Giantess Stories: The Perfect Roommate      Chapter 1   Mark had begun his search for a new apartment 2 months ago

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The Perfect Roommate

Chapter 1

Mark had begun his search for a new apartment 2 months ago. He wasn't having

much luck, though. Either the places were too small or the rent was too high.

One day, in a casual conversation, a friend of his, Patsy, mentioned that she

knew a friend, Julie, who was looking for a roommate and maybe he should check

it out. Now, Mark had no intentions of having a roommate, much less a female

roommate, but he was getting desperate so he agreed to at least take a look at

the place.

From the outside the place didn't look too bad. Obviously, a very old house but

kept up nicely. He could hear footsteps shortly after ringing the doorbell.

Patsy's friends were usually overweight and kind of dumpy so Mark wasn't

expecting anything much in the way of looks. As the door slowly opened, however,

the smiling face of a surprisingly cute woman greeted Mark. She wasn't a

'knockout' but had nice features. Blonde, 5'10,' slender and dressed like she'd

just come from working out at a gym or something. She wasn't muscular but was

definitely in shape.

'Hi, Mark?,' she said, breaking his trance.

'Umm, yeah, hi, you must be Julie.,' he finally said.

'Nice to meet you. Come on in and I'll show you around the place,' she replied

as she led him inside.

During the course of the meeting, Mark found out a few things about Julie. She

was just coming out of a long, bad relationship with someone named Don. That is

why she was looking for a roommate in the first place. She said she needed a

break from 'living with a rat for a boyfriend'. Julie was the type of woman who

took all the blame for the bad things in a relationship. And up until now, no

matter how badly Don treated her, she had always gone back.

Obviously, she was still hurting from the breakup. She owned an art gallery

downtown and had flexible working hours. Occasionally she had to entertain art

clients at the house, but this would usually be during regular working hours.

And the one thing she definitely wanted to do was 'take charge of her own life'


The more Mark thought about it over the next few days, the more he started to

think that this might not be a bad situation after all. A totally platonic

environment with an attractive woman sounded much better than living with some

messy guy. So Mark decided to give it a try and called Julie back and told her

about his decision.

'Great,' she said, 'I really have a good feeling about this. You seem like such

a nice guy. I think you'll make a wonderful roommate.'

Feeling like he had to reply, Mark said, 'Me too, I think this is going to work

out good for both of us.'

One thing Mark noticed right away about Julie was that she had some very unique

friends. One was named Kelly, and she worked at a cosmetic research laboratory.

She was always bringing Julie the latest in cosmetic technology. She was just

one of those people who thought that every new makeup idea was revolutionary and

everyone had to try it. And she didn't take 'No' for an answer. He and Kelly

didn't get along that well. The latest development was a product that was

supposed to reduce cellulite. Now, Julie didn't have much fat on her but was

always complaining about her thighs so when Kelly brought the liquid 'miracle'

over, she just put it in the refrigerator thinking that maybe she would try it

later. Apparently this stuff could spoil and to remind herself of that, Kelly

used an empty milk carton as a container for the stuff. Supposedly, the stuff

looked like milk and it would last as long as milk would without spoiling.

The next morning, when Mark woke up, he decided to make himself a cup of coffee.

He wasn't home when Kelly brought the carton of 'stuff' over and when he looked

in the refrigerator to find some milk for his coffee, he was relieved to find a

carton of good wholesome milk.

'Nothing like milk in coffee,' he thought as he poured a generous amount into

his coffee. Boy, was he ever right this time.

Chapter 2

That evening, while Mark and Julie were watching the evening news. Mark noticed

how Julie always removed her shoes and placed her feet on the sofa. She always

did this during the news. During the commercials, Mark looked at Julie's feet

and noticed that they were relatively normal feet for a woman. No scars or

marks, but soft and delicate. And she always kept her toenails painted. Just as

he was staring, Mark began to feel a little achy. And as Julie turned to ask him

what was the matter, Mark stood up and bent over holding his stomach.

'Julie, I think I'm going to be sick,' was the last thing Mark remembered saying

before the room started spinning and he fell to his knees. He began to crawl

around and for some strange reason he felt like his clothes were slipping off as

he moved. He had visions of Julie's face with a horrified look on it but

couldn't distinguish between hallucination and fantasy. Finally, he passed out

for what was probably a couple of minutes.

Julie was completely in a state of shock over what she just witnessed. One

minute she was sitting next to him talking about the news and the next she was

watching him shrink and crawl out of his clothes in front of her. He had passed

out about a yard from her foot and appeared to be about 8" tall. Her first

thought was that he might be dead. But just as she was about to get up, she

noticed some slight movement.

The first thing Mark noticed was that he was completely naked. 'Oh great! Now

what have I done,' he thought. 'Julie must think I'm some kind of idiot.' As he

stood up to regain his composure and look for his clothes, he noticed what

appeared to be one of Julie's red high heels. But it was so big. Just as he

thought he must be imagining things, he heard a sound and turned only to be

staring directly at Julie's foot. Only now her foot was huge. There was nothing

'soft and delicate' about it now, it was immense. This couldn't be possible. As

he followed the leg upward he noticed a gigantic billboard Face with a confused

look staring down at him. Somehow, he had to get control of himself. Could it

really be Julie, had she grown or had he shrunk down to the size of her Foot?

Since everything else seemed huge, it must be him that shrunk.

Julie broke the silence, 'Mark, are you OK, what happened?'

'I don't know.' he said, 'What's going on?'

Julie leaned a little closer, 'Don't be afraid.'

'Don't be afraid' he thought. There he was standing nude in front of a gigantic

woman. How could he not be afraid. Without realizing it, Julie moved her foot

closer to Mark when she tried to get a closer look and he backed away


'Oh, I'm sorry,' she said, 'its just a little hard to hear you.'

'It's ok, you just look so big,' he answered, trying not to show the terror he

felt inside.

'Well, it looks like I am pretty big compared to you,' she replied, trying to

ease the tension. 'Sorry,' she said, realizing that Mark didn't think the joke

was funny. 'It's just so unbelievable, looking at you so small. I'm seeing it

but I don't believe my eyes.'

Without thinking, Mark blurted out, 'How do you think I feel, I'm the one who

shrunk!' Realizing the tone of his voice, he stopped himself saying calmly, 'I'm

sorry Julie, I know it's not your fault, but what am I going to do now? I can't

stay like this.'

