Giantess Stories: The roots of humanity

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The roots of humanity

-by Hedin-


Sylvie was just awakening. It took longer

than usual until she realized her situation. She was alone in her small

Spacecraft. She had slept for 40 days of spaceflight. Now she neared her target

and a small amount of gas had been added to the atmosphere in the ship. The gas

was the antidote for the nearly deadlike sleep she had been in.

The Homs had  used the deep sleep for years

now. It was the easiest way to live through the long darkness of spaceflight

faster than light. Any source of light could by lethal when flying faster than

light. The redshift effect would´ve made a gamma ray cannon from  a small red

LED on the dashboard. So everything was dark during the high speed part of the

flight and the ship was protected against any kind of radiation.

Sylvie´s race - the Homs - were used to

spaceflight. Generations ago there had been much traveling and trading. Settlers

had spread their race through the universe. But then technology had advanced far

enough to produce everything that was needed from each planet´s own resources.

At first the traders turned into couriers. But then there had been more than two

thousand years without spaceflight.

Nowadays the Homs had needed to re-invent

the spaceflight. They had only small ships to save resources and every Hom would

make only one journey in live. There were only a few who would never make a


Sylvie had just turned 16. With each

passing year from her 15th birthday there was a growing risk and no Hom would be

older than 21 before starting the journey.

The Homs had very old catalouges of stars.

Every planet that had been settled in the old times was known. Astronomy had

always been an important science and the Homs had measured the positions and the

proper motion of the stars compared to the galactic center. The work that seemed

useless for years was now their only hope. For long years they were visiting the

former colonies. Now these were free planets. Most of the planets had lost

knowledge of their roots. War´s had destroyed evidence and on many planets the

settlers had been forced to develope backwards by the rough nature. Returning

Homs had told of planets populated with people living like in stone age. Others

were unlucky enough to find a nuclear desert or a planet that had simply broken

up into cold asteroids. Often enough the Homs had decided for suicide after

returning from a hapless journey.

The Homs needed the other colonies now even

if no one even remembered their motherrace - the Homs. But the Homs remembered

them and the worst thing that could happen to a Hom was a planet capable of

spacetravel finding out about their fate.

Fourty years ago the catastrophy had hit

Hombria, their planet. Somewhere below the planet there had been a forgotten

plant. A secret government projekt more than three thousand years old. It was

from the days of development when the pioneers had invented the matter

replacement technology that should make spaceflight obsolete decades later. Then

the plant had somehow blown. Old reactors had been building certain chemicals

over the years. Then the large tanks had been filled and the whole installation

was destroyed by the bursting tanks. The stuff had spoiled the water and later

the whole planet. It was a strange chemical that was stable even in greatest

heat. It wasn´t really toxic but parts of the molecule were similar to -


At first they hadn´t realized but one year

later it was clear and too late. The whole planet was spoiled with the stuff and

no Hom-woman would ever give birth to a Hom-boy again. Their bodies contained

the stuff and they couldn´t invent an antidote. Their only hope was the

re-invention of spacetravel and - the mating journey.

Men had died out on Homidia by natural

aging. The only way to stay alive was the journy. Every girl would travel to one

of the old colonies were she would live undercover for ten days. These ten days

she had to use to get at least one man. Their attitude towards sex had changed.

The Homs didn´t care much for love. The first generations had known love between

men and women but the heartache after leaving a beloved man behind on a planet

far away had hurt them too much. Over the generations they had learned to adapt.

They lived towards their journey. Ten days that could be filled with sexual

pleasure and some of them found the lost harmony between sexes before they had

to leave into endless space.

When they were back to Homidia everything

changed back. Now they had a few months of a live and then there would be only

one thing: raising their girl.

