Giantess Stories: The Shoe Closet He had gotten himself stuck

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The Shoe Closet

He had gotten himself stuck...he simply couldn't believe it. What

horrendously bad luck...first one thing and now this. He looked at the long

pointed dark form in front of him and figured his luck couldn't have been much

worse. He would soon learn just how wrong he was. She'd always been real

protective of that closet, and Chuck could never figure out why. "Surely she

must have cash or something in there, he would think to himself time and time

again. So when he'd been out gambling again and lost all his money it was the

first place he thought of. "Stacy is gonna kill me," he thought as he drove to

her house. He recalled grimly all of the times she'd told him that his gambling

would get the better of him. What was he gonna tell her? He couldn't tell her

that he'd lost all his money again.....he would just have to break in. That was

the answer. Quietly he slipped up the walk in front of the house and was soon

working at the lock. It opened with a barely audible click and he was in.

Slipping quietly to her bedroom he was soon in the closet. Turning the light on

he was dismayed to see row upon row of high-heeled shoes, sandles, flats and any

other type of shoeware you could think of. But right in the middle of the shoes

sat a small bottle of a greenish-yellow liquid. That's strange Chuck thought,

she never mentioned having any liquer in her closet. I'll bet this is her best

stuff and she keeps it all to herself. Then, grasping the bottle he pulled the

corck from the top. Suddenly he was assaulted was a acidic smell and almost fell

backwards. "Man," he said to himself, "I'll bet this one knocks ya on your can.

I'll have to take it with me and try it later. But for now a little taste." And

so leaning his head back he swallowed a small swig. Suddenly, everything spun

for a moment and he dropped the bottle, which landed squarely on the carpet. As

he watched, the walls receded and the ceiling flew up and away from him. "What

is happening!" he wondered. As he watched the rows of shoes begin getting higher

and higher. Stumbling forward he tried to hang onto the rack, but fell backwards

taking the entire contents of the rows to the floor with him. As he diminished

further his clothes became rather heavy and he quickly took them off. Then,

landing on the floor with a thud, Chuck noticed that a beautiful dark-red heel

had landed in the middle of his chest. He began to rise to his elbows but

stopped. Quickly the heel that had landed on his chest began to expand right

before his widening eyes...soon its toe was touching his chin and its heel was

expanding right past his groin. As time passed it became more and more heavy and

he soon had to push it off of him or be squished entirely by its weight. And

still the expansion continued. Looking up, Chuck could barely see the seemed like a mile away...and he was finished shrinking he noticed

that the shoes scattered all about him were five times his size. "I can't be any

more than three inches tall," he thought. He laid there for a few minutes having

a great deal of trouble believing what had just happened to him. Finally he

began to stir and rolled over and stood up. Lying before him was a mountainrange

of giant high heels. No man had ever seen the sight before him and he stood in

awe of the spectacle. He'd always thought that Stacy had a rather large shoe

collection, but this was unreal! He had to get out of the closet and figure out

what to do next. Living at this height would never do. "How will I work? How

will I eat? How will I drive my brand new car?" were just a handful of his

thoughts. Then, trudging forward, he approached the first heel. He remembered

this one. It was a metallic-gold heel that had pretty little chains on it. He'd

drank champaign out of it one New Years Eve. Looking into it, he could hardly

believe that once he was able to empty it's entire contents in a couple gulps. I

had a faintly familiar scent to it. He'd smelled it right after taking the shoe

off her foot and before pouring anything into it. It had lost its champaign

smell entirely. Clamering over it he began his long trek to the door. The next

shoe he found was a fairly old strappy-black sandle. Losing his grip he fell

onto it's sole and could feel it's slickness. Looking down he could see the toe

and heel prints that Stacy had left in it. Years of perspiration had given it a

light sheen and a smell that would never go away. Chuck had never noticed how

erotic that smell could be and shimmied down to the toe for a deep smell.

Lowering his nose so that it touched the second-toe print he inhaled deeply. It

smelled SO good he thought. Then without a forethought he leaned down and licked

the giant toe-print. If it were possible the taste was even better than the

smell and he found himself liking at it like it was a delicacy. He could easily

have gotten lost in his reverie, but thought he'd better try for the door again.

Row upon row of heels on the floor provided for a challenging mountain climb. Up

and over, up and over, up and over he went. Until...he spied his favorite pair

of shoes. Stacy had bought a Wild Pair at the mall once after she'd dragged him

there. He hadn't wanted to shop with her, but she'd made him. She even got him

to give an opnion on a pair of shoes he liked...and there they were. She wore

them all the time, more than any of the others. They were special to her because

he had helped to pick them out. He found his mind wandering then, wondering how

they smelled. He thought, "if the open sandels smelled that strongly, I wonder

how those closed heels must smell. She wears them all the time and usually

without hose." With that he couldn't help himself and made his way to them.

