Giantess Stories: THE PEN EXPERIMENT

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(***** POV – Steph Wilson *****)

It had been an interesting time these past few years since the summer of using

The Pen. I'd like to believe I have mellowed somewhat, but the idea of shrinking

more men has been on my mind quite a bit. I guess it is somewhat addicting. So

when I heard about a bunch of missing men back in my home town, I got a little

suspicious that my little sister, Dawn, had figured out a way to get The Pen

working again.

I stopped home for a weekend, and sure enough, a quick search of her room

revealed exactly what I had hoped. Not only did I find a container full of

shrunken men (which I left where they were), I also found The Pen in Dawn's

jewelry box. I am actually quite proud of myself for leaving the little guys

where they were, since I would have loved to “borrow” one to see what it felt

like to feel him squish like a bug. But I didn't want to alert my little sister,

so I just took the pen back to school with me.

The timing couldn't be more perfect. Since the semester was almost over, my

roommate, Heather, and I decided to take a trip to Cancun, Mexico. I figured

having some disappearances there wouldn't be as bad, since we would be gone by

the time the investigation really started. Besides, that would still leave

plenty of men in the U.S. for us to have some fun with. By the way, Heather is

5'3” tall and has beautiful, long black hair. She has a petite build and reminds

me a lot of Sara, except that I have no intention of stepping on her (yet).

Two days after returning to school, Heather and I were in Cancun. I had told

Heather about my previous little adventure into shrinking, and she said she

couldn't wait to see what it was really like to feel like a giantess in front of

a man. We spent the first day looking for possible playthings. It didn't take

long before finding two large Mexican men that looked perfect.

We followed them into the bar and flirted with them. Unfortunately, they spoke

very little English, and we spoke very little Spanish. However, we were able to

persuade them to go for a walk with us. By this time, I was so excited about

what was coming up that I could barely breathe. I'm sure my “escort” Marcos

thought it was him, and to a certain extent, he was correct. Marcos was shorter

than his friend Juan, whom I left for Heather. They looked like a strange

couple, since Juan stood about 6'4” tall. But I knew that Heather would enjoy

her experience all the more knowing that this guy had been over a foot taller

than her before he was shrunk.

We walked for some time, while these guys casually groped us in the dark.

Eventually, I steered us all into an alley next to a bar. It was then I made my

move. I pretended to get out some lipstick, but took out the pen instead. In a

flash of light, Marcos disappeared from view. I didn't even wait to see where he

was as I took aim at Juan. He looked completely stunned as Heather stepped out

of the way. An instant later, he too disappeared. Heather looked down at her

feet and smiled at the little two inch bug lying a few feet away. I spotted

Marcos wiggling right by the tip of my black flats. (I knew I had to wear these

shoes to commemorate my first adventure with shrinking!)

Before either of us could reach down and pick up our victims, there was a sound

behind us. I looked up to see a man hiding behind a garbage can.

“Please don't disintegrate me,” he said as he stood up with his arms raised. “I

didn't see anything, and I'll just go back into the bar.” I paused only for a

second before firing the shrinking ray at him as well. Besides three guys are

better than two. I quickly picked up Marcos, and walked over to pick up the

other poor guy who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. He

had no idea where he was as I reached down and picked him up. I placed both of

them gently in my purse and walked back towards Heather.

“Not so tall now, are you?” I heard her say to the little bug at her feet. She

had decided to wear thin-soled, leather sandals for tonight's conquest and was

gently batting the tiny man around. Then she pinned him under her sandal with

only his head sticking out.

“Are you ready to crunch?” Heather mockingly asked Juan.

“We don't want to do this here,” I whispered quickly to her. She looked over at

me with an almost lustful glint in her eyes.

“I suppose not,” Heather said with a smile. “But I can't wait to get back to the

hotel.” And with that, she removed her sandaled foot from over the shrunken man

and picked him up. This was going to be a great night…

(***** POV – Juan Hildago *****)

I barely understood what the giant girl had said, but it was quite startling

from being so much larger than her, to being pinned beneath her giant leather

sandal. Her hand was beginning to sweat as she held me completely enclosed. I

was wondering what would happen to Marcos and me, when suddenly light shown down

as I was deposited on the floor of a giant hotel room. I looked around and saw

Marcos, as well as another man I had seen before. If I remembered correctly, he

owned a bar in town.

“What's happening?” I asked him, hoping that he spoke Spanish.

“Whatever it is,” he replied, “it isn't going to be good.” He was right, as the

girl named Heather pushed me over with a flick of her foot. Once again, she

wasted no time in covering me up. I was completely pinned beneath the thin

leather of her sandal sole, looking up past her giant toes, legs, chest, and

into her gigantic face. She still looked incredibly beautiful, but I had the

horrible feeling she was going to step on me. Marcos and the other guy came

running up to try to pull me away, but I knew it wouldn't matter. The giantess

said something, which the bar owner translated.

“She's going to squish you like a roach,” he said with fear in his voice. “I

wish there was something I could do.” Suddenly a horrible smell washed over us

as the blond girl removed her black leather shoe and pushed Marcos over with her

glistening big toe. She wasted no time in pinning him to the floor beneath the

soft bare flesh of her foot. It looked like Marcos was going to die in a worse

predicament then me. However, my attention is brought back to the giant leather

clad foot above me as the giantess begins to step down on me.

I can see the smile on her pretty face widen as she lowers her foot down. I can

see all the dirt and dust on her leather sandal as it continues to press down on

me. I can also smell the slight foot odor emanating from her large pale toes

just above my head. I scream as my legs and hips crack. This woman is really

going to crush me beneath her foot. She used to be so small compared to me, and

now her tiny foot is going to take my life. I can feel my organs compress as a

giggle escapes the lips of this girl. I see her wave good-bye to me before the

pain increases sharply… my body explodes… crunch.

