Giantess Stories: The Stardust Six  By Sydney Summer 2004  Prologue  The NASA scientists could not have been more thrilled with the success of the

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The Stardust Six

By Sydney

Summer 2004


The NASA scientists could not have been more thrilled with the

success of the Stardust spacecraft, which flew into the tail of the

Wild -2 comet two years before. The pictures of the comet's core

stunned scientists, and were the first of its kind ever taken. What

excited the scientists even more was the collection of comet

particles and fragments that the spacecraft collected while in the

comet's tail that it was now bringing back to earth for study.

However, after a nearly flawless mission trouble was developing

during the landing sequence. The spacecraft's navigational computer

began malfunctioning, turning itself on and off and spitting out

digital gibberish to the engines and to mission control. The

spacecraft's original trajectory was to have it land in the middle of

the Utah desert, but the computer malfunctions steered the craft off

course. Mission control projected that the craft would land somewhere

in California's Sierra Nevada mountain range, but they could not

pinpoint the exact location. To make matters worse, they could not

reestablish radio contact with Stardust after it passed through the

atmosphere's “dead zone” and thus they didn't know if the spacecraft

had landed safely or even if it had landed at all. Mission control

was reluctant at first to send up planes to search for the craft,

fearing that one of the planes may inadvertently crash into it. After

a few tense hours, however, the order was given to!

scramble planes to search for Stardust. Given the rough terrain that

the scientists believed the spacecraft landed in they knew it would

be sometime before they would be able to find it.

They also hoped that it had landed somewhere far from human contact.

Chapter 1

Ever since the 5th grade, the five girls of San Diego's Piedmont

Drive were as inseparable as a wet tongue on a frozen pole. They

studied together, partied together, got drunk for the first time

together; they even went on each other's dates in high school. Since

all five were the same age and lived on the same street they all went

to the same schools and often shared the same classes. While they

separated for a time during their college years, they reunited every

summer and again after graduation as if they were in fact related.

Each of them had very few friends outside of the group, which for a

time concerned their parents, but they took comfort in knowing that

the bond that formed between the girls was stronger than most

marriages and showed no signs of disintegrating.

Janet Kennedy was the only one of the five who came home from the

hospital to a house on Piedmont Drive. The others moved in over the

years. Janet was the shy one of the group, usually the least

talkative. That's why it was surprising to those that knew them that

Janet was the first one to date, the first one to lose her virginity,

and the first to have a steady boyfriend, a fellow named Mike who she

met when they both attended San Diego State University. Her mix of

Irish and German ancestry left her with red hair and blue eyes, a

unique combination that attracted lots of male attention even when

her words did not.

Linda Robinson was almost the exact opposite of Janet. Extroverted

and open, she would talk everyone's ears off when given the chance.

Her father was in the Navy, and consequently he and his family,

including Linda, moved around a lot. They came to San Diego when

Linda was 6 years old when her father was stationed at the Navy base

there, and after bouncing around from apartment to apartment they

finally settled on Piedmont Drive when her dad was discharged and got

a high paying position with a computer company. Many thought that

because Linda moved around so much she would be self-conscious and

skittish about meeting others, but the reality was far from that

expectation. She was among the most popular kids at every school she

attended, and had gone on more dates than the other four had


Robin Diaz's parents came from even more destitute beginnings. Both

of them were born in the same village in Mexico and immigrated to the

United States illegally when they were only 17 years old. Both were

eventually granted amnesty and became U.S. citizens the same year

Robin was born, 1980. Her dad worked for many years in many

restaurants before finally becoming the head chef for a locally

famous chain of fish restaurants. He and his wife then started their

own restaurant that now was regarded as one of the best in the city.

Robin was pushed almost from the start to do well in school, but

despite her best efforts she still struggled just to qualify for

college. She started classes at San Diego State at the same time as

Janet, but 6 years later she was still a few credits short of a

degree. Nevertheless, she had a certain magnetism about her, as was

often the one the others looked to as the group's leader.

A gift from her Italian heritage, Alicia Juliano had brown eyes so

dark that she was once told someone could drown in them. However,

that was about the only part of Alicia's physical appearance that

stood out. She was the shortest of the five girls and among the

heaviest too. She would often wear oversized blouses, skirts, and

dresses, and rarely spoke to anyone outside of her friends. Instead,

she was often found with her head buried in a novel of almost any and

all genres, from Tom Clancy to Umberto Eco. She still had dreams of

being a teacher someday, but she was still several units short of

earning her credential and showed no strong inclination to finish her

studies. What she did feel strongly about, besides her passion for

reading, was the relationship she had with the other four girls. She

often served as the group's psychologist; the first one the others

turned to after a breakup or a fight with the parents.

Denise Wong got the best grades of the five during their school

years, which earned her a scholarship from UC San Diego. She

graduated with honors in business administration, and was currently

attending night classes to earn an MBA while spending her days as an

executive secretary for an investment firm. She was also the last one

of the five to move to Piedmont Drive, coming at age 10 from San

Francisco where she was born to second generation Chinese-Americans.

She was the group's moral compass, often acting as the voice of

reason when one of the others, usually Linda, wanted to do something

that would get them in trouble. It was no surprise to the others that

she was the only one of the five who had not lost her virginity.

For the sixth year in a row, Janet, Linda, Robin, Alicia, and Denise

were on a camping trip in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada

Mountains within a few miles of Yosemite National Park. It was

Linda's idea at first and was greeted initially with enthusiasm by

the others, enthusiasm that quickly faded after they got rained on

the first year and snowed on the next. However, they stuck it out and

this year they were rewarded with beautiful weather for their trip.

After a day of hiking and even a very quick swim, the 24-year old

women had set up camp in a vacation cabin owned by Janet's parents

and loaned to them for the week.

“Look at that sky,” Denise said while lying on her back, “I've never

seen so many stars.”

