Giantess Stories: The Small Spy  By HUY

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The Small Spy


(The Ray) Imagine that the world that you use to know has now gotten larger,

and you are now as small as a little doll. Well this happened to Jaime Smith. It

all began when Jaime was walking down a deserted street alley and a mysterious

ray was fired on him from a window that was one the fifth floor of an apartment

building. Jaime was confused and amazed. He was now only 3 inches tall and the

world around him seemed very dangerous to him. He didn't know what to do, so he

started to run towards the main street.

(The Policewoman) Once there Jaime looked around and saw a policewoman

sitting at a table in front of a donut shop. Jaime went in front of the police

officer and yelled as loud as he could to get the woman's attention. He noticed

that there was a lot of noise outside and that he had to do something different

to get the woman's attention. So he went over to the table where the woman was

sitting and started to climb on top of it. Once he reached the top he ran over

to the woman and started waving at her on top of a donut. All of a sudden the

policewoman reached for the donut and picked it up. She was about to take a bite

out of it, when she suddenly looked down and saw Jaime. She then started to

stare at Jaime and pick him out of the donut. The policewoman then placed Jaime

on top of her palm and said "Well hello there". Jaime responded "Please, don't

hurt me, Help Me!","Some ray from the fourth floor of the apartment window in

that alley (Jaime points toward the alley) hit me and turned me to this size."

The police lady then ran to her police car and placed Jaime on the passenger

side seat. She then got on the radio and called for backup. She then told Jaime

to stay were he was and she would take care of it. Then she started to head

towards the alley and disappeared from Jaime's view. About 5 minutes later, the

policewoman came back and told Jaime that she needed to wait for backup because

she saw the ray hit a nearby dumpster and shrunk it to the size of a tiny box.

10 minutes later, backup came and the place was swarming with cops. The

policewoman was ordered to hide Jaime to keep the press from knowing. She then

picked Jaime up and placed him inside the glove compartment of her car. Inside

the glove compartment Jaime heard that the police were planning to make a big

surge into the apartment and capture the person inside.

(The Police's Plan)

The police had blocked off the alley and closed the apartment building down

shutting down all the power. They tried to distract the person in the apartment

room by making a robot look as human like as possible. They gathered up 12

people to wait at the end of the hall of the fifth floor for the signal. They

told each person that they needed to get the shrinking machine away from the

person inside, then try to arrest him. They were also told that this was a very

strange dangerous scene and that they should take caution because they didn't

know what to expect.

(The Plan in Action)

Then the plan was on. The police controlled the robot to walk across the alley.

They then signalled the team to start the raid. Every thing went as planned, the

person fired the ray at the robot and shrunk it to the size of a small toy.

Right after that happened, the door to the apartment room fell down and the

police started to surge in. The man in the room turned around quickly and

managed to fire his shrinking ray and caught the last officer to run through the

door. The officers got to the man and knocked the machine away hitting the wall

then the floor. The man then took out a gun from inside his shirt and pointed it

at the officers. A shot was heard, and the next thing that was seen was that the

man was on the floor with a bullet to his head. The cops then ran over to the

officer that was shrunk. An officer then picked him up and brought him outside.

The rest of the cops went over to the shrinking machine, wrapped it up with

newspaper, and put it in a bag. The detectives were then allowed to come in and

investigate the scene.

(Inside The Glove Compartment)

Inside the Glove compartment, Jaime heard the police's plan and hoped that they

would find the person and find a way to get him back to his normal size. He

heard the door fall, and the shot being fired. He then heard that a policeman

was shrunk and was taken back to headquarters. Then the glove compartment was

opened and the policewoman picked Jaime up and told him that she was going to

take him to police headquarters. The woman then drove the car and headed toward

headquarters. In the car, the policewoman told Jaime that her name was Jennifer

and that she appreciated him trusting her.

(Police Headquarters)

The car then arrived at police headquarters. Jennifer picked Jaime up and

brought him inside. Jennifer took Jaime to the chief's office and placed him on

his table. Jennifer then left, and closed the door behind her. The chief then

looked at Jaime and said " Hi, my name is James Franklin.","Well it looks like

you have been caught in a very strange predicament". Jaime replied "Yes sir, all

that I want now is to return myself to normal size and try to live a normal life

again". James then said "Well I hate to tell you this, but the shrinking machine

that had shrunk you was broken during the struggle with the person in the room."

Jaime responded "Well now what am I supposed to do, I don't think I can go back

to my regular life being as I am right now." James then answered "Well we have

been thinking about using you to work in some secret missions that only you can

do" Jaime then asked "What about the other policeman that had been shrunk? What

is he going to do?" The chief answered "He has agreed to help us out, and we

shipped him over to Washington D.C. where he will be helping to discover bugs,

and to spy on suspected criminals." Jaime then asked "If I agree and work for

you, what kind of missions will be handed down to me?" James replied "I promise

you, all you will have to do for us is to spy on people that we believe are

involved in a serious crime." Jaime then agreed and was handed a contract which

he signed. Then James said "OK, now let me assign you to a partner, this person

I think you will like". The chief then buzzed his secretary and said "OK Jill,

you can tell Courtney that she may come in."

(Jaime's Partner)

Jaime then turned around and looked as the door opened. His partner came in and

sat down in front of the table. She was 6 feet tall, and to Jaime she was a huge

giantess. Jaime stared at her and noticed that she had long blond hair, nice

shapely thighs, large luscious red lips, blue eyes, and round shapely bosoms.

James then said "Hi Courtney, I would like you to meet your new partner(points

to Jaime), this is Jaime." Courtney then stared at Jaime and picked him up from

the desk. She lifted him in front of her eyes and said "Hello Jaime, I'm

Courtney, I'm going to take good care of you." The chief then told them that

they should go somewhere to get better acquainted, and that he'll call them when

he has a mission for them. Courtney then brought Jaime out of the office and

into her car. She then drove off.

(Courtney's Apartment)

Courtney then brought Jaime back to her apartment, she placed him on the top of

her dining room table and went off into the kitchen. She then started to cook

and prepare a meal. While she was cooking she asked Jaime about his life before

he was shrunk and what his goals are now that he is only 3 inches tall. Jaime

replied by saying that he hadn't had a great life before he was shrunk and that

he was all alone before he was shrunk. He said that his goal now was to help

other people the best he can. Courtney finished cooking and brought a tiny plate

of food for Jaime to eat from. Jaime told her that her cooking was great and

that he was thankful that she was being so nice and gentle with him. After they

were done eating, Courtney picked up Jaime and brought him into her room.

