Giantess Stories: The Promotion

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The Promotion






           My name is Jared Wallace. I graduated from

college a couple of years ago with a master's degree in business and what

wonderful job did a land? I was managing a Mc Donald's. It wasn't anything to

brag about and I wasn't all that proud of it but it did pay the bills.  I wasn't

doing that great but I wasn't doing that bad either. I mean I make all bills on

time. I drive a Mitsubishi Eclipse and in general I guess I can't complain.


However, all that changed one day

when I got a phone call. It was out of the blue. I had forgotten I had posted my

resume online. I got a call from a business called Sunsoft Computers. They were

impressed with resume and were offering me a job. It took me all of half a

second too agree. What was there to think about, I could manage a bunch of on

unruly teens who think they know everything or I could work at one of the

hottest upstart companies of the year? I picked the obvious choice and went with

the upstart company.


I was excited at that time. I was

beyond belief and looking back on things I don't really regret things. It was a

wonderful opportunity. My main job there was being the CEO's bitch. I spent my

day running papers around and picking up this and that. It was a real pain but

everyday I would come home and think about the paycheck and suddenly everything

was okay.


It was a couple of weeks into my

employment when my boss called me into his office. I wasn't really looking

forward to it. I was a college grad and I was being used like a slave to fetch

whatever he bellowed. I had to bite my tongue each time I saw him. I took a deep

breathe and shoved the door open.


“Hi, Mr. Walters! You asked to see me?”


“Yes, Jared have you met my daughter Bobbi. She made

cheerleading captain earlier this week you know”


“Oh daddy, you're embarrassing Me.” giggles Bobbi


“Well it's a pleasure to meet you”


“Now Jared as you are aware I have meetings all day with




“Well, I had promised Bobbi bear here that I would take her

shopping, only since I have meetings all day I need you to take her shopping”


“But Mr. Walters”


“Thanks Jared, this means a lot to me.”


           I didn't get a chance to respond before Bobbi

leapt up and gave Mr. Walters a kiss. I could only stand there smiling feeling

used. Bobbi walked over to me to me and started pulling me out of the room.


“Take care of my Bobbi now Jared”


“Yes sir”


“Cya daddy”


“Bye bear'


           Bobbi skipped down the corridor towards the

elevator. I couldn't believe that I was going to have to spend a day with my

boss's brat. I shook my head as we walked out to her BMW. I slid into the

passenger's seat as Bobbi pulled the remote out of her purse and the car starts.


“Here hold my purse”


“What? Why can't you just set it on the floor?”


“Hello! I said hold my purse. I would hate to have to tell

daddy how mean your being to me” in a pouty voice


“You wouldn't”


Flashes the puppy dog eyes and fakes some tears “Daddy,

Jared was being so mean. I just wanted him to hold my purse and...”


“Okay, okay u win”


“Thanks Jared”


           Bobbi gives me a peck on the cheek and backs out

of the lot. I couldn't believe this teenage girl has a nicer car then I do. What

does she need this for? I guess this is how the other half lives.


“So where are we going? The mall? Wal-Mart has a good sale”


“The mall? I am buying clothes, which means specialty

stores. You think mall clothes would touch this skin? And what is this Wal-Mart

you speak of?”


“You're joking right?”


“Anyway here we are”


“Well then here is your purse”


“I need both hands to shop”


           I sighed in disgust as I got out of the car

still carrying this brat's purse like I was her little slave. I spent the better

part of the next 3 hours following Bobbi around like her little puppy dog as she

walked through store after store. As we were walking out of some shoe store I

saw a funny coin on the ground. It had an Indian head on it. I hadn't seen

anything like it so I grabbed it thinking it might be worth a little something.


“Come on Jared”

           I stuffed the coin into my pocket and didn't

really give it any further thought and Bobbi, the bosses daughter didn't really

give me a chance. We went in and out of a few more stores downtown until finally

we stopped for lunch and I had to say that I couldn't have been happier. That

meant I only had a couple hours of this horrible experience left.


I started to feel sick as we walked in. It had started a few stores ago but it

had really started to get bad until now. I was about ready to hurl.


           Bobbi sat down and ordered a water just as her

cell phone rang.


