Giantess Stories: The Sarah Story by Asukafan   I could only watch from my cage as Sarah slept as I needed no  sleep

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The Sarah StorybyAsukafanI could only watch from my cage as Sarah

slept as I needed no sleep. I can only sit and wait in fear for

her to awake. I write this to you to warn you all who want to worship

her or any goddess. Those who dream of being under her foot, who dream of

serving her with your life. It is not something you should dream about. It is

not something you should fantasize about. It is not anything you should hope to

achieve. It is a living, evolving hell that only grows worse and worse by the

fact that you cannot die and yet you need her just so you do not live a life of

pain, a life of agony, a life of never ending pain.I see her begin to stir and my body aches

and throbs as my heart rate jumps and pulse wants to shoot

off the chart. She turns over facing me with her eyes

closed. I run to the end of the cage staring at her face. I look at her

flawless face that looks to be sculpted by the Roman and Greek gods to

be a temptress. Almost like a worm dangling in the water luring in a fish by

doing its erotic dance. It's never ending

plight of wiggles and struggles are only

there to urge the fish in. The tasty tidbit helpless and ready for the fish to

strike, So it snaps all at once thinking it is the victor when in reality it is

the fish who is the loser. So if you are caught by Sarah, no by Goddess Sarah

you are the loser. If you want this, if you want this life after what I have

told you are the fool, the failure, the pathetic person with no life, no goals

or hopes. You would give up everything to be this, what I am. When every moment

of everyday I would give up everything to have what you have but I have nothing

to give.Sarah's eyes flutter open and another day

is about to begin. A smile creeps across her face as she sees

me locked in my cage. She lives off of my fear and helplessness. As

she steps down onto her clothes covered floor I can see her going

directly towards me. Everything in the room smells like Sarah.

Her scent, her perfume, everything has her smell on it even me. As

she lowers her face so its level with me and her eyes lock onto me. A

devilish grin crosses her face which has grown familiar to me. My

body shakes as she peels off the roof of the cage. Her hand extends down

towards me. I roll myself into a ball as her hand reached

towards me."STAND UP!! STAND UP NOW"I turned my head just in time to see her

middle finger slam into my chest. She flicks her finger again

at my back. I cry out in pain which makes her laugh as she once

again orders me to stand up. I reluctantly do so."Beg, beg me to take you out."

I yell no to her and in a flash her fist is

around me squeezing me tighter and tighter. My face is slowly

turning blue as my eyes bulge out towards Sarah's chest. I try to

find the words to apologize but nothing comes out. I labor for any

amount of air as Sarah tosses me onto her bed. I crash head first into a

white t-shirt and bounce on her bed. I can see her doing something

on her dresser and then turn back towards me. I hardly have time to

react before she has me in her grip once again dangling upside

down."No man talks to me like that especially

not an American piece of shit like you. Grovel or die? Too late"


My eyes light up like fireworks on the 4th

of July as a flame just as big as me shoots up into the air.

The searing heat makes me sweat more and more as she lowers me

towards the flame. I can just about touch the flame as my skin begins to

bubble and peel when I am yanked up."Thank you, thank you goddess Sarah"She drops me onto her wood dresser and ties

a piece of string around my ankles. I look up at her

monstrous face when I see her finger come flying at my head and I fall

unconscious. I wake up sometime later with myself suspended in mid

air. I look around trying to figure out what's going on. I finally

see the flame mere millimeters from my face. As the seconds

pass by like minutes it dawns on me what she has done. The heat

begins to break the threads away piece by piece and I find myself

getting closer and closer to the flame. "If you survive. You can entertain me at

school today. See you after breakfast...MAYBE"She smirks on her way out and I wonder if

this will be the end of me.



Chapter 2: Mornings with a Goddess


      I spin around and around just millimeters

from the flame. The heat is so intense my skin wants to curl like paper over a

open flame. I can feel my skin begin to bubble. I only have one chance if I want

to survive but do I really want to live? Yes, yes I do. My instincts say live

because if I die she wins and I cannot let her win. I began to pump my body up

and down. I would pull the top half of my body up as far as I could and then let

it fall back and as I kept doing that faster and faster I began to sway. As I

swayed the flame would burn away more and more of the rope until it broke

finally and I tumbled down onto Sarah's dresser. I breathed a sigh of relief as

I looked for a place to hide but I could hear the familiar footsteps that meant

only one thing, Sarah. I frantically search for anywhere to go but as Sarah

walks in my fate is sealed. Her eyes lock onto me and she heads towards me.


“Worship me! Your Canadian Goddess! Do it now or



      Having no real choice I succumbed to her

demands. I got on my knees and bowed to her. Each time she made me do this it

was like a piece of me died and her power further solidified over me.


“Tell me how much you love me?”


“I love you Sarah”


“FUCKER! I said tell me how much you love me!”


       I tried to back away but her hand seized

me. Her gargantuan maw opened up. I could see everything in her mouth. Her white

teeth glistened as she held me dangling above my fate. As I dangled before

Sarah's face I could see her eyes light up with anticipation of me in her mouth.

Her teeth were watering, her tongue was seething with desire to feel me. She

stuck her tongue out and it could just reach the tip of my head. She began to

bat me with her tongue like I was piñata. I swayed back and forth being batted

around until her tongue began to swirl around me. Tasting me like a chef does

his soup.


      I found myself dripping with her saliva as

I dangled just above her maw. Her tongue extended straight out and her fingers

let go of my legs. My eyes dead locked onto her mouth. I was like a deer in

headlights as I fell towards her mouth. I grabbed onto the tip of her tongue

which was still extended outwards. My body slammed against Sarah's tongue as she

drew it in.