But a journey through deep space isn´t

quite the best thing for a pregnant woman. This had driven the Homs to send only

the youngest women out after many unborn had died on the journey. The occasional

losses and the journeys that had turned out to be useless as the target planet

was dead had caused the population to shrink down to only 50 billions. But still

they couldn´t produce enough fuel for their spaceships as they had to use solar

energy. They cursed the industrial times when they had wasted their planet´s

energy sources. Now they had to save solar-energy for spacecraft fuel. So every

young woman got only one journey. And still there wasn´t enough fuel for

everyone so the usual punishment was the exclusion from the journey. Maybe later

generations would have more fuel or a lower population to alow at least some of

them to make a second journey.

With their low population they felt

extremely vulnerable to other planets. There hadn´t been messages for centuries

and they couldn´t know about interstellar wars that were at least possible. So

they had to keep their secret.

Sylvie looked at the computer. It was

already working. The ship was passing the first outer planets as the computer

was ready for a hypno transfer of the preferred language on the planet. If the

planet had developed many languages the machine would choose one that was used

on a suitable landing spot.

As Sylvie awoke from Hypnosis she knew the

language and the matter replacement converted had just produced a dress that she

would wear on the planet.

The computer had analised the received

video images from the planet. This meant that the planet was just above the

stone age and knew electricity. Everything else would´ve been just too strange.

The computer would´ve been unable to learn anything about the people down there

until she landed. And her grandma had told about her adventures on a planet that

had developed just far enough to know a piece of lion-skin for a ragged cloth.

But then she knew that she would be up for

surprises. Most cultures used to wear extremely expensive dresses when beeing

aired on the videoscreen. So she could be sure that her dress was up to date on

the planet but everyone would look at her if she wore this in the streets. On

the other hand the Homs had learned that the attraction to men caused by these

dresses made things easier.

Sylvie concentrated on the new language

while the spaceship landed under the cover of a forcefield that made it

invisible to any known form of radiation. The energy needed for this forcefield

could only be delivered for ten days which was the cause for the quick end of

the journey.

Then the ship hovered above the ground. The

computer had choosen some unpopulated area near a large city that would protect

her from being recognized as alien. Meanwhile in the ship Sylvie was

concentrating on the dress she should wear.

It was a black dress with only a hint of a

skirt and small shoulderstraps. It would show her figure as well as a camera

mounted in her shower cabin. And a shower was just what she seemed to feel going

down her spine as she realized that the computerscreen showed no parts of

clothing beneath the dress.

"Whoa, make that a warm shower!" she

thought. But then she started with a little cursing. These shoes were unusual.

She would have to walk  barefoot in them and she would need to paint her

toenails as well as her fingernails in a bright red. But that wasn´t the

problem. The problem with the shoes were heels that were 5 inches in height. The

only thing that made these things shoes was a platform of two inches where her

toes would rest. Without those mighty platforms she would´ve been barely able to

keep her balance on those heels that were as thin as  her small finger- That was

all that the shoe consisted of except for two thin straps across her toes. It

would be a hot day she realized as she tried her first steps in these thing...

err shoes.

But after only half an hour she could walk

perfectly with these shoes. The training at home was suddenly useful as she

watched herself in the mirror. These shoes made her miraculously walk like a

goddess and she could understand the idea of those firy red nails as she watched

her hands and feet while she walked.

Then she neared the hatch. The tingling

that had spread over her spine suddenly returned and spread over her tits down

into her stomach and finally a little lower. She felt that any male in this city

wasn´t safe anymore.

With a smile she spread her long blond mane

over her shoulders and opened the hatch.


She was walking on a nice green plain with

small plants on a thin mossy cover. In a short distance the area was covered by

rubble. She must´ve come down within a park.  That was very good for her plans

because the area had no paths or benches or anything as far as she could see. It

was more like a reservation. No one would come across her ship here.

But then she thought a little longer about

it. Were was the city? "Damn that computer!" she cursed because the short time

she had wouldn´t allow her to march for days through uninhabited areas. The city

should´ve been right here no farther then a thrity minute walk.

