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The Shrinking Collar

Author: Halfpint Pete

Date:   05-25-01 03:23

 The Shrinking Collar: Chapter 1

He had been being sized up for more than a year. He did not realize it,

but Marie had been pondering his durability. His strong build, powerful

fortitude, and resilience made him the most likely physical candidate in

her life. And not only that, but Chris also lived a slightly immoral

life. Marie was not one to judge, or so she told herself, but it was

wrong to smoke, or drink, or to have sex outside the sanctity of

marriage. Chris was guilty of all these things. And so Marie had settled

on him.

To Chris, Marie was a frail and petite looking woman, pushing her

fifties. She was thin, with short blond hair and wore thick glasses

which magnified her blue eyes. She was a strong and determined woman.

She did not take 'no' for an answer. In fact, one could say she was over

aggressive in getting what she wanted.

Marie was not sure where the thing came from. It had shown up at her

work in a small box. The instructions said to place on object to be

reduced and then use the remote to control the size. By all rights, it

belonged to her employer, but when she was fired, she took the thing

with her, for no one else knew what it was anyway. Marie considered

herself an honest person and decided that it was best if the thing was

kept safe in her possession so that no one would become harmed by it.

It was a thick metal band, hinged on the back side and a locking flap on

the front. In all respects, it resembled a dog collar, with a little

metal box fitted on the side, like a shock collar used to train dogs.

And the remote for the thing was the size and shape of a calculator. One

would not know the difference.

As Marie made her way up the steps to his home, she fumbled with the

remote in her purse one more time. It was all ready to work. She knocked

on the door and Chris answered. Good, she paused while looking up at his

dark features, he's home alone.

His girlfriend was living with him, actually, he was living with her.

Marie was friends with Claudia and felt sorry for her that this good

looking man was taking advantage of her. Although wanting more, Claudia

was more or less happy with the situation she was in. Marie, however,

thought otherwise.

"Marie," Chris said, "what can I do for you?" Marie made her way in

around the bulk of a man.

"Where's Claudia?" she asked.

"She went to town on some errands. Do you want me to tell her you

stopped by?"

"Oh, shoot," Marie acted disappointed. "I was hoping she could help me

with an experiment real quick."

"An experiment?" Chris questioned.

"Yea," she said as she batted her blue eyes at him through the

magnification of her glasses. "Do you think that you could take a second

and volunteer?"

"What is it?" he asked, knowing better than to volunteer for anything.

Marie reached into her brown purse and pulled out the collar.

"Now, I know what this looks like, but it's not."

"Then what is it?"

"It's for the experiment." She lifted it up to place around Chris' neck,

but he stopped her. She fell back, rejected.

"But what does it do?" he insisted as he took the collar from her


"It sends out electrical impulses ... some kind of electronic field..."

"It looks like a shock collar to me ... or worse..."

"It won't shock you," she assured him.

Reluctantly Chris agreed by shaking his head. He was going to put it on

himself, but in Marie's aggressive ways she helped loop it around his

neck and then she buckled it securely.

Then Marie stepped over to the dinning room table and placed her purse

down. She reached in and pulled out the remote. Chris wondered what she

was going to do with a calculator. Maybe she needed to calculate some

numbers to adjust this thing or something.

"Now," she questioned, "how tall are you?" What a strange question,

Chris thought.

"Six four," he answered. Holding the calculator in one hand, she punched

in several numbers with her index finger of the other hand. She hunched

over a little more in order to see the readout screen a little clearer.

Six four equals seventy six inches, she mulled over in her head. The

little machine in her hand then gave her another readout. Five point

four percent should do it. And with that she punched in more numbers.

Her finger hesitated over the last button she was going to push.

She straightened up and looked at Chris, who was waiting with

anticipation as to what was to come next. Without a word or sign of

emotion, she placed her finger down on the button and that was the last

thing Chris saw ... till he awoke.


 Chris forced himself awake. The crawl back to consciousness was a

painful journey and a sacrifice of his previous non existent state. His

head pounded and his mouth was dry. Like a hangover without the fun the

night before. His muscles ached from extreme stress. Then he forced his

eyes open. It was pitch black. Or had he gone blind? What had Marie done

to him?

 He forced his arm to move and he felt the flat surface he was laying

on. Then he reached over his head and found a wall. Chris rose his tall

frame up and leaned his back against the wall. His mind raced as he

tried to trace back the events leading him to this place. He remembered

Marie with a metal collar of some kind, insistent that he put it on.

Then she used a calculator or something to activate the collar. He

remembered great forces, like hundreds of tons of pressure hitting him

from all sides. Then blackness saved him from the obvious pain inflicted

on his body. And now he was here ... where ever 'here' was.

 And that damn metal collar. It was still around his neck. He reached up

and his fingers found the buckle. He tore at it till it came undone and

as soon as he pulled the collar away from his neck, he felt his body

explode in a thousand directions. Once again, he lost consciousness.

 Marie came home from work. But this night would not be like any of her

other nights. She would get to see if he survived the process. She would

get to have fun, for a change.

 She took her coat off and made sure that her daughters family was all

downstairs in the basement apartment where they all lived. Silently she

made her way to her special closet, where she kept locked away her

business supplies.

 It had been 22 hours since she was at Chris' home. He should be awake

and wondering where he was by now. Marie deftly unlocked the closet door

and opened it up. Chris, who was rolled up in a ball on the floor tucked

under the bottom shelf, fell to her feet and slowly spread his long body


 "Oh, gosh," Marie exclaimed as she listened to Chris moan in pain. Then

she saw the collar was missing from his neck.

 "You took off the collar..." she murmured. That was something that she

had not anticipated happening. But she should have. And she knew what

she needed to do about it.

 She knelt down and rummaged under Chris' legs which remained in the

closet. She quickly found the tiny collar and also a flattened out shoe

box. Marie chuckled under her breath.

 "It's a good thing you were on the floor instead of the top shelf," she

said to the ailing man.

 He was half awake as his shaking limbs tried to respond. Marie helped

him sit up and then got him to his knees.

 Looking around to make sure that no one had witnessed this spectacle,

she quickly pushed Chris into her bedroom.

 "I've got to shrink you again before anyone finds you."

 Chris, unsure of what he was hearing, heard the door close behind them.

"" he groaned. Marie walked around the helpless man

lying on her floor and dangled the collar in front of him.