Courtney placed him on top of her bed and told him to stay there she was going

to give him a big surprise. Jaime was on the bed not knowing what to expect, all

he was thinking about was what would be his first mission. When Courtney came

back, she was now dressed in some white lingerie. She then said "Hello

Jaime(real softly), like what you see?". Jaime said "Damn, If I died tonight,

I'd die a happy man." She laid down on the bed and told Jaime that they were

going to play a game. She told him "OK, you be an explorer and explore that part

of a woman's body that nobody has gone before." Jaime then walked around

Courtney and looked at all the things that he could do. He walked up to her

breasts and moved his hands around them feeling the nice curvature of them.

Courtney then reached over and started to take off the clothes that Jaime had on

very carefully and slowly. After she had finished taking off Jaime's clothes she

said "Now, isn't that better","much better" replied Jaime. He then walked

further down to her cunt, he jumped right into it without thinking and started

to play with it. He then moved to her pussy and stuck himself in feet first.

Courtney moaned when Jaime was entering the "Promised Land". From Jaime's

position he could see the nice shapely thighs that Courtney had. He felt her

vaginal cavities squeezing ever so gently and he felt her fluid going between

his legs around his penis, and all around his stomach. He then got out after

some fluid got through and onto his head. Courtney then picked him up and

brought him to the bathroom. She then filled a plate with water and placed a

little bit of soap to the side of the plate. She then said "Now Jaime you take

your bath while I take mine." She then took off her lingerie and filed the tube

up with water. While the tube was being filled up she started dancing in front

of Jaime. "Here's some entertainment while you are bathing". She then got into

the tube and turned off the running water. Jaime had finished bathing when

Courtney got into the tube. He now had the opportunity to watch Courtney while

she bathed. Courtney lathered up herself with soap slowly up and down her entire

body. She did it in a way that really aroused Jaime. She then stood up, and let

the water drain out of the tube. She then turned on the shower and started to

dance round letting the water rinse her of all the soap. Jaime loved to see

Courtney's body in motion, he couldn't believe that this was happening to him.

Courtney then dried herself up with a towel and went over to Jaime and said "All

done? OK, I'll get you some clothes that I have that is just your size." She

then dried up Jaime, picked him up and placed him on the desk in her bedroom.

She went into the closet and took the clothes off of one of her ken dolls. She

then said "I know these are a little big, but they'll do until the chief has his

people sow some clothes just for you." She then started to clean up her bed, and

changed the mattress. She then placed Jaime on the bed and went into the closet

and changed into a red pair of lingerie. She came back and said "OK, Its time

for bed". She then laid back down on the bed and placed a pillow right in front

of her face. She placed Jaime on the pillow and kept her hand on him. Jaime

looked over and saw that Courtney had fallen asleep and he knew he couldn't in

anyway get free from her hand, so he decided to go to sleep.

(The First Mission)

At about 4:30 in the morning, Courtney's beeper went off and it woke Jaime and

Courtney up. Courtney rose up from the bed (still looking nice) and went over to

the beeper. She then picked up the phone and started to talk to a person that

sounded like James. She then went over to Jaime and said "OK, The chief says we

have a mission, come on (she picks up Jaime), we need to go to headquarters to

be briefed. She then placed Jaime in her purse and headed to her car and drove

to headquarters. When she got to headquarters she went to the chief's office and

took Jaime out of her purse. The chief then greeted them and said "OK, we have

just got a mission for you that you can help us with. There is a woman that is

suspected of plotting to kill one of her teammates. All we know at this time is

that she maybe trying to eliminate all the competition that she may be faced

with in the beauty contest and be the new Ms. U.S.A. We don't have enough

evidence to get a warrant so you will need to spy on her". Jaime replied "OK,

I'll try to get the evidence that you need." The chief then told Courtney how

she could get to the woman's house and told her to make sure that Jaime got

inside unharmed. Courtney then asked the chief if he had some clothes that Jaime

could wear. The chief responded "Yeah, he have a special suit made especially

for him. The chief buzzed his secretary and said "OK Jill, bring in the suit

that I asked for to be made." Jill then came into the office, she was 5'6'' with

red hair. She was wearing a black skin tight skirt that revealed her entire

body, not to mention the size of her breasts. Jill then gave James (the chief)

the suit and went back to her desk again. James then gave the suit to Courtney

and told Jaime "OK, this is a special suit that has been made for you. It has a

button to activate a tiny tape recorder on your left (points to the left side of

his suit), and it has a small radio on the other side (points to the right side

of his suit). Take good care of it." Courtney then picked up Jaime and said "OK,

are you ready, be careful and don't get hurt, I wouldn't want you to get

harmed", "My little lover (she whispers)". She then put Jaime inside her purse,

went to her car, and drove off.

(The Suspect's House)

Courtney drove to the house of the suspected woman. She brought Jaime out of the

purse, got out car, and went to the back of the house. She made sure that there

wasn't a dog or a cat in the backyard. Then she went to the back door of the

house and put Jaime down in front of it. She took out the suit that was made for

Jaime and placed it on the ground. She then carefully took of Jaime's clothing,

and started to dress Jaime in the new suit. She then whispered "OK, Jaime you

crawl under the door, be careful and If you need me use the radio in your suit."

Jaime then crawled into the house, and ran under a table. He heard Courtney's

car driving away and he knew that he was all by himself with the suspect. The

house was larger than any house he had seen before. Even if he were his normal

size the house would be large. He then saw two people walk by him. There were

two women who were about 26 years old, they seemed to be friends. The two women

then went into a room and sat down at a table. Jaime walked towards the table.

One of the women had black hair, and was wearing a white shirt, and jeans. The

other woman had blond hair and was wearing a bikini with a towel around her

butt. He then listened in on the conversation that the two were converging on.