“My dad used to talk about the night skies he saw on ship,” Linda

said. “He used to brag about all the stars he could see and how he

and his shipmates would stand on deck and point out the


“He was pretty much bullshitting you, wasn't he?” Robin asked.

“Yeah, pretty much,” Linda replied, “but it was still a nice story. I

still think about it whenever I see a sky like this.”

“Anyone for smores?” Alicia asked as she pulled a burnt marshmallow

out of the campfire.

“Are you kidding?” Linda answered. “The way you cook them, I don't

want any.”

“What are you talking about?” Alicia responded. “I like them burnt.

How about you, Janet?”

“I guess so, sure,” Janet said.

“You alright?” Alicia asked.

“Yeah, I'm fine, I guess. It's just that, I don't know, I've been

thinking about my relationship with Mike.”

“What about it?”

“I don't think we're going anywhere. I'm thinking about breaking up

with him.”

”Are you sure?” Denise asked.

“No, I'm not,” Janet replied. “I don't know.”

”Yeah, I never thought he was good for you,” Robin said. “I think you

could do … What the hell?”

Suddenly something very large streaked across the sky only a thousand

feet or so above their heads. It was so loud that all five of them

had to cover their ears. A deafening sonic boom quickly followed.

Then about 10 seconds after that they could hear the sounds of

several trees falling, followed by a loud booming sound.

“What the hell was that?” Alicia asked.

“I don't know, want to go see?” Linda asked.

“Yeah, let's go,” Robin replied.

The five girls took off into the forest in the direction of the

booms, with Linda in the front and Alicia and Denise bringing up the


“I'm not sure this is a good idea,” Denise said.

“Oh don't worry about it,” Alicia responded, “it'll be fun.”

“Well at least it beats eating one of your burnt marshmallows.”

Chapter 2

The five girls entered into a clearing in the forest, one that was

not there less than an hour ago. All around them the trees had fallen

to the ground. The partial moon and Robin's lantern were the only

sources of light for miles around, but still they could see something

at the far end of the clearing.

“Look, there, you see it?” Linda asked.

“See what?”

“There's something shiny over there.”

”Yeah, I do see something,” Robin said. “I wonder what it is.”

The girls, at a much slower pace, walked over towards the shiny


“I know what that is!” Denise shouted. “It's that spaceship that flew

into the comet. It was supposed to land today.”

“Yeah, but wasn't it supposed to land in the desert or something?”

Janet asked. “That's what I heard on the news.”

“Yeah, that's what I heard too,” Denise answered, “but I'm sure

that's it.”

The girls walked closer to the craft, but stopped about 100 feet away

from it. Janet looked down and noticed a group of small rocks on the

ground with a faint glow.

“Hey, look at this,” Janet said. She bent down and picked up one of

the rocks.

“Yeah, there's some over here too,” Alicia said as she too picked one

up. The other three girls also picked up some of the glowing rocks.

“I think these are comet fragments,” Denise said.

“Do you think they're radioactive or something?” Janet asked.

Denise then turned to say something to Janet, but instead yelled out

a loud scream. The other girls turned towards Janet and immediately

began screaming too.

“What? What's wrong?” Janet asked.

“You, you, I can't, can't, see you!” Denise replied. “You're


“What are you talking about?”

“No, look!” Denise answered as she pulled out her compact mirror and

held it in front of where Janet's clothes were. The mirror then

floated up and levitated in front of Janet as if it had wings and a

motor of its own. Suddenly another scream was heard.

“Oh my God!” Janet yelled. “What's happened to me? I am invisible!”

Indeed, while Janet's shirt, shorts, and shoes were still visible,

the rest of Janet's body had completely disappeared.

The rest of the girls all stood in silent shock and awe trying to

rationalize what they were seeing. The silence was broken when Alicia

began to start moaning.

“Now what?”

“I…feel…like I…'bout to explode! AHHHHH!”

Alicia dropped to her knees and bent over backwards wincing in pain.

As she did her blouse popped out of her jeans and began riding up her

stomach. Underneath her blouse Alicia's chest appeared to be

inflating like two balloons, while her now-exposed stomach began to

shrink. Her short black hair was growing longer and turning blonder

at the same time. Her legs began stretching out behind her and at the

same time pressed up tightly against her pants. Incredibly, the bones

on her face seemed to be moving, adjusting, and morphing into

something very different from before. All the while she continued to

shout in pain while her friends stood there both awed and shocked by

the turn of events. With one final agonizing cry Alicia covered her

face in her hands and dropped to the ground.

“Are you alright?” Linda asked.

“I think so,” Alicia replied in a muffled tone. She slowly started to

rise up from the ground still unsure of what had happened and nervous

that whatever it was might happen again. Alicia finally made it fully

upright and uncovered her eyes to see that she grown at least 7 feet

tall, more than a foot and half taller than her friends.

“O my God Alicia,” said Janet, ‘you're gorgeous!”


“Yeah, here,” replied Janet as she handed Alicia the compact mirror.

Alicia watching in fascination as the pocket mirror seemed to float

towards her, trailed by a floating shirt and matching shorts. She

grasped the mirror, held it to her face, and gasped. What she saw was

a completely different woman from the one she saw in the mirror that

same morning. The mousey brunette had turned into a gorgeous blonde,

with once shortly cropped hair now draped over her shoulders. Her

dark brown eyes were still there, but her teeth had transformed into

an orthodontist's dream, straight and white. She looked down and saw

that her A-cup bra was obliterated by newly expanded D-cup breasts

pushing hard up against her shirt. Her abs, now exposed to the world,

were rock solid and tight. While her pants were still tight up

against her thighs her belt was loose. The pant bottoms had ridden up

enough to show off well sculpted calves. Her shoes were still intact

but her toes were so tight at the ends that their forms could be seen

through the leather. Indeed, an au!

ra seemed to emanate from her body.

