Giantess Stories: The Residents  By Edmund

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The Residents

By Edmund

"Anyways, that's not the really good news", exclaimed Kara to her mom, sister

and dad. "The really good news is that I get Mondays off from now on".

Suzette, Kara's mom, wiped her mouth with a napkin. "You what?" Kara grinned,

but tried to look like she wasn't grinning. "Monday's. We don't have class

anymore. If you don't believe me, you can call the school and check".

"Oh, I believe you all right, I just don't believe that school. I mean, when

I was your age--" Libby, Kara's older sister, cut in. "I know, I know when you

were our age you school day was fifteen hours long-"

Jonathan, dad to Kara and Libby interrupted, grabbing some jam. "Your mom is

right. It was tougher then". Both girls began to laugh at their dad. "Yeah,


Jonathan rose up from the table and gently massaged his wife's shoulders.

"Whether you believe us or not, it's true. You kids have it easy. Not like us.

Not like your mom". Suzette worked for the prison authority and had done so for

fourteen years now. She closed her eyes while her shoulders were rubbed,

continuing to direct her voice to her daughter. "Anyway, it doesn't matter. If

you have Monday's off, you have them off. End of subject". She turned her head,

"Jonathan, hand me my jacket, will you?" Jonathan turned. "Not now, she grinned,

after you're done rubbing my neck". Jonathan continued to do so for a few

moments but then looked to the clock. "I'd love to keep going, but I should-"

"Yes, I know. Go. I'll see you tonight".

He kissed Suzette's cheek and turned to grab his jacket and shoes. "See you

three tonight".

Jonathan, while in nowhere near the enviable position of his wife, was

relatively happy with his lot in life. Beautiful wife. Great kids, even though

they were brats sometimes. I could definitely be worse.

"Oh. I forgot, Suzette smiled at the two girls, one of who was already

heading to her room, Libby, come here for a second".

Libby returned and stood impatiently for what would undoubtedly be another

bit of useless information. Sure her mom was almost a judge (in some ways she

was very much a judge), but that didn't mean she should carry that legalese home

with her.

"What is it? I have to go" "Me too, her sister jumped in, can't it wait?"

Suzette turned and reached below the sink, pulling out a small Tupperware

container that had an opening in the top, as if for a straw. She carried it

towards the table and towards her two daughters.

"Guess what this is"

Kara was already smiling - a big, toothy smile which couldn't be held back.

Libby, just barely two years older, refrained from such a ridiculous display,

but even she had to bite her lip to keep from grinning like a complete idiot.

Suzette placed the contained down onto the table, inhaled deeply and then looked

directly at the two girls.

"Your father doesn't know about this one. He doesn't want anymore".

Kara's smile faltered, albeit briefly, "yeah, but we do, doesn't that count

for anything?"

Suzette grinned, "Yes, it does. Why do you think I'm deliberately doing

something that will make him angry?"

All three girls looked down at the container. It was opaque, making it

difficult to see what exactly was inside, though whatever it was, it did seem to

move occasionally. Kara knew what it was, so did Libby. Both of them eagerly

waited her overly officious mother to finish with her rules and regulations.

"I know it's tough, but I don't want your father finding out about this one,

got it?"

"Girl or guy?" Libby asked, trying to remain blank.

Her mother looked at her with resignation in her eyes. "Be careful with it.

It may be the last for a while".

"Girl or guy?, Libby asked again, tell me".

"What's a while?" asked Kara.

Suzette looked at both her daughters again, holding her silence for their

attention. "As I was saying, it can stay with the others, but don't have it out

when he's home, okay?". Her mother turned for a moment, thinking, then turned

back, "Okay??"

Both girls nodded.

Both girls looked downward at the container once more.

Kara looked to her older and just slightly taller sister, as if to say, "wanna?"

Libby, trying very, very hard to remain the older sister, gave her a look, which

said that she wasn't as curious as she was (when in truth, she was).

"Yeah, go ahead. It's yours"

"Serious?" Her sister nodded again. Kara didn't wait another moment. Her

hands were upon the container, gaining leverage by pulling it to her stomach and

then wrenching the top off with considerable speed.


The figure inside the container was sweaty. It had been hours since having been

outside, before being dropped into the container. There was an air hole, yes,

but it hadn't stopped the considerable accumulation of sweat. One of the first

things to be noticed at this size was how blurry things had gotten. How

seemingly small, slow movements now induced a sense of nausea.

Just a brief second ago, the container had been lifted and seemed to be

carried to another location before being set down. Words were heard from

overhead and then very suddenly, the container had been snatched away,

immediately pulled upward and towards a large, dark object that held it tight in

its grasp. The inhabitant had attempted to stand on its feet, but was

immediately knocked backwards where it fell on its rump. The tiny form craned

its neck upwards, trying to see, trying to fathom what or who was holding it.

A moment later the question was answered.

Heidi Chambers stared upwards in incredulity, trying to grasp exactly what

had happened to her. She didn't have too long to ponder that very question as a

huge face loomed into view from above. A HUGE smiling face. A young girl with

blonde hair stared down at her, her chin lowered to her chest. There was a brief

moment where the two stared at each other and then the container began to shake.

At first it was just a tremble but quickly built to seismic earthquake-like

proportions. Inside the container, Heidi collapsed again and was flung from one

side to the other, bumping her head. As she slid along the bottom of the shallow

container, Heidi managed a look upwards and realized that the girl - her giant

captor - was jumping up and down.


Libby stared at her sister. "What? What??" Kara continued to bounce up and down.

"Are you going to tell me or-?"

Kara stopped hopping for a moment and then happily sang out, "It's a girl!"

Suzette's voice could be heard from across the room as she continued getting

ready for work. "You like the surprise?" It was obvious that even Libby was

delighted as she smiled at her mother. "Listen, I'm late. I'll see both of you

after work. Don't mention anything to anyone, right?" Both girls nodded. "Kara?"

Kara averted her eyes from the container ever so briefly and looked to her mom,

still nodding, "Yes, mom, I won't. I mean, no, won't say a word".

Suzette continued to stare at both of them. "I could loose my job, you

understand that, right?" Both girls nodded again. Truth be told, they had heard

this almost a dozen times in the last three years. Every time their mom brought

home a visitor…she sounded like a broken record.