(***** POV – Marcos Sanchez *****)

I heard the dark haired girl laugh as I looked out from beneath the giant foot

covering me to see her sandaled foot twisting the body of my friend out like a

cigarette. The blond above me is saying something, but I am unable to

understand. Then the other guy comes over to translate.

“She wants you to lick the underside of her toes,” he said solemnly. This woman

had to have been wearing these shoes all day in the hundred degree weather. The

stench made my eyes burn, and I knew she wasn't going to let me go. There was no

way I was going to lick the sweat from those giant toes above me. However, her

voice thundered down at me again.

“She says that she can cause even more pain if you don't do what she says,” the

other man translated. I have no doubt that she could inflict an incredible

amount of pain on me, but I am not going to die in humiliation, especially by

licking this girl's toes. Suddenly, the giant, sweaty bare foot is lifted off of

me, and I am picked up in her hand. Her grip is intense as she brings me up to

her face. I can't understand a word she screams at me, but I feel my eardrums

burst at the volume of it. She lowers me down, and I see her giant toes coming

towards me. The big and second toes separate, and my face is thrust into the

filth-covered flesh between them. I can only hold my breath for a little while

before I have to breathe in. I feel some of the sweat and grime go down my

lungs, and I begin coughing. But then my head is pulled back slightly, only to

be pinched between these two walls of her stinking toes. I am dizzy from the

smell and the damage to my ears, as the sweaty grip of these toes increases. I

can only look at the dark crevice between her toes as bit by bit the pressure

increases. The pain is horrible, as I continue to breathe in the smell from this

woman's foot. Finally, I only see stars as I feel my skull beginning to crack. I

look up to see the faint outline of the blond's face… the giant toes come

together… my head explodes like a grape… pop.

(***** POV – Steph Wilson *****)

I couldn't help but have an orgasm right there. The tiny man's body was still

intact, but my toes had proven much stronger than his head. I had only used the

smallest amount of pressure, and it was enough to completely flatten the little

bastard's skull.

“That was so cool!” Heather said to me. “It's too bad we only have 16 charges

left.” I looked over to see the huge smile on her face. She then sat down and

lifted up her sandal. She had twisted it back and forth with enough pressure

that there was no recognizable features of the man that had once been known as

Juan. With a few paper towels, both of our little victims were cleaned up and

disposed of. That left one little guy sitting terrified at my feet. I reached

down and picked up his trembling, two-inch body in my hand.

“So, it looks like you speak English,” I said to him. He wasted no time in

nodding. However, it looked like he wanted to say something, so I figured I

could let him say his final words. Besides, I had just had one of the best

experiences of my life, so I could afford to go slow with this one. So I held

him up to my ear to see what he had to say.

“My name is Jason Blair,” he began, “and I can give you some information that

might prove useful.” I couldn't imagine what kind of information he could give

me that might prove useful, but I told him to go on.

“I know someone who might be able to recharge that little wand of yours,” he

blurted out. Well, that would indeed prove useful.

“If you agree to let me live, I'll tell you everything I know,” he said. I

brought him around to look into his eyes. There was something about him that I

liked. I smiled and told him that it was a deal. After all, it would be better

to spare one little man in order to be able shrink many more. I held him back up

to my ear, and he went on with a story that I had found both fascinating and

almost unbelievable. He told me about an experiment that was conducted at a

university regarding shrinking. Apparently, the whole thing was destroyed, but

the lead scientist survived. Her name was Dr. Marlene Sanders. And it turns out

a friend of his recently saw her and knows where she currently is…



(***** POV – Heather Preston *****)

It was very exciting to have crushed such a large man beneath my foot, but I

wanted to do it again real soon. The next day, Steph and I went out to scout for

more men. She had an idea to meet with this Dr. Sanders but wanted to bring a

few “presents”. First, however, we had to get Jason's friend. We knew we had to

shrink him down, since that was the only way we would know for sure he was

telling the truth. (Intimidation works much better when a giantess is doing the


The cool thing about today was that Steph said we were going to shrink extra

people so that we could have some fun before leaving Cancun. She had decided to

wear her same black leather flats all day, but I had decided to change into some

flip-flops. I figured the rubber soles might allow the little guys to last a bit

longer. And by five o'clock, we had spotted our prey. It looked like a group of

four American college students had decided to come down to Cancun for some fun.

We followed them as they went to a restaurant to eat, and then they went back to

their hotel to get ready for the night. It was quite easy to walk all the way to

their room without them even noticing us. They had definitely had too much to

drink. We timed our steps so that we would be passing by their door as they

opened it to walk in. As soon as they stepped in, several flashes of light went

off. Steph had become an expert marksman from all the practice she had, and

these guys never stood a chance. I immediately began picking them up and putting

them in my purse. The excitement at feeling them squirm in my hand made me want

to have some fun right here, but Steph reminded me that we had one more

shrinking to do. So, it was off to the bar that little Jason owned…

(***** POV – Josh Templeton *****)

I was a little worried that Jason had gone off without saying anything, but I

had to continue to take care of the bar. We had been here a year and set up the

bar to make a living. It didn't bring in a load of money, but our business was

growing, and I was finally getting used to the heat. I knew neither of us would

ever go back to the United States again. I had been back once, to help get my

sister ready to attend the New York School of Engineering. She wanted to be a

Computer Engineer, and I was so proud of what she had already accomplished from

high school. However, the trip turned out to be one of the more terrifying

moments of my life.

It appeared that the evil Dr. Sanders had just been hired by the Biomedical

Engineering department as a professor. I laid low for the next day as I finished

moving my sister into her apartment. I was due to leave later in the day to fly

back to Mexico, but I knew I wanted to make sure of what I saw. If I had been

correct, I would probably not see my sister again for the next few years, since

I couldn't risk being in the same area as the doctor. I snuck up to her office,

and sure enough, the picture next to the door made me realize my worst fear. I

would never forget that face, but I certainly didn't want to see it live. Dr.

Sanders had changed her name to probably hide from the government. She was now

Dr. Sandy Marlow. That was enough information for me, and I was thankful to be

on the plane heading back to the Mexican bar I had made my home.