The other girls continued to just stare in awe at their friend. They

were in such shock that they failed to notice that Janet's clothes

were now lying on the ground next to Alicia. Alicia began to feel

something slowly caressing her midsection, but she could not see what

it was. The caressing started to get more intense, causing Alicia to

hop to one side.

“What is that?” Alicia cried out.

“It's just me, Ali,” Janet replied. “I just felt, like, you know,

touching you.”

“What? Where the hell are you?”

“I'm right here,” Janet replied as she began caressing Alicia again.

“Huh? I don't see you. What are you doing?”

Just then Linda shouted out “I want to be just like you!” Then

suddenly she began to shake violently. In a matter of seconds she

began morphing into another shape like a Hollywood special effect.

Her clothes were not morphing with her, instead they were undergoing

the same stress that Alicia's had just a minute before. In fact she

seemed to be undergoing the very same transformation, only much

faster. She was becoming a carbon copy of Alicia, complete with the

blonde hair and the rock hard abs.

“Oh my God!” Linda cried, “I am you!”

“What the fuck is going on here?” Robin asked. “This is just not

possible. The energy that would be required to do all of this would

be on the order of millions of mega joules.”

“Well look at me now!” Linda said. “Look at Alicia! It certainly

looks possible to me! And besides, didn't you almost flunk physics?”

“Yeah, so?” Robin shot back.

“So when did you get to be so smart?”

“It's not rocket science, Linda,” Robin said. “Everybody knows that

it takes a shitload of energy to transform a solid object.”

“So I'm just a solid object?”

“No I didn't mean that,” Robin pleaded.

“I sure hope not.” Linda answered. “You're just jealous that Ali and

I have become totally hot babes and you haven't!”

“I am not jealous! You're the one with the jealousy problem, Linda!

How many times have I heard you wish that Janet's boyfriend was

dating you instead of her? In fact, didn't I see you crawling all

over him a couple weeks ago? You know, that reminds me. I heard a

rumor that you and Mike actually slept together a few days ago, is

this true?”

A loud cry of “Hey!” came from the proximity of Alicia's back side.

Seconds later, Linda collapsed onto the ground and began violently

jolting back and forth. Her one free arm started flaying in the air

trying to hit an imaginary target. During all of this Janet could be

heard but not seen screaming obscenities.

“Come on, Janet, get off of her!” Robin shouted. Suddenly Linda's

convulsions stopped. Janet was starting to become visible again,

standing nude in front of Linda but struggling to move as if she were

tied up in ropes.

“What is going on here?” Janet asked.

Alicia walked over to Robin and put her hand on Robin's shoulder.

“It's all right,” she said, and right away Janet stopped struggling.

She started to dive down on top of Linda again but was stopped dead

in her tracks when she saw that Linda was changing again. This time

she seemed to be morphing into the shape of Robin's boyfriend.

“I'm sorry! I'm really sorry!” Linda cried out in a deepening voice,

seemingly unaware of what was happening to her. “He came onto me. He

told me that you two were broken up.”

Janet was too stunned to reply. She just stood there in disbelief,

staring at what she thought was her friend Linda but instead looked

like her boyfriend Mike. She slowly backed away from Linda, dropped

to her knees, and starting fading from view. Alicia ran over to Janet

and tried to hug her, but by the time she got close enough Janet had


“This is just too fucking weird,” Robin said. “Janet's invisible,

Linda's Janet's boyfriend, Alicia's turned into a supermodel, and

Denise…” She looked to where she thought Denise was and saw only her

clothes on the ground. “Denise!” Robin yelled out, “Are you invisible


“No!” Denise replied as loud as she could, but neither Robin nor any

of her other friends could hear her.

Robin ran over to where Denise's clothes were, and started feeling

around like a bad mime act, hoping to touch what she thought was her

invisible friend. Denise saw her coming and scrambled to just barely

get out of Robin's way. Then when Robin stopped Denise ran towards

her friend and started climbing up her right foot.

“I'm here! I'm here!” Denise kept shouting, hoping that Robin will

see her.

Robin sensed what felt like a spider crawling onto her right shoe,

and bent down to try and swat it away. She raised her hand up

slightly and then stopped. “Holy shit! Denise! Is that you?”

The other three girls looked over as Robin lowered her hand and laid

it flat up against her shoe. Denise crawled on top of her palm and

held on tightly as Robin raised her hand up towards her eyes.

“It is you,” Robin said softly. “You must be only two inches tall.

How did this happen?”

“I don't know,” Denise replied, “I was watching Alicia's

transformation when I started feeling really dizzy. Then I could feel

myself getting smaller and smaller. Next thing I knew I was

struggling to climb out of my own clothes. I hope I can get back to

normal somehow.”

Immediately after she finished her sentence Denise began expanding on

top of Robin's palm. Seeing her getting larger and feeling her

getting heavier, Robin put her friend back down to the ground and

watched her slowly grow back to her normal 5 foot height. At the same

time, Linda began morphing again, this time returning to her original

body. Her clothes were in tatters after the two other

transformations. Alicia's was in a similar condition, barely

containing her expanded form. The two of them walked over to join

Robin and Denise.

“Where's Janet?”

“She was back over there last time I saw her,” Alicia replied, “just

before she disappeared again.”

“Janet!” Robin called out. “Can you reappear again?”

“I don't want too,” Janet replied.

“Come on, Janet,” Alicia responded as she started walking towards

where Janet's voice had come from. “You can trust me.”

Slowly Janet became visible again, crying with her head in her hands.

Alicia came up and wrapped her arms around her now shorter friend.

“It's okay.”

Janet turned and buried her face in Alicia's bosom. Linda went over

and picked up Janet's clothes and brought them to her. Janet slowly

stopped crying but made no motion to take her clothes from Linda.

