Giantess Stories: The Ruby Red Ring

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The Ruby Red Ring



Max had a dark secret, he had always wanted to be eaten alive by

an atractive woman. He had no way to shrink, and he diddn't think

many women would want to eat him. He was walking home from school

when he found a ring. It was a gold ring and had a red jewel on it.

There was a small note atached to it.

"The wearer of this ring shall permanintly shrink to 1 inch in


He snached the ring and ran towards his house. He looked out the

window and waited for the perfect preditor. A few girls passed but he

knew that there was one girl who always wanted to eat a boy alive.

There she was. Her name was Sarah. Max knew her from school and she

was the only person who he knew to want to eat someone. He ran

outside. "Sarah!" he called. She turned and faced him.

"Oh Max, hi!" "Sarah, I have the biggest favor to ask

of you" He said. "Sure Max," She replied. "Could

you by any chance... uh ... could you eat me for lunch tommorow? I

have a shrinking ring" He stuttered. "Realy? You want me to

eat you?!" She asked surprisingly. "Why of course! Id love

to!" Max shouted for joy and they made plans.

They were going to meet each other in the morning, Max was going to

put on the ring, get into Sarah's lunch, and wait. They did that. It

went perfecly.

At lunchtime, Sarah opened her lunch box and found Max. "Are you

ready?" She whispered. "Yes!" Max said happily. Max

jumped into her hand, as she raised it up to her face. Her mouth

slowly opened. Max was shaking in happiness. She dropped him into her

mouth. She sucked on him slowly savoring his flavor. Max was loving

every second of it. She slowly gulped sending him down her throat. He

slowly moved down, and down until he reached the belly. She slowly

rubbed her belly and giggled. Max layed down completely relaxed. He

had been eaten alive! His dream was fufiled.

Giantess Stories: The Ruby Red Ring

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