 "Yes," she said, "you have been shrunk for the last 22 hours... well,

at least you were till you took this shrinking collar off. If you would

have left well enough alone, you would be feeling better by now and you

could have had a nice something to eat. Now as it stands, I've got to

shrink you again and your punishment is to endure the pain of size

change yet for the the third time in a day."

 Chris, lying on his stomach, tried to look up at the woman standing

before him.

 "Get used to that view, Chris."

 "No... How...?" Chris muttered. Marie again chuckled and left the room.

 After several minutes, she returned to find Chris propping himself up

with her bed and attempting to stand. Marie bounded to him and began to

replace the reenlarged shrinking collar about his neck. Chris fought her

away with his free hand, and in his still weakened condition, lost his

balance. He fell to the floor once again. Marie stepped by him and

kicked him in the side, doubling him over.

 "Damn it, Chris," her voice shaking from panic, "don't make this harder

on me than it has to be."

 She got down on her knees, her legs almost straddling his head. Then

she placed the collar around his neck, buckled it, and then produced a

padlock, which she slipped in place with the locking flap closed and

snapped it shut.

 She remained with his head between her legs for several seconds, until

she broke herself of the spell and reminded herself that she should not

be enjoying such things. Then she gingerly stood up and walked across

the floor with renewed confidence.

 "I hate to shrink you again so quickly, Chris. I'd like to give you

time to recover from the size change, but my husband comes home at 1

a.m., and I don't want him tripping over you," Marie spoke as if were

everyday conversation. "I really am interested in knowing what you felt.

And how you feel after reenlargement."

 Marie stepped out of the room and came back with the remote. She shut

the door again and casually pointed it at Chris.

 Chris slowly sat up, leaning on his left elbow. His weak fingers felt

the shrinking collar around his neck and the padlock that would not let

him remove it.

 "You'll be safer with that on," she motioned toward the lock. "That

will prevent any unauthorized size changing."

 Before Chris could say or ask anything, Marie pressed the button on the

remote. "Good night," was the last thing he heard her say for the


 Marie thoughtfully stepped over to the tiny figure laying on her

bedroom carpet and looked down at it. So small, like a mouse she mused,

yet a real life human being. A man. A mouse-man.

 She knelt down and carefully lifted the little form into the palm of

her left hand, as she did when she first shrunk him at his house. She

realized that her own breath was shaking as she watched the tiny man lay

limp in her hand, steadily breathing in and out. He had survived for her

to have fun.

The Shrinking Collar: Chapter 3

The next morning, Marie found her way into the hallway and quietly

unlocked her closet door. On the middle shelf, behind some boxes she had

hidden it behind, she found the jar. It's contents bolted upright in

shock from the light and sat as far away from her as it could. She

grinned in amusement as she wrapped her fingers around the bottle and

casually took it to the bathroom.

In the bottle, Chris was unable to cling to anything. The walls were

smooth and rounded. The giant Fingers pressed up against the glass,

suspending him and his prison in the air. He swayed back and forth till

he came to rest with a thump on a solid surface, about waist high with

the Giant Marie. Then the lid with holes in it began to spin and the

grinding noise reverberated through out the jar. When it stopped, the

floor suddenly tilted and Chris found himself being hurled by gravity

out the opening. He came to rest on his butt as a giant Hand set the

bottle up right again.

"Good morning, Chris," the giant voice boomed.

Chris stood to his feet, disoriented by his new surroundings. The floor

was green, marble green. And to his left was a huge white bowl, or tub,

embedded into the ground. A chromed arch stretched itself over the basin

with huge knobs to either side.

Behind him, were two large glass lenses, encased in a gold frame and

standing on two huge braces. They revealed their identity when a giant

Hand descended from the sky. He thought the Hand was coming for him, and

he was no longer secure behind the glass walls of the bottle. The Hand

fell onto the lenses and swiftly lifted them into the sky. In the Hand

they looked like ordinary, if not giant, glasses.

"Let me see how you are doing..." the voice trumpeted from above. A

face, unreal in it's enormity, fell from the sky. The face had the

glasses on that the Hand just picked up. The big, blue orbs in the

lenses peered down on him.

Chris winced away in a mixture of humiliation and terror. This giants

presence seemed to fill him with dread and inferiority. And when he

couldn't have felt any worse, the Hand reappeared.

The Hand fell toward him. Even though it was much larger than he was he

stood motionless in defiance and fear. The Hand hesitated at his

apparent fear, then proceeded to wrap its long, barrel-like fingers

around him. They secured him and he felt the heat from the Hand rise

around his head. Slowly his feet lost contact with the ground and he

rose into the air, like an airplane, lifting off. He flew into the air,

in the embrace of five giant Fingers, the grasp of an unreal giant,

until once again, the face appeared. The eyes, magnified many times

looking down on him with extreme interest.

"You seem to still be healthy enough," the face said.

"Marie!" he yelled into the face.


"Marie! What have you done to me?" he cried out again in partial fear.

"I've shrunk you to four inches tall." it answered coldly. Chris' mind

reeled with confusion. "The collar... around your neck..." Marie's giant

face spoke, "it is a shrinking device. It conducts an energy field

around your body. It encases your body and produces an effect that

enables the remote to control the actual physical size and mass that

your body is. I was worried that you wouldn't survive the size change

process, but you have survived it three times now. And it seems that the

effects of size change are slowly wearing off."

Dangling in the air in Marie's giant fist, Chris gurgled out, "Why me?

Why are you doing this to me?"

"You seem to be the most eligible candidate. Please, Chris," she

assured, "Don't take it personal..." Chris reached for the collar around

his neck, found the lock, and tugged at it. Undoing the collar was

useless. The padlock that Marie had attached kept the metal collar

firmly in place.

A chuckle erupted from the giant mouth that hung very near Chris. The

wind from it whispered in his thick brown hair. "Don't try to escape,"

it said, "you tried that already. And you paid by the pain of size

change, three times in one day. As the pain of size change wears off, I

will have to punish you personally."

" mean your going to keep me like this?"

"How could I let you go?" she said as the dread rose around Chris like

water around a drowning swimmer. Chris was lowered, like an elevator,

and deposited on the kitchen counter. He instantly fell to his knees,

the cool open air enveloping his body, and looked up at his captor. "As

long as you obey and be good," the Giant Face exhaled, "I'll take good

care of you..." The Hand picked up his limp form and placed him gently

back into the glass jar. He closed his eyes as to not look at the giant

Fingers enclosing him in his glass prison. Soon he was left motionless

and left in the dark. In the closet, he presumed.