      Her mouth closed and her teeth snapped

shut with me still clinging to her tongue. She pressed her tongue up too the

roof of her mouth. My bones rattled and creaked in pain and agony as she pressed

me too the roof of her mouth and then she let me fall back down onto her tongue.

The tip of her tongue moved to the roof of her tongue and I slid back but

towards her throat but she held me just in front of her throat and then a moment

later I was spit out of her mouth back onto her bed.


“If you move an inch I will put you in my shoe



      Flashbacks of the horror of being in her

shoe all day ran through mind. I fell back onto the bed and just laid there

waiting for Sarah to tell me to do something. I didn't want to risk upsetting

the teenage goddess. As she returned I saw her familiar school outfit. Her

pleaded skirt and the sailor looking top with the school crest. If I was my

normal sized I would be heavily aroused but being shrunk and at the mercy of her

like this I only see fear when I look at her.


“Come here”


       I nervously walked to the edge of the

bed. I gulped as I looked up at her. I didn't want to move let alone walk

towards her. She lowered her palm down onto the bed which made me even more

nervous. Usually she made me beg for her to assist me in such a nice manner and

the fact that she was being nice told me something was about to happen. She had

her backpack slung over her shoulder so I knew it was going to be quick whatever

it was. As she set me back down on her dresser I saw something hot sitting in

the still lit candle.


“Now this is going to hurt you a lot more then

me duders”


      With a tweezers she grabbed something out

of the flame and then smashed it into my head. I screamed in agony it was like I

had just been branded. I pounded the wood dresser and curled into a fetal

position crying.


“Stand up and don't make me tell you twice”


“Yes goddess Sarah”


     I stood up still in quite a bit of pain. I

felt my head and I could feel heat radiating from my head. She grabbed me with

tweezers and dropped me in a glass of ice water. Steam rose up from my head

while my heart just about stopped. The water was so cold it was like swimming in

the artic ocean. I shivered as I treaded water while clinging to an ice cube. I

saw my reflection in the glass. There was a metal rainbow shaped loop sticking

out of my head. I was then pulled out by the loop in my head while tears still

streamed down my face.


“It worked great”


      Sarah then grabbed her keys up off her

floor and pushed the metal loop of the key chain through the rainbow shaped

metal loop on my head. She then held me up in the mirror shaking me and letting

me bang into her keys.


“What do you think my little key chain! Well

into my bag you go”


      As I landed in her bag it felt like

hundreds of pounds of were atop of me as all her keys and other keychain

ornaments were on top of me. I heard converse with a few people and then leave

her room. My body ached, my head was pounding and I knew that it wasn't even 8am




Chapter 3: Sarah's World


As Sarah began to walk down the hallway she pulled me out of her purse. Before I

could say much of anything she began to swing me around and around. I noticed

right away that her keys were attached to a giant necklace like loop that had

something private school written on it. I struggled to read the name of the

school. As she swung me I would almost collide with the ceiling and but then I

would began my downward turn where which would make me almost hit the carpeted

floor but just as I was about to hit I would be sent back up towards the

ceiling. I could only yell as I was flung around. As we walked down the stairs I

saw a large man standing at the bottom of the stairs.


* * *


“Where do you think your going?”




“You're going to school”


“Maybe I am maybe I'm not you can't tell me what to do.”


“Yes I can I am your father”


“Whatever I'm audi 5000”


“You get back here”


      I grabbed Sarah I could tell she wasn't happy. She shoved her keys with an

odd looking keychain into purse and zipped it up. They one of the ornaments on

her key chain looked so human it was scary however, The sing song playful voice

of my daughter was replaced by a serious tone. As she turned around she tossed

something into my face. I coughed and hacked and she laughed and laughed.


“What have you done to me?”


      I look at the black chunky heeled shoes of my daughter. The farther I look

up the more and more of her I see. As I see more and more of her I hate more and

more of what I see. I take off running for the coffee table but her shoe slams

down in front of me so I run towards the door. I could hear my daughter laughing

manically. I reached our inside doormat where shoes are laid strewn about. I

looked back just in time to see Sarah's feet staring back at me. I run into one

of her cave like shoes. I pray to god that she doesn't see me but I feel the

shoe being pushed back over so it's no longer on its side. I look up from the

heel section at my now massive daughter.




“What? I can't hear you but I better go to school since I'm a good girl [in a

sarcastic tone]” rolls eyes


      As my daughter Sarah bends down her finger

gets closer and closer my heart beats louder and louder. I can feel her finger

on my head and the next I know my face is being pressed down into the sole of

her shoe. I cough and gag the putrid smell. I kick and flail but this only added

to her fun.


      Several minutes went by until I felt her

hand all around me. It was dark and sweaty. I couldn't move a muscle. I felt the

pressure increase more and more. Then I was dropped onto our counter top. I

looked around debating whether or not to run but she puts a piece of scotch tape

across my chest. I was then upended and taped to the inside of a glass pitcher.

It was weird pitcher because it had a big hole in the bottom. I was trying

figure out why on earth we would have glass pitcher with a hole in it when some

metal blades are inserted into the bottom. I realize very quickly that it is our

blender. Before I can say anything the lid put on the top and the blender is

turned on. I watch in horror as the blades get closer and closer and then whip

across my chest just barely cutting me.




      A moment later I saw a man on keychain

shoved against the side of the glass. The glass made his image distorted but as

I looked at the metal clasp on his head I knew my daughter was more troubled

then I ever knew and I was now at her complete mercy.


