Giantess Stories: The Rise of Jenna                                      Story by Kiler     June 17

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The Rise of Jenna

Story by Kiler

June 17, 1999

Thanks alot to pjohn, thiele, and deekaywon for helping me find

these stories.


The earliest experiments with "scientific giantism"

had failed. The effect was discovered

by accident, as with most great scientific breakthroughs. Few

remember what the original

purpose of the experimentation was, though rumors abound. Some say

they had been trying to

develop a "super food" serum, some kind of save the world

thing. Others say they were trying to

develop a stickier Teflon, and mixed the wrong chemicals. The rest

are too ridiculous to believe.

Whatever they were trying to do, however, literally blew up in

their faces. Whenever the

resulting serum came into contact with organic material, an

endothermic reaction ensued that

drew all thermal (and nearly all light) energy from a 100 foot

radius. The energy was then

converted in the organic material, and caused a massive molecular

duplication. The material, be it

a fruit, vegetable, or even an animal would seem to grow


Growth percentage, of course, depended on the amount of serum

delivered, but always

ended in disaster. Vegetable matter would wilt and spoil at an

incredible rate, leaving behind a

disease-ridden sludge that had to be disposed of using hazardous

waste procedures. Animals

would become uncontrollable, and wreak havoc until they could be

brought down. Then

government officials were left with the grisly task of deciding how

to dispose of the immense dead

animal carcasses.

No one had ever considered using the serum on a human, and the

government locked up what

remained of the serum in what should have been a safe place until...

Chapter One, The Beginning of the End

"C'mon you guys, hurry up! We have to stick to the

schedule or this whole operation is

going to fail. Now move it!"

Sy was the leader of the gang that helped bring about the end of

civilization as we know it.

He had a long history of run-ins with the law. Born an orphan,

parents killed in a car crash while

trying to bring him into this world, he'd been bounced from one

foster home to another. In and

out of Juvenile Hall until he was eighteen, he grew up streetwise and

as tough as they come. His

compatriots in crime on this case all had similar stories, save one.

Sy's girlfriend, Jenna.

Jenna grew up in a white collar, suburban world, but quickly got

bored with the utter

monotony of that life. Head of Her high school cheerleading squad,

homecoming queen, she'd

had it all. Two weeks after graduating high school, She got in the

Dodge Neon Her parents had

bought Her as a graduation present, and sped off toward the great

unknown, without a word to

anyone. She had ended up in Utah, of all places. Out of money and

forced to work the streets for

food and shelter, She was on Her way to becoming another teenage

statistic. Then she'd hooked

up with Sy. He was everything She was looking for, exciting,

adventurous, spontaneous,

dangerous. He found She had talents he could appreciate as well.

She was accepted into the

gang, being good with a lock, and small enough to fit through tight


The caper tonight was different than previous ones they had

pulled. They had been

contracted by a man none of them ever met in person, but who knew a

lot about them. They had

been partly bribed, partly blackmailed into doing this job, and the

script had been well-laid out for

them. Their instructions were specific: Stick to the time schedule.

This building they had broken

into was some kind of secret maximum security government building,

Lord knew what all the

rooms held. One room, deep in the building, was their goal.

"We made it. O.K. Jenna, do your thing," whispered

Sy, nervously.

Jenna brought out the high-tech electronic lock picking gadget

provided by their

employer. "Here goes nothing," She muttered under Her

breath. In a flash, the door opened.

Jenna stepped inside, and then all hell broke loose. Alarms began to

sound, and the door slammed

shut. Sy yelled, and beat on the door while the others beat feet for

street level.

"You traitors!" Sy screamed after his quickly

departing gang. "Don't you worry baby, I'll

get you out of there," he called through the door. "Stand


As Jenna backed away from the door, fearing what Sy was

planning, She bumped a button

on the vat which filled the room behind her. The button was marked

"Dump." Immediately, a

valve opened, and the vat began to empty into the room. Fumes from

the spewing liquid quickly

put Jenna into a deep sleep, and She fell backward into the growing

pool. The reaction began.

Sy never knew what hit him. One moment he was fixing the

emergency C4 he kept in his

bag to the door, the next he was little shards of ice shattered all

over the frozen floor. The

reaction had rendered the temperature of this floor and several above

to -272 degrees Celsius, just

above absolute zero. Seconds later, the building shattered around

Jenna, the sole survivor of the

building, protected by the reaction. Her growth began, slowly at

first, but quickly accelerating.

She had been wearing a bodysuit, made of a Lycra/cotton blend.

It did not grow with her,

rather it stretched and stretched, attempting to accommodate Her ever

expanding form, until it

had reached its limit, shredding in several spots. Her wireless bra

and panties, however, were

100% cotton, and grew at Her same rate.