Hunger woke him from his sound sleep. Damnable giant, he thought. I'm

hungry. I've got to go to the bathroom, which, he figured, was a good

sign that he survived the shrinking process ... three times. His kidneys

were ready to go and he needed nourishment. What was this giant, Marie,

thinking? Was this the Marie that he had known? She always seemed to be

a gentle person, aggressive and selfish, true, but not a kidnapper. And

how can she perform such a feat? To turn a full grown man into a

miniature version of himself, a doll, a child's plaything, able to be

held helplessly in the palm of her hand? It was unreal, if not,

impossible. Yet Marie had done it.

Surely Claudia would be worried about him, come looking for him. But how

would she know what to look for? He was no longer a tall dark and

handsome man, but a freak, a tiny speck of a jar!

Hope flared again as he figured it was inevitable that one of Marie's

family members would find him. Sure, he figured. It was just a matter of

time till Bob, Marie's husband, or Tracy, her daughter would find him

trapped in this bottle by that crazy Giant Marie. Tracy's husband might

even find him, or their kids! Chris fell back in depression. Those kids.

Giant children. If they got a hold of him, who knows what would happen

to him.

It was all too much for the human mind to accept. He reached up and

slightly tugged on the collar keeping him at four inches tall, and his

mind drifted to the giant woman who controlled his fate.

"I'm sure something will turn up soon," Marie consoled Claudia from the

far end of the table. Claudia had just finished the dishes and went to

sit down at the kitchen table with Marie.

"Well," she said with shallow breaths, "I'm not surprised, Marie." Marie

said nothing, letting Claudia work out her own theory for Chris'

disappearance. "I don't know that he was ever happy here with me. I just

don't understand why he didn't leave a note, or take anything with him.

I mean, not even an extra pair of underwear. He was just ... gone."

They sat in silence for the longest time. Marie studied Claudia,

wondering if she truly was doing what was best for her. Claudia was such

a nice woman, and deserved so much better.

"He may come back, or at least call, eventually," Marie offered.


With nothing left to discuss Marie got up, put her coat on and grabbed

her purse. "Take care of yourself and let me know if you hear of

anything," she said hugging Claudia and then walking out the door.

"Thanks for coming by, Marie."

As the door closed, Marie couldn't help but become more and more angry

as she walked across the long front lawn. If only that little bastard

knew how much Claudia had loved him and needed him. It was he that made

her take him from her.

Getting home, once again she found no one home, except for her daughter

and grandchildren. But they remained downstairs in the basement

apartment. Marie quickly unlocked the closet door and extracted the jar

containing Chris. She unscrewed the lid and dumped the little figure out

on the bed.

It was a rough ride. Straight out the mouth of the bottle, dropping

several feet onto a soft, cushioned surface. Chris found himself

struggling to get upright, and that he was in the middle of a vast white

plane, like a cloud with rolling hills stretching off into the distance.

"I suppose your hungry," Marie's uncaring voice echoed down on him.

Chris whirled around to see the gigantic form that was Marie. She

towered 60 feet into the air over him. Black pants, white shirt and a

multi colored scarf made for a very professional appearance. Her long

legs descended down past the side of the bed he stood on and he could

not see her shoes. The face hovered high in the sky, observing him.

"I ... I have to go bathroom," Chris said.

"What?" Marie asked as she lowered her head. It zoomed down to him at an

incredible rate. Vertigo set in and he lost his balance.

"I have to go to the bathroom," he said again, this time muffled from

fright. The face smiled at him.

"There are no bathrooms for little people," she said mockingly. In the

back of her mind she had not thought about toilet facilities for a four

inch man. She would have to devise something for him. For the meantime,

she figured she could put him in the sink let him do his thing, then

just rinse it down the drain.

"Take your clothes off," she ordered, then the head zipped away as fast

as it had appeared in his sky. Chris slowly rose to a standing position

and just stood there. "Take your clothes off," the voice sternly said

from above. Chris was not sure what to do. Why should he take his

clothes off? What was she going to do with him?

He yelled into the sky, "Why?"

"Take your clothes off, or I'll take them off for you," she said as the

huge form made great movement and ended with Marie standing with her

hands on her hips.

Chris fell to his butt and began to untie his shoe. Then, he slipped it

off and lost his grip on it through no fault of his own. Suddenly it

ballooned and grew to an enormous size. He sat next to it in shock. A

Hand swooped down and effortlessly picked it up.

"Once an item leaves the effects of the field the shrinking collar

produces, it returns to normal size," Marie informed him. "If you would

have taken off any clothing while you were in the bottle, you would have

been crushed."

Chris wondered about Marie's thinking abilities due to the danger that

she was placing him in, but decided it best to keep his mouth shut. He

was starving and didn't want to make her upset at him. Chris removed his

other shoe, which promptly returned to it's normal size. Then his shirt

and pants, his socks and...

"All of it," he was ordered, "even the underwear."

Chris balanced himself as he pulled the underwear off and through it

clear of himself so that he would not be injured by its sudden growth.

He stood before the giant, naked, his giant sized clothes scattered

around him on the bed.

"Hmph," she said, "don't be shy. We're all adults here, aren't we? After

all, it's not like I've never seen a naked man before. And believe me,

what have you got to offer now, anyway?"

Chris covered himself with his hands, unsure of his own self worth. Was

it his imagination, or was the Giant snickering at him?

"I mean," she went on, "what would a woman see in you anyway? You are

nothing but a," she struggled for the right wording, "nothing but a toy.

A doll. A pet. What would Claudia want with a man she could hold in the

palm of her hand?" Marie dropped it for now and began to pick up Chris'

clothing. She shoved them into a plastic trash bag and tied the top. "I

guess you won't be needing these anymore, huh, little fellow?"

Chris did not want to watch his clothes, proof that he did exist in

another life, be packed away, as if he would never see them again. Then

the Hand once again, yet less gentle this time, embraced him and he was

swiftly hauled into the air. And just as quickly, he was released. He

found himself surrounded by white walls, extending upward with a slight

curve. He figured he was in a sink.