With that, Suzette left the house, leaving a small, forgotten person in the

capable (if not unpredictable) hands of her two daughters. It had worried her

the first few times, but still, she had to give them credit. In the years since

they had begun this little ritual, no one had found out. That's just the way she

aimed to keep it too.

All told, Heidi was the ninth (or was it tenth?) person she had brought into

their happy home. Some (the first few) she had gotten to know and to a certain

extent, tried to care for. Libby and Kara had certainly helped out, eagerly so,

offering to watch them, care for them, etc. This worked for a while,

but…accidents happen.


She was sliding. Heidi was sliding towards the open end of the container as

it was turned on a severe slant, not unlike that of a cheap amusement ride she

had visited as a child. As she had already discovered, things moved fast at this

size. Too fast for her liking. Several images flew through her head as well as

several smells, chief among them was…


No sooner had she thought this, then she had emerged from the now open

container and gently coasted to a stop on a large, off-white surface, coated in

a thin, strongly smelling and slippery substance.

"Breakfast time", called a voice from above. Heidi, on all fours, looked up,

sputtering and trying to keep from falling completely on her face.

"Get her off that, another voice said, that's disgusting".

"I know. I will. I'm just playing, okay?" the voice said again.

Heidi caught another glimpse of the girl above her. Truly she was monstrously

huge. She was talking to someone who was already leaving, or at least that's

what it looked like. Heidi's heart froze when the girl once again turned her

attention downward, staring at her, beaming.

"Can you stand up?"

Heidi held still for a second, not that she didn't hear the girl (for truth

be told, she'd heard quieter voices being broadcast at a stadium concert), but

rather, a plain stunned feeling had set in. A moment later, she looked up again

to the patient, smiling face and then did what she asked, she tried to stand.

Heidi managed to hold it for just a second before beginning to reel backwards,

looking like a skater who was in the process of losing her balance, but had not

yet accepted that fact. Heidi fell again into the muck, the contents of which

she was still uncertain.


With her mother now gone, Kara felt free to play. Missing an hour from her

morning at school seemed like a small price to pay.

Gently, she tipped the container forward, then at the absolute last moment

and fearing that the tiny occupant would land on a piece of cutlery, moved it so

it was positioned over her mostly empty breakfast plate.

The tiny woman slid into view, making her descent look kind of fun and

reminding Kara of the waterslide they visited during summer break.

Without even thinking, and unsure as to its ironic effect, Kara blurted out,

"Breakfast time".

Behind her, Libby, willing herself away (for she too very obviously wanted to

see the tiny woman) walked in the other direction, but not before seeing what

her sister was up to. "Get her off that, she said, gesturing to her plate,

that's disgusting".

Kara stared downwards, completely transfixed on the woman. She had landed on

her half-finished breakfast plate near a half chewed piece of bacon fat. Looking

closer, she noticed that she was having difficulty maneuvering since she was

surrounded by small globules of liquid bacon fat. "I know. I will. I'm just

playing, okay?"

After staring for a moment, Kara said, "Can you stand up?" The tiny woman

just stared at her. It wasn't untypical. Though they had only ever had one other

woman of this size in their house (the rest being men), she'd noticed a few

things. Namely, the women were far less aggressive. Men would typically be

trying to counteract their terror (and it must be terrifying at first, she

thought), whereas the woman, the one she had seen anyway, seemed more docile at

first. At least she was. Later on she would prove a colossal pain in her butt.

"Whatever happened to her, Kara thought briefly, oh well".

Kara laughed as the small woman eventually tried to stand, but fell again.

"Oh, that's terrible, here, let me provide some assistance"

Kara tore off a small piece of napkin and put it on the plate close to the


"Step on it"

Heidi moved to the torn napkin piece and eventually managed to stand, wiping

her feet and leaving small, almost un-noticeable greasy footprints as she moved

to the edge of the plate.

"That's it, good girl"

Recent history had proven to Kara that she could watch these things for hours

- how they react, how they cope, what would they do if…etc, etc. Watching this

tiny woman would be just the same, she thought, maybe better.

"Wipe yourself off and I'll show you around, okay?"

Heidi did what she was told, thinking it may very well be a mistake to

disobey her young, giant subjugator.

* * *

Heidi was dizzy again. So much so, that she felt close to throwing up. The

dizziness seemed never ending as it came, wave upon wave.

Though the giant girl claimed to value and cherish those much smaller than

her (her tone used with her mother had suggested this), Heidi felt that she was

being treated rather rough. What made matters worse was when she would try

focusing her eyes on something - anything, that the immediate effect was one of

nausea. Presently things were moving far too fast for her eyes to focus on

anything at all. So she clutched her head and closed her eyes, praying that this

ordeal would end quickly.

The girl's voice was heard from above, though Heidi wasn't sure whom she was

talking to since her attention was focused on not throwing up. Several short

groups of words were distinguishable though: "…stairs are very, very steep…" as

well as "…can talk about that later…".

Then again, with all of this careless jostling around that knew whom she was

talking to? The upturned fleshy palms of the giant smelled strongly of

fragranced hand lotion. Heidi recognized the smell and recoiled at its intense

proximity and how overpowering it was.

Things seemed to be slowing down now, thankfully. In the midst of her

dizziness, Heidi recognized the color blue and the faint smell of talcum powder.

Suddenly her stomach seemed to rise further to her throat as she suddenly

dropped downward at an incredibly abrupt speed.

When would this end?


The tiny woman lay prone in Kara's cupped hands. Kara was being extra careful

with her, making sure that her movements were as slow and calculated as she was

capable. Her journey from the kitchen to the hallway to the stairs took almost

double the time it would normally take her; all because she was afraid of

upsetting the woman whose fate now lie in her hands. She knew from previous

experiences, that their stomachs weren't as strong as she would have guessed.

Seemed like they were always throwing up or complaining of dizziness.

"That was the kitchen and we're coming up on the hallway. I know, exciting,

isn't it?" Kara turned the corner and gently rose up the small-carpeted flight

of seven stairs.

"These stairs are very, very steep. Not a good idea to try going down them.

We can talk about that later". Kara continued, three more steps to go. She

looked downward to her hands again and noticed that the woman hadn't moved.

"Almost there, okay?" Kara arrived at the top of the stairs and then turned into

her bedroom, which had recently been painted a bright, flamboyant blue.