They both just stared at each other for a minute. Neither one could believe what

they were seeing.

Chapter 3

It suddenly occurred to Mark that he was totally naked and Julie had never seen

him nude before. He immediately looked for something to cover himself with and

decided to stand behind Julie's high-heeled shoe for lack of anything better.

As serious of a situation as it was, Julie could hardly hold back a giggle as

she watched a full-grown man try to hide his manhood behind her shoe.

Mark could see that Julie was holding back a laugh that only made him feel more

embarrassed. As best as he could tell, judging from her 3" heels, he figured his

height to be about 7" or 8".

Julie broke the uncomfortable silence by saying, 'Mark, don't be embarrassed.

I've seen men naked before. Granted, none standing behind my shoe trying to

hide.' This time, the tension was relieved somewhat.

Mark looked up at Julie and simply said, 'Julie, what the hell happened to me?

And how am I going to get back to normal?'

Julie just looked pitifully down at Mark and said gently, 'I know it must be

terrifying to you right now but there must be some explanation for this.'

As Julie spoke, her Toes flexed a little without her realizing it, only

accentuating the situation. She probably didn't know it then, but any movement

right now, only reinforced the fact that Julie was a colossal giantess and Mark

was a tiny man. As he looked around the room the reality of the situation was

setting in. Julie could tell by looking at him that he was frightened and

worried, but couldn't think of anything to say.

Finally, she said, 'Mark, is there anything I can do for you right now.'

He replied, 'I think I just need to rest.' At that point, they were both

thinking about how he would be able to climb into bed. 'But how am I going to

get into bed?'

Julie was afraid to touch him for fear that she might hurt him so she suggested,

'If you like, you can just climb into my shoe there, and I can carry you to your


As absurd as it sounded, it was the most logical thing he could think of at the


'OK,' he answered and climbed carefully into her shoe, laying back like it was a


When Julie saw this she took the cue and moved closer to him. As she approached,

Mark stiffened a little at the sight of a Giantess approaching him and her giant

Hand extending toward him. As the Hand grabbed the shoe, Mark shut his eyes,

afraid of what would happen.

Julie could see the tension, and tried to reassure him, 'Don't worry, Mark, I'm

not going to hurt you.'

The phrase, 'I'm not going to hurt you' rang out in his head as he could feel

himself picked up and carried through the house. It sounded like some kind of

ransom note from a movie, 'Just relax, nobody will get hurt'.

After what seemed like a magic carpet ride, he felt himself being lowered and

finally coming to rest. He opened his eyes, and recognized his footballfield-sized


'I'll check on you in the morning,' Julie said.

He replied, 'Thanks' and within minutes after Julie shut the door he fell asleep

from exhaustion.

Chapter 4

As Julie lay back in her own bed she thought about how she should act around

Mark at his new size. She would have to be extra careful around him not to scare

him and she would have to take care of him for at least a few days. Whatever has

happened to him is bound to wear off, she thought. People just don't shrink. She

figured that she could watch over him the next few days and see what happens. It

couldn't be that bad. Besides, she could afford take a little time off from the

art gallery.

Just before he fell asleep, as Mark tried to remain calm, resting on his

colossal bed, he wondered what Julie must be thinking. He wondered if she would

try to help him or abandon him now. He was totally dependent on her, at least

for now. He tried to maintain some feelings of independence but was totally

humiliated at the thought of having someone take care of him.

He awoke to the loudest telephone ring that he had ever heard. After a few

minutes, he was determined to get out of bed by himself and was quite proud of

himself as he slid down the sheets to the ground. As he was admiring his great

accomplishment, he heard a knock at the bedroom door.

'Mark?,' Julie said softly.

Wanting to show off his achievement, he yelled, 'Come in!'

As the door opened two huge Feet stepped into the room. 'Hey, I was just coming

to see if you needed any help to get out of bed...but I guess I'm too late,'

Julie said in a congratulatory manner. 'Here, I brought you this in case you

were cold,' Julie said as she showed him a handkerchief and let it drop to the


'Thanks,' he said and fashioned a toga around himself.

'Need a lift to the den?' she asked.

As he looked over to her shoe that was still there from the last night, he

replied, 'Sure, I guess, no sense walking when I have my own magic carpet.'

Julie giggled, 'Oh just get in and enjoy the ride. I don't plan on being your

personal taxi all the time, you know?'

He got inside and braced himself on the rims of the shoe as Julie bent down and

grabbed the toe and heel of her shoe and raised it up to her face. A slight

musky scent from her shoe reached her nose, and she apologized, 'Oh, Mark, I'm

sorry, I didn't realize my shoe smelled. You should have said something.'

'Don't worry, it doesn't bother me.,' he replied.

'I could never be so polite, if I were in your position,' she admitted while she

carried him into the den.

As Julie set the shoe down on the coffee table, he said, 'Well, Julie, I just

don't want to be any trouble, you're the only one who can help me right now. You

will help me, won't you?'

Julie knelt down in front of him and got within a foot of his little body,

pointing her giant Finger at him, 'Now look, I don't want to hear any of that

kind of talk, you hear? Whatever happened to you has got to wear off in a few

days. People don't just shrink without a reason. OK?'

Looking up at the beautiful billboard sized Face and perfectly manicured

fingernail in his face, he said, 'And what if it doesn't?'

'Let's just take it one day at a time.' she said.

Chapter 5

During the next few days, Julie waited on her little roommate hand and foot.

Whenever he asked for something, she got it for him. She served him meals and

carried him in her shoe wherever he needed to go. She felt sorry for him.

Mark appreciated all of the attention from Julie but couldn't help taking her

kindness a little for granted. 'After all,' he thought, 'I'm the victim here and

besides, she seems to be enjoying it.' Once he even made her fill the sink four

times before he liked the temperature enough to get in and take a bath.

Julie continued to put up with all of his demands because she felt sympathy, but

what she didn't realize about herself was that even though she felt sorry for

him, she was getting a little tired of being his maid. She was supposed to be

taking charge of her own life, not someone else's. This was supposed to be

wearing off by now.

Just as she was thinking about this, she heard a tiny voice, 'Julie, move your

foot, its blocking the TV.'

Without thinking, she snapped back, 'Why don't you move over?!?'

Mark froze, looking up at her stern expression, which immediately softened.

'Oh, I'm sorry, Mark, it's just that this whole thing has been a little harder

than I expected.'