Instead she raised her arms and began to gradually caress Alicia's

back and sides. This time Alicia did not try to back away. Linda

stood next to the two women staring down at the ground. Meanwhile,

Denise had started putting her clothes back on and she and Robin

walked over to the others.

“Those comet fragments must have done something to us,” Robin said.

“I mean, look, Janet can turn invisible. Denise can shrink down to

tiny size, Alicia's become a supermodel, Linda can apparently become

anybody she wants, and I, uh, you know, I don't seem to be affected

by it.”

“Well you're smarter than you were before,” added Linda, “you knew

about the mega joule thing or whatever.”

“Maybe,” Robin replied, “but I don't feel any smarter, and it's

nothing compared to what you guys can do.”

“I disagree,” said Alicia. “I think you do have a power. I could feel

it earlier.”

“You could what?”

“I don't know, but it seems like I can feel things more now. I feel

more, what's the word…?”

“Empathic?” Denise answered.

“Yes, that's it,” replied Alicia. “And I think you were controlling

Janet's body there a minute ago when she attacked Linda. Sort of like

a, uh…”


“Yeah, Robin, that's it. I think you're a telepath now.”

“So you think I can move things with my mind?” Robin asked.

“Well give it a try,” Denise answered.

Robin closed her eyes and concentrated. Slowly she began to lift up

off of the ground, to the amazement of her friends. Even Janet

stopped caressing Alicia to look at what Robin was doing. Robin

slowly opened her eyes, looked down at her friends, and started

giggling. Then she closed her eyes hard and held out her hands. The

remaining four all developed curious looks on their faces, and then

looked down to their feet. All of them were being lifted off of the

ground. Robin opened her eyes again, let out another giggle, and then

slowly lowered her friends back down.

“This is so cool,” Robin announced, and with that she started

floating up higher and began circling around her friends, laughing

the entire time. Finally she landed back where she started, standing

next to Denise.

“We've become some sort of superwomen,” said Linda, “do you realize

what we can do now?”

“Yeah,” replied Denise, “we can get really cool costumes and stuff.

Well, maybe not Janet.”

“I don't think you'll need a costume either, Denise,” answered Janet,

“you'll just shrink out of it.”

“Shut up you two,” snapped Robin. “Here we have all of these powers

and all you can think about is clothes!”

“I have an idea,” announced Linda, “how we can use our powers to make


Chapter 3

A tall blonde woman and her male companion walked into the bank as if

they owned the place, and the way the woman was dressed it was easy

to assume that they did. She was wearing a short black dress that was

tight in all the right places, with a deep cut down the front went

almost to her belly button and showed off just enough of her breasts

to attract attention. The bottom of the dress just barely covered her

most private regions, exposing almost all of her 48 inch long legs.

Her tall stiletto pumps added to the height advantage that she

enjoyed over everyone else in the room, including the security guard

at the door. With a peck on the top of his head she separated from

her companion and sauntered over to the security guard, now sporting

a deer in the headlights look on his face. The woman got up very

close to the guard and began slowly running her finger across the

guard's shoulder.

“Hi, Steve,” she said while reading the guard's nametag. “You look

very stressed. Are you OK?”

“Uh…sure…I'm OK…uh…miss…miss.”

“Call me Pam if you like, Steve.”


Pam noticed that the guard was looking downward, either at her legs

or at his enlarging groin.

“Oh my, Steve, I can tell you're really sweating bullets. No pun

intended. It is pretty warm in here, isn't it?”

The passion play between the 7 foot Amazon and the security guard had

caught the attention of everyone in the bank, except for the man who

came into the bank with her and another woman writing out a deposit

slip at a nearby table. The act was so mesmerizing that the man was

allowed to cut to the front of the line.

“I would like to see the bank manager, please,” the man told the

teller. I have some very important business to discuss with him.”

“Uh sure,” the teller replied. With one eye on the customer and one

on the guard and his new playmate, the teller picked up the phone and

called the manager to the counter.

“Ah, Mr. Robinson,” the manager proclaimed as he approached the

counter. “It's so good to see you again. What brings you here today?”

“I have some important business to discuss with you Sam, if you have

a minute.”

“Sure, come on back with me. You want some coffee or anything?”

“No, I'll be fine.”

Sam the bank manager opened the security door, and after a moment of

hesitation Mr. Robinson walked through and followed the manager back

to his office. Right after passing through the door a small piece of

something fell out of his coat pocket and onto the floor. Whatever it

was disappeared quickly enough such that no one paid any attention to


The tellers watched Sam and Mr. Robinson go into the manager's

office, and then turned their attention back to Pam and the guard. By

this time the guard's shirt was coated with sweat. His hands were

positioned very close to Pam's sides and were noticeably shaking.

“It's OK, Steve,” Pam told him as she ran her fingers through his

hair. “My man and I have a very open relationship. You're allowed to

touch the merchandise.”

Again everyone in the bank was watching the peep show at the door,

except for the one woman at the desk who instead was looking intently

at the bank safe. Small clicking sounds could be heard from the safe

door, but no one seemed to notice that. No one also seemed to notice

that the safe door had opened just a crack, or that a small insect or

something had scurried through the crack and into the safe.

Steve slowly started rubbing his hands against Pam's sides while Pam

was still massaging Steve's hair. She started cooing with pleasure

and slowly wrapped one of her legs around Steve's and positioned her

bosoms to within inches of Steve's face. The woman at the desk,

meantime, packed her things and headed out the door unnoticed. Slowly

the safe door opened wider, and a large bulging bag floated out of

the safe and towards the security door. One of the bank tellers

turned and saw the floating bag. “What the hell?” she said quietly,

and then rubbed her eyes as if she were dreaming. The bag, apparently

sensing that someone had seen it, started moving faster towards the

front door. Suddenly the teller screamed and hit the alarm. This

brought out Sam and Mr. Robinson from the manager's office and also

distracted the guard from the babe in front of him, but by this time

the bag had flown out the door.