Jenna began Her growth in the lowest sub basement of the

building, 25 stories down. She

quickly filled that space, and grew until She reached street level.

Receiving fresh air for the first

time, She awoke to a scene which made no sense. Everything seemed to

be shrinking, yet She

didn't seem to be as high above it as She should. She also felt a

cold, strong downward breeze

spinning around Her body. Looking down, She saw the rubble filled

pit She occupied, and

climbed out.

People on the street had been startled by the crackling, then

loud shattering noises coming

from the vicinity of the government building. It sounded like the

world's biggest window had just

been broken to teeny pieces. Those in earshot, but not in sight of

the building came running.

That is, until Jenna appeared from the remains. That stopped them

cold. At three hundred feet

and still growing, She was a marvelous, enormous beauty. Large

breasts, wide hips, generous

lips, not pretty enough to be a model, but definitely desirable.

Except, that is, for being now 100

times the size of any other human. When She began to climb out of

the cavity in which She

stood, most sensible people fled for their lives.

Standing on the street now, Jenna tried to rise to Her full

height of 700 feet plus.

Unfortunately, the pavement could not withstand Her weight and began

to buckle toward the

crater behind her. Losing Her balance and waving Her arms, She

tilted to the side and fell

lengthwise onto the street. It was not a busy street at this hour,

but the slower pedestrians, many

parked cars, and a city bus were crushed beneath Her bulk. Startled,

but not hurt, Jenna laughed

at the destruction She caused. Electricity had been knocked out for

blocks, windows had blown

out, and every car alarm in the city went off at once. Jenna also

found She was stuck, Her left

arm having gone through the street. Cities weren't made for 1000

foot tall people to roam their


Still growing, Jenna's arm broke away the street which had Her

pinned, and She pulled

herself free. Moving carefully now, and trying to avoid stepping

with too much force (difficult if

you're 1100 feet tall!), She stood and peered around, admiring the



realizing how Her voice would

ring throughout the building created valleys of the city. "I'M



Chapter Two, Jenna's Stroll Through Town

Jenna meandered down the main street, bending down to playfully

slap at buildings as She

passed. Passing 1200 feet, She was taller than every building near

her, and She realized that

maybe Salt Lake City wasn't the coolest place to be a giantess.

She'd get all the fun out of this

city first, then head for the coast. Yeah, California would be great

fun, She thought. She began

picking up people still on the street to examine them more closely,

then had a wicked thought.

She's discovered as a young girl that She could curl Her tongue.

She'd enjoyed eating

popsicles, and curling Her tongue around their cool cylindrical

surfaces. Later, She found the

talent extremely helpful when performing fellatio. Now, a different

possibility presented itself.

She plucked up a man on the sidewalk nearby, who was frozen in fear

(or perhaps lust, it was

hard to tell from Her lofted position). Holding him before Her face,

She slowly opened Her

mouth and placed him lengthwise on Her tongue. She heard a small

squeaking sound, probably

he was trying to scream. Quickly, She wrapped him up in Her tongue,

and rolled him back and

forth. It was wonderful. The taste of him, the feeling of power.

She squeezed, and he split like a

rotten banana. Tipping Her head back, his broken body slid down Her

throat. Delicious, She

thought, and She would have more.

When the police finally caught up to her, as She figured they

would, She pretended not to

notice them. Foolishly, a road block was set up before her, and She

giggled to herself.

Officer Smith couldn't believe what he was seeing. People

couldn't possibly grow to that

size. Secretly, though, it was the fulfillment of a dream he'd had

since the age of twelve. He'd

watched all the movies and TV shows about giant women or shrunken men

he could, until he'd

found the nation of GTS worshipers and goddesses on the Internet. It

had been an obsession for

him, but none of it had prepared him for the real experience, nor had

he ever believed this could

happen. Until now.

Jenna slowly sidled up to the road block, expecting gunfire at

any moment. She could

almost hear the police seargent with the megaphone saying something

to hear, probably "Halt," or

"We've got you surrounded," something silly and

meaningless, like a beetle giving an elephant

orders, but She couldn't quite make out the words. The sound of Her

own heart beating in

excitement drowned out all else. As She reached the road block, She

suddenly stopped. Her

arms went up, and felt around, as if feeling a wall before her.

Looking down at the terrified, but bemused police, She said,




TO GO AROUND." With that, She turned and stepped off the street

and right onto a row of

apartment buildings. The crumbling concrete, wood, and steel felt

good to crush beneath Her

feet. She was certain that the people inside were dying horribly,

screaming at the top of their little

lungs. But then they shouldn't have been in Her way. This is what

it meant to be a true goddess,

and She would have more.

