. Not to mention the sweat from her

foot was all over the place. I even got some in my mouth. Right before I was

going to pass out, Sara lifted her foot off me and pulled me out. She must have

passed me to Stephanie, who placed me on the floor. I figured that the

humiliation was over, but when I looked up, I saw Stephanie smiling down at me.

I watched as she lifted her giant leather-encased foot upwards and began setting

it on me.

The leather was soft, but I could feel the weight of Stephanie's foot beyond it.

I heard her talking to my mom, and I desperately tried to move. However, the

leather blanket that was over me, kept me pinned. After a little while,

Stephanie moved her booted foot and I was able to stand up.

Without warning, she kicked me with the toe of her boot and sent me flying.

Every time I got up, she kicked me again. Before long I was outside the mall,

lying near the grass. I asked her why she was doing this, and she responded that

it was because I was poor and it was my job to please her. And apparently,

crushing me was going to please her.

The last I saw of her was her smiling face before her giant boot covered me once

again. I know that this will be the end, as the pressure begins to increase. As

I look to the side, I see Sara's face watching Stephanie slowly crush the life

out of me. Once again it occurs to me as strange. A moment ago, I was in that

girl's shoe, beneath her bare foot, now I am going to be squashed by another

girl, who is normally shorter than I am.

The leather continues to become firm, then suddenly . . . crunch.

(***** End Jim Siever *****)

Since it was over so quickly, I pushed down real hard, grinding Jim's body into

the soft leather sole of my boot. I was quite angry by the fun that was taken

from me.

Chapter 4

As I looked for the idiot who took my fun away from me, my eyes fell upon an

older man who was leaving the mall. I decided that it was time for one more. I

quickly grabbed the pen, and reduced the man to Jim's size. He was going to pay

for this. As I watched him scurry around, I went onto the grass and wiped Jim's

body off the bottom of my boot. Before anyone else could come out of the Mall, I

picked this older guy up and walked back in. Sara quickly followed. In the

girl's bathroom, I gave him to Sara and told her to 'keep him warm.' She

understood, and pulled off one of her leather pumps and dropped him in. After

giving him a quick smile and wave, she put her shoe back on. Luckily for him, it

wasn't the one that little Paul had died in.

'Make sure he stays alive,' I told Sara, as we went back out and started walking

around the Mall. She had to walk slowly to make sure he wouldn't be squished.

After about 15 minutes, she whispered that he wasn't moving too much any more,

so we went back into the bathroom. Since there was no one in there, she removed

her shoe, and I picked it up. I could immediately detect the smell from the Receta Bollos kaiser (Manual y en thermomix)

shoe, but I tilted it back and watched as the man came sliding from the toe

section to the heel. His leg looked broken badly, and he was bleeding from his

nose and mouth. I picked him up and gave Sara her shoe back.

'How are you feeling?' I asked him. I held him up to my ear to see what he had

to say. He begged me to let him go, and that he wouldn't tell anyone. I couldn't

help but smile.

'But we aren't finished with you, yet.' I responded. I then sat down on the

counter and un-zipped my right boot and pulled it off. I could actually feel him

shaking in my hand.

'If you want to live, you are going to have to do exactly what I say. So to

begin, crawl into my boot.' I stated. I laid my boot down on its side, with the

sole facing him. He crawled up to it and touched the soft black surface. I think

he was just in awe of what was going on here.

'If you want to feel something soft,' I said, 'Try this.' I then picked him up

and pushed him into the bottom of my foot. He started squirming, which felt

really good, and I couldn't help but wipe him along the entire length of my

upturned bare foot. I knew it smelled, but I couldn't begin to guess how bad it

was from his perspective. When it looked like he had enough, I let him up for a

breath of fresh air, but then shoved his face between my big and second toe. He

started struggling with renewed vigor, which again made me happy. I kept him

there until he settled down, then moved him to the opening of my boot. His face

was covered with dirt and sweat from my toes, which brought a smile to both Sara

and myself.