Marie's face bobbed 40 feet in the sky. "Go to the bathroom." Chris

waited for the face to leave, but it did not. He hesitated. "You had

better go, little man," the voice said with an icy edge to it.

"I ... I have to go poop, Marie!" he yelled at the face.

"Then go poop."

"But ... but your here!"

"So?" she grinned, "You had better get used to it." Confused, Chris peed

into the sink drain, and then looked back at the giant staring down at

him. The blue eyes seemed to bulge in anticipation as they intruded on


"No! You can't do this to me!" Chris screamed as he spun in a circle.

"You had better poop or I will squeeze it out of you!" Marie spoke

harshly and backed up her threat by dangling her long, log like fingers

over the edge of the sink.

Tears welled up in the corners of Chris' eyes. He did not know if Marie

could see it or not, but he made sure she couldn't by turning away. He

did not want to look at her. He did not want to acknowledge that she was

there. As he squatted and let his aching colon empty on the floor of the

sink, he felt his emotions being drained as well.

He was unemotional as the hand dropped in front of him and braced him as

the water from the huge spigot above him began pounding down around him

like a massive natural waterfall. He felt his body being rinsed off and

especially his butt. He took the opportunity to drink water, even though

it was hot. "I've had seven children," the giants voice said softly,

"Don't worry, I've seen it all before." And then Marie hummed some giant

song unknown to Chris. Again he was air bound and finally put down into

the jar. The giant left him alone for several minutes.

Marie opened the refrigerator. What does one feed a four inch person,

she asked herself? "Let's see," she mumbled as she pulled open the fruit

bin. "A slice of apple maybe?" She carefully cut a small chunk from the

apple and placed the knife on the counter. Then she went back into her

room. "Feeding time, Chris." She dropped the small bit of apple into the

jar. The tiny figure curled up away from it.

Marie watched in anticipation to see what the little man would do. She

was truly disappointed to see him pull away from her gift of food. He

would eat it, she knew, inevitably. She took a bite out of the apple and

crunched it loud enough so that the little man could hear. Then slowly

she put the hole punched lid back on and screwed it tight. She finished

the apple, watched her teeny tiny person, and for the first time in a

long time, realized that she was enjoying herself.

That night, Bob got home from work around 1:30 AM and climbed in bed.

Marie was already in bed, but not sleeping. She curled up as close to

the thick short man as she could. Not for heat, but for a little

intimacy. It had been a long time. And she understood that Bob worked

hard, on two different jobs which kept him away all day and night, but

she just wanted a little time. As usual, Bob groaned and rolled over on

his side, facing away from Marie.

She loved Bob with all her heart, but deep down she wanted more out of

life. She needed the attentions of a man, the time of another human

being spent on her. Her thoughts kept racing to the one thing in her

life she did control. She didn't like to think in terms of 'owning'

someone, another human being, but in all respects, she did own Chris.

Marie had reduced him to a thing, a possession. She justified once again

in her mind why she did what she did. And to justify her sexual

feelings, she reminded herself that Chris was now a commodity. But for

tonight, she spent it alone with Bob.

In the darkness, he found solitude and security. No giant was there to

look down on him. No Giant was there to pick him up like a toy. Here, in

the dark, in this glass prison, he was a man. A lonely man.

He reached into the darkness and found the half dried piece of apple

that the giant had thrown into him, like an animal. His hunger was all

consuming and he wolfed down the fruit. The moisture was gladly accepted

by his body.

Chris sat back against the cold hard glass wall and stretched his naked

legs out. A cold shiver ran down his spine. His stomach was satisfied

for now. How long would it be before the Giant would feed him again? And

water, didn't she think of anything the human body needs? But then, it

was obvious that Marie did not regard him as human. Shrinking him and

locking him away in a glass jar, away from everyone and all that he ever

knew. And Claudia.

 The Shrinking Collar: Chapter 4

 The next morning, Marie skipped seeing her tiny man and went straight

to work. He will keep, she figured. He isn't going anywhere. This

thought even further lightened her day.

 Upon arriving home that evening, again she avoided the closet where she

kept Chris locked away. She was trying to avoid the temptation that the

control and power she truly had over him was invoking in her. But she

had to check on him eventually and it wasn't because she didn't want to.

She wanted to so bad it scared her. She needed to keep the life she had,

the life she loved. Having tiny Chris in her custody has somewhat upset

her daily and nightly activities. Not to mention her thoughts.

 To avoid her own cravings, she went downstairs and visited with her

daughter and grandchildren. A boy, 8 years old, and a girl 5 years old.

After that, Marie found ways to amuse herself and keep her mind off of

little Chris. She made business calls and refiled some old papers she

had been meaning to for months.

 But, the time had come. She must feed him, it was the humane thing to

do, so she finally unlocked the closet door and pulled the jar out. The

tiny occupant blinked rapidly at the sudden exposure to light. She took

him into her bedroom and shut the door.

 His eyes adjusted slowly to the burst of light. Like on an airplane, he

felt the ups and downs of movement and then stopped with a jolt. The

sound of the lid grinding, metal against glass vibrated and fresh air

suddenly drifted in around him.

 Then the voice of the Giant bombarded his senses.

 "Hi, Chris. How are you doing today?"

 Anger welled up inside him. How long had he been in this jar since the

last time she saw him? Kept from the outside world, locked away in

darkness? He dared not speak in anger at the Giant.

 "Uh, oh," the Giant mocked, "looks like you had an accident in your

jar." She was referring to the pile of crap that he had earlier

deposited on the bottom of the glass jar. How long did she think he

could hold it?

 He had been terrified to defecate in the jar, thinking that it would

expand to giant proportions once away from the shrinking effect, but

apparently it was a small amount of matter that he ingested so it was a

small amount that came out. He had hoped it might kill him and rid him

of this nightmare, but on the other hand it was a relief that he was

still alive. The pain of holding in his bowl movement could only be

compared with the fear he felt while letting go. This Giant Marie didn't

seem to understand the severity of torture she was bestowing upon him.

 "Nasty little thing," complained the voice in a delightful yet

disgusted manner, "maybe I should put you in diapers."

 Chris felt the jar rise and then tip and he was again being rolled out.

He landed in the bottom of the sink with his defecation and the water Garmin Forerunner 310XT

was instantly in motion, like a waterfall pouring off a mountain top.