Mark had never heard Julie use that tone of voice with him before and it sent a

chill down his spine. He answered nervously, 'It's OK, I understand.' He noticed

that she still hadn't moved her foot so he got up and moved over.

She continued, 'Maybe it would be better if you were under professional care

until this thing wears off. I mean, I worry about you all day. I'm afraid to

move because I might step on you. And I have to go back to work soon.'

'No, please Julie, don't do that to me.' he shouted, 'Like you said, it's sure

to wear off soon, I'll be alright here while you're at work, don't worry...'

Just then, the phone rang, interrupting them. Julie answered the phone looking

down at him the whole time. 'Hello?,' she asked.

Feeling uncomfortable, Mark climbed down the sofa to the floor. Normally, he

would ask Julie to help him but he was getting a little scared now.

'Oh hi Kelly. Yeah, I still have it. Why do you want me to throw it away, I

thought it was some kind of 'miracle'.' Her face went pale as she moved the

receiver away from her mouth.

Mark could hear Kelly yelling 'Julie?' through the receiver. He didn't know what

he disliked more, Kelly's loud mouth or forceful personality.

Finally Julie answered Kelly, 'Yeah, I'm still here. Get over here! Right now!'

Julie demanded as she hung up the phone.

'Why did you tell her to come over here!?' he demanded, 'I don't want....'

'Mark!' She interrupted, 'she may be the only person that can help you.'

'What do you mean? She doesn't even like me.' He was confused.

Kelly only lived a few blocks away, and before Julie got a chance to answer him,

Kelly was knocking at the door. Her Feet hit the floor in front of him as he ran

to hide behind a chair.

'Julie, what's the deal? Are you alright?,' Kelly asked.

'Just look!,' she replied.

'At what? Are you sure you're OK?'

Julie turned around and saw that Mark had hidden. 'Mark, come out from behind

the chair. She's not going to hurt you.,' Julie reassured him.

Kelly's eyes lit up as she watched Mark come into view wearing his handkerchief

toga. There he was, standing in front of two giant women, one of whom who would

just as soon squash him where he stands. But if she could help him, he had to

take the chance.

'Holy shit! Julie,' Kelly said as she raised her hand to her mouth, 'You must

have drank the whole carton.'

Mark snapped back, 'Well at least I wasn't stupid enough to put it in a milk

carton in the first place!'

Kelly put her hands on her hips and raised an eyebrow looking down at him, 'Well

at least I'm not the one who's small enough to fit inside a milk carton.'

Embarrassed, Mark looked down from her Face. In front of him were two sets of

Feet, each as large as himself. This only reinforced her words. He never felt so

humiliated in his life than at that moment. His anger was growing toward Kelly,

as well.

'Alright, stop it you two. Kelly, you said this has happened before to lab

animal. How did you make them normal again?'

'Well, I was about to tell you, before you hung up on me, that the effects at

this point in the product's development, are irreversible.'

'WHAT!' he screamed and began charging Kelly's open-toed sandal out of sheer

anger, He began pounding on her foot with all his strength yelling, 'You bitch!

You did this to me! You'd better find some way to make me normal again, or


Kelly shook her Foot, sending Mark sprawling across the floor yelling, 'Or else,

what? You going to beat my feet to a pulp?'

'Kelly!,' Julie intervened, 'Can't you see he's scared out of his mind?'

'I can see that,' she replied, 'and he'd better stay away from my feet if he

doesn't want to end up under them. I don't feel sorry for him. You know all men

are the same. You just broke up with one, remember? Mark's no different.'

Mark just lay on the ground face down, covering his ears.

'Go back to my bedroom, Kelly, you're only frightening him more.' Julie told

her, thinking that at least she would leave Mark alone.

'Oh, alright,' Kelly agreed and walked right past Mark, pausing a few seconds as

her foot came down inches from his head.

Mark could smell Kelly's Feet when she stopped, realizing how close she had come

and lay completely still.

'Go on Kelly,' Julie said firmly as she got up and walked over to him. She knelt

down beside Mark and said softly, 'I'm going to talk to her in my room.

Unfortunately, she's your only hope right now, and I'm going to make sure that

she doesn't 'blow' this off.'

Without lifting his head, he replied, 'Thanks Julie, I'll be alright in a


With that, she went into her room, wondering what she could possibly say to

someone like Kelly to make her understand. She had known Kelly for years and

knew that she could be very stubborn at times. She had to try at least.

Julie entered her bedroom closing the door behind her. Kelly was sitting on the

edge of the bed. Ever since they had met, she could read Julie like a book. It

was one of the reasons she liked being friends with her. It gave her a sense of

confidence and power over Julie. It was about time that she taught Julie

something about power and control. After all, Kelly was the one who convinced

Julie to break up with Don. Now that she was out of the relationship, Kelly had

to convince her to stay out by showing her how to be a strong, independent

woman. And little Mark would make an ideal teaching aid.

'You should be ashamed of yourself, Kelly, scaring him like that,' Julie said,

trying to set the tone of the conversation.

'Oh, he'll be alright,' Kelly replied, 'He's a big boy.' She giggled a little.

'Well, I guess he's not that big right now.'

'This isn't funny, Kelly. How would you like to be 8" tall in a world of


'Ooo, I wouldn't last long, dear, especially around bitches like me.' Kelly

giggled again at her own words.

'Kelly, this is serious. Please, you have to try to get an antidote for this.

Surely, the lab must have something?'

'That's just it, Julie. That's what I've been trying to tell you. There is no

antidote. Dr. Slone is working on one to test on the lab animals, but face it,

Mark is going to be that way for a long time.'

Both women paused for a moment. Julie hung her head slightly, thinking that if

Mark stayed with her, she could take care of him. She'd have to find a way to

accept her role as his caretaker. After all, she felt partly to blame for his


Kelly could tell exactly what Julie was thinking. She had a similar conversation

about Don not long ago. Obviously, Don was not 8" tall, but the end result was

the same. This time Kelly wasn't going to let her fall back into her pattern.

'Can I ask you something, Julie?'

'Sure, Kelly,' Julie answered knowing from the tone of the question that she was

in for a lecture.

'Why do you feel like you have to be totally responsible for any man in your

life?' She paused, 'I'll bet you're blaming yourself right now for Mark. Am I


'Well, it was my lotion that he drank.'

