Giantess Stories: THE SOLE ABOVE ME                                  by                           Christopher Denton         Jennifer and Chris were a

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Christopher Denton




Jennifer and Chris were a very happily married couple,

compatible in every way they truly complimented each other in all facets

of their lives. One was always there for the other when needed and

things couldn't have been better. One of the things that made their

relationship work so well was a commitment to being open minded and

open to trying new experiences. One day they were watching a movie on

T.V. which included a scene with a woman dominating a man, and after

it was over, they both discussed and felt it would be fun to try it out and

see how they liked it. 

They slowly ventured into this new uncharted sexual arena, and

after a few weeks of experimentation it became apparent that Jennifer

was the natural dominant/Chris the submissive. and the other thing that

also became clear was that she had a sadistic streak to match Chris's

masochistic streak, but it all centered around her feet. She absolutely

adored having Chris under her feet and literally felt ecstatic whenever

she was standing on him. he, in turn, had an almost overwhelming

desire to be trampled mercilessly by her, whatever the reason, so then

again-they fit each other like a glove. 

A typical day (weekend) would have Chris waking up bound

and gagged (having spent the night that way) with Jennifer's lovely feet

planted firmly in his face. If she was feeling particularly sadistic she

would keep him tied up the whole weekend, only offering him release

(both literal and sexual) on Sunday night. She loved to wake up with his

face under her feet and the best way she could think of to start the

morning was with a walk-on his face naturally!! She would slowly

stretch and grind her feet into him. Then she would stand upon the bed,

slowly parade around his helpless body and then, without warning,

would step upon his chest and officially start the weekend!!!Usually she

would spend around 30 minutes on his face in the morning (she thought

of it as her aerobic wakeup) constantly mashing and grinding her feet

into his face, pausing only occasionally to stomp upon his balls just to

watch him squirm in pain and here his cries and pleas for mercy (which

she had none-the truth be told). Every agonizing movement he made,

every tortuous cry he let out only served to turn her on all the more,

thereby increasing his torment instead of having it abated. Chris, on the

other hand, would also get more and more aroused by her inability to

stop herself from her hurting him. Finally she would end this morning

ritual by jumping up in the air to land with both feet firmly on his balls,

sort of an exclamation mark to all the "talking" her feet had done, the

other effect this had was producing the first orgasm of the day for


The next "step" for Jennifer that morning was to kick Chris off

the bed and have him scrunch his way into the bathtub, where she would

take a leisurely shower using him for her own personal shower-mat.

during these showers she would make sure to stand on his face for

extended periods of time, making it difficult to breathe, to re-enforce her

position of ownership of him, to remind him that he was nothing more

than her property to do with as she pleases. After showering, she would

dry off (standing on Chris of course) and then use his body as her her

dressing platform while she decided what to wear for the day. This

Saturday she decided to wear some medium black pantyhose with

reinforced toes and heels (these were one of Chris's favorite styles!) some

Guess jeans, a cutoff top (no bra), and a pair of well worn black leather

flats with a hard leather sole. Before putting these shoes on she untied

Chris's legs and spread them apart, retying them each to a bedpost so

that they were spread out, leaving his genitals at her mercy (or lack

thereof). She then placed his balls in her shoe-at the heel-and proceeded

to use his scrotum sack as a shoe horn. As her foot slid into the shoe, his

balls were trapped underneath her heel, and as she slammed her foot into

the shoe she transferred all her weight to that foot. There could be only

one outcome, his balls were crushed savagely under her heel-trapped

within the tight painful confines of her shoe. She ground and twisted her

foot cruelly as she listened to his cries of pain, giggling and saying that

this would never do because she couldn't walk well with this shoe horn

stuck under her foot. 

She then released his balls from their compression chamber and

put both her shoes back on, only to stand on his balls and crush them

under the hard soles of her flats. She told him she was feeling in an

especially cruel mood that weekend (all the while still on his balls) and

that he would suffer as he never had before under her feet. She asked

him if he thought he was up to it and he replied ( as best he could

considering the circumstances) that he would spend the rest of his life

under her feet if it were possible, and suffer any and all pain just for that

honor. She smiled down at him and said that was what she wanted to

hear, and that she would insure that this would be the best weekend of

his life-one he would not soon forget. 