So, Jason and I had made a pact to stay away from the United States for the time

being, and make sure no one knew who we were. If the bar turned out to be a hit,

we were both going to get some plastic surgery done to remain hidden forever.

But I couldn't help but wonder where Jason had disappeared to…

(***** POV – Steph Wilson *****)

It was getting real late, and I really wanted to get back to the hotel to have

some fun. But I had to find a way to get the other owner of the bar. Heather and

I had decided to lay low in the alley where we had captured Jason the night

before. The smell from the garbage was getting annoying, but we knew it wouldn't

be too long before he came out. I was thankful when the side door opened to

reveal a man carrying garbage. I got the pen ready and approached him.

“Are you Josh?” I asked in my sweetest voice.

“Yeah, can I help you?” he responded. I just smiled and fired the pen at him.

I'm sure he was quite surprised and probably had many questions. However, I was

in no mood to sit in this alley any more, so I picked him up, put him in my

purse, and went back to Heather.

“Let's go have some fun,” I whispered. She grinned broadly, and we both walked

quickly back to our hotel room. Once there, we sat down in the rather small

kitchen and dumped the tiny little men on the floor. I was careful to put Josh

and Jason over to one side.

“I'm sure you all have some questions,” I addressed our captive audience, “but I

really don't want to waste time with explanations. My name is Steph, and this is

Heather. Now, which of you would liked to be stepped on first?” The looks on all

their faces were priceless. They didn't know how to take what I had just said. I

looked over at Heather, and smiled. We then both reached down and picked up a

little man. The remaining two took off running.

“Don't worry,” I told the little man in my hand, “I'm not really going to step

on you. But I need to keep you safe for a little while.” And with that, I pulled

my bikini top away from my body a little bit, and dropped him in. He fell to the

bottom before I let my top press back against my body. The weight of my left

breast was completely on top of him, and I wasn't sure he was appreciating it.

However, as long as he was wiggling, he was still alive. Besides, I couldn't

believe my soft breast could actually kill anyone.

Looking over at Heather, she had the same idea and placed her little man right

over her nipple. That seemed to make her enjoyment of tonight's festivities

increase dramatically. The side effect of all this was that the two little men

who had been running away, stopped and watched what was happening to their

friends. They even began walking back, obviously thinking that playing with a

giant woman could be fun after all. To an extent, they were right. It was going

to be great fun… For us girls…

(***** POV – Jim Walters *****)

After my initial fright, I began to calm down. These giant girls were just

joking when they said they were going to step on us. Harry and Phil definitely

were in some pretty cool places, and I knew I could show these girls an even

better time. While I was still intimidated, there was no one better at pleasing

a woman then me.

“Hay, Heather,” Steph said, “why don't you turn on some music.”

“Great idea,” Heather responded. Then, to Roger's and my delight, they began

dancing directly over us, occasionally squatting down to give us an even nicer

view. Being tiny certainly had some advantages. Steph continued to do a very

seductive dance over me, while Heather was giving Roger the time of his life. We

just laid on our backs enjoying the show.

Then, Steph kicked off her black leather pumps and began dancing barefoot over

me. While this didn't change how sexy she was, the smell coming from nearby was

kinda ruining the whole mood. I glanced over to Roger to see what Heather was

doing, and just about had a heart attack. I watched Heather raise her flip-flop

sandal over Roger, then place it over his legs. The soft rubber sole didn't seem

to hurt him too much, but it kept him from moving. Then she continued her dance

and squatted down. Roger howled in pain as the massive weight from this colossal

woman flattened his legs.

I looked back at Steph and saw the smooth, dirty sole of her right foot coming

down towards me. I had a feeling in my gut that this night wasn't going to turn

out good for us if we didn't do anything. So I quickly dove to the side,

narrowly avoiding Steph's sweaty bare foot. After looking around quickly, I

realized there was no place to go for protection, except one. I wasn't sure if

this was a wise move, but I knew I was dead for sure if I didn't at least try.

With as much speed as I could muster, I ran for Steph's black leather pump,

which was on its side, not far away. I heard the giant foot behind me lift off

the floor with a slight peeling sound and knew I didn't have much time. With the

rest of my strength, I lunged into the shoe. Taking a sharp right turn against

the moist leather wall, I ran towards the toe section.

My luck was still with me as I noticed that the sweat from Steph's foot had

caused the leather insole to peel away from the rest of the shoe. Also, there

was a hole worn in the insole right near the indentation made by her big toe. It

wasn't much protection, but it was all that I had. Ignoring the smell, I lifted

myself up to the hole and lowered myself in. Then the world tipped, and I wasn't

sure exactly what was going on…

(***** POV – Steph Wilson *****)

I stood there stunned after watching the tiny little bug dive into my shoe. Did

he actually think that would save him? I knocked it right side up with a brush

of my foot, than began pushing my bare foot back into it. I knew the smell was

probably enough to knock him out, but if he was stupid enough to dive in there,

I was going to make sure it was the last mistake he would make.

“Did that guy just jump into your shoe?” Heather chuckled.

“I can't believe it either,” I said, “but apparently he wants a more horrible

death then what I had planned.” I could feel a slight bump near my big toe as my

foot finished entering the shoe. It didn't take long to realize that I had him

pinned partially beneath my big toe, but he seemed to be on the other side of

the insole. I had tried to fix the insole earlier by using glue, but I must not

have pressed hard enough to seal it.

“Bye, bug!” I said down to my shoe. Then I pressed down hard with my toes and

actually heard a peep from the toe of my shoe. I could feel part of him brush

the underside of my second toe, and I was trying to figure out what had happened

to him. So, I removed my leather pump and peered in…

(***** POV – Jim Walters *****)

The pain was intense as the giant toe pressed down on the insole, which in turn,

crushed my legs. What I hadn't realized when I found my hiding place is that she

had tried to glue the insole back into the shoe. With the pressure she exerted

with her toes, the glue took hold, and I was now completely stuck from my chest

down between the insole and the shoe beneath it. My legs were completely

crushed, and my arms, stomach, and below were completely held immobilized by the

glue and insole. My head and shoulders were actually thrust upwards slightly, so

I was now lightly touching the sweaty underside of Steph's toes.

