Giantess Stories: The Shrinking Professor

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The Shrinking Professor

(Translated from the German)

It was another terribly busy day for Stefi and me at the Reduktion Institute.

Professor Toller was in a terrible mood and kept us jumping. Nothing we said or

did was quite good enough for him and I think Stefi was ready to cry. Professor

Toller was having a good deal of trouble with the B.E.R.M. (Biological Entity

Reduktion Mekanism). The polarity settings had to be recalibrated constantly. It

was working good enough in actuality. We shrank three Rottweilers down to the

size of kittens and brought them back again. But nothing was good enough for

Professor Augustus Toller. He reminded us over and over that the B.E.R.M.

machine could revolutionize industry and technology and it had to be absolutely

perfect.At last, lunchtime came and Stefi and I were free for an hour. We left


Reduktion Institute right away and walked a few yards down the busy Konigstrasse

to the Hosiery Boutique. The Hosiery Boutique was our lifesaver. We were so

fortunate to have met Ilsa, Anni and Narta, our friends who owned the Hosiery

Boutique. In our lunch hours Stefi and I would go there and try on the lovely

stockings, girdles and fashionable pumps that jammed the shelves. Our weariness

would melt away as we stood before mirrors, dressed in the elegant garments of

intimate stylishness.

Stefi and I told our friends Ilsa, Anni and Narta all about our wicked,

slave driving professor and they nodded in sympathy and complimented us on how


looked in black six-inch heeled pumps, full fashion stockings and tight, flesh

tone, glossy girdles. Stefi became a new person whenever she tried on six-inch

heeled pumps. She strutted and posed in them, her cheeks flushing with pleasure

and then soon excused herself to go to the ladies room. I am sure that Stefi

masturbated whilestanding before the washroom mirror wearing the pumps. I could

tell from the -way that Narta and Anni looked at me that they thought so too.

Ilsa was more innocent of such things.

After the "friendship" with the Hosiery Boutique owners developed, they began to

lend us articles of clothing to wear for our afternoon's work in the Reduktion

Institute next door. I'm sure that Professor Toiler had the most fashionably

dressed laboratory assistants in all of Berlin.

Stefi and I soon realized that our borrowed hosiery and shoes sexually aroused

our Professor. He blushed and stuttered something awful when we returned from

our lunch. His eyes quickly darted down to view Stefi's shiny 6' pumps, and to

caress the dark seams of my full fashion stockings, It was our only revenge on

the Professor who worked us so long and paid us so little. Stefi and I

deliberately began to torment his penis! When we were near him Stefi often

strutted past and wiggled her hips and bottom beneath her short lab frock. I

always sat at a counter calculating polarity calibration tables. When I realized

the professor was watching, I kicked off my high heels and arched my stockinged

feet prissily on the tiled floor. Poor Professor Toiler! He turned all red and

fidgeted nervously. He often made up pathetic excuses to get down on the floor

near my feet and check cable connections to the main control panels. His eyes

stroked my glossy toe reinforcements and were captivated by my shiny stockinged

foot bottoms and naughty heel reinforcements.

Later, when he was in another part of the lab, Stefi and I giggled and made fun

of him behind his back, We laughed at the way we could turn him inside out with

our little fetishistic games. That's when we started calling him little Auggie-

short for his first name, Augustus.

In the evening, back at the Hosiery Boutique where we went to return our

borrowed clothing, our stories were a big hit. Ilsa, Anni and Narta laughed

along with us and giggled at Auggie's obsession with our legs and feet. Anni

said that it was too bad we couldn't show off the exquisite girdles too! Stefi

giggled and replied that if we did that, the poor Professor would never get

anything done.

Anni was fascinated by the B.E.R.M. Reduktion machine and asked us all kinds of

questions. One lunchtime we snuck a tiny Rottweiler over for them all to see.

That was a big hit, and they all thought that it was much more adorable tiny

than it was big and dangerous. That's when Anni gave us a wonderful idea!

She said, "We might all even like Professor Auggie if he was tiny and helpless

like this little Rottweiler!" Stefi and I both started getting the same plan

right away. Narta and Anni laughed too because they knew what we were up to.

Ilsa wasn't sure but she joined in the spirit of the fun anyway.

