Giantess Stories: THE PROSTITUTE By Rob      I was a little drunk that night

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By Rob

I was a little drunk that night, as I always am when me and my friends play the

game. I don't know why I'm always the one that has to pick up the whore. I

wouldn't have the nerve to do it without the booze. I pulled to a stop at the

curb where she stood. She looked good, real good. She had longish blonde hair

and deep red lipstick. Her outfit was a snug pink long-sleeved blouse with a

low-cut scooping neckline, tucked into a very short black leather miniskirt that

ended well above mid-thigh. She was wearing white stockings that went up to just

below her miniskirt - you know, the ones with the frilly lace around the top?

Her shoes were pink, three-inch pumps; they matched her shirt. She was slim,

with long legs and largish breasts. Just the way we liked 'em.

She stepped over to the side of the car, and leaned down through the passenger

side window (which was rolled down). I could see right down her blouse and

looking made me start to get a hard-on. This whore would be fun. "Lookin' for a

date?" she asked with a wide smile. I nodded, a little nervous. Playing the game

always made me nervous; we'd only done this a handful of times. "Get in," I

said, trying to smile.

"Where we goin'?" she asked.

"I've got a cabin just outside of town, on the river," I said.

"You a cop?"

"'Course not!"

"You want me to come with you outside of town? That's gonna blow my whole night.

How much you got?" I pulled my wallet out of my pocket and showed her five

hundred-dollar bills. She whistled. "That's plenty," she said, as she leaned

over and took the bills. She was in the car a moment later, and we headed out to

my cabin.

On the way out, I introduced myself as Frankie and got her name - Susan. Other

than that I didn't say much and tried not to listen as she jabbered. I'd never

be able to play the game if I saw the whores as anything but objects.


Yeah, so I was a hooker. How it happened is a long story. I'd long since stopped

trying to justify it morally. It paid the bills. I had some money saved and in a

few years I'd planned to get out of the business and do something decent.

It had been a slow night. It was a slow time of year; no major holidays nearby,

no major events going on in the city. When the guy pulled up at the curb, I felt

some relief at finally getting a chance to make some money. The driver didn't

look like some high school kid, broke or trying to be "funny". He didn't look

like he was just going to ask directions, either. I strolled over to the car and

leaned in through the open window, bending over far enough so he'd be able to

see down my front. He stared, mesmerized. "Lookin' for a date?" I said. He

nodded nervously. I figured he hadn't done this much before. That was good. He'd

be so nervous that he'd shoot his load fast and in ten minutes I'd be a hundred

bucks richer.

"Get in," he said.

"Where we goin'?"

He said something about a cabin outside of town. Outside of town? Shit, that'd

blow my whole night. But first, had to check... "You a cop?" I asked him.

"'Course not!"

Now I could see if he could pay for my whole night. "You want me to go outside

of town with you? That's gonna blow my whole night. How much you got?" He pulled

out his wallet and took five hundred dollars out. I was satisfied. I whistled so

he'd think I was impressed, and took the money. I hopped in the car and we left.

He introduced himself as Frankie and I told him my name was Susan. I noticed he

wasn't too talkative so I rambled on about the weather and shit, to fill the

silence. Lots of times new guys are uncomfortable talking to you.


My cabin was a one-floor job. The front door opened onto the living room. Off to

the left was the bedroom and to the right was the kitchen, with a back door. The

bathroom was off the bedroom.

As we pulled up in front of the cabin, I felt a little more relaxed. I knew my

friends were inside, waiting, probably plowed by this time, and eager to have

fun. I unlocked the door and motioned Susan in. I stepped in after her turned to

lock and chain the door. Meanwhile, Johnny grabbed the hooker from behind,

wrapping his arms around her chest just below her breasts, pinning her arms

against her sides. Hank came out from the kitchen and approached her, while I

grabbed her purse and dumped it out. I rummaged through her junk and picked out

my five hundred.


We pulled up in front of Frankie's cabin. It wasn't too far out of town. The

cabin looked a little run-down, but still decent. We got out of the car and he

opened the front door for me. I went in and saw that I was in the living room.

There was a somewhat threadbare sofa, a recliner, an old TV, and a few other

furnishings. I guess it was guy heaven.

