Giantess Stories: The Roommate

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The Roommate





           Kacie rolls over at first not realizing the

change in her surroundings. As she opens her eyes and then bolts up.


“What the hell? Where am I?” blurts out Kacie as she stands

up. Kacie looks from the left to the right in the pitch black room. She runs her

hand along the wall noting how odd it feels. The wall feels damp and moist, yet

firm. The blare of an alarm clock rings throughout the room. Kacie covers her

ears and falls to her knees cradling her head in her lap trying to escape the

noise that she recognizes as her roommate, Tara's alarm clock.

           The entire room fills with the mind numbing

noise of Tara's alarm clock which she sends into total silence almost instantly.

Kacie pulls her head up from her lap looking around seeing nothing but black as

she stands up and starts walking in no direction in particular.

           A minute or two passes as a loud squeaking rolls

across the room. Kacie recognizes the noise as Tara's bed squeaking but it

sounds so much louder then usual. The ground begins to moan and groan, followed

by a thunderclap then two deafening thuds that sends Kacie face first into the

ground, then without even a chance for her to stand up she is bounced up and

down again and again.

           Several minutes go by before the chaos

dissipates and Kacie finds herself still on the floor. She feels herself not

finding any injuries, just some bruises. She pulls herself over to the wall and

sits up against it.

           “What the hell is going on” she mumbles to

herself. A few minutes pass before the rumbling returns. As each moment passes

the noise grows louder and stronger, Kacie struggles to maintain her place, then

everything just stops, a scraping noise runs careens across the room. Kacie

looks directly to the front of the room where a single beam of light pushes its

way into the room, There are soon two then three beams then entire room is

illuminated with light, for the first time Kacie could see the grungy walls, the

spongy unwashed looking floor, however with the light shining in the air in the

room was getting a bit more pleasant.

           It was then that the entire room begin to slant

and Kacie found herself sliding uncontrollably towards the front of the room,

finally smacking face first into the wall Kacie looks upwards seeing a weird

skylight in the room. This only puzzles Kacie more that is until she sees just

above the skylight a grey wall that has USC Volleyball on it, above that grey

wall Kacie sees the face of her roommate Tara smiling down at her.

           “Tara, down here, Tara!” Kacie screams upwards

hoping her roommate and friend can hear her.

           “I guess you don't quite understand yet do you

Kacie.” Smarts Tara as her eyes bore down on her now tiny roommate.

           “What do you mean, I don't understand? You have

to help me get to a hospital or something.” Pleads Kacie as she looks up at

titan sized friend.

           “What I mean is, how do you think you got in

there? Remember what you said last night? All fair in love and war.”

           “You stay away from Trevor Tara!! You hear me,

Stay away from him!”

           Tara smirks down coldly at her roommate as she

shoves an old sock back into the shoe ending any chance for rebut by Kacie.


Chapter 2


           Kacie slumps down in a corner of the room, still

struggling to comprehend that what she perceives as a room is in all actuality a

shoe. Slowly Kacie breathes in taking in the putrid air of her roommates' shoe,

tears well in her eyes as she leans against the filth ridden wall, slowly

slinking down towards the floor placing her head in her lap. Kacie can't help

but think how just yesterday things were so simple.

           Sometime later Kacie stands up and heads toward

the sock blocking the only way out. As Kacie walks the length of the shoe she

can't help but notice the grunginess of the shoe, her bare feet sink into the

grimy insole, the sides of the shoe feel rough while dirt and dead skin cells

flake off the walls as she runs her hand across it, all the dirt and grime that

have been beaten in by Tara's foot now surrounds her, attacking all her senses.

Kacie presses against the white cotton sock, her hands sink into the damp rancid

sock as she tries to shove it out of the shoe. Tara's sweat bubbles up and out

of the sock running over Kacie's hand as she presses into the sock. This causes

Kacie to back away immediately waving her hands like a lunatic.

           Time passes dreadfully slow and the now

frustrated Kacie begins to punch and kick at the sock beating it again and again

with her fists no longer caring if it moves or not but just punching it again

and again with all her hatred and emotion. It is then the floors start to moan

and groan, while everything shakes and shimmers.

           “What did you want to talk about Tara?” says a

strong masculine voice.

           “Well Kacie was saying it's important to her

that we hang out.”