Stefi and I decided to shrink the Professor that very afternoon! Our plan came

together beautifully. The Professor was half in the Plexiglas reduction chamber

of the B.E.R.M. machine adjusting the placement of some magnetic grids. Stefi

distracted him by walking past and dropping her clipboard. She bent over to pick

it up, giving poor Auggie a delicious view of her stockinged legs, high heels,

and very tight gray mini skirt. While he was preoccupied with his view of Stefi,

I pretended to blunder clumsily by and ran into him. Quick as could be, I shut

the door and sealed him inside the reduction chamber. I then pointed my index

finger and placed it gently against the power button without pressing down hard.

Poor Professor Auggie! He gulped and began shaking with fright. "No! No! You

mustn't This machine is not ready for testing on human subjects! Oh, please,

please let me out!"

Stefi and I just stood there and laughed at him. "But Professor! You said you

were going to freeze our already low salaries if we didn't work harder. I don't

think that's very nice, do you?"

The Professor was helpless and he knew it. He was desperate for us to let him

out and we knew that he would do or say anything to make us show him mercy Stefi

and I had already made up our minds to shrink him, but we wanted to play games

with him first. "Well Professor?" Stefi said, "Will you promise not to freeze

our salaries?"

"Yes! Oh Yes! I will double your salaries--I promise! Only please let me out of


Stefi and I knew that if we released him he would just fire us and then give bad

recommendations to any prospective future employers. Still, we wanted to make

him squirm some more before we shrunk him. I got an idea. "Professor, well let

you out, but first we want to see you naked! Take off all your clothes

Professor." I smiled as I spoke and the Professor didn't think I was serious at

first. I lifted my finger from the button and then began to shove it back toward

the button-forcibly this time.

"No! No! I'll take off my clothes! I promise! Wait! See I am obeying you!" The

Professor was true to his word. He removed his spectacles and then his lab

frock. He removed his tie, shirt and undershirt. Stefi and I stood outside the

reduction chamber watching and smirking. The Professor gulped and blushed as he

bent down to remove his shoes and socks. He looked like he was slowly strangled

as he took off his pants, but he didn't dare to stop and disobey.

The Professor was at our mercy and he knew it! In another minute he stood in

front of us trembling and slowly took down his underpants. He quickly covered

his penis and scrotum with his hands. I have never seen anyone look so defeated!

It was a real kick! Stefi wasn't satisfied.

"Professor, you are being naughty and disobedient! You aren't really naked with

your hands like that. Take them away!,

The Professor pleaded but we just laughed and insisted. My finger hovered over

the power button and he moaned and took his hands away. His penis was actually

quite large, but Stefi and I pretended we had to lean forward and look closely

to see it. His testicles were big and well defined in his hanging scrotum. They

looked in need of a good emptying.

Stefi turned to me and whispered, "Let's give him a girdle show! I want him to

get an erection!" We slowly raised our skirts revealing our stocking tops,

garter straps and then our tight shiny girdles to the poor naked Professor. The

Professor stood there squirming as his penis began to slowly twitch to

attention. Stefi made sure he was at maximum hardness by bending over and

wiggling her girdled bottom at him, right up against the glass.

His penis got huge and Stefi and I couldn't help laughing and making fun of it.

Finally Stefi told me to go ahead and shrink him. The Professor had only a split

second to scream "NO!" and then I hit the button. There was a bright flash in

the reduction chamber and a loud hum. Stefi and I stood wide-eyed. The Professor

was only two feet tall! But something was wrong; his genitals were still of

almost normal size!

Stefi pointed to his penis. "Oh little Auggie!" she exclaimed with exaggerated

concern, "You are so little, but your penis is sooo big!"

Professor Toller looked down at his penis and his eyes almost bulged out of his

head. "Oh my God! What has happened? My reduction machine has terribly

malfunctioned! I shall never be normal again! What have you done!" He glared at

us with a look of furious incredulity. Stefi and I just giggled and made fun of

his proportionally immense penis. Professor Toller's penis was about as long as

one of his arms and as thick as one of his legs, in fact he was having trouble

maintaining normal balance because it was erect. He thought for a few moments,

trying to ignore the smirking comments from Stefi and 1.

'Aha! I have it. The penile muscle was rigid and excited, thus presenting more

density resistance to the reduction waves. That is why my penis has hardly

shrunk at all, while the rest of me is but one third my normal size!" He looked

up at us with relief and begged us to enlarge him and let him out. "Oh no! No,

little Auggie. You are much too cute and precious this way to change you back to

your big and mean old self so soon," l giggled, "Yeah, so there!!" added Stefi

giving the Professor a bit of her lethal pout. He tried to pick up some of his

now way oversized clothes to cover his nakedness with. "Put that down!" I

snapped. "Stay naked Auggie so that we can see your penis or we'll never let you

out or enlarge you either!" He dropped his clothes and looked like he'd just

been slapped.