The pain was intense, but I was extremely happy when the giant toes were pulled

out. I looked down the inside of the sweat-covered leather insole and saw

Steph's giant face smiling at me from the shoe opening.

“And I thought you were in a bad predicament before!” she laughed. “Take a look

at what was going to happen to you.” The view shifted, and I could see the giant

tan leg of Heather, ending in her foot inside her flip-flop. Below that was

Roger, with half his body trapped beneath the slightly yielding rubber of her

sandal. I didn't envy him…

(***** POV – Roger Banister *****)

This just isn't fair! I'm still trying to figure out what's happening. My legs

are crushed beneath the giant flip-flop, and the dark-haired girl is just

smiling with glee. She is very pretty, but with a sadistic streak that freezes

my heart. I am lucky that her attention is taken off of me for a moment, while I

try to free myself. I can only guess that poor Jim is the reason for the

distraction. And, unfortunately, it isn't really helping me escape. My legs are

broken in so many places that I couldn't really crawl anywhere even if I could

get free.

“It looks like we have an audience for your finale,” Heather says down to me. I

look up to see Steph's black leather shoe being held over me. Looking closer, I

am surprised that I see Jim stuck in the toe section. Perhaps his fate is worse

than mine. At least my life will be over soon. And with a little luck, I won't

have to be stepped on by something that smells as bad as the odor coming from

that shoe.

“Are you ready to squish?” Heather chuckles. “Bye, bye bug!” I see the giant

flip-flop lift up and pivot on its heel as it covers me in shadow. I can see the

dark patches of dirt on the rubber sole, as it slowly lowers down. The rubber is

actually quite soft, but I know there is no escape. My legs were crushed easily

as soon as more weight was put on, and I know the same will happen now. It sucks

that I was just about to graduate college, and now I'm nothing but a bug. A bug

that will be stepped on by a five-foot tall girl wearing a flip-flop. The pain

begins to build as this beautiful, sadistic young woman begins the process of

ending my life. My hips pop as the rubber sole becomes more rigid… My lungs

ache… At least I'm luckier than Jim… Blackness… squelch.

(***** POV – Jim Walters *****)

“Wasn't that cool?” Steph asked me. “Well, we're going to get something to eat

and drink, so I'll give you the opportunity to do the same.” I was still stunned

by the death of Roger beneath Heather's foot, and I could still hear her

laughing as she cleaned up his remains. She was saying something about how this

bug wasn't as messy as the last. But then I begin to truly understand my

predicament as Steph set her shoe back on the ground. I saw the giant dirty toes

come over the side of the shoe. The light got dimmer as the giant pale sole

continued to come into the shoe. Finally, the light was shut out as the toes

passed overhead. I was hoping she would have actually given me some food and


“Feel free to lick my toes if you get hungry or thirsty!” I heard Steph yell to

me. Both giantesses erupted in laughter at the thought of me getting my

nourishment from the sweat and grime of Steph's toes. But I am not giving up

yet. If I can get free of this glue, I might be able to crawl for help. But how

long can I live on the sweat and grime of a young woman's foot…


(***** POV – Josh Templeton *****)

Jason and I watched as the two giantesses started getting food ready. I was

appalled by what had just happened, but it was nothing completely new. After

all, Jason and I had been part of an experiment that had a lot of “casualties.”

As the women prepared a small dinner, Jason filled me in on all that had

happened since his capture. I now knew why I was captured, but I also knew I had

to make a deal with these giantesses so that they wouldn't kill me. This was

definitely going to take some diplomacy.

After about a half hour, the girls had finished eating and had even fed us some

crumbs. The young woman named Heather then picked Jason up and walked over to

sit on the couch. I was hoping she wouldn't kill him, but my attention was

brought back to Stephanie as she sat down at the table.

“So, what can you tell us about this woman who knows how to shrink people?” she

inquired as she lowered her hand for me to climb on to. I was hesitant, but she

currently seemed to be in a good mood. I climbed on and was lifted up to her


“Well, do I have your assurances that I won't be killed?” I asked into the giant

ear. I was surprised as she chuckled, as if she had expected this question.

“Of course,” Steph said in a very pleasant manner. “Provided that your

information turns out to be correct.” She finished in a very serious tone. I

swallowed hard and took a deep breath. But suddenly, there was a knock at the


“Heather, can you get that?” Steph called over. Heather stood up, walked to the

door, and opened it. Standing there were two college-aged girls dressed up for a

night on the town. Actually, they appeared to have already had a night of

drinking and dancing, and seemed surprised as Heather opened the door.

“I'm sorry,” said the tall, beautiful blond on the left, “We must have the wrong

room.” But the look on the other girl's face was that of shock. The pretty

redhead was staring at Heather's hand. More specifically, at Jason, who was

struggling against Heather's grip.

“What is that!” she asked loudly. There was a moment of silence as Heather

realized what was happening. Suddenly, she reached over and pulled the blond

into the room with her free hand. I saw Steph move with surprising speed as she

drew a pen-sized object from her pocket and fired a beam of light at the

redhead. Two things happened simultaneously. The blond had been pulled

completely off her feet and flew into the end table near the couch. The lamp on

it shattered, and she appeared to be knocked out cold. At the same time, the

redhead disappeared in a blast of light, only to be replaced with a much smaller


“Well, how do we clean up this mess?” Steph asked as she walked over and picked

up the girl. She then shut the door and walked over to the unconscious blond. It

didn't appear that she was hurt, except for a bruise on her forehead.