She untied his legs from the bedposts and then tied them

together with some rope, leaving about a foot of slack so that he could

shuffle around to wherever she decided he should be.  She then led him

into the kitchen where she tied him bent over backwards with his head

firmly secured face up on a chair at the kitchen table. She then made

herself some breakfast, put it on the placemat in front of his chair and

then slowly lowered herself onto his face reminding him not to let his

tongue lag from his duties or she might have to suffocate him while he

was tied under her. His tongue literally leapt to work, lapping away at

her folds and playing with her clitoris, and all through the meal. she was

constantly being stimulated. He worked hard to ensure she would only

feel pleasure, and then when she started grinding away on his face, he

knew that she was done with her meal and was ready for her dessert.

When she finally came it was in waves and she relaxed against his face,

resting her full weight upon it, momentarily sending him into a panic,

thinking she would forget he needed air, but she suddenly got up, and

told him that she didn't want him to pass out as she had plans for him. 

Untied form the chair, he was commanded to crawl into the

living room where he was again retied into the footstool position. This

consisted of his ankles tied together, then his knees, then his wrists and

finally his elbows. In and of itself this position is painful enough, but

then he was bent over as far as he would go and his wrists were then

lashed to his ankles, putting him into severe discomfort. He was placed

facing the sofa and then his balls were tied (tightly) and put on a leash so

they could be played with at Jennifers leisure with a minimum of effort

on her part. Bent back as he was he could not see her, but could

definitely feel her shoes on him, using him as her furniture as she

watched her morning shows. She was indifferent to his presence during

the programs, but during the commercials she would amuse herself by

tugging on his balls, kicking them, stomping down upon them, or even

walking on him and practicing her balancing. All the while she would

avoid contact with his face, which is what she knew he wanted more

than anything else. 

After her shows were over she retied him like a mummy, head

to toe, and then put her exercise tape in the VCR and proceeded to use

him as her step in her aerobics workout. She didn't really work out very

hard, mostly just concentrating on stepping down on him with her full

weight, and grinding down on him with the soles of her shoes. She was

merciless in her trampling and stepped everywhere upon his body,

spending about half the time on his face and genitals combined.

Throughout all of this Chris was extremely aroused, but the way his balls

were tied and pulled away form his body made it impossible to get and

relief and his frustration was growing by the second. Here was the

woman he loved above all others, trampling all over him, getting him

worked up beyond belief, and he was helpless to do anything about it. he

was totally at her mercy and under her control. 

When she was done with her "workout" she she stood on his

chest looking down at him and told him he was a good step and would

now get a reward. Chris got his hopes up at this remark, thinking she

was going to allow him some relief, he looked up into her eyes and saw

her smile cruelly as she slowly raised her left foot and let him gaze up at

the bottom of her shoe, she then slammed it down on his face, driving

her weight onto it as she felt the contact with his face occur. Chris saw

stars and it felt like his whole head had been crushed like a grape. His

senses returned just in time for him to see her raise her foot again only to

slam in down into his face again... and again and again.  Jennifer was

always amazed and aroused by this show of her complete dominance

over Chris, the fact that his love for her was so total that he would suffer

anything for her-any bizarre, cruel and/or sadistic thing her mind could

conceive-he would beg her to do it to him. 

Seeing Jennifer turned on like this, Chris became even more

aroused and thought about how her complete dominance over him, and

the fact that she got so aroused by it turned him on even more, the fact

that she would be willing to let her inhibitions go with him and act out

her wildest fantasies made him love her all the more. He was shaken

from his reverie by the sound of her voice telling him to beg her to stomp

his face and grind it into the carpet. he did so, with vigor, and he looked

up into her face to see her glowing with desire and slam her shoe down

into his face and start grinding it with all her weight behind it. The pain

was terrible for him but he loved every second of it and heard her asking

him (grinding on every syllable) if he was as turned on as she was.