"Quick, Stefi! Take the enlargement module out of the circuit array," I smirked.

"That way only we can decide when to enlarge him. He's only two feet tall and it

will be much too heavy for him to lift back in place now." Stefi smiled prettily

at the Professor, gave a sassy toss of her blond head, and then removed the

enlargement module and placed it carefully in a high cabinet.

I opened the door to the reduction chamber. "Come here little Auggie," I purred.

"I'm sure you want to cooperate with us, because if you do exactly as we say you

will soon be yourself again. Otherwise, who knows? Would you like to be little

Auggie forever?" He came to me as I asked, knowing that he had no choice.

He was so terribly humiliated at what I did next! I grasped him under the arms

and picked him up as though he were an infant. I placed him astride my left arm

so that his normal sized erection lay against my forearm, its tip throbbing and

purple against my wrist. Stefi came right over to watch the fun. We laughed at

little Auggie's pathetic attempts to salvage a bit of dignity, He tried to act

peeved and outraged. "Do put me down at once Greta! This is most irregular! Do

put me down at once!"

The sight was so ridiculous that Stefi almost collapsed, she was laughing so

hard. She kicked off her six-inch pumps and dropped into a chair shaking with

laughter. I felt the Professor's penis get harder against my arm. His eyes were

on the dark naughty heel and toe reinforcements on the stockings that Stefi

wore. I took his penis in my right hand and began to gently toe with it. "Stefi!

Poor little Auggie got an even bigger hard-on when you kicked off your pumps. I

think he has a thing for ladies' feet.' He squirmed in absolute embarrassment as

I continued to fondle his penis.

"Stefi", I laughed. "Pose your toes for little Auggie while I inspect his penis.

We have to make certain that it is in order and not damaged by the reduction

machine. We must see that it is working properly." Stefi raised her pretty

stockinged legs and pointed her coy reinforced nylon toes like a ballerina while

I began to masturbate little Auggie's big penis. He writhed and grunted but was

quite helpless to prevent the delicious genital manipulations he was receiving.

Soon, almost against his will, his eyes were inexorably drawn to Stefi's naughty

toe show. As his penis throbbed and twitched in my busy fingers, little

Professor Auggie watched Stefi. perform immodestly in her chair. She alternated

pointing her toes with arching her feet and showing her sexy stockings off to

the poor Professor while I played with his penis .

After a little while Stefi got bored and came over for a share of my fun with

the Professor. I let go of his penis and let her toy with it. She took it

between her palms and rolled it a-round like it was just a big piece of bread

dough. The Professor was beside himself. He tried desperately to pull back away

from Stefi's hands and escape his masturbation and it made Stefi and I giggle

like schoolgirls.

I made Stefi leave his penis alone for a while and we took him over to his big

desk. I let Stefi carry him, and as she did she rubbed and pinched his bare

bottom, When we got to the desk, Stefi squealed with indignation. "Oh the nasty

thing! He's dribbling his precum all over my blouse.' "Oh Professor!" I scolded,

laughing all the while. "That was a very naughty thing to do to nice Stefi.

Imagine getting her pretty blouse all messy with juice from your wiener!"

I began to type up a contract for the Professor to sign, along with Stefi and

me. It read as follows: I, Professor Augustus Lemuel Toller, do hereby name

Stefi Niebl and Greta Pommer as my full partners in all profits derived from the

Reduktion Institute and any products resulting from research at said Institute.

I helped him hold the big fountain pen while he signed. Stefi kept casually

pulling on his penis like it was just a big rubber toy.

"There, little Professor Auggie;' I cooed gently, "You will feel a lot better

now without all that heavy responsibilityon your shoulders. Well help carry some

of that and I'm sure we shall get on famously as partners' " "Ooh," Stefi

breathed, still masturbating littleAuggie's big penis. 'And to think. It's not

every businessman that gets pickedup and gently manipulated by his pretty female

business partners. Does whatI'm doing to you feel nice Professor Auggie? Does

it? Hmmm?" The Professor was shamelessly squirming and gasping as Stefi's hand

continued to grope between his legs. The tip of his glans was swollen so purple

it looked ready to explode.

