Giantess Stories: The Tale of Shy Guy and the Luscious Cheerleader

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The Tale of Shy Guy and the

Luscious Cheerleader

Starring Larisa Oleynik




Monday August 24th 2002 Noon ~ Stanford

University ~


           My name is Cedric a freshmen at Stanford

University. I pulled up to Stanford in my black mustang with the top down. I

stood up while still remaining in my car and flipped my sunglasses off my eyes

and looked at my new school for the first time. This is going to be fun I

thought as I sat back down and looked for a parking spot.


Monday August 1st 2002 9:00am ~ English Class



           It had been a week since I arrived. I woke up

early to get to my English class and also to get a good seat since we were

getting assigned seats on a first come first serve basis. I walked across campus

and arrived at my English class that day. I sat down in the back hoping not to

draw any attention to me.


           I was a very shy person by nature. I spent much

of my life hiding and staying in the background. My senior year of high school I

was in 27 pictures and I was in the background and unnoticed in all 27 of them.

It's not that I didn't like people it's just I never know what to say and

especially to girls. I haven't even had a girlfriend yet.


           As I walked into the classroom I was the only

person there so I took the very last seat in the middle row. As other students

started to come in like the tall jock that sat down in front of me and his

equally tall friend sat down beside him pretty much blocking me from sight.

Everything was going to plan until I heard someone sit down beside me. I looked

over to see bliss. My eyes bugged out and my tongue started to salivate. My eyes

were on her like stink on shit.



She had on a blue and white plaid skirt and a blue v-neck sweater with mini

stripes at the collar and sleeves. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail and

she had on a pair of black shoes with 3 or 4 inch soles. Her legs had a soft

look to them with a nice tan. The two jocks immediately turned to her and

started talking to her like they knew her.


           As class started I learned her name was Lisa and

she was a cheerleader which explains why the jocks knew her. We went through the

syllabus in class and then the teacher gave out probably the best and at the

same time worst assignment possible. We had to meet the person sitting next to

us outside of class and interview them followed by reporting back to class in

form of a 4 minute speech. As soon as this was said Lisa turned towards me.


“Hi, my name is Lisa and you are?”


“Ummm, aahhhh m,m,my n,n,na, nam, nam, name is Eric, err

wait no I mean Cedric yeah Cedric's my name.”


           She giggled and then asked if we could meet at

Pappy's a local hangout place around 7 tonight. I just sat there stunned

watching her run over to her two jock friends. She gave one of them a kiss and

he put her arm around her and they left. I was a little heart broken but I

dejectedly left the classroom.


Monday August 31st 7:00pm ~ Pappy's

Hangout ~


           Seven came before I knew it and I was pushing

the door to Pappy's open. I saw Lisa sitting next to the pool table with a girl.

As I walked towards Lisa I couldn't help but look at the other girl. She wasn't

as pretty as Lisa in my opinion but Aphrodite isn't as pretty as Lisa.


           I nervously walked towards both girls. Thousands

of thoughts went through mind so as I approached I hadn't noticed the same jock

that I saw kiss Lisa barge in front of me. I walked right into him and stumbled


”Watch it! I am talking to my girl here so buzz off freshy”


“This is Cedric, Jerry. He's my partner.”


“Well hurry it up so we can go back to your place and



“Alright just leave us alone for now.”

”Alright, hey Michelle play you in darts while they talk?”


“Nah I am just gonna chill with my home girl and playa

playa here”


“Player? I am surprised he hasn't been cut.”


           Finally the dumb jock named jerry left leaving

me with two dazzling girls. I sat down in between the two.”


“Okay let me start. What's your fantasy, umm Cedric right?”


“You're going to laugh at me”


“No I wont I promise I wont.”


“Yes you will everyone does”


“Well I am not everyone.”

”My fantasy is to be shrunk.”


“To be what?”


“Shrunk, you know like in the movie honey we shrunk the



“Oh why?”


“I don't know really. I just think it would be cool. I mean

I wouldn't have to worry about being my dorky self. No worries, just smooth



“So, ummm ahhh what's your fantasy?”


“I want to be a queen. I have always wanted to have my own

subjects grovel and slave over me. Ruling over people, but like that's going to

ever happen to little 5'6” me.”


“You never know.”


“So how come your always so quiet?”


“You don't even know me. How do you know what I am like?”


“Cause your shy, and you're nervous even right now you're

nervous. A girl can always tell.”


“I'm not nervous.”


           We continued to talk and as the conversation we

went on I really started to loosen up and she was laughing at my jokes.

Everything was going along perfectly until Jerry returned. He didn't really like

the way things were going with us I could tell.


“You two have been pretty chatty. Let's go Lisa.”


           He grabbed Lisa's arm and started pulling her

out when broke his hold on her.


“You shouldn't shove her around like that. She is a person

not your toy”


“Oh, look the worm is growing some balls”


“Jerry, he's a nice guy leave him alone.”


           Jerry walked towards me and stood toe to toe. I

wanted to run but I held my ground and looked him in the eyes. He went to punch

me, but I punched him first in the stomach. He grimaced slightly but unloaded on

me. I doubled over after the first punch and I was out like a light after a

second so I don't really know what happened after that. I do remember I was

hunched over in the corner with the store owner sitting next to me.


“You got walloped pretty good there son”


“Yeah I know it hurts like hell.”


“Well Jerry Thompson isn't welcome here anymore so you

don't have to worry about him coming here anymore”




“Well I do have a store to run take care.”