He then pushed the start button on the tape recorder and started to record. The

girl with the bikini said "Mary you know what must be done don't you?" Mary

replied "Yes, Michelle I know the plan". Michelle then responded "OK repeat to

me the plan again to make sure that you have it straight." Mary then said "You

want me to go to Heather's house and sneak up on her. Then when the moment is

right, I spring on her and kill her." Michelle then asked "And at what time will

you do it?" Mary answered "I'll do it in an hour, I need to prepare first." The

two women then went upstairs and into a room. Jaime stopped the tape recorder

and thought to himself "What do I do now? I can just stay here and get some more

evidence while being safe, or I could go to Heather's house and try to save her

maybe putting myself in danger." Jaime then decided that he would have to try to

save Heather's life because he couldn't live with himself if he didn't try to

save her. He then walked into the hallway and saw two purses lying on the floor.

He knew one of them had to be Mary's and one of them was Michelle's. He climbed

into one of them and found a wallet. The picture on the driver's license was

that of Michelle's. Jaime quickly got out of the purse and climbed into the

other purse. He checked the drivers license and saw that it was Mary's license.

He then looked for a safe place to hide before Mary got back.

(Heather's House)

Mary then got back and picked up her purse. She walked to her car and got in.

She placed the purse on the passenger side and started to drive. The car drove

for about 15 minutes when it stopped. Jaime could see that Mary opened the car

door and started to put on a mask and some gloves. While this was happening

Jaime climbed out of the purse and started for the car door next to Mary. When

Mary was busy getting ready, Jaime got out of the car and headed towards the

front door. Once there he crawled under the door and looked at the house. He saw

that the house wasn't as large as Michelle's house, but it was large never the

less. He ran to the table at the center of the hall and climbed on top of it. He

looked around and saw that Heather was lying down on the couch watching a movie.

Heather had red hair and was still in her pajamas. She looked the same age as

the other women, and she was in good shape. She looked better than the other two

women and Jamie knew why the other women wanted to eliminate her. Jaime then

climbed down the table and headed toward the couch where Heather lay. As he was

walking he remembered that he had a radio in his other pocket. He pressed the

button and Courtney's voice came through. Courtney said "What's the situation?

What do you need?" Jaime then said "I'm at Heather's house, I don't know where

it is, but they are going to kill her in about 30 minutes. I'm going to try to

stop it." Courtney's voice then said "OK, I'll try to ask the chief if he knows

a Heather that is in the contest, I'll try my best to find you. Be careful now,

don't do anything foolish." Jaime then replied "OK, please come as fast as you



Jaime then reached the couch. Heather was still watching the movie and didn't

notice Jaime was there. Jaime was wondering what he could do to get her

attention. He looked at his suit and noticed that the radio had a button to

amplify his voice. He pushed this button and said "Excuse me, Heather!". Heather

then turned off the television and said "Who's there?". Jaime responded "Down

here, Look beneath you". Heather looked down and got startled. Jaime tried to

calm her down saying "No no, don't be afraid, I'm here to help you, trust me".

When Heather finally calmed down she picked Jaime up and placed him on top of

the table next to the couch. Jaime then turned off the amplifier and said "look

I know that this is weird but you have to believe me on this. There is a woman

outside your house that is sneaking around trying to eliminate you. I think that

they want to get rid of all the competition in the Ms. U.S.A. beauty contest.

Now please believe me and try to run away" Heather then responded "Who are you?

Why should I listen to you?" Jaime replied "I was a spy working for the police.

I was spying on these two women and I learned about the plot that they had to

kill you. I came here to warn you and to help you." Heather then said "OK, I'll

listen to you, I'm going to go to the police station now." Heather then placed

Jaime in her purse and headed toward the door.

(The Fight)

Meanwhile Mary was inside the house, she had seen Jaime talking to Heather and

she knew she had to act now. She sprang on Heather as she was heading toward the

door. Heather dropped the purse and Jaime was knocked unconscious. Heather and

Mary started to struggle between each other. Heather managed to get into her car

and speed away. Mary then went back to the purse that Jaime was in. She picked

him out of it and put him in her car. She then drove back to Michelle's house.

(The Police Station)

Heather got to the police station. She told the police the story, and Courtney

arrived and questioned her. Courtney then asked Mary what happened to Jaime.

Heather replied "I had put him in my purse when someone attacked me and forced

me to drop it. I don't know what happened to the purse thereafter because I was

trying to run away from the killer." Courtney then said "The police did not find

a purse at your house, he probably has been taken and is being kept captive. We

have enough evidence to get a warrant for Mary and Michelle, thanks to Jaime."

Heather then said "Please help him, he saved my life, can I do anything to

help?" Courtney answered "Just stay here for now, when the case is over I'll let

you thank him yourself." With that Courtney left the police station and headed

toward Michelle's house.

(Michelle's house again)

Mary arrived at Michelle's house and Michelle greeted her. Michelle said "Did

you do it?" Mary then said "No, she got away." Michelle yelled "What? I thought

we planned it all out, how did this happen?" Mary replied "There was a tiny guy

around 3 inches tall and he was here before and heard our plan." He apparently

sneaked into my purse and went with me to Heather's house. Then when I was

getting ready to kill Heather, he got inside the house and talked to Heather and

got her to go to the police station. I then attacked her, but she got away."

Michelle then said "A little man?" Mary said "Yeah, luckily Heather dropped her

purse with the man in it and I snatched him out and put him in my purse."

Michelle then said "Give him here, I have the perfect place for him." Mary then

took Jaime out and gave him to Michelle. Michelle then ran upstairs and placed

Jaime on the table next to the door. Mary followed behind and closed the door.

Michelle then took off her clothes and picked up Jaime. She then placed him in

between her two breasts and started to apply pressure. Jaime woke up just then

and felt the pressure started to increase. He was dazed and didn't know where he

was. All he saw was two mountain-sized pieces of flesh on either side of him

squeezing him. He looked up and saw Michelle's face. He now knew that he was a

captive now and hoped that he could live past this day.