'Listen to yourself, will you? What happened out there was an accident. And you

want to make it your fault. You did the same thing with Don.'

Kelly's last words stung Julie. She did not want to get into a situation like

she was with Don. 'What can I do, though, Kelly. He's so helpless.'

'Well, for starter, you can stop thinking of him as a victim. He is a little man

who happens to be living in your house.'

'He is paying half the rent you know?,' Julie added.

'Umm, I don't think he is going to be contributing financially for a while.

Which is all the more reason that you have to take charge of this situation and

set up some strict rules. He can help out around here...'

'Oh, Kelly,' Julie interrupted, 'what could he do?'

'I'm serious, Julie, you'll just have to be a little creative. The question

shouldn't be will he contribute, but how will he contribute. Think about it

Julie. You're going to be a pretty important woman in his life and you deserve

some respect. Remember, you're the one in control here and he has to know that.'

Kelly's words were sinking in. 'take charge,' 'deserve,' 'respect,' 'in

control'. All the things she was trying to get back into her life. Kelly could

tell she was getting through to Julie. 'You didn't ask to be put in this

situation, did you?'

'No. But neither did he.'

'Right! So there's no reason why you should feel like you have to center your

lifestyle around him. If anything, he should be catering to you! He should be

willing to do anything he can for you even though it will never equal what you

will be doing for him.'

'I guess you're right Kelly. I need to be in control of my own life now and Mark

will have to adapt to that. But I know he's going to resist.'

'That's why you have to have strict rules and penalties for disobedience. He has

to know that when you say something, you mean it. In case you didn't notice, he

wasn't much resistance to my foot out there.' Both women giggled.

'Thanks Kelly, what would I do without a friend like you?'

With that, both women hugged and walked back out into the den where Mark had

recomposed himself and was sitting on the floor in front of the couch.

While Julie opened the front door, Kelly bent over to pick up her purse which

was on the sofa above Mark, and whispered just loud enough so he could hear, 'If

you ever try anything like that with me again, I'll break you in half.' She

stood up, glanced down at Mark and winked, 'Bye now.'

'Well, what did she say?' asked Mark, anxiously.

'Mark, I'm sorry, they're working on one but there's just nothing she can do

right now.'

'Well you seem pretty calm about the whole situation!' he snapped, 'I'm the one

who is 8" tall, remember?'

'Mark!,' she said sternly, 'I don't want to argue about this right now. I'm

tired, and I just want to go to bed. You should get some rest too. We have a lot

to discuss tomorrow.'

Chapter 6

Julie woke up early the next day, and while Mark slept, she decided it would be

safe to run a few errands. She left a note for him on his 'magic carpet' shoe.

She stopped at the drugstore and went to the section where they have sample

sizes of lotions, perfumes, nail polishes, etc. She could easily grab 5 or 6 of

each item in her hand at a time and took a handful of each. Her next stop was

the toy store where she bought a few Ken Doll outfits and some doll-sized

furniture and silverware. Her last stop was the pet store. She was looking for

some kind of cage with a very secure lock on it. The store manager was confused

stating that most animals don't require such strong locks. Still, he showed her

the only one he had and she bought it. All the time she was out, she kept

replaying the conversation with Kelly. Kelly was right this time. She had to

take control of the situation. And as much as she wanted to deny it, the less

she thought of Mark as a victim, the more she looked forward to her new role in

his life.

When Mark woke up he lay back wondering what Julie wanted to discuss. He climbed

out of bed and saw a piece of paper on the Shoe. The letters were huge, 'Had to

run a few errands.'

'A few errands,' he thought. She had never left him alone to run errands.

Something was different about Julie since last night.

Just then, he heard the front door open and what sounded like packages being

brought in. He could hear her shoes coming down the hall and past his door. They

made the sound of a bass drum at a parade. Steadily growing louder as they

approached, and softer as they left, in perfect rhythm. After a few moments, he

heard her walking back toward his room and he could tell she had taken her shoes

off because the 'drums' were much more muffled. They stopped outside his door.

The door eased open and her Foot stepped in. She pushed the door open when she

saw him and she was completely visible in the doorway.

'Oh good you're awake,' she said looking down at him. 'Here, I bought you

these,' she said as she knelt down and laid out a doll outfit in front of him.

'Thanks,' he replied, 'it'll be a nice change.' That wasn't all that was going

to change.

'After you get dressed, come out into the den. We need to talk about a couple of


Before he could suggest that she carry him in her Shoe, she turned and walked

out of the room. The 'drums' continued down the hall. As he got dressed he

noticed that the clothes were a little big and stiff but they would do. Curious

about what Julie wanted to talk about, he began running down the hall into the


As he entered the den he couldn't help but notice how attractive Julie looked

standing there. She was barefoot, wearing shorts and a tight fitting T-shirt.

She sat on the couch just as he entered the room and crossed her legs.

'Come over here,' she said. She watched him as he got closer wondering how she

should start the conversation. He stood next to her by the sofa, with the Sole

of her Foot inches from his head, bouncing slightly in a nervous kind of way.

'Should I get up on the coffee table so you can hear me?,' he asked.

'That's probably a good idea.,' she agreed, and he began climbing the makeshift

stairs that Julie had made for him from empty shoeboxes the day before.

There was a moment of silence as they both stared at each other. Julie's eyes

moved down Mark's tiny body and back up as their eyes locked. Mark wondered what

was so different about the way Julie was looking at him. It was almost as if she

was eyeing a painting or a small statue, instead of a person.

'Why are you looking at me like that?' Mark asked nervously.

'Oh.....nothing.....I guess I'm still amazed at this whole situation.,' she

replied, 'I mean, one day you're my roommate, and the next....'

'Hey, I'm still you're roommate? Right?,' he interrupted.

'Well, you have to admit, its not exactly the same.'

'No, I guess it isn't.,' Mark groaned as he hung his head slightly.

'And I think that since this could last for a little while, we have to discuss

some 'rules of the house,' for lack of a better term.'

Mark looked up into Julie's face to see if she was joking, but was met with a

firm stare. 'Rules of the house?,' he said, surprised.

'If this is going to work, we have to set some rules.,' she reaffirmed, as she

moved closer to the coffee table where he was standing. 'This is a big

adjustment for both of us and we have to make some changes around here.'

Mark was slightly intimidated by her movement toward him but held his ground.

'What do you mean? I'm the one who shrunk, in case you haven't noticed.,' he

yelled defensively, 'Why do things have to change?'