"Here we are"

Things were good. It'd been a while since they'd had a new resident (her

sister, Libby had coined that phrase). Five weeks? Six? She wasn't sure exactly,

but it was too long. Carl had been the last. Carl Swath (?)

Carl…Something-or-other, she couldn't recall his last name exactly. Carl had

lived with them for some time, over seven months. He'd been a good, good man.

One that Kara had taken a distinct liking to. They were kind of like brother and

sister at one point, well maybe not that close, but close, still.

Carl had disappeared on a Thursday evening. It could have been earlier, but

that's when she had first noticed him missing. What struck Kara, as most

unfortunate was the fact that she never knew what happened to him. Although she

wished him no harm, she would actually of preferred to know of his demise. That

would be better than not knowing at all. As it was, he went missing and that was

the end of it. She had told Libby of course and the two of them had concocted a

story of sorts, for if their mother learned that one of the residents was MIA,

she wouldn't have brought anymore of them home…ever! The story they made up

involved the two of them finding Carl on the floor, dead. A definite lack of

detail was provided, but since both were mortified at the thought of his demise,

Suzette assumed that his death was an accident.

She would never know that Carl had never been found and that Kara had

absolutely no idea where he went (Libby was another story).

Much of their efforts went into coaxing their mother into a sense of security

- that it was okay to bring more of them home, that it was okay because they

were safe, not cradled and pampered by any means, but safe just the same.

Both of them knew and completely understood what their mom's job entailed;

firstly that it was far more important than that of their dad, but also that it

involved a great deal of secrecy. Smuggling criminals from their supposed jail

time had to carry a pretty stiff penalty. Kara rationalized the white lie they

had told their mother since it wasn't all that far from what she had done to her

employers. This irony wasn't lost on Kara.

Kara bent her knees and lowered her cupped hands to the floor. She noticed

that the woman was writhing more than she had been. Kara recognized the

movements as those brought on by nausea.

"I went as slow as I could".

The woman who was on all fours was tipped onto her side since Kara had tilted

her mammoth fleshy hands at an angle. A moment later, the small woman tumbled a

very short distance onto the carpet.


Heidi stood to her feet amongst the protruding carpet fibers. The feeling was

not all together uncomfortable, for they allowed her feet a slight, albeit

awkward, padding. After standing for a moment, she dropped once again to all

fours and immediately threw up. This went on for some time as her vomiting rid

her stomach of practically everything in it. Even with her head lowered she

could sense the movement from above. Something large - very large - was walking

around above her, coming and going. THUD, THUD, THUD.

Clicking noises. Sounded like lego.

Heidi's eyes fluttered open, her head pounding with a dull ache brought on by

the nausea. A few moments later, Heidi found the strength to stand but

immediately sneezed. Once. Twice. Three times. That was the clincher. With the

headache, the empty stomach, the extreme dizziness that continued to this

moment, Heidi collapsed face down on the carpet.


Time had passed, though Heidi was not sure how much time. The bright light from

above (whatever it was…the sun? a lamp?) was no longer emitting any light, at

least not as far as she could see. Though it wasn't dark where she was, there

was not a lot of light. Heidi stood to her feet, immediately noticing that the

majority of the spinning room effect that had dominated her head for the last

bit of time had reduced itself. Though a little wobbly, Heidi proceeded forward,

noticing first that she was on a different surface now. A shiny black surface

that looked like asphalt almost. Didn't feel like it though.

Heidi had been dressed in a white smock and light, cheaply made shoes.

Consider what she had recently gone through (if in fact it had happened the way

she remembered - a giant girl?), she was happy to still have what she did. She

looked down to see the traces of a barf stain that was still on her smock from

before she passed out. Oddly, the smell of the barf, although in near proximity

to her face and her nose, wasn't the primary smell she detected. What she

smelled now was bigger somehow. It was all encompassing too, almost like it was

coming from all around her. It smelled vaguely of a few things, though the

images that were conjured in her head hardly made any sense - musty

clothing…sweaty socks? Go figure.

Heidi squinted into the dim light and put one foot in front of the other.

Then again. Slowly and in the distance an image arose.

It was a house.

There was a tree (what looked like a tree, anyway), a light coming from

inside the house - even a compact car parked out front, several meters from

where she now stood. A small wave of relief came over Heidi though something

wasn't exactly right. Nevertheless, her tired body spoke on behalf of her brain;

urging her forward to seek out a possible refuge - a bed maybe. Heidi continued

forward, step after step, looking above her head where a noticeable lack of

light made it impossible to see higher than twenty or thirty feet. Her gaze fell

once again to the house. It was a two story with the light coming from the

second floor. Heidi sneezed once more. She wondered how terrible she must look,

not that it mattered all that much at this particular moment.

Finally she approached the car, noticing that it was certainly not a normal

car by any means. It was an older make, a Plymouth maybe. It had deep scratches

on it, like it had been scuffed. Also, there was a surprising lack of detail on

the car, making it look all the more like a toy than anything else. As her mind

reeled to figure this out, a figure emerged from the shadow. Heidi shrieked and

jumped backwards, almost falling down the stairs.

"Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean to-are you okay?" The figure walked towards her.

"Who are you? Let's start with that". Heidi had clenched her fists and was

ready to do battle. Tell me or I'll-"

"Easy does it" The figure stepped into the light. "It's okay. I'm Alec"

"Stop right there, Alec and step into the light a bit. So help me-"

The shape of Alec brought his finger to his face. "Shhh". He stopped.


Heidi did listen. There was something, yes. Getting louder too. Loud thumping

sounds, but like they were being magnified by a sound system or something. Alec

had stepped into the light. He was a man in his early thirties by the looks of

it and not at all bad looking or out of shape. It was obvious by the look on his

face that he was somewhat apprehensive.

"What's that noise?" Heidi asked, clutching her head with her hands. Alec was

close now; he put his hands on her shoulders. He spoke quicker now.

"Listen to me, okay? Do what they say. Don't be spiteful. Go along with it,

no matter what it is. Trust m-"

His words were cut off as white light filled her spectrum, blinding Heidi for

a brief moment. Sometimes things are seen with the human eye that require time

to sink in for them to be absorbed - that's exactly what was happening here.