“Hey Steph,” Heather said excitedly. “We really only have to take care of the

redhead, right? Well, I have a great idea.” With a smile, she walked over to the

cabinet to get some glue. I wondered what she was going to do…

(***** POV – Cyndi Ethers *****)

I couldn't believe what was happening. I had seen a tiny man in the hand of a

woman, then suddenly, everything was gigantic. I saw Jennifer lying on the

floor, as another blond walked over to me and picked me up in her giant hand. I

was so frightened, I couldn't even think to run. Then that black haired girl

said she something about an idea and went to retrieve something. I wasn't sure

whether I was afraid for my own safety or Jennifer's.

“Quick, Steph, take off the blond's shoe!” I heard the brunette say. I watched

the giant blond named Steph reach over and remove my friend's cream-colored

leather pump. It looked gigantic as she set it on the floor, then dropped me in.

I fell for a moment, watching the moist, leather insole take up my whole vision.

As I hit the soft leather, I immediately started sliding down the incline of the

high-heeled shoe towards the toe section. We had just been out dancing all

night, and the smell was absolutely horrible. Jen had worn nylons, and with the

temperature being as high as it was, her foot had absolutely soaked the insole.

I never thought I would see Jen's shoe from this angle, and I knew I had never

wanted to.

“What do you want!” I yelled up at the giantess. She just looked down and


“We will let your friend decide your fate,” she said simply. “But for starters,

I want you to get out of your clothes. And I mean now.” I didn't want to anger

this woman, so I immediately removed my clothes and put them in a pile a little

ways away. The moisture on the insole made standing on the soft leather with my

bare feet a little tricky, but I didn't want to touch any more of the putrid

surface than I had to. Steph picked up my clothes and set them aside. I then

watched as the brunette handed something to Steph, who wasted no time in picking

me up again.

“Believe it or not,” Steph began, “a tiny man accidentally got himself stuck in

my shoe. Even now, I can feel him wiggling around beneath my toes trying to get

loose. We are going to give you the same opportunities that he has. You will

either be squished by your friend's toes, or you may live for quite a while.

Either way, it should be fun!” She then squirted glue all over my legs and back.

Then, carefully, she shoved me deep into the cavern that was my friend's shoe. I

felt my leg snap as the giantess pushed me hard into the toe section. The giant

finger then pushed down on my chest, making a few of my ribs crack. I screamed

in pain, but it only brought a chuckle from the giant girls. As the finger left

and light streamed back in, I realized I was truly stuck fast. The smell down

here reeked from a night of dancing, and I could see the indentations made by

Jen's toes on either side of me. There was a chance she wouldn't crush me under

them, but she definitely might crush me between them. I couldn't help but begin

to cry.

“Quick, remove her other shoe and lift her up on the couch,” I heard the

brunette say. I heard a lot of movement, but couldn't really see out of the shoe

from my vantage point. I thought of trying to pull myself free, but there was no

leverage. My back and legs were completely stuck to the insole.

“Now hide the little guys, I think she's waking up!” she said anxiously. I could

hear my friend moan slightly as she was coming back to consciousness.

“You've taken a little fall,” Steph said to Jennifer. “Are you OK?”

“Yeah,” Jen replied. “Where's Cyndi?”

“She went back out to the club you were last at,” Steph lied. “She said you

should join her as soon as you were feeling better.” My heart began to sink as I

realized what was going to happen.

“Oh,” Jen paused. “Well, I guess I'd better be going then. Thanks for your

help!” I could hear Jen put on her other shoe, and I awaited the inevitable.

Sure enough, within a matter of seconds, I saw her nylon covered toes come into

view and begin to slide down the soft leather insole. The light was becoming

dim, and the smell was becoming a little intense. There was nothing I could do

to position myself differently, so I watched Jen's huge toes slowly cover up the

light. The silky nylon pressed down on my face and chest as I heard the final

scraping sound of the giant foot entering the shoe. I prepared for the crushing

weight of my friend's toes as the leather shoe creaked, indicating she was

beginning to stand. To my surprise, I seemed to be positioned between her big

and second toes, but with nylons on, her toes were held together pretty tight.

There was only a tiny space where her toes curved upwards. I only hoped it was


“Enjoy the rest of your night!” I hear Steph say, though it is quite muffled

beneath Jen's giant foot. I feel myself lift up as Jen takes a step towards the

door. I know it's a tight fit, but I'm sure it will be enough. However, as her

pump contacts the floor, my confidence begins to deflate. All I can breathe in

is the horrible moist air of her nyloned toes, and suddenly her soft toes begin

to press down on me. I can tell she has barely touched the ground with the

high-heeled shoe, and already I am feeling the intense pressure of her toes. The

pressure continues to increase as all of Jen's weight presses into the toe

section of this shoe. The flesh of her toes spread outwards from her weight,

diminishing any safe spot there was a second ago between them. I can't breathe…

The toes continue to expand… My friend is stepping on me… I squish beneath her

toes… squish.

(***** POV – Steph Wilson *****)

As soon as the blond walked out the door, Heather and I broke out laughing. For

me, it was almost as exciting as squishing Sara beneath my bare foot in my boot.

Or at the very least, as exciting as having a tiny man licking my sweaty toes in

my shoe. But now I had to finish my interrogation of Josh.

“Uh, Steph,” Heather stammered. “We should probably give the little guys in our

swimming suits a breather, don't you think?” I had almost forgotten that we had

placed two other little men in our bikini tops. I quickly lifted my top away

from my breast and saw that the little guy was barely conscious. However, I

could still see his tiny chest move up and down, so I retrieved him from the cup

and placed him on the table. Heather walked over with her little guy and set him

down as well.

“I think my other little friend and I are going to get cleaned up before bed,”

Heather said with a smile. I looked down at her hand and saw that Jason was more

than a little nervous.

“Just be careful with him,” I suggested. She nodded and walked into the

bathroom. I was really hoping that she didn't hurt him, since I actually wanted

to keep him around a little while. The idea of having a pet was kind of

appealing. Ah, well, it was time I finished getting the information from Josh.