Remembering what Kelly told her about backing down, she pointed her finger at

him and said firmly, 'The first rule is that you will not speak to me in that

tone of voice. Understand?'

Mark swallowed hard. He could feel both fear and frustration building up inside

of him and remained silent, as her Finger was inches from his face.

'I said,' she reaffirmed, raising her voice 'Do you understand?'

After a short pause, 'Yes,' he replied reluctantly, not wanting to press the

situation any further.

Realizing that she had made her point, Julie moved her hand away from him

slowly, feeling for the first time, in a long time, a sense of control. She had

never had this feeling when she was with Don, but it was one that she had longed

for. Continuing with the same confident tone of voice, she continued, 'Rule

number 2. I'm going to decide on some chores for you to do around here. Since

I'm taking full care of you and paying all the expenses, I expect you to do your

fair share.'

'But, Julie....,' Mark interrupted.

'Don't 'but Julie' me,' she continued, her voice easily overpowering his.

'There's lot's of things you can do for me around here.'


'Oh, we'll get to that soon enough.' Julie was now in total command of the

conversation, and she was really starting to enjoy her new found confidence. It

was not like her to be so authoritative, but the feeling of control was

intoxicating for someone who had been starved of it for so long.

All Mark could do was stand there, unable to think of any words to say. Julie

was now looking down at him a little more smugly than before. This only made the

anger and frustration build inside him. 'Anything else?,' he snapped.

'Actually, there is.,' she maintained her calm. After all, it was clear who was

in command. 'It's the most important rule of all. Since I am in charge of your

personal protection and well being, whenever I make a decision on something,

it's final. When I ask you to do something, I expect you to do it immediately

without question. I will have zero tolerance for disobedience on this rule. Do

you understand this? Because it's very important that you do. Breaking this rule

will mean punishment.'

This was all Mark could take. Her Finger was once again pointing, inches from

his face and he backed away a few steps in defiance.

'Who do you think you are, making all these rules and punishments!?,' he yelled,

pointing up at her Face.

This began to anger Julie. He wasn't listening to a word she was saying. She sat

back on the sofa, crossed her arms, and placed her foot on the edge of the

coffee table so that the ball of her Foot and Toes hung over. 'I'm the one in

charge,' she replied with a little aggravation in her voice.

Her Toes were directly in front of him, taunting him, but he continued, even

angrier than before, 'I don't have to listen to you!'

'Oh, but I think you do.' she snapped sarcastically. Julie was growing very

impatient with Mark now. She placed her Foot directly next to him on the table

and pointed it straight up. His head was even with her big Toe. 'In case you've

forgotten, I don't think you're in a position to challenge me.'

Mark felt a chill run down his spine as her Foot approached him. It was so

close, he could smell the perspiration from it. Noticing that his head was

barely taller than her big Toe, his frustration got the best of him.

'This is bullshit!,' he yelled.

'That's it!,' she barked as her foot slid off the table and made a heavy 'thump'

on the floor. She stood up and without giving it another thought, she reached

down and picked Mark up in her hand and brought him to her face.

Mark was petrified as her Hand swooped down and grabbed him. Julie had never

directly handled him before like this. It was always through indirect means. He

wished he hadn't made that last statement but it was too late. Her grip was

tight. She held him in her right hand and pointed at him with the index finger

if her left hand.

'I thought I told you not to speak to me that way!' Her gaze was more serious

than Mark had ever seen it.

In an act of total frustration and humiliation at his current position, he

slammed his fists down on her Thumb that crossed his chest, 'I don't have to

listen to you! Put me down!,' he yelled at the top of his lungs.

Her dominance over him at this moment was as obvious as it was fulfilling. She

was holding him at chest level now and looking down her nose at him. She flipped

her hair back with her free hand and shook her head, 'You just don't get it, do

you? I'm standing here holding you in my hand arguing with you, (why, I don't

have a clue) about who's in charge.' She paused a moment to let the words sink

in. 'Now, I think you need some time to cool off. And I'm tired of talking.'

With that, Julie walked over to the dining room table and held him up as she

bent over to grab the cage. Mark's eyes grew wide as he saw the cage placed on

the table and began to squirm. Instinctively, Julie tightened her grip until

Mark was unable to move and he began yelling.

'Hey!, what do you think you're doing!? I don't want to go in there!'

Julie ignored his questions and unfastened the latch and opened the door to the

cage. She brought him up close to her Face. 'When you can learn to show me a

little respect, I'll think about letting you out.'

Mark began pleading, 'Please Julie! Don't put me in there!'

His begging did not phase Julie. All she could think about was how 'right' Kelly

was about taking charge of the situation. His begging only reinforced how 'in

charge' she was. She turned him sideways slightly so he would fit through the

door and released her grip as he landed on a small pillow that she had placed on

the bottom of the cage. Mark immediately got up and ran toward the door but her

Hand was too quick and before he even got close, Julie was refastening the

latch. His hands were on the bars as if he was in a jail cell.

'Let me out of here, now!'

Julie leaned over and brought her Face within inches of his. 'You think about

what I told you. And when you're ready to accept the situation, you can come

out. I'm going to bed.'

He watched as she reached down an picked up something else. He stepped back in

total shock as she placed a cover over the cage and turned out the lights. He

listened in darkness as the 'drums' faded into the distance followed by a slam

of her bedroom door. As he lay back in disbelief of what had just transpired, he

couldn't help regret the day he decided to move in with Julie.

Meanwhile, Julie was thinking how lucky she was to get this rare chance to

regain her self-esteem.

Within minutes, they were both asleep, each in the others thoughts, only for

drastically different reasons.

Chapter 7

The next morning, Mark awoke on the pillow covered by the towel that Julie had

left for him as a blanket. The cage cover was removed and he could hear Julie in

the kitchen. As she walked passed the cage, he kicked one of the bars, trying to

get her attention. She continued without looking down once. This angered Mark

because he knew she was ignoring him.

'Julie!' he yelled, 'Julie! Damn it, you can't just ignore me! Let me out of


As Julie left the kitchen, she heard a small rattle from the cage. She figured

he must have hit a bar or something, obviously trying to get her attention. He

would have to do better than that, she thought. She continued past the cage into

the den, pretending not to hear him. From the den, she heard him yell. She could

hear his frustration in the tone of his voice. She stayed in the den a little

longer, knowing this only added to his anger, but also knowing that it

demonstrated her control. Finally, after a couple of minutes, she walked over to

the cage as if she had heard nothing he said, and leaned over.