"And with these shoes anything beyond five

minutes is unacceptable!" she spoke her thoughts.

With an angry face she walked a few steps

until a squishing sound accompanied her step. "YUCK!" she stepped into something

like a muddy pit. But the platforms beneath her feet had saved her feet from the

mud. As she raised her shoe she found that less than a quarter of the sole had

sunk into the mud and now the stuff dripped down and her shoe looked clean again

after a second.

"Maybe that´s what caused them to wear

these thi... shoes. Ok, I will call it shoes. Something like an all terrain


With that she walked on and she felt even

more content with her shoes as she reached the rubble. While the pointy heels

simply sunk into it until she found solid ground to stand on the platform under

her toes leveled the sharp edges so she could walk comfortably.  So the people

had managed to combine fashion with comfort even for their shoes. Proudly she

looked at her platform slides. But then she gasped in shock.

Quickly she squatted on her heels and

looked at the rubble. The realization struck her. Every word about her shoes was

forgotten.  These murderous things had never been made to be comfortable and

able to walk in the countryside. The rubble she had so easily stabbed and

flattened under her shoes consisted of buildings. Small buildings that rose as

high as her big toe. She was standly amidst the city and had most surely caused

hundreds of casualties while carelessly stepping on houses and everything.

The computer had directed her towards the

city. But it had not been able to realize the obvious difference in size. It

wasnßt programmed for that. No one had ever thought something like this to be

possible. The people on this planet had shrunk.

And with that her heart was sinking. She

couldn´t mate with a gnat sized man. She couldn´t hide her alien origin. She was

already uncovered.

"I have uncovered myself by squashing whole

neighbourhoods", she realized. And with that she was done for. She had failed

her mission. And their law was cruel. Whoever failed to complete her mission was

going to stay on Homidia. To cover the loss someone else would be choosen to go

for a second mission. Page 2

Tears started to run down her face as she

turned towards her ship. Without anymore care for the helpless population

beneath her feet she walked back. She could´ve cared to use her old footsteps

but she didn´t. The people on the planet had turned out to be useless for her

and unwittingly she acted like it by crushing them heedlessly.

For a moment she bent down and dug out a

small piece of the outer city areas. She needed some proof. Maybe she wouldn´t

be punished for easily giving away the mission. After all this was surely more

than unbelievable.

Seconds later she entered her ship. The

small sample went into the transportation storage. Again she didn´t care about

the people as the sample was frozen for the journey.

Then she sat down to think about her fate.

She sat there for hours. Then finally as she was almost tired enough to sleep

she found an interesting idea. Maybe it had already been a dream but it made her

jump towards the computer.

She knew what to do. She worked on a

programm. The computer started to work again. More information was gathered. 

Information regarding only one special thing. Then she made some calculations

and finally she prepared another hypno transfer. She was sure that the hypno

transfer had never been used to deliver this kind of knowledge. Or should she

say capabilities?

The transfer started and after creating a

successful information pool inside of her brain the machine sensed her to be too

tired to wake up from the hypnosis. The machine sent her into sweet dreams.

The next morning she woke up and simply

knew what to do. She felt refreshed from the sleep and started her programm. She

showered carefully and after she had been dried she received what the natives of

the planet called a makeup. Yesterday it had been considered unneccessary

because it was no must here and she wasn´t used to it. Now the things had


She found her new clothes ready for her and

eagerly put it on. Only her shoes remained. Without the hypno transfer she

would´ve loughed about her clothes. But now she knew and surprisingly even felt

their effect.

It was some kind of of a tit support that

consisted of thinnest straps over her shoulders and around her back. Two tiny

trinagular pieces of cloth were just enough to cover her nipples and a little

bit of each curving tit. The thing had a dark blue color and was woven of a kind

of shiny material. The same material was used for her pussycover. It was again a

thin strap around her waists and one triangular piece that liked to slip between

her pussylips rather than covering her pubic area. Beneatth her pussy the piece

of cloth thinned out into another strap that went between her asscheeks until it

met again with the string around her waist. The words bra, g-string and

spaghetti-straps were in her mind. But these words were nothing against the

usual effect that these clothes had. Each part of her outfit covered no more

skin than the toestraps of her shoes which she know stepped into.