"Wait Stefi!" I laughed. "Let's all go over to the Hosiery Boutique and put on a

real fashion show for little Auggie!"

The Professor's face looked like Stefi was slowly strangling him, not just

playing with his penis! Stefi giggled at my idea. "Yes Greta! And after we put

on a fetish fashion show for the Professor, we can put on a slow masturbation

show for our three friends at the Boutique. I'm sure they would all like to see

little Auggie squirt big gobs of sperm!"

"Anni and Narta would, I'm sure," I added, "But I bet innocent Ilsa would blush

crimson if she watched us masturbate him!""Let's find out!" Stefi giggled.

We knocked on the side door of the Hosiery Boutique and waited a bit for an

answer. Soon the door opened and there stood Anni with Ilsa and Narta behind


"Remember the idea you had Anni, about how the Professor nu h t be likable if he

was tiny and helpless?" asked Stefi. Anni nodded in curiosity as we walked into

the Boutique. Stefi was as proud as a circus showman. 'Well here he is! Meet

lovable little Auggie!"

Anni squealed with delight as she caught sight of the tiny little Professor.

"0oh, he's adorable! Isn't he sweet! Why this lovable little fellow certainly

cannot be the same terrible slave driver that you and Stefi spoke of so often

can he, Greta?" Ilsa's mouth made a pretty lipstick framed "0" of stunned

disbelief as she stood, hands on her curvy hips, gaping at the Professor. Narta

was laughing almost uncontrollably at the sight. They escorted us toward the

front where the racks of clothing were. Ilsa ran quickly to the front door,

locked it, placed a closed sign in the window, and drew the blinds.

"Yes Anni", I said smugly. "This is indeed the very same Professor who has been

such a slave driver to Stefi and me.' "Yes and we're so very glad that you had

this excellent idea Anni," Stefi smirked as she reached out to pull little

Auggie's bare knees apart to reveal his genitals to our friends from the

Boutique."Oh my goodness!" exclaimed Narta, her eyes wide with interest at the

sight of the little Professor's bare genitals. "What a perfectly immense penis

he has! And yes, a very large scrotum too!"

A pretty young lady walked out of one of the dressing rooms, obviously aghast at

all the commotion. She was dressed in a gleaming white girdle, laced to the most

delicious tightness possible, and she wore six inch heeled pumps of the sassiest

red I had ever seen.

"Oh, I am so sorry Sissy"' llsa exclaimed in obvious embarrassment. "I forgot

that you were still here trying on our latest line of high fashion foundation

ware! Stefi and Greta, this is Sissy Carmichael, a young attorney from England,

a good customer and one of our dearest friends. We often spend our holidays


Of course there was nothing to do but to continue to make introductions back and

forth. Stefi and I explained how the Professor had mistreated us and how we had

turned the tables on him. Sissy Carmichael nodded and smiled and looked between

the Professor's legs at his huge sex organ with obvious interest. We were all

surprised, yet placed greatly at ease as well when Sissy blurted, "Can I feel

his penis? Can I masturbate him?"

"Would you like this nice English lady to masturbate you little Professor?"

Stefi cooed with mocking sweetness. To our great surprise he gulped and nodded.

This brought giggles all around, even from Ilsa, who was acting much more amused

with the entire situation than I had even dared hope.

The Professor had to be near the end of his tether by now anyway. Stefi and I

had both mercilessly toyed with his penis. He was surrounded by women wearing

six inch classic pumps; seamed, nude, or full fashioned stockings; and very

tight and extremely short skirts. And the pretty young foreign lawyer who had

offered to perform masturbation on him was clad only in a tight girdle and sassy

red high heeled pumps. Narta cleared her desk and we had the Professor lay down

on it-still totally naked. He was placed on his back and Ilsa held his wrists

and Narta held his ankles so he wouldn't fall and be hurt if he writhed during

the masturbation.

Anni squirted some baby oil into Sissy's hands. Sissy smiled down at the

Professor as she rubbed her palms together and worked the baby oil well into her

pretty fingers. When her hands were positively glistening with the oil, she bent

over Auggie and gigglingly asked him if he was ready. The Professor writhed and

nodded. We all laughed and Sissy Carmichael began togive us a masturbation show.

She took the Professor's penis in her right fist and began to pump it hard while

she rested her left hand gently on his tiny torso. Sissy smiled as she pumped

rapidly, and with enough force to jerk his body and pull it up and down a tiny

bit with each stroke.