“Oh hi daddy, yeah Jared has taken me everywhere. Yeah,

only got a top though”


“Bobbi, I feel sick, I think I need to go to a hospital”


“Just a sec, ““JARED IM TALKING TO DADDY”” Sorry daddy

Jared was just whining about something”


“Bobbi I'm serious”


           That's when it happened, my body jolted and I

found myself shrinking. I grabbed onto the edge of the table as I fell. Bobbi's

voice was magnified seemingly thousands of times.  I struggled to pull myself up

onto the table.


“Yeah daddy, it was only 300 dollars.”


“Bobbi, Bobbi”


“Just a sec daddy ““JARED HUSH! I am on the phone with

daddy”” yeah, I think Jared and I are gonna go to the pet store next.”


“Bobbi! I need help”


“Yeah talk to you later daddy, bye bye”


           As I pulled myself back up onto the table my jaw

smacked the floor as I saw Bobbi. She was simply huge. My bosses bratty daughter

is larger then life. My eyes fell onto her black top and gradually moved upwards

towards her face. She wasn't even looking at me was all that I could think

about. I watched her eyes scan the people across the street. I then looked out

to see what she what was so interesting. That is when I found myself unable to

see that far. The distance just to the street looked to be pretty far and I

realized at my new size it would take quite a while just to get back to the car

if I had to walk. I looked back at Bobbi only to find her staring at me, her

eyes lit up like the sky on the fourth of July.


“Jared? Is that you?”


“Bobbi, please! I have been trying”


“You are so small, and your voice is so high pitched, how

did this happen?”


“I don't know, just get me to a hospital god damn it”


“Wait, Bobbi no!!”


           I put my arms out in a feeble attempt to stop

her, the shadow from her hand blanketed over me. My eyes screamed with terror as

her hand lowered down towards me. I could feel the heat coming off her hands on

my near nude body. I looked down at myself realizing that I was only clothed in

my boxers.


           Bobbi's hand grasped my body. I struggled and

tried to push her hand off of me but I felt myself leaving the table. I could

only feel Bobbi's hands all around me, her face gradually came into my full view

as she dangled me in front of her face for only but a moment before she smiled

coyly at me and started moving me away from her.





I looked down at the world whizzing by it was all a blur as Bobbi's hand moved

at dizzying speeds, however it all stopped at once and I found myself hovering

over her shopping bag.


“Bobbi NO!!”


“All my little purchases can go in here”


“I am not a purchase”


“Sure you are. You look just like a knick knack that I

would buy.”


“I am not a knick knack”


           Her hand released its grip on me and I felt

myself tumbling through the air. Panic ran through me like water through a

sponge. I wanted to grab a hold of something or anything for that matter but I

only continued to fall. Bobbi began to giggle as I fell. Her simple giggled

ruptured through the air encompassing all that I could see. It wasn't until I

landed roughly into her bag that I got any form of relief. She moved her face

above blocking out much of the light and smiled down at me. She then grabbed the

handles and stood up.


           The clacking of her heels on the cobblestone

pavement sent fear into my heart. The lackadaisical swinging of the bag as she

walked towards her car. I peaked my head just over the edge so I could see the

world pass by. I pleaded with Bobbi but it was all for not as she didn't even

look down at me once. As we slipped into her car the bag and I were merely set

down on the floor of the backseat.


           The BMW rumbled to life and I could hear Smells

like Teen Spirit blare over the car speakers. The music was deafening and I was

forced to cover my ears but the music was still simply deafening. My ears were

rattling as my mind was struggling to keep the insanity out.


           The car came to a halt and the bag tipped over

spilling me onto the floor of the car. While this was happening Bobbi's hand

came reaching back for the bag. I was curled up hoping she wouldn't see me but

her other hand grasped me as she carried me out of the car.


“Bobbi you can't just carry me around like this.”


“Are you scared little Jared?”


“I am not little!!”


“My shirts look like a parachute to you”


           I was clutched against Bobbi's breasts as she

walked into her house brought me up to her room. As she pushed the door open I

heard the bag drop.




           Everything was in turmoil as she ran tossing me

onto her bed. I rolled end over end crashing into her pillows. I picked myself

up to see Bobbi kissing a giant boy about the same age as she.