His crap was flushed down the drain and then the Hand waved the bottle

in front of the stream of water. The jar quickly filled and then the

Hand twisted and the jar emptied itself of water. The water rose around

Chris' feet. The water could not go down the drain as fast as it was

being poured.

 "Wash yourself up, little man," came the order.

 The giant must have left while he was standing under the warm downpour.

He looked up only briefly to see if the giant Marie was still there. She

wasn't and for the first time since this bizarre twist of fate happened

to him, he could close his eyes and remember nice hot showers, standing

in the tub at home and warming his cold body. He had always been amazed

how cold he must of been after getting that hot water across his body.

 "I've been thinking," the voice echoed from above, breaking his lost

and comforting thoughts. "It really must be terrible to be only four

inches tall," Marie continued, "and locked away in a jar for long hours

at a time."

 Chris took a quick peek up at the face hovering over him. He pretended

not to hear or see her as he gulped down the warm water to quench his


 "I don't blame you if your mad at me. I do have a deal for you


 He just stood under the gushing water of the faucet until it was turned

off. He instantly chilled.

 "Chris, please look at me. Please," the voice of the Giant Marie

actually was pleading with him. Not the usual tyrannical orders.

Reluctantly he looked into the sky, at the big blue eyes.

 "I want to make a deal with you. If you do exactly as I tell you

tonight, I will give you the key to the shrinking collar. I don't think

I can keep you forever locked away in a jar at four inches tall."

 She actually sounded like she was making sense. Finally.

 "W ... What do you want me to do?" he stuttered.

 "Come with me," she replied as the Hand lowered itself into the sink

and the fingers carefully curled themselves around him.

 Again he found himself on a magic carpet ride floating through the sky,

secured in the Hand. The movement around him was fast and furious from

his point of view. The material Marie had draped around her body was

gone in a blink of the eye and replaced by flesh. Human flesh.

 He was twisted about in the Hand as the giant lay herself down on the

bed. Then the Hand released the grip and he found himself standing on

her bare chest. Her breasts were two small mounds of skin to either side

of him. They never were that big to begin with, he smirked, but now they

were the biggest boobs he had ever witnessed.

 An arm waved in front of him and the Hand removed Marie's glasses.

Then, like a mechanical crane, the arm and Hand put them on a nightstand

next to her bed. Marie looked up at him and smiled insecurely.

 "I would like you to start with my nipples, please."

 Was that an order? It didn't sound like one to Chris. She had promised

to give him the key to this cursed collar that was chaffing the skin

under his neck. If he could just do as she asked, this nightmare would

soon be over. He carefully lay himself across her left breast and began

to massage the nipple. It grew instantly hard from his touch.

 "More..." she said.

 Chris kissed the brown flesh and began to chew on it. He tried to

stimulate the entire breast with his arms. This seemed to work for she

began to move with pleasure under his weight.

 After a short time, the giant woman asked him to move to the other

breast. Chris obliged and stimulated it in the same fashion. Still the

huge being squirmed with delight.

 "Come to my neck," the mouth spoke.

 Chris walked across the padded surface that was Marie.

 "Please, kiss my neck."

 He got to his knees and kissed and licked the giant woman's flesh. This

did not seem to do much for her. With impatience, he was lifted by Thumb

and Forefinger and dangled over Marie's face. The blue eyes blinked and

searched him over. The nose of the face was almost as big as he was and

the mouth was like a hole that he might fall into and never be seen


 The mouth opened. Huge white teeth appeared and a pink, snake-like

tongue, long, wet, and threatening squirmed out and poked it's squishy

surface across his body. His penis and pubic hair became wet with

saliva. The smell of human breath threatened to choke him. He gasped for

fresh air, but the humid stench engulfed him as the tongue gained

momentum and covered his entire body. He wanted to yell at the giant to

stop, but he wanted more to get the key and get out of there.

 Finally the torture stopped and he was whisked through the air, down

her body further and further till he landed in a pile of hair. Long

curling fibers grabbing at his legs and arms. It didn't take him long to

figure out that he was on her pubic area. She had to be kidding, he

thought to himself.

 After a moment of hesitation, Marie's voice carried over her body,


 Chris slowly lowered his saliva covered body down, holding on to the

pubic hair so that he would not slide all the way down between her legs.

Then he found the start of her womanhood. It was wet, and he again was

taken aback by the smell. He bravely reached his arm down and the flesh

quivered at his touch. Then, thinking only of the key, he slipped his

arm between the folds of wet, pink flesh.

 The giant lurched slightly with anticipation. After all the years that

Chris had known Marie, he never suspected that she would cheat on her

husband. Never in his wildest dreams would he have considered Marie to

be even the slightest interested with sex.

 He rubbed his arm up and down, then quicker and slower, till he found

the speed the giant liked. Within moments the gigantic body lurched

upward and through him over. He hung onto the pubic hair. The Hand

crawled over the side of the body and a Finger inserted itself where his

arm had just been. Chris clung tightly to the hair he had a grip on as

he was bucked up and down in the Giants orgasmic thrusts.

 Then it was over, and the Hand removed the Finger and lay limp upon the

belly of the heavily breathing Giant. Chris slowly pulled himself back

over the top, using the pubic hair for support. Finally he was back on

the body. He wanted to jump off of it, but there was always the chance

the giant woman would roll over and squish him. Walking carefully over

the belly, between the long Fingers, he made his way between her breasts

and stood looking at her face.

 "W ... What about our deal?!" he stammered.

 After a moments silence, she spoke, "I'm going to miss you."

 How could she miss him, he thought. He hadn't been around that long.

 "Please, Marie," he said tugging on the metal collar, "the key!"

 "Yes, a deal is a deal," the giant moaned as the Hand returned from

behind and engulfed his body. It was an unusually tight grip and Chris'

arms were pinned to his sides.

 Marie sat up and carried him slowly over to where she had left the

bottle. With the other Hand, the bottle was lifted at an angle and

placed under Chris. Marie released her grip on his body and he slid out

of her palm and down the glass wall of the jar. When he hit the bottom,

the jar was tilted upright and placed on the counter.

 "Hey! Hey!!!" Chris shouted at the top of his lungs. "Let me go! That

was the deal!!! Make me big and give me the key!!!"

 The giant form of Marie walked away.

 "Hey!!!" he hollered again. "Damn it, Marie!!! Give me the key!!! Let

me out of here!!!"