"Open fire!" ordered the seargent, and the pitiful

compliment emptied their armament into

the swiftly departing target. But to Jenna, the bullets were no more

than pieces of blown sand,

not able to even penetrate Her incredibly thick skin. A flash of

reflected light caught Her eye and

brought Her attention to the city airport. That looked like great

fun, or at least a reasonable

distraction. Her growth seemed to have leveled off, now at about

1700 feet, but She hardly

noticed, so great was Her excitement.

A few steps was all it took, and She was there. It hadn't been

very long since Her

rampage began, and the airport hadn't had time to enact emergency

procedures. Come to think of

it, what would be the procedure to follow, in case of giantess


Several planes cluttered all departing runways. Jenna walked

right through the terminal as

if it were paper, Her eyes locked on all the pretty airplanes. She

bumped the tower as She passed,

and the air traffic controllers leapt out the windows as it fell,

plunging to their deaths anyway.

Security guards on the tarmac opened fire on Her, again to no effect.

One caught Her eye,

however, and She raised Her foot to stomp him into oblivion.

Another, dirtier thought came to

Her, however. Gently, She picked him up so as not to crush his

relatively tiny body. Then,

pulling the front of Her panties out, She dropped him inside. He

tumbled toward the treasure

every guy in Her high school had coveted, not realizing the honor he

was about to receive. With

a few, perhaps unlady like (but not ungoddesslike, as She makes Her

own rules of etiquette)

adjustments, She continued on Her way.

Snugly against the biggest, wettest cunt anyone had ever beheld,

the guard struggled for

his life. Jenna's vaginal lips responded to his struggling, and

opened like a flower. Further

struggles only pushed him deeper inside. A breathy sigh escaped from

Jenna's other lips, and She

reached down idly to grab the nearest airplane. Suddenly, Her little

passenger hit Her most

sensitive spot, and the shock and pleasure of it caused Her to crush

the airplane with both hands.

Having been newly fueled, the plane exploded into a fireball huge

enough to engulf Jenna.

Chapter Three, You're a Big Girl Now

The scene: a small park in the suburbs on the east side of the


Children laughed happily. Parents watched them from a distance,

discussing the "obvious"

radio play, ala Orson Welles which had been playing on the radio.

Giant women indeed. And the

subject matter - hardly appropriate. The FCC would receive several

calls that evening. It was

strangely coincidental that the small earthquake (unusual for Utah)

which had corresponded with

the timing of the radio play. Suddenly, an explosion was heard from

the far side of the city. The

people in the park stood and stared in alarm as a huge fireball was

seen to rise from the vicinity of

the airport. A plane crash? Hopefully not. The city's airport had

an exemplary safety record, yet

everyone knew how quickly that could disappear under the magnifying

glass of national scrutiny.

Strange that no sirens could be heard. Then the ground rumbled anew,

this quake more powerful

than the last. The children cried out in fear, but before the

parents could rush to them for

comfort, their jaws dropped at the sight of a giant, no bigger than

that, larger than enormous head

and shoulders of a human woman rising above the city skyline. This

couldn't be real. People

couldn't possibly be this big. Disbelief rooted the onlookers to

their respective spots, unable to

tear themselves away from the unfolding scene...

There was no time to react, the effect was instantaneous. One

moment Jenna was

surrounded by fire, the next, ice. Her body had absorbed all the

energy of the explosion, and this

time She was awake and aware of the feeling of power. She grew. And

grew. And grew. It was

hard for Her to say how tall She grew, humans lose all frame of

reference at a few hundred feet.

Her best estimate was that She was now several miles tall, and She

was right. She was naked

now, Her underclothing had not survived the initial heat of the fire.

But that was just fine, She no

longer needed clothes. Let them look on Her if they dare, it would

be their final peep show.

The airport was no more, the ball of one foot occupied its

former space. As She grew, the

other airplanes were crushed and exploded, adding fuel to Her growth.

Now She knew the

secret. Now, She realized, there could be no limit to how big She

could become, and She would

say when enough was enough.

Looking around, She saw the whole of the city, lain out like a

map without words. She

wanted to know what it would feel like to crush all of it at once.

And so, turning Her back on the

city, She bent and leaned backward onto Her hands. Supporting

Herself this way, She positioned

Herself over the city, until the shadow of Her massive, magnificently

tanned and toned ass

blanketed the city. Then, slowly, She sat, anticipating the impact.

She wondered what the

inhabitants of the city thought, as they looked up and saw their doom.