“I have missed you so much”


“I have missed you to babe”


“Bobbi what about me? I need serious help”


“What the fuck? Who said that?”


“Oh that's just my little boyfriend Jared”


“Your what?”


           The teen boy's eyes befell onto me. I nervously

tried to back up but I had no where to back up too. My back was firmly against

one of Bobbi's pillows as he stared at me angrily.


“Matty don't hurt him. He's mine”


“I don't like the idea of another guy with you.”


“Come on Matty, don't you love me” says bobbi with a pout

look on her face.


“Awe, come on hun, you know I do.”


           Matt started to walk towards me staring at me

intently punching his fist into his hand. I could hear him mumbling under his

breath. I don't think Bobbi heard him but it's hard to keep silent a voice that

sounds like thunder. I curled up into a fetal position as I saw his fist ram

down towards me. I felt a hand close around me and I thrusted against the

blackness of Bobbi's top. I fought intensly to get away.


“Don't you dare hurt my little boyfriend Matt”


“Come on Bobbi”


“No, now you rest here on my bed little Jared. I will be

back later. Now let's go Matt”


“I don't want too. I want to go home. Just let me go

already Bobbi”


“Hush now, we can play later K?”


Chapter 2


           I ran to the edge of the bed but Bobbi was

already gone and walking out the door with her boyfriend. I looked down over the

side of the bed and sighed as I knew it was much too high to simply jump off

of.  I looked back at the head of the bed at the pillows where I was almost

pounded by a giant teen.


           Time dragged by slowly and it had only been 2

hours since Bobbi left. I glanced back at the digital clock for about the

millionth time and I finally decided to take matters into my own hands. Next to

Bobbi's bed I spotted a wooden chair with a knit scarf hanging over the edge.  I

looked down the side and saw the scarf touching the floor. I couldn't believe my

luck. I took a few steps back and made a running leap onto the scarf. I smacked

into the leg of the chair a couple of times but luckily I maintained balance. I

began the careful trek down using the knit scarf as a rope. A very large rope

for a matter of fact, the scarf looked more like a massive sidewalk or roadway.


           I finally made it down to the floor of Bobbi's

room but I found myself overwhelmed. The structures in here were gargantuan. I

could hardly make out many of the objects. I looked like a tourist visiting New

York City looking up at all the tall buildings as I walked through Bobbi's room.


           I finally made it to the door only to find it

shut tightly. I pounded on the door a couple of times but it was no use. The

solid oak door had no give. I looked around for only a moment when I saw her

backpack sitting in the corner. I quickly made my way over crawling under the

strap of the backpack.


           I could hear voices rolling down the hall. The

pounding of footsteps echoes in my head. I nervously looked on as the door

started to push itself open. The familiar footwear of Bobbi's boyfriend entered

first followed by 6 other feet. I looked  up at the trio of girls.


“Where is the little punk. Let me pound him.”


“You better stay away from him Matt!”


“Hey where is he? He was suppose to be on my bed”


“Matt probably scared him Bobbi”


“Spread out and find him”


           I watched the girls span out around the room

however it was Matt who came towards me. My entire being froze as he headed

towards me. Images of him holding me in his greasy grasp flash through my mind;

his eyes cross the floor and finally lock onto me. I dart out from the backpack

and head towards one of the girls. I look back to see Matt already on top of me.

His shoe descends over me. I feel a swoosh of air speed by me as the floor

shakes from his foot falling behind me.

I can feel the shadow creeping over me. I look up to see

his dirty sole hanging over me. I close my eyes as I feel some fingers curl

around me. I can feel the powerful

grip all around me however the hand was silky and had a rubbery feel too it. I

opened my eyes to see a bit more mature looking yet still quite young of a lady

looking down at me.


“My sister was right, you are tiny and adorable.”


“PUT ME DOWN! I don't like being held like this”


“I am not gonna hurt you so just hush up. I just want to

check you out”


           I found myself staring at her white top. The

strong smell of sweat is in the air as she holds me clenched in her fist.


“you are so tiny, I just can't believe how small you are”


“Please, just get me to a hospital and put me down. I am a

grown man and I will not be manhandled like this.”