           As I stood up I walked over to the pool table.

As soon as I did I felt really sick and dizzy. I leaned over onto the table for

balance. I thought it was a side effect to getting the shit beat out of me at

first but I felt worse and soon I blacked out however I knew that I wasn't out

very long cause I heard a loud voice ask where the punching bag went. The voice

sounded sweet and familiar. I rolled over onto my back only to see a gigantic

Lisa standing next to her friend Michelle.


“Where did Cedric go? I told Jerry to meet me at my house

in an hour. I feel really bad for what happened.”


“He probably went home.”


“Yeah, I will apologize tomorrow.”


“I wish he was here though. I feel so bad”


“I have never seen a guy get beat up like that and get up a

few moments later like he did. He has spunk I will give him that.”


“Yeah but after that second punch, he looked so out of it.

Like he wasn't even in control of his body like he was someone else.”


“Yeah, speaking of which, what was it you were mumbling

when you saw him fall”


“Oh I said that was out loud, well I was thinking how sweet

it was that he stood up for me like that. I was just saying I wish that I could

give him his wish.”


“Oh, well he did bring it upon himself a little. But hey

since you got an hour to kill why not shoot a game?”


“I don't know how to play really'


“Like I do?”


“Well it's a level playing field then.”


           I was still in awe and bewilderment of the

entire situation. Michelle's gigantic hand reached over me and starting to rack

the balls. I ran as fast as I could dove into one of the holes. I was about ¼

shorter then one of the pool balls. I gulped while at the same time I began to

realize I was getting to live a fantasy of mine. I was shrunk and these two

girls were giantesses. How cool is this.


“You want to break Lisa or should I?”


“I don't think it matters”


           I heard the crashing of balls spread out across

the table. I peeked my head above the rim of the middle ball hole on the left

side. Lisa walked into my view. I gulped as I saw her begin to line up the ball

to go into my hole. I screamed at the last moment but no one heard. I stared at

the ball coming closer like a deer in headlights. I tried to move but my body

just wouldn't respond. The ball slammed into the wall next to me with an

unbelievable force. I realized how vulnerable I was. I began to climb out of the

hole when Michelle sent a ball careening towards me. I scampered out of the hole

and rolled out of the way just barely missing being crushed under a pool ball.




My voice was drown out by the

background noise and I had to once again dive out of the way of the ball however

the pool game had deteroriated into lets just get the balls in the whole and

Lisa smacked a ball straight for me. I dove behind one of the balls to escape

death and hopefully stay hidden. As much as I was attracted to Lisa I sure

didn't want to be caught by anyone. The game continued on luckily no one had

come to the ball I was hiding behind. I shook in fear and sweated in

anticipation of what to do next when I heard Michelle tell Lisa goodbye. The

sticks crashed down on the table sending balls flying everywhere.


I cried out in pain as one of the

balls rolled over onto my legs trapping me beneath the ball. I pounded and tried

to push the ball off of me but it weighed too much for me to ever budge. I

blinked back the tears and looked up to see a girl staring back at me. I stared

up at the face of Lisa. Her eyes narrowed as they peered at me.


“What in the world?”


           She continued to look at me curiously. I tried

to stay as still as possible as she looked at me. As she bent down closer her

perfume began to tickle at my nose. I didn't notice it so much before but now my

olfactory is in overload. Her locks of hair spilled around me. I had to fight my

urges not to sneeze or at least try to push the ball off of me.


“What is a doll doing here?”


           Her hand was on top of me in an instant pulling

off the ball with one hand and grabbing me with the other. Her warm powerful

grip which leaves me dangling limply from her hand.  As she holds me before her

face I can smell her sweet peppermint breath rolling over me as she looks at me.

Her gentle strides rock me back and forth like the gentle rocking of a boat on a

calm night. I am gingerly spun around in her hand so I am facing the ground and

my legs are up in the air. A moment or two later I feel myself dropped onto a

hard surface. I can only lay there stunned at first. A long wooden plank extends

out on all sides. It is not until a few moments passing that I realize this is a

table, it is then that a large red bag is set down next to me. I begin to back

away forgetting my plans to remain still.


“Your, your moving? What are you?”


           Her hand comes down back on top of me. As her

warm soft fingers blanket my body I am left utterly helpless. I try to push even

one of her fingers off of me but it is no use, it's like trying to stop a

charging bull with a feather. I expected to be lifted up but her pointer finger

and thumb clamp down on my arm and I am lifted up into the air. I scream out in

pain as my arm feels like its being ripped out of its socket, with my good arm I

pound relentlessly on her finger but it has no effect on her. I am only lifted

up higher and higher at the same gradual pace until I stop directly in front of

her face. Her face is bigger then I.


“Omigod, Cedric?”


           I didn't know what to say as I dangled mere

inches from Lisa. My heart was racing and my mouth was dry. I was sweating

profusely as she held my left arm so tightly pinched between her fingers.


“You're completely adorable like this. I think I am going

to take you with me.”



It all happened so fast I could hardly comprehend what was going on, with her

free hand she lifted up the flap of the bag and swung the hand with me over to

the bag.


“Lisa no wait!”


           My words fell on deaf ears as I felt her fingers

move off of my arm and circulation begin to return, followed by a speedy decent.

I could only watch as I watched Lisa appear to grow taller and taller when in

reality it was just me who was falling deeper and deeper into the recesses of

her bag.