'Good morning,' she said.

'Let me out of here!' he replied, and immediately added, 'please, Julie, I can't

take it in here any longer.' The look of anger mixed with fear in his expression

indicated that he was close to his breaking point.

'Do you have something that you want to tell me first?' she asked, pushing a

little further.

Knowing what she meant but trying drastically not to give in, he replied, 'What

do you mean?'

'Oh well, I guess you're not ready to come out yet then.,' Julie stated firmly

and turned as if she was going back to the kitchen.

This infuriated Mark. 'She had no right to keep him in a cage,' he thought. But

he was desperate to get out. He would go crazy if he stayed in the cage another

minute. 'Wait!,' he yelled in desperation.

'Yes?,' Julie answered as she turned and approached the cage. Her Face moved

within inches of the cage causing Mark to take a few steps back so that he could

see her whole face.

'OK, I've been thinking,' he said trying to sound sincere. He didn't want to

make her mad before she let him out. 'You're right. You should be in charge.'

'And why should I be in charge?' she continued.

'Because... because, you are responsible for me.' That sounded so lame to hear

himself say that. But it seemed to satisfy her.

'Good, and what else?'

'Umm... I'm sorry for getting angry with you last night. It won't happen again.'

'Very good. Keep going.'

Julie was enjoying this and Mark could tell. He had to keep it up though, he

wasn't out yet. He paused for a moment, thinking.

'When you tell me to do something I will do it without asking questions.'

'And what happens if you disobey me or break any of the rules that are set?'

With all the self-control he could muster he answered reluctantly, 'You will

punish me.'

With that, they both stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity.

Julie's sense of satisfaction was matched only by Mark's feelings of


'Well, it looks like you've learned your lesson,' she smiled as she unlocked the

cage and opened the door. 'Now don't you wish you would have listened to me in

the first place?' she asked, not expecting an anwer.

He remained silent, hoping she would leave the door open and just walk away.

Instead, she leaned over, staring directly into the door of the cage at him, her

smiling Face surrounding the doorway.

'Well, come on out, before I change my mind,' she said playfully as she began

slowly closing the cage door with her Finger.

Mark was in no mood to play after being humiliated, but he couldn't risk being

trapped, so he quickly climbed out of the cage and stood on the table. Julie

reached down and placed her hand, palm up, on the table next to him.

'Need a lift?' she asked, still smiling down at him. She was more into this

whole 'shrinking thing' now than she ever could have imagined. Before, she just

felt sympathy for Mark because he had shrunk and wanted to try to make things

comfortable for him. She had slipped into that 'caretaker' role that was so

familiar. That was back when it was only supposed to last only a few days. But

now, she saw it as a whole new way to regain her self-confidence, self esteem,

and the control over her own life that she so desperately was seeking. She

realized that having Mark around at his size, she would be able to take more

risks than she ever would with a full-grown man. For her, risk taking was

essential to turning her life around and that had priority over anything else

right now, including restoring Mark's size. Besides, there was nothing she could

do about that right now. She was beginning to think that fate had intervened and

that maybe she shouldn't question 'why' so much as take advantage of the unique


Mark looked up at Julie who was apparently lost in some private thought. He

really didn't have much choice from this height.

'OK, I guess it is a little high for me,' Mark replied.

'Hop on,' she said as she wiggled her Fingers slightly.

Mark stared at the giant Hand that lay in front of him. The Fingers, slightly

curled, were at least as long as his arms, and the Palm was more than big enough

for him to sit comfortably. He was reluctant though. Somehow, voluntarily

allowing her to handle him made him feel very vulnerable. It was different when

she grabbed him the night before because he had no choice. She used to use a

shoe or a box when he first shrunk, but now it seemed like she was getting more

comfortable with direct contact. He figured he would have to get used to it from

now on. He would have to trust her.

Slowly he approached the Hand, put one knee on the edge of the Hand and crawled

up. He turned and sat on the giant Palm with his legs hanging off, nervously

awaiting the next move.

Julie watched Mark's hesitation from above. She purposely didn't say anything,

wanting the decision to be completely his. It was obvious that he was having

trouble with the idea of her holding him. She watched intently as he slowly

approached her hand and climbed on. A wave of contentment hit Julie as she felt

his knee touch her skin. She felt a tingling sensation as he repositioned

himself on her hand. Julie curled her fingers toward him and moved her thumb

over so that he could grab it if he lost his balance.

Mark flinched a bit as the giant Fingers moved toward him and the Thumb crossed

in front of him. Then he realized what she was doing. He placed one hand on her

Thumb and the other on her middle Finger near her fingernail.

Seeing that he was ready, Julie slowly lifted her hand off of the table, feeling

Mark tighten his grip on her fingers. As Mark felt himself lifted off the table,

his feet dangled over the side of her Hand. He could feel himself slip slightly

from the moisture on Julie's Palm and gripped Julie's Fingers as tightly as he

could. Looking down through her Fingers he could see her bare Feet, which meant

he was no longer over the desk. This made him feel slightly uneasy. Trying to

relax, he noticed that her Hand was softer that he expected but not as stable as

he would have liked. So, in order to prevent himself from looking down, he

looked up at Julie, who was focusing all of her concentration on him.

It was exciting to Julie to have a little man sitting on her hand as she lifted

him up through the air. She was careful not to tip her hand, but the excitement

made it hard to keep a steady hand. Her palms were starting to sweat a little as

well, making it hard for Mark to balance himself.

'Don't worry,' she reassured him, 'I've got you.'

Before setting him down on the floor, she raised him up to her face, eye level.

Mark, expecting to be lowered was caught off guard when Julie instead raised him

up to her Face. He momentarily lost his balance and grabbed her Thumb with both

hands for support. Julie grinned a little as he grabbed her thumb, realizing

that she startled him. It reminded her of just how 'in control' she was.

'I don't want us to become enemies, you know. It's natural for you to be a

little afraid of me since I'm so much bigger than you, but I really want us to

try to make the best of the situation, OK? My goal is not to punish you all the

time, but I will if I have to, alright? Do we understand each other better

now?,' Julie asked, sounding almost like a parent.

'Yes, Julie,' he replied, half-heartedly.

'Good.' The words were enough for her as she gently lowered him to the floor.