“Come Keychain boy we have class to attend and

fun to have. I hope you have good ways to entertain me. I bore easily. Cya later




Chapter 4 Laying in

her wake          

I slid across Sarah's desk. I looked around

seeing 29 other giant girls dressed just like her. I wanted to think they were

giants but it was really just me who was small. I tried to stand up but her keys

were much too heavy. I could only lie on my back staring up at her, her dark

brown hair pulled back tightly, her brown eyes transfixed on me with a wicked

glint in each of them. Her upturned smile that usually meant something bad was

about to happen.


      A clicking noise began to fill the air. I

could see a couple of people look over this way to see what it was. I looked

into Sarah's hand seeing a pen longer then I. She kept clicking the butt of the

pen making the bottom go in and out.


“Entertain your goddess”


“I, I can't move. Your keys are so heavy”


“Shut up you whiney American trash. What makes

you think you can talk to me!”


      Like a knife coming down towards me her

pen crashes between my legs and I scream in absolute horror thinking I had been

stabbed. I look down at my body surprised to see it still whole; however between

my legs her ball point pen is stuck into her wooden desk.


“Sarah, what do you think your doing? What's all

that noise?”


      The strong male voice encompasses the

room. The footsteps are heavy as they prod closer and closer, and then a bell

rings throughout the room. All the students stand up and start to shuffle books



“Sarah, sit your boney ass down. I have had it

up to here with your constant outbursts.”


      The classroom has grown silent as it is

now just this man and Sarah. I cry out for help and Sarah grabs the keychain by

the rope loop and lifts me up to her face.


“I will deal with you later”


      As I spin around in front of her face, the

man who I now recognize as her teacher takes a few steps back realizing that I

am more then just a mere trinket for a keychain but it is much to late. In one

motion Sarah reaches into her pocket and throws some powder into her teachers

face. I watch him cough and hack as I am dropped into her purse.


“You will pay keychain for your insolence. You

will pay with your life! Now who I am I?”



“Sarah please”


“Wrong answer, I am goddess Sarah. You dare defy



      She lets go the keychain and I find myself

dropping to the floor. I land onto the cold tile floor buried beneath her keys.


*  *  *



   I look

up at my now vast student, her plaid skirt dangles much too far above her knees

with her bright white sailor top now seemingly hundreds of miles up in the sky

and her pert breasts blocking my view of her face.


“Let's talk

about this Sarah”


“You listen

here, No one squeaks at me”



voice forcefully rings throughout the room like nails on a chalkboard only not

nearly as obtrusive. She makes a soccer kick towards me while I turn tail and

run. The wind from her missed kick sends me tumbling to the ground. In a matter

of a step she is already upon me and I realize too late that her intent was not

to kick me but to send me skidding across the floor by the force of her wind

alone. Her chunky heeled black shoe rises above me. Chunks of dirt fall off the

bottom of her shoe and land on and around me. I cough and hack as her shoe gets

closer and closer to me. Her shoe explodes onto the tile floor beside me pushing

me into her other shoe. She laughs as I sob uncontrollably at my near death




WAH, I am Mr. Bolton, I just pissed my pants!!!”


“I did not”





   I back

away but it's all petty as Sarah's hand falls around me. I can smell the strong

scent of her perfume. It might have smelled good at a normal size but it is

overpowering now, with her hands around me I attempt to fight my way out even

though I know it's hopeless.


   Her hand

is only around me for a few moments before her fingers pull away from me. A

large metal wall is in front of me with holes of different sizes all around the

circumference of the wall. Sarah grabs my right leg and shoves it into the hole.

A metal on metal grinding noise rings about the room as Sarah pushes my leg

closer and closer in. I realize too late that this is the pencil sharpener in

the corner of my room. The gears begin to nip at my feet as Sarah pushes my leg

further and further in. I can hear her laughing above me. She beams down happily

at me as I cry out with the sharpener grinding my toes off. She then pulls me

out just a bit but I can still feel the grinders waiting to mash me into a pulp.



please, I will give you anything”


   I didn't

even know if she heard me, however the only response I got was being shoved back

fully into the sharpener. The squealing of the un oiled gears rang through my

ears followed by pain as my the pencil sharpener mashes my right leg to pieces.

I pound and scream out manically as my leg is crushed into the tiniest of

pieces. As Sarah pulls me away from the pencil sharpener I look down at my leg

seeing just a stump.


“You bitch”


“You what?

Squeak squeak this, squeak squeak that, You will learn how to address me.”


   In one

motion she shoves my right arm into the pencil sharpener and with my left arm I

pound on the pencil sharpener hoping somehow it helps I pose no resistance as it

is easily severed off. I am pulled out of the pencil sharpener with my left arm.

I dangle in front of Sarah's face for but a moment before her grip closes around

me for what seems like ever.




5: Daddy Dearest



blades are mere inches from my chest. Each time as they swiped by I wondered if

this would be my last moment alive, unfortunately they always left me behind. I

struggle a bit hopping I can loosen the bonds just enough where it will weaken

and I can just tumble into the metal blades but I am not that lucky. I only have

heard it once before the sound is unmistakable. The form which is disfigured by

the glass pitcher comes into view. As it gets nearer I can see her face above

the rim of the pitcher.


“Dad, how's

it hanging? What? I can't hear you anyway and don't really care what you have to




blades slowly come to a halt and the pitcher is lifted up off of the base and I

am ripped from the cold class wall. I am roughly dropped onto the counter top. I

roll over onto my side grabbing my ribs.


“I just got

back from a nice long jog. I hope you don't mind I left school early.”