Suddenly I felt arms grab me from behind. At first I thought it was Frankie

deciding to be playful but then I heard the front door close and the lock click,

and I was being held much too tightly. I got scared. A blond guy appeared from a

doorway off to the right, swaying a little - obviously drunk. Frankie stepped

around to where I could see him and grabbed my purse. The blond dude walked over

to me with a drunken leer on his face as Frankie dumped out the contents of my

purse and fished out the five hundred he'd paid me. Of course I was struggling

and I cried out, but I couldn't get loose. I was terrified! I couldn't think



I stood back and watched as Hank grabbed the low neckline of the whore's blouse

with both hands and rip it open down to the waist. Underneath, now revealed, was

a lacy white bra encasing her large, firm breasts. Hank put his hands on the

soft mounds and started rubbing them roughly. The whore was struggling against

Johnny's hold and crying out, but she couldn't escape Johnny's arms or Hank's

probing hands.


While I struggled, terrified, the blond guy grabbed the neckline of my blouse

with both hands and torn it open to the waist. He slipped his hands under the

torn fabric and began roughly squeezing my tits. I may sell sex for a living but

I had never felt so degraded in my life. I found myself literally paralyzed with

fear - I stiffened up and couldn't move. Anger at the humiliation welled up in

me, replacing my fear. I had a sudden sensation of claustrophobia, and my

clothing felt tight. Anger turned to a burning rage and my fear was gone. My

vision seemed fuzzy and my ears were ringing; at the same time I felt distanced

from my body. My blouse seemed tight around the shoulders and blondie seemed to

be smaller. My bra was incredibly tight and then I heard a snap and the

tightness around my ribcage was gone. Frankie and the blond guy were both

looking at me strangely, and blondie had backed up a step, his hands now

hovering between us instead of administering his rough manipulations to my tits.

Now my arms felt constricted by my sleeves and my legs itched like my stockings

were ill-fit. My shoes seemed suddenly two sizes to small - my feet felt like

they were in a vise. My panties were wedged into the crack of my ass and pulling

tightly on my groin. I heard a soft shredding noise and felt cool air on my

calves and the fronts of my thighs. I felt a tickling sensation around my

thighs, I guess from my torn stockings slowly folding down, loose from the

tearing around my thighs. By this time I had figured out that I was growing

bigger and taller, and I felt strength surging in my swelling muscles.

A sharper ripping noise came and I felt now I felt the coolness on my bulging

biceps and forearms. Again a ripping sound and I no longer felt the tightness

across my shoulders and back, and now I felt the air on my back as well, against

its thick strong muscles. The arms from behind that had been pinning me

disappeared just as the discomfort of my panties (still wedged up my ass and

pulling my groin) stopped with a simultaneous snapping sound. I felt another

tickle down one leg - my now shredded panties drifting to the floor. Another

quick pair of snapping sounds came as my shoestraps gave up the battle with my

feet. The soft shredding noise from my stockings had continued all this time; my

legs felt completely bare, hugely muscular, and immensely strong and I could

feel my feet covered by the soft nylon piled up. My leather skirt was tight

around my waist, no longer reaching down to cover my crotch, but I felt the

tails of my blouse pull free and then the front, ripped in half by the blond

dickhead, slipped off my breasts. The blond guy was looking pretty puny, not

even as tall as my shoulders at this point. I felt a huge surge of power flowing

through me, pounding in my arms and legs and throughout my now huge torso. My

nipples were almost painfully erect in the cool air and I felt the gentle weight

of my breasts riding high atop the hugelike slablike muscles of my chest as it

gently rose and lowered with my breathing. Finally the tightness around my waist

disappeared to the sound of a loud tearing - my leather skirt finally giving up

the ghost. My blouse, torn to shreds and hanging loosely from my shoulders,

slipped down off my oversized round contours and over my arms to the floor,

pulling the broken bra with it. I was naked, as these guys had certainly

intended to get me, but I could see the fear in the faces of Frankie and the

blond dickhead - this certainly wasn't what they had expected. It was a complete

surprise to me too, but it felt like a welcome one. It was payback time.