What she saw took some adjusting. A full four seconds, which, if you break it

down, is a lot of time considering Alec was already hurrying in another


It was a door. Plain and simple. A door was being opened and Heidi was being

bombarded by the bright light from the other side of the door. That was the

normal part of the equation. The abnormal part was what it was that opened the

door. Though Heidi couldn't make her out just yet, she knew who it was. The tall

silhouette stretched upwards for what seemed forever. A flood of thoughts

entered Heidi's head. What she hoped was a nightmare turned out to be all too


Kara's words came down from far above, "What do you make of the house? Like


Heidi looked over her shoulder to see Alec still hurrying away, but trying to

look like he wasn't hurrying, that he just happened to be nowhere close to where

she herself was.

A thud was heard as Kara took a step inside the room. "You met Shrimp?"

A light was flicked on and suddenly the whole space was illuminated. Things

were blurry for a moment as Heidi tried to figure out where to look. Giant

jean-clad-legs moved into view and stepped past her, turning and suddenly

elevated themselves off the ground as Kara sat on her apocalyptic-sized bed.

Springs were heard as she bounced slightly, excited by what she saw.

Heidi just stared, her mouth open but no words coming forth. She felt close

to crying, but didn't, no yet anyway.

The giant's eyes quickly glanced upon Alec. "Weren't bothering her I hope"

Alec stared upwards, looking resigned.

Kara's sock enclosed foot suddenly moved forward. Heidi swallowed, her throat

dry, but saw that the foot wasn't coming for her, but headed towards Alec. Heidi

saw and studies Kara's face for the first time. Unless she was sitting or

bending over, her face seemed to disappear into the sky not to be seen over her

pelvis. But now she was in clear site, in fact, she was looking directly at her.

"Feel any better?"

Heidi contemplated an answer, looking over to where the giant's foot was

moving. It had found Alec and was nudging him backwards like an over-sized

football player would do a defensive line. Alec flew backwards every time she

"nudged" him. Occasionally she would stop, allowing him to strike at her feet,

which he did, repeatedly, each time to no effect. Kara's eyes darted to Alec,

but remained mostly on Heidi.

"Alec's been bad, haven't you?" She nudged him again and Alec fell onto his

back. Kara's moved in quickly, pinning and covering most of his body with her

enormous foot.

Heidi couldn't watch any longer. Was she going to kill him? She was prepared

to yell at Kara, but stopped as Kara's foot lifted off of him and slowly

elevated back into her cross-legged position high atop her bed.

"I have food. Are you hungry?" she said down to Heidi.

Out of the corner of her eye, Heidi saw that Alec was getting up. She looked

to Kara and nodded 'yes' to her question.

"Thought so. Hold on a second".

Kara jumped off the bed, her feet landing on the floor causing reverberation

to run through Heidi's small, fragile body. 'I actually felt that' she said to

herself. Kara's left leg immediately stretched out, extending far, far off into

the distance and over Heidi and Alec's head. A moment later she was gone. Her

thundering footsteps trailing off into the distance.

Heidi turned to Alec who was also walking towards her. She looked very



"That's Kara, he looked around, this is her bedroom"

Heidi scarcely believing this, looked around, high into the air, high enough

that her neck strained. Bed posts, desk, closet. It was true. Now that the light

was on she could see that it was true. It was a bedroom. Her glance turned

downward to see the "house" and "car" she had wandered towards. Fake. Not even

that good a fake actually now that the light was on. Plastic crap.

Alec now stood directly in front of her. "She'll be back in a second but you


"What do you mean she'll be back? Can't you leave? Can't you just run away?"

A sorry, pained looking smile crossed his face. He shook his head.

"No where to go. The entire village as she calls it…is sealed off"

Heidi spun in all directions, only now noting that a wall barricaded them

where they were. It was crudely made, looked plastic like the rest of it, but

definitely would be tough to get over top of.

"So…you just stay here?"

Alec nodded. "Yup. Not much else to do really". He glanced over to the house.

She likes us to stay in the house…or liked us to. Don't think she much cares



"She doesn't really have that long of an attention span. Know what I mean?"

The thumping sound began in the distance.

"Listen, I'll be over at the house. We'll talk more later, alright?"

Heidi turned and pulled him back. "Wait. What's she going to do? Should I be


The thumping grew louder as Kara sprung up the stairs.

"Wouldn't matter if you did. She'll find you. Listen, he said, turning once

more, I gotta-"

"Here's a plum" came a voice from above. It was Kara.

Heidi turned and craned her neck upwards. Kara held something in her hand far

above. Heidi watched as her eyes immediately settled on Alec. A massive

sock-enclosed foot sailed past Heidi, landing dangerously close to where Alec

was standing. He tried not to flinch, but couldn't help it. Seeing him next to

her foot allowed her a quick comparison - her foot was roughly the size of a

long gas-guzzling car. It pivoted and flexed normally, like any foot would, but

did so with terrifying potential as it moved past Alec and turned as she leaned

upon her giant bed mattress.

"Want some?" she called down to Heidi.

Truth was, she did want some. It'd been a long time since she had eaten. She

nodded but doubted that Kara would even notice. Alec wandered closer too, he

himself hungry. Kara bent forward and slid down the side of the mattress until

she was squatting. Her giant knees protruded over (and even bent) the wall

barrier as she settled. She didn't seem concerned though. Her long arm was

suddenly coming towards Heidi, the plum moving into clearer detail. Kara held it

for a moment, tilting it back and forth (like Heidi had never seen a plum)

before setting down on the carpet. Heidi saw an immense amount of detail in

everything (revealing that the skin on Kara's fingertips were dry and coarse).

The plum had a small bite mark where Kara had already indulged herself. Heidi

noticed a trail of bubbled saliva that coated the rim of the bite mark. Had she

been sucking on it? Heidi didn't care. She moved towards it, looking to Alec who

would assuredly want some too.

But Kara was already upon him. In a dazzling, effortless display of casual

abandoned speed, Kara's hand grabbed Alec roughly.

"No food for you 'til tomorrow"

Heidi waited for an explanation to be given to Alec, but Kara didn't offer

one. Instead her hand traveled downward as she leaned forward, grabbing a dirty

sock that had been dropped earlier inside their walled perimeter. Showing very

little sign of caution or the least bit of gentleness, she stuffed his body,

face first inside the sock. His arms quickly wrapped around the edges, but

Kara's giant fingers stuffed him downward until he slid to the very bottom. With

that, Kara stood to her full height and took two steps, leaning forward and

hanging the sock on the handle of a drawer, so that it hung far above the


"You can sleep there tonight" Kara said absentmindedly, almost like she

wasn't thinking about what she was doing. A blur of movement as Kara strode past

Heidi again before moving into the squat position from earlier.