The airport security guard, forgotten by Jenna, had gotten

himself turned around in her

pussy, and poked his head out. He was horrified to find himself

falling toward the city, and

realized what was about to happen. Quickly extracting himself, he

fell, though not as far as

expected. Without time to ponder why, he ran from the impending

danger, along the length of the

goddess's spread legs. Out of danger now (or so he thought), he

turned and looked just in time

to see Jenna's ass meet downtown. The ground shook, buildings

crumbled. It was as if

Armageddon had come. Her voice rang out across the miles as She

moaned in pleasure,

drowning out the horrified screams of hundreds of thousands. Her

legs bent at the knees,

scraping huge gouges out of the earth. Up She raised, and began to

pleasure Herself, quickly

coming to climax again, and again it seemed. The guard could not

keep his feet, the ground

shook and heaved violently. And then it was over. She collapsed

onto Her back, crushing what

little of the city's outskirts She had missed, and fell into a deep


It would be days before the dust settled from this most

unnatural of disasters. Military

reconnaissance planes flying high overhead could only see the body of

the goddess above the

cloud of debris, the wreckage of the city lay beneath Her and the


Blind from the cloud which covered the city, the guard stumbled

this way and that, until

he came across a wall which had not fallen during the mayhem caused

by the giantess's sexual

foray with the ruined city. Looking up, he could see that the wall

was built of the smallest bricks

he had ever seen. In fact, the building itself was like 1/30 scale,

with tiny windows and doors.

Peering into one of the windows, he saw that this building had not

escaped all harm, from the

fallen interior walls and ceilings. Looking in one particular room,

though, the guard could make

out a mass of small creatures, huddled in a corner. He tapped on the

window lightly, and one of

the creatures turned toward him. It was human. But that was

impossible! That would

would mean that he had grown too! He'd have to be 180 feet tall, at


"Noooooo!" he cried, and punched the wall before him

in frustration. This was more than

the battered building could stand, and it crumbled as the guard

stumbled tearily away.

Meanwhile, Jenna awoke from Her brief nap invigorated. Sitting

up, She admired Her

demolition job. She wondered momentarily what the government was

planning against Her. She

wasn't sure, but She hoped it involved explosions. That would make

for a nice surprise.

Standing now, She stretched and opened Her mouth wide to yawn. With

a choke, She bent

forward and coughed. Something had gone down Her throat! Suddenly,

She realized what must

have happened. She remembered hearing jets fly over during Her

tirade. One must have been

flying over as She stood and yawned, not able to turn away quickly

enough. Some military force!

She could defeat them without even trying. She would defeat them

all, and rule this world as She

saw fit. They would all bow to Her, entertain Her, work for Her, and

even die for Her. The new

world order had begun.

Chapter Four, What Is That Thing?

Jenna knew what Her next target would be. When She was 12, Her

parents had dragged

Her and Her younger brother to Las Vegas for a family vacation.'

Jenna spent the entire two

weeks babysitting Her brother, while Her parents had the time of

their lives. She had often

dreamed of bombing the city while running up Her parents' room

service bill, but now She had an

even better idea.

She turned south, and followed I-15. Each step brought Her five

miles closer to Her goal,

and shockwaves emanated from Her feet like ripples on a pond, tearing

up land and road two

miles away. If Jenna noticed this, She gave no sign. Already She

thought She could see Her

goal. Across the desert, Las Vegas shone like a new silver dollar.

She did not quicken Her pace,

however. A goddess doesn't rush, especially if She doesn't want to

spoil Her prize before She


Meanwhile, in the aftermath of Salt Lake City's destruction, the

National Guard, Army,

and Marines are called in to search for survivors. The soldiers

descend upon the remains of the

city like a colony of ants on a picnic, determined yet organized.

The amount of dust and debris in

the air warranted that the troops wear gas masks. Coupled with the

regalia of each soldier's

fatigues and armament, they looked like an alien army occupation.

They searched the rubble and ruin, looking for any sign of

survivors. They found none.

And yet, most reported having heard a thumping, as if a small herd of

beasts had passed nearby.

Then, an explosion. Shouting and gunfire followed. The thumping

returned, louder this time.

From out of the fog and smoke, a growl...was it human? No, no human

voice was that loud, that

forceful, that guttural.

Lieutenant Gibson lead his men down the remains of the main

street. An erie light poured

in from above. Shouted orders came across the seargent's radio,

"Proceed two blocks south and

meet with D company, Marines. We've encountered a hostile, it

appears to be..." Static replaced

the transmission. Attempts to re-establish the transmission for

mission confirmation failed.

Before the lieutenant could decide how to proceed, however, a dusky

shadow fell over him and

his troops. What the hell?' he thought. Some kind of huge

animal!' It lunged forward, and he

shouldered his weapon, giving the command to open fire. The platoon

obliged, willingly. Rifle

fire seemed to have no effect, however, so some of the men armed

grenades and lobbed them at

their target. Mistake.