Mark moved to the edge of her Palm and tried to step off her Hand. Julie moved

her hand away a second too soon and sent Mark tumbling. He landed square on top

of her bare Foot and rolled off the side, instinctively trying to hold on to

anything he could grab.

'Oh! Are you alright?,' she asked as she kneeled down and covered her mouth with

one hand.

'Yeah,' he answered, more aggravated than hurt, 'I'm OK.'

'I guess I have a little to learn too about handling someone so small,' she said

playfully, realizing how strange it felt to have a man's entire body slam into

her foot and only feel a small bump.

Her whole attitude of him having to 'learn' to listen to her, and her idea that

he had to adapt to her way of thinking angered him. But in his present

situation, what choice did he really have. If he listens, she's nice to him. If

he disobeys her, she punishes him. What a life. His total existence had been

reduced to angering or pleasing a Giantess. His freedom was totally taken from

him, except that for which she allowed him.

Chapter 8

It was Saturday and Julie did not have to work. She left Mark alone to go take a

shower. As the water flowed down her body, she thought about how she had all day

to spend with the 'little man' who lived in her house. She found herself more

and more thinking of Mark as a little man rather than a roommate. She couldn't

help thinking about how Kelly was so right about the whole situation. Things

were much more manageable and, although she wouldn't fully admit it yet,

enjoyable now that some rules have been established. Underneath it all, she

hoped that once Mark accepted the situation, their relationship could get

stronger. She didn't want to always scold him but realized that it was

necessary, at least for now. At the moment, however, the taste of power was

stronger than her concern for Mark and while she knew that would probably

change, it didn't stop her from wanting to act on it.

As she was drying herself off from her shower, she began thinking of ways

that he could 'help out' around the house. Then she remembered the 'samples'

that she had bought the other day and how it was time for more risk taking.

Mark heard the 'drums' approaching again. He turned around to find Julie

entering the room wearing a bathrobe, a towel around her head and carrying a

small bag and another towel. She had no makeup on, and while she was not ugly

without it, she definitely had that 'no-makeup' appearance. She walked past him,

sat down on the couch, spread the towel out under her Feet and placed the bag

next to them. She took a deep breath before calling Mark over. As much as she

felt in charge, this still seemed awkward for her. She wasn't used to being in

control of a relationship of any kind and knew that her nervousness was due to

her past patterns of dealing with men in general. Looking down at Mark's size as

he approached her foot helped relieve the tension that she felt. He posed

absolutely no threat to her physically, and the contrast in size was making it

easy for her to overcome her emotional barriers. She could hear Kelly's voice in

her head telling her to 'be creative' about the chores she gives him. From

above, he appeared to be staring at her foot and she lifted them slightly to get

his attention. After she did this, Mark lifted his head, their eyes met and she


Mark was curious to see what she was going to do with the towel and other

things when she called him and he could feel Julie staring at him as he walked

over to her. It felt very uncomfortable, so he kept his head down until he stood

directly in front of her Feet. He stood there a moment, looking at the tops of

her Feet and noticing how smooth they looked even at their immense size. His

eyes followed the bone structure of the Foot slowly down to the Toes where he

noticed that the nail polish was chipping on most of them. He remembered that

before he shrank, Julie always applied fresh toe nail polish after taking a

shower. She was so faithful about it even though she seemed to hate doing it. As

he stared at them, all five Toes lifted off the towel in unison and returned to

rest gently in front of him. He could feel a slight tingling in his legs as she

did this. Realizing that he had been staring, he lifted his head and looked up

at her giant Face.

'Mark, remember we talked about chores and you doing your fair share around

here?,' she asked with a little shyness in her voice.

'Yeah, but we never decided on what they would be,' he answered as he began

to understand what was about to happen.

'Well, I've found something that you can do for me that would really help me

out a lot,' she continued, pausing, 'Being kind of tall for a woman makes it

hard for me to paint my toenails the way I like them to look. So, I was thinking

that you could be in charge of keeping my feet looking pretty. You know, nail

polish, lotion, perfume, that kind of stuff. What do you say?' She tried to keep

a light, positive tone in her voice.

'You want me to be your 'footslave'? You can't be serious?' he asked in


Julie giggled at his question. 'Oh, I wouldn't think of it like that. Think

of it as... a project.' Her voice then turned more business-like. 'You get to

inspect them, schedule when things need to be done to them, and most important,

you get to see the results of your work firsthand.'

'No way Julie,' Mark answered, stepping back holding his hands up to

emphasize his response. 'I don't mind helping out, but this is going to far.'

Slightly amused at Mark's attempt to argue with her, she found that the more

Mark rebelled against doing what she said, the more she wanted him to do it. If

he had acted more casually about it instead of totally refusing, she might have

thought of something else. She moved her foot so that her big toe was directly

in front of him.

'Mark, I don't remember saying that this was open for discussion. I've

already made the decision.'

Realizing that she was serious, he hung his head, weighing the options of

agreeing or disobeying. He knew the result of disobeying and shuddered at the

thought of the same or even worse punishment. He saw her Foot move closer to

him, accenting how small he was. Her Big Toe was easily as big as his head.

Feeling totally humiliated, he reluctantly agreed, 'Alright, you win.' At least

they were clean, he thought.

'That's better,' she said smiling and as gently as possible, touched his leg

with her toe. Mark couldn't move out of the way quickly enough before her Toe

touched his leg. He barely kept his balance and looked up angrily to see Julie

covering a giggle with her Hand.

'Hey! That's not funny,' he yelled.

'Sorry,' she said insincerely, 'I was just playing.'

'Well, not so rough, OK?'

Realizing she had won this battle completely, she decided to stop teasing him

and placed her foot back on the towel. Mark's 'giving in' made her feel more in

control and totally eased the nervousness that she felt before. It was getting

easier for her to be firm on her decisions with Mark. It felt so good to her to

finally be in control of a situation involving a man, no matter what size he


She reached down and opened one of the sample sizes of skin lotion and

squeezed a pile next to her foot. Mark watched in silence as Julie squeezed a

pile of what appeared to be lotion near her Ankle. Her Fingers lightly squeezed

as the lotion oozed out. A nervous sensation arose in his stomach as he watched

her freshly manicured fingers effortlessly squeeze the bottle, one which he

could barely pick up. She placed the plastic bottle next to her Heel. The bottle

looked to be about as high his knees. He had never seen such a huge bottle of

lotion. But as Julie's Fingers released the bottle, he noticed that it was only

half as big as her index Finger and it was apparent how small the bottle really

was and therefore, how small he really was. As the Fingers let go of the bottle

and rose out of view, all that was left in front of him was a gigantic Foot on a

huge towel with a pile of thick lotion next to it.