"You're not hungry?"

Heidi thought back to what Alec had said and looked over to the hanging sock,

the bottom of which looked noticeably darker and dirtier than the top section.

Alec's body writhed inside the soiled sock while Heidi leaned forward and took a

bite of the plum. Since she couldn't break the skin herself, she took a bite

from the exposed section, her head leaning into the bite marks and mixing with

Kara's saliva. The plum tasted amazing.

* * *

Libby bounded up the stairs, trying not to sound too excited.

"You home?"

"Up here, Kara's voice replied from inside her room, c'mon in".

It was now nine fifteen at night. Libby entered the room filled with

anticipation, not as much as her sisters, but a fair amount just the same. She

was still dressed in her work clothes from the office where she was a junior


"How's everything?"

"So far so good", Kara answered, a tiny trace of her mischievous smile still

visible on her face. Libby sat on the bed, dangling her legs and her high heel

shoes over the edge.

"You didn't go to school, did you?"

Kara looked over her shoulder up at her sister who sat above her and grinned.

"No. I will tomorrow though".

Libby rolled her eyes the gestured to the tiny woman who was on the carpet

next to her giant sister. "She's okay then?"

"Fine. Hasn't talked yet. Or. If she has I haven't heard her". She laughed to

herself, "other than that no problems".


Heidi sat on the carpeted section of the floor inside the tiny barricade that

Kara had erected. Though it was a tight fit, her giant captor managed to fit

inside the barricade if her legs were crossed. A similar thumping sound came

from beyond the door. Seconds later the giant's sister emerged. She, dressed

quite differently than Kara, walked in immediately and sat onto the bed.

Heidi thought about the movement of the two giant girls and how it blew her

largely imaginary perception of size clear out of the water.

In her mind's eye she assumed that if something was larger than you, that it

would also move at a slower speed (look at an elephant, she thought. Don't see

them running too often).

Maybe it was the cartoons she'd seen as a child where the large, usually evil

minded giant would clamor after someone clumsily, trying their very best but

failing to catch their smaller, more agile prey. Those in pursuit would outwit

the giant with their physical agility; darting left and right and leaving the

monstrous giant confused and unable to catch up.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

These girls were fast. Not purposely so by any means, but their eyes, their

hands, their feet and most of all, their reaction times seemed to go against

their large, often grotesque, proportions. Heidi first noticed it when the giant

girl had set her eyes upon Alec, deciding to pick him up. She simply reached

forward and grabbed him. Alec barely had a chance to utter a single word before

thick, dry fingers were closing around him.

The two girls talked briefly, Kara picking Heidi up at one point and staring

at her closely. Heidi stared back (given little choice), and took in the detail

of what, under normal circumstances, would have been a pleasant and no doubt

pretty young face. Try as she might though, all Heidi could see were the flaws,

which due to her size, were magnified considerably. She saw the roughness in the

giant girl's skin, the light hair growing on her upper lip (by no means

noticeable unless you were as small as she was) and the tiny bit of toast still

imbedded in the corner of her mouth. All of it was as clear as day. This would

take some getting used to she thought, but until then she had to try very hard

to not envision this young girl as a monster.

Heidi quickly learned to breath through her mouth, since inhaling with her

nose intensified the smell of giant girl's breath, which wafted from her mouth

like a warm furnace. It wasn't bad breath per se, but unpleasant enough that

Heidi's first instinct was to recoil, squirming in the fingers of her giant

captor. Once again, she could smell far more than she desire: peanut butter,

toothpaste, milk, etc.

"Is my breath bad?" Kara wrinkled her nose then chuckled at her own question

(as if the mere notion of her breath being anything but sweet was simply

preposterous). She continued looking at Heidi very closely all the while

carrying on with her conversation with Libby. When she spoke or smiled, as was

often the case, her white teeth shone and glinted in Heidi's direction, each

tooth as big as one of Heidi's old handbags. There was even a small seed stuck

next to one of them, so small that Heidi doubted it the giant girl would even

detect it.

Finally, Kara lowered Heidi to the ground, but this time set her between her

crossed legs, giving Heidi the less than desirable position of standing directly

in front of her mammoth sized crotch. Kara continued her conversation with her

sister with absolutely no mention of Heidi or where she had been placed, adding

to her humiliation. 'I'm staring at a giant girl's nether region', she thought.

Looking up at her, trying to find her face proved too great a strain on her

neck, so she did the only thing she could do, she stared at Kara's denim covered

pelvis, observing the bulges and ripples of the denim as they folded over the

contours of her young body.

A new smell had entered Heidi's senses. There had been a variety of them, all

unpleasant, but this was new, or at the very least, stronger than anything

before. Heidi looked up from the towering crotch of her captor to see the dark

brown contours of a single high heel shoe that dangled from the edge of the bed,

gently swaying back and forth. Heidi recognized the smell instantly: foot odor.

It wasn't rank by any means. It wasn't like she hadn't washed in three weeks or

anything, it was the size difference. The smell of musty leather and

perspiration continued to assault her senses as if someone was waving it in her

direction. Heidi looked up (as best she could) to Kara, wondering if she, since

she was much closer to her sister's shoe, had noticed anything, but since their

conversation continued, she figured that she hadn't.

The springs on the bed squeaked slightly and a soft, barely audible grunt was

heard. A second later Libby's face crept into view from high above. A moment

later, Kara's own face leaned forward, her chin lowering to her chest as she

stared down at Heidi who remained imprisoned between her own crossed legs.

Libby without taking her eyes from her sister said, "So, have you done


Kara's face quickly averted its eyes, her cheeks flushed red. She reached

over her shoulder and hit her sister's leg.

"No! Give me a break (and then, in a quieter voice), she just got here".

Both faces again locked their eyes on tiny Heidi who found that after a few

seconds, that the penetrating stares of two fifty to sixty foot tall girls

(hadn't been able to judge an accurate height yet) was more than she could bare.