 Marie soon returned with her house robe on. Her Hands were in the

pockets. Patiently she stood in front of the bottle and Chris.

 "We had a deal! Are you going to let me go or what? Come on, Marie..."

his voice was going horse from the out crying.

 Chris followed the Hand as it pulled itself out of the pocket and rose

to the face, putting the thick lens glasses in place.

 The face slowly lowered itself to look down at him through the mouth of

the jar rather than through the glass.

 "Marie!!! Enlarge me! Give me the key!" Chris coughed from his strained


 "The deal," Marie smirked, "was that I would give you the key to the

shrinking collar."

 The Hand hovered over the jar with the key between Thumb and


 "And here it is."

 With that the key fell and pounded itself against the glass floor of

the jar. Chris had to jump back so as not to get hit by the bouncing

metal object. The noise left his ears ringing.

 The lid ground itself into place and muffled the sounds of the outside

world once again. He thought he could hear Marie laughing as she walked

off, but wasn't sure.

 Marie stepped into the bathroom at the other end of her house. As she

passed the mirror she stopped and noticed the fresh glow in her skin. It

had been a long time since she had reached orgasm. She and Bob didn't

believe in oral sex, and Mr. Fumble Finger caused her pain rather than

pleasure when he tried to stimulate her clitoris. Chris, on the other

hand, small and delicate, brought her to the edge of climax, and she

knew that she had thrown him off, and she just couldn't let the feeling

flee, so she finished it herself.

 Did this make her a bad person? It was a complex matter, and certainly

not one that one could discuss with their spouse, or church leader.

 She glared at her own reflection, searching her own eyes for

acceptance. She loved Bob, and it wasn't like she cheated on him. Not

really. Not with a real person, anyway. Chris wasn't really a person

anymore. Right? He was more like a small animal a person might keep

around the house for amusement. Like a pet. And that's all he was to her

now. A pet. And he was there for her amusement.

 Marie felt much better after a little self talk. She knew that she just

had to keep it all in perspective.

 For the longest time, Chris sat looking at the three foot long brass

coated key. He was tired from his ordeal of pleasing a giant woman and

his stomach groaned for nourishment. His anger flared and his strained

vocal cords were spent on his final scream of rage. No one could hear

him, at least no one who cared.

 After an eternity of filling himself with hatred for the giant bitch

she returned and unscrewed the lid of the jar.

 "Feeding time," she hummed.

 A lump of white banana fell on top of the key.

 "Feeding time," he silently mimicked the Giants words. She made it seem

like he was an animal in a zoo, locked in a cage for human amusement.

 The bottle rumbled while the lid was screwed on by giant Fingers. Then

he was lifted into the air and carried back to the closet, where he was

left in the dark, once again.

 Chris rested his head against the cold glass wall of the jar. His foot

stretched out and touched the cold metal key. His escape was so close.

The key to this shrinking collar was laying at his feet, yet completely

useless at his size. Despair filled his gut and relieved him of any

hunger he had felt before. What was it Marie was going to do with him?

Why was she doing this? These questions and more echoed through his mind

as he fell into a deep and welcomed sleep.

 The Shrinking Collar: Chapter 5

 The next four days came and went without incident. Once a day the giant

Marie would open the closet door and blind him with light. The lid would

grind off and a piece of food would be dispensed and she would lower a

syringe, without the needle, into the jar and give him water. He was to

suck the tip while she held it as steady as she could with her Fingers.

 She generally said nothing to him except, "Hi, little fella," or "Hi,

teensy. Are you hungry, boy?"

 The Giant Marie knew that he was defecating and urinating in the bottom

of the jar. He was being forced to live in his own excrement. Like a dog

in a cage.

 After four days of this, he was becoming used to the scent of sewer in

the air. It was as if he were being punished. Being punished by Marie

for her own actions of depravity. She was the one who asked him to

stimulate her, not the other way around. She was the one making him do

it, and then breaking her deal in some sadistic way. Yet, her actions

indicated that she was making him pay for his crimes against her.

 Sleep had become his greatest ally. Since he was in the dark except for

a minute or two out of the day, keeping his eyes open was pointless.

Sleep had offered him a haven against his captivity. But he would wake

up in the dark, unsure of what time it was and his foot having slipped

into his pile of excrement.

 Waking from the noise of the bottle lid being twisted off, Chris stood

up to catch the food before it landed in his stool on the bottom of the

jar. After the lid was lifted off, the food he was awaiting did not

drop. Instead the Hand wrapped it's long Fingers around the glass and he

was lifted into the air. Marie's Face appeared overhead.

 "It's beginning to stink in this closet. And this jar smells like a

septic tank," she said.

 Chris tried to respond. To reprimand her for making him live in his own

waste. But the jar lost altitude and the Face left his view. The giant

would not be able to hear him now, anyway.

 He was soon dumped out into the sink basin. His urine and shit slowly

rolled their way out right behind him and splattered on the white

porcelain. Then the key, after being stuck to the glass, clanged on the

curved floor of the sink.

 "Nasty little animal, aren't you," the Giant Marie asked. "If I'd known

you were going to be so much trouble, I'd have given you to my

sister-in-law. She loves taking care of pets."

 Chris again was going to respond but his tiny voice was drowned out by

the gushing water from the spigot above him. The water swirled around

his feet and the crap swiftly fell down the drain. Marie spoke from

above, "I'll have to wash the bottle out with soap. And I guess I should

bath you while we're at all this."

 Her great Hands flew through the air above him, like birds. Then they

came into the sink and surrounded him.

 "Come on now, lets get you clean," she said as her Hands soaped him up

and down. Then a huge Finger soaped up his hair and swirled it around.

He tried ducking, but the left Hand stopped him and held him in place

with an open palm. He didn't fight. There was no use. Then the soapy

Finger probed it's way into his butt cheeks.

 "Hey," he yelled. But the huge Finger purposely forced it's way in and

around his cheeks, with more and more force, threatening to penetrate

his sphincter muscle, even though it was far to large. Chris hollered

more and tried to climb over the Hand holding him in place, but the

Finger persisted. He tried pushing the Finger away, but it would not let

him turn all the way around. His flailing about just encouraged the

Giant Marie, as her Finger rubbed and pushed. Chris closed his eyes as

his will to fight vanished. "Please..." he moaned, "Please..."

 After some time, the Finger removed itself and left him alone. Then the

Hand that held him in place rose into the air.