Dickhead's hands were still hovering in the air between us, but now they were

just about at my waist level - his head didn't even reach the bottoms of my

breasts. My newfound might surprised me as I squeezed; I both felt and heard the

crunching of his wrists. I felt a strange surge of pleasure, almost sexual, upon

using my incredible new strength. Dickhead must have felt instead a surge of

pain because he let out a piercing scream and yanked in vain to pull his arms

from my grasp. My mighty arms, roped in muscle, didn't even budge from his



All of the sudden the whore stopped struggling and screaming and stiffened up,

for a moment not moving at all. I felt a momentary disappointment - this

wouldn't be nearly as much fun if she didn't struggle. Then the really weird,

out-of-this-world shit started happening.

Her snug blouse started to bulge at the shoulders and she seemed to be getting

taller. I thought I must be seeing things and I rubbed my eyes, but they kept

seeing the same things. Her shoulders widened, pulling tight the torn blouse. I

could see her bra straining against her expanding chest. Hank didn't seem to

notice what was going on yet. I guess he was too drunk and too preoccupied with

the feel of the whore's tits. But then her chest just got too big and the bra

snapped apart between her tits. Hank sure noticed that, as he looked up to see

that the whore was now as tall as him. He took a step back, shaking his head and

holding his hands stupidly outstretched, as if he would just take a step forward

and the boobs would be back where they belonged. But it didn't look like that

would happen. I don't think Johnny had noticed what was going on yet, 'cuz his

arms were still wrapped around her torso. Maybe he couldn't tell that what was

happening wasn't just struggling, since his face was mostly covered by her long

blonde hair.

She was outgrowing her clothing everywhere I looked. Her height had increased to

the point where now her super-short miniskirt wasn't even long enough to cover

the bottoms of her panties (white lace). Her sleeves were being stretched by the

new bulk of both her forearms and her upper arms. Her legs, bulging with the

woman's expanding muscle, stretched her nylon stockings too far and they began

to shred in several places, and the loosening let them begin sliding down. A

ripping sound came as I saw first her biceps burst her sleeves, then her

forearms, both pounding with female muscle. The blouse had been growing ever

tighter across her shoulders and I guess the back tore open because I saw the

blouse suddenly loosen across her shoulders to the accompaniment of another

tearing noise. At this point I saw Johnny's arms disappear behind her. He must

have realized what was going on because her back had expanded to the point where

I don't think he could clasp his arms around her. A moment later her panties,

pulled too tight by her huge frame, snapped and drifted to the floor. Then the

straps on her pumps gave way, making me notice that even her feet were growing.

By this time her arms, packed with gigantic feminine muscles, were bigger than

my legs and the sleeves, shredded, hung loosely from her rising, broadening

shoulders. Her legs, with thighs each at least the size of my waist and calves

the size of my thighs, had shredded her stockings - they now lay piled around

her bared feet along with her panties. Still she grew, both in height and in

muscle. Her shoulders and lats tore apart her blouse's shoulder seams and then

her still increasing height (Hank was much less than shoulder-height to her now)

pulled the bottom of the blouse free from her leather skirt (which had held out

better than any other article of her clothing and still encircled her waist -

but *only* her waist). The shredded tatters of the blouse slipped off her

breasts so that the entire remaining fabric of the blouse hung like little

streamers from her cannonball-like shoulders, and her entire torso was revealed.

Her breasts, just slightly larger than their original size, sat high and firm

atop the thick, platter-like muscle of her pectorals, nipples erect. Her abdomen

wasn't like a washboard - no washboard could do that rippling musculature

justice. The grooves in her abdominals were deeper than any washboard's and the

chunks of female muscle looked much harder than steel.