"Well, Libby said, pushing herself off the bed, her high heel shoes landing

with a thud on the carpet, let me know what happens". With that, she stood to

her full height and smoothed out her black skirt. Libby stretched high enough

into the air that Heidi could scarcely see her face over her protruding pelvis

and gigantic legs. One bare leg stepped forward, crossing the small pile of

dirty laundry to land solidly on the floor, close to the dresser drawer. Heidi

watched her move, finding it a truly frightening, humbling experience as the

knowledge sunk further in that she, a grown woman in her thirties was now fully

at Kara and Libby's disposal. She was a speck of dirt on the carpet. She was


Libby's voice was heard from far above even though Heidi couldn't see her

face. "You done with this?"

Kara nodded, looking quite disinterested in what her sister was doing, but

rather re-focused on Heidi.

Libby pivoted and stepped over the barricade like the toy it was. Heidi

craned her neck to see what she was carrying and in doing so, saw up Libby's

skirt. Her long legs were bare all the way up to her underwear, which, like the

walls in Kara's room, were blue. Heidi's first instinct was to turn away, that

she shouldn't look. Her second instinct told her this was absurd. From her

vantage point, there would no doubt be a lot in the coming weeks that she

shouldn't see, but would anyway. Besides, it wasn't as if either of them

appeared to care overly. I mean she was still trapped between Kara's crossed


As Libby turned to face her sister, Heidi saw that it was the sock she had

taken. The same dirty sock that Kara had shoved Alec inside of, more than three

hours ago.

"G'night", Libby said to her sister and closed the door.

Alec tumbled roughly onto a hard surface like he had so very many times before.

He looked around; quickly trying to get his boundaries while the giant Libby

crossed to another direction in the room and began taking off her earrings. Alec

looked downward - her dresser - he was on her dresser. Alec sighed to himself,

pulling bits of sock remnants from his hair and clothing. He wondered what his

task would be this evening.

It had been a long time for Alec. His time here felt longer than his three

years in prison. Anyway, time didn't mean what it once did. When you rely

completely on your senses to tell you what month and time of day it is and have

little access to a clock, you quickly loose track of things (being in a sock

doesn't help either!).

There was a brief time, three or four days as he recalled, when he thought

that being taken to this house was a golden opportunity. He wasn't in prison any

longer, had avoided facing his accusers and pretty much had the run of the

place. The giants (two girls, a mom and a dad) seemed delighted at first with

their new resident (their had been others he was told). The dad wasn't ever

around. Even when he was, he didn't bother with "those things", saying that they

made him uncomfortable. Fine thought Alec. He'd be around the girls and the mom,

all three of whom were quite cute. No problem. They seemed nice enough and from

what he gathered, the mom had gone far, far out of her way to bring him here -

may have even been against the rules from what he'd observed.

That was then, this was now. What began as a novelty quickly crumpled to him

barely being remembered and then, worse, made to do things, disgusting, inhumane

things, some of which he didn't even want to think about. However, worse than

all the things he had done, was the fear that their boredom, which seemed to be

on the increase, would one day render him useless. Would he disappear like Carl?

Alec watched as Libby put down her earrings and then slid her short-sleeved

shirt over her head. Next, she unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to her high

heel shoes before stepping out of it, leaving it (much like in Kara's room) in a

heap on the floor. Libby, like her sister was fairly thin, but not overly so. In

fact, Alec remembered the first time he had seen her parade around in her briefs

that she was a "babe" (as he had then put it). That was no longer how he felt

towards her however. Things had changed considerably.

She used to talk to him, that is to say, engage in conversation. She still

did, but it was usually just her who spoke and he who listened. Alex watched as

Libby, clad only in high heels, underwear and bra crossed towards him, getting

closer and then closer. Her eyes looked past him as she took off her watch and

then picked up bottle of hand lotion and squeezed some onto her hands.

"What should I do?" Alec called to her, straining his voice to be heard.

Libby didn't answer him (maybe she didn't hear, maybe she didn't care) but

instead moved back across the room and picked up her phone. It felt good not to

answer. All day long, she had to answer people's questions; to wait on them, to

cater to them, this was different. If she didn't want to, she didn't have to.

It was then that Alec noticed Heath who was wandering slowly across the floor

next to Libby's giant feet.

Heath was another man trapped alongside Alec. Had been here for a long while

too. Though Alec had never asked, Heath was much older, maybe even in his late

forties. Because of this, he couldn't match Alec's speed never mind his

endurance when it came to the girls and their games.

Libby stepped over him, her high heel shoes landing on either side of his

miniscule form. She stopped, her arm springing downward and instantly grabbing

Heath in her hand. With her other hand, she dialed a number on the telephone and

waited for an answer.

Heath didn't struggle, he knew better than that. Instead he just lie there.

This seemed to annoy her as she sighed out loud, a long drawn out sigh that

could be heard across the room. What good was he if he didn't try to fight her

off? Her eyes fell on Alec and instantly moved towards him. In two giant steps

she was there.

Libby let Heath tumble roughly onto the dresser next to Alec and then spoke

into the phone. "Yes. I'm looking for Robin?" She covered the receiver and spoke

quietly to the two men atop her dresser, but looked at Alec.

"He's too old to be any fun, don't you agree?"

Libby's attention diverted between the two men and the phone, which she

cradled between her shoulder and face. A moment later, she cupped the phone then

reached for Alec, easily grabbing him then raising him atop a small jewelry box

from which he would have difficulty getting down.

Next, she moved forward so that her chest was right up against the rim of the

dresser. Heath saw what was coming and took a few steps back.

"Hi, she said into the phone, her eyes looking elsewhere for a moment, you

still up for tonight?"

Libby's hand shot forward and effortlessly grabbed the older Heath,

imprisoning him inside her fingers. She set him on the edge of the dresser then

moved closer to him, raising on her tip toes slightly so that one of her breasts

could lower over top of him.

Alec suddenly stood on the jewelry box.

"Libby. Don't!"

Libby flashed him a grin, but was mostly involved in her phone conversation.

"Yeah. No, you should drive. I always drive…"

Libby lowered her height a bit so that her breast fell softly on top of

Heath, who immediately began to struggle.

"Well that's why you should drive, she laughed quietly, you're better with


She removed her other hand so that all that was holding Heath in place was

her large, fleshy bosom (which upon normal proportions wasn't all that large at

all, but to Heath, it certainly looked like it).