“I am going to see my boyfriend so be good in there”


Monday August 31st 9:30pm ~ Lisa's Car ~


           I landed on a pile of four or five hair

scrunches which lessened the painful impact. I rolled over and looked up at Lisa

who was just looking down at me with hint of delight. She blew me a kiss and

than closed the bag. The sounds of the room immediately dimmed to a more

manageable level. Everything was fine, for a moment. I heard her fasten the bag

shut, then she fling it over her shoulder with a disregard for me, while

everything in the bag tumbles about in chaos.  The hair scrunches I was laying

on slams against the wall of the bag and then drop on top of me. I poke my head

through the middle of one of the flower patterned scrunches to find myself along

with everything else being assaulted with her every step.


           I can plainly hear the ramblings of 4 or 5

different conversations from where I lie in the pit of her bag. I loathed being

in here but at the same time I cherished it. I was so close to the first girl in

my life who I felt natural around. I loved the way her eyes sparkled and her

voice sounds like food to a starving man. 


The slamming of a door interrupts

my train of thought. It gets dramatically colder as she walks out to her car,

and unfortunately the banging of the bag doesn't stop. I am continually beaten

against the side of her hips and ass for what seems like hours but probably only

a matter of minutes pass. I finally hear the car door close. A few seconds later

the car comes to life.


As she drives the time seems to

pass by slowly, and to make matters worse Lisa isn't exactly going to be the

next Madonna and naturally she has to sing along with every song that comes on

the radio.


“You had better behave now.”


I couldn't believe that she didn't

even open up the bag to speak to me and before I could even file a complaint the

bag was lifted up and once again I was tossed about as she walked towards her

boyfriends house. I could hear the door swing open and they hug and kiss which

is painfully long. I wanted to run, or leave at the very least but I was her



Late Monday Night 11:00pm ~Lisa's Boyfriend's House ~


“I'm glad your finally here. I was thinking we could watch

sports center together.”


“Can't we watch a movie or do something I want to do?”


“Oh come on, I know you want to watch sports center. Will

you make me a sandwich while you're up?”


           I then felt the bag tumble to the floor, with a

final mighty boom everything jolted up and the flap opened up. As light shone

into the bag my eyes burned from the brightness that had entered here for the

first time in awhile. I headed towards the opening of the bag. As much as I

hated to leave I didn't exactly what to spend my life trapped in a purse either

and Lisa didn't seem like she was going to help me.


           I ventured out of the bag just in time to see a

giant Jerry sitting on the sofa before me. Just ahead of me sitting on the

opposite end of the sofa looked to be his sister. She has shoulder length blonde

hair brown eyes, a rather nice frame but I could really see too much of her. I

found this new smaller height to be a disadvantage, however I did realize this

is my dream right here, standing before a giant girl like this. I have so long

thought, read, and wrote about this kind of thing but now I am experiencing it

first hand. I knew what I had to do. I may not get a chance like this ever again

and I just had to know.


           I ran as fast as I could past Jerry. I tried my

best to not even look or think about him. My only thought was his sister sitting

all the way across from him. They hadn't said a word to each other yet which

told me that they didn't exactly get along to well. As I neared her I got a real

good look at her shoes. She had on a pair of black and white sketchers. They

looked to be well taken care of. So as I approached them I reached out feeling

the shoe. When I read about this kind of thing online I had never really been

into feet or that aspect but as I stood here now I didn't care. I just loved

being  here looking up at her towering legs, just her knee caps were so far out

of my reach as I was not even eye level with her shoes.


           I could hear a pounding, It had started out

about the time I approached the shoe. It had steadily gotten stronger and

stronger to the point now of being too strong for me too stand. I turned around

and saw the familiar Adidas superstars of Lisa. I craned my neck up to see her

denim clad legs stretching up well out my site. I could not even see her face

from down here. I couldn't be anymore then 4 inches tall. It was, it was amazing

she didn't even see me. She sat down right next to Jerry.


“I love you, I was thinking this fall I would just go to

college at Stanford with you. I am getting a 4.0 even with all the post

secondary classes I am taking? What do you think?”


“Thanks for the sandwich babes, you know I love you. You're

my girl!”


           The thought sickened me. Those two together, I

wanted Lisa. She made me happy why she has to be with such a jerk like him beats

the hell out of me, I then could hear them start making out and a shrug of

disgust by his sister. I turned my attention back to Jerry's younger sister. The

thoughts of why I was here start to come back to me. I headed over to her

sketchers and begin to climb. I place my feet on the rim of the shoe and then

climb from the rim to the mouth of the shoe. I then grabbed one of the strings

on the side of her pants. She had some designer pants that had she like strings

tying the front and back together. The strings made a ladder of sorts going up

the side of her leg. I loved how everything was working out. I began to climb up

the side of her leg with ease. With each new rung I would reach I could see more

and more of her. As I climbed higher and higher my heart fell as I could plainly

see she couldn't be any older then 14 years old, but the experience was

incredible none the same and it is better then listening to the two of them make

out. As I reached her knee I heard another sigh of disgust and then she began to

stir. In just one second a moment of bliss has turned into total chaos. The rope

ladder was bouncing up and down, the strings were stretching as she stood up. I

looked up at her massive frame and pert b cup breasts jutting out from chest. In

a moment of indecision I jumped from her leg onto the sofa. I barely had made it

onto the sofa but the girl was already well gone before I could even turn around

and get another look at her.


“Don't come back Amy! Can't you see I'm getting busy with

my girl so stay the fuck up in your room.”