Meanwhile, Jenna had reached the edge of Las Vegas. It appeared

that Her movements

were being broadcast, as the highways leading from the city were

crawling with tiny vehicles bent

on escape. She had expected this, however, and planned to have fun SD Gundam Battle Alliance - Official Opening Cinematic

with it. Kneeling (onto

almost three square miles of residential area), She leaned over a

particularly popular highway.

Supporting Herself on her hands and toes, She rocked forward,

brushing Her nipples over the

strip. For the people trapped in the traffic jam, it was

catastrophic. Her breasts filled the sky, and

some cars were crushed as others were flung end over end into the

sky, only to return to earth

with a screeching crash. Engines raced, as the panicked drivers

tried frantically to free themselves

from gridlock. Many cars were crippled in the melee, then quickly

buried under a mountain of

flesh. Some of the larger four-wheel drive vehicles did get free,

yet could not outrace the pair of

giant breasts bearing down on them.

Finally, Jenna had leaned too far to support Herself, and fell

to the ground, depressing the

vehicles She had missed hundreds of feet below the surface. Looking

up, Jenna's eyes could just

focus on the suburban town She lay before. The shock from Her fall

had caused nearly all its

buildings to tumble apart. Playfully, She poked at the survivors,

giggling as they seemed to fall in

slow motion, and raise a little puff of dust. Rising to Her feet,

now, She surveyed the whole of

the city, and decided on a plan of attack. Should Las Vegas die

quick or slow?

Chapter Five, Sin City

Moving painfully slowly so as not to topple the little buildings

too soon, Jenna got down

on all fours. She crawled around the city like a cat sizing up its

prey, Her breasts rubbing

pleasantly against Her arms as they swung from side to side. As She

circled, She made sure to

crush all the roadways out of the city, ensuring a captive audience.

Even though She was taking

great care, the comparatively tiny inhabitants of Las Vegas held on

to anything sturdy for dear

life. Everything not nailed down toppled, chandeliers fell from

ceilings, streets cracked in many

places, and hundreds of elderly people fell victim to their heart

problems (not that anyone

noticed). They were the lucky ones.

When She had completed two full circles of the city, Jenna

turned toward the downtown

and, raising Her glorious two mile wide posterior into the air,

leaned forward onto Her forearms

to be closer to Her new subjects. And they were Her subjects: She

was their Goddess queen, and

they would give their very lives for Her amusement. Queen Jenna

began to play with Her new

toy, walking Her fingers up and down the streets of the city.

Unfortunately, Jenna's fingers were

now over 700 feet wide, far wider than even the widest streets of

Vegas, and whole city blocks

fell with each step.

The mayor of Las Vegas was on the phone with the United States

president within

moments of Jenna's arrival. He pleaded with the president to do

something to stop this incredible

giantess who destroyed without mercy. While the president assured

the mayor that everything

that could be done was (a typical politician's response, and the

mayor knew this), Jenna's index

finger found the city's headquarters, and crushed it and the mayor

into the shape of Her very large


This game was fun for Jenna, and it was turning Her on. She

moved to a more

comfortable position, curling Her body around the city and drawing

Her knees behind Her, as if

cuddling with a lover. Her right hand moved down Her neck to Her

chest to massage Her

massive bosom, squeezing and pulling at Her nipples, making them rock

hard. A small moan

escaped Her lips, which blew across the city like a gale force wind.

Jenna had a new game in

mind, and She was certain the Las Vegans would hate this one too.

Ever so carefully, Jenna dug Her nails into the ground below the

New York, New York

casino/hotel. She picked it because it looked like a teeny tiny city

unto itself. Water, gas, and

electrical mains were severed as Jenna's finger nail cut under the

building. People inside screamed

in the dark, and as the hotel tilted, they fell about like rag dolls.

Doing Her best to keep the

building upright, Jenna lifted it and brought it over Her breasts.

Rolling over onto Her back, She

placed the hotel between Her breasts, and peered at it with

fascination. With every beat of Her

heart, the building jumped a little. This excited Her, which caused

Her heart to beat faster, and

the hotel to jump higher. Jenna's right hand moved between Her legs,

and massaged Her aching

pussy slowly, sweetly. Penetrating Herself, She almost arched Her

back with the absolute

pleasure of it. She resisted, however, and brought Her hand to Her

lips, tasting the juices of lust.

Her heart beat so fast now that the hotel looked on the verge of

collapse. Before it could, She

grabbed a breast in each hand, and crushed the little building in Her

immense cleavage.

Laughing, She rolled into the city like a miles high

steamroller. Thousands perished

beneath Her gigantic legs, hips, belly, breasts. And Her divine ass.