(The Torturing)

Mary then said "Michelle, don't apply too much pressure, you will kill him. I

bet he is worth a lot to the police, we can use him as a hostage." Michelle then

said "Well alright, I would have gotten a thrill out of killing you, but it

seems like you are worth more alive then dead." Michelle then moved her breasts

toward the bed and released the pressure. Jaime started to slide down Michelle's

body. He grabbed her cunt and stopped his fall for a moment, but he then lost

his grip and fell to the bed. Jaime now couldn't move anymore. The fall had made

him hurt his legs and body. Michelle then dressed herself up,and Mary went out

of the room to find a place to keep Jaime. Michelle finished dressing and went

over to the bed. She then said "You foolish little man. Why did you have to spy

on me? If you were on my side, I would have given you a night you would have

never forgotten. But since you are my enemy I will have to punish you." She then

picked Jaime up by his legs. Jaime screamed in pain. She brought his over to the

bathroom and filled up the tube with hot water. She then tied Jaime onto a stick

and into the hot running water. She quickly took him out and said "That's what

you get for spying on me." She then stuck him in the water again, and quickly

out again. She stuck Jaime in and out of the water 3 more times, each time

saying "This is for ruining my plans". After that Michelle brought Jaime back

into her bedroom. Mary was in there placing a bird cage that she found on a

string that was hanging from the ceiling. Michelle then put Jaime on the desk

and went over to help Mary. When they were finished, Michelle picked up Jaime

and placed him in there. She closed the cage and said "There, that should hold

you. Don't even think of getting away. There is no where but down if you

escape." Michelle and Mary left and soon came back with large roach. They put

the roach into the cage and said "Have fun", "I know you are just going to love

each other so well." Michelle and Mary then watched as the roach circled around

Jaime. Jaime was yelling and screaming, he never use to be afraid of roaches,

but now that they were bigger, he was terrified. Michelle and Mary started to

laugh as they saw the roach crawling all over Jaime.

(Courtney to the Rescue)

Then a noise was heard from inside the room. It sounded like Courtney was at the

front door. Michelle told Mary to go out and see what was happening. Mary obeyed

and went outside while Michelle opened the cage and took Jaime out. Michelle

heard the police breaking down the door and Mary yelling "Its the Police! Run!

Run!" Michelle ran out of the room and saw that the police had gotten through

and had Mary in handcuffs. Courtney then spotted Michelle and ran towards her.

Michelle ran back to her bedroom and was followed by Courtney. When Courtney got

into the room she saw that Michelle was trying to open her window but having no

luck with the lock. Courtney then said "OK, stand still or I'll shoot!" Michelle

then replied "You shoot me and I'll kill this little man!" Courtney then shouted

"You have no where to go! Why don't you just put the little man down? And I

promise I won't hurt you!" Michelle then said "I'll only let him go if you let

me escape." Courtney then said "You know I can't do that, but I'll tell you this

if you hurt Jaime, I'm going to shoot you with a bullet right between you pretty

little eyes. Michelle then saw a red beam that was placed right between her

eyes. She got frightened and started to cry and kneel down. She then placed

Jaime gently on the ground and raised her hands toward Courtney. Courtney then

approached Michelle and put handcuffs on her. Courtney then asked Jaime if he

was feeling ok and Jaime responded "I've had better days, I'm so glad you came,

thank you for coming at the right time."

(The Aftermath)

After the case was over, Jaime was sent to the best doctor in the country to be

healed of his injuries. Michelle and Mary were put in prison with life

sentences. Heather went to the beauty contest and became Ms. U.S.A. Courtney

went with Jaime to take care of him. When he was all healed up, Heather invited

him to her house where she could thank him personally. Jaime had been feeling

much better and he was now ready to go on another mission. Courtney had looked

after him and provided him with shelter and food. She bought a dollhouse that

was just the right size for Jaime. It had a lot of windows and furniture that

Jaime took a liking to. There was a terrace outside one of the side windows, and

Jaime would go there if he needed Courtney to do something. Courtney put the

dollhouse next to her bed so that if Jaime needed something at night he could

just go outside on the terrace and then jump on the bed and get her attention.

Jaime and Courtney usually played with each other every night. Courtney liked

taking care of Jaime. It was like taking care of one of her ken dolls, but the

only difference was that Jaime was alive and he could move around. Each night

Courtney would go to the dollhouse and knock three times, this gave Jaime the

cue to undress and get ready for a great time. Courtney would then sit herself

down in front of the dollhouse and wait for Jaime to come out. When Jaime came

out he would see Courtney naked lying on the carpet looking at him sexually. She

would then move her hand towards Jaime slowly and slowly wrapped her fingers

around his tiny body. She then lifted him up and brought him slowly towards her

face. She brought Jaime in front of her full red lips and puckered up. She held

him there for a minute to let him admire her lips. Then she pushed Jaime up to

her lips, and Jaime would then suck on them and feel them with his hands. He

could feel the nice texture of her lips and he could smell the sweet fragrance

from her lipstick. From time to time, Courtney would extend her tongue out and

like Jaime's body from bottom to top. After Jaime and Courtney were done with

the kissing. Courtney would lower him to her giant breasts. She would place him

in between her breasts and allowed him to play with them. Jaime would start to

rub his hands all around her breasts. Then, Jaime would lay himself down on one

of her breasts and felt her lungs filling and releasing the air that she

breathed. He felt her strong heart. He would try using his whole body to squeeze

Courtney's breasts. It hardly moved, but it was a great thrill for Jaime. After

that was done, Jaime would move his head toward the nipple on her breast. He

first played around with it and then tried to suck it. After he had fun with her

breasts he would slide down her smooth stomach all the way to her cunt. He would

then play with it, getting himself tangled, and then trying to get free.

Courtney would then pick Jaime out of her cunt and place him in front of her

large vagina. Jaime would then approach it and stuck his body in it until only

his arms and head was out. To Courtney's delight, Jaime would move his feet

always making her orgasmic. Jaime would then felt Courtney's muscles starting to

put pressure on his body. Her vagina was getting hot and liquid would start to

ooze out. After Courtney had her orgasm she would take Jaime out and clean him

up. She would always dance for Jaime while he bathed and would sometimes help

Jaime bathe. Courtney would then place Jaime back into his dollhouse and went to

bed. This would happen from night to night. And Jaime grew to get use to it, and

always thought about new ways that he would satisfy Courtney and himself happy.

Then one night Courtney called for Jaime to come out. Jaime came out naked, but

saw that Courtney was wearing her police uniform and had a serious look in her

face. She told Jaime that the chief had called and said that he has another

mission for both of them. She then told Jaime to get dressed and she would bring Imagenes del meteosat canarias

him to headquarters. Once Jaime was dressed, Courtney picked him up and put him

in her purse. She then went to her car and drove towards the police station.

