Giantess Stories: THE TANK  a story by the Lucky One  I don

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a story by the Lucky One

I don't know who built the tank. I'm not totally sure why the tank was built

either, but over the days I've developed a pretty good idea.

I used to be a normal man, living a normal life, until something very weird

happened. I met a really nice looking chick one day during my job as a waiter,

and we hit it off really well. We met up after work, she went back to my place,

we did what young normal healthy people do, and when I woke up I found myself

here in the tank.

I didn't actually name this god forsaken chamber of hell. The name was here when

I got here, along with about 500 other people, mostly young men but more than a

few young women. I don't know how long the others have been here, but most of

them seem to have a similar story to mine, ie they were living normal lives

until they scored with this really hot chick and woke up here the next morning.

The tank looks like a large metallic box from the inside, which is admittedly

the only side I've seen it from. It is somehow light inside, for a reason I

can't explain, since there are no obvious light sources. There are large windows

in the "roof", which I would estimate to be about 50 feet wide and 100 feet

long, and about 100 feet above the ground.

The floor is made of the same yellow metal as the walls and the roof. The tank

seems to be about a quarter mile square. The floor has no contours whatsoever

except for a few bumps placed in regular patterns, each of which is about 6

inches high.

My fellow captives regale me with strange and bizarre stories, which is what I

wish to write here, for the sake of record. The other people here are a little

strange, probably driven mad by the lack of sensory stimulation here in the

tank. No one eats or sweats or has any need for excretory function. The only

physiological need that these poor souls seem to have left from the "outside

world"(?) is sleep.

Anyway, I had become good friends with a man here named Jamie, who had

apparently been here for a number of weeks, and believed himself to be the

longest resident of the tank. Due to the length of time he had spent here, I

didn't believe his stories until I saw one of them happen for real. To him.

Jamie told me about a giantess who tormented the inhabitants of the tank.

Apparently the windows in the roof could be opened from the outside, and large

parts of the roof could be made to fold back and or open, providing access to

the tank from the outside. Through this method, I am told, I was delivered here,

a giant window was opened without warning, and an

enormous female hand delivered me gently to the floor, asleep.

He said that the population of the tank is kept constant, and that every time a

person is added, another is "removed". These "removals" were the strange and

incredible part of his story, because apparently the giantess would slaughter

one of the previous occupants in a sadistic and callous manner. He believed, and

I later had this confirmed, that the giantess used the bumps in the floor to

send an electric charge through the air, stunning the inhabitants of the tank.

Each of us, he explained, have been somehow shrunk to the height of about an


My arrival, he said, was followed by the removal of a young girl of about

eighteen who Jamie knew to be named Louise.

He told the story like this. One of the windows in the roof was slowly opened.

This always creates a storm of fear which jumps from inhabitant to inhabitant

like chain lightning, because everyone knows that the windows are only opened

when an arrival, and its consequent removal, will take place. I was lowered onto

the floor. Suddenly Louise fell down as if shot, and Jamie could see her

twitching body desperately struggle to crawl away. Everyone moved as far away

from Louise as possible, abandoning her on the cold metal.

A window directly above Louise was opened, and a massive female foot was lowered

through the gap. Jamie said that many people began screaming and crying at this

moment. The foot was clearly that of a young woman, the nails were painted a

pastel metallic grey with a thin gold chain wrapped around the slender ankle.

the foot was perhaps fifty or sixty feet long, with each of the toes being the

length of a man. He watched, transfixed, as it lowered itself to rest on the

yellow metal beside Louise's slowly twitching body. Then it rose, and the toes

were placed about forty feet away from Louise, the heel hovering

over her helpless body. Then, so slowly, the heel was lowered onto the young

woman's body, crushing her like a strawberry. Jamie said that the body stopped

twitching as the giantess' heel lowered itself onto it. Her body could be heard

splitting at the sides from hundreds of feet away, a wet splatting sound that

caused some of the inhabitants to vomit. Dull snapping sounds came from under

the massive foot. Then the giantess lifted her toes into the air, adding

pressure under the heel, and ground Louise's tiny body further, for what seemed

like several minutes. All were silent. Then the giantess lifted her foot,

revealing the body, which was little more than a husk of skin wet with blood in

the midst of chunks of flesh and gore. The giantess stomped on the body a few

times before withdrawing her foot through the window and closing it again.