“Whatever, im telling mom when she gets home”


“If you tell her shit you know what will happen”


           I heard a distant door slam and I knew I had to

get back to Lisa's bag now because I had no choice. I wasn't going to spend a

life with jerry but the sofa was much to high for me to jump down. So I began to

walk across the length of the sofa looking for a way down.


“Jerry, just what do you think is going to happen tonight?”


“Well, I was thinking it's our 9 month anniversary. I

thought we would fuck”


“I thought you said we would wait? I told you I wasn't



“geez, Lisa, that was 7 months ago. Aren't you ready yet? I

look like a fool in front of the guys as they get some with there girls. I want

a piece of that action too.  I have been patient but I want my flower I want

your flower.”


“I think I better go Jerry.”


“No, NO one walks out on Jerry Bettlewick you hear”


           I could only stare helplessly as I saw him

straddle Lisa's lap as he continued to yell. He was pointing his finger in her

face and then I heard a slap and her entire had jolted to the side. A bobby pin

flew into my chest luckily the handle end hit me and not the pointy end up but

the force was still enough to send me tumbling over. I could hear Lisa crying as

Jerry laid into her.


“Get off me Jerry.”


“No, you lose your crown tonight babe.”


“Stop, let me go”


           I nervously backed away from the entire scene. I

had no clue what to do. I was too small to do much of anything. I could hear

them scuffle and Lisa fighting to keep her shirt on. Jerry tossed the Blue

zipper down sweatshirt she had on to the floor leaving just her t-shirt and



“Stop fighting me, I know you want this”


“Please Jerry no!, I am not ready, not like this”


“Shut up and like it”


           I watched him start to pull at her pants and I

could no longer take it. I ran back towards the bobby pin and lifted it up. It

was heavy and was awkward to carry but I lifted it up over my head and charged

towards Jerry. I could see his bare foot laying on the sofa, the soft tender

bottoms of is foot showing. I knew where I would strike, with all my strength I

drove the bobby pin into his foot. I watched the blood come oozing out as I

continued to shove it deeper into his foot. As he cried out in pain, with Jerry

momentarily stunned Lisa easily slipped out of his grasp. The gigantic jerry

began to tumble over allowing Lisa to stand up. I hardly even saw her reach

towards me but I certainly can feel her fleshy warm grip around my body. My head

is poking out of her tightly clenched fist and she grabs bag and sweatshirt with

the other hand and runs out the door. I can still here Jerry bellowing in pain

as Lisa slams her car door and begins to drive off.  We don't drive any more

then two blocks and she pulls over. I watch from the passenger seat where she

tossed me, her bag and sweatshirt.  I could hear her crying as she turned the

car off.


“Thank you, thank you so much Cedric.”


“I, I, I ahhh”


           I had no clue what to say. Lisa's eyes were

fixated on me. Her mascara was running and her tears were streaming down her

face. Her eyes were red from crying and I had no clue what to say or do but Lisa

took the initiative and grabbed me.


“You *smack* saved *smack* me, you're *smack* my little



           I extended my arms out and into the side of her

face trying to stop the barrage of kisses but I was no match for her

overpowering strength. Her tears cascaded down atop of me and I found myself

completely covered in her lipstick and mascara and wet from her tears. She then

pulled me away from her lips and then slammed me against her chest embracing me.

I began to sink in between her breasts from the outside of her shirt. She then

pulls me away and gives me one last kiss.


“I know just where to put my little hero. Your Chariot



           I watched her pull her white t-shirt away from

her by the collar and then tuck me In between her 32B's. Her breasts were warm

and embraced me like a never ending hug. I could hear her heart beating as my

head was against her, her breasts looked to jut out like a drag strip.


“There, we can talk more when we get home”


           I heard her start the car again and that was the

last thing I remember as I drifted off to sleep listening the rhythmic heart

beats of the most perfect girl I have met.


September 1st 7:00am ~Lisa's Bedroom ~


           I stretched my legs and pulled the covers up and

over my head. It felt good to lay here in bed. I closed my eyes again and took

in the relaxing morning. Then it hit me. Pull the covers over my head? Where the

hell was I? The room I was in was pink all over. The walls looked rather fake. I

got up out of bed and the floor had a plastic feel to it as I walked across it

to the window and saw a car in the drive way and a tree with the leaves starting

to turn and the sky was a light blue and it was painted onto the wall, drapes

and all. I spun around the room and saw a doorway with no door. As I ran into

the next the room I saw a recliner type chair in the middle of the room. This

room like the other had a bookshelf painted into the wall and no light accept

for the ones painted on the ceiling. I went back to the bedroom and sat down on

the bed. I was prisoner in this dollhouse.  I pounded again and again on the

side of the wall screaming Lisa's name but she never came.


           I was jolted awake and went to stand up only to

find myself between two very large mounds. The two mounds bore down on either

side of me. I tried to move just a little but the weight was immense. I found

myself helpless between them.. I felt myself rise up a little bit and then drop

back down as she breathed in and out. As I laid here the smell of lucky grew

stronger and stronger. I don't know if it was just that I grew more aware of it

or what but it was overpowering and had a citrus kind of smell to it. It was

starting to make me sick.




           The sound of Lisa was sudden. It seems to come

from everywhere. It was then I realized that I am still between Lisa's breasts.