   I had to

use every ounce of energy I had to not to lash out at her. The anger and torment

was building up inside of me. I wanted to slap her or beat her. I just wanted to

do something to her so that I could wipe that smug grin off her face but all I

did was lie there. She swept in and out of the room. My eyes followed her as she

was still in her school uniform. I noticed the dark navy blue socks hugging her

ankles and disappearing into the black chunky shoes.



passed by slowly and I found myself wondering just how much time had gone by. As

Sarah walked in and out of the kitchen I found myself following her with my

eyes. Her every movement was now important to me. I prayed that she wouldn't

come back to me. I would much rather lie on the counter with my broken ribs then

come face to face with her but my time was up. This time when she walked into

the kitchen she walked straight towards me. No hesitation in her step as she

neared. She stood in front of me looking down at me like I was but a broken toy.

I curled myself into a fetal position trying to protect my ribs from any damage

she might inflict but instead she bent down well out of my view. I was now more

scared then before. I was now unable to see what she might be coming up with to

inflict upon me. I closed my eyes and focused on breathing. I listened to my

labored breathe, my lungs going in and out, in and out. It was somehow calming.




   The word

so simple, so short, yet immediately my eyes opened without a pause. It was like

the instruction came from my brain instead of Sarah. The air around me was

starting to shift. It smelled like sweat. Locker room sweat to be exact, the

kind of sweat that has been sitting around for a few days and has set into the

fabric that absorbed it. The navy blue wall floated above me. The smell was

intense. It was like diving headfirst into sewage and just letting it encompass

your entire body.



grab it now before I regret showing you any form of mercy. I am your goddess

now, your darling daughter is dead you are mine now”


   I felt

the air being ripped from my lungs as she spoke. It felt like I had been shot. I

grabbed onto the sock like she told me to do. As she begin to walk I was forced

to grab onto the sock tighter to keep from falling off. The sock smelled putrid.

I had to fight just to keep from losing consciousness. The tighter I held on,

the more sweat poured out of the sock and down my arms. As we reached the living

room the sock and I dropped nearly half the length of Goddess Sarah's body. I

knew something had changed in me. I thought Goddess Sarah, not Sarah, or my

daughter Sarah, but Goddess Sarah. I rolled away from the sock and took deep

breathes of the clean fresh air. It felt so good to take in the air I didn't

even notice the pain coursing through my body. It just felt good to breathe the

clean air again.


   It was

then that a white flour like powder hit my body. I coughed hacked for a few

moments but it then sank into my skin before I could even react to wipe it off.

I felt fine for about half a second and then I grabbed my neck and began to flap

around on the floor like a fish out of water. I couldn't talk or do much of

anything. I kept taking deep breaths of air but it was like my body was refusing

the air. I could hear the laughing of Goddess Sarah above me as I struggled. My

face was turning blue. She looked so superior sitting on the sofa with her legs

stretched out across it.


“There is

only one way for you to live now”



grabbed the sock that she used to carry me over here on gripped it tightly in

her fists as she continued to smile down at my plight. I knew this was it as my

eyes began to roll back into my head and then I felt the heavy dark navy blue

sock fall onto my body. The scent of her sweat was entrenched into the fibers of

sock. I found myself able to breathe comfortably. I took deep breathes of the

rancid air around me. My eyes darted around the small room her sock had created.

I was never a claustrophobic person but as I curled up into a tight ball

underneath her sock I was beginning to feel as if I was. I didn't want any of

this disgustingly damp sock to touch me so I curled up as tightly as I could.

Sarah then lifted the sock off of me and set it about a foot (my scale) away

from me.  My skin was starting to burn and itch like I had a rash all over. It

only grew worse and worse as each moment went by.



probably feel like shit about now as your skin burns and peels like you have a

sunburn. Your body tells you that you itch all over but no matter how much you

scratch it just doesn't seem to go away. The air around you I bet stinks, and

rightfully so as those socks are pretty crusty. That last bit of powder I threw

on you, it changed your molecular structure. Your body can only use air that has

been mixed with my sweat.”


   She then

lifted her sock up and tossed it beside her. I found the air spilling out of my

lungs like water from a glass. I began to kick and flail as Goddess Sarah

laughed above me she then placed her foot down on the floor. The impact sent me

flying back quite a few feet.


“If you

want to live you better show your new gods the proper respect they deserve”


   With the

last bit of strength I had I rushed towards her feet. I collapsed mere inches

from them luckily I was close enough to smell the rotten air wafting off of them

so I knew I was safe. The air entered my lungs and I spent a few moments just

catching my breath.



your new found gods. In fact, I think it's only right that you look up to the

very things in life that now give you life.”



Sarah no, please I will do anything.”


“I love the

sound of that. Say that again”



Sarah, I”


“Stop, I

just love hearing you call me goddess dad, however you are right. You will do

anything and everything I tell you too.”


   I began

to cry as she sprinkled more of the powder on me and I felt my body dwindle even

more. I closed my eyes tightly hoping this was just some horrible nightmare but

when I opened my eyes back up Sarah's foot was now gigantic. It looked like more

like a house then a foot. I had no clue how small I must be. I only knew that I

now needed to be that much closer to her foot for survival. I began to shiver

fiercely and have trouble breathing. I scurried closer and closer towards her

foot. I soon found Sarah's toe nails hanging over me like an awning. The warmth

from being near her foot caused my coldness to slowly dissipate and I could once

again easily breathe but my skin still ached. I threw myself against Sarah's big

toe and I rubbed myself against her sweaty foot, the droplets of her sweat ran

across my body soothing my skin. I found Sarah to be right, her sweaty feet did

make my skin feel that much better, almost like its lotion.


“HAHA look

at how pathetic you are dad. But it is nice to see you embracing your new gods.