With a deep throated sigh she moved towards

the hatch. She moved like she had been used to this kind of clothing for years

and she realized it with a smile. With graceful steps she went outside. Her firy

red lips parted as she walked towards the city. She held her head high. She

didn´t need to watch her steps. The new program had trained her to walk

gracefully. And with that she was even more heedless to where she stepped and

whatever got crushed under her mighty heels.

As she finally run her fingers through her

hair she used the opportunity for a quick glance at the city. She had reached

the center part of it. The houses in these areas were often higher than her

platform sole. Some of them even reached above her ankles.

She let out a small moan and took some well

aimed steps until she straddled the area of the highest buildings.

Looking like a casual movement she slid her

left indexfinger under her g-string to make it look like the thin straps were a

little bit hurting after a long day. But instead of a more comfortable position

of the small cover for her pussy the only outcome of this movement was that the

cloth sunk completely between her pussylips and a promising hiss echoed over the

city. Then her fingers tried to adjust her mighty tits to the straps of her bra.

She puted her lips and let out a sigh as she raised her right foot onto its toes

to spread her thighs even further because her pussy was oh so brutally

imprisoned by her g-string.

But all of this was useless. So she slowly

wriggled her as hand squatted over the city.  The spread tighs opened her labia

and an avalanche of hot female wetness gushed onto the city. The heavy odor of

female passion spread over the streets and it´s demanding call for sex was heard

way over the subburbs.

Sylvie was back. And she had changed. This

time she was here for their men. She wanted to lure them towards her. Her body

was the irresistable attraction. And now she knew that the time had to work for

her. She knew that she needed at least 40 minutes. And she knew how she would

get it. She knew how she would attract them long enough.


Twelve minutes later sylvie let out an

extremely demanding sigh and closed her eyes will her red pointy fingernails

opened her bra. Voluminous tits broke free and building sized nipples arose from

the mountains of Sylvie´s titflesh.

Every human beeing gasped in awe at the

strong mountains of her breasts and they adored her for the sunsual movements as

she pinched the thin strap between two fingers of her right hand. She stretched

out her arm and dangled the seductive cloth  high abover the city before she

delicately let go. Even those that got smashed under tons of her hot bra adored

the massive demand for sex in that action.


Then she took care for the last detail.

More and more her delicate fingers tucked at her g-string. Finally she started

do drag it along her tighs. With a slurping sound the giant pussy became

uncovered as the dripping wet cloth was removed. Her moans and sighs were more

frequently now and she was slowly lowering the g-string towards the ground. The

straps got stretched as she refused to close her tighs but the cloth finally

made it over her knees. Then it descended slowly until the damp cloth finally

reached the ground. A long row of skyscrapers collapsed under it until the cloth

rested with the straps around the platform slides and the triangular cloth was

spread under her pussy adding to the seductive female smell. Each minute some

heavy avalanches of cum dripped from her pussy but all this couldnßt keep them

away. She knew that they were mostly men. Her smell had drawn them to her and

her view of pure sex had blinded them for any dangers.

Despite the dangerous waves of cum that

rushed down they climbed her g-string. Hundreds. Thousands. The more tiny specks

she realized the more seductively she sighed. She started to grind her ass

cheeks by alternatingly lifting up and poking down the spiked heels of her

slides. Buildings collapsed with each thundering impact of a heel but they

didn´t notice. They kept running towards her and her g-string was crowded with


A wave of lust caused her to constrict her

cunt. The resulting eruption of cum washed and drowned hundreds beneath her but

the death and destruction only added to her lust. Finally she saw that her slip

was packed with men. The time had come. Suddenly she turned her feet inward. Her

heels moved further apart and stretched the straps of her g-string. The cloth

rose from the ground and the triangular plain of cloth was suddenly turning into

a large valley. The helpless men tumbled and slid into the valley. For them the

dream was over as they cursed and broke limbs by the hundreds. Then the

venus-men-trap had risen some thirty foot into the air. Any leap to the ground

meant death but no one tried because the slope was unclimbable because of the

mighty movements caused by an unmerciful titaness that rose from her sqautting

position while she dragged her g-string upwards.