I began to shout for her to wake up but the only response I got was her rolling

over onto her stomach. I would have been crushed for sure if not for her

breasts. I never thought I would be in the situation where I would be saved by

breasts, and especially not her small ones. As I lie here I find myself

beginning to enjoy this more and more, her heart beating just behind, the sounds

of Lisa sleeping above me, her warm breasts on either side of me keeping me

safe. The bliss like feeling began to subside as it grew hotter and hotter. The

heat from Lisa was more then enough for me but her blankets were trapping the

heat in. The temperature rose more and more as the night grew. A few hours had

passed and Lisa still hadn't rolled and I began to worry if I would spend the

rest of the night like this. Sweat was pouring off my body and dripping down

onto her light blue sheets below. As much as I enjoyed Lisa and her breasts I

was praying that she would wake up soon.


           I am not sure how long passed but the next thing

I remember was a loud electronic beeping blare across the room.


“mmmmm, damn morning already” mumbles Lisa in a sleepy

dazed tone of voice.


           As Lisa stretched I felt the hold her breasts

had on me loosen slightly for a moment and then I was mashed tighter into them.

I looked up at her at her as best I could from her breasts. I was just about to

say good morning when I felt her sit up. The simple motion of just her sitting

up was about the same feeling you get if you would get on a roller coaster then

spent the first 3 minutes just traveling up and then dropped straight to the

ground for the next mile. My stomach was about ready to break through my feet.


“Lisa hey can you”


           My voice went unheard as she stood up and began

walking about her room. In her sleepy state I realized that I was vulnerable to

almost anything. I tried kicking at her but my legs were to far away from any

part of her and my hands were tucked between her breasts. I was in reality

trapped and at the mercy of her mighty 32b's.


“Lisa honey are you up?




           In one swift motion the t-shirt Lisa had on was

flung to the floor. I was fully exposed along with her breasts a she walked into

her bathroom. I tried to look down to see how far I was from the floor but her

breasts extended out to far. As she walked into the bathroom she reached behind

her and shoved the door. It closed partially as she stepped out of her grey

sweat pants. She bent down to pick them and I thought this would be where I fall

out unfortunately her breasts held me snugly. All I got was a good view of her

grey sweat pants. On the left leg they head FHS written on them and then just

under there was Cheerleading Team.


“Lisa, LISA!!!”


           I knew for sure she would hear me as she was

more woke up but as I yelled she turned on the water for her shower which easily

drowned my voice out. Steam began to fill the room and mirror was starting to

fog already. The now nude Lisa stepped into the shower along with me. As the

water pelted down onto me I continued to shout for Lisa but it was just no use.


           Flower scented lather ran across and down my

body. As Lisa spread it across her face I could her begin to wake up. The smell

of the soap was quite feminine. As it fell over me I began to feel a little



“OMIGOD, Cedric! If you wanted to shower with me you just

had to ask. You didn't have to sneak in tiger”


“I didn't sneak you brought”


“Oh don't lie! I know you wanted a little peek”


“No your getting the wrong”


“It's alright, after last night it's the least I can do for

my little man.”


“Hey what do you mean your”


““It looks like you have had your fill of soap n water so

why don't you wait here for me”


           I was plucked out from her breasts with ease and

set on the soap dish while Lisa finished up. I found it quite arousing to be

just inches from a naked beauty like this. I had never in my wildest dreams

thought yesterday I would be showering with her. I continued to watch her wiggle

from side to side a little. The more she cleaned her self bent her body around

the more into it I got. I found myself leaning more and more over the edge of

the soap dish until I lost balance and slid down the side of the tub and crashed

into Lisa's heel. She began to back up an I rolled to the side and scampered

onto her foot.


“OOOOO, I can't take you anywhere.”

           Before I could think I was snatched up and carried out of the

bathroom. Lisa set me down on her bed and put on her cheerleader outfit.  As she

got dressed I slid down the side of her bed and began to walk over towards her.

I knew I should probably stay but I was bored and wanted to try to make up for

the shower incident. There was a knock at the door and as Lisa opened the door I

ran behind her heel hoping to stay concealed.


“What do you want Bianca”


“Can I use your red sweater.”


“Don't you have your own clothes”


“Yours are better please pretty, pretty please”


“Lisa get rid of her”


“What was that”


“What was what?”


That voice.”


“You got boy in here let me see”


“No just go”


“So you do have a boy let me in here. Let me meet him don't

be rude.”


“Get out of here you brat.”




“OOO FINE get in here but keep quiet.”


“Nevermind! I found it!”


Tuesday September 1st  7:45am ~ Meeting

Bianca ~


           Her sister pushed herself through the door and

quickly darted her eyes around the room scanning to see the hunk her sister

brought him. I took this opportunity to make my way over a small pile of clothes

Lisa has on the floor. I dove into the middle of a red cassimere sweater and

burrowed my way into the sweater hiding in one of the folds hoping she wouldn't

find me.


“I don't see him anywhere? I know I heard a voice. What's

going on? I know you have a guy in here and I'm not leaving until I see him.”



I nervously peered out of from the folds of the sweater as Lisa's sister Bianca

began to walk about her room. Her sandal clad feet pounding, burrowing into the

floor with her every step. As she scanned across the room I could see her

exploring everything looking for a person. I may be in luck as who would look

for a man hiding in a sweater. I looked over at Lisa who was smiling at me as

her sister walked about the room.  As she walked into the bathroom I started to

stand up but Lisa motioned for me to get back down and a moment later I saw

Bianca walk back out.


“Come on Bianca! You satisfied there are now boys in my

room. Now get out you brat”


“Fine, but I know your hiding something.”