Quickly he crawled up to the side and slide down the sole to land in the toe.

Darkness surrounded him along with the strong smell of perspiration and leather.

"This is much better," he thought and began licking every surface that his

little tongue would reach. As he licked he got hot and his bare skin became very

slick. Eventually he was rolling around in the toe using his own and Stacy's

perspiration and lubricant. He was in the absolute throws of ecstacy when CRASH

the shoe tumbled down the 'mountainside' with him in it. Landing solidly on the

floor a second heel came cascading down behind it, and landed on top of the shoe

he was in. It landed so that the toe of it was wedged into the open space above

and little Chuck found himself trapped. Oh what a day. He waited for what felt

like hours and even drifted off to sleep every now and then. But was abruptly

awakened by a familiar voice. "What the hell happened in here?" Then he could

feel the ground jar slightly and assumed it must be footsteps. The jarring moved

from one side of him to the other along with the voice. "My bottle! Someone

spilled my bottle!" But then the voice took on a different tone. "Why it's

Chuck's clothes. Chuck wouldn't happen to be here would he? Hmmm...I wonder. It

would be really hard to find him by looking, and I'll just bet he's somewhere in

this mountainous pile of shoes. However shall I find him? I know! I'll try on

all these shoes until I hit the jackpot." Chucks heart lept quickly to his

throat. What if she tried on the shoe he was in...he would be squished

instantly! Frantically he tried to push the other shoe out of his way...but soon

realized the fruitlessness of it and sat down to await his fate. His wait wasn't

long, for soon he could feel his little prison rocking. Then he could feel

himself and the shoe being lifted. Light flooded into the shoe from above, but

Stacy held it so that the toe was down and Chuck was pressed against the tippy

toe of the shoe. Then the light waned and he could she Stacy's toes, shelthed in

dark stocking enter the shoe. Quickly they descended on him and pushed him

firmly into the pointed tip. Wiggling her toes slightly he could hear he say,

"Aha, I've hit the jackpot. My prize? Why a tenny tiny little man to fulfill my

every whim." Then light flooded into the shoe again, right before it tipped.

Then Chuck tumbled out of the shoe and onto her palm. Rising to his hands and

knees he could only wonder what this Gigantic woman had in store for him. "Like

my feet and shoes do you?" she asks, "well lets see just how much." Then she

rose and went to her room. Lying him on the bed she began to undress and shed

all her clothes except her stockings. Then laying on the bed so that her emmense

soles faces him she said, "Lick little man!" Fearing what this giant woman could

do to him and, thinking he might enjoy himself just a little, he approached the

giant sole in front of him. He started licking the stocking material with small

strokes, but soon discovered them quite tasty. Then, giving himself to his task

with abandon he licked as much as his little body and tongue could reach and

handle. He was even so lost in his job that he completely forgot about the other

foot and had to be sternly reminded by the giantess Stacy. Moving to the next

foot he could feel it move as she removed her stockings from the foot he had

just done with. He had to fight to stay with the foot his was working on but did

a valiant job of it. Soon he was done with it as well and was given a minute to

rest. Then he was ordered to clean out whatever might be between her toes.

Approaching one of her feet, he tried to pry two of her toes apart. He soon

realized that he didn't have the strength for that and so instead wedged his

whole body in between. Once he'd done that he could reach in with his hands and

dig out whatever was there. Most of it he threw to the side, but every now and

then couldn't help but grab a taste. Eventually his monstrous task was over and

he sat on the bed huffing and puffing. Stacy let him be for a couple of minutes

before rising from the bed to dig in the clothes hamper. Then extracting a pink

work-out sock she approached the bed. Chuck looked up tiredly to see her hand

descend on him. Grasping him she brought him to her face and said, "I wouldn't

want you to wander around and get yourself hurt or lost so I have to keep you

somewhere. I had no idea you were into feet so much, but now that I do I thought

you might enjoy this." Then reaching over she dropped him headfirst into the

smelly sock. Interstingly enough Chuck was sure he remembered seeing her work

out in this sock just a couple of days ago. She'd gone to her dancing lessons in

them and he could still smell that! Then, tucking the sock in on itself she

placed the little ball on the nightstand next to her bed. Soon all light

filtering in from the outside world was gone and Chuck drifted of to a fitful


Giantess Stories: The Shoe Closet He had gotten himself stuck

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