With a moaning and lustful voice she

finally made use of her knowledge about their language.

"Uuuh, there I got you. I am so pleased you

came here to satisfy me. Thus I am going to tell you why...

Hmm, want a little cum? Here I will give

you. Oooh splash! Have fun with my cum.

As you can see I am alien. And on my

homeplanet we have no more men. So I came her to mate.

I hope you are young and healthy and I hope

you have been horny for me all the time. So you´ve had your time to produce

sperm for me.  I think you will understand what I am doing now. So let´s get to


With that she reached between her legs.

Thousands of men watched in shocked awe as she easily moved tons of pussyflesh

to spread her cunt. Then they felt themself lifted again as her other and had

suddenly moved below the triangle of her g-string. Fearful cries rose as they

were suddenly cruelly pressed into her cunt. Most men were lucky but many were

squished by her gigantic fingers as she pressed the cloth against her cunt.

Recklessly she let herself wall backwards until her ass thundered crashing and

crushing into the city. Any remaining skyscraper was squished, flattened and

compacted under her beautiful ass before the resulting shockwave made every

remaining house collapse. Then the debris was easily blown away by a hurricane

of displaced air.

The sudden fall backwards was well aimed.

She let out a lustful thunder of a moan as she felt the wriggling mass of men

beeing pushed into the dephts of her cunt by the impact.

With another "OOooh Uuuh!" she withdrew her

fingers and felt the hundreds being squished between her closing pussylips. Then

she fell onto her back and dragged her heels towards herself until the cool

material of her slides touched her ass cheeks.

The wriggling mass was inside her. They

were everywhere inside her. She felt her g-point and she felt the deepest dephts

of her cunt beeing caressed by the futile struggles of her men. There were even

some wonderful survivors that cared about her pulsating clit. She imagined the

men inside of her cunt. Most of them were struggling helplessly against her

mighty cunt and some others would get stoned by the intensity of her lovejuice

and "Uuuh!" she felt a first riple of constricting cunt muscles! The struggling

answered by reaching new unknown levels of pleasure. And she knew that they were

all fighting for their puny lives now while some of them would orgasm from her

demanding sexual odor. And with the image of tiny traces of sperm in her cunt

she orgasmed.

And she felt them. She felt them crushing

by the thousands as she brought her orgasm down on them.  Thousands of tiny pops

and splats. Crumbling dots of male bodies and each pulsing wave of her clenching

cunt squashed more. And then she felt the final wave that made her clit grow and

she could feel each all too pleasant clit survivor beeing exclusively squashed

by her most lustful bodypart. Quickly she pressed her pussylips closed just

before the largest possible wave of cum built up and flooded her cunt. Her cunt

constricted and the resulting unbearable water pressure crushed and dissolved

any remaining bodies. The she felt it. Her own cum and her clenching muscles

were pumping the fertile pulp through her cervix.

With a sigh she relaxed and allowed the

last beautiful waves of passion to fullfill the task of pumping. Then she

finally rose and spoke some last words though she wasn´t sure if there were any

possible survivors.

"I will leave you something to think of me.

You may keep my bra and g-string. But the shoes will be mine for all my life.

Bye you puny squashed fools!"

With that she made seductively thundering

steps back towards her spaceship and immidiately left the planet. Only fifteen

hours later the computer displayed the hormonal analysis. She would have the

honor to give birth to twins...















Giantess Stories: The roots of humanity

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