“Well, what can you tell me about this woman that you know of?” I stated my

question as bluntly as I could. I then lifted him up to my ear with a slight

squeeze to indicate who was in charge. He wasted no time with more negotiations

as he told me everything he knew about a scientist that might know how to

recharge the pen on a regular basis. It took quite a while, but after asking a

few more questions, I realized I would need to be transferred from my current

college to the City College of New York School of Engineering.

“I appreciate your honesty,” I told the nervous little guy in my hand. “And I

will keep up my end of the bargain. For now.” I now needed a place to keep these

guys until tomorrow. So, I went into my room and rummaged through the closet to

find my boots. There was just something about keeping these tiny men in my

footware that really turned me on. I figured I'd be a little nice, though, and

give Josh his own boot. After retrieving my black leather dress boots, I brought

them out to the kitchen. Then, without any fanfare, I picked up Josh and placed

him on the leather insole of my right boot. The other two men, who were just

regaining consciousness, I picked up and placed in my left. It was cute to hear

them scream as they found out where they were. However, I had no intention of

putting my boots on. After all, I still needed the little bugs. But for now,

they just needed to be safe. Tomorrow, it was time to pack for New York…


(***** POV – Jason Blair *****)

Well, it was really the first time I had ever felt “fairly comfortable” around a

woman's foot. Heather had cleaned me up, than took a long bath for herself. I

definitely considered myself fortunate, since I did get a front-row seat. I must

say that if her profession isn't a model, it should be. I just loved the way her

long black hair cascaded down her shoulders. But I never lost sight of the fact

that this beauty had crushed two men out of existence.

After she was done with the bath, Heather dried off and took me into the

bedroom. I must admit, I was wondering about the possibilities of being in a bed

with a giantess. Especially since she was being so nice to me. But all we did

was talk for a while, before she decided it was time to sleep. She warned me

against trying to escape, since there were far more “monsters” on the floor than

in the bed. So she turned over onto her stomach and set me on the sole of her

foot. I didn't know if she expected me to do anything, but it appeared I was now

on my own. The lights were turned off, and before long, Heather was fast asleep.

I normally would have taken this time to escape, but there were two important

points going through my head. The first was that I was like a man who was almost

done with a prison sentence. If everything worked out well in New York, Josh and

I would be returned to normal. After all, these giantesses had the information

they needed, and we were still alive. The second thing running through my mind

was how soft Heather's sole was. This was the first time I had gotten to marvel

at the silkiness of her foot without feeling apprehensive about my predicament.

And also for the first time, all the soft flesh smelled clean. I even ventured

down near her beautiful long toes, and the smell of soap was all that was in the


“Feel free to crawl around,” Heather's voice suddenly whispered. “I promise I

won't hurt you.” Oops, I guess I had woken her up. Ah, well, I guessed this was

probably my only chance to get over my fear of women's feet, so I went

exploring. I could tell that Heather was wide awake and trying real hard not to

move, but her toes still occasionally twitched. I must have spent the next hour

crawling between her toes and exploring the slight wrinkles in her soft,

upturned sole. And while there were several moments I froze in terror when her

toes twitched, I quickly learned to relax and just enjoy the moment.

I was finally beginning to get tired, so I curled up on the front pad of her

foot and tried to sleep. For some reason, I actually felt safe. I gave a quick

kiss to her soft, warm sole and closed my eyes.

“How sweet,” Heather drowsily whispered. “Goodnight, my pet.” There was

definitely something about this woman that was intriguing to me. Hopefully, it

wasn't just her magnificent body. I knew that she was a murderer and a

kidnapper, but she was also the one keeping me safe. I would know more tomorrow

on the journey to New York. For now, though, I was going to get a good night's


(***** POV – Jim Walters *****)

I have no idea how long I've been in this hell hole, but I can't take it much

longer. I am too weak to even try to work my way out from being stuck in the

insole of this insane bitch. At least the smell gets better at night, as well as

cool air filters in. I overheard that we are going to New York, and I'm not sure

what that means for me. It's probably not as hot in New York in the spring as it

is in Mexico, but I can't think of any way out of this shoe.

I can feel my world moving again, which can only mean one thing. I look up to

see Steph's giant toes coming over the rim of the shoe. It must be morning,

since her foot actually smells clean. I know that won't last long. And before I

know it, I will be swallowing more sweat and dirt from between her colossal

toes. I would give anything to just die, but I can't even do that. My only hope

is that somehow the sweat from her foot will cause the glue to loosen up. I've

felt it slowly loosen periodically, but not enough for me to get free. And the

pressure from her toes immediately presses it back down. But I mustn't lose

hope. There has to be a way out…

(***** POV – Josh Templeton *****)

I could tell by the sounds outside that we must be in an airport, probably

getting ready to go to New York. It was a refreshing change to be out of any

footware for once. The night spent in Steph's boot wasn't overly pleasant, but

at least she wasn't wearing it at the time. However, for today's travel, we get

to ride “topside.” In order to keep us nice and close, Steph decided to tape us

inside her cleavage. That way, there is no strange bulge in the wrong place. It

also wasn't excessively hot, and I actually got to talk to another shrunken man

named Phillip Tensley. He was pretty frightened after finding out what happened

to his friends. Spending the night in a giant leather boot didn't make him feel

too good either. However, things could be worse, so I told him to just sit back

and enjoy the ride. The softness of Steph's breast made the journey more

enjoyable than others that I've had.

Since I had time, I began to wonder how Jason was doing. He had spent the night

with Heather and was now being transported by her. He seemed pretty relaxed when

I saw him this morning, but I didn't get a chance to find out what happened last

night. I was a little suspicious that he made a deal or something, but I wasn't

going to start getting paranoid now. He was my best friend, and I'm sure he

would do nothing to betray me. Besides, I have Steph's assurances that I won't

be killed. I really hope that Dr. Sanders is still in New York. If she isn't, I

may not live to regret it…

(***** POV – Steph Wilson *****)

At last we landed in New York! It was quite nice having two men squirming in my

shirt, along with one in my shoe. But I was beginning to think I needed a

booster of some sort. There were still 9 charges left in the pen, and I really

only had one good crush. And I knew just the victim for today. The teenage brat

that kept kicking the back of my seat on our way to New York would do nicely.