“What's happening?” the manager asked.

“I think we've being robbed,” the teller replied, “I saw a bag come

out of the safe and fly out the door.”

“Did you get a good look at the robber?” The manager asked.

“Well…uh…no I didn't,” the teller replied, “there was no robber.”


“I saw the bag leave the safe and go out the door.”

“On its own?”

“On its own.”

“You're insane. Bags don't fly out of safes on their own.”

“That's what I saw, check the safe.”

The manager turned away from a stunned Mr. Robinson and walked into

the safe. Meanwhile, Steve the security guard had pulled out his gun

and was frantically looking around.

“What's the matter, Steve?” Pam asked.

“The…alarm…went…off,” Steve panted in reply. “Did you see anything?”

“No I didn't,” answered Pam. “What do you think happened?”

Suddenly there was a loud shout from the safe. The manager emerged

from there with a frantic look on his face.

“The safe's been robbed!” the manager proclaimed. “Call the police!”

“Maybe I should come back another time,” Mr. Robinson told the


“Yeah, I can't think right now. Can you wait a day or two?”

“Sure, no problem. You have more important things to worry about

right now.”

Mr. Robinson shook hands with the manager and started towards the

door. “Come on, dear,” he addressed to Pam, “stop playing with the

guard. He has work to do.”

“Oh, and I was just starting to enjoy it.”

Pam gave the guard a kiss right on the lips and left with Mr.

Robinson. The couple got into their limo and drove off.

“So, how much did we get?” Robin asked from the driver's seat.

“I counted nearly 25 thousand when I got it out of the safe,” Denise


The now visible Janet was inspecting the contents of the bag she

carried out the door. “It sure looks like a lot,” she said, “and damn

this thing was heavy.”

“Hey, I resent that!” Denise retorted. “I was lighter than a feather

in there.”

Linda was quickly changing back into her familiar form and removing

the layers of men's clothing that she had to put on. “Talk about

heavy,” she said, “you should have seen Ali and that guard.”

“I know,” added Robin, “what were you doing to that guy?”

“Well you told me to distract him,” Alicia answered. “What better way

to do that than to use my womanly charms.”

“You definitely have that,” Linda told her. “You are definitely hot.”

Both Denise and Janet concurred, and began to inch their nude bodies

closer to Alicia. Linda, now down to just a pair of panties, began

rubbing her fingers up against Alicia's dress.

“Where can I get a dress like that?” Linda asked.

“You can afford plenty of dresses like that now, Linda,” answered

Robin. “And the rest of you put some clothes on!”

The five women laughed as their rented limo cruised onto the freeway

and out of town.

Chapter 4

Mike walked into his apartment to find his answering machine

blinking. “Probably Janet again,” as he walked over and hit the

delete button without listening to the message. She had called every

day for the past week, claiming that he was cheating on her and that

she wanted to talk. Mike had figured after the first message that

Linda had spilled the beans on their one night stand, and he did not

want to be confronted by Janet about it. He was going to break up

with her anyway, he thought, so why bother going through that

nonsense. He thought if he continued to ignore her then perhaps she

would just go away.

As he walked from the phone to the kitchen to grab a beer, he noticed

that the living room window was open. “That's strange,” he thought as

he went to close it, “I thought that I had closed it this morning.”

He turned from the window and headed back towards the kitchen when he

suddenly tripped and fell to the floor with a loud “oomph.” He slowly

got back up to his feet and looked back to see what had tripped him,

but the floor was bare. He shook his head in confusion and started on

his way again when he suddenly lunged forward as if he were pushed.

He quickly turned around and again saw nothing out of the ordinary.

He stood in place for a few seconds, trying to comprehend what was

going on. Then suddenly he felt something push against his chest,

knocking him backwards slightly. He then heard what sounded like

footsteps quickly thumping against his floor and heading towards his


Mike stood there in stunned silence, wondering what was going on and

trying to figure out if he was just dreaming. His eyes then opened

wide as he saw what appeared to be his girlfriend emerging from the

bedroom with no clothes on.

“Oh Mikey,” Janet cooed, “What's the matter? You look like you've

seen a ghost.”

“Uh, nothing,” was all that Mike could say in reply.

“Well then why don't you come into the bedroom? I have a big surprise

for you.”

Mike slowly walked towards the bedroom as Janet disappeared from his

view. He turned into the room and didn't see Janet at all.

“Jan, where are you?” Mike asked. “Are you trying to play games with


Nothing but silence in the room.

Mike walked over to the side of the bed. “Are you hiding from me?” he

asked. He bent down and lifted the bed covers, expecting to see Janet

hiding below the sheets, but she wasn't there. Suddenly Mike felt a

sharp pain in his groin, causing him to bend over further and fall

onto the bed. Sharp pains began migrating throughout his midsection

as he continued to writhe around. The pain slowly faded away, and

Mike stopped rolling around, lying back down on top of the bed. He

could feel pressure bearing down on his stomach, as if something was

sitting on top of it.

His zipper began moving down his pants, and he could feel something

reaching in and massaging what was in there. Mike was gasping for air

as his mind was desperately trying to process what he was feeling.

Instinctively he reached out towards his midsection when it hit

something. The motion he felt before quickly stopped, and he heard

what sounded like a gasp, but still his mind and his hand were not

telling him the same thing, so he just held his hand up against

whatever it was. Slowly the massaging motion returned and Mike slowly

put his hand down by his side as another part of his body began

instinctively moving upward. Gradually his most private part emerged

from its cocoon, still being drawn out by some unknown force. Mike

just stared at it like it was a space alien. Then suddenly an intense

shot of pain shot out from his midsection and rapidly spread

throughout his body. Then come another pain shot, followed quickly by

a third. Blood spots began appearing on his exposed!

private part as Mike let out a series of blood curdling screams.