'You still have to crawl in, you know,' I told him. After breathing heavily from

his first experience with my toes, he crawled over the threshold of my boot and

into the darkness. I didn't want to waste any more time, so I picked up my boot

and carefully put my foot back in it. I positioned him under my toes to make

sure I wouldn't crush him. Plus, I know that was where the majority of sweat was

building up.

For the next 15 minutes, Sara and I walked around the Mall, finally deciding to

go back to my house. Without giving the guy in my boot a break, we walked the

several blocks back home. By the time we got there, I couldn't feel any movement

from my boot.

I sat down on my bed, and carefully peeled off my black leather boot. It had

been a hot day out, so walking back may have been too much for him. The idea

that someone suffocated in my boot was another little turn on. As soon as I got

my bare foot out, I turned the boot over, but nothing fell out. Sara, who was

sitting on the floor, started laughing.

'Turn your foot over,' she said. I turned my bare foot over and there was the

little guy, stuck to the underside of my toes. Specifically, I crushed his legs

with my big toe, and the blood must have adhered him to it. I carefully pried

him off, and was surprised that he was still alive. I immediately wrapped his

lower body in tape, to prevent him from bleeding to death too quickly. I gave

him a couple of drops of water, and he actually seemed to be waking up a little.

Now came the final part of the game.

'So, if you were going to be stepped on by a teenage girl, which one of us would

you pick?' I asked him. He began to cry, and was saying something about letting

him go.

'Come on,' I told him, 'would you rather be squashed like a bug beneath my

sweaty foot or Sara's.' This produced a little giggle from Sara, but the little

man just continued his pleading.

'Tell you what, we won't make you decide, you won't be squished by one of our

bare feet,' I reassured him. This brought a quizzical look from Sara, and a

hopeful one from our guest. Both looks began to disappear as I unzipped my other

boot and reached over to pull of Sara's right shoe. I than picked the little guy

up and trapped him between my bare foot and Sara's. His body was between the

balls of our feet, and his head was sticking up by our toes. As expected, he

immediately began to struggle.

Sara had a huge smile as she knew that she got to participate in this one. We

flexed our toes a few times, causing Sara's toes to push on the back of his head

and force it between my toes.

'Let's count down from 10,' I told Sara. As we slowly counted down, the man

struggled more and more feverishly. As we got to one, Sara flexed her toes and

pushed his head between two of my toes. I then gave the zero count and we both

pushed slowly. He let out a peep, than struggled a little more, before being

flattened between our feet. We waited a few moments than pulled our feet apart.

To my joy, his head was still stuck between my toes, but the lower half of his

body was stuck to Sara's foot. We laughed for several minutes while Sara and I

cleaned our feet with some tissues.

'This was the best Saturday ever!' Sara said. I had to agree.

(***** Mr. Bob Grieland, 42 - Pilot *****)

I came out of the Mall on my way home, and saw a strange sight. Two very pretty

teenage girls were outside the back exit, one of them lying down looking at the

other's boot. I had guessed that maybe she stepped on something. The girl in the

black boots turned around angrily, and pointed something at me. A bright flash

followed, and I couldn't see anything.

The ground shook as I turned and ran, hoping to get back into the Mall before

anything more happened. However, I couldn't find the Mall door. As my sight came

back, I saw a giant black leather boot stomp down in front of me. I couldn't

stop in time and I ran into the soft pliable wall. I looked up in time to see

the young blond reach down and pick me up. After walking for a little while, she

opened her hand. I looked up to see the young brunette pick me up between her

thumb and forefinger and begin lowering me to the floor.

However, to my horror, I watched her remove a white leather pump from her bare

foot. As she continued to lower me down, I could smell the foot odor coming from

the shoe. She set me on the arch of the shoe, and I immediately began sliding

down towards the toe of the shoe because of the sheer amount of sweat that was

on the soft insole. As I was sliding down, I looked up to see the young girl

wink at me and give a little wave. Just as I thought things couldn't get worse,

the girl lifted up her bare foot and began putting it back into her shoe. I

noticed every contour and light wrinkle of her cute giant bare foot as it pushed

me lower into the shoe. Then the light was cut off as her toes were moving over

me. The worst smell I ever encountered followed. This girl had to have worn

these shoes for days to make it this bad.