Perhaps the rest of his family too, since they did nothing to stop it.

I whispered my idea to Heather, and she immediately agreed. There were four in

all, with the mom, dad, and two sons. We followed them to the baggage claim,

then over to the restrooms. It had been a long day of traveling, and there

actually were not too many people in this area this late at night. I had Heather

keep watch and distract the mom, than I walked into the men's bathroom. My luck

held as I saw the dad and one of the sons next to the urinals. I quickly fired

at the dad and followed up on the son before they realized what had happened.

They were definitely confused as I picked them up and put them in my purse. I

decided not to worry about the other son who was obviously in one of the stalls.

When I got back out, I could see Heather talking to the mom to keep her

distracted from seeing me coming out of the men's bathroom. We talked for a

while until the young boy came out of the bathroom. He told his mom he didn't

know where his dad or brother were, and his mom told him not to worry. So while

the little boy watched their luggage, the mom went to the bathroom. I followed

immediately, and within a minute, I was leaving with a shrunken lady who just

kept squeaking at me.

“So what's your name?” I heard Heather ask the little boy. I could also see that

she was crouching down and blocking the view of other people passing by.

“Tommy Smith,” he replied. I snuck up behind him, and with a press of a button

watched him shrink down between Heather's boots. The smile on her face was one

of extreme excitement as she saw the little bug try to figure out what happened.

“Well, Tommy,” she whispered, “we have to go now.” Heather then stood up and

pivoted her left leather boot on her heel so that the sole rose up over the

small boy. With a small peep, he took off running out from under the shadow, but

that just made Heather chuckle a little. She slid her foot over and knocked

Tommy down with the toe of her black boot. Another peep escaped from Tommy as he

just lay there staring up at the sole of Heather's boot. She slowly lowered it,

pinning Tommy to the floor.

“Bye Tommy,” she said down to him. I watched the soft leather of Heather's boot

crease as she tilted her ankle and began to push the sole of her boot into

Tommy. With a tiny scream, Tommy crunched beneath Heather's weight. To make sure

no one could identify a tiny body, she twisted her foot back and forth. Tommy

was slowly ground into the sole of Heather's boot.

“Let's go!” she said with excitement. A tiny spot of blood was left on the spot,

next to their luggage. Other spots of Tommy were left from Heather's boot as she

walked through the airport. Eventually, all traces of him disappeared. I was so

excited by this whole fiasco that I knew I had to have some fun myself. It would

only have to wait until we got to the hotel. After all, Tommy wasn't the

annoying one. It was his older brother…


(***** POV – Jimmy Smith *****)

It was hard to figure out what was happening. Somehow, my mom, dad, and I were

in a woman's purse, and suddenly the world tipped over, and we were falling into

the light. I blinked a few times to get used to the brightness. As my vision

cleared, I found myself looking at a wall of black leather. Backing up, I was

able to take in the fact that it was a giant leather pump. What was the most

frightening part was that there was a giant bare foot inside it. I craned my

head back to see up the beautiful leg, past the tan shorts, past the dark

T-Shirt, and into the face of a stunning blond goddess. I actually fell over as

I looked into her smiling face.

“Here ya go, Heather,” this giantess said to yet another colossal woman. I

watched as the blond picked up my mom and tossed her through the air. My mom

screamed as she flew threw the air to be caught by the dark haired woman named


“Thanks, Steph,” Heather replied as she sat down on a couch. I was just in awe

at these two beautiful women, who looked to be not much older than myself,

perhaps early twenties. I couldn't help but get excited about the prospect of

exploring either of these goddesses at a more personal level. A loud zipping

noise coming from Heather's direction indicated that she was removing her black

leather boots. My gaze was transfixed as she pulled her bare foot out of the

gigantic boot, than zipped it back up. I was very surprised as she then lowered

my mom into that boot. These were my kind of women, if they were going to

torment my parents for being such losers.

“I hope you enjoy your new home, down there,” Heather chuckled. “I think your

son Tommy would have enjoyed it, but unfortunately, he was on the wrong side of

my boot. I'm afraid I had to step on him. But don't worry, he squished a lot

quicker beneath my foot than you're going to.” I was a little stunned and

wondered whether they were serious or not. Heather must have sensed this, as she

picked her boot up and held it over our heads.

“What's left of Tommy is right there,” Heather said, pointing to a dirty stain

on the sole of that boot. I stared up at that sole, trying to imagine what it

was like for Tommy. To feel the intense pressure that this gorgeous woman was

exerting for her own amusement. To realize that she is killing you as easily as

stepping on a bug. I was brought back to reality as the boot left my field of

vision, Heather removed her other boot as well.

“Don't worry, your fates aren't guaranteed,” Steph said down to my dad and me.

“If you do exactly as we say, everyone might get out alive. However, to show

that we are serious, I'm going to squish one of you.” My jaw dropped as she said

this. Was it going to be me or my dad? One of us was going to know what it felt

like to have a young woman crush us beneath her weight.

“The contest is simple,” Steph continued. “Both Heather and I have slightly

dirty feet. One of you will clean hers, and one of you will clean mine. Whoever

does the best lives.” I then watched as Heather picked up my dad and moved him

to one of her bare feet. Steph removed her bare foot from her black leather flat

and placed it in front of me. I don't know what my dad was going through, but I

was nearly knocked over by the smell of the goddess' foot.

“Begin now!” Steph thundered down to us. I wasted no time in running up to the

giant toes and began licking. I was hoping I could just do the front of the

toes, since I couldn't imagine trying to go between these gargantuan walls of

flesh. I cleaned the front of Steph's big toe and paused to look over at how my

dad was doing. To my surprise, he wasn't even trying.

“It looks like your dad doesn't want to play this game,” Steph said down to me.