“Yeah my boyfriend the invisible man”


“Yeah, or else he is the incredible shrinking man”


           I watched from Lisa's sweater as Bianca stomped

out of the room. Lisa then closed and locked her door and walked towards me. I

was about to step out when she snatched me up. I pushed against her grip a

little as her hands were tightly around me body immobilizing every inch of me.


“Hey lemme go!”


“Awe, let me reward my little man for a job well done”


“I haven't done anything yet! Put me down! That's the only

reward I need”


“Awe, how cute, if you insist I will let go of you”


“Thanks, Lisa”


           I was shocked when her hand started to lower me

down towards the floor. It was a slow motion and I could feel a tugging at the

back of my shirt. We stopped just above her breasts and I felt myself being

shoved against her shirt and then her hands moved away from me. I looked on

either side of me and I saw myself pinned to her cheerleading sweater. It was

green with the yellow letters FHS written across it. I could feel the cold bar

of the pin at my back giving me a chill. I kicked and tried to rip myself away

from the sweater but my flailing did nothing.


“Hey get this off of me. Lisa! You said you were going to

let go of me”


*giggles* “I did let go of you. Do you see me holding onto

you? Nope, my hands are empty. Now what you do as we walkout to my car is up to

you but if Bianca sees you moving around she is going to want to see you up



“Well just take me off your sweater and set me down on the

bed and she wont see me.”


“Sorry, that's not a risk I'm willing to take”


“what do you mean not a risk your willing to take. You put

me down right now! UNPIN ME!!! You are not going to school like this! LISA AHHH



“You're so cute! Sally is going to love you!”

”Sally? Who is sally! No, no one else seeing me”


“We will see”


           As Lisa walked down the hallway I could feel her

breasts pushing into my back. I was like a button she pinned onto her sweater.

She walked down the stairs and sat down at the kitchen table. She poured herself

a bowel of Cheerios, however I was staring across the table at Bianca. She

hadn't batted me an eye yet. They both chatted a little and I kept waiting for

Bianca to point me out and just rip me off of this sweater and run off somewhere

but she just kept eating and then finally stood and left my line of vision.


           The moment she left I felt sick to my stomach. I

didn't want too be discovered by her but the fact that she didn't even consider

the fact I might be human or just alive for that matter. I loved being with Lisa

but I didn't want to be her little toy that she plays with at her leisure. I

began to wonder if that's what she thought of me.


           I was going to ask her but I head her a horn

honk and Lisa bolted up.


“Oh shit not already.”


           As Lisa stood up she began to run immediately.

Grabbing her jacket off of the back of a chair she flung it around her, however

the zipper of her coat caught my shirt and ripped it to shreds. I immediately

began to fall and Lisa kept running.


“I want you to know I love you Cedric, now just stay still

on my sweater and we can have fun later

           I felt myself collide with the floor as she

spoke those magical words. I love you and then  the shocking part of it all. My

name followed those words. I was as happy as could be then it dawned on me I was

on the floor. I yelled for Lisa but she was already half way out the door, with

a loud slam of the door she was gone. I had no clue what to do. I finally got to

hear the words I have waited my whole life to hear and now she is gone. I turned

around not sure what to do and in the distance I could see the staircase. It was

absolutely hopeless to climb so I knew just going back to Lisa's room was out of

the question. Knowing that no one was left in the house I just plopped down

right in the middle of the floor too collect my thoughts.


           Only 10 or 15 minutes had gone by when I heard a

loud roar. I turned around to see a gargantuan white cat. I back pedaled as

quickly as I could but the cat leapt at me. The only thing that saved me was the

cats miscalculation. I knew right away that this was a house cat and a kitten

otherwise it would not have made that mistake, but I diagnosed the situation no

further. I just ran, I could feel my heart beating and lungs burning but I just

ran and ran hoping to escape the kitten but every time I turned around I would

see the kitten getting closer and closer and then I saw it. A corner, I had run

right into a corner that is why I had seemed to be doing so good a job of

staying ahead of the kitten it knew where I was running and I had no escape.


“Snowball, what are you doing. I can hear you all the way

down stairs. Oh you're playing with something huh. Let me see”



A gigantic Bianca came into view easily stepping over the cat she called

snowball. As she bent down a look of shock, bewilderment, and curiosity filled

her eyes. In one motion she shooed her cat away and with her other arm she

lifted me up and set me on the coffee table.


“What are you? Who are you?”


           I didn't know if I should answer or run but I

was suspended so far up off the ground I had no where to run too.  The only

thing I could do was stare at her white dress and brown hair. Her eyes were just

fixated solely on me.


“Listen, Lisa was going to bring me to school and I fell as

she was leaving. So if you could just bring me to her room, id be ever so


“You, you're the mystery man. I'd be happy to take you to a

room but not Lisa's room”


“Just keep away from me. Keep away NO!”


           As her hands swept around me like water around a

rock, with ease and grace she stood up and carried me through the kitchen. I

could only yell put me down over and  over again but it only made her happier.

My helpless plight egged her on. She opened the door at the end of the kitchen

and stepped onto a wooden step that creaked, with her free hand she closed the

door behind her. I looked up at Bianca's face and she had a devilsh glint in her

eyes. I knew whatever happened next I probably wouldn't like.