On top of the smell, it was incredibly hot and wet. I tried to yell something to

her, but she took a step forward, and sweat from her foot was forced into my

mouth. My entire face was pressed into the bottom of one of her toes. I felt my

nose crush, and I think I might have lost a tooth. Here I was, trapped in a

girl's shoe, beneath her foot like a bug. I thought that she would let me out

right away, but instead, she began walking. What a bitch! To make sure I didn't

slide under the ball of her foot, I had to reach up and hang onto her toe.

However, it was too slimy to get a good hold of, and at one point my leg slipped

beneath her rubbery big toe. In an instant, I my leg broke and shooting pain

enveloped me. I screamed, but that only got more of this bitch's foot sweat down

my throat.

The lack of fresh air and heat, combined to the point where I almost passed out.

Then, suddenly, light streamed in and I could breath again. The dark haired girl

had removed her shoe, and my world was now moving towards the blond haired girl.

She tilted the shoe so that I slid to the heel. Looking down, she silently

picked me up and asked me how I was feeling. I yelled out that I hurt, and I

begged her to let me go. All she said was that she wasn't finished with me yet.

I then heard her unzip her boot. I knew it was the same black leather boot that

I had run into not so long ago. I felt a shiver of fear go through my entire

body. She then told me that if I wanted to live, I would have to do whatever she

told me. I immediately agreed, and she set me on the counter where she was

sitting. She then laid her boot on it's side, facing away from me. I crawled up

to the sole of her boot and touched it. It was very soft black leather, and was

so large that I just stood there in awe.

The blond didn't seem to like this, because she picked me up and I found myself

staring at the bottom of her sweaty bare foot. She pushed me into the soft ball

of her foot, but then kept pushing. I couldn't breathe, and I almost passed out.

She would let up slightly on the pressure so that I could get a breath, but then

she would push right back down. It was like drowning in sweaty flesh. And while

I thought the dark haired girl had bad smelling feet, the blond's was worse.

However, at least it wasn't in an enclosed area. After she got down pushing me

into her soft foot, she began moving me all over it. From the firm flesh of her

heel to the soft wrinkled flesh of her arch, she moved me all the way to the

really smelly area of her toes. I felt her giant finger placed on the back of my

head as she force my head between her giant toes. Things couldn't get any worse

than this as my face was pressed into an area of sweat, dirt, and grime. I

couldn't breathe, and I almost wished they would just kill me and get it over

with. How I could end up with my head between the toes of a sadistic 16 year

old, I couldn't guess.

Finally, she pulled me out and placed be in front of the opening of her boot.

She told me I still had to go in, so I crawled into the dark cavern of this

girl's leather boot. I only got part way in before she picked it up and I fell

down to the insole, then down to the toe of the boot. The heat and humidity

resumed, and I waited for the inevitable. Soon I could vaguely see the outline

of her toes, as her foot blocked out all light. She positioned me beneath the

arch of her toes, and there I was forced to hang on for my life. She immediately

started walking around.

After about twenty minutes, I was beginning to lose consciousness from lack of

fresh air and the intense heat of this girl's foot. Being in a black leather

boot beneath a girl's giant foot while the sun is shining and she's walking

around is never a good idea. On top of that, the sole of this boot was soft, so

I could feel every stone and rock she stepped on. To know I was so close to the

outside world, yet so far was frustrating. Finally my hand slipped, and my legs

slid under her big toe. Pain shot through me as I finally lost consciousness.

I came to with the blond looking down at me. It appeared that my legs had been

crushed into the underside of her big toe. This brought endless laughter from

the other girl. The blond pealed my legs off and wrapped tape around them. I

almost passed out again, but held on as she gave me some cool water. I had no

idea of how much of their foot sweat I drank, but this was rather nice.