Once she got to the chief's office, she opened her purse and picked up Jaime and

put him on the desk. The chief then gave them this briefing: Ok, we have a

serious mission for you. We just received news that the 21 year old daughter of

the governor is being kept hostage in a beauty saloon. The terrorist is

threatening the life of the governor's daughter, and the other people in the

saloon. She has given us her demands, but they are really outrageous, and they

are out of our hands. We need you to go in there undetected, get information on

the kidnapper, and find anything that maybe useful to us. Jaime then agreed to

go on the mission. He was given his special suit again, but this time instead of

a tape recorder, it had a video camera. His suit now had a video camera, and a

radio. He was then picked up by Courtney and placed inside her purse. Courtney

then went to her car and drove to the hostage site. Courtney saw that there were

a lot of people around the area. She broke through the crowd and approached the

officer in charge. The officer greeted Courtney and told her that he was ready

to escort the little man inside. Courtney then went to the back of the saloon

and took Jaime out. She then opened a vent that was beside the door and told

Jaime to enter through there. Jaime entered the vent, and Courtney then gave

Jaime a small laser that could be used to cut through the other side of the

vent. She then closed up the vent, and went back to the front of the saloon.

Jaime then continued on until he got to the other side of the vent. He turned on

the laser and started to cut through the vent. Once finished, he entered through

it and saw the saloon. He saw the terrorist. The terrorist was this woman with

brown hair, brown eyes. She was taller than any of the other women in the

saloon. Jaime saw that the terrorist was holding a gun pointed at the other

people and that she seemed to be very nervous. Jaime then stealthily approached

one of the hostages. It was a girl that looked to be 19 years old, and she

seemed to be in control of her emotions. Jaime saw that all of the other

hostages were tense and all of them were frightened. He saw that this girl was

calm and she didn't seem frightened about what was happening. As he approached

the girl he saw that she was wearing black jeans, and a shirt that revealed the

size of her breasts. She was tied by the hands and the feet, and she was unable

to move. Jaime then looked around. When the terrorist wasn't paying attention to

her hostages and looked outside the window, Jaime pinched the girl's hand as

hard as he could. The girl suddenly looked down at her hands and gasped. She

then calmed herself down after realizing that Jaime was wearing a police outfit

and he resembled a human being. Jaime then told her to stay calm and that he was

going to try to untie her. He then went behind her until he got to where her

hands were tied up. He took out his laser and started to cut through the wire.

Once the wire was cut in two, she untied her feet and picked up Jaime and placed

him in her shirt pocket. The pocket was located right over her left breast.

Jaime liked being in there, and told himself to do this with Courtney. The girl

then carefully moved to the back of the saloon in a utility room. It was

deserted and it was small, but it had enough room were Jamie and the girl could

fit in. The girl then picked up Jaime and placed him back on the floor. She then

lowered her face and asked Jaime "who are you, and what he was doing here?"

Jamie then said "I'm with the police, I'm here to get information about the

terrorist, and send it to them so that they can rescue the hostages." He then

continued "Ok now you just sit there and be quiet, I have to radio the info in."

Jaime then pushed on the button on his radio and said "Courtney to you copy,

Courtney are you there?" Courtney then answered "I'm here, what do you need?"

Jaime replied "Ok all the hostages are tied up and they can't move. There is

only one terrorist and she has a gun. I rescued one hostage and she has brought

me in a utility room. Are you able to rescue us?" Courtney then said "That's a

negative, we can't take our chances when the terrorist has a gun. What we need

you to do is get the gun away, then we can come in." Jaime then said "Ok I

understand, I'll try my best." He then turn off the radio and said to the girl

"Ok I got an idea on how to get the gun away from the terrorist. I'm going to

let myself be caught by the terrorist. Then when I have a good shot, I'll fire

my laser into her hand with the gun. Hopefully the gun will be dropped. That's

when I need you to run out and fight her. Don't let her get the gun back." The

girl then nodded and opened the door slightly. Jaime exited the utility room and

headed towards the front of the saloon. He then saw that the terrorist was

sitting down and looking at her hostages. Jaime then ran to where the terrorist

was sitting and turned on his amplifier on his radio. Jaime then said "Hey! Down

here!" The terrorist then looked down and saw Jamie. She jumped to her feet and

then lowered herself down to the floor. She then used her free hand and picked

Jamie up. She then said "Well look what we have here, a tiny policeman. What are

you going to do? Arrest me?" She then started to giggle. Jamie saw that the time

to act was now. The hand with the gun was well in range and the terrorist was

not looking at him, but laughing with her head looking up at the ceiling. Jamie

then pointed the laser at her hand and turned it on. The terrorist shouted in

pain and dropped the gun. She also dropped Jamie. Luckily a female hostage that

was close to where the terrorist was positioned her breasts under Jamie. Jamie

fell right in between the woman's breasts, and was unharmed. The girl that was

in the utility room then ran out and took the terrorist to the floor. The

struggle began and it wasn't looking good for the girl. Meanwhile, Jamie got out

of the woman's breasts and climbed down her body until he got to the floor. He

went to where her hands were and used his laser to cut it. When the wire was

cut, the woman then untied her feet and went over to the next hostage to free

him. Once he was free, he ran towards the fighting women and helped the girl

hold the terrorist down to the floor. But, the terrorist was awfully strong. But

then another man entered the fight and the three of them were able to hold her

down. Jamie then pushed the button on his radio and called Courtney to come in.

In seconds, Courtney was seen crashing through the door and headed toward the

hostages. The other officers went over to the terrorist and took her in custody.

She was cursing and yelling all the way to the police car. Her last words before

the car door was closed was "You better watch out little man, I'm going to get

you when I get out!" Courtney then went over to where Jamie was. She then asked

him if he was ok and if he needed medical attention. Jamie said no, and Courtney

then picked him up and placed him back into her purse. She then left the saloon

and drove back to her house. The governor's daughter and all of the other

hostages were all sent to the hospital to be checked out physically and

mentally. When Courtney and Jamie got home, Courtney turned on the TV and

switched to a channel with the news. A reporter was interviewing the governor's

daughter. The reporter asked "How did you feel when the terrorist was holding

you hostage" The camera then focused on the girl and Jaime saw that it was the

girl that he had rescued first. The girl said "Well I was frightened like

everybody else, but I remained calm and cool. I knew that the police would save

me. And they did." The reporter then asked "Do you have anything else to say?"