“And what are you going to do if you don't”


“Hey sis you found him! Give him here”




“Cause he is mine”


“I am not yours”


“See he doesn't even like you Bobbi”


“He does too. Tell her Jared!”




“Well tell her Jared, Speak up we don't have all day. Tell

Chelsea how you like me”


“But I don't”


“See he doesn't like you”


“That's not what he said”


“He did too didn't you jared?”


“You are just gonna cut me off”


“see Jared says he likes me, right matt?”


“Yeah whatever, I am outta here”


“Matt wait”


           I watched Bobbi run out of the room after Matt

as Chelsea stared down at me intently. I punched against her hand which didn't

even seem to faze her. A grin crossed her face as she motioned to the other girl

who I had not seen. The sweaty white tank top of Chelsea was shoved against my

face. He scent was shoved up and into my nostrils. I could feel her moving quite



“What are we doing?”


“Taking the little man, I don't see why Bobbi should get



“Well she is your dad's favorite”


“Yeah well this time I get the man, where'd you park?”


“Around the corner, are we really stealing him?”


“Its not stealing, he is belongs to my family”


“True, and what is Bobbi gonna say? Daddy, Chelsea took my

little man away”


“Even he won't believe that”


           The cold air was at my back as we swept through

the back yard. I tried to turn my head to the side but I was too firmly pressed

against the top. I could hear the door slam shut and I was slid down the sweaty

top of Chelsea and onto her flat firm stomach.


“Mmmm you feel so good”


“Just let me go! I don't like this”


“mmm your gonna love this”


           I looked up to see her grinning and then

everything around me was a complete blur, then darkness as I was shoved beneath

her shirt. I found her not wearing a bra as I was pushed between her tits. I

slid easily in between them since they were still sweaty from her workout. I

found her mounds pressing against me from either side was turning me on, I would

wiggle and squirm and her breasts would react and mold around my changes. It was

like was in a living breathing hug.


           The longer I was in here the less and less

attention Chelsea was paying to me. At first she would press her tits into me

and giggle as I struggled around but now she is hardly reacting to anything I

do. I can hear her voice above me chatting away with her friend.


“Wont Bobbi know we took him?”


“Well yeah but she wont be able to get over here till

tomorrow at the earliest. It's past her curfew.”


“So that gives us a night”


“I will deal with my sister. He will be ours.”


           Bobbi had caught Matt outside at his car.


“Come on Matt, don't be like this”


“It seems like you care more about this Jared guy then your

own boyfriend”


“Its not like that, He is just a toy, your real, we are

real, he is a toy. You have to understand that baby”


“I don't know, just keep him away from me. If I see him, I

will hurt him”


“Oh alright”



woke up to a pair of eyes staring at me. I quickly stood up to see an Asian face

staring at me. I looked around for Chelsea but she was no where to be found. 


“Hi there little man, I am Chelsea's best friend Meghan.”


“Well I don't care if your Marge Simpson, just please get

me some help.”


“Why would you need help?”


“what do you mean why would I need help? I am only 5 inches



“Oh you weren't always like that?”


           As I stood up I looked down over the edge to see

the floor hundreds of feet down. I would surely plummet to my doom if I fell

from this height. I looked back at Megan to see her still staring at me.


“what are you looking at?”


“My aren't you a feisty little one aren't you, I know just

what to do with you”


           Meghan grabbed my left ankle and picked me up. I

dangled before her eyes as she ran one of fingers down my body. She grabbed my

boxer shorts and carefully pulled them off and let them fall into her shoe

below. Her eyes gazed onto my unit. I tried to cover it up as best I could but

one flick of her fingers easily uncovered all. She expertly grabbed either side

of my head and opened her mouth wide open. I screamed for Chelsea but Meghan

cooed that she wasn't here. I felt myself lowering down towards her mouth. Her

hot breath rolls over me. I look down seeing her razor sharp teeth. I began to

panic I drop a short distance. Meghan's lips clamp around my chest and I can

feel her teeth lightly on my chest. Her tongue glides up my legs and ends at my

cock. Meghan swirls her tongue around my member which quickly hardens.


“MMMM, you taste wonderful”


           Her tongue swirled around my now swollen member.