Then the blond asked me which one of them I would pick to step on me. I went

from thinking this ordeal was over to realizing that I would still have to beg

to get out of this one. I couldn't hold back any more and began to cry. She then

asked if I wanted to be crushed like a bug beneath her or the other girl's

(Sara's) sweaty feet. I just kept pleading, hoping these young girls would

realize that this was wrong. It looked like it was working when she said that I

wouldn't be crushed beneath one of there feet.

The feeling didn't last long as I watched her unzip her other black leather

boot, revealing her glistening bare foot. She reached overhead and grabbed

Sara's ankle, and removed her shoe as well. Then with their two soles barely

touching, the blond picked me up and pushed me right between their soles. I

could look through the blond's toes to see her smiling at me. What kind of child

does this to an adult!

Sara seemed to be having fun by flexing her toes, causing my head to be shoved

between the toes in front of me. This was just not fair! Then the blond decides

to start counting backwards from ten. I knew that my time was almost up.

She's now counting down, and I yell that this isn't fair and that she needs to

let me go. Unfortunately, Sara pushes my head forward at this time and I just

got a mouthful of toe sweat from between the blond's toes. The counting is down

to one, and Sara is holding my head between the giant toes of the blond. I can

vaguely hear them both laughing, but I can't breathe, and am stunned that I am

trapped like a bug. I hear someone count zero, and the pressure increases. I try

to breathe in to scream, but the grime from the girl's toes is all I get. The

soft sweaty sole behind engulfs me as I am pushed into the soft sole in front.

My head is stuck between two toes. Then the softness becomes firm and my ribs

start to brake. I can't breath . . . I can't move . . . I look up between the

two pillars of the blond's toes only to see her smile a sadistic grin . . . pain

. . . blackness . . . SQUISH.

(***** End Mr. Bob Grieland *****)

Just as we were finishing up our appreciation for our great Saturday, I turn to

see my sister watching through the partially opened door. In my haste to have

some fun, I didn't shut my bedroom door tightly.

For the next month, my little sister was incredibly nice to me. It was almost

worth the price of Greg to get on such good terms with her. Sara and I decided

to plan what we would do next, and were trying to come up with good ideas. As I

was fiddling with the shrink pen, suddenly a little piece of it flipped open

revealing a tiny readout. There were two little windows, one had the number '7'

in it, and the other had '3'. I showed this to Sara, and after thinking about

it, we guessed that we were running out of energy in this pen.

'Well, we've already shrunk seven people,' Sara said, 'I'm guessing we only get

three more shots before it's out.' We looked all over the pen to see if there

was a way to recharge it, but we couldn't figure out a way. We didn't want to

try anything too drastic, until we used up the charges first. At least while

looking, we finally found the switch to allow a person to be restored (at least

we think that's what it's for). With only three charges left, we really had to

think seriously about what we wanted to do.

'I wonder what it would be like to be miniaturized and see what it's like?' I

asked out loud. Sara offered to shrink me, then restore me, as long as I gave

her all the details. Apparently, she also wanted to know a little bit about what

our victims went through. So, I handed the pen over to her and showed her what

to push. Since I also wanted to see what it was like to be put inside my black,

soft soled, leather boots, I decided to take them off before being shrunk. As I

peeled them off my sweaty feet, I had trouble believing that in just a few

moments, I would be inside one of them. I placed them on their sides, so that I

could crawl in when I was smaller. I also grabbed a flashlight so that I could

see within my boot. Then, I nodded to Sara that I was ready. All I saw was a

bright light and felt a tingling sensation.

As soon as I was miniaturized, I was amazed at what everything was like. For the

first time, I could see what our victims had seen. I looked up at Sara, and she

had a huge grin on her face.

'So, what's it like?' she asked. I yelled up that it was incredible. I walked

over to my black leather boots that I had taken off moments before. I could

smell them from where I was, but I was determined to know what it was like for

someone to be put into their dark confines. As I slowly walked in, I was amazed

at the softness of the sides of the boot. I had gotten halfway in when I was

ready to leave from the smell. Everything was damp from the sweat of my ankles

and feet. At this point, the boot suddenly tipped, and I slid down to the sole

of the boot.