Bow before the rulers of your world. It is my crusty feet that give you life and

can so easily give you death”


   I was on

the verge on snapping back at her but I reluctantly began to bow to her. As I

did so she lifted her foot up and rested her toes on me. The pain was immense as

her toes rested on me.


“This to

perfect, you are right where you belong dad”


   I tried

to push up on her foot hoping to move it even slightly but this only caused her

to push harder. My face was mashed against the bottom of her foot. That sweaty

grungy foot of hers scrapped across my body several times before she lifted it

off of me.




“Yes please

Goddess Sarah”




   I nod

this time just so I don't have to call her goddess again. Each time I call her

goddess it's like a piece of me dies and she gets stronger. I look back up at

her and see her eating an Oreo. She smirks down at me as she pops it into her

mouth. I watch her eat cookie after cookie as she watches music videos on tv.


“Oh that's

right, I told you that you could eat.”



pulls off her other sock and lifts her foot up above me. I look at the underside

of her foot and see bits and pieces of an Oreo mashed onto the underside of her

foot. I gulp and take a deep breath as her foot hovers above me.



right, eat up. You better get use to it because you will only ever eat what

comes off of my foot.”



stomach grumbles and my legs quiver. I know my body needs nourishment but I

can't quite bring myself to eat off of her foot, however finally my stomach wins

out and I reach towards her foot and she yanks her foot up so it's out of my

reach. I look up at Sarah and she makes a licking motion. My stomach turns and I

just about throw up. Her foot lowers back down and nervously stick out my

tongue. As I move my face towards her foot my tongue quivers and I pull it back

into my mouth a few times and I turn away.



Sarah bellows out


   As she

starts counting down I know I only have a few moments left if I want to eat. I

run my tongue across her foot and the Oreo crumbs are raked off her foot and

drop into my mouth. The taste is repulsive as they are soggy from her sweat. As

I bite into the sweaty crumbs my gag reflex is working double time. I struggle

to keep my body from spitting the cookie chunks out. I finally garner enough

courage to swallow and I can feel the soggy cookie ooze down my throat.



can't believe you actually did that. Well I am going out so if you don't want to

die you better crawl under my foot before I put my socks on.”



waited not one bit as she slid the sock on her right foot so I ran towards her

left foot, with my smaller size it took a lot more work to make it. She now had

the sock in her hand and was moving it towards her foot. I looked back seeing

her sock rushing towards me I knew that there was no way to make it to her foot

in time. Instead I leapt at the sock. I managed to just reach the mouth. I

pulled myself into the sock and felt my lungs unclench. The deeper I rolled into

the sock the easier I found it was to breathe. I finally found myself in the toe

section with her foot rushing towards me. I might as well have been hit by a bus

because her big toe slammed into me and slunk to the floor. Almost as if I was a

piece of lint or a rock she shoved me under her big toe to a spot where I was

comfortable for her. The heat was already starting to rise. She took only a few

steps before I felt her foot lift up several hundred feet and then drop the same

distance. I knew exactly what was going on. She was putting on her old nikes.

They were an older white scurffy pair of shoes that she owned but they were her




smell was horrible but that also meant I could breathe all the more easier

because there was a higher sweat content in the air. The sweat rolling off of

her foot cooled my skin. I felt like the lowest life form on the planet. Me, a

grown man totally dependant on a foot for survival. I could only sulk and listen

to thunderous thuds of her footsteps knowing I too had now become one of my

daughter's subjects.



Six – Hard knocks  


I was

pulled out of Sarah's purse; she dangled me in front of her smiling face. She

swung me, her keychain in front of her face. Back and forth I swung in front of

the face that brought me so much terror.






Goddess Sarah”



didn't even respond as I was carried down stairs, I could hear her stomach

growling and that never stood for anything good. As we entered the kitchen she

unclasped the keys from my head and grabbed a frying pan. She flipped the burner

on high and I already knew what was coming. She threw some butter onto the pan

and tossed me in. I immediately began to dance my way over to the slab of butter

she tossed in.


“The fun

begins fucker”



butter began to melt and sizzle all to quickly as I sat on it looking at either

side for a way out of this however nothing was coming to mind. I could hear the

thunderous laughter of Sarah as she watched my look of fear spread across my

face. Her hand came down towards me and she pushed me over with her index

finger. I tumbled back first onto the pan. I wailed out in pain as the heat

seared my back and the butter made my skin roast and boil. I rolled over in pain

in the pan as I cried and wailed. I reached up towards Sarah.



Goddess Sarah help me.” I bellowed



was a loud crack then gooey egg poured onto me, I sputtered and spit out the raw

egg as it oozed around me. The egg began to sputter and spit as it cooked around

me. I reached towards the side of the pan knowing that I would be cooked to

death if I didn't get out of here soon. As I pulled myself up the pointed end of

the fork slammed into my chest. As I fell backwards into the pan I heard Sarah

laugh again as she saw me wince in pain. A sea of veggies berated me as I tried

to stand up. I soon realized what was happening. I was being made into an

omelet. I realized I was in serious trouble as the egg was forming around me and

Sarah then dropped in the ham and cheese. I had one last chance to get out

however it was easily blocked by Sarah. As I dove to try to get out she shoved

the fork through both of my knee caps. As she lifted the fork up my knees were

still impaled into the fork. I was pounding against the fork as Sarah's mouth

grew closer and closer to me.