Finally even the leather miniskirt couldn't take the pressure of this giantess's

still-growing frame and with a loud rip, its seams gave way. Then the tattered

remains of her blouse slipped from those Jurassic shoulders and pulled the

pieces of her bra with it. She stood in front of us, naked. We had certainly

intended to get her naked, but not like this! Judging from the distance between

her head and the ceiling, I'd say she was nine feet tall. My gaze drifted up

from her large but still feminine feet, past her huge, diamond-shaped calves,

along her mammoth tree-trunk thighs, over her wide hips to her much narrower

muscle-laden waist, and saw that her body flared in an impossible V-shape of

rippled abdominals, wing-like lats, and platter-sized pectorals sporting large,

firm breasts, to a pair of mountainous shoulders that must have been four feet


Hank was still staring dumbly at her with his hands hovering between them. His

head didn't even reach the rounded bottoms of her tits. The difference in size

between them would have been funny if the now- gigantic whore didn't look so

pissed off. Her face was a mask of rage. Suddenly she was no longer paralyzed

and her hands shot up to grab Hank's wrists. I couldn't see her arms tense up

but her hands tightened abruptly and I heard his wrists crack. Hank emitted a

high-pitched, almost girlish squeal. I was already scared from seeing the

whore's transformation into a hugely muscular giantess but her show of inhuman

strength and Hank's resulting cry, combined with the grin that appeared on the

titaness's face, made my blood run cold. Yet I was entranced by the scene and

couldn't begin to try to escape. I felt a strange fascination about the whore's

huge frame, loaded heavily with thick, solid female muscle and naked before my



My new size and strength were certainly unexpected, but my surprise and

wonderment took a back seat to the rage still pounding inside me. All I could

think of was revenge. I heard noise behind me and, releasing my viselike hold on

the blond dickhead's ruined wrists, whirled around. I loved the sensation of my

bulging muscles responding with microscopic precision to my commands.

Now facing the door, I saw the asshole who had been holding me fumbling at the

chain. Before he could release it I grabbed his waist with both hands and

lifted. He felt light and puny as I hoisted him overhead, my shoulders and back

bursting with power. I turned back, glanced at Frankie (who was staring at me

open-mouthed), and hurled his friend the asshole, my arms uncoiling like thick

steel springs. The asshole sailed over the couch and coffee table to slam into

the opposite wall. He crashed to the floor and lay there unmoving. The intense

feeling of the energy flooding my Olympian arms and shoulders again turned into

a surge of pleasure, this time definitely erotic in nature. My nether region

tingled and I felt it beginning to become wet and slippery.

By this time dickhead had also crumpled to the floor, sobbing over his ruined

wrists. Frankie had finally stopped staring and ran through a door to my left.

As I started after him the door slammed shut and I heard the click of a lock. I

stopped in front of the door. It looked small compared to my huge frame - the

top of the doorframe was only at shoulder-level, and it didn't look wide enough

to pass my shoulders. My rage welled up again, and I raised my arms. Then I

slammed my forearms flat into the sides of the doorframe near the top with all

the energy I could muster. The results were surprisingly destructive. Not only

the doorframe but the wall around the top half of it cracked and fell in. Door,

doorframe, and chunks of wall slammed against the floor of what I could now see

was the bedroom. A ragged gaping hole was all that remained in the wall, and I

stepped through, the top of my hair just brushing against the crumbling edge of

the wall above.

I heard motion under the king-sized bed. I leaned over and grabbed the bottom

edge of it in my left hand and, with my beefy shoulder bulging, hoisted it up to

a forty-five degree angle. Frankie lay on the floor, staring up at me. I reached

down and grabbed the waist of his pants above his ass with my right hand and

hoisted him up overhead to press him, at arm's length, against the ceiling. Then

I gave the bed a hard shove. It slammed upright against the wall, then bounced

off and fell back horizontal with a loud thud, the casters at the corners

breaking off and skittering across the carpet.


Johnny, no doubt terrified by the whore's tranformation into a tower of feminine

muscularity, spun around and with a trembling hand started to slide back the

chain on the door. But he wasn't fast enough. The amazon whirled around and

grabbed him by the waist with both hands. She lifted him easily off the floor

and swung him over her head, her mighty arms bulging. Then she turned back

toward the room, and for a moment her gaze met mine. I wave of malice freed me

from paralysis, and I began to move toward the bedroom door as I watched her

hurl Johnny across the room. She threw him so hard it left a dent in the wall.

He hit the floor and didn't move. I dove for the bedroom doorway and slammed the

door shut behind me. I clicked the little doorknob lock shut but somehow I felt

that wouldn't stop the powerful giantess in the other room should she try to

follow me. I realized at this point how stupid I'd been in going for the bedroom

instead of the kitchen, since the kitchen had a back door and the bedroom

didn't. Frantic, I dove under the bed and peeked out fearfully at the door.

Two seconds later the door and surrounding wall simply exploded inwards. On the

other side was the amazon, nine feet of enraged female muscle. I scurried back

under the bed before she glanced down. Dread filled me as I saw her feet

approach the bed, and seeing her hand slip under the frame of the bed made me

glad I didn't need to piss. The bed groaned as it tilted up, up, up, to reveal

the giantess standing there holding it up in one hand and glaring down at me.