Tuesday September 1st 8:30am ~ Bianca's Room



           I kept fighting the whole way down into Bianca's

room but it was futile. As she stepped off the last step onto the carpeted floor

I knew that I was in trouble. She carried me over to her bed and dropped me in

the middle of it. The bed extended in every direction for what seemed like miles

on end. Her bed was much bigger then Lisa's. I would guess that it was a king

sized bed.


“So how come your so small?”


“I don't know. I was at pappy's and”


“Oh this sounds boring.  Are you hungry”


“Look, I need help. I don't want to spend my life like

this. Just get me to Lisa.”


“Food or no food little thing”


“Well I am kind of hungry”


           I watched her walk over to her nightstand drawer

and pull something out. She then clambered onto her bed laying on her stomach

and kicking her feet up in the air. She set down part of a chocolate bar next to

her and broke off a little piece. My mouth watered now. I didn't realize how

hungry I was till I saw it right in front of me.


“Do you want this”


           I shook my head in compliance and walked towards

her. She had the square of chocolate pinched between her thumb and pointer

finger. I went to grab off a hunk and she pulled it up just out of my reach.


“Do a somersault and you can have some! Come on boy, you

can do it”


“You listen here. I am a grown man. I will not do petty

house tricks for you or anyone.”

“So you are saying you want to starve to death here in my

room then, never seeing Lisa again. That's fine by me, but maybe tomorrow you

will be ready for some food, because you are mine now, forever. You are but a

toy, that I use for my amusement. You are a doll that I can show off to my

friends. You are a trinket with only redeeming value is my amusement. You are

here as long as I let you be here. Your hopes, your dreams, your reality is all

but gone, there is only me, and what you do for me.”


           I was easily lifted off her bed. I stared up at

her but she didn't look at me, not even once. She just glided across the room. I

was held tightly against her white dress. I could only look up at her, or into

the white dress. As she walked I felt sick as the constant swaying of her body

upset my epicenter. I just wanted it to stop. I already missed Lisa and her

gentle touch.


           I was pulled away from Bianca's body and dangled

in front of her face but only for a moment, before the phone rang. She sat down

at her desk curling her feet under her, with her free hand she grabbed the

cordless phone.


“Oh hey Liz”


“Yeah, I don't think I'm going to school today. I just

don't feel like it. I will probably hang around here till 2 and then dart out to

the mall or something so mom doesn't know I skipped again.”


           Bianca held me dangling in front of her face but

she wasn't looking at me. As I twisted and twirled in front of her face she

continued to talk on phone and look at seventeen magazine, as she flipped the

page I watched her eyes dart up for a second. I cringed at the thought of what

she might do or say to me this time however she looked right past me and grabbed

the remote for her stereo.  Shania Twain blared throughout the room at

outrageous levels. I thought my ear drums would burst. I shouted to Bianca but

her eyes just darted back down onto the page.


“What about Jermiah? No way! He does not like me. Who told

you he did? Susie? I bet she is lying. He does not cause at the party last

weekend he was with Michelle Fisher. Yeah the whore who hangs out with my



           I could clearly hear the voice of her friend on

the phone, so you can just about guess how load Bianca's voice was. As she

talked the air coming out of her mouth would blow me up against the side of

fingers. No matter what I would do to try to alleviate the pounding her breath

keeps slamming me into her fingers as she talks.


“Stop, please Bianca!! Stop talking”


           My begging fell on deaf ears as she merely

smiled at me and continued about her conversation like I was nothing. This would

continue on for another five or ten minutes she would watch me blow like a

windsock in a hurricane. Finally I saw myself descending then when I was about 5

or 6 feet, well at least what looked to me to be five or six feet up when she

dropped me onto her desk. I landed painfully on the wooden surface and Bianca

didn't even give me a glance to see if I was alright. Since  I was being

completely ignored I crawled over to the edge of the desk and looked down. I

sighed knowing that it was much too high to even think about getting off of

without help.


Tuesday September 1st 9:30am ~ Franklin

Senior High School ~


“Hey Lisa what's wrong? You have been quiet all day.”


“Oh nothing, I just don't feel the same.”


“Well how about we go shopping after school. That always

cheers you up.”


“Nah, I got too much stuff to do. Maybe this weekend or



“yeah, maybe”


“I was stupid. I should have just carried him and now he's



“Who? Carried? I'm so lost”


“Lets go”


“But what were you talking about carried?”


“Just forget it”


“I don't forget that easily”


“Buy you a salad at lunch today”


“It's dropped”


Tuesday September 1st 11am ~Bianca's Room ~



“Wow, you weren't lying”


“Told you so”


           I groggily sat up dazed and confused about what

was going on. I looked to my left to see a massive metal wheel, to my right is a

water bottle with a straw like hose extending out of the cap, then next to that

lay a upside down pop bottle that was empty. The floor was covered in news

paper, I tried to make out the dates but they were all covered by the

overlapping of articles. Everything was cold, and heartless. The room gave off a

conservative and chilly feel. Everything around me was either Plastic or metal,

but how I got here? What happened? My last memory was falling off the desk but

how? I can't seem to remember how.


“Welcome to the land of living sleepy head”


           The voice reverberated throughout the room. I

spun around to see who else was in here but I saw no one. I then looked past

glassy, reflective walls and saw a bare stomach, in fact two bare stomachs right

next to each other. I walked up to the glass wall and pounded on it a couple of

times. The simple thing glass wall may as well have been a steel bar that I had

to bend with using nothing but pinky finger. It was hard, and frigidly cold,

however those flat stomachs were still there. I looked up to see the now

familiar face of Bianca along with a new comer. My first reaction was to cover

up as I felt belittled and embarrassed being trapped in a cage like this.