'I just wanted you to experience a little more,' Sara said from outside. I could

see her staring down at me through the shaft of my boot. I turned on my

flashlight and began walking towards the toe of the boot. The smell was really

bad, and the floor was still very damp from my foot sweat. I made a quick

survey, then decided it was time to leave. It was interesting to see where a

tiny stain of blood was beneath the giant indentation of my big toe. I could

also see all of the dirt and grime that had been crushed into the pattern of my

bare foot. The idea that my foot was in here just a little while ago, was also a

very strange realization.

When I got to the depression that was from my heel, I looked up and waved to

Sara. She gently tipped the boot over and allowed me to come out. I yelled up to

her that I was ready to be grown back up.

'Not so fast,' she said with a smile, 'you still haven't explored my shoe.' I

thought she was kidding, but then she removed her bare foot from her white

leather pump and placed it next to me. Her foot smelled worse than mine. I

yelled up that I didn't want to do this!

'Come on, this will be your only chance to really experience what our victims

did,' she pointed out. And, of course, she did have a good point. So I walked

over to her pump and climbed up onto the toe of it. Then, holding my breath, I

jumped in.

I immediately slipped and went face first into the soft insole. I had to breathe

in a little, and was almost overcome by the smell. Sara really needed to clean

her feet sometime. I walked up the short heel, and then down a little towards

the toe section. I decided I really didn't need to go down there. The whole

time, I was amazed at how soft the leather insole was.

I looked up to tell Sara I was ready to leave when I saw the bottom of her foot

descending on me. I screamed briefly, than dove for the protection of the toe

area. This, however, wasn't much protection. I laid down and watched as her

glistening, wrinkled sole came down on top of me. Her toes passed over me, and I

was positioned right under the ball of her foot. The light went out as she

finished pushing her foot completely inside her shoe.

I was pinned helplessly between the moist leather softness of the insole and the

sweaty smelly softness of my best friend's bare foot. This situation was

completely horrible, and I was hoping that she wasn't going to do anything rash.

Here I was inside the leather pump of a girl who is almost eight inches shorter

than me. And she could crush me at any time!

I really began to get worried as the pressure increased and the air was getting

very thin. I turned my flashlight on again, only to see the ridges that made up

her footprint all around me. I was completely startled when she moved her foot

and my arm became wedged between two of her sweaty toes. As I struggled to get

it out, she moved her foot again and I felt my arm snap. She was going to pay

for this. Finally, the air was so thin and I couldn't breathe beneath Sara's

rubbery moist sole . . .

I awoke lying on my bed, restored to full size. My arm was still in incredible

pain, and Sara was sitting on a chair next to me.

'Whew, I thought you might be a goner,' she said, 'I guess I got too carried

away, but I wanted you to experience what our victims went through so you could

tell me what it was like!'

'I washed you up and restored you,' she continued, 'but I think your arm is

broken. We need to get to a doctor. The other bad news is that whether you grow

or shrink, a charge is used up. The pen says we used 9 and only have 1 left.'

My arm was in a cast for the rest of the summer, and I decided to wait to use

the last charge. I still hadn't forgotten what it was like to be shrunk and

trapped in a shoe with Sara's giant sweaty bare foot on top of me. I wanted to

use the last charge to get her back for the pain she caused me. I just had to

figure out how, since I didn't want her going to the cops after all this (though

who would believe her). The idea of shrinking her down was beginning to sound

appealing since she continually asked me to describe what it was like to be so

tiny and helpless. Two days before school was to start, I had had enough and

decided to get rid of her. The idea I had was ingenious.

We decided to go back to where it all started, along a seldom used path in a

park near my house. I wore my usual black leather boots while Sara wore her

white leather pumps. I told Sara she had to bump into and 'tackle' a jogger so

that we could shrink him. She said she was all ready.