I fought with every last ounce of my being. As her tongue swirled and worked

around me I tried to pull myself out but her mouth was like a vice grip that I

couldn't escape.




           Meghan's only response was her hand slipping

under her skirt. As her tongue fixated onto me, I finally felt her entire body

surge and I thought her teeth were gonna sear through me but her entire hold on

me released and she had a spent look across her face. I crawled out of her mouth

just in time to be grabbed once again. I found myself flying down the length of

her body. My eyes lit up as I saw her woman hood. I was like a deer in

headlights as I was shoved against her wet, dripping pussy. She pushed me

against it smothering and soaking me in her cum. As I was pulled out from under

her skirt I found myself spitting up cum.


“Thanks for cleaning me up hun now I should go clean up,

don't go anywhere”


           I was lowered onto the coffee table and could

only watch as Meghan left the room. I tried to roll over but I found myself

stuck to the table. I could only lay and wait for Meghan to come back and set me



Chapter 3


           Meghan was gone for a long time. I continued to

try to shimmy or wiggle so I could free myself from her cum but it was hopeless,

I found myself not strong enough to break free no matter what I did. Meghan

finally came back and looked down at me smiling happy as ever. She had a large

bottle in her hand. The clear substance poured onto me burning her cum off of



“It burns, it burns”


“Oh you baby, it's only a little whisky”


“Come on little man! We should have a party of our own”


           Meghan grabbed a shot glass from I don't even

know where and she poured it to the brim, she grabs me once again by the ankles

and dunks me into the whisky. I sputter and  spit out as much as I can but as I

am pulled up I am dripping wet with whisky running off of my body all the while

Meghan is holding me over her mouth letting the whisky drip into her mouth.




“What up Chelse?”


“Put him down”


“We were just playin”


“Put him down right now”


“Oh alright, your no fun”


Chelsea grabbed me from her roommates hands. As she looked at me closely she

could see my body still covered with cum in some places with whisky dripping off

my body in others. I could see her lips start to part and the rolling thunder of

her laughs blasted through the room. My ears screamed from the volume of

Chelsea's laughter while my nose crinkled from the smell of sweat in the air

from her clothes.


“I can't believe this, Look at you.”


“Yeah, yeah look at me the shrunken freak come one come all

now put me the fuck down”


           My entire body leapt inside out as I felt myself

moving, a huge white wall came closer and closer, my face was shoved against her

sweaty workout top. My cries were muffled by her white top, her palm pushed me

flat against her top as her breasts slightly swayed from side to side, I could

feel her muscles working and churning all around me, the pounding of her heart

was so terribly close. It was intoxicating being this close to a woman this

beautiful. She was so different then her sister Bobbi. Chelsea seemed unspoiled

and down to earth. As she held me I wanted to cuddle up against, feel her skin

that this top prevents from relishing. A feeling of vertigo washed over me as I

pulled away from Chelsea and lowered into white cavern. Smooth white walls rise

above me like un climbable cliffs.  I can only look up at Chelsea who is fully

standing up, my heart fluttered and my mind was reeling as her muscular toned

legs rises up like pillars, as the sweat drips down her legs my eyes follow the

new orange juice glass sized droplets.


“Amazing” is all I can manage to purge through my lips as I

stare up at her. She doesn't even turn her head she merely pulls off her top and

watch it slowly drift to the floor like a leaf falling off a tree on a calm

summer day. She did it so casually without any care or concern. I heard her sigh

and grab a brush off the sink counter, she ran the brush through her blonde

locks of hair again and again. I longed to be that hair, that brush feeling her

silky hair running through my fingers, my toes, my nose longed to smell her

hair, my skin tingled at the thought of feeling it then it happened. A lock of

her golden blonde hair was ripped from her head, she didn't even see it but I

did, how could I not it looked more like a rope used to anchor a ocean liner.

The golden blonde rope fell directly over me, I reached my hand out for it, I

need that hair, I needed something of this girl who I cannot pull my eyes from,

who my mind cannot seem to push out. I smiled as it wouldn't be long now, then

she spun around and the hair was sucked towards her and away from me I cried out

but it was not heart but a sole. Above my head the sound of metal on metal

grinding whistled through the air then water gushing out and slamming into the

floor. The water levels quickly began rise as it was soon at my ankles, my eyes

darted around looking for anything that I could use to climb out of here with

but I was soon treading water then her legs swept over me and pounded into the

tub, her foot pushed the water away with ease. Chelsea's hulking frame lowered

down, her nude bare ass crashing into the water.