Sissy was giggling while she did it and so were we. It was quite a ludicrous

sight! A laughing woman in a girdle and sassy red six inch pumps, masturbating a

two foot man with a normal sized penis, that two women were holding down on a

desk, while three other women stood around watching curiously and laughing.

Sissy's hands flew up and down the Professor's penis. His scrotum began to slap

against his bare bottom with the force of the girdled English woman's pulling

strokes. Sissy took his scrotum in her free hand, to protect both it and his

tiny bare bottom from the impact. Poor little Auggie! His mouth hung slack, his

eyes were glazed, and he was panting and writhing in helpless delight!

It was obvious to all of us that Sissy Carmichael thoroughly enjoyed stimulating

our little Professor's penis. Her cheeks were prettily flushed and her full lips

were parted in an expression of controlled lust. The Professor raised his head

from time to time and watched her hands as they mercilessly flogged his swollen,

twitching penis. He looked at the full ripe curves of her bare thighs and turned

his gaze to view the way her full breasts were nearly spilling from the girdle's

corset top.

"Beat him off Sissy!" Narta breathed in a giggling fit of arousal as Anni leaned

over Sissy's shoulder and urged her on. "Make him squirt Sissy! We want to see

his sperm spurt all over! Make him blow his big load and get it all over


Sissy Carmichael turned out to be very obliging indeed. She wanted to impress

her friends by pulling a big messy load out of the little Professor's tormented

penis and watching him helplessly cover himself in cum. "Come on little Auggie!"

Sissy teased with a naughty smile on her pretty face. "Come on Professor! Let me

empty your balls for you. I want to drain them dry and get your juice all over

my hands!"

This was too much for the poor Professor to take. "Oooh, here it comes!" Sissy

squealed and kept pumping.

She was bent over at the waist and her shiny girdle was stretched drum tight

across her big bottom as she made her helpless victim ejaculate. The little

Professor had found, moments before, that he could see her girdled bottom in a

mirror placed low on the opposite wall, for trying on high heels. His eyes

bulged in disbelief as his penis gave in to the demanding hands of his giggling

English masturbator.

"Ooh poor little Auggie! He's trembling!" Stefi cooed as we all watched him

begin to climax. With a long whimpering moan of agonized delight the little

Professor began to ejaculate as Sissy's merciless hands brought him to a near

fainting crescendo of pleasure. Thick, heavy curds of his sperm sprayed up into

the air almost in slow motion, then slowly plopped back down to land in sloppy

puddles everywhere. Sissy's hands and arms were drenched in it and one thick

long squirt landed on her thigh. A second wayward blob skidded across her

girdled hip and splashed on the floor.

"Give it all to me! Empty your balls little Auggie!" Sissy smirked as she kept

pumping and watched the Professor unload with smug satisfaction. Thick fertile

ropes of the little Professor's sperm gushed from the tip of his penis and

flipped through the air in all directions. Some flew on Narta's hands and the

weaker squirts splashed all down the Professor's thighs. Sissy changed the angle

of her grip as she continued to beat off the big slippery penis that jolted and

jumped in her determined grasp. More spurts flew backward over the little

Professor's head and hit Ilsa. A wayward, sideways glop shot through the air and

skidded down Stefi's glossy stockings to drop off the curve of her knee and plop

obscenely across the fashionable toes of her black six inch pumps,

"My what a naughty little Professor you are!" exclaimed Sissy in amazement as

her greedy pumping hands urged the last thick drops from little Auggie's now

drooping penis. It took us nearly twenty minutes to wipe off the table, clean up

ourselves and wash off the little drenched Professor. As we tended him, the

little Professor kept muttering to himself, "I cant believe the volume! It is

impossible. So much semen! ... Aha! I have it! My body's total blood volume was

reduced due to the shrinking. Yet because my genitals remained of normal size,

they are producing more testosterone per volume of blood. That explains my

prodigious new ejaculatory capacity!" We just giggled at little Auggie's

prattling. All that mattered to us was that we had fun teasing him, masturbating

him, and then watching him shoot off like a fire hose.

Then he finally got his fashion show! Narta posed topless in a lacy flesh tone

half girdle. Ilsa modeled in a pink suit with taupe reinforced toe stockings.

Sissy Carmichael strutted by in her red pumps and an old fashioned hourglass

corset. Sissy's original girdle was too much of a mess to be worn before

receiving a good washing. She was proud and sassy as she wiggled her bottom in

little Auggie's face. Anni showed off in a grey mini skirted suit and lace

blouse, with black ultra sheer full fashioned stockings.