We spotted an older jogger coming, and we both got ready. I aimed very

carefully, and as the jogger came by, Sara ran out from behind a bush and

bumped/tackled him. As her arms were clasped around his waist tightly, and both

were falling, I fired. Much to my delight, both of them shrunk before my eyes.

Looking down at the pen, it now registered 10 and 0. It was now useless. (I

still kept it for the memories.)

I walked over to the two miniaturized people and stood over them like Godzilla.

I was also delighted to see that one of Sara's shoes had fallen off her foot

when she was tackling the guy. I figured this was a great way to transport them.

I knew Sara was yelling something, but I just picked her up and put her in her

shoe, along with the stunned jogger. I took off my windbreaker and wrapped it

tightly around the shoe to make sure no one saw what I was carrying. It served

another purpose by not allowing fresh air in there either. I than made my way

back home. This was going to be fun.

When I got home, I unwrapped the shoe and set it down in front of me. The jogger

still looked confused and was trying to ask me a question. Sara was also yelling

out questions, but I ignored them both.

'Well, my little jogger, if you want to know a little of what happened, I

suggest you look over at my friend's feet. You will notice that one of her shoes

are missing. Guess where it is?' I offered. 'To help you out, I want you to

remove her remaining shoe and hold it over your nose until I tell you

otherwise.' I couldn't believe it, the jogger actually flipped me off. Without

warning, I grabbed his tiny little hand and crushed it between my thumb and

forefinger. He cried out in pain.

'I suggest both of you do exactly as I say,' I told them. Hesitantly, Sara

offered the man her foot, and the man pulled her shoe off. Then, with a slight

grimace, he lifted it to his face and held it tightly over his nose and mouth.

Sara was a little embarrassed by this, but said nothing. I than picked Sara up.

'Well, Sara, since the second person that fell victim to us was crushed by you

in your boot,' I told her, 'I figure the second to the last person should have a

similar fate!' She began to wiggle in my hand as I unzipped my soft black boot.

Without even listening to what she had to say, I peeled off my boot and dropped

her in. I looked over at the jogger and told him that he better keep smelling

that shoe, or something bad was definitely going to happen to him as well.

I didn't want Sara to get lonely, so I immediately began to pull my boot back

on. I wiggled my foot around a little bit as I felt her crawling along the

insole. As soon as I felt her roll over onto her back, I pulled a little

tighter. I then let her slide under the ball of my foot before I pushed my foot

in the rest of the way. I loved the way Sara squirmed beneath my sweaty,

sensitive sole.

'Don't worry, Sara, I won't let you sufficate in there,' I told her, 'Not like

you almost did to me under your sweaty little foot!' This caused her to squirm

even more. I just sat there and enjoyed it all. Every little touch of her tiny

hands. Even the feeling of her breath under my giant toes. It was all so


After five minutes, she began to squirm a lot less. I picked up the little

jogger and told him to put down the little shoe. I then set him next to my boot

and told him to ask if Sara had had enough. I tilted my foot side-ways so that

the man could walk right up to the bottom of my boot. After a little while, he

gave me the 'thumbs-up' sign and stepped back as I turned my boot back over.

This was it. I began to increase the pressure, and I even heard Sara scream. The

little jogger looked like he was in shock. I felt the soft bottom of my foot

engulf Sara's tiny body as she was pinned tightly inside my boot. She could no

longer move, but that didn't keep me from feeling her breath against my toes. It

was at this point that I was at a dilemma. Here was my so-called best friend

pressed tightly into by bare foot inside my leather boot. Should I let her go?

What would I do with her if I did? It didn't take long for me to decide. I

pushed down a little bit harder and felt her mold with the bottom of my foot for

just an instant before she squished like a worm. I felt warm liquid leak under

my toes.

I wiggled my toes and mingled Sara's squashed body and fluids with the sweat

from my foot. It was extremely satisfying. Looking down, the little jogger was

just staring at my boot, watching me move my toes up and down. It was time for

the final act.