“I'll tell you what. If you clean between my toes, I won't step on him, even

though he isn't playing.” As much as I didn't want to go between her toes, I

realized that the only way we were all going to stay alive was for me to take

one for my family. So I pushed my way between Steph's sweat-covered toes and

began licking. I tried to do it as quickly as possible, but there was so much

putrid “mud” between these giant toes that I could help but gag. It took me a

little while to get back under control, and I finally licked my way to the

farthest reeking crevice of this goddess' toes. I periodically looked up to

remind myself how beautiful this woman was. It somehow made pleasing her a

little bit easier. I was thankful to finally squeeze my way back out to fresh


“Very good,” Steph said with a smile. “Your father will remain alive. What a

good son you've been.” I just smiled and tried not to look as sick as I felt. I

wanted to vomit up all the crap I just ate, but I also wanted both of these

giantesses to know that I was a real man.

“So, since you've taken your father's place, and been such a good boy,” the

goddess began, “I will let you decide whether you want to squish beneath my toes

or beneath my heel.” What was she saying? I did everything she asked, and she

was going to step on me? That wasn't fair! Was she serious? I saw her hand come

down to pick me up, and I just froze. While I had been frightened before, I was

completely paralyzed now, as her soft fingers reached around and picked me up. I

figured she was going to bring me up to her ear, but to my horror, she simply

moved me over her well worn, leather shoe. I screamed as she lowered me onto the

soft, moist insole. I had a feeling the smell would be bad, but I wasn't really

prepared for the wave of heat and humidity that hit me.

“To decide what part of my foot you want to be crushed under,” Steph explained,

“simply go to that section of my shoe. In ten seconds, I am going to put my foot

into my shoe and take a step. If you position yourself correctly, it should be a

quick squish. However, if you position yourself poorly, you could end up like

the little man stuck in my other shoe. He's been there for a couple of days now,

living off nothing but the sweat and dirt from my toes.” I just about threw up

imagining what that other man must be going through. I looked down into the toe

section, then back to the heel. At least the heel part is open to more fresh

air. The toe section is enclosed, and after licking this woman's toes and being

between them, I know I can't go in there.

“8… 9… 10…” I'm suddenly brought back to reality as this giantess finishes

counting. I make a run for the heel, still hoping that she is not serious about

stepping on me. I see the indentation made from her heel, and dive for it as I

see a shadow overhead. It is an easy slide along the moist leather (though

disgusting). I roll over to see if she is serious, and see the underside of her

bare foot passing overhead. It's like watching a giant plane in slow motion. As

her sole gets lower, I see her toes begin to go into the dark cave at the front

of her shoe. I am actually glad about my decision to go to the heel. The light

keeps getting dimmer, but I can still easily make out the soft wrinkles of her

arch as she continues to put on her shoe. I can hear my dad screaming for her to

stop, but I don't think there is anything that can stop this massive sweaty foot

from crushing me. The light goes out as Steph pushes her heel into the space

above me.

“Hmm, it seems you have chosen a very good spot beneath my heel,” this beautiful

woman compliments me. I am still feeling mixed emotions about her, since she is

one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. However, since I am in a tomb

that she is wearing on her bare foot, and waiting for her to simple apply her

weight, I can't really feel anything but anger towards her. The screams from my

dad become more muffled as Steph applies a little weight. It doesn't really

hurt, but it is very suffocating. Her heel doesn't smell as bad as her toes, but

the air is still pretty raunchy. I know I am completely sealed in as I am

pressed between the soft leather behind me and the warm, moist flesh above me.

“I hope you will learn your lesson not to kick people's seats in front of you

while on a long plane ride!” I hear the giantess chuckle. Is that what this is

all about? I didn't even realize I was doing that. Am I really going to be

squished to death because of some childish habit? As the force above me

increased, I realize that the answer to all these questions is “yes”. This giant

of a woman is going to snuff out my life as easily as taking a step. I can't

believe I ate all that gross filth between her toes! And now she's going to step

on me! I feel my ribs begin to crack and cry out in pain. But everything is

muffled into the moist, rubbery flesh above me and the worn, wet leather below.

Tears stream down my cheeks as I realize this is the end… The pain increases

sharply as my bones crackle… I vomit up blood and filth… squish.

(***** POV – Russell Smith *****)

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. This young, blond woman was actually

torturing my son in her shoe. The black haired girl, Heather, didn't seem to

even be taking notice of whether or not I was licking her toes, as everyone's

attention was on the giant foot of Steph. The sadistic bitch actually seemed to

be getting aroused by this torture. I ran over and started yelling at her, but

she didn't even seem to notice. I couldn't tell if my son was alive or dead, but

it looked like this giantess was putting all her weight on her foot. I was

completely stunned as she lifted her heel out of her ratty old shoe, revealing

blood and chunks of clothing clinking to her sole.

“That felt great!” she thundered down. I was so stunned I dropped to my knees.

How could she do that to him. How could my son's last moments on earth be spent

trapped in an actual woman's shoe before she stepped on him as if he was a piece

of dirt. A shadow falling across me caused me to look up as this bitch picked me


“I need to put you someplace safe while I clean this up,” Steph said

nonchalantly. I heard her take off her other shoe and watched as she dropped me

in. I now knew a little more about what my son went through. It really didn't

surprise me that it smelled as bad as it did, since she obviously wore these

shoes barefoot all the time. What did surprise me was a weak voice calling from

inside the toe section of this pump. This she-devil really did have a tiny man

stuck in this shoe.

I walked over and held my breath as long as I could. Sure enough, there was a

man stuck partially out of a hole in the insole. He was covered in filth, and

his legs looked to be completely flattened, since they extended under the insole

directly below the big toe indentation.

“Please help me,” the man pleaded. I couldn't blame him, but I wasn't sure there

was anything I could do.

“What can I do?” I said back.

“Pull me out,” he said weakly, reaching for me. I walked over and was about to

pull him out when the shoe tipped,

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