“I sure am



   As the

fork approached Sarah's mouth I felt my body slip down the fork and finally my

bone gave way and parted with fork. I dropped the thousands of feet to the

floor. I felt my back break as I landed. I looked up at the menacing height of

Sarah. I couldn't even see her face.



goddess Sarah”



fuckers like you, deserve this. Come here boy, come here boy”



slaps against her thigh echoed through the room, the air around me quickly

turned into something putrid and foul smelling. I coughed and hacked, then

looked up to see her dog looking down at me. Sarah then picked me up and pushed

me into a soft tuna like dog treat. As she spread the dog food all around me I

couldn't help but gag more then once. She held me up to her face and smiled for

all but a moment before she dropped me back down onto the floor.


“There you

go boy, now we can eat together”



watched me intently as her dog at me, the last thing I saw was her eating her

omelet and laughing. The teeth of her dog were everywhere. I felt him tilt his

back and then at last moment he spit me out onto the floor. I moved my arms in

pain covered in dog spitting lying next to Sarah's shoe. I could only shake my

head in fear as I knew this was a bad place to be.


“haha, Damn

you look like hell but at least now your sticky.”



flashed her a confused look but a baggy was set beside me. I was swept into the

bag with ease.


“There, now

you I can roll you into a joint later and since my daddy dearest is stuck in my

shoe living off of my sweat like the trash he is I can just let this sit here on

the table. So how do you like it down there dad? You are right where you belong

beneath my feet sucking my toes and eating my toe slime. I will deal with you

all in due time. I don't want to miss my hockey game. The Leafs play the



   I could

only lie here and listen to her belittle her father in her shoe. She glanced at

me only once as she ran up stairs for a moment then out the door. The room was

dark as Sarah left and I found myself stuck in here with god knows what. I only

know one thing. I have to find a way out of this bag before Sarah gets back or

else she will smoke me.




Seven: The Avid Fan



I was still underneath Sarah's toes

as she walked to god knows where, I coughed profusely as her sweat dripped down

onto me. As Sarah walked she would curl her sock covered toes around me and give

me a hug causing the sweat from her damp sock to pour out and encase my body.


“Sarah, I

am your father god damn it, let me out of here” Sarah then stomped her foot as

hard as she could. I felt my bones just about want to give up and crush

unfortunately they didn't I just sunk deeper into her insole.



“Shut da

fuck up Dad. Your nothing but trash under my feet”


   As Sarah

stomped her foot again my head got wedged between her toes. I grabbed the toes

my head was stuck between and tried to push my head out but it was at that time

Sarah started to walk again and my hands were pressed back into her damp insole.

As she walked her cotton encased toes rubbed up and down across my face causing

sock fuzz and toe slime to slide into my mouth. I tried to spit it out but more

would just fall into my mouth. The vinegar like smell of her sweat cascaded down

my throat like I was drowning in the ocean. The more sweat I spit up the more I

swallowed. My lungs were dying for air as I swallowed more of her sweat and sock

fuzz. I couldn't believe this was the fate god had destined for me, to just

become a puppet of my daughters foot.


“I am GOD

dad, don't you understand that? I'm your creator, your maker, I give you life

and I can take it away. I give you food and water so you can live and so easily

I can make all dat go away without a trace.“ I felt her once again start to walk

somewhere but I didn't know where I only wish she would have drove.



   I had

been a security guard here for a few years now. I was surprised to see a young

looking girl coming this way. Most people knew that this was for players and

there guests only. I smiled warmly at her and told her to stop but she didn't

even pay me one bit of attention. I grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. I

told her once again that she could not be back here when she tossed something in

my face. I felt funny and then she started to grow taller and taller. I couldn't

believe this was happening, I was 6'6” 275lbs. I could knock this girl out with

one punch and it wouldn't even be an effort and I was only as tall as her

breasts and she was still growing. She kicked me in the nuts and I immediately

fell to my knees. I was only on my knees for a moment before she kicked me in

the side of the head. I crumpled the ground as I was now probably only up to her

waist and she was still growing taller and taller.


“This can't

be help, please help!!!”


      I knew that no one could hear me. No one

was back here but me.

Her laugh

rolled across the ground like thunder crackling over the sky. By the time the

process stopped She was taller then the tallest buildings, stronger then the

strongest of men. Her sketchers alone are taller then I. She raised her foot off

the ground, the bottom of her shoe was covered with dirt shoved between the

groves, a wad of gum remains from seemingly another life time. Dirt and dust

flake down to the ground around me.






don't hurt me, you can pass just please don't hurt me”


“Here you

die thinks Goddess Sarah Queen of the gino's and gina's”


   I winced

and closed my eyes as her rubber treads pressed against my face. I begged for

her to spare me but she merely laughed like I had just told her a joke.


“Lick, lick

da crud out from the grooves of my shoes”



slithered my tongue out of my mouth and ran it across the rough tread of her

sketchers. I gagged and my body rejected it and wouldn't allow me to swallow the

crud. I then felt the weight of Goddess Sarah increase upon me and I forced

myself to swallow and continue to lick. She soon lifted her foot up a bit and I

was forced to sit up enough so I could continue to lick, part of wanted to just

lie there and not lick anymore once she moved it far enough away but I was too

scared to stop until she told me to.


“That's a

good little worm, Lick like the bug you are”


   A good

five or ten minute went by and I kept licking her cruddy treads and she was

beaming down at me. I thought I was in the clear as she finally set her feet

down beside me.


“Do you

got'z kidz? A wife?”



a wife her name is Jennifer”



kisser before ya left today?”


“Yeah, we

always do before I leave for work”


“Dat's good

cuz u wont see her no more”



black sketcher lifted above me, then treads were hovering over my body for only

but a moment before it lowered over me slowly, her tread resting against me, I

started licking it like I had never licked before. I was praying that Goddess

Sarah would show mercy on me. As she pressed harder and harder I realized it was

not her who had grown but I had who shrunk. I began to cry for the first time in

my life, I truly wept. I screamed Jennifer and then it all went black


“Da squish,

I luv da squish”



lifted her shoe up smiling at the red blotches pressed underneath her shoe.