The girl then said "Yes, I would like to thank that one special policeman that

saved me personally, he knows who he is, and I would like to invite him over to

the governor's mansion for a treat." The next day Courtney brought Jamie over to

the governor's mansion. She rang the doorbell and a butler opened the door. She

then asked for the governor's daughter. The governor's daughter then came to the

door and greeted Courtney. Courtney then opened her purse and took Jamie out.

She then handed him over to the girl and said "Ok have fun now, just give me a

call when you are finished. I have next." With that the governor's daughter went

towards her room. The butler shut the door, and Courtney drove off. Days and

days went by after Jaime's second mission. Jaime had spent most of the time

living in his dollhouse and writing his experiences in his journal. He talked

about how the world was to him. For instance, he had remembered how easy it was

to walk around the house. He could go to room to room in matter of seconds. But

now that he was the size of a little doll, it took him an hour to get to another

room. Courtney would usually help him out and pick him up, and bring him to

where he wanted to go. But Courtney was not there all of the time to help Jaime

out. She had to work in the mornings, patrolling the neighborhood, and doing her

police duties. It was now the day before Jaime's birthday. He was going to be 27

years old. Courtney was planning a party for Jaime. She bought the smallest cake

that was selling in the bakery. She also bought a new pair of lingerie. She knew

that Jaime would love his gift and that it would lift Jaime's spirit. That night

when Courtney came home. She went up to her room and went towards Jaime's

dollhouse. She then called Jaime out. When Jaime went out to greet Courtney, he

was picked up and was placed on the bed. Courtney then took out the cake and

placed it next to Jaime on the bed. Courtney then sang Happy Birthday to Jaime.

She then told Jaime to close his eyes because she was going to give him his

present. Courtney then quickly took off all of her clothing until all that was

on was the lingerie that she had just bought. She moved the cake on the floor

beside the bed and stood in front of Jaime. She then told him to open his eyes

and watch. Courtney then started to dance. After awhile, she picked up Jaime and

positioned him where he could get a good view of her lips. She then licked her

lips with her tongue slowly. Then she told Jaime that she was going to give him

a birthday kiss. She then puckered up and slowly moved her lips toward Jaime.

Jaime saw Courtney's lips becoming larger and larger as it approached him. He

always felt that the most beautiful thing in the world was the lips of a pretty

woman. When Courtney's lips reached Jaime, Jaime felt her lips sucking his

stomach. She sucked it in a way that didn't harm or hurt him, but it was just

enough to where he could feel the pressure. Courtney then bought him over to her

bed and laid him at the center of the bed. She then got on at the end of the

bed. She then said "Ok, now it is time to put on our birthday suits" She then

started to take off her lingerie slowly. Jaime saw Courtney's nice smooth legs,

then her nice cunt. He then saw he mice thin smooth stomach. Courtney then

showed her large round breasts. Then she took the lingerie and tossed it to the

floor. She laid down next to Jaime. She then reached down and picked up a piece

of the cake and covered her body with it. She then picked up Jaime and placed

him on her stomach. Jaime then started to lick Courtney's body, He started by

licking her nice smooth stomach. He covered every inch of her stomach until all

of the cake was eaten. He then moved up toward her breasts. He started to lick

the cream that was around her breasts. Once Jaime was finished licking all of

the cake, Courtney picked him up and placed him in front of her pussy. Jaime

then decided that he would try something new this time. So he stuck his hands in

there. He then took a deep breathe and placed his head in. When his air was up,

he stuck his head out again, took another deep breathe and stuck it in again.

Each time he did this, he went faster and faster. Courtney started to moan. Then

Jaime took the biggest breathe that he could and stuck his head in. Jaime could

feel the fluids moving by his body and going outside. He then took his head out.

Courtney then picked him up and brought him to the bathroom. She then cleaned

Jaime. She then asked Jaime if he would like to spend the night on her bed next

to her. Jaime said yes and Courtney brought him back to her bed. Courtney then

picked up the lingerie and put it back on. She then got in the bed and picked up

Jaime. She then placed him between her breasts and went to sleep. Jaime didn't

sleep that night. He was enjoying the view. He didn't want this night to end and

he wanted to stay awake as long as he could. Then 5 hours later, Jaime began to

feel sleepy and then he started to go to sleep. The next morning, Jaime woke up

and saw that he was alone. He then saw a letter on the bed and started to read

it. It said that Courtney had left to go to work, and she didn't want to disturb

Jaime's dream. Jaime then climbed down the bed and went towards his dollhouse.

Courtney then came home and called Jaime out. Jaime came out and Courtney told

him that they had another mission. She then picked him up and put him in her

purse. She then got to her car and drove towards the police station. When

Courtney entered the chief's office, she took Jaime out and placed him on the

desk. The chief then gave this briefing: Ok, we have another mission for you.

There have been a lot of theft at the Nation's Bank. The police and F.B.I. don't

have clue how the thief entered, and how he left. Your mission is to find out

who the thief is. We will put you in the vault, and when the thief comes, you

can discover his identity. The chief then told Jamie that he had made

improvements to the tools that Jaime could use. Besides the suit with the radio

and video camera, and the laser, Jaime would now have a specialized rope with a

hook at the end that would lower and raise him to the push of a button. Courtney

then picked up Jaime and drove to the Nation's Bank. Once there, she went to an

employee and handed Jaime to her. Courtney told her to put Jaime in the vault.

The employee then took Jaime and opened up the vault. She put him down in the

middle of the vault. Jaime looked around. He saw that the vault was large and it

was filled with gold bars. He then looked at the ceiling and saw a hook that was

hanging down. He then took out the rope. Jaime then turned on the amplifier on

his radio and told the employee to tie the rope to the hook on the ceiling. She

did so and Jaime pushed the button and was raised up to the ceiling. He then

told the employee to leave, and lock the vault. Hours and hours went by, and

nobody came. It was almost morning now and still nothing had changed. Then all

of a sudden Jaime heard something moving below him. When he looked down he saw

that the vent that was on the ground was being opened. A beam shot through the

opening and shot towards the cameras. It did no damage to the cameras, but it

turned them off. Jaime turned on the video camera and taped the event. When the

vent was opened, the thief popped out and started to fill her bag with the gold

bars. She was wearing a black suit, and had a mask over her face. She had the

largest breasts that Jaime had ever seen. They were exposed by her tight suit.