           Kacie's eyes perk up as she hears Tara speaking

with Trevor. Kacie takes off running towards the toe end of the shoe which she

perceives to be closer to the door but really has know way of knowing. All the

way down she screams Trevor's name. Upon reaching the toe end of the shoe she

punched and kicks at it while screaming hoping to draw attention of Trevor.

           “Sorry my room is a little messy let me

straighten it up quick.” Blurts out Tara a bit flustered.

           “Oh that's alright, I keep my room the same way.

Kacie always harps on me that I should clean it but it seems like such a

hassle.” Nonchalantly says trevor

           “She harps a lot on me too but I just put my

foot down the other day and put right in her place” says Tara proudly as she

glances down at her shoe which have Kacie trapped in it.

           “Let me help you straighten up quick, than we

can talk a bit or something. So where do you want all these shoes in your

closet?” Says Trevor as he grabs the shoes Tara had lying out.

           “Oh wait you don't need to do that, I mean

you're my guest you should just sit down and”

           “Its no trouble at all, your Kacie's friend so

it's the least I can do.”

           Kacie was screaming at the top of her lungs as

Trevor lifted up the shoe she was in. As he began to walk she was tossed about

the shoe forced.

           “Trevor please!! I am in here!! Help me!”

screams Kacie as tears run down the side of her face.

           “You can just put them anywhere on the shoe rack

in the closet, says Tara a bit more confidently, but with her eyes still locked

onto the shoes.

           “Trevor!!! Please!!!” shouts Kacie as she falls

to her knees and pounds on the rubber toe end of the shoe, however Trevor

completely oblivious to the turmoil mere inches from him puts one shoe on top of

the other and slides them into the cubby hole like shoe rack.

           “That wasn't so bad” says Tara as she tosses a

pile of clothes into the hamper. “So how about we do something a bit more fun.”

Seductively says whispers Tara as she pulls on Trevor's collar.

           “You bitch!! Trevor just leave!” huffs Kacie

           “Kacie never has to find out, I have found you

so hot for so long. I don't want to hurt her or anything, she's my best friend.

This could be just something between us.”

           “Well…I ahhhh don't really….” Stammers Trevor.

           “Trevor no!” Cries Kacie.


Chapter Three


           I couldn't believe that they had done it. My

best friend and my boyfriend stabbed me in the back. It's funny how you always

think that your best friend has your back, if there isn't anyone else you can

count on its them. I mean they are people you love most besides your family. You

can always count on your best friend. I would have done anything for Tara. Her

mom use to make us cookies, we would run home from school everyday and she would

just be pulling them out of the oven.  They would be so soft that they would

melt to pieces in your mouth.  Some of the fondest memories I have are those

that I have with Tara. Growing up, high school, grade school, boys, the list

goes on and on.  I never thought it would turn out like this. Never once in a

million a years did I think I would be sitting here in a dirty old cross

trainer, no more then an inch tall talking to a sock to keep from going insane. 

           I guess the part about you is that you wont

betray me, you wont still what is near and dear to me. the one person who I felt

like I could share the world with you would never dream of taking that from me.

You're how a friend is supposed to be, a good listener.

           The ground began to shake from side to side.

Kacie grabbed onto the sock to stabilize herself a bit. The entire shoe began to

shimmy from side to side. The shoe began to tilt sending Kacie sliding end over

end to the toe section of the shoe. Kacie slammed against the wall of the toe

end of the shoe, then fell into a heap as light began to shine in through the

mouth of the shoe. Kacie rolled her head over looking up the long tunnel towards

the light. The sweet scent of jasmine caught the attention of Kacie's nose.

           “Hey there” softly said Tara. The smell of

Chocolate on her breath caused Kacie's taste buds to dance with anticipation.

She could almost state the sweet, sweet creamy taste in her mouth. Kacie closed

her eyes just concentrating on the smells of the outside world. The jasmine and

chocolate became her focus, it was only for a moment that Tara allowed this

bliss to happen but Kacie relished each moment of it. The shoe began to tilt the

other way and Kacie slid into the opposite wall, the light caused her eyes to

snap shut tightly. Kacie opened her eyes just a crack but it was still enough

for the bright light to block out much of her view. It hurt to look up and out Juegos de Combina 3 (Match 3) en español

at the world that use to be so familiar, that she would take for granted. Kacie

could make out Tara's eyes plain as day but much of anything else was difficult

to see.