Stopping Her roll on Her side,

Jenna peered behind Her. The main strip of casinos lay directly in

line with Her ass, and slowly,

as She watched, She rolled Her ass over those buildings. People in

the street had a front row seat

to the best show in town, as Her butt crushed building after building

as if they were made of

eggshells, before perishing under that same relentless force. Coming

to rest, Jenna looked

between Her legs, only to find the very hotel She'd vacationed at all

those years before intact and

directly in front of Her half-mile high crotch. Stretching forward,

the goddess shifted Her ass so

that Her crotch pressed against the ground. She now dug Her hands

into the soft ground, and

slowly pulled Herself forward. It was ecstasy, and what irony. Her

pussy lips crawled toward the

hapless hotel like a tank. Closer, closer, then impact. But the

hotel was not crushed. Instead,

Jenna's lips engulfed the tiny structure. She dragged Herself

forward just a little more, until She

felt the building come into contact with Her clit. Sitting up now,

in the splits position (She had

always been very limber), She began to rock slowly to unheard music.

The building was rubbing

Her just the right way, and closing Her eyes, She reached for Her

nipples, rubbing and pinching

them to heighten Her pleasure.

She came like a volcano, bouncing up and down on that hated

building until nothing but

dust remained. The waves of Her orgasm lasted for minutes, and took

Her to a place no man or

woman had ever brought Her to. Satisfied, Queen Jenna curled up into

a fetal position and fell

into a deep, dream filled sleep.

Chapter Six, Sleeping Beauty

The president quietly hung up the phone, after being so suddenly

disconnected from Las

Vegas' mayor. He understood what this meant, but was at a loss as to

how to proceed. His

advisors sat before him, waiting patiently for him to speak, but he

didn't know what to say. What

leader ever had to face such an unbelievable adversary? History had

no advice for him, no

precedent existed.

"Mr. President...," his chief advisor began, but was

cutoff by the look on the president's

face. "Gentlemen, this woman must be stopped. The American

people demand it. She

jeopardizes the whole country; who can predict what a ten mile high

giantess might do next? She

treats our cities as her own personal playground - their citizens no

more significant to her than a

colony of ants. She must be stopped at any cost." The

president turned to the head of the joint

chiefs. "General, what options do you have for me?"

"Mr. President, the nuclear arsenal of the United States is

at your disposal," the general

replied sternly. "At present, this is the only option I have to


"General, I too have considered this option. But you and I

both know the well deserved

fear of nuclear weaponry this nation's people hold. We must be very

cautious, should this be the

path we choose. Utilizing tactical nukes on our own soil and failing

to succeed would be

unforgivable. We must also consider when and where to strike, and,

should we succeed, how

does one dispose of the remains?"

"Mr. President, I believe that we must not hesitate. We

can make those decisions after the

fact, but it remains that this is the only way to stop Her available,

and every minute we fail to act

jeopardizes more lives. Whoever she is, this woman is human. She

must sleep, and this will make

her vulnerable. When the opportunity presents itself, we must be


The president sighed. Silently he wondered whether this

wouldn't be the most critical

decision ever made in the history of the world. "Very well

general. Begin preparations to bring

our nuclear arsenal to bear." With the military precision and

grace of his years of experience, the

general saluted his chief, and turned to his task.

"Now gentlemen, who can tell me the present situation in

Salt Lake City..."


When last we left Lieutenant Gibson and his men, they were in a

furious battle with an

unknown gigantic foe. Grenades lobbed at the huge target hit their

mark, and the creature

released a very human-sounding bellow of pain. For a moment, it

reeled from the impact, and

then simply...grew. The gunfire ceased as the men gawked at the

sight. Urine trickled down the

legs of the least experienced, the more seasoned veterans found their

legs, and turned to retreat.

It continued to grow, and its feet covered in shredded leather shoes

began to encroach on the

platoon's position. It leaned down toward the men as it grew ever

larger, and those who could

not run saw it had human features. A giant man, and He

looked...angry? hungry? Neither was



monster spoke.

His growing soles overtook the men quickly, and they were crushed and

smeared across the

broken pavement. Those who had run found the same fate. The giant

Pitt ceased His growth,

and stood now to His full new one mile height. He still wore the

remains of His security guard's

uniform, which He had been wearing when the giantess had first found

Him. Now He aimed to

find Her. Tracking Her would be easy, and He turned to the south to

follow her trail of



The goddess slept. Survivors of Her rampage were few and far

between, and more

perished whenever She shifted Her titanic body. Day turned into

night, and cries of the trapped

grew weaker. Most survivors who were able made their way out and

away from the city on foot,

hoping for help or rescue, trying to forget the horror of the day

behind them. Some, shall we say,

more twisted individuals, approached the sleeping giantess, drawn by

her smell and an obsession

which could not be denied. For them, the danger they faced was no

more than what they had

already survived. Besides, when such a long time dream comes true,

it's hard to pass it up.