When the thief filled up the bag she placed it on the ground and took out

another bag and filled that up. When this was happening Jamie lowered himself

towards the bag that was full of gold bars. Then when he was in the bag, he

untied the rope that was fastened on him and he waited for the thief to pick up

the bag and bring it with her back to her hideout. After another 10 minutes, the

thief picked up the two bags of gold and exited through the vent. She then fired

the beam at the cameras again turning them back on. The thief then drove off for

15 minutes. When she stopped, she picked up the two bags and went inside an

apartment house. She placed the two bags on the bed in her bedroom. She then

went to the closet and changed. Jaime took this time and climbed out of the bag.

He saw that the bed was huge and that he wouldn't have enough time to run to the

end and climb to the floor. So he went under the sheets and crawled slowly to

the end of the bed. When Jamie got to the middle of the bed, he heard the closet

door open. The thief then sat down on the side of the bed she then raised the

sheets and laid down in the bed. She laid down right next to Jamie. She missed

him by an inch. The thief was a dirty blond. She had the figure of a

cheerleader. Her butt missed sqashing Jaime by an inch and this gave Jaime a

moment of fright. When Jaime heard the giant woman sleep, he continued his

crawling until he got to the edge of the bed. Jaime then got out from under the

sheets and stood up on the bed. He could see the thief sleeping soundly with the

bags of gold beside her. He looked to the opposite side and saw a purse that

belonged to the thief. He then climbed down the bed. When he was on the carpet,

he headed towards the purse. When he got there he climbed in and looked for some

identification. He found a passport that had the theif's picture on it. She was

from France and her name was Monica Teres. Jaime then took out his radio and

pushed the button. Courtney came on and Jaime told her the thief's name.

Courtney then told him that she would come as quickly as possible. Jaime then

started to exit the purse when all of a sudden he tripped and the amplifier on

his radio turned on. A loud noise was then heard, and Monica woke up. She went

towards her purse and looked in. She then saw Jamie and took him out. She then

said "So, you were Spying on me huh? Well I'll show you what I do to those

people that spy on me." She then put her purse down and headed to the dining

room. She found a fish tank and opened the top. The fish tank was full of water,

and there were still some small fishes in there. She then threw him in the tank

and closed the top. Jaime treaded as best he could but decided that he had to

swim to prevent himself from being eaten by a fish. He looked to his side and

saw that Monica was watching him swim and laughing as he tried his best to stay

afloat. Jaime then looked below him and saw that no fish was under him yet. He

looked around and saw that there was a plant that was located at the far end of

the tank. Jamie started to swim towards that. When Jamie got within inches of

the plant, he saw that a fish was very near him now and had spotted him. Jamie

tried to swim faster, but it was evident that the fish would get there before he

could reach the plant. Jaime then remembered the laser that he had. He wished

that the laser would not be affected by the water. He then pointed it at the

fish and pushed the button. The laser worked. The fish feeling the laser started

to swim to the other side of the tank. Monica then realizing that Jamie had a

laser, opened up the top of the tank and reached for him. Jamie then pointed the

laser to the side of the tank. When he created a hole, the water rushed out and

soaked Monica's pajamas. Jamie was then sucked out by the current and was

brought to the side. He tried to hold on. He looked down and saw that it would

be the end of him if he fell to the ground. Jamie then lost his grip and started

to fall. Luckily for him, the current smashed him to the end of Monica's

pajamas. Jamie was able to hold on to a thread of her pajamas. Monica then

spotting that Jamie was hanging on her moved her hand to snatch him up. Jamie

then realizing that he was in big trouble, tried to figure out something. But he

couldn't think of anything, and Monica's hand was soon wrapped around his whole

body. She then raised him up to her face and said "I have to hand it to you, I

didn't believe that you would escape the tank. But now I'm going to deal with

you personally. She then placed Jaime down on the couch and took off her

pajamas. She then said "Let's see if you can handle really hard sex." She then

picked Jamie up and placed him between her giant thighs facing her vagina. She

then started to apply pressure. Jamie was feeling that he was about to be

killed. But Monica released the pressure and picked him up again. she then said

"That would have been too easy a death for you. I want you to feel pain." She

then placed him between her butt cheeks and started to squeeze them together.

Jamie felt even more pain then the thighs. But right when Jamie was about to

pass out he was taken out again and brought to eye's level. She then said "Ok, I

felt like I have had enough fun with you, now I'm going to eat you up whole."

She then opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She moved Jamie towards her

mouth and was about to eat him when her front door came crashing down. Courtney

rushed into the apartment and found the thief holding Jamie near her open mouth

ready to gulp him down. She then pointed her gun towards the thief and told her

to let Jamie go. Monica then seeing that she could do nothing slowly put Jamie

down on the couch. Courtney then picked up Jamie. She looked at him and saw that

he was injured. Then she placed Jamie in her purse. Right after Courtney placed

Jamie in the purse, Monica rushed up and attacked Courtney. Jamie was still

conscious and saw that his partner was in trouble. He used all of the power that

he had to take his laser out. Courtney and Monica fought violently, Jaime

couldn't get a good shot without harming Courtney. Then Courtney was knocked to

the floor. Monica picked up the gun and pointed it towards Courtney. She was

about to fire when the laser hit the palm of her hand and made her drop the gun.

Courtney then gave Monica a kick that knocked her back. Courtney then got up and

gave Monica a big punch to the face leaving her unconscious. She then took out a

pair of handcuffs and put it on Monica. Monica was then sent to jail and Jamie

disclosed to the police the information and video that he had taken. They told

him that Monica would be in jail for a long time. Courtney then brought Jamie to

the hospital to get healed of his injuries. At the hospital, Jaime found a

really nice nurse that told Jamie that she would love to meet him after he was

healed up. Jaime then got healed up and was brought back to his dollhouse. He

planned to go on his date his the nurse tomorrow. Jamie had just gotten healed

up and was going to go on his date with the nurse that he met at the hospital.