“Watch out little man, here I come” giggles Chelsea


           What was this that I was feeling? Oh yeah

happiness, it had been so long. When was the last time I felt this? College?

high school? It was love at first sight. I hadn't ever felt this way before. It

was different and so… I can't even begin to put into words.


“Hey snap out of it” bellowed Chelsea as she wrapped her

fingers around me. my body was lifted with ease out of the water as she dangled

me in front of her face once again.


“We better wash you up. You smell like whisky, this will

make ya smell good”


           I was then released from her grip and sent

sliding down her stomach. All of her stomach muscles pushed me from side to side

as I slid down her stomach like a slide. I splashed down into the water and I

rested up against her firm stomach. I looked up to see a pink bar of soap being

pushed between a washcloth. The soap quickly began to lather and splash down

into the water around me.


“Hey” was all I could get out before I was expertly grabbed

with her thumb and for finger. She pushed the soap out from between the

washcloth and dropped me in. The pink lather slid all around me, the soap was

perfumed which made my nose crinkle from the over powering smell.  My body was

then slid up and down the length of the washcloth as she covered me with her

perfumed soap. My eyes stung and my skin was soon pink as Chelsea continued to

rub until I felt like my skin was gonna peel off then almost like the flick of a

switch the dark confines of the washcloth was filled with light. I began to sit

up when I was grabbed and hurdled into the water. Chelsea shoved me beneath the

depths of tub. I plunged deeper and deeper until she started to shake me from

side to side. My lungs burned and I wanted air, I finally was lifted above water

for only but a moment. I gasped for air and then was pushed back underneath the

water. I kicked and flailed as she pushed once again beneath the depths of water

and started to shake me like a doll as I remain submerged. When I thought my

lungs were about to burst she pulled me up.


“What the hell I could have mpffff” She pushed the now soap

free washcloth against me completely muffling any further sound. I was pushed up

and down the washcloth for an eternity as my already pink skin was dried off.


“There all clean now”


           Chelsea smiled down at her handy work and then I

began to move farther and farther away from her body. Chelsea dumped me onto the

toilet seat which had happened to have her workout shorts covering the lid,

without a single thought, or even looking at me as she dumped me onto here she

went back to lathering up her washcloth to clean herself this time. I hated to

do it but I forced myself to look away from her as it didn't feel right.


           Chelsea had finished up her bath and she grabbed

her light pink bathrobe and threw it on, then without a single thought she

reached down for me as she casually walked by. It was nice to be in her grip

again but I was only there for a moment before she let me fall down into her

pocket. She was lightly humming larger then life by the backstreet boys as she

walked into her room.


           I remained her pocket as she combed her hair and

dried it off, she then ran a comb threw it a few times and got up. I was finally

grabbed and set down on her bed as she Chelsea laid down facing the foot of the

bed with her legs kicked up into the air.


“You're beautiful, I can't stop thinking about you. I

usually don't say anything like this but I can't help it. Since I first saw you

I felt something, I don't know I just can't keep it to myself anymore.”


“Aww, you're so sweet but you don't need to be nervous

around me. I am not gonna hurt my little man.” Just then Meghan pushed the door



“Hey come on Chelse, lets go out dancing tonight, I wanna

have some fun.”


“Hey that sounds like fun”


           Chelsea sat up and walked over to her closet.

She threw on some tight leather pants and a white halter top then walked back

towards me. She grabbed me with one hand and opened her nightstand drawer with

the other.


“See you later”


           She blew me a kiss and slammed the drawer shut

as I slunk down to the floor of the drawer. I couldn't believe she didn't feel

or say anything. I rested my head against the wall of the drawer. I am left in

darkness with only my thoughts as I hear Chelsea's voice become distant.

Minutes, hours, seconds, it all makes no differences as they all equal, the same

length of time and that is an eternity as I sit here with only my thoughts

waiting for when Bobbi or Chelsea to come back for me. That's all I have now.

























Giantess Stories: The Promotion

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