Reaching their goddess was no problem, She was immense, She was


Climbing Her, however, presented a different problem. One would

think that a human being that

large would have huge pores, gigantic pocks and pits in their skin

one could climb with ease.

Because of the process which had brought Her to this immense stature,

though, this was not the

case. Her skin was still supple and smooth to the touch, as well as

soft and warm, though very

thick. Many of the men tried to simply grab handfuls of skin and

pull themselves up one hand at a

time, but with no ready footholds and so far to go, it was not long

until they tired and plunged to

their deaths, screaming in frustration.

The more clever of the bunch had found a simple solution.

Instead of heading directly for

Her body, they went to Her hands. Her right hand lay palm up, and it

was a simple task to boost

each other up onto Her nails, then climb up Her fingers using Her

prints as hand and footholds.

Soon these men were headed for the promised land, and the fulfillment

of years of secret dreams.

The goddess Jenna cooed in Her sleep as the men ran over Her

breasts, many giving great

attention to Her erect nipples. Other continued down Her belly

toward the great pasture of Her

pubic region. As they climbed over Her great genitalia, Her hand

caressed Her stomach, and

unbeknownst to them, slid toward Her crotch. Still sleeping, Jenna

caressed Her pussy, shoving

many of the explorers off to their doom, grinding others to paste,

and pushing the rest deep inside

Her vagina, where they swam the sea of Her lust. After some minutes,

She shuddered in a small

orgasm (if anything about Her could be considered small), and with a

contented sigh, rolled onto

Her side, crushing Her grounded admirers, and causing Her breast men

to fall over a mile onto

Her arm. They landed intact, only to be smashed by Her enormous tits

as She continued Her roll

onto Her stomach. Still She slept.

Chapter Seven, Conclusion

Pitt followed the path of destruction along what had been I-15,

the connecting route

between Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. He was oblivious to the signs

of the loss of human life,

remaining focused on His goal. Being a mile tall, the trip was not

long, but was difficult. He had

to continually traverse the great canyons in the earth created by the

passage of His goddess queen.

He left large footprints of His own in the goddess's footprints, but

they were minuscule in

comparison. By Her scale, He was only 6" inches tall.

The only sign that He had reached His goal, was a great cloud of

dust that raised to His

midsection, and the landscape that was His sleeping queen. His

approach did not disturb Her, and

He rounded Her body to gaze at Her sleeping countenance. Loving

adulation filled His soul, and

He showed it the only way He could think how. He caressed Her mighty

arms, Her back, and

points beyond. Reaching Her ass, He climbed Her, and slipped between

Her massive legs. Pitt

was halted by the sight which was now before Him. Her cunt was as

long as He was tall. He

removed the remains of His guard's uniform. Slowly He fondled Her

vaginal lips, and, bending

down, inserted Himself into Her vagina headfirst.

In Her dreams, the goddess Jenna lay on a vast deserted beach.

A mysterious man

suddenly appeared, and they locked in embrace. Silently they fell to

the ground in each other's

arms and began to make love...

Moaning, Jenna rolled in Her sleep. Her great hands roamed Her

expansive body, from

belly to breasts to the space between Her legs. Her ministrations

pushed Pitt further inside Her,

and He reveled at the feel of Her surrounding Him. Slowly He began

to move, rubbing Himself

back and forth against Her soft vaginal walls. One of Jenna's thick

fingers entered Her canal to

press His body harder against Her, crushing the air from His lungs.

In His excitement, He could

hold back no longer. He orgasmed in great spasms which drove Jenna

over the brink as well.

Her vagina became as a great steel tube of muscle, in which Pitt

could not draw a breath. Not

that He wanted to, He wanted to die this way, close to His goddess

queen as no man ever could

be. He got His wish, as Her vagina closed about Him without mercy,

and crushed His body to a

boneless mass. Jenna had slept through all this, never realizing the

love of the man who had just

given His life to please Her. She also did not realize the potential

danger She was currently in.


"Mr. President, all preparations have been made. A team of

nuclear technicians awaits

your command at an undisclosed location," said the head of the

joint chiefs.

"Very well general. Call in my chief of staff and

secretary of war. Then remain yourself

as a witness to what I am about to do," replied the president.

The general, obediently complied, and soon the four men stared

at each other across the

president's desk. Slowly, the president rose and walked to a cabinet

for which only he possessed

a key. Opening it, he reached inside and retrieved a briefcase, a

briefcase which always

accompanied him on long trips, but which he never thought he would

ever have to open. He

opened it.

Inside lay a series of small square colored cards. Only he knew

the correct one, the one

which held the launch codes for the United States' nuclear arsenal.

Cracking it open, he lifted the

receiver of the red phone which gave him a direct, untappable line to

the technicians hidden deep

within a missile silo. Where that was mattered little, but he

supposed it would be in a remote

location, very close to Las Vegas, so as to reach its target quickly.