She leaned over, breasts swinging out slightly off her meaty chest, and grabbed

the back of my jeans with the other hand. She straightened up, carrying me in

her outstretched hand, so fast I felt slightly nautious. She lifted me straight

overhead and slammed me into the ceiling painfully hard - still holding me in

just one hand! Holding me firmly against the ceiling, she gave the bed a

powerful shove. The bed slammed vertically into the wall and them fell over with

boom and the casters broke off. I knew that bed was heavy but this giantess had

lifted and shoved it with one hand. I couldn't imagine how strong she must be.

Then, still pressing me against the ceiling, she turned and dragged me back to

the hole where the door used to be, just in time to see Hank stumbling toward

the front door. She dropped me instantly and by the time I fell the eleven feet

to the floor, she had reached Hank and grabbed the back of his neck. "Not so

fast, dickhead," she said. Her voice was husky in a way it hadn't been in the

car. She yanked him back, her bicep swelling, then slammed him hard against the

door, then threw him to the floor where he lay still. Then she repeated her

bedroom lifting feat, this time lifting the heavy couch one handed, and dragged

it with no apparent effort to where Hank lay right in front of the door. I don't

know why she didn't just drop it on him, but instead she put it almost gently

onto his legs, thoroughly pinning him and blocking the front door.


Holding Frankie overhead against the ceiling was so easy with my new muscles. It

felt wonderfully erotic to use my strength. I felt huge and powerful -

unstoppable. I felt like I could do anything I wanted, and I was going to.

I intended to punish Frankie, but I wanted to keep an eye on the other two while

doing so, so I turned and headed for the gaping hole I had plowed in the wall,

dragging Frankie along the ceiling one-handed. When I reached the hole I saw

dickhead fumbling at the door, hampered by the wrists I had so easily crushed.

But I didn't want him getting out. Dropping Frankie, I ran over to dickhead.

"Not so fast, dickhead," I growled, grabbing his neck in my powerful hand. I

noticed that my voice had a lush, sultry quality to it now. I yanked him back

away from the door, then slammed him back into it with a surge of energy

pounding in my thick triceps. I let go of his neck and he fell limply to the

floor and lay there, barely breathing. I got an idea of how to keep him from

trying to escape again (if he recovered).

I turned and slipped one hand under the sofa. Lifting the end of it, I dragged

it easily the few feet over to where dickhead lay in front of the door. I didn't

want to accidentally kill him yet, so instead of just dropping it on him I set

it down on his legs, pinning him. The sofa also blocked the front door so the

other two wouldn't be getting out that way either. Perfect.

Then I saw the other asshole, not Frankie, stagger into a doorway opposite where

the door to the bedroom used to be. I sped over to that doorway and saw a

kitchen. To my right, the oven, a microwave, and a pantry. To the left, the sink

and a refrigerator. The asshole was next to the refrigerator and moving away.

Stepping towards him, I saw that on the far side of the refrigerator was a back

door in the left-hand wall - no doubt what asshole was heading for. As he

reached it, I leapt forward and gave the refrigerator a shove with my left hand,

feeling a tidal wave of power surging through my titanic arm. The refrigerator

toppled over to lean against the wall, blocking the door and knocking asshole to

the floor. I stepped in front of the leaning fridge and pulled it back upright.

All of this strength pulsing within me was turning into powerful sexual urges.

My pussy was vibrating with delight as I leaned over and grabbed asshole by the

shirt collar, hauling him up in my left hand so his toes barely brushed the

floor. He barely came up to my nipples, and he looked like a puny runt compared

to my gigantic muscular female frame. I slapped him back-handed across the face

with my free hand. "So you want to feel my tits, do you?" I asked, loving the

husky quality of my voice. I slapped him forehanded. "Go ahead, asshole!" Slap.

A trickle of blood escaped from the corner of his mouth. I decided I better go

see what Frankie was up to. I turned, shoving the fridge back over with my right

hand so nobody would be able to get out that way, and tossed asshole back into

the living room.


I was groggy from hitting the floor so hard. I got my eyes to focus in time to

see the giantess run into the kitchen. She shoved the fridge over with one hand,

her arm muscles swollen with power. I was really scared shitless at this point.