"Libby, Alec called again, he can't take it. Please! Don't!".

Libby listened into the phone.

"It's no one. It's the TV."

She leaned further forward, her breast oozing out of her bra slightly as it

compressed and completely settled on the tiny man, engulfing him.

Libby grinned widely at Alec atop the jewelry box, showing all her front


"Think he can last ten seconds?"

Alec, fearful that this would be the end of Heath looked to the edge of the

jewelry box and contemplated jumping down. He had done so in the past, but

almost broke his leg.

"Okay, so fifteen minutes? Twenty?" she said into the phone before covering

the receiver and looking gleefully at Alec.

"Ten, nine, eight…"

She looked down at Heath whose arms could be seen protruding from underneath

her breast.

"…Seven, six, five…"

Libby moved forward further, her breast seeming to expand even more, almost

making the tips of Heath's hands completely disappear.

"four, three two and…"

Heath stopped moving.


Libby slowly (too slowly) leaned back, slowly exposing Heath who lay face up

on the top of the dresser, his face beet red.

"See? He's not dead, she whispered, he might be in a second though"

Heath's chest rose slightly, expanding with much needed air. Alec watched

helplessly, thankful that this was over.

But it wasn't.

Libby reproached the dresser and grabbed Heath in her hand, turning and

heading back towards the bed.

"What are you wearing by the way?" she said into the phone, breaking the


Really?" She laughed and dropped Heath onto the bed. Heath bounced slightly

and then lie mostly still on his back.

Libby covered the phone once more then stood with her back to him and her

face towards Alec.

"Hey, she said to Alec, watch this, okay? Look right at me."

Alec did.

Libby sat on Heath.

It wasn't drawn out like before, it wasn't slow and torturous, but quick. Her

panty-covered bum lowered onto the bed and from Alec's perspective, completely

engulfed Heath's tiny body, smothering him.

Libby's eyes remained on Alec who remained standing on her jewelry box. Libby

laughed extra loud into the phone on purpose, too loud in fact, grinning like

she'd just won the lottery.

"Okay, she said into the phone, never mind, I'll see you soon".

Libby lowered the phone but continued staring at Alec.

"What do you think of me now, she asked him, her smile fading but not

disappearing completely, still like me?"

She scrunched forward and gyrated a bit as if she was squashing and smearing

him into her mattress.

Alec couldn't speak. He knew the day would come. He'd seen how she treated

him and no doubt how he himself would be treated sooner or later. Heath was just

the easy choice since he was the oldest and weakest.

Libby stood and put her hands on her hips, still looking at Alec.

"Well, I gotta go, she said, moving towards him and out of the way of the

bed. Heath was still there and not squashed at all. She'd fooled him.

"Didn't do it, did I? she said, I will though. One day. He's too old for

anything else". By anything else, Libby meant her weird taste for sexual

encounters, once describing Heath as "old enough to be my dad" and thereby,


Libby dropped her underwear and unclasped her bra, soon standing fully in the

nude. She liked this feeling, so much that she stretched her long, slim arms

high into the air, groaning out loud in pleasure. Nudity was such a taboo thing.

Couldn't walk around at work nude, not at the streetcar either. At home, in her

room though? She could do whatever she wanted. And all the tiny men (and soon,

women, she hoped) could do… was watch.

"I'll be in the shower if you need me" Libby strode out of sight, her breasts

bouncing with her every step.

Alec stared at Heath on her bed. He had started to move and eventually sat

up. They couldn't hear each other from across the room so a conversation would

have to wait.


Heidi sat on the giant Kara's bed, having been there since one in the morning

when Kara had finally fallen asleep. Prior to that, the games had been numerous,

none as great however, as Kara's never ending fascination with Heidi's reaction

to her 'new world'. Since her sister had left the room, Kara had undergone a two

to three hour show and tell, convinced that Heidi would be as fascinated as she

herself imagined her to be with her new surroundings.

There had been games, yes. None of which Kara had forced her into (not yet

anyway), but certainly ones that she was being shown the beginnings of, as if to

say that they would be revisited in the near future. At one point, Kara, now

dressed in pajama bottoms and t-shirt, lay on her side, her hips jutting high

above Heidi's head, politely asked her if she would like to climb on her. Heidi

seemed perplexed that this girl, who was easily in her late teens, maybe even

early twenties (it was tough to tell) would entertain the notion that Heidi

would ever desire such a task.

"That's fine, the giant had said, there's time for that later".

'Later?' What does that mean. The thought chilled Heidi's bones, as she

didn't want anything to do with this girl, or any of the others for that matter.

Kara eventually explained that on the off chance that she might get hurt,

that she would remain tied to her finger while she slept. Heidi's first reaction

was one of disbelief. "You're not tying me to your finger-" she had started to

say (the first time she had spoke to Kara, actually) before the giant girl

abruptly sat up, bounced off the bed only to return seconds later with a thin

piece of string. Heidi was pulled with great force to Kara's awaiting hand

(having been grabbed from behind), where she dexterously tied one end to her own

fleshy finger. The other side had a noose of sorts.

"You'll go through here, she said, can't get hurt that way".

Heidi felt the loop fall over her body, settling on her waist and then pulled

rather snug by the giant, probing fingers. Once finished, Heidi had about twenty

to thirty feet (by her standards, not Kara's) of slack to play with.

"G'night, little woman", Kara had said with a slight trace of unintentional

condescension in her voice.

So there Heidi sat, staring at the giant girl for a number of minutes,

waiting for her to drift off. Once she did, Heidi immediately stood walked to

the end of the string's slack. It was no coincidence that she had tied it the

length she had, since it wasn't enough to reach anything else. Kara knew that

there was no way down.

The sound of Kara's raspy breathing went on, non-stop through to the early

hours of the morning. Heidi stared at the gigantic girl, herself unable to

sleep, as Kara sputtered, coughed slightly and then turned over, her belly now

in partial view, expanding and retracting, again and again. Heidi fixated on her

navel, since it too was exposed. It was huge. Heidi imagined that she could

easily stick her entire head into it. Not that she wanted to of course, but

still, the curiosity associated with her grotesque proportions was there.


Alec, dead to the world, lie face up, lying on top a scrunched up used Kleenex.

Things change.