 "Ok, teensy," the giants voice finally boomed, "rinse yourself off.

We're not going to waste water here."

 Reluctantly, Chris opened his eyes and stood under the water. Normally,

he would have felt great relief at having been cleaned and refreshed.

But now he felt dirtier than ever. His ass would have been even more

sore had it not been for the lubrication of the soap.

 The water stopped and he was abruptly grabbed with two enormous

fingers. He was airborne for only a short time, as he was placed on a

very course weaved surface. Looking up, all he saw was the giant Marie's

feet and legs, rising into the air like skyscrapers. Then the car sized

feet moved. In turn, each of them slowly stepped away from him.

 He was on the floor. The course material making it hard for him to

stand was carpeting. What was Marie going to do to him now? Step on him

and kill him? No, she wouldn't have gone through the trouble of cleaning

him up for that. And she certainly wouldn't do it on her expensive


 As in answer to his silent questions, he felt the size change happening

again. He felt his body expand and twist out of proportion. And then,

thankfully, he felt nothing at all.

 He struggled through the sickening pressure back to consciousness, into

an increasing stream of panic. He fought for freedom, but tight bonds

around his wrists and ankles sent shooting pain through his body. How

long had he been in this position? There was little he could do but lie

still so the ligatures holding him in a spread eagle position would not

cut into his flesh. Wet with sweat, and naked, he quickly chilled, and

involuntarily shivered, tugging on his bonds again. The gag was tightly

drawn and absorbed all the saliva he had. It was a constant irritation

causing him to fight back the gag reflex.

 Chris was lying on Marie's bed. The bonds were extremely tight and

there was no chance of escape. From what he could tell, he was full

sized, back to his six foot plus size. He wasn't sure if the shrinking

collar was still around his neck or not, like removing an item that has

been worn for a long time, and then is removed but can still be felt.

 It was easier to count the parts of his body that didn't hurt, ache,

sting, or itch than to list his damages. His penis was showing his

powers of recovery by standing up proudly.

 Marie stepped into her bedroom humming. She dropped her robe onto the

floor, and ignoring Chris' struggling, powdered and creamed her body

elaborately. She then stepped over to the bed. Extreme panic fell on him

like a hangman's hood. He instructed himself to remain calm.

 "Looks like your feeling better," she snickered at him, eying his

enlarged organ peeking at her with it's one blind eye.

 Chris became increasingly still as Marie gazed upon him. He was

becoming even more uncomfortable.

 It seemed, to Marie, that Chris had reminded her of what men were good

for after she had given up on them. He had brought a dead part of her

back to life again. Unlike other men, like her Bob, he would not become

boring to her. He was hers to do with as she pleased. She could have her

fun, as much as she wanted and for as long as she wanted. The control

brought a certain sense of perversity to it and she would have her fun

from now on.

 "I want you to remain silent when I take your gag off," she instructed.

 But the moment the gag was removed, and Chris had a chance to collect

some moisture in his mouth, he yelled at the top of his lungs. "Help!"

 His breath was beaten from his body with a blow to his gut. He was

surprised that a frail looking woman like Marie could muster such a

wallop. He gasped for air as she slid her naked body onto his heaving


 "Perform for me," Marie said to him, yet speaking to nobody in

particular. She slid her body up to his face and straddled his head with

her legs. "Lick me!" she sternly said.

 Chris vigorously worked his tongue up and down and around her hairy

crotch. The female taste filled his mouth as her juices slowly flowed

out. It went on for a long time. She wiggled and wormed on his face,

nearly suffocating him at times.

 Then it was over. Marie slid her slippery vagina down his body and

quivered with excitement.

 Through the fog of captivity and deprivation, Chris forgot his anger

and hatred. His need for sexual relief blurred his senses. His hips

thrust themselves at the woman's sexuality, tightening the bonds holding

his limbs in place and causing himself even more pain. But his sexual

instincts prevailed. He wanted her, he needed her. He had to have her.

Then a slight breeze swept across him as she lifted herself from him,

and the moist areas on his chest and stomach chilled.

 Questions ran through his mind as he recoiled from the denial of sexual

fulfillment. Even at the hands of this evil woman, and the terrible life

she has created for him, he wanted nothing but the simple release of

sexual pressure and tension. Marie rose from the bed and calmly put on

the robe she had earlier discarded. Then she slowly sat once again next

to Chris on the bed as she lifted her heavy glasses to her face.

 "I'm a married woman, Chris. I mean really..." she smirked. "You

seriously don't believe that I would have intercourse with a little man

like you?"

 "Let me go, Marie," Chris ordered.

 "In fact," she continued, ignoring him, "your not really a man anymore,

are you? You're an animal. A thing. A possession. You live in a jar."

 Chris watched her slightly drift in thought, as if to convince herself

more than him to quench whatever guilt she might feel from her latest

actions. Yet he felt the clutches of the truth she spoke as well.

 "I mean... I own you. I literally own you," she murmured to him.

 Silence filled the void between them. She pulled the glasses from her

face and vigorously rubbed her eyes. Then she replaced her glasses and

stood up. She walked to the dresser and pulled a few items out that

Chris could not see clearly from his lying position.

 Marie again sat down next to him and dangled the shrinking collar

before his face. Chris screamed and pulled against his bonds.

 "Shut up!" she sneered. She was afraid her daughter might hear down in

the basement apartment.

 Chris did shut his mouth, fearing her wrath.

 Marie deftly slipped the metal band of the collar under his neck and

snapped it into place. Then the lock just as quickly was clamped shut.

 She frowned down at him. "Bad boy. You deserve punishing for

screaming." Chris closed his eyes in despair and wished for death to

come and claim him. "But..." she paused, "I can't keep you a prisoner

forever, can I?" And suddenly she began to untie his left wrist from the

ropes that held him so firmly in place.

 The blood which had been deprived from his hand gushed through his

veins and the sense of touch inched back into his flesh.

 Marie backed away from him, with concern on her face. "Look, Chris,"

she stammered, "I know how you must feel."

 Chris wondered what she was doing, watching her cautiously. She was

moving to the other side of her bedroom, preparing to run or hide. He

then lunged his left hand over and began clawing at the binding rope.

The knot was complicated, yet gave to his prying fingers.

 "I'm sorry for what I've done to you..." she continued.