(***** Sara Ashton, 16 - Sophomore/Junior *****)

As I tackled the jogger, I grabbed hold with all my might. I knew I had to take

him down fast, then get off of him. However, as we were flying through the air,

I saw a bright flash and knew something had gone wrong. As my eyes were

clearing, I felt the ground shake. My vision returned in time to see Steph's

giant black soft-soled leather boots walking this way. It was mind-numbing. I

yelled up to her to see what the mistake was, but she just smiled at me and

picked me up. However, I then noticed where she was going to put me. It appeared

that my right shoe had fallen off when I dove for the jogger, and here I was,

being dropped in my own leather pump.

When I landed, it was still hot and humid in here. I never realized how much my

foot smelled, even though I always hoped it was adding a little extra tension to

our victims. Which now included the jogger that was deposited right beside me.

Both of us slid to the toe section of my shoe before Steph wrapped the whole

thing in her windbreaker. From here on in, it became almost unbearable. The

jogger asked me what was going on, and I just played dumb. I was hoping he

wouldn't notice that I was still wearing my left shoe, which looked a lot like

the giant one we were in.

After a while, the shoe was unwrapped and set down. Looking out, I saw Steph

smiling at us. Richard, the jogger, started to yell up questions, and I joined

him to find out what Steph had in mind. Both of us became quiet as she told

Richard to look over at my foot. She also said for Richard to take my shoe off

my foot and smell it. To my surprise, he just flipped her off! Steph, however,

didn't take this well. She reached in and grabbed his hand. Rich yelled out in

pain as his had was completely crushed. She then told us to do whatever she


I lifted my left foot off the ground and extended it towards Richard. He grabbed

hold of my shoe and pulled it off. This was a little embarrassing, since he now

knew that it was a smaller version of where we were. He then held it up to his

nose and began breathing in my foot smell. He might have even pieced together

that if I hadn't been shrunk, he might be in this shoe with my foot pressing his

guts out.

Then Steph picked me up and said something about how I crushed Rob in my boot so

long ago. I heard a zipper sound and knew that I might be suffering the same

fate as Rob did under my foot. I tried to get away, but all she did was tighten

her grip. I suddenly noticed a strong odor as I looked down to see me being

lowered into a deep, dark cavern. It was extremely humid and musty in Steph's

boot, as I finally touched down on the insole. I didn't even make it five steps

before I saw her toes coming down. I started crawling towards the toe section,

since I figured that was my best bet for survival. However, Steph shook her foot

and I lost all track of which way to go. I ended up face up beneath the ball of

her foot, with my head beneath her toes. I couldn't really blame her, since this

is where I placed her beneath my foot.

It was hard to believe that this is what our victims went through. I continued

to struggle, but to no avail. The air was getting thinner as I was pinned

tightly against the bottom of her large smelly bare foot. She suddenly turned

her foot so that I was laying on my side. I could hear a faint voice from the

thin leather sole of the boot. It sounded like Richard asking me if I had had

enough. I then knew that Steph was just playing and that she would let me out. I

yelled to Richard that I was ready to come out. The boot tipped back over, and I

awaited the return of fresh air. However, that's not what I got.

The pressure is beginning to increase, and I scream. I feel Steph's sweaty foot

completely engulf me, and there is nothing I can do. I am completely pinned, but

then the pressure ceases to increase. Maybe she is going to let me out. After

what seems like an eternity, the pressure begins to increase even more. I can't

breathe . . . body hurts . . .


(***** End Sara Ashton *****)

That left just one more little jogger to go. I thought about keeping him as a

pet, but I didn't want to deal with what to feed him or bathroom problems.

Besides, I liked the feeling of Sara squishing between my toes, so I figured my

other foot would like the same.

I looked down at the little guy and he was just standing their staring at the

wiggling toe of my leather boot. I reached down and unzipped my other boot,

which caused him to look over and begin to panic.

'You know what you have to do,' I said as I pulled off my boot, 'Crawl in there

and squish for me.' He didn't like that idea at all and took off running. I

simply moved my boot covered foot past him and flicked him back towards me. He

tried this a coupl

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