Unable to answer she must have sensed his feelings from his body

because Jennifer then dropped down onto his face and rode him to yet

another orgasm, collapsing in a heap on top of him when she was




Shaken with desire, and still warm from her last orgasm,

Jennifer decide she wanted to have Chris under her feet all the time,

24hrs a day, under her total control. She got up and went over to the

book she found in the used bookstore last week, and started incanting

from deep with its pages. Chris had no idea what was going on, but was

too exhausted to even ask her what she was doing. The incantation went

on for about 5 minutes and then Jennifer sprinkled some powder on

Chris and sat down on the sofa and stared at him. 

Nothing happened.


At least, that was what Chris thought at first, but suddenly he

noticed his bonds becoming looser and saw Jennifer's eyes light up, and

then there was a flash of intensely bright light and everything went black

for him. 




The first thing Chris felt was a headache which roused him

from his state of semi-conciousness he then took stock of the situation,

the last thing he remembered was the flash of light......he looked around

him and suddenly his whole world was turned upside down!!!!

Somehow, unbelievably, he had been shrunken down to a size of about 5

or 6 inches!!!! He looked over at Jennifer and she was beaming at him-

overcome with joy. he heard her voice call out to him commandingly-

ordering him over to her feet. Her feet! God, but they were huge in

comparison to his body, she could easily cover him with the sole of her

foot, and remembering how she had said she was in a cruel mood, he

inwardly shivered at what he thought was to come. 

He arrived at her feet and she told him about finding the book

and trying the spell, and how in her wildest dreams she never thought it

would actually happen, but here he was, just the perfect size to be under

her feet permanently. That word, permanent, sent a shiver down Chris's

spine and he yelled up to her what she meant.  She just smiled and said-

why this you little man-and raised her shoe up over him, knocked him

flat on his back with the toe, and placed her sole completely over his

body!! Chris was scared and thought about how she could stomp his life

out here under her shoes without any effort, he was so concerned by

these thoughts, that he didn't realize that she was talking to him and only

became aware when she pressed down a little harder and said-hey, are

you listening to me!. She repeated that the spell was supposed to give his

body incredible resiliency and, theoretically, she should be able to stomp

down on him or stand on him completely, and other than putting him in

immense pain, he would be ok. The only way to find out, however, was

to actually do it, and she wanted to know what he thought about that, but

reminded him that if he couldn't be her human shoe insole, he really

wasn't much good to her that size. Chris's mind was working overtime

and he came to the conclusion that if he said no, things would only be

worse for him and it would happen eventually anyway, so he said for her

to do it, told her that he loved her, and saw his life flash before his eyes

as she started to stand up-began to crush him beneath her hard leather

soles. The pressure was unyielding, and everytime Chris thought it was

done, it came down even more intensely. Surely, he thought, now is

when I will burst like a balloon and it will be over with. but he never did.

he felt his body compress and finally flatten out a bit, and felt as though

he were to pop, but he was able to take it. When Jennifer finally stepped

off of him he saw her ecstatic as she rushed into the bedroom, leaving

him to recover from the ordeal. 

He felt more than heard her come back, as each of her footsteps

felt like an earthquake to him. he looked way up and saw that her arms

were full of her shoe collection, as she dumped them down about him

and ran back to the bedroom for more. he dodged the falling shoes, but

ended up getting trapped on the bounce by her ballerina flats, as the left

one flopped over and covered him up. He struggled to push the shoe off

of him and it seemed as though it would never budge, but he finally was

able to free himself. he wondered about his strength. It seemed as though

his body could take incomprehensible amounts of damage, but he was

proportionally weaker to his new found stature. 

Jennifer finished bringing in her shoes and told him that she

wanted to play a game. She took off the flats she was wearing and spread

all of the shoes about the living room and told him that she was going to

close her eyes and count to 25, slowly. During that time he must hide

himself in one of her shoes, and then she would try on 5 out of the 50 or

60 pairs that were scattered about. They would keep score of how many

times he was safely hidden and how many times she found him

"underfoot". Seeing as how he would be able to survive this, as

evidenced by the practice run before, Chris started to get into the idea of

being this small and under her feet, as it was a fantasy they had

discussed quite often. 