Then I remembered my gun. The giantess pulled the fridge back upright, again

one-handed. Oh please God let it be loaded. I crawled over to the desk against

the back wall of the living room. The giantess had picked up Johnny and was

slapping his face back and forth. I pulled open the top drawer and felt around

for the gun. The giantess pushed the fridge back over, still holding Johnny. I

got the gun in my hand. The giantess turned and hurled Johnny back into the

living room, almost straight at me, blocking the line of sight between her and

me. I flicked the safety off. The giantess was coming back towards the living

room, but I don't think she'd noticed the gun yet. I aimed with a shaking hand

and squeezed the trigger right as she was ducking through the doorway. The

bullet hit her right shoulder. The bullet spun her a little (but only a little,

she was so fucking big). She screamed and clutched her shoulder with her left



As I walked back towards the living room, I felt a searing pain in my right

shoulder and saw that Frankie pointing a gun at me. The bullet hit right as I

was in the doorway. I screamed with agony and clutched my shoulder. The rage

that had been simmering boiled over. My vision went fuzzy and my ears were

ringing. I recognized the sensation this time and reveled in it. The rage seemed

to balloon inside me, flowing through my veins, filling them to the bursting

point. I was still crouched from ducking through the doorway and I felt the

doorframe pressing against the back of my neck. Then it was pressing my left

thigh, then my right shoulder. I screamed again. The pain of the bullet was

gone, and I pushed out against the doorframe. I felt it give and heard it

cracking, unable to stop my now even bigger arms, legs, and neck. I felt like a

tower of raw power, and more pissed than ever. I took two steps over to Frankie.

He sat trembling on the floor, till pointing the gun at me, staring at me in

unblinking terror. I reached down and grabbed the gun. I felt so incredibly

powerful and angry. I squeezed the gun. I felt resistance from it, unlike the

doorframe, but I applied every ounce of my unbelievable strength and felt the

barrel bend in my hand. No one would be shooting me with that anymore.


I figured that the gunshot would stop her, or at least slow her down. Boy was I

wrong. Her scream stopped and she began swelling up even bigger. Every bit of

her was growing again. Her calves thicked. Her thighs ballooned. Her biceps

blossomed. Her shoulders became impossibly wide. In moments her growing frame

pressed against the doorframe. I saw the bullet fall from her shoulder to hit

the floor, with no trace of a wound left on her. She stood and crushed the

doorframe and the wall around it, creating another, even bigger hole than the

one to the bedroom. Now she stood ten feet tall her shoulders were five feet

across. She had more muscle on her than me, Johnny, and Hank combined. I knew at

that point that I was doomed.

She grabbed the desk, one hand on either end, and lifted it over me. Her taut

skin glistened, stretched tightly over an unearthly feminine musculature. I

couldn't help but gaze at her high, firm breasts riding on her huge chest

muscles, which shifted like tectonic plates to her bidding. I thought she was

going to smash the desk down on me but suddenly it collapsed between her hands,

splinters of wood showering down on me.

Then, unexpectedly, she moaned. It caught me completely by surprise. The moan

was sexual sounding, and now I saw a strange expression on her face. Gulp. She

stared at me for a moment. Then she grabbed me by the back of my neck. Johnny

lay only a couple of feet away, and she grabbed his neck too. She dragged us

over to where Hank lay, pinned by the sofa in front of the front door. He was

concious and watched fearfully as she approached. She stepped over to straddle

his head, then squatted down with her crotch right over his face. "Eat me," she

growled. She didn't seem to get the result she wanted. She stood back up, all

the while holding me and Johnny painfully by the neck. Then she slipped one foot

under the sofa and tilted it up off Hank's legs. This titan of female muscle was

holding two men helpless and standing on one foot, holding up a heavy sofa with

the other! I began to think there was no limit to this woman's strength. She

said "Do it, or I'll drop this on you, dickhead!" Hank gave a moan that sounded

kind of like "No..." She gently lowered the sofa to the floor next to his legs

and squatted down again. I guess Hank was giving her what she wanted because she

emitted a sigh. She shifted her grip so that my neck and Johnny's neck were each

held in the crook of an elbow, bulging biceps and beefy lats making it difficult

to breathe.