The pressure on his stomach then quickly disappeared but the pain

from his groin was still pounding away. Mike could do nothing else at

this point except scream in pain and try to massage the damage. His

cries were so loud that he could not hear either his bathroom door

close or the water running from the bathroom sink. A couple minutes

later the bathroom door opened and a fully clothed Janet walked out

of the bathroom and stood at the bedroom door looking at her wailing


“What's the matter, Mike?”

“Uhh…uhh…uhh,” was all he could mutter in reply.

“Uh, I don't understand what you're saying.”


“Well, I would,” Janet replied, “but I don't know what's wrong. Are

you OK?”


“Well I'm sorry to hear that Mike, because I came over here to tell

you that I want to break up with you. We're through.”


“I think you know why,” Janet coolly replied. “So I'm leaving. No,

don't get up. I'll see myself to the door.”


“You know, you might want to call a doctor. You look terrible.”

Janet walked out of Mike's apartment with a huge smile on her face.

Chapter 5

On a typical Friday night the Beach Hut was be packed in wall to wall

with the most beautiful people in San Diego. For many years it was

the place to be seen for the city's social scene, and this Friday was

no exception. Short skirts and bare midriffs lurked around every

corner of the bar, usually huddling closely by a six-pack ab. The

dance floor was a sea of blonde hair bouncing up and down to the

rhythm of the evening. However, this Friday the club was unusually

crowded, as was the previous three Friday's before that. In fact

every Friday was like that since the Blonde Amazon Twins first


Nobody knew where they came from, what they did for a living, or even

their names, but ever since they came into the club they were the

center of attention. Word quickly spread around the area and ever

since more and more people came to the Beach Hut just to see them.

The production, as usual, began out when the brand new red Corvette

drove up to the front door. The bar did not offer valet service but

for the Amazons they made an exception. The valets open the doors,

and the legs appeared, long, slender, toned, fully exposed, and

capped off at the base by stiletto heels. Each of the two valets then

reached into the car and took the well-manicured hand of one of the

occupants. Tonight the driver's hand included a small sparkling ring,

while the passenger's hand was accompanied by two glowing bracelets.

Then the valets acted as if they were helping the women out of the

car, and the Amazons appeared in their full glory. A couple

flashbulbs popped as the two women surveyed the scene from their 7

foot high perch. The driver appeared with a short white skirt

tightly wrapped around her mid section and a sleeveless white blouse

with a generous cut down the middle and at the bottom just below the

chest, specifically designed to show off her well developed breasts

and pierced belly button. The passenger chose a one-piece red

sleeveless dress with long deep cuts on the front and back. The

bottom cut was up so high that it would have been within an inch of

exposing her panties if she had been wearing any.

The passenger posed for the audience gathered at the door as the

driver briefly flirted with the valet before she came around and

stood next to her twin. Together the two women strolled into the

club, getting a free pass and a nod of approval from the burly

doorman. The room was jumping to the beat of the music, but there was

a noticeable pause in the motion when the Amazons entered. The club

owner, who had been an absentee owner until recently, greeted the two

women at the door and showed them to their booth that he had reserved

just for them. The driver ordered a vodka martini while the passenger

requested a rum and Coke. The owner bid his adieu and went to get the

drinks, on the house of course.

“How much longer do you think he'll keep giving us free drinks?”

Linda asked.

“As long as he thinks he has a chance to fuck one of us,” Alicia


“Well that ain't ever going to happen.”

“You're telling me.”

Alicia then looked up and noticed a tall, dark, handsome man standing

at their table.

“Well hello there, mister. What can I do for you?” Linda asked.

“Quite a lot,” the man replied. “Mind if I sit down?”

“No, please do,” answered Linda.

Thus began what had become a ritual for the two women. A man would

come over and ask to sit down. Then Linda would engage the man in

small talk while Alicia sat there pretending to be interested in the

conversation. Actually she never heard a single word; she was instead

concentrating on getting a feeling of the man's intentions. It was

obvious that sex was one of them, but she was searching for something

more. If he met with Alicia's approval should would reach over and

touch the man's shoulder. That was Linda's signal to get up and go to

the powder room, leaving Alicia and the man alone to engage in one on

one conversation while Linda mingled with the dancers. If he was not

acceptable then Alicia would excuse herself and leave it up to Linda

to decide if she wanted the man or not. Usually Linda would also

reject the guy by giving him the silent treatment until he left.

After all, if it wasn't good enough for Alicia, she thought, then he

wasn't good enough for her either.

On this night the first two male visitors were not acceptable and

quietly wilted away back into the crowd. Then two news guys

approached the table.

“Hi,” one of them said, “how are you doing?”

“We're fine,” Alicia replied, “how are you?”

“Good,” the other man answered as he motioned to the girls his desire

to sit with them. Alicia motioned approvingly and the two took their

seats on either side of Alicia and Linda. Linda started talking to

them about the weather while Alicia concentrated on the man sitting

next to her. After about a minute or so she touched his shoulder and

asked him about his occupation. He and his friend were both doctors,

he replied. Since there were two of them Linda did not get up and go

to the bathroom, instead she concentrated her attention on the man

sitting next to her.

After about twenty minutes of two one on one conversations, Alicia

and her new friend started moving towards the end of the table.

“We're gonna go someplace quieter,” she said to Linda. “Wanna join


“No, go ahead, we'll stick around here for a while longer, if that's

OK with you.”

“Uh, sure,” was all the man next to Linda could say.

“We're going to take his car,” Alicia said, “so why don't you take

the Vette.”

Alicia tossed the car keys to Linda, then gave her a wink and a smile

as she and her friend walked out the door hand-in-hand.