Sarah then continued walking towards the door humming “You” by Sarina Paris

while going by door after door until she reached the large double metal door

that read locker room. She smiled as pushed the door open.



   It all

happened so fast, we had a fan on in the corner next to the door. As the door

burst open we saw a young girl about 19 or so year olds wearing a Maple Leafs

Jersey barge into our locker room she has blonde hair with blue highlights

spilled around her shoulders as the five foot eight inch tall beauty stood she

opened up a bag with some weird powder in it, she poured it out in front of the

fan, before I knew it we were all getting shorter. Her devilish laugh was enough

to freak us all out. By the time we stopped shrinking we were dwarfed by her

shoes alone.


“Wat do we

have here? A tiny Bryan Allen, I can hear you squeaking but I am not listening,

oh what do we have here, a tiny little lady hiding behind TODD, It's a tiny




crouched over the tiny duo, she pushed her hair out of her eyes. A look a

vengeful look crossed her face. Her total expression changed from one of

happiness to anger. The tiny woman hide behind Todd Bertuzzi as they kissed it

only further caused Sarah's stare to bore down at the two, with a simple swat of

her hand she sent Todd sliding across the floor.


“If it

isn't Julie Bertuzzi kissing my man”


“He is mine

you over grown hussy”



jabbed her finger into Julie's chest. The tears welled in Julie's eyes by the

mere flick Sarah's wrist. Julie tried to crawl away towards Todd but Sarah

smashed her fist down in front of Julie. The devilish expression spreads across

Sarah's face. Sarah grabbed an Ice skate and held it over Julie.


“Do you

know what its like to live without a mom? You do ya huh do ya? Well now your

kids can know”



please don't hurt me”


“Well you

were fuckin around wit my man. Todd is mine, I want him, so he's mine”



pushed the skate down on Julie's legs severing them with ease the ease of

cutting melted cheese. The gleeful laugh filled the air shocking both Bryan and

Todd who was crying off in the corner but Sarah paid them no attention.


“You fuckin

little ho, Todd is mine I told you, and now you cry, you cry Todds tears, you

cry for todd? Then let I be the first to greet you to the gates of hell”



picked up Julie and tossed her against the wall of lockers as hard as she could.

She watched intently as Julie's body hit the ground. Sarah's eyes followed the

fallen form of Julie as she lie on the floor motionless. The sobs of Todd are

almost muffled by the rage of Sarah as she grabbed the body of Julie laughing

while she stares at her handy work.


“What to do

wit you”



loosens her grip and feels Julie hit the floor, as soon as she hits the ground

Julie starts running towards Todd. Sarah immediately seeing she had been had

lowers her mouth down so it is level with the ground and starts sucking air

inwards like a hoover. Julie's forward progress halts as she now finds herself

going no where fast, the harder she runs the harder Sarah sucks until finally

the tired Julie's energy starts to give and she finds herself skidding towards

Sarah who only opens her mouth wider as she continues to suck. Julie's body

leaves the ground as she stumble backwards and Sarah sucks harder and harder

seeing Julie in distress.



who is now screaming grabs the bottom of row of teeth in Sarah's mouth as she

continues to suck air in, then in one mighty gust she exhales with all her might

sending Julie flying back forwards skidding across the floor. Just as Julie hits

the ground Sarah sucks in all the air around her like a black hole. Julie once

again manages to somehow grab the bottom row of teeth. This goes on several more

times until this time instead of exhaling Sarah bites down on the hands of Julie

crushing them with the ease that a man crushes an ant. Julie flops down onto

Sarah's tongue kicking wildly as Sarah opens her mouth wide open and laughs. As

her jaw rises and lowers from her laughing Julie finds herself bouncing around

Sarah's mouth like a rag doll until she puckers her lips and spits Julie out

into her hand. Sarah starts to squeeze the minute saliva covered body of Julie

tighter by the moment as Todd weeps openly as he watches Julie cry out in pain

while hundreds of feet above him blood pours from Sarah's fist like water over a



“come here

Toddie, why don't you lick the blood of your ex wife and greet your new one.”



lifts her foot above Markus Naslund and smashes her rubber sole down on top of

him sliding her foot left to right like she is stomping out a cigarette.


“So Todd,now

you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb.


died cause of you Todd. Cause you were with her instead of your goddess. You are

mine now Todd, I own you”



bends down opening up her hand and allowing Todd Bertuzzi to see his crushed

wife, bits and pieces of her stick to Sarah's sweaty palm as she grabs Todd in

the very same hand she had his wife in while with her other hand drops a

backpack onto the floor.


“All you

little Canucks crawl into this bag, cause your mine now and I am taking you all

with me. Do it or die, I am your Goddess the creator of heaven and earth,

everything that is holy. I decide the fates of you mortal shits. You will all

obey me or I will snuff you all out like the bunch of pansy ass drunken bums,

former Britney spears back up dancing, Michael Jackson listening, Garth Brooks

wanking, neva gonna win anotha Stanley cup cause the red wings are to good, no

talent midgets. I expect obedience from my rodents.”



smiles proudly down as she watches them all push and shove each other to try to

get into the bag first. As she watches them she lightly kicks a few over with

her foot and laughs as they get up only to kick them over again.


“haha, I

could do this all day and you can't fight back.


   As the

last of the tiny men scurry into the bag Sarah squeezes her toes tightly around

the body of her dad which makes her smile proudly as she slings the bag over her

shoulder and walks home with her new favorite toy proudly gripped in her hand.