A man answered the line

immediately. "Mr. President."

"Listen carefully, son. I'm about to deliver the missile

launch codes..."


Two minutes later, the missile left its silo. Originally

designed as an intercontinental

ballistic missile, it had been reprogrammed, and contained a new

guidance system which contained

a camera, and allowed an operator to guide it remotely. The

president and his aides watched from

a screen in the oval office as the missile quickly accelerated to a

height of eight miles. Suddenly it

turned and headed toward Las Vegas, where Jenna still slept. Its

trip was extremely short. The

missile hit the incredible giantess squarely in the chest, and the

picture on the president's screen

went to static.

"I hope that worked. Otherwise, may god have mercy on our



Light brighter than a hundred suns and the heat of the very

depths of hell erupted around

the body of the giantess. People for twenty miles were blinded

instantly, had they been unlucky

enough to be gazing in that direction. Jenna's mouth erupted in a

scream which shattered the

heavens, and tumbled mountains up and down the western range. Her

world was fire and pain,

She couldn't think, couldn't feel anything but heat. And then, it

was over. Opening Her eyes,

She stared at the sky. Something was wrong. With a smile, She

realized what it was.

Jenna's body expanded at three times the speed of sound. Her

size overtook the entire

western United States in less than an hour. Still She grew. Her ass

and legs dug trenches which

were deeper than the oceans, and sea water poured in around Her until

the Pacific was emptied.

Still She grew. North America fell beneath Her ass, and She spun

Herself to face south and rub

Her clit across the Central and South Americas. Still She grew.

Standing, Her head was well

above the limits of Earth's atmosphere, but She didn't seem to need

air anymore. Her life energy

had become self-sustaining. The whole Earth shook as She took a step

toward Europe, leaning

forward to follow the curvature of the shrinking planet. Her

footsteps were too rough, however,

and She broke through the Earth's crust. A explosion of volcanic

rock spewed forth around Her

leg, increasing Her growth rate tenfold. Great hunks of the Earth's

mantle were launched into

space, and the doomed planet spun out of control toward the sun which

had nurtured it and

watched its growth for so long.

Having outgrown Her little planet, Jenna grabbed it and crushed

it to Her mons, rubbing

vigorously. She came again and again, and smashed the Earth like a

bit of sandstone, leaving a

trail of cooling rock behind Her as She continued Her descent.

Jenna's breasts collided with the

now tiny planet Venus, and carried toward the sun. She was now a

million miles tall and still

growing with incredible speed. She felt the heat from the sun

licking Her nubile body and relished

it. As She fell into the sun, it exploded with brilliant radiance.

The explosion threw Her body

away, but the damage had been done. Jenna's growth accelerated,

faster and faster. The entire

solar system fell to Her growth, and She expanded beyond the reaches

of the extinct species of


Time began to slow for Jenna as Her body spread outward at near

the speed of light. Her

growth encroached upon solar systems distant from that of Her

origination. Alien civilizations

perished without warning, and She grew and grew and grew. Eons

passed, which were mere

moments for the goddess. The universe became dark, unfocused, then

coalesced into...what?

Something green. Green and huge. She lay on something. Firm and


Her surroundings came into focus, and the green something no

longer seemed so huge.

Where was she? Things were taking shape now, and suddenly She

realized why this place seemed

so familiar. It was a field behind Her great-grandmother's house,

which She had frequently

played in as a small child. How could that be? It hadn't been a

dream, for now She was about a

foot tall, and still growing, though perhaps more slowly. Looking

around, She couldn't see Her

great grandmother's house. Not even a sign that one had ever existed

here. Confused and naked,

She wandered across the field to where She knew there should be a

dirt road. Two feet tall now,

and still growing. A piece of newspaper blew across Her path, and

She caught it hoping to cover

Herself. Before She could, however, She glanced at the publication


It couldn't be! August 24, 1955. Nearly a year before Her

grandmother was born. Was

it possible? Had She actually grown back in time?


Jenna's growth finally completed when She had reached the height

of seven feet (on this

world's scale). A family close by had taken Her for a victim of rape

and amnesia, and taken Her

in. Soon after, She discovered that She was pregnant, though She

knew not how. After some

time, She pieced together that She had indeed traveled back in time.

This world was exactly like

the one of Her birth, only the date seemed to be wrong. She fell in

love with the son of the man

who had taken Her in, and they were married two months before the

birth of Her beautiful

daughter. Looking in the mirror one day brought about a long

forgotten memory of an old picture

of her great-grandmother, and the realization that Her daughter would

someday have a daughter,

who would in turn have a daughter herself, and name that small child

after the baby's great-grandmother.


Giantess Stories: The Rise of Jenna                                      Story by Kiler     June 17

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