Julie lifted her Toes a bit as she spoke, 'You can start with this.'

Mark stood silent in amazement of the situation that was before him.

'Hello?,' Julie boomed from above, 'Anybody there?'

Julie's thunderous voice broke his trance. 'Umm... sorry. What do you want me

to do?' he replied staring up at her as if he actually didn't know what it was

that she wanted.

It was obvious that he was trying to stall and she said with a raised

eyebrow, 'figure it out.' Julie leaned back and stared up at the ceiling

awaiting the first touch of the little hands. Surprising herself, she felt a

little lightheaded from the anticipation.

Realizing that his stall tactics were useless, Mark approached the pile of

lotion slowly. He shrugged and stuck his hand into the pile and walked over to

the instep of her right Foot. He paused a moment and then touched the top of her

Foot with the lotion. Her Foot jumped slightly frightening him but he continued

to apply the lotion like he was applying wax to a car. After a few strokes, he

began using both hands.

As the little hands made contact with her foot, Julie flinched slightly. It

was a release of the built up tension. She felt him stop for a moment and

continue. She didn't look down because she didn't want to interrupt him. His

little hands felt so invigorating. The sense of control, of being in control

only added to that. A slight smile appeared displaying her satisfaction.

'Mmm... that feels good,' Julie whispered from above.

As he glanced up at Julie's Face, he could see that she was smiling even

though she leaned her Head back. His feelings at the moment were confusing. One

part of him was angry that she was getting so much pleasure from his work and

another part of him was happy that she approved of his work. Anger was expected,

but any kind of happiness was totally unexpected. Could it be that just thought

of pleasing any woman this big was so challenging? Or was it the fact that at

such a small size he could still make a difference? All he knew was that he

continued to apply the lotion with eagerness partly out of fear of punishment

and partly out of desire for approval.

Her Foot was flat on the towel and as he applied the lotion, he worked his

way up to her Toes. Once there, he was presented with a new situation. He

thought about it as he covered her big Toe with the lotion. The first problem

was that he was running out of lotion so he tapped on her Toe as he yelled,

'Hey! I need more lotion!'

Totally entranced by this time but feeling a slight tap on her toe, she

realized what he was saying and beamed down smiling at him, 'No problem. There's

plenty more.'

The Fingers lowered into view and picked up the lotion bottle. Mark watched

as the bottle moved overhead and a deposit, much larger than the first, was

squeezed in front of her Foot. 'That should hold you for a while.' Then the

bottle was placed behind her Foot and the Fingers rose up out of site again.

Now he had to deal with the second problem. He knew that she would probably

want him to get between her Toes but he was afraid because she might

accidentally crush his hands. He looked up and started to ask something but

noticed her Eyes were closed and decided to just proceed cautiously. As he

brushed the inside of her big Toe, he heard a soft moan from above. He used both

hands to get the entire area between her big Toe and second Toe. It felt

incredibly soft, especially for the size of her Foot, where he applied the

lotion. He was caught off guard, noticing that her second Toe was slightly

longer than her big Toe when her Toes flinched slightly, causing him to jump

backwards by reflex and land squarely in the pile of lotion. It instantly

covered most of his body as he slid backward through the pile.

Feeling the slight bump on her toe, Julie looked down and couldn't help but

find the situation amusing and covered her mouth as she laughed. 'Oh, I'm so

sorry, are you OK?,' she said, sounding insincere as she spoke through a giggle.

Feeling embarrassed, he snapped, 'I'm fine but you could be a little more

careful, OK?,' as he climbed out of the pile.

Feeling totally satisfied at the moment and not wanting to argue, Julie

replied, 'I'll try,' as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes fully

intent on having him continue.

It aggravated him that she took the situation so lightly but somehow felt

compelled to continue. He had never had such mixed emotions before. So, still

covered on lotion, he lay across her Toes and rolled off, covering her Toes with

lotion and continued rubbing the lotion until all parts of her Toes were

covered. It was hard to get his hand between her fourth and pinky Toe. But with

his hand covered in lotion, he was able to slip in. He continued down the other

side of her Foot until the top of her Foot was completely covered. As he

completed her Ankle, he stood back and admired his work. 'One down,' he thought.

Julie felt him trying to get his hand between her toes. She thought about

trying to spread them to make it a little easier but was enjoying feeling him

try. Once successful he continued to her ankle. She felt him pause and realized

that he must be finished with the top of her foot. He had done such a good job,

she wasn't ready for him to be finished so she positioned her foot so that her

heel was on the towel and her toes were pointed upward exposing her sole. She

waited a few seconds, then wiggled her toes signaling for him to continue.

Just as he was about to move to the other Foot, he froze as he saw the Foot

move into a position where the Toes were just about at the same level as his

head. Realizing that she meant for him to continue on her Soles, he thought

about the risk of being partially under her Soles as he applied the lotion and

the consequences of her lowering her Foot 'accidentally'. She wiggled her Toes,

obviously ready for him, and he figured that if he trusted her not to crush him

in her Hand when she was angry the day before, than he could trust her now. She

flexed her Foot, pointing her Toes upward, to make her Sole smoother so that he

could apply the lotion. Getting the underside of her Toes and balls of her Foot

was easy because they were close to eye level. As he worked his way down,

though, he had to get on his knees to get the middle of her Sole. Once on his

knees, he could feel the skin on her Sole relax and wrinkle indicating that she

had relaxed her Foot. This made applying the lotion a little harder because he

had to work it into the wrinkles of her Sole. With just a little more to go, he

had to lie on his back to get the last part of her Heel. Staring up at her Sole

brought a sharp sense of fear, realizing that a wrong move now on Julie's part

could mean the end of his tiny existence. Not wanting to find out if his fears

would be validated, he quickly applied the last of the lotion and slid out from

under her Foot. Stepping backward, breathing heavy, he felt somewhat satisfied

that he had done a good job. However, just as he was catching his breath, he saw

the other Foot into position and he realized that he was only half finished.

Giantess Stories: The Perfect Roommate      Chapter 1   Mark had begun his search for a new apartment 2 months ago

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