She had treated him with such kindness and gentleness that he had a special

feeling towards her. Courtney didn't mind Jamie going on the date. She always

thought of Jamie as her partner and friend. Besides the sex, she and Jamie

didn't do anything else together. It wasn't a strong relationship yet. Jamie

then dressed in the best looking clothes that he could find and then tried to

fix himself up so that he would look good. When he was finished, he asked

Courtney to drive him over to the nurse's house. Courtney agreed to give Jamie a

ride. She picked him up and placed him in her purse. She got to her car and

asked Jamie for the directions. Jamie told her the directions that the nurse

gave him the day before he left the hospital. When they got to where the

directions of the nurse had brought them, they saw an old house. It looked

deserted and looked as though no one had lived there for years. Jamie persuaded

Courtney that he would be ok, and that he trusted the nurse. Courtney then

walked towards the house. She knocked on the door and waited. A minute later the

door opened and the nurse was at the door. She was a red headed woman that was

wearing a lovely black miniskirt. She greeted Jamie and Courtney and she told

Courtney that she would keep good care of him. Courtney then handed the nurse

Jamie and she drove off in her car. The nurse then told Jamie that her name was

Susan and that she had been waiting a long time for this moment. The nurse then

took Jamie inside her house. She went upstairs and placed him on her bed. She

then went to her dresser and pulled out a tape recorder. She placed it right

next to Jamie and pressed the play button. The tape recorder played: "Hi, little

man, remember me? I'm that person that had hostages in the beauty saloon. I told

you that I would get you back. (laughing) Now we are going to have some fun with

you. I have told Susan to take great care of you. (more laughing)" The tape

recording then stopped and Jamie tried to run. But Susan was right on top of

him. He couldn't do anything, he didn't have his suit with the radio or the

laser. Susan then picked Jamie up. She raised him to her eye level and she said

"Yep, we are going to have some fun tonight." She then released Jamie from her

grasp and made him drop to the bed. If Jamie didn't land on the bed he would

have been killed by the fall. Susan then said "Poor helpless little man, I see

you don't have anything to stop me (she giggles)" She then picked Jamie back up

again and placed him on the desk. She took out a cage that she had made and

placed it beside Jamie. She picked up Jamie and placed him inside. She locked

the entrance and went out of the room. Jamie looked at the cage. It was made out

of ice cream sticks. Jamie didn't see anyway to escape. They were glued on to

tightly. Susan soon returned to the room. She had with her two sticks and four

pieces of string. She then opened the cage and picked up Jamie. She then took

one of Jamie's hand and tied a piece of string around it. She took his other

hand and did the same to it. She then went to both of his feet and tied string

on them. Then she put the two sticks on either side of Jamie and tied the

strings to his left hand and feet to one, and the right hand and feet to the

other. She then held both sticks and lifted Jamie off of the table. She then

started to pull the sticks apart until Jamie could the tension building. He

screamed with pain. He asked Susan why she was doing this, he had thought that

she was a nice and gentle. Susan then said that Teri (The terrorist) was a good

friend of hers and that since she was put in prison, her life has never been the

same. Jamie then felt that his left hand had gotten out of its socket and a

cracking sound was heard. Susan then after hearing the cracking stopped pulling

the sticks apart and stuck them in a sand box. She spread the sticks out to

where Jamie couldn't move. She then said "Ok, I love to kiss men, I wonder if I

can kill a man by my kiss. (she giggles)" She then started to lick her lips.

Then she applied some lipstick on and showed her lips to Jamie. "Beautiful

aren't they" She said. She then puckered up and started towards Jamie. She

reached Jamie and started to suck on his stomach. She began to ease in more and

more. Jamie felt her moist lips and started to lose his air. He didn't know if

he would die of the pressure, or if he would die of lack of air. She pushed

harder and harder until Jamie was almost died. Then the sticks gave way in the

sand and fell back. Jamie was now on the sand. Susan then realizing what had

happened laughed. She then said "I guess not. Well I guess I'm going to have to

kill you some other way." Then someone came into the room. It was another woman.

She had brown hair and she looked liked Kellie Martin. Susan turned around and

said "Hi, Brenda, look what I got" She then picked up Jamie and showed him to

Brenda. Brenda then took Jamie from Susan's hands and looked at him. She told

Susan that maybe they shouldn't kill him and try to use him as a way to get Teri

out of jail. Susan then agreed. Brenda then placed Jaime between her breasts

inside her bra strap. She told Jaime to hold on to that if he lets go he would

fall to his death. She then walked with Susan to their car and drove off. The

two of them drove for 20 minutes. They then went inside an apartment building

and into a room. Brenda then unbuttoned her shirt and picked Jaime out from her

breasts. She placed him down on the floor and the two women sat on the floor one

on each side. They then started to laugh and tease Jaime by poking him and

squeezing him with their giant fingers. Susan then went off and exited the room.

Brenda picked Jaime up and placed him in a box. She then poked holes on the box

so that Jaime could breathe and placed the box on a high table. She then took

four rubber bands and put them around the box. Brenda then left the room and

followed up with Susan. Jaime tried to find a way out but the box couldn't be

opened through the top. Jaime then started to tear open the holes that Brenda

had made for him. He tried to make a hole big enough for him to escape. He knew

that it would take some time for him to do it, but he had nothing else that he

could do. So he started to try to tear between the holes. Meanwhile Susan and

Brenda came up to a public phone at the corner of the street. They called the

police and asked for Courtney. Courtney then answered the phone and was greeted

by two evil laughs. Susan then said "Hey, we have your little friend Jaime. We

are holding him captive. All we want for you to do is get my friend Teri out of

jail, and I promise I'll return Jaime to you." Courtney then asked "Is Jaime ok?

Let me talk with him!" Brenda then said "He's in a box now. He is safe for now.

Release Teri or we will kill him." Courtney then replied "Ok, just don't hurt

him, I'll try to get Teri out for you." Susan then said "When Teri contacts me,

I will release him to you at one of your police stations." With that Susan hung

up the phone and headed back with Brenda to the room. In the room, Jaime had

managed to get out of the box. He had found a way to go down the table by using

the rubber bands. He tied them together and used them as his rope. He went to

the phone and tried to call the police. When Jaime heard Courtney's voice on the

other line he tried to t

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