           “You know, I can see why you like Trevor so

much. He didn't want to sleep with me at first. I had to work hard to get him

into bed with me. You shouldn't hate him for it. How could he resist, even the

strongest men will eventually break. Succumb to temptation. He was amazing

though.” Casually said Tara.

           “You bitch, I thought we were friends, I

thought…” bellowed Kacie at the top of her lungs.

           “You know, Trevor really is too good for you.

It's funny how things work out in the end. Trevor is going to be devastated at

your disappearance and will need a friend to comfort him. Our common pain will

bond us together Kacie, the pain of losing you.”

           “Why are you doing this to me? I…”

           “I was getting to that, you see why and how is

lying on your bed. It's all about common interests. Do you know what its like

always being in your shadow. Always watching you get the good men, watching you

always smile and be so cheery. Look at me I am Kacie I get straight A's and

captain the basketball team. I made all conference but its not big deal. Its

tiring living in your shadow and then someone you know well fell into my lap,

I'm done with you. I have what everything I want, for once I am happy. Look I'm

smiling ain't it grand Kacie.”

           Kacie shocked could only look up through the

small slits in her eyes, the light still bothering her, part of her wanting to

run back down into the dark depths of the shoe where the light no longer could

reach her, where everything seemed so simple. Only yesterday was the only

thought that Kacie had left.


Only yesterday my memories didn't seem so far away.

My smile wasn't like a rainy day.


Only yesterday my door had a key.

I wasn't like a bottle on the open sea.


Only yesterday it didn't hurt to hear my name.

Love and pain didn't seem one in the same.


Only yesterday loneliness was a distant star.

Right now, yesterday seems so far.


           The shoe shuttered as it fell onto the bed.

Kacie was shocked to find the shoe on its side. The figure of Tara disappeared

until she heard the click of the door. Across the room Kacie could make out her

bed, the first thing that came to Kacie's mind was how good it felt to see her

bed. How familiar and peaceful it made her feel. There was then a squeak, a

squeak Kacie knew to well. There was someone on her bed, she was not alone. Was

this what Tara meant or was Trevor still here? Trevor, the name brought a calm

over her. It was going to be all right. Just maybe, it was going to be okay.


Chapter Four


           “No, not Trevor” echoed the voice as Kacie

crawled out of the shoe and onto the bed., the fear in her swelling as she

looked across the room, her eyes falling upon a long figure taking up most of

the length of her bed. The figure began to stand and causing Kacie to turn tail

and run back into shoe.

           The shoe that Kacie despises with so much hate,

the very shoe she couldn't wait to escape from she now begs to protect her from

the hulking mass. Kacie watches the shadow fall over the bed as tears well up in

her eyes. She looks up at the massive figure now inches from her.


           “Nooo, get away” screams Kacie as she backs

further into shoe, praying to get away but all her hopes are lost as she starts

sliding towards the mouth of the shoe flailing her arms and legs hoping they

will snag up against something but all to soon she finds herself in a soft silky

palm looking around dumbfounded as the shoe which gave her so much trouble is

easily discarded like yesterdays trash dropping to the floor.

           Kacie looks up slowly not wanting to see whose

hand she is in. As her eyes scan upwards she sees USC Volleyball written across

a grey shirt, but before Kacie can see anymore the hand closes around her. She

presses against the palm of the hand trying to pry herself from the tight, tight

grip of doom, her head begins to spin as she feels the pressure change all at

once almost as if she had just dropped 100 feet in a second. The familiar sounds

of her bed squeaking echoes through the room. The tight grip begins to release

and Kacie drops between two well toned thighs. The two thighs extend up into the

air like flawlessly smooth walls reaching into the heavens.  She looks up at the

black shorts with tiny port sized holes in them. Kacie marvels how she can stick

her hands into the tiny holes of the shorts.

           As she explores her new surroundings the smell

of sweat begins to dance across her nose. The smell is unlike the decaying old

sweaty smell of before when she was in the shoe. This is a fresh sweaty smell.

Kacie's hands presses firmly against the leg and immediately she feels moisture

run across her hand. She pulls her hand out of the shorts and notices the odor

coming from her hand is the same as in the air. The realization of it all begins

to sink in. The volleyball team shirt, the gym shorts with the tiny holes, Kacie

has all the same stuff in her closet. This is one of her teammates coming from

practice or a workout.