“I hope your friend is honorable,” Linda said to the man.

“Trust me, he is,” he replied, “but what about your sister?”

“Oh don't worry,” answered Linda, “she'll give him a night he'll

never forget.”

“Will I get a night like that too?”

“Well,” Linda said as she looked over the man, “we'll see about that,

but I think that your chances are looking pretty good.”

Chapter 6

Robin had been practicing her takeoffs and landings for the last few

weeks and was finally able to land without falling over. She had also

been practicing her maneuvers late at night, and purchased a special

all-black body suit so that she could do so unnoticed. She was

wearing that same suit tonight for this special mission. She slowly

glided through the air and landed unnoticed on the roof of her old

high school gymnasium. After looking around to make sure that no one

had seen her, she walked over to the roof hatch.

“Damn, it's locked,” she muttered to herself. “I should've known it

wouldn't be that easy.”

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the lock. She could hear the

metal inside the lock straining until finally, “click.” The lock was

open. She removed the lock from the latch, lifted the roof hatch, and

climbed inside the gym.

It was prom night for the Class of 2004, and prom revenge night for

Robin, Class of 1998. Her prom was a teenager's nightmare. Her date's

car kept stalling on the way to the dance, causing them to miss

dinner. Then once they arrived he joined up with his friends at the

punch table, leaving her alone. She sat on the side of the gym

watching her classmates dance, wondering why she was even there. When

the band started a slow dance song she went looking for her date,

hoping to convince him to at least have one dance with her, but to

her horror she saw that he was already on the dance floor with his

arms around another girl. Robin ran out of the gym and walked home in


After the transformation she rented the movie Carrie, and watched the

final scene where Carrie used telekinesis to destroy the gym during

her senior prom after being humiliated by her classmates. This not

only brought back bad memories to Robin and but also gave her a

sinister idea for revenge that she was now in the process of carrying


Robin stood on the catwalk overlooking the stage where the band was

playing. Sure enough, it was the same band that played there 6 years

ago. Robin smirked at the irony, and then laid herself down on the

catwalk and began to concentrate.

The lead singer was holding the microphone stand and swinging it

around aggressively while belting out an outdated eighties tune. He

then noticed that the stand felt a lot looser in his hands than it

did before, and looked down to see why. The base of the stand was

floating above the stage. He tried to move the stand down but it

wouldn't budge. The singer stopped singing as he tried harder to push

the stand down while the band continued playing, oblivious to what

was happening. Then the stand started moving around like it had a

mind of its own, swinging around from side to side. By now the band

had stopped playing and the drummer shouted “what are you doing?” at

the singer. “I don't know!” the singer shouted back. The kids had

stopped dancing and were watching the events on the stage, many with

annoyed looks on their faces thinking the singer was causing the

commotion. The singer started shouting “it's not me! It's not me!”

Someone in the audience shouted back “Yeah right!” !

and a hushed yet cynical laugh came from the students. Finally the

stand stopped moving and settled back into position. The singer

looked at the stand for a minute, and then signaled for the band to

start playing again.

The punch and water stand was set up close to the stage, close enough

to be viewed from the catwalk above. There was a group of girls

standing there gossiping with each other. They were so enthralled by

their conversation that they didn't notice that 6 cups filled with

punch were starting to lift up from the table. Suddenly the cups

thrust forward, spilling their contents on the girls. The girls

shrieked and quickly started looking around to see who did it. One of

the chaperones came over to see what happened.

“Someone threw punch at us!” one of the girls said.

“Did you see who?” the chaperone responded.

“Uh, no.”

“But it must have been Britney Sanchez.”

“Yeah, she's always been jealous of us. I'm sure she did it.”

“I'll see if I can find her,” said the chaperone.

The chaperone disappeared into the crowd as the stained girls started

to clean their dresses with water and napkins. Above their heads, one

of the light bulbs lighting the gym began to unscrew itself from its

socket. The bulb flickered briefly and went out. The chaperone

stopped his search for Miss Sanchez when he saw the flicker and

looked up to see the missing light. He could not see that the bulb

had been unscrewed, and since there was a metal cage covering the

light it was still in the fixture. Thinking it was nothing more than

a burnt out bulb he went back to his search. Then suddenly the sound

of shattered glass stopped the chaperone in his tracks, along with

the band and the dancers. Everyone this time looked up and saw that

the bulb had fallen down from the light.

“All right everyone,” the principal announced over the mike,

“everything's fine. We'll get that cleaned up. Let's just keep going,


All of the remaining gym lights then began flickering and turning

themselves off. In a matter of seconds the entire gym was pitch dark.

Some girls began screaming while others began searching for their

lighters. “Is this still on?” the principal asked, and then heard

over the speakers. “OK everybody, it looks like we've got a problem

here but no need to panic. We'll get this fixed right awa…”

The principal's speech was interrupted by the sound of breaking glass

and shouts of “ow” from a few places in the crowd, as the light bulbs

started raining down from the ceiling. Then one of the band's

speakers tipped over and fell into the mixer board, created sparks

from the board that quickly turned into a small fire. There were more

screams and everyone started running for the exits, but the doors

slammed themselves shut before anyone could get out. Many of the

students began pulling on the doors trying to get them open, but they

were not budging. One of the suspended banners came down and landed

on top of the burning mixer board, and quickly was engulfed in

flames. Now almost everyone in the gym was screaming or yelling for

help. The tables with the water and punch tipped over, spilling their

contents on the floor and on anyone nearby. The folding bleachers

that had been pushed back for the dance started unfolding from the

wall, pushing the crowd ever closer together. T!

he fire at the board continued to grow and smoke began to accumulate

inside the gym. One of the band members managed to find the fire

alarm and pulled the lever, which set off the alarm and turned on the

sprinklers, dousing everyone in the gym in water. Finally the exit

door released and there was a mad scramble to get outside. Fire

engine sirens could be heard in the distance approaching the school

as the students tried desperately to clear the gym.