What once would have repulsed him beyond belief and offended his very nature,

was something he now took for granted and often relied on. Libby, ever the

domineering giant young woman, derived amusement from arranging

less-than-satisfactory sleeping quarters for him, as often as she had the time

and inclination. Memories that stood out as her favorites: sleeping in one of

her sweat socks, sleeping in a container of her dirty, soiled laundry and most

recently, sleeping on the top of her wastebasket, where he rested precariously

on the built up volume of thrown away items, discarded food remnants, used dirty

Kleenex and an over abundance of body hair, which she pulled and discarded from

her hair brush. Given this (and because of it, maybe), Alec slept rather

soundly; never knowing how long the sleep would last.

A laughing sound from above.

Alec strained to open his eyes, groggy as ever.

More laughing.

A thick, sticky twap sound was made as an enormous drop of fluid slapped his

face from above. Alec immediately opened his eyes and was stung by an acidic,

burning sensation. The liquid covered his face and immediately spread down to

his chest. More laughing, louder now. Alec wiped his face and got on his knees,

but the burning only grew more intense, stinging his eyes considerably.

"Don't ever complain you don't get enough vitamins again, okay?" the voice

from above warned, still on the verge of laughing.

Alec managed to look up, past the feet and calves of the giant to her waist

and then to her arms. She was holding a section of orange rind and had squeezed

several drops of the juice on top of him.


Libby always enjoyed these moments. In a cynical world, she was amongst the most

cynical to live in their house. Still, the little pleasures in life always

brought a well-deserved chuckle. The very first experience she had had was with

a man named Carl. He was the second or third resident at their house and had

been the unfortunate one to experience first hand, her often mean spirited sense

of humor. After displeasing her by not successfully moving her dirty laundry

into a specific section in her room (as per her instructions), she had dribbled

plum sauce on top of him from a bottle. It started as merely funny, but soon had

her convulsing in hysterics, laughing, almost crying at his degradation. It was

perhaps the first time that it had truly donned on her that they were hers to do

whatever she wanted to.

Truth be told, it sometimes took what she considered to be a great deal of

restraint from just doing away with them all together. Every week or so, visions

of smashing them to bits under her massive clenched fist had entered her head -

it would be so quick and so fun, she thought. But despite the short lived

pleasure it would no doubt give her, Libby was old enough to realize that long

term pleasure is always more desirable. So with that in mind, she resolved to

keep them around as long as she could, if for no other reason than the pain in

her (giant) ass it had been to explain the eventual disappearance of Carl.

(***If requested, more light can be shed on Carl's disappearance and posted


Besides, she thought, her newfound pleasure was found largely in her own

restraint. Knowing…fully realizing that she was capable of prolonging, or if she

desired, ending their undersized lives, gave her enough satisfaction to keep

them alive…though she didn't know for how much longer.

Squatting over the two men, both of whom were still rubbing their eyes in

pain, Libby reached over to the side table and took her mug of tea that she had

made for herself. Since she had made it long ago, it was no longer hot. In went

her fingers, pulling out the softened, still warm tea bag. She set down the mug

atop the side table then ripped the bag open with her fingernails, gently

exposing the black grains of torn tea leaves that still steamed slightly and

smelled wonderful.

Heath was now looking up, seeing what she was about to do, for she had done

it before. On previous occasions, she had made them consume some of the

tealeaves, pushing their faces down into the bag, so that, she said, "we can all

enjoy the tea".

Heath started to back up and must have uttered something to Alec, since he

too stood and moved towards the sound of Heath's voice, his eyes still burning

from the orange juice droplets.

"Oh no you don't, she said, it's tea time…"

With that, her enormous fingers lowered the bag towards them, the grin on her

face turning upwards, but only slightly (it wasn't quite as fun as it used to


"C'mon, it's not that bad, is it?"

With that, Libby's door opened and in walked Kara, still in her pajamas and

bare feet.

"Do you want the woman for a while, she said, I'm meeting Cindy for a coffee"

Libby looked up at her, trying not to look too excited.

"Are you bringing Cindy here later on?"

Kara moved towards her sister then sat on her bed.

"Maybe, yeah"

"Well, tell her again, that she can't talk about these things, okay? I'm not

sure she got the point last time"

Kara nodded.

"What are you doing with the tea bag?"

Kara had no idea what Libby did with the people she brought into her bedroom.

Alternately, Libby didn't know what Kara did with them either. Both suspected

the other as having "fun" with them as they put it and had even brought up the

notion that they do it together sometime, but the sometimes-cruel ways of the

girls (most notably, Libby) wasn't up for discussion.

"Just fooling around."

"So, do you want her or not?"

"Yeah, Libby responded, I want her".

The door opened and a moment later Libby, the giant girl's older sister

walked into the room, wearing loose fitting jeans and a snug t-shirt.

"Hello?" she said aloud, too loud in fact for Heidi's tiny ears.

Libby stood still and glanced around the room, first to her feet and the

floor and then up to the bed.

"She said you were in here. I'm supposed to get you something to eat".

Libby took a step forward, being careful where she walked.

"You do want to eat, don't you?"


Heidi would stay where she was. The thought of announcing herself had crossed

her mind, but she thought against it.

"Come out, please? her voice said from somewhere above, I'm not going to hurt


There was silence for a moment, causing Heidi to briefly open her eyes and to

look up in the direction of the giant girl. Libby looked to be contemplating

something. The giant then turned and closed her sister's door behind her,

carelessly butting the edge of her sister's tiny barricade with her foot,

practically toppling it.

"If you let me see where you are, I'll give you a treat" she said, her voice

now quieter.

Heidi's heart thumped in her chest as she contemplated being found. Oh, how

she truly wished this would not happen.

Libby turned to the door, as if to leave, but stopped, her backside facing

Heidi. Slowly and quietly, her hands dropped to her side and fumbled around her

waist. Heidi began to wonder what she was up to, and then heard the distinct

sound of a belt buckle - then the fly of her pants being unzipped. 'What could

she be doing?' Heidi wondered with intense curiosity.

A moment later her answer was provided.

Libby's jeans began to slid down her hips slightly, not too much at first,

just enough to reveal the top 1/3 of her underwear. Libby's hands found their

way to the closed door and snaked up almost as high as they could reach, bracing

her body and leaning forward. S

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