Damn, but I was feeling horny now. I dropped the gun to the floor and grabbed

the desk that Frankie knelt next to. I lifted it over him. It was light as a

feather to the unbelievable strength of my telephone-pole thick arms. I'd

intended to crash it down on him, but I guess I couldn't handle my own strength

because suddenly it splintered apart between my hands. Using my strength felt so

good! Erotic pleasure washed between my legs. I knew I had to have some direct

sexual stimulation, fast. I glanced around and saw the dickhead stilled pinned

under the sofa by the door. He was concious and staring at me. He'd do fine.

But I didn't want to leave the other two free to get away or pull another stunt

like shooting me. I grabbed Frankie and the asshole by the necks and dragged

their puny bodies over to where Hank lay. All of them seemed so small and

scrawny compared to my gigantic, muscular body. It felt so good, so right to be

so big and strong.

Still holding the other two, I knelt over dickhead's face and said "Eat me."

Nothing happened. Maybe he needed a little persuasion. My need was urgent. I

stood and, standing on one foot, tilted the sofa up off his legs with the other.

"Do it, or I'll drop this on you, dickhead!" It would probably kill him if I

did. He moaned in a "no" sort of way so I figured I'd give him another chance. I

wasn't sure I could put down the sofa on his legs gently enough so carefully

lowered it next to him. Then I squatted over his face again. I felt a tentative

touch against my pussy lips and it sent an electric tingle through me. I

squatted lower, and gave his head a little squeeze with my mighty thighs. I felt

his mouth on me, and waves of sexual ecstasy poured through me. I shifted the

other two so their necks were neatly tucked under my arms, my bulging muscles

squeezing theirs necks.

The wave of pleasure kept building higher. I had little uncontrollable spasms

and I felt the asshole go limp. I guess I knocked him out. That was good,

because I could let go of him. I felt an incredible urge to exercise my strength

while the dickhead ate me out, so I took Frankie in both hands and held him

overhead. I began pumping him up and down in rhythm with dickhead's licking. I

could feel my climax approaching now but Frankie was just too light. I wanted to

really feel my power. I shifted his weight so he was balanced in one hand, and

lifted him up and down that way. That was a little better, but not much. Oh

well, there wasn't anything I could do. With my free hand, I caressed my firm

breasts, then my rock-hard ridged abdomen, then back to my breasts. What a

contrast between the soft flesh of my tits and the steel of my muscles!

I felt my orgasm approaching fast. I was pumping Frankie up and down faster and

faster, while my other hand roamed all over my torso and dickhead's actions on

my pussy drove me wild. Finally the climax hit. I felt myself convulse strongly,

overcome by ecstasy more powerful than anything I'd ever dreamed possible. My

arm snapped straight, hurling Frankie all the way up to the ceiling before he

fell back to the floor with a thud. The waves of my intense orgasm just kept

rolling over me. Finally, I fainted from the intensity.


The whore was moaning and squeezing my neck. I guess Hank's actions were

effective. This went on for a little bit, then she shifted me into both hands

and lifted me overhead. She started moving me up and down - pressing my entire

weight straight overhead! But I guess my one hundred seventy pounds wasn't

enough for her, because then she shifted me into one hand and keep pumping,

without even slowing down. If anything, she was moving me even faster! I felt

her lifting get faster and faster. The woman's strength was out of this world.

Finally, I guess she had her orgasm because she cried out with pleasure and

hurled me up the six or so feet to the ceiling. Hitting the floor knocked me


I came to, my head pounding, to the sound of breaking glass. Johnny was climbing

out a window. I looked around and saw the giantess, huge and muscular, asleep or

unconcious on the floor. At this point I just wanted to get as far away from her

as possible. And yet I couldn't resist the urge to touch her huge arm. I put my

hands on it. Even unflexed, I couldn't get my hands around it! She made a little

noise and I bolted for the window. That was the last time that Johnny, Hank, and

me ever tried to take advantage of a whore.


When I came to, all three of the men were gone. I saw a broken window and

figured that's how they left. I looked at myself and saw that I had reverted to

normal size while I was out. I was still naked, and my clothes were rags. I

found some men's clothes in the bedroom closet, put some on, and left through

the window. As I stuck out my thumb to hitch a ride back to town, I reflected

that I needn't be worried about what my ride might do to me. I was more worried

about what I might do if my ride tried something.


Giantess Stories: THE PROSTITUTE By Rob      I was a little drunk that night

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