           “Well, I think you have had enough fun down

there. Its time for the big girls to play around.” States the giant girl, Kacie

looks up for only but a second before a figure comes into view this one being

clearly male. Kacie, unable to see him clearly begs for help, his hand comes

down towards her. In one motion she is engulfed by the rough dry skin of his

hand. She can feel his weight shift onto her bed as he is kneels over the girl

who for the first time Kacie can see clearly as Kelly.

           However, Kacie isn't given anytime to react as

the man begins to lower himself down on top of Kelly. Kelly opens her mouth wide

and the man slides Kacie into Kelly's mouth. Immediately Kelly's tongue wraps

around the lower portion of Kacie's body. Kelly pushes her tongue between

Kacie's legs and slides her tongue across her nether regions.


“Stop! Kelly! How? Why? Let me go!!” screams Kacie nearly

in tears.

           The Kacie looks just in time to see the mouth of

the man come down on top of her. His tongue swirls around her a couple times

before it pushes into Kelly's mouth. Kacie feels there heads tilt as there lips

mash against each other. As there lips part of them drag across Kacie's bare

skin until Kacie is partially exposed with just her feet in the guys mouth and

her head in Kelly's mouth. Kacie punches against Kelly's lips but she misses as

her lips rise up and she is once again engulfed as Kelly and the mans tongues

play with each other above her.

           A few minutes has gone by when Kelly mashes her

tongue against Kacie's head pushing her fully into her boyfriends mouth. Kelly

smiles as she grabs his hands and sets them on her bare breasts. She presses his

hands into her breasts like she is kneeding dough. A flare of excitement rushes

through Kelly's body.

           Kacie however sealed in darkness is punching

against the man's teeth hoping to knock them out. Its working she thinks for a

moment before realizing it is just his mouth opening. Kacie looks out at the

world through his mouth seeing Kelly's dripping wet pussy taking up her full

field of vision and getting ever closer. Kacie is pushed three quarters of the

way inside Kelly which causes her to buck.  Kacie starts to laugh as the man's

tongue keeps pressing up against her feet as he licks around the edges of

Kelly's pussy.

           Kacie tries to scream for help but as her mouth

opens up the mixture of cum and acidic juices inside Kelly wash down her throat.

Kacie tries to spit them up but more only continue to rush in, her body begins

to convulse and buck inside of Kelly which causes Kelly to begin to bounce up

and down yelling out in pleasure. Kacie frantically punches and grabs against

anything she can reach as she tries to get herself out but any progress she

makes is nullified by the tongue of the man pressing her back in as he continues

to lick around the edges and across Kelly's pussy lips.

           The cum and acidic juices begins to cause

Kacie's lungs to burn and her face to a bright red in desperate need of air, her

flailing begins to subside as her eyes roll back. A wash of air is then scent

into Kelly. As Kacie feels something warm press against her. A wall of skin

sores past ramming into something well down inside of Kelly.

           “No this can't be happening” Screams Kacie in

her mind, hardly able to fathom that she is pressed against a giant dick inside

of Kelly Sutherland.

           The dick continually rubs and scraps against

Kacie's body giving her a mixture of pain and pleasure. Kacie begins to once

again lose consciousness as Kelly and her boyfriend simultaneously explode. A

strong wash of cum and acidic juices barrage Kacie's body and pass all to easily

down her throat. Kacie bucks severely ramming her body against the inside walls

of Kelly as she gags helplessly unable to get any air. The seconds pass like

hours as Kacie feels herself losing touch with the world.

 Kacie barely conscious enough to feel herself being tugged

feels Kelly's soft warm grip encircle her.

           Kacie hears Kelly demand her boyfriend to get

her a Kleenex. A short time later she feels something wrap around her. She

cuddles into the soft material which is wrapped around her. She hears Kelly tell

her something about home, then Kacie feels herself being lowered and then set

onto something followed by a zipping noise. Kacie unable to even move can only

smell the mixture of Kelly's and her boyfriends cum all around her. Everything

is then lifted up and then the smacking of the two kissing fills all the area

around Kacie as she spits some of the acidic juices which were inside of Kelly

then a complete soundless, motionless, dark world engulfs Kacie, without one

single point of light coming in Kacie drifts off becoming one with the black




Giantess Stories: The Roommate

           Kacie rolls over at first not realizing the         Asukafan2001 Asukafan2001 By By The Roommate The Roommate



Giantess Stories: The Roommate

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