Stefi and I pranced around the Professor in black blazers and tight white

skirts, but without our high heels on. We teased him with a double stockinged

toe show. Stefi had changed into totally nude ultra glossy stockings while I

wore a pair with a stylish black seam up the back of my calves.

"Uh oh!" Stefi purred. "Our little friend has a stiff wiener again! What a

naughty little man!"

We all laughed and placed the Professor gently down on the floor, on his back.

We pulled up chairs and sat in a circle around him. Stefi and Anni amused

themselves and the rest of us by gently pushing his penis back and forth between

their feet. Little Auggie's sex organ swelled between Annie's full fashioned

toes and Stefis arched stockinged foot bottoms. He was all excited and ready to

spurt again! We couldn't believe it!

It was at that moment that Ilsa stunned us all with a blushing request. "I have

an idea! I want to do something to little Auggie all by myself. Could I try it

please?" Stefi and Anni gladly stopped pushing the Professor's penis and moved

their chairs back a bit to give Ilsa room. Ilsa scooted her chair forward a

little to settle herself comfortably. We all giggled to see Ilsa modestly tuck

the hem of her pink skirt about her pretty knees. Her stockinged feet were

sexily arched on the carpeted floor. Then Ilsa raised her feet, stockinged toes

pointed like a ballerina, and extended them to the little Professor's erect

penis. She took his big penis between the balls of her feet and began to pull it

up and down.

"Ooh, it's so hard and hot between my toes!" Ilsa exclaimed with an expression

of sweet determined innocence. We all laughed. The Professor's penis was swollen

to its purple, vein popping, twitching maximum and drooling precum as Ilsds

impudent toes gently enslaved it. Ilsa giggled and kept her toes pointed as she

continued little Auggie's slow masturbation.

She redoubled her efforts, flexing her legs and skinning the Professor's penis

up and down between her toes. She did it so hard that she pulled his little body

right up off the floor with every upstroke. The friction was driving little

Auggie mad!"Don't be a naughty Professor and make a nasty mess on Ilsas nice

stockings," I cooed. The Professor's rigid body was gently thumped down on the

carpet and lifted clear again-over and over. "Oh no! I can't stop it! Do put me

down at once! Ughhh ... ;'The Professor's gasping pleas terminated in a low

strangled moan. Ilsa pouted, prettily peeved because she had brought him to

climax so quickly. She raised her legs and held him still. The Professor hung in

the air by his oversized penis, held fast between Ilsa's stockinged toes. The

pressure and friction were so great that his orgasm lasted nearly a full minute.

Poor little Auggie! He hung there, his bottom six inches up off the carpet, his

tormented penis twitching and jolting between the balls of Ilsa's feet. His

mouth hung stack and he looked like he was going to faint on us.

We all leaned forward to watch his bizzarely induced climax and ejaculation.

Finally the tormented twitching of his penis forced thick gobs of sperm up from

between llsa's compressing toes. Ilsa giggled, sitting prettily, still holding

him up off the carpet with her pointed toes firmly gripping his penis. Little

Auggie shook uncontrollably as his penis drenched Ilsa's toes and squirted heavy

curds of sperm high in the air. He hung there by his penis and ejaculating what

seemed like a quart of cum in a series of slow spasms.

As his climax began to subside and weak dribbles started to drool out of his

penis, Ilsa lowered him to the floor with her feet. As the Professor lay still,

limp in a puddle of his sperm, Ilsa stood up proudly and bowed smiling. We all

clapped and laughed. Ilsa stood saucily on tiptoe and raised her left leg to

flick gobs of sperm off her stockinged foot bottom. She made a face as she did


After that Stefi and I told the Professor that we would take him back to the

Reduktion Institute and enlarge him. After all, we had his signed contract and

we were his full partners now. Sissy was an attorney and offered to represent us

for free if we needed her. To our surprise, the Professor got down on his knees

by my stockinged feet and began to kiss them.

"No please! I have never been happier. I wish to stay small like this for the

rest of my life. I want to be enlarged again only if absolutely necessary and

then but briefly. I have never known such pleasure. Please let me stay as I am!"

he pleaded.

Of course we couldnt say no to little Auggie's pleading. He was so cute on his

knees! Needless to say this was just the beginning of our games with the

Shrinking Professor!


Giantess Stories: The Shrinking Professor

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