“He is so adorable. Where did you find him”


“Oh my cat was going to eat him or something so I saved

him. He is mine now”


“How cute I think he is trying to say something. Look at

him yell at the other side of that glass. Can I touch him?”


“Sure, go on ahead”


           With relative ease Bianca the teenage titaness

pulls off the roof of the cage and sticks her hand into my world. I didn't even

run as it would be pointless. Her hand glided down towards me and lifting me

towards her. She curled her lips and puckered as pretended like she was going to

kiss me. She had a nonchalant grip on me as I watched the walls of cage

disappear. I watched the chest and bosom of Bianca get nearer and then she

shoved me at the other girl. Bianca's chest move up and away from me and then

her grip loosen and vanish, I was in a state of freefall for a moment then

strong fingers of another girl wrapped around me.  I was once again on an

upwards ascent. I was held at my chest with her one hand easily dominating me as

she held me in front of her face shaking me from side to side. Her eyes lit up

with how easily she could overpower and dominate me.


“So what do you want to do since we are skipping?”


“huh, what did you say?”


“Would you stop playing with him, He is just a toy!”


“He is so amazing. I haven't seen anything like him ever”


 â€œCome on, let's do something I'm bored”


“Oh alright but can I at least play with him while we


“Oh fine get it all out of your system Liz”


           Liz walked over to Bianca's bed and laid on it.

Almost immediately I felt a tugging at my feet and then I felt my shoes slip off

my foot, then a similar tugging and soon both shoes were removed.




“hey I need those”



She then started pulling at my socks. I began to kick wildly hoping that she

would stop but she merely grabbed my ankles and plucked my socks off with ease.

I knew what was coming next so I began to already pound at her fingers and try

to hold my pants as best I could but her strength was incredible. I watched her

start to tug at my pants but I kept kicking and fighting. Luckily she stopped,

for only but a moment and then I rose up towards her mouth. This was the first

time I saw her face but it was only for a moment as she manipulated and my body

by running her fingers up and down me, and across my body for a moment and then

tilting me sideways. I could see her maw open wide as she pushed me towards it.

I could feel the heat radiating out of her mouth. I was too scared to kick or do

anything as I didn't want a body part to hit the wrong end of a tooth. Her teeth

could cut off a limb without much effort at all. I watched her mouth snap down

and I shut my eyes tightly thinking I was about to lose a foot. Instead I felt a

tugging at my pants once again as she pulled them off easily with her teeth


“God, you are such a horney bitch”


“I'm sorry I can't help myself. He is so adorable.”


           With my pants gone and my shirt already gone, my

shoes and socks gone I was feeling quite naked. I feared that I would lose my

boxers before too long.


“Liz, lets go get some lunch.”





I landed roughly on Bianca's bed as Liz stood up and headed for the door. I kept

waiting for Bianca to turn around and put me back in the cage but she never

turned around. As Liz left the room I heard them walk up the stairs, step after

step and then with a slam at the door at the top of the stairs I knew I was

alone. I looked over the end of the bed and it still looked higher then ever but

I had no choice as I made my way across the bed looking for a way down I spotted

my saving grace. Propped up against Bianca's pillow was her cell phone. I ran

towards it as fast as I could. It seemed to take forever as I ran across the

length of the bed. As I approached the phone I wasn't quite sure what my next

step should be. I didn't know Lisa's number but I decided to see if it was

programmed in. After all they were sisters. So I began too reach towards the

scroll button when I found it to be way too high for me to reach. I had to climb

up the pillow and this was all taking precious time that I didn't have. I

started climbing up on the pillow and reached my arm over. I could touch the

scroll button with my finger tips but with enough work I could make it work. I

went through her list of numbers twice and couldn't find a Lisa so I just

decided to call whose ever name I was on. I pushed the dial button and went to

the receiver.




“Hello, you don't know me but Bianca does. I really need

your help. I am locked up in her room and I don't have anytime to explain

details you need to get here quick”


“And you are who? What kind of joke is this?”


“Look, there is no time to explain. Time is of essence,

Just come”


“Alright, but if this is some prank Bianca, I am going to

ring your damn neck.”


           I waited for a good 15 minutes and had made my

way off of the bed to the corner nearest the door. I heard a rumbling and

fumbling and then creaking of steps. I nervously awaited who would come in. I

didn't know if it would be my savior or Bianca, or it could even be one of there

parents. I nervously looked on as I saw a long pair of legs enter the room.


“Hello! Hello? Who is here?”


“I am”


“What the fuck? Who? Where?”


“Look, are you going to help me?”


“what do you mean help?”


“escape from here”


“What the fuck this is freaking me out. I am outta here”


“No wait, don't go”


“Then show yourself. Where are you hiding?”


“Okay, I am coming out.”


           I nervously climbed over a stuffed animal and

slid down its stomach. I ran towards her denim clad legs.


“You said you were coming out. Look no, fuck it, I'm




I ran as quickly as my legs could go as I knew this was my last chance. She

started to turn and leave. As she did this I collided with her leg. Rolling end

over end, my stomach felt like I was on that ride the zipper. It was horrific.

When I looked up I saw a face in the clouds staring down at me.


“Well, what do we have hear.”


“Please help me, you said you would help me escape”


“Hmm, I suppose that can be arranged”



Giantess Stories: The Tale of Shy Guy and the Luscious Cheerleader

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