Shortly after that Jamie met his fate at the whim of the cruel giantess. And I

fear that I am next.

A window was opened one time. The giant feminine hand lowered a young boy

gracefully to the ground. It was the first time I saw the giantess, and the

terror I felt was like nothing on this Earth. Her hand was massive, so massive.

The power and dominance that her hand represented froze me to the ground. I was

awestruck at this huge form. My jaw dropped and I could only stare upwards.

Through the window I could see her, the same girl that went home with me that

night. She was wonderfully beautiful, with very German facial features, long,

thin blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Her lips were full and moist, and her

teeth were perfect.

With one swipe she plucked Jamie up from right beside me and lifted him outside

of the tank. The others ran away very quickly, leaving me standing beneath one

of the windows. I looked up, still too awestruck to move, and saw Jamie lying on

the glass, not more than 100 feet above me. Behind him I could see the face of

the giantess, the goddess. She was looking at me.

then she spoke.

"Have I got your little friend here?" she asked in a strange accent which I

couldn't place, but I sounded like somewhere in Northern Europe. Her voice was

easily audible through the roof of the tank, it smashed through everything like

a wave of thunder.

"He looks very scared." she said with a smile. I could see Jamie through the

glass, he was not moving, presumably paralysed with the same hit of pure fear as

me. With a smile she lowered her face almost to the glass. If she were the

height of a normal woman I would be only two feet from her at the most. The

position of her body showed me that she was lying on the tank.

"Time to say bye-bye." she laughed. All this time she gazed at me with those

beautiful eyes. It felt like they were physically pinning me to the ground, as

if she was so powerful that her very gaze could command other humans. I was

paralysed with fear and a bizarre appreciation of this incredible beauty.

Still keeping her eyes fixed on me, she opened her mouth and closed her lips

around Jamie. She sucked him into her maw. I could see her lips form a slight

smile and she moaned "Mmmmmmmm...."

I realised that she was going to eat him. But she spat him out onto the glass

again, his body clearly hurt by the fall.

"Or should I eat you instead?" she asked. I could hear a window opening. I could

see the gigantic hand reaching through the roof towards me and I wet myself with


But mercifully she removed it with a laugh and closed the window again. "No,

it's not your turn yet."

She opened her mouth again, very wide. I could see the back of her throat, her

tounge, whcih was the size of a school bus, and her teeth. She stuck out her

tounge and began slowly licking Jamie. He struggled feebly, but I could see that

the fear of being in her mouth had exhausted him and he had resigned himself to

his fate.

She moaned again. "I'm going to eat your friend, little man. Eat him all up and

swallow him so you'll never see him again."

I began shaking violently with fear. Still she pinned me with those eyes.

"I'm going to lick him into my wet mouth and crush him in my teeth." she smiled.

I could see that she enjoyed watching the fear burn through my body like a

bushfire everytime she spoke.

"I'm going to chew him up, crushing his little bones and brain. Then you'll be


Then she licked him up for good. Jamie's little body stuck to her giant tounge

and he stopped struggling. Through one of the lower portals I saw a movement and

I could see that she was fingering herself with the same hand that had almost

plucked me up to that horrible fate.

She moaned as she drew him into her mouth. Her eyes closed with an unholy

pleasure as she began chewing. I could her the soft, wet sounds of my friend's

body as the giantess crushed and tore it between her teeth. I watched her jaw

muscles contract and relax as she chewed, pulping Jamie's body.

Then she swallowed. She orgasmed at the same time because her face disappeared

from view and she rolled over on the roof of the tank, screaming with a pleasure

that was evident enough to haunt the inhabitants here for every further minute

of their lives, knowing that such a fate awaited them all. She thumped the roof

of the tank with her hands as her body squirmed

in ecstasy.

Then she rolled over again and looked at me with a smile. She opened her mouth

wide. "Gone." she said, laughing. "I ate him. I ATE him."

She licked her teeth and lips just to show me that there was no trace of her

prey, that he was gone forever. "I licked him up and ate him." she laughed at

me. "Your friend, just food for me. He's in my belly now."

She sat up and laughed softly.

I wonder when my turn will come.

Giantess Stories: THE TANK  a story by the Lucky One  I don

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