Eight: Troubles with Omnipotence



crawled around in the bag looking for anyway out, my lungs burn as I breathe in

the toxic air. The drugs sting my eyes as I walk about, the air in the bag is

getting thinner and thinner as I sit on the table top. I reach the sealed end

and push trying to break the bonds of the bag but it's hopeless. I begin to feel

frustration overtake me as crawl about hoping to find anyway out.



distant door slams shut, I can hear a rapturous laughter cling         to the

air. There's more, I know it, she did it again that has to be it. Argh, I can

hardly believe this all has happened. I slink down in the bag realizing the only

way out is to be let out.



Meanwhile the new victims of Sarah are thrown about her backpack like rag dolls

as she walks home without a care in the world. They are beaten and thrown

against each other as she walks. From inside the bag they hear a door slam and

their ears pop as they feel the bag drop and smack into the floor. They huddle

together looking up at the roof of the bag waiting for her to open it up and

grab them. The floor shakes and creaks as she walks by unzipping the bag, with

the back of her foot she kicks the bag over and walks to the sofa and lies down.

The Canucks spill out of the bag looking around at the now daunting room. They

see there capturess lying on the sofa. They walk towards her knowing there isn't

much of a choice.



looks down at her shoe, her nose crinkles slightly as she catches a waft of air

coming up from her shoe. She spots her dad curled up in the heel section of her

white Nikes.



please you can't do this. Change me back I have work to do.”


“I have

made an executive decision, I will take the helm of Sarah Enterprises”



Enterprises? What the… Oh god no, you can't you wont,  I am not gonna let you.

That's my company”


“But your

dead, your nuttin but a teenie bug scavengin' off da bottom of my feet”



motions to the Canucks to come to the side of the chair, they begrudgingly do

so. Once they get there they see a large bag of Oreo cookies. They look up at

the towering figure, lying across her throne like a goddess. They see her open

her mouth and smile. They nervously look at each other unsure of what to do.

Bryan Allen grabs an Oreo while Todd Bertuzzi climbs onto the armrest. Spotting

some yarn in a corner bag he motions for a couple people to run over and get it.


“Sarah you

can't take over my company you have school, and its my company”



slave? I don't need to hear da back talk, I have spoken”



father gulps audibly as she puts the front of her foot in the shoe squashing him

into the insole. She laughs as she feels the tiny punches on her foot, it feels

much like an annoying scratch that you cant quite reach.



your God dad, my foot is your GODDESS.”



moves her foot up high enough so he cant reach she, her eyes narrow down onto

his position, she watches him get down on his knees and bow to her foot. She

laughs as her father kneels tries to kiss the underside of her foot but can't

reach it. Sarah wiggles her toes and some lint from between her toes falls to

the floor of the shoe.


“Dinner is




Nolan Baumgartner tosses the yarn up to Bertuzzi while he ties it around one of

the Oreo's, Bryan Allen and Marek Malik climb Sarah's leg. As they make there

way up the leg Sarah hardly pays them attention as she impatiently waits.



Allen and Marek Malik finally make it up and onto Sarah's lap. They stare up at

her massive chest that extends thousands of millions of feet into the sky. Both

of them have trouble taking there eyes off of the majestic body of the angel

before there eyes, the intimidating, evil goddess who killed there friends,

kidnapped them and brought them here now looks so incredibly peaceful as she

watches GTV.



Tv, made by the Gina's for the Gina's. Gina Tv is brought into 3.4 million Gina

households across all of Canada

and parts of America. THX the GINA IS LISTENING


“What the

fuck kind of network is that?”



askin me, I don't even know what a Gina is.”


“I thought

her name was Sarah?”



and Allen scurry towards Bertuzzi as Sarah continues watching TV not really

paying much attention. Bertuzzi looks over at the two of them and without saying

a word hands them the yarn. They nod already knowing what to do. Allen ties the

yarn around his waist and starts climbing up Sarah's arm as Malik follows

closely behind Allen.


looks at the pathetic men and brushes them off to the floor. All there progress

lost as Sarah looks down at them. She slides her barefoot out of her shoe as she

sees there teammates running to them seeing if there okay. This only makes Sarah

smile as plants her foot down next to them. The miniscule men can only stare up

as Sarah places her barefoot directly above them, without concern Sarah smashes

her barefoot down on the whole lot of them. Sarah smiles as she feels there

blood explode onto the bottom of her foot, ooze between her toes, there guts and

bones mash into the bottom of her foot as she grinds it back and forth like she

is stomping out a cigarette.

   As she

lifts her foot up there blood rains down onto the carpet, but Sarah merely

slides her foot across the a clean spot of the carpet and walks back into the

kitchen. She opens up her bag of pot and pulls me out. I gulp as her directness

startles me. Sarah reattaches me to her keychain and slides me into her pocket.

As she walks back over to her shoes she looks down at her right shoe.


worry dad you will have my foot on you once again to keep you company!”

   As she

slides her shoes back on I can only cringe as the thought of her dad being

trapped under the very foot that killed atleast 20 people just moments ago.


without concern for her current toys heads out to see what fun the night will

bring her. I can only imagine what tormenting and pleasure awaits, but what

concerns me more is how much longer will I amuse my goddess. I slowly fall into

a semi conscious sleep as Sarah walks, oh how much easier it is to sleep once

you have acceptance. I may not like my life…but I have accepted it and that, for

no is enough.


The End…or

is it?












































Giantess Stories: The Sarah Story by Asukafan   I could only watch from my cage as Sarah slept as I needed no  sleep

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