Up on the catwalk Robin slowly got to her feet and surveyed the

damage below. The mixing board was still burning but the banner no

longer was. The gym floor was covered in water and pink punch. The

band instruments laid abandoned on the stage. She closed her eyes one

more time, and in a flash all of the remaining speakers fell down to

the floor. The speaker wires all shorted out, setting them all on

fire as well. Robin opened her eyes and let out a look of

satisfaction at the damage her mind had caused. She then levitated

herself up through the hatch and off into the night.

Chapter 7

Unlike most of her friends, Denise chose to keep her job even after

the change and the financial benefits that it was starting to bring

in. Her only splurge was a new Toyota RAV4. As an executive secretary

for a large investment firm her new car did not stand out in the

parking lot, which to her was important since she was the most

concerned of the group that they might be caught. Her fear, along

with a healthy dose of fiscal responsibility, also led her to invest

her share of the earnings rather than spend it on clothes and sports


One morning one of other secretaries approached her desk as some of

the executives were entering the conference room for a meeting.

“What do you think they're talking about in there?” the secretary


“I don't know.”

“You noticed that they've been having a lot of meetings recently? It

must be something big.”

“Could be,” Denise said, “but I haven't heard anything.”

“Aren't you a little bit curious?”

“Yeah, a little.”

“Well if you hear anything you'll let me know?” the secretary asked.

“Sure,” Denise answered as she turned back towards her computer.

As the secretary walked away Denise's mind began to wander. “What are

they talking about in there?” she thought. Then she realized that

there was a way that she could find out.

She got up and went to the bathroom. After making sure no one else

was there, she entered an empty stall and began to undress. “This is

crazy,” she thought to herself, but she continued on anyway. Once

fully undressed she stood upright, closed her eyes, and began to

concentrate. She quickly shrank down until she was only 1 inch tall

and started towards the door. She almost stumbled going over the

joints in the tile, but she still made it to the door before anyone

came in. The crack below the door was only one-quarter of an inch

wide, so Denise paused to shrink herself down further to fit under

the door.

Denise slowly made her way back into the office, walking along the

bottom wall trim to avoid being stepped on and so that she did not

have to navigate her way through the carpet fibers. As usual there

were lots of people walking about the hallways, which normally wasn't

a problem but posed a big challenge to a quarter inch tall woman who

didn't want to be seen or stepped on. At that moment Denise wished

that she had Janet's power instead, and thought that next time she

would recruit her friend to do this. Shrinking still further down to

only one-eighth of an inch to lessen the chance of detection, Denise

started her journey to the boardroom.

Staying up against the base of the walls and dodging footsteps at

each doorway, she finally made to the boardroom door and walked

underneath into the room. She saw the CEO of the firm at the head of

the table and ten of the companies top executives seated around him.

“So when's this merger going to be announced?” the CEO asked.

“They're going public in three weeks I'm told.”

“And you're certain that the value of Arcsoft's stock will increase

because of this?”

“I'm sure of it. Their stock is highly undervalued right now, so any

news of a merger with Microsoft will send the value through the


“You're sure about this?”

“As sure as I've ever been.”

“OK, listen,” said the CEO, “I want to make this very, very clear.

What we're talking about here is potentially insider trading, so we

need to do this quietly and discreetly. We need to get money into

Arcsoft stock in as many different ways as we can so that we don't

get the SEC on our ass. We also need to monitor this very closely so

that we can get the money in, make our profits, and get out before

anyone important knows it. And I want to make it very clear that what

we discuss in this room does not go outside this door. I don't want

you to talk about this with anybody, including your wives, your

husbands, your friends, your kids, your staff, nobody. Not even your

pastor. Understood?”

“Yes, John.”

“I don't believe it,” Denise muttered to herself, “they're actually

planning this? This is just so…” Denise stopped herself mid-sentence

and pondered the irony of a bank robber accusing an investment firm

of unethical behavior. Then she started thinking about how she and

her friends could profit from this. “After all,” she thought, “we do

have some disposable income.”

The meeting broke up at this point, and Denise quickly scrambled into

a corner. She then started the journey back to the bathroom, knowing

that she had to hurry before anyone noticed that she had been away

from her desk for a long time now. Dodging footsteps, plowing through

carpet fibers, and finally easing under the bathroom door, she made

it back to the stall.

“Oh shit!” she exclaimed, “my clothes are gone!”

Someone had used the toilet while she was gone, and apparently had

moved her clothes from where Denise had left them. She grew back up

to her full height and started looking around the bathroom for her

clothes when someone walked into the room. Denise let out a brief

screech and quickly covered up her breasts with her hands.

“Uh, are you OK?” the stranger asked. She worked in a different

office but on the same floor as Denise.

“Yeah, I'm, uh, fine,” Denise answered as she noticed her clothes

piled up in the corner below the sink. She quickly reached down and

grabbed the pile.

“I, uh, had an accident and needed, to, umm, wash up.”

“Okayyy,” said the stranger.

Denise quickly ran back into the stall and closed the door. She then

noticed that she was starting to shrink again, but this time she was

not consciously willing this to happen. She became nervous and wanted

to scream but didn't for fear that the other woman in the room would

see her shrinking. By the time the other women washed up and left

Denise was only 4 inches tall, but the rate of her shrinking had

slowed by then and appeared to stop soon after she was left alone.

She quickly concentrated and grew back to her original size.

“How the hell did that happen?” Denise asked herself as she put her

clothes back on. “I gotta tell the others about this. About all of


Chapter 8

Robin had just walked into the apartment that Linda and Alicia shared

when the afternoon news came on.

“In the span of six weeks four banks and two armored trucks in the

San Diego area had been robbed,” the news report began, “and while

police think that they all might be connec

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