Jennifer closed her eyes and began the slow count. Chris looked

around, but from his vantage point couldn't see enough of the room, so

tried to out think her. he reasoned that she wouldn't try the pair she had

just taken off, so he ran to the right one and scrunched himself up in the

toe just as she reached 18 on her count. She reached 25 with the

excitement of a schoolgirl and was off to find him. She was into the

game and was giving Chris a voice over of her actions. She first tried the

ballerina flats but struck out there, and then tried the green lizard-skin

pumps he had bought her at the Wild Pair, but again came up empty.

During all this Chris was becoming more and more aroused, especially

as he was surrounded by the warmth of her recently worn shoes, filled

with the musty aroma of her feet, which always turned him on. he was so

into the idea of being squashed under her feet in these shoes that he

didn't notice her trying them on until she started to worm her toes into

the shoe he was in. 

Aha! She announced that as she had found him she could keep

him in the shoes as long as she wished, and kept forcing her foot into the

shoe. Chris found himself getting pushed into a ball at the toe, and she

started gripping him with her stockinged foot and working him

underneath it until she got her foot all the way in and had him as she

wanted-a human insole for her shoe! Jennifer raised that shoe in the air

to take a step forward and Chris could feel the pre-cum leaking out in

anticipation of what was to come. He felt the change in position as her

shoe started it's downward motion, and came at the exact moment her

whole weight came down atop him.  Jennifer walked around with him

like that for about 5 minutes, reveling in the fact that he was being

completely crushed under her foot time and time again, and there was

nothing he could, or would want to, do about it!!! 

Needless to say Chris was getting quite worked over, and by the

time they were done with this little game (Jennifer won 10-6 she knew

him well after all) he was given a break as Jennifer had him lick the

soles of her feet while she relaxed back on the couch. When she was

satiated, she picked him up in her hand and put him in her shoe next to

her on the couch so that they could talk. As they discussed their mutual

enjoyment of the situation, Chris lamented on not being able to have sex

with her-she advised him that her was still the right size, it would just

take all of him now instead of just part of him. As Chris grasped this

idea he got turned on again and she took note of his excitement, but

reminded him that she was in control and would decide when, and if,

such an activity were to take place. The only other problem Chris had

was that he was the primary breadwinner in the house and what was to

happen now? She smiled slyly and told him that it was a simple as

another spell to change him back and forth, and it could be done anytime

she wanted, but only after he had submitted to her completely, that was

part of the spells power-drawn from his submission to her. 

Chris literally jumped for joy at this and suggested a new game

for them to play. She would seal off an area of the living room and he

would have to remain in this area, and then she would stomp around

inside it with and without shoes on and try to step on him, within a five

minute time limit. Jennifer readily agreed, and as getting stomped on

was Chris's favorite activity in their footplay, she was able to win 10-0.

She happily accused him of throwing the match, and he readily agreed,

but told her there was no way he could resist when he looked up and saw

her towering over him, foot/shoe raised to stomp him, he just had to lay

down and let her get him. 

Jennifer told him that if he liked that so much he would love her

next idea, at which she took off her hose, dropped him in the left leg and

put them back on again, so that he was trapped under the sole of her foot

and the bottom of her pantyhose. She then told him that she needed to do

the grocery shopping and was going to make sure that he would go with

her this time, then slipped on her flats and crushed him flat on her way

to the car. 

Jennifer orgasmed twice during the shopping trip and got some

funny looks from the other patrons, but didn't care. When she got back

home, her left foot felt so good from the unintentional massage Chris's

body had given her, she was about to put him into the right one when she

saw what a sorry state he was in and decided to let him rest for awhile.

After all, it wouldn't do to wear him out so early into the weekend. She

had big plans for him, so she put him into her shoe and told him to sleep

for awhile. She then slipped her hose over the shoe, so Chris was trapped

in her aroma and sat back to watch T.V. with her little man safely by her


*************End of part one------more to follow***********

Giantess Stories: THE SOLE ABOVE ME                                  by                           Christopher Denton         Jennifer and Chris were a

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