 Chris sat up, both arms free and fought with the knots entrapping his

left ankle.

 "I... I have a family, Chris. They need me. You can understand that."

 The rope fell from his ankle while he turned his attention to his right


 "Please, don't call the police. My husband, he would never understand."

 The knot, like a jigsaw puzzle, revealed itself with swift persistence.

Chris was free. He was himself again.

 Marie backed up more with dread. "You must understand..."

 Then, as Chris swung his legs to the floor and stood to his feet, Marie

pulled from her robe pocket the remote to the shrinking collar.

 "You must understand, Chris... I own you."

 He then felt the electrical charges flare from the collar and the

outside world expand around him.

 Chris was not entirely unaware of the giant fingers lifting him from

the carpet. The size change, however painful, had not rendered him

unconscious this time. He felt himself carefully being laid on a glass

surface, then he slid as the glass turned and he hit the bottom of what

he had become so familiar with. The bottom of the glass jar. The dirty

grind of the lid and the jolt of being placed on a shelf in the dark

closet indicated that it was safe to open his eyes.

 Again he was alone, accompanied only by the scent of the giant Marie

wafting up from her vaginal juices smeared across his torso. And her

taste still in his mouth.

The Shrinking Collar: Chapter 6

He was awake before the blinding light of the outside world flooded

through the bottle. Chris and the jar were raised into the air, like

riding a swift elevator. Then he found the light defused, being filtered

through a white cloth-like material on one side. And on the other side,

human flesh pressed itself upon the glass. The ride became rough, his

glass prison riding the movement of the body it was pressed against.

Marie hid the jar and glanced around nervously so that no one would see

her. With a quick pace, she raced to her bathroom and locked the door.

She removed the bottle from the inside of her robe and placed it on the

bathroom counter. The tiny occupant stirred slightly as she unscrewed

the lid.

"It's time for you to go to church," the giant Marie's voice echoed in

the jar.

He was then tossed to the side and he slide out the lip of the jar. He

landed on the counter surface with a thud. He rolled over trying to

catch his breath.

Church... Sunday... his mind reeled. Was it Sunday? He had lost track of


"I'm taking you to church with me, teensy," Marie said matter of factly.

Chris did not care to go to church, nor did he understand why she was

taking him. He stood in silence.

"Now, don't be so excited." she mocked. "You won't have much reason to

be excited when church is finally over."

Marie produced a black tube which to Chris looked like thin, yet strong

plastic, and if reduced in scale could have been a garden hose. Where

she got it or what it was for, he did not know.

"Put this in your mouth," the voice commanded as a gigantic Thumb and

Index finger held the tube up to his face.

Chris complied and fit the tube into his mouth.

"Breath through the tube," the voice boomed with command.

Chris inhaled and exhaled quite easily through the long plastic tube.

"Good boy."

He was seized around his midsection by two fingers and whisked through

the air. He found himself standing on the toilet seat, with Marie's huge

form sitting on it as well. Then the curved, fleshy walls that were her

legs began to spread and her great virginal orifice opened before him.

"Come on..." the voice from above coaxed with amusement.

Then a giant Finger prodded his naked form forward. It pushed him to the

opening of her pussy.

"Put the tube back in you mouth," she demanded.

Chris reluctantly inserted the black plastic into his mouth and tried

breathing through it again. But this is not the only thing the Giant

Marie wanted.

"Climb inside me," he was ordered.

He looked skyward, toward the face of Marie. The lens's of her glasses

magnified her eyes and the intensity of her glare disturbed him.

Again he was prodded with a titanic Finger from behind and he was forced

up against the quivering, moist pink flesh.

"INSIDE," the voice demanded as a Finger pushed him into the moisture.

The pink flesh accepted him, as if trying to eat him. His head became

buried and then his shoulders where surrounded. The Finger pushed and

poked his figure mercilessly into the hot, stinky prison.

Marie worked the tiny form till it was completely engulfed. She worked

her index finger till the feet disappeared from her view. That was it,

he was completely inside of her vagina. The small black tube sticking

out a few inches from herself. She could easily block the passage of

air, or just pull his air supply out of her, knowing that there must not

be much, if any, air inside her. She felt a rush of vaginal juices flow

as the thought of this power overcame her. Was this a sexual feeling,

she asked herself? Was this wrong? After all, it wasn't like she was

lusting after a man. A full-sized man at any rate. She wasn't lusting

after anyone. It was the excitement of the control and power she had

over this tiny creature. She consoled herself that it was not sexual

lusting in the least.

Satisfied with this, Marie stood up and slipped her panties on,

completely blocking the exit for the poor little bastard. Then she put

her bra on and slipped into her dress for the day.

Chris saved his panic. He wanted to climb out, but knew it wasn't going

to happen. He tried to concentrate on breathing steadily threw the tube.

The heat that generated around him caused him to sweat furiously. He

completely lost track of time as mere moments seemed to turn into

agonizing hours of torture.

Like a prisoner being punished in a hot tin shed in the middle of the

desert in some sadistic prison camp, Chris reasoned with himself to find

out what he had done to deserve this. It was Marie, he reminded himself.

It had been so long ago, to him, that he had forgotten. Marie, the thin

frail looking woman that was friends with Claudia. Was this the Marie

that he had known? She seemed so nice, selfish in many ways, but always

willing to help or go out of her way for someone.

Since he had been shrunk, and reshrunk, Marie... no, this Giant Marie

seemed to become more and more tyrannical over him. Sadistic in some

ways. The Giant Marie was someone who he did not recognize anymore.

Did he deserve this treatment? Did the Giant Marie in some way have a

claim on his life so as to do this to him? How could she master such a

power, to reduce a person to the size of a doll, a child's plaything?

And now she wielded that power over him, making him nothing more than a

sex toy for her amusement, a pet. She had even mocked him, proclaiming

him as a pet. Was he? His life had definitely taken on the attributes of

such an existence.

The muscles on the other side of the skin he was encased in flexed and

pulled. He could feel the tension of the muscle fibers as the Giant

Marie moved her incredible sized form through it's natural functions.

Chris tried to relax, but the claustrophobia slowly sank in.

Marie got in the passenger side of the car and shut the door in as much

a normal physical manner as she could. He thoughts were of keeping Chris

well buried deep within her even though she knew there was no way out.

Bob and she drove the few blocks to church and